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In February of 1999, I closed down the FruitWare forums permanently. Our website operated without forums until 2002 when Cal decided to open up Cal's Forums. I never deleted the old FruitWare forum posts when I closed them down so I've decided to archive them all here. Unfortunately, I did used to periodically delete old posts when the forum pages got too big. Hopefully a search on might get some of the older posts back, but it's unlikely. Click on the sections below to read the old posts. You can look at all the old FruitScripts here.

General Discussions Anything that didn't fit into a specific catagory went into this forum.

PLA State Sites This was an extension of the PLA State Sites idea which tried to get phreaks together with other phreaks in their area.

Red Boxing Q&A This was our busiest forum. A couple times a year, I would have to take all the old posts from it and archive them into separate files, just to keep our bandwidth down. I've taken the archives and put them into one single file again. For some reason, the last 4 months of archives are missing. I'm still trying to find those. They should be interesting because they would cover the period where that forum's #1 poster StLSD2000 wanted to bring me down for censoring numbers. His story is here.

Interesting Numbers This forum used to always get me in trouble. People would find out that their numbers were posted on it and they'd either call my webhost or they'd email me. One of these days, I need to go through this archive and erase the phone numbers from it.

Social Engineering

Suggestion Box

Amazing Stories

Pirate Radio

Answering Machines

Scanners (MHz)


Prank Phone Calls

SUT Memorial

Technical Forum

Cellayer Phones

Pay Phones

Back Orifice


The Test Zone Both myself and forum users posted messages in here to test out features of the forums.

Tech Support A lot of people used to use FruitWare BBS and they would always email me with problems. So I set up this forum for the users to try and help themselves before bothering me.

PLA State Sites Owners This forum was set up for the owners of PLA state sites to discuss promotion of their sites.

Phone Companies There were 7 separate groups for discussing various phone companies. They didn't get a lot of posts on them before the forums shut down so I combined them all into one page.

URL Spam A place to spam your own website.

The Forums Welcome Page

This is the PLA's web discussion board. Please do not post anything illegal as this would offend some and we can't monitor this board all the time. If offensive subjects bother you, do not go any further because we are all sick motherfuckers. You can go look at our FruitWare Spam List or click on "general" to get started. And remember:

  • We are not responsible for the content posted in these forums. We occasionally drop by and delete posts, but can only do this every few days as our lives do not revolve around this forum. If you have a problem with a certain post, send us some e-mail.
  • When making a post, try to put it in the appropriate group if there is one. If not, find the closest thing to it.
  • Don't spam. I'm all for the petty fighting and bickering, but don't post the same message over and over and over. (Of course, you can still spam reasonably in the "URL Spam" sub.
  • No commercial advertisements. This hasn't been a problem so far but I thought I'd write that here just to sound cool.
  • Do not post personal information about yourself or others. This includes phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, calling card numbers, etc. And don't post k0dez for god's sake.

Forum Spammers

Once in a great while, a good samaritan feels that it's his/her duty to bring down the PLA forever by spamming the living hell out of our web board. This has happened so many times now that we think it's just about time that we dedicate a whole page to these wonderful citizens. So here it is, straight from our log files - the FruitWare BBS Spam List. (Please note that I capitalized the letters in that title in order to make it seem more important.) - I believe that was our very first spammer here on the FruitWare board. Tiac happened before we'd mastered the art of banning a domain so we were reduced to sending an e-mail to It took about 12 hours to get a reply from them, but as soon as we got the reply, the spamming suddenly stopped and nothing ever happened from tiac again. - This one happened around the same time as tiac happened so we e-mailed abuse here also but never got a reply from them. Getting desperate for peace, I did some web searching and figured out how to ban any given domain from posting which took care of this guy. Incidentally, some guy kept barging into our IRC channel and saying stupid things who was also from Hmmmmmmm... - Within an hour of successfully banning, this kiddie ran upstairs to his daddy's computer and used a Prodigy account to continue his spamming. (The exact same thing was being posted.) It sucked to have to ban Prodigy but life goes on. - Excited about the new year, this winner spent all evening on 1/1/98 spamming our web board, probably for a good 12 hours straight. The IP wouldn't resolve but we managed to resolve it to, an ISP in Georgia, by changing the 130 to a different number. Instead of banning them, we e-mailed the ISP and explained the problem showing them logs.

