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This was suggested by dark~spirit - a place for you to swap war stories. Had a run-in with a security guy? Been caught beige boxing lately? Here's the place to tell everyone about it.

FROM - el caco909
TOPIC - lake elsinore
02/12/99 05:38:30 - MESSAGE #1149

I want to move to seattle. To damn hot here all the time.

FROM - hobibSeattle
TOPIC - Lake Elsinore, CA.
02/10/99 16:59:27 - MESSAGE #1086

Dude i almost moved to wildamar when i was 8 but lake elsinore smells like dead fish, i ended up in temecula for 10 years now i live in seattle, i saw your message and laughed.

FROM - el_caco909
TOPIC - elsinore
02/10/99 12:35:10 - MESSAGE #1076

I used to go to elsinore high school. A big hellhole with a bunch of poseurs and illegal immigrants. I have to drive 45 minutes to get to college and it fucking sucks. Well I could go to mt san jacinto but it sucks.

FROM - Fart(+)Louder da God!SuckAss NorthWest Ohio
TOPIC - Radio Schlock Suckz
02/08/99 11:07:23 - MESSAGE #1023

I used to 'work' at RadioSchlock, and if you can breathe and walk, your hired. I kinda thought it would be kool to be der, but most of da salez are batteriez and doze stupid $2.00 or less accessories they sell that are made in da Phillipinez or in Malaysia where da workerz make about $12/month and are given a 50 bag of rice every 90 dayz; can you imagine eating rice for breakfart, lunch & supper? I'd be crapping rice out of my earz... I saw da markup on some of dat junk dey sell in da store, and some of it was as high as 83%... datz right, da product cost 13cents... and da selling price was one dollar! I don't want to repeat whatz been sd b4, buttz itz so fucked up i got too! Dat idjit manager I was working for had been wid dat company ten yearz and he had a grand total base pay of $twentytwo thousand! your best bet to get 'good advice' is to look up all da RadioSchlockz phone numberz in da ph-book and call dem up and quiz dem, as some of da people working der were fairly knowledgeable, and make sure you get der name and make sure you find out when der working as der is no sense driving der if da doodz not going to b der. Da main emphasis for datz store is "retail salez", and I have all da so-called 'training bookz' with me still. Now dat I think about it, I am going to post some of da excerptz out of doze books and post dem here, as some of dem are pretty funny. Da next time you go to da store, watch dem gopherz head your way, as dey make dem lamerz employeez approach everyone and ask dem 'if dey need help', as dey don't want anyone leaving da storez without making a purchase. And if you see someone making a 'puter purchase, watch da store employeez circling da customer like jackalz, and if da salez person leavez, some of dem will try to buttz in and steal da sale, as RadioSchlock payz all da way upto $twentyfive dollarz for a 'puter sale, and datz da maximum. Dey also make da 'employee' ask everyone for der name/addie/phloser#... I go to der storez now, and when dey ask, I tell dem my first name is JOE, and my last name is SCHMOE... and give dem a real good phoneloser number... The DistManager was bitching dat "we weren't getting enuff addies and phloser#'s and dat "dis can make or break a store"... da only good part of dis stuff was dat I got to check out da phoneloser#'s of alot of babez and I knew where dey lived... remember dat da next time your 'sister' or good looking girl friend goez to RadioSchlock, dat Fart(+)Louder was der!

get lost!
FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - shit shack
02/07/99 07:44:42 - MESSAGE #986

Went to rat shack last night to get some stuff,and I'm still pretty new to electronics and shit but then again I dont work a store that deals in the stuff so I asked the guys there if they had any electric splenoids and niether one even know what one was and lucky for me there was a book with a list of what each symble in a scematic is couse they didnt know how to read those either.So is it that rat shack only hires people with no electronics knowledge,or is everyone who understands this type of stuff to smart to work there?

TOPIC - Scottsdale and stuff....
02/07/99 02:04:45 - MESSAGE #975

Yeah, Scottsdale rules!! It IS kind of preppy, you know, people who take baths and can read'n'rite, I love it!! There are some white trash losers here, but at least there's one hell of a lot less of them. Hehe yeah, I've seen the shit-huts out East of Pima, but are you sure those are Indians? The only one I got close enough to look at was one I was turning around by months ago and there was this BIG FAT white lady there. There are Indians around here all right, but they speak good English, and I see 'em in Denny's all the time.

Hey thanks for the advisory about the TwentySixHundred meets - wasn't really planning to go but who knows, I might have, and I would have wasted a trip all right. I'd rather get off of my lazy ass and get some more articles in to them. Hehe I was skulking around ASU today - thinking of going there starting in the summer and finishing my EE. (dat's Eeelektrickle Enguneer.)

I haven't even updated that Radio Hack page, there are a LOT of scanner mods that need to go on there, and the move's just had me too freakin' busy. Hope to do that soon. I don't see any sounds going on there anytime soon, sorry.

02/06/99 14:13:29 - MESSAGE #951


FROM - Niels BrinchDenmark -
TOPIC - Webmasters
02/04/99 15:14:31 - MESSAGE #891

I once met an honest webmaster.

FROM - Molitov Coktail Mass
TOPIC - Radio MOnkey
02/02/99 17:59:27 - MESSAGE #818

Of course the smaller stores have less junk, their on welfare. They could afford to get a few tone dialers though instead of making me do all the work and have to drive to freakin' boston for cripes sake for a tone dialer.

t0xiCon '02
FROM - ToeFool (Tofu?)626
TOPIC - Radio Smack
02/02/99 13:48:46 - MESSAGE #808

Hey Informagnet. If I record a few "innocent" calls to Radio Shack, you think you could put them up on your page? No big deal really, just getting over the flu and have nothing better to do.

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Scottsdale
02/01/99 22:39:06 - MESSAGE #787

Hey, Mag, I almost moved to Scottsdale! Actually, Tempe, err, Awautukee. Aww, fuck, I'm stuck here...

So there are hicks there? I thought it was like the prepyest place in the world! Have you ever been to that huge mall downtown? Prep city! Oh yeah, that Chinese resturant at that mall is full of whores! And have you ever been past Pima Highway and seen the shit shacks people are living in on that Indian Reservation? They park their trailers in the middle of the desert and then surround them with junk! Damn, it's pathetic!

Almost forgot, in case your wondering, the Twenty Six Hundred meeting there is nonexistant, there is no Peter Piper Pizza at the Metro Center! Just thought I'd save you a trip across town. The place does have a cool pay-per-use puter to mess with...

Lastly, Sulcata, are you going to the meeting in Akron on Friday? I'm gonna try and go, are you?

FROM - jimmypopsix one four -
TOPIC - hicks
02/01/99 20:55:33 - MESSAGE #784

SC this is bad its like that in columbus I am the only person into this stuff oh well see ay

FROM - Fart(+)Louder da God!Suckass NorthWest Ohio
TOPIC - Radio Schlock Suckz
02/01/99 20:54:31 - MESSAGE #783

I worked at Radio Schlock in Upstate NY near Lake Ontario, and I have to say dat dat company is da biggest pack of loozerz I have ever seen. Da boss was complete idjit, and he broke his arm falling off of da ladder in da store room, after he harrassed and accused dis doodz named Charles Crum of stealing a IBM Aptiva while da lamerz manager was on vacation with his three hundred pound fat pig sow wife. RadioSchlock security guy worked out of Albany and he was another doodz who looked like he belonged on dat movie "Deliverance", and I ain't talking about BurtReynoldz. Dis moron security doodz was going to go to Crum's house and demand to search it, and if Crum refused, diss was all da proof dey needed to fire him. Crum said 'cya loozerz' and quit, and dat confirmed to everyone Crum was guilty. Of course, two weekz later, dat assholerz "store manager" making twenty-two-K per year (and he'd been der ten years) finally remembered dat he sent dat computer to a store near da PA Stateline about seventy five miles away, and he "forgot". Dat idjit manager said dat allz well dat endz well, as he didn't like Crum anywazy. Not long after dat, I split out of RadioSchlock... Oh yeah, we used to get ripped off all da timez. All deez high school kidz would come in at once an literally empty da shelves, and we were so busy as dey would buy a bunch of $one dollar batteriez and crap dat by da time we noticed da crap was gone, doze kidz were long gone. RadioSchlock payz da minimum wage, plus a bogus commission/bonus, which meanz if you sell a $twothousand-dollar 'puter, you get only $twentyfive, as dat lamerz company refused to pay more dan $twentyfive for any sale, not matter how large. Dis is only some of da stuff dat went on in dat retarded company, so if your more brighter dan a firefly, you shouldn't have any problem getting free stuff der... and don't forget about da "free rental program"... take what you want and bring it back twenty-nine dayz later, as dey take everything back no questions asked.

hide outz
TOPIC - White Trash and Etc.
02/01/99 19:30:10 - MESSAGE #778

Yeah, I think white trash grow out of the ground or something! There are even white trash here in Snottsdale AZ but at least they aren't the majority of the population. I know about Lake SmellSomeMore - that's a major white trash breeding area so maybe they actually breed in standing water like mosquitos! I'm just glad to be out of Presscott (Pressuck). Those are some really funny posts about Radio Crack (in yer ass). I was cracking up reading them! Radio Smack needs a good smackin' around for sure! Hmmmmm..... I'll have to think of some good Radio Pranks to pull on 'em, and up date my stale old Radio Hack page - I have some info on 'em that I SE'd out of the people at my local Radio Shit before I escaped Hick City. Hey, BTW I was in this techno music store today and one guy told me he used to live in Prescott and he got a hole shot in his door because he was playing techno! Pissed off the local shitcan Militia I guess.

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Radio Plaque
02/01/99 17:20:02 - MESSAGE #773

Finding TDers can be hard, because in urban areas, they're worried about phone fraud with em', and in rural areas, people would stick them under their table legs because they have no fucking clue what they do. I'm getting more and more annoyed with Radio Smack.

TOPIC - radio shack(and computer store)hehe
02/01/99 16:26:49 - MESSAGE #772

I visit my relatives in ohio every summer and thats the only place i was able to find a tone dialer....... i didnt even see any in D.C. or any malls in NY
If anyone cares and lives around there and cant find a tone dialer.... its in vienna, oh and its a local mall (if thats helps any,... cuz i dont know how many malls are out there), but thats where i got my tone dialer, and i ordered my xtal from mouser, but i still havent learned to sauder, im triying to learn.