Within an hour we got three responses from the ISP as they kept finding new information for us. They finally traced the culprit who denied any involvment, saying that someone was spoofing their IP but after that happened, the spam suddenly stopped from there. Spessa later told me that one of the old-time BNFers happens to have an account on that ISP. She goes by Murphy and her e-mail address is but we don't think it was her. Oh no, not her, no way, couldn't be. Many thanks to the staff at We wish all ISPs could be so fast and cooperative. - On 1/5/98 from 4:23pm until 9:20pm, almost non-stop, this domain spammed all 13 subs with lengthy captured text from some income tax site. A few of the subs reached the 1/2 meg mark which is pretty big compared to the usual 50k. They spent nearly 5 hours spamming us and we spent about 20 minutes cleaning it up and banning their domain. Who wins? Tannest tells me that Teri Helzer, another BNF old-timer lives in Denver and uses but there's no way that she'd be so sinister as to spam our web board. Teri is just a better person than that and we know that she just isn't capable of committing such a horrendous act. So don't blame her. - Right after Teri quit spamming us (oh wait, did I say Teri? I forgot, she didn't do this, silly me.), someone at took over. This happened even before we banned her (oh, I didn't mean to say "her", I meant to say "whoever was spamming us from") and it lasted from 9:23pm until 11:39pm, although not nearly as often. They spammed the same income tax information to us.

Error Messages

Here are the various messages that were generated by the FruitWare BBS.

No Comment?

You silly fruity moron

You didn't write anything in the comments field. What is the point of a message if you don't write a message. Retard. Back up and try again or just return to the discussion board.

No Soap


$yourip has been identified as the source of a recent spam attack on this web board so you will not be able to post here today. If you think this bites big ones, contact the webmaster. Otherwise, this ban will be removed one of these days.

No fucking foul language here.


We're sorry, but something you fucking wrote really pissed us off and we just can't post your message unless you decide to make a few fucking changes in your wording. Click the god damned back button and try it again, fuck face. Here is our current list of banned words and/or phrases:

No numbers are allowed to be posted.


We're sorry but you are not allowed to post any numbers in the body of your message due to users posting personal information and illegal codes. This ban may be lifted in the future but probably not in your lifetime.

We're sorry


We're sorry, but the word censored has been censored by the staff due to abuse. If this bothers you then perhaps you should track down my home phone number and prank my ass all night.

(I decided to censor the word "censor" because StLSD2000 was flipping out about me banning the use of numbers in the forums. He kept ranting in the forums about censorship. So I decided to censor censor. This didn't make StLSD2000 very happy.)

We're sorry


We're sorry, but due to continuing pressure from the feds, the word LSD has been banned from being used on this board because the feds might think we use LSD and they'll come to our house and get really mad at us and stuff so ya know it's like better safe than sorry. If this bothers you then perhaps you should track down my home phone number and prank my ass all night.

(After StLSD2000 threw a fit about me censoring the word "censor" I decided to have some more fun with him. I think he was originally pissed because censoring numbers made it impossible for him to sign his posts "StLSD2000" and he was reduced to signing just "StLSD". Poor guy. I figured this ban would reduce his name to just "St." This made him even more unhappy than before.)

What? You don't have a name?

What's your name?

You didn't fill in the name field on your post. In order to post on our web board, you have to have a name. If you don't have a name, please go to your local Chamber of Commerce and get one. Return to the discussion board

Incorrect Password


Okay, you evil hacker, you're in trouble now! You entered an incorrect password and this triggered our script that automatically logged your name, address and phone number and we've sent the police and FBI to your house. They will be there in a matter of minutes, young man. Let this be a lesson to you, scum of the earth!


You have posted a message on the discussion board! If you feel good about this then you need some serious counseling. Click here to return to the discussion page or you will be automatically transferred there in 7 seconds.

The End of the Forums

The discussion board is closed. I've asked nicely many times for people not to post "k0dez" on the web board but it's happening just about every day. This is illegal and could end up getting shut down. I don't need the authorities knocking on my door because I'm publishing illegal codes on the internet. Deleting them is taking up way too much of my time so this is how it's gotta be. Thanks for sticking around here for so long!

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