FROM - Rufus T. Firefly 516
TOPIC - Radio Flak
02/01/99 03:39:14 - MESSAGE #761

SC - If that happens again, tell them to go fuck themselves! Store employees/rent-a-cops/whatever have NO legal right to search you and invade your privacy. Only the real cops can, and they can only call the cops in if they have proof of you actually doing something illegal (shoplifting,etc.) Unless they show you a video of you pocketing shit or something, they can't do *anything* without your consent but detain you. So if you did nothing wrong, you could have told them to piss off and call the cops, then when the cops come you tell the cops you're being unjustly detained. Then *they* get into trouble. The "you look suspicious, so you're a criminal" bullshit gets way too many people who don't look exactly like John Q. Bumfuck from Main Street, USA into trouble.

Damn, that makes me mad.

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - abby the great
01/31/99 22:31:49 - MESSAGE #749

My mother-in law was working at city lights book store when that book came out and she stole the whole case of them and past em out on the street.Want to get me some of those security stickers,and drop em sticky side up out side of stores with sensers so they go off when peaple walk into the store.

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Radio Shit
01/31/99 22:27:35 - MESSAGE #748

I have found that it's usually the smaller Radio Hacks that don't have TDers. For example, there's a Radio Crack in downtown Cleveland that has a very small retail area, and they don't sell any electronic componants. Also, there is one in Mt. Horub, WI that shares it's retail area with an auto parts store.

FROM - Molitov Coktail Mass
TOPIC - Radio Monkey
01/31/99 21:18:09 - MESSAGE #746

In response to the one where they cycle the tone dialers:
Why do they cycle them or whatever, and next time when I go and they don't have them, I have to question one of these radio monkey's see what the hell is going on, knowing them however they will probably deny everything and play dumb on what the hell tone dialers are, those bastards, also these two kids were playing with the remote control cars that where on display and eventually this old guy who looked like he should be a manager came out and yelled at them to go find their mommy's, i was ready to yell at him that if he didn't want kids playing with the cars to take out the batteries or something, its common sense, what a bunch of monkeys

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Arrrggg! I hate Radio Slut!
01/31/99 20:01:07 - MESSAGE #740

Arrgg!! I went to a local mall today ( Sulcata, you know where Parmatown is? ), and went into Radio Whore to buy some electronic componants ( I ended up buying that huge Five-Hundred pack of resisters and a few LEDs ). The dude never fucking deactivates the magnetic security from the shit I bought. The next time I try and walk out of a store, I had to empty my pockets, answer questions, and they searched my bag, almost finding my red box. They thought I was even more suspicious because of what I had in my bag: an issue of T.H.U.D., a copy of Abbie's classic "Steal This Book", a bunch of tools and phone equiptment, a fairly large knife, and misc. computer books. Damn you Radio Fuck! Arrggggg!!!!

FROM - Tofu626
TOPIC - Disappearing Tone Dialers! *poof*
01/31/99 17:51:00 - MESSAGE #725

Last time I bought a tone dialer from Radio Shack, the old lady working there was telling me how when there are three or so workers there and someone suspicious looking walks in, they take turns on who stays out in the showroom. Two of them go to the back and watch on cameras or something while the other pisses their pants hoping not to robbed or something I guess. I laughed my ass off so hard! Anyways, when I asked about the tone dialer, she said the only one they had was the display one and if I took that she'd throw in free batteries, take a few bucks off, and in the end offered me a job just cause I explained what the tone dialers legit use was.

FROM - Rufus T. Firefly 516
TOPIC - Radio Monkey Spank
01/31/99 05:17:55 - MESSAGE #714

Multiple Radio Cracks near me seem to go through a cycle where they'll have like one or two dialers on display, but then when I go in to buy the thing (finally got enough pennies from the couch) they're gone. Not only gone, but they seem to have never been there in the first place. For example, I was bs'ing with the counter guy about one once when it was there, innocently asking questions about wotsit do, howzit work blah blah... then when I came back another day to buy it the guy insisted he didn't remember what I was talking about. I think his body got taken over by a pod or something.
Anyways, they seem to not be allowed to discuss why they can't (won't?) get you one when they're not there.

FROM - Moltitov CoktailMass
TOPIC - Radio Monkey
01/30/99 10:10:56 - MESSAGE #688

I went to Radio shack the other day and was looking for a tone dialer to make a new red box, and ::GASP:: they didn't have a tone dialer. What the hell? Has anyone else had something similiar happen to them.

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Elsinore
01/28/99 22:24:44 - MESSAGE #654

Really? Are you in high school? My bud says that there are kids from Elsinore at his school, although most kids at his school live in Riverside.

FROM - el_caco909
TOPIC - "elsomore"
01/28/99 11:48:17 - MESSAGE #638

I think the place you are talking about is Lake Elsinore. About half the people live in trailers and in the summer the lake gets to stinking really bad. Elsinore is about ninty miles from LA though. I live in Lake Elsinore (for now) and it sucks ass. One thing though the amount of white trash is only equalled by the number of migrant workers around.

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - hicks
01/27/99 23:10:47 - MESSAGE #624

Hey Mag, what about Orange stretch pants? Hehehehe.

About LA, my friend lives in LA, and he seems to think that a certain suburb is the root of all white trash in America, I think it was called Elsomore or something. Anyways, he says that half the residents live in trailers, and the lake the town is on smells of dead fish, so they call it "Smell-some-more", hehehehe. I've never been to LA, but this Elsomore place sure sounds like the place to start hunting!

Sulcata, Rush is on at least 2 stations here...

FROM - Tofu626
TOPIC - L.A. = Hicks?
01/25/99 01:55:21 - MESSAGE #539

Well, here in L.A., we actually have the fat women in green stretch pants, hell, even in neon mumu's. Oh, and we have more tattoo parlors than about anywhere else. Shit, in Pasadena, we have like twelve on one street. I have an idea, Informagnet, sometime you can bring your sharpshooting ass on down and we'll go hunt down some fat women. Um, not that theres anything wrong with fat women...yeah...

TOPIC - Phantom Sports Scores!!
01/25/99 00:13:53 - MESSAGE #536

OK this is really funny!! I read this in the local paper (Wrapping Deer Guts since nineteenforty-seven) the local high school coach was astonished to read about his team playing a close though losing game against Glendale (that's actually in Phoenix) and the report was complete with initials of players, points, etc, the report was really real except THEY DIDN'T PLAY IT! Somebody had called in scores for a nonexistant game! I can see it- where you could call in all kinds of bogus info about your HS team or you rival HS team, saying Oh, yes, I'm new on the school paper, etc. and I bet they'd swallow it!! Hehe I bet a PHONELOSER was behind that one!! OK now try it with your school or the one across town, K?

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - 100,000,000 points+
01/24/99 21:55:08 - MESSAGE #528

This place is more hick than I thought.This area scored high in every catagory but rush limbaugh,and we probably out score the rest of the USA but I dont wont to hear him long enough to make a posative ID.

TOPIC - Fox moto-x
01/24/99 17:24:44 - MESSAGE #516

All those stickers are is a promo for Fox Motocross, they have or at lest had some large stores, I think they're mail-order now and they're one of the better sources of stuff whereaver you are.

To determine the hickness of an area, just count the:

Fat ladies. I mean really fat, really really fat. Extra points for ones wearing bright green stretch pants.

Jesus stuff - bumper stickers, signs, fish on cars, extra points for bumper stickers worn on foreheads.

Radio stations that play Rush Limbaugh. Extra points if your town has more than five, especially if it's a small town.

Seventies cars. Trucks too.

I shouldn't even need to mention trailer parks. But I will.

Tattoo parlors (in dozens).

Highschool kids who consider it their duty to tell you all about how the Internet is the creation of the Devil.

I'm sure Y'all can thank of uthas!

FROM - Fart(+)Louder da God!Suckass Northwest Ohio
TOPIC - N. Dakota BurgerKing scammed by fake DEA phone call!
01/22/99 16:36:34 - MESSAGE #476

Burger Shit in Fargo, North Dakota was scammed it was reported today on the Howard Stern show by a prank phone call whereby the callers pretended to be narcs and told the restaurant manager that one of his employees was in possession of drugs and needed to be stripped searched! Apparently the stupid idjit fell for it and made the employee submit to a "strip search" before the scammers calling them tipped them off it was a scam! I want to know which PhoneLoserz are responsible for this right now!

FROM - Tofu626, not hick-ville
TOPIC - Hey y' Billie Bob!
01/21/99 21:33:52 - MESSAGE #461

Ok, I live in the city for starters. The closest thing we have to hicks are the ghetto (sp? I dont really care, its not really a word) ass trailer parks between The Bananna Republic and the Tommy Hillfi..uhm, whatever store. maybe one day I'll head out to Ohio and bring me back a hick. On second thought, why? Nevermind...

FROM - hobKnob414
TOPIC - you are dumb
01/21/99 10:44:51 - MESSAGE #448

those fox stickers are for Fox Racing.. motorcycles i believe..
yes.. mostly hicks..
and yes.. probly malitia

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - fox stickers/shirts
01/21/99 08:11:38 - MESSAGE #445

Think the stickers are a cryptograph meaning "PLEASE TAKE MY VALVE STEMS".Why they put this on shirts I have no idea.

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - 330 hicks
01/20/99 21:25:19 - MESSAGE #440

Het, sulcata, you have any idea what these weird looking "fox head" stickers are in the back windows of pickup trucks around here are? You have those in Kent? I also saw a few on T-Shirts. Hehehe, they probably just mean that their owner of the shirt/truck is a hick considering the kind of people I've seen with em', hehehe. Actually, I think they are some sort of Militia or fundamentalist group. Know anything about these window stickers/shirts Sulcata?

Another way to tell you live in a hick town is that the kids that come to school wearing T-Shirts saying "What Would Jesus Do?" and "The Golden Hills Bible Camp", both of which are worn on a daily basis at my school.

Oh yeah, Sulcata, have you ever taken the Ohio State High School graduation test? It just goes to show how pitiful the people are here, with questions like:

Locate the United States on this World map-possible choices are Russia, South Korera, US, and Chile ( I think ).


what is x + seventeen when x = four?


Which is the Atlantic Ocean?-choices are the Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and PAcific Ocean ( I think... )

Remember, this is a HIGH SCHOOL TEST! How pathetic! Enough babbling, later.

FROM - Sulcata99330
TOPIC - hicks-n-shit
01/20/99 16:12:13 - MESSAGE #427

Ohio is one of the hickest places in the states.Lucky for me this is a collage town so some culture has leaked into this area.Though the should start shooting students again! Most of the fucks that come here now are here for the bars-n-booze and not to learn anything.
SC both havOk and I are less than thirty min. from you,just drive faster!

TOPIC - Agreed!
01/20/99 15:14:56 - MESSAGE #424

Agreed! I'm California-born, grew up in HI, then was back in California for a while, living where I do now is my first time living in real American "culture", and it's depressing as hell. It's very fundamentalist, lots of Jezzizfisch on the Seventies cars around here, lots of trailer "homes" that look like oversized doghouses only dirtier, it's just plain gross. The way the people here think and act, now I can understand where a lot of the anger toward White people comes from. Not all whites are hicks, but on a Nationwide basis I'd say MOST are. If you live in the city, you tend to think that everyplace else has people who are as educated, and that this is a Liberal country, but the truth is that Liberalism is only in the cities, only believed in by a small number of the people, and this country is much more likely to become Fascist than Socialist.

FROM - BBoy310OC, CA -
TOPIC - All you small town kids can kiss my ass!
01/20/99 02:18:20 - MESSAGE #401

Im BOARD so im gonna diss al you lame crackheadded hick motha fuckas. Go fuck you cousins you imbread little pussies.

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - ohio
01/20/99 01:08:18 - MESSAGE #398

With all due respect to Jimmy, Ohio is full of hicks. You can't get on the road without seeing half the cars covered with Jesusfish, and a bunch of pickup truck driving hillbillies. This place sucks, there are only two Three Three Zero hackers/phreakers I know of, Sulcuta and Havk, and neither of them live within thirty minutes of me. Seriously, at my school, only about one quarter of the kids can turn on a computer. None of them are phreaks, none are hackers, none are hippies, none are goths, none are metalheads. Everyone is just about the same: a walking billboard for Tommy. It is pathetic. Many of them don't know what pathetic means, and think the sun goes around the earth. Seriously, Ohio is lame, or at least this part.

FROM - jimmypopsuckass columbus ohio -
TOPIC - where did you come from
01/19/99 15:07:23 - MESSAGE #371

where are you from? is english a second language or third also have you ever had a grammer class you know the class where they teach you how to write? I am a small guy about five ten two hundred pounds but I fight well for my size with a little help from tae kwon do and my good friends smith and wesson so dont come around here.
ps if it sucks why dont you move oh yea your mom is shacked up with some drunk here right dont worry he might forget to rape you tonight

FROM - Fart(+)Louder da God!I am in Suckass Ohio now -
TOPIC - jimmyplop from Ohio
01/19/99 11:52:21 - MESSAGE #366

hey jimmyplop: I just moved here to Suckass Ohio, and alot of da lamerz here are friendly, but they are hickz who like dat PutzLimbaugh and think DocLaura is da wisest persona dey know. Give me your phone number, I will call you and put your fused ganglia at ease. Any odder personal problemz you got, tell your momma when she tuckz you in at night, and give her my addie so we can arrange to meet at a MotelSix near your home to get dis problem you have resolved. If you want to meet me personally, let me know, Ohio isn't dat big, at least not as big as me, and I will drive to where you live to show you what I know. Good luck with gitting dis post removed, and kiss your momma for me tonight, like I kissed her nine months bfour your were born. Your buddy, Fart(+)Louder da God!

confidential, don't go here!
FROM - jimmypop0HI0 -
TOPIC - that fart idiot
01/12/99 15:16:40 - MESSAGE #193

that loser is making ohioans look bad I think he should move some where else. I know lets vote and see where he is going to move? oh yea if he dosen't want to move I'll make him and if you have read some of my meaner posts you'll know I have a violent streak. hahahahahaha

FROM - phlux
01/08/99 14:17:15 - MESSAGE #48

I was skating around the switch for my neighborhood, and a service technician come out so I start talking to him, he gives me the local ANI, and gives me the Customer Service Supervisor's number so I can tour the telco and get hooked up with some manuals.

TOPIC - Fart guy..
DATE - 12/31/98 12:56:33
FROM - Tofu 626

Is it just me, or was that the hardest post to read, ever? Geez..We need some kind of award for him.

TOPIC - ~infomaggot~
DATE - 12/29/98 18:47:26
FROM - Fart(+)Louder the God! NorthWest Ohio -

~infomaggot~, I posted some good stuff about you several dayz ago, but "something happened to it!" i said in dat post dat da lamerz who were spamming dem pagez needed to go to dat site. you went der without read'g, so dat kinda makez ya a lamerz.... as for your big hack at Ariz State, ya ought too make a web page just about your 'xploints... you might get a couple of hitz in the next year! b4 i go, heres a kiss for ya.... *belch*!

no time for lamerz
TOPIC - Yeah little towns can rule....
DATE - 12/29/98 18:13:50

Yeah, I actually LIVE right next door to a USWorst repair facility, but in typical USWorst style they're pretty suckurity conscious, and they're getting tired of me, so I have to be careful about sneaking around there. But they're trash dumpster's right on the other side of the fence, and I'm thinking of setting up a ladder and using a hook on a pole to "browse" l8 at night..... In general I think it's easier to get away with stuff compared with the city.

TOPIC - diving
DATE - 12/29/98 10:51:15
FROM - Dead Line 903 -

Well I have a little story, more like a lil' bragging.
I don't have all the privilages of living in a big city.I live in a small small town who has a gte warehouse and a at&t outpost on the outskirts of town.What my small town lacks in the amount of bell vans I gain in access to a place which is empty for most of the day and night.Oh did I mention fiber optics too?

TOPIC - you
DATE - 12/29/98 01:45:58
FROM - jimmypop ohio -

why are you making ohio look bad why dont you move?

DATE - 12/26/98 12:28:39
FROM - Bombtrack

Shut the fuck up about the fucking rock. You are just some pathetic lamer on AOL that has no skills, no friends and no chance of ever getting layed. So just get the fuck out of here.

TOPIC - whatdahellyasay?
DATE - 12/21/98 17:59:29
FROM - vapidxxxxx boston

Everyone seemz annoyed by headflux, fux... whatever dont you guys realize that the only way to make a 12 yearold shutthehellup iz to ignore him


smoke a rock

TOPIC - Fart, the Pornmeister......
DATE - 12/21/98 17:27:54

Hey, at least I'm not on AOL trying to finance my Junior College degree by trying to earn click-throughs on porn sites by disguising them as sites that might actually discuss tech, and software/hardware.

DATE - 12/21/98 12:25:27
FROM - Fart(+)Louder the God! Northwest Ohio -

~INFORMAGNET~ , you spend too much time posting crap in these pagez... your throat wouldn't be sore if you weren't sword swallowing all the time, but if you practise up you will be up & ready to demonstrate your skills in Mexico at that PLAcon, so shut up until then.

DATE - 12/21/98 12:25:06
FROM - Fart(+)Louder the God! Northwest Ohio -

~INFORMAGNET~ , you spend too much time posting crap in these pagez... your throat wouldn't be sore if you weren't sword swallowing all the time, but if you practise up you will be up & ready to demonstrate your skills in Mexico at that PLAcon, so shut up until then.

DATE - 12/20/98 12:29:51
FROM - whoa

my nuts just talked to me i think thats amazing dont you?

TOPIC - It's *Amazing* How Much Life Can Suck.....
DATE - 12/10/98 15:23:13

OK, I"ve been sick in bed with the flu for the last 3 days, allowing myself like 1 hour out of bed - it's all I can handle - today, my ISP's got a server down that I'm waiting for them to fix - I myself had to tell 'em about it - and I'm having to use ^%$&^^( Lynx here again! UUUUUGGGGGGHHGHG!! Oh, well, new *amazing* things everyday....

TOPIC - Vo-Tech
DATE - 11/16/98 15:41:44

Hey, considering it was at Vo-Tech, couldn't you have told 'em that the CD's were SAW BLADES, and you were going to put teeth on 'em next period? That would have fooled 'em!

DATE - 11/12/98 14:36:01
FROM - PhaZe D. Mindpimp here -

This is a letter my friend, Directrix, got from a guy we gave a cd to:
holy shit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
today at votech i had that cd and like 30 disks sitting out and i had
the radio ray files on the screen and the teacher walked by he said "mr.
williamson looks like your pirating to me, go to the office." i was
like "uh, ok??"
i hadnt done anything i was just looking at the size of the shit
so me and the principal and the teacher had a meeting, they thought
that i had taken shit off the computers in there, but i hadnt yet
they were threatening to call autodesk and the fbi i was like o shit
they suspended me for a day for having the shit in class
their computer specialist came in and looked at all my shit and we were
talking he was pretty cool about it, he was like well you are pretty
safe at homr but when you bring it in to class you have a different
story. then he said that he has to cover his ass so they would have to
install the shit and get the numbers and then call autodesk and kinetix.
i got so scared
but they called back and just said get the shit off campus and dont ever
bring it back, the teacher was like i wish i knew where you got that
stuff, it would be nice for home i was like uh ok...
it suked

pretty funny huh? i especially like the fact that he probably would have given our names out

DATE - 11/12/98 12:24:18
FROM - PhaZe D. MindPimp I've always been here. -

You won't believe this!! My friend found a dead cat in his backyard, so he called me over to bury it for him. (he knows my hobbies)
Well anyway I buried it. The next morning I went over to his house and he had turned into a cat!! (my friend that is)
I grabbed a shovel and cracked it's skull.
It was so freaky because he made the wierdest noise!!
It's been a month now.. and if you go into his backyard late at night, you can sometimes hear that same noise.
Actually now that I think about it.. it could have been a lawnmower..
well whatever... like I said.. SCARY!!

TOPIC - Pager Bombing
DATE - 11/12/98 01:31:45
FROM - Hack San Diego, CA

hey ya'll,
i am looking for a *Windows 95/98* Pager Bomber.
I used to have something called Pager bomber 98
but i cannot find that on the internet or my
hard drive. Where can i "download* (the URL) a pager bomber for windows? i am NOT looking for something
that floods only one (1) pager, but i am looking for
something that sends 1 phone number to alot of pagers,
and it has to run in windows!

DATE - 11/01/98 00:23:24

Ok, heres the story......... today is halloween, so we decided to get out our chainsaws and take off the chains and run around scaring other people in the street, so we met this big group of kids and started chasing them and stuff, and then they realized that we didnt have chains, so they start making fun of us and stuff so we decided to go and then these kids decide to call the fuckin cops, so we get outta there............then we walk up to my friends car and decide to go away from the area and let everyhting chill out ........ so we go a couple miles away and call my freind's mom and see whats going on, and she says 4 cops were at his house looking for us and so we get her to meet us at a certain place and so we wait there , and then several minutes later she comes over PISSED at us, and then she tells us that we are going to be charged for assult on a 14 yr old and stealing her candy (WHICH IS TOTAL BULLSHIT !!), so now we have to go tommorow and talk to the cops and somehow figure out how to get over this, cuz it will be their words agains ours, and there are ALOT more of them than there are of us!!!! And even worse, is that the kids lied and said there were chains on the chiansaws, even thought they KNEW that there were no god damn chains on the things, so i dont know how im gonna get out of this. If anyone has any suggestions, e-mail me.

--- Well, i gotta get some sleep and think about what to do and how to prove we didnt do anything bad (which is the truth).


DATE - 10/26/98 20:06:34

Hey guys please page/call this loser cop who thinks he is a hacker.
His name is Nick Drehel, jr. Computer Crime/ Forensic Unit
His Office Number is (281)405-5870
His Pager Number is (713)684-3785
He got me kicked off my isp for having a hacking/phreaking page. He then called me and said that what i was doing was illegal and he kept telling me shit like the FBI could have arrested me and that he was doing me a favor. What a fucking dumbass.

I suggest using PhoneTag Wardialer to pager bomb him.
So far for the past couple weeks I have set my Win98 Task Scheduler and PhoneTag Wardialer to page him at 3:00 a.m. everyday.

He doesn't know shit about computers and phreaking. Please pagerbomb his ass for being a wanna-be computer cop. This guy really deserves it.

TOPIC - blech
DATE - 10/23/98 18:51:32

It's..... AMAZING STORIES!!!!! *Indiana Jones music here*

OK, I actually SE'd my way into a guided "toor" of the local CO!!!! YEAH!! I'm welcome baaaaaak.... too! I applied online for a job @ USWorst, and if I get it hell I'll take it and learn all I can for a couple of years then quit, and go back to having my own biz and trying to learn in my own lame way to hack! They have TONS O'neat stuff in there, and I plan to go back lots and hang out all I can - I wish I'd had a camera to take a pic of me leaning up against a 5ESS for my page - I'll work on it. I plan to take advantage of this all I can, get all the info I can. Boy, do I run the risk of getting in deep kim chi if I get caught, though!! USWorst has like NO sense of humor!! So, this is truly an amazing story, and the usefulness in this is it's possible to apply for work with your local telco, then try to buddy up to telco workers, for the simple reason that you're all hot to work for the telco. (You don't have to take the job if it's offered, you know....)

TOPIC - Alright Im a winner!
DATE - 10/21/98 16:57:21
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

Oh kick ass! Im a winner! So...what do I win? A nice kick in the nuts perhaps? Im overjoyed!!!

anyways, Im bored....

TOPIC - Hey !
DATE - 10/20/98 13:27:10
FROM - bjob Spain

hey who wants bjob ?

TOPIC - Congradulations Tofu,
DATE - 10/16/98 22:57:25
FROM - Sir Spanksalot

I have finally found someone with an adept ability to distinguish HeadFlux from HeadFux. Thank you...
-Sir Spanksalot AKA HeadFux AKA C-DoG AKA Joe Momma AKA NiggaOfDaWESTSIDE!!!!

TOPIC - Only in Hicktown...
DATE - 10/15/98 22:43:53

Hey, this town is so full of goobers, it RULES!!!

I walked right into the local telco repair office's yard, the gate was open at 10:00 AM and everybody was gone having their morning beer, and picked up a KEY right off of the pile of trash! Some yokel had been very careful to stick it down in the bottom of the their trashcan inside, then dumped it in the dumpster, ending of course in its being on top! Duh! Now I get to find out which truck or door it goes to ..... it's pretty worn so I bet it doesn't work anymore, so all I have to do is get a blank and make a nice new copy!

TOPIC - Busted Diving
DATE - 10/05/98 22:17:34
FROM - Skeptron 315 - No domain available

Ladies, Gentlemen, phellow phreaks....
About 3 weeks ago I had been out on a few diving missions, when I decided to go check out the comp store. Well, I had already been to some cell companies but I wanted some old comp parts to phuck with and end up breaking. So, I made my bro hop in the dumpster and get tons of cool shit. We were walking across the street when 2 cop cars pulled up there. We ran and got in the truck but we didn't make it down the street before they pulled us over. Well, anyway my bro had been carrying a crow bar in his truck for work and all of a sudden they tried telling us we broke into the store and stole all the computers, yet we had a bag full of dirty old parts... They tried charging us with 3rd degree burglary and they were to dumb to realize I had pairs. After a lot of bullshit they gave my bro a $100 fine for tresspassing and I got away free (minors rule)!

TOPIC - Busted Diving
DATE - 10/05/98 22:17:25
FROM - Skeptron 315 - No domain available

Ladies, Gentlemen, phellow phreaks....
About 3 weeks ago I had been out on a few diving missions, when I decided to go check out the comp store. Well, I had already been to some cell companies but I wanted some old comp parts to phuck with and end up breaking. So, I made my bro hop in the dumpster and get tons of cool shit. We were walking across the street when 2 cop cars pulled up there. We ran and got in the truck but we didn't make it down the street before they pulled us over. Well, anyway my bro had been carrying a crow bar in his truck for work and all of a sudden they tried telling us we broke into the store and stole all the computers, yet we had a bag full of dirty old parts... They tried charging us with 3rd degree burglary and they were to dump to realize I had pairs. After a lot of bullshit they gave my bro a $100 fine for tresspassing and I got away free (minors rule)!

TOPIC - Headfux vs. Headflux
DATE - 10/04/98 21:24:51
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

O was just wondering if people actually noticed the difference between the proxy Headflux (HeadFux) and the real one..just wondering if people actually read the fake ones and thought they were HeadFlux. Anyways, about the whole racist thing.."Can't we all just get along." >=D Take it easy....

"I'm a hacker cause OCI said so..."


Click here for no reason...

TOPIC - Headfuckx
DATE - 10/03/98 12:28:21
FROM - Bombtrack

Headflux- If you don't like us leave! By the way, I don't like racist asshole motherfucks like yourself. FOLLOW YOUR LEADER ASSHOLE! HITLER KILLED HIMSELF, DO THE WORLD A FUCKING FAVOR!

TOPIC - all the text will fit in here
DATE - 10/03/98 04:58:33
FROM - dysfunction headflux's moms twat

so how;s it feel headrest to have so many new found friend's that want to throw you thru a wall??

ya and I am betting your next boyfriend is a black man named chakagon

TOPIC - headflux is a fag
DATE - 10/02/98 12:23:41
FROM - smokey chicago - No domain available

headflux you must be so elite that your illiterateness does'nt matter. you are calling nigger like it's nothing, i'm black and i'm more elite than you 12 year ld homosexual ass can be. eliteness does'nt involve racial slurs you faggot. bitch. i'll show you how elite i am by disconnecting your phone faggot.

TOPIC - Fuck you nigger
DATE - 09/30/98 23:26:16
FROM - HeadFux

Don't question me, you lamer. I am 31337, DON'T YOU DARE QUESTION ME!!!!!! RESPECT YOUR ELDERS..even though I am only 12... Ejeet people don't got to have a reason to do something, we are cool like that, you niggger....


PS .
I am as elite as a 12 year old can be

DATE - 09/29/98 23:01:31
FROM - WunderKind 410 - No domain available

Now I don't usually check this board but I decided to go through all the forums tonight for some reason or another. You rarely see me post here headflux. So why post here? What e-mail bomb?

TOPIC - I am your pimp, nigger
DATE - 09/28/98 20:03:21
FROM - HeadFux

I just have one thing to say to you niggers, FUCK YOU!!!! I know that I am a total pussy, who talks alot of shit then says "You're a loser, BYE." when people talk shit back. bitches better shut the hell up with me being a lamer...I am NOT a lamer. Anyone who thinks that I am a lamer is gonna get e-mail bombed, nuked or get their ass kicked...from my 31337 channel. You bitches better shut the hell up with all this nigger crap that you be spitting at me or you gonna be sorry...LAME ASS NIGGERS.

(Gotta go guys, my mommy says I gotta go to my elementary school now. I am 9 years old, I am special. :) )

TOPIC - And another thing...
DATE - 09/28/98 19:40:02
FROM - Copen Hagen - No domain available

"PLA MEMBERS IN THE ORGINZIATION"...I'm not even gonna touch that one. Oh...and I don't expect him to read this....he is blphocphkedph.

TOPIC - Blue Box Kid? Pfft
DATE - 09/28/98 19:36:58
FROM - Copen Hagen(Yes its really me) About a mile from tannest - No domain available

Blue Box Kid:

The reason your ISP banned is because all of the "ph"'s in your postings waste so much server space. Think of all the bytes you'd save by typing "f" in place of "ph"! You might even be able to shave a few gigs off of your hard-drive!

TOPIC - headflux you suck grannies stale cunt
DATE - 09/27/98 20:28:42
FROM - Crime tv crime tv

Headflux keep having sex with your dad and leave this
forum alone you little tosser kkk wanna be buttlick
hope you like having your dick flushed down the drain

TOPIC - Blue Box Kid in Trouble
DATE - 09/26/98 13:38:07
FROM - Simply Annoying LA/HP - No domain available

I got this letter from Blue Box Kid, seems like his ISP is blocking here's the letter

From: "Blue Box Kid"
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 23:26:59 PDT

P-Phreak, brother phreak, phriend, phellow American. I am writeing you
today in an urgent tone..... Tonight when i logged on, i found that
site, yes has been blocked by my ISP. This site doesnt
contain any pornogrophy of any sort. It is for the pure knowlege of
phun. I ask you to paste this message in every forum on the PLA site.
As President Kenedy said once, "Ask not what your country can do for
you, but what you can do for your country." I urge you, my phellow
bretheren, to dispose of any means of persuadement to change my ISP

Blue Box Kid
Idaho 208

TOPIC - some freak.
DATE - 09/25/98 21:41:21
FROM - Hobib Seattle

This guy just called me complaining about a really big fancy statue that was gunna be delivered tomarrow afternoon, just because of his voice i figured he was disguising it but i'm guessing he was retarted, he then hung up on me and i *69'd his ass.. Well anyway, his numbers 425-822-4150, i forgot his name but im gunna call em' every now and then to fuck around... The guys voice is halarious and he's 39 and probably hasn't sailed the virgin islands yet. If it was his real voice then I'm guessing he was drunk or something, o yah he has caller id... but just call to hear his voice.

Hobib's Very Own Private 7-11

DATE - 09/21/98 14:32:40
FROM - eric Montreal

Hi I'm looking for good board on phreaking , anyone to sugest

Hi alll I'v heard that phone compagnies are logging phone calls of thier costemers
all phone calls are log in the coster's file.
If someone know anything about that I'd like you to drop me an email

BTW: any phone phreaker boards:

TOPIC - log phone
DATE - 09/21/98 14:31:48
FROM - eric

Hi I'm looking for good board on phreaking , anyone to sugest

Hi alll I'v heard that phone compagnies are logging phone calls of thier costemers
all phone calls are log in the coster's file.
If someone know anything about that I'd like you to drop me an email

BTW: any phone phreaker boards:

TOPIC - a local hacker wannabe
DATE - 09/19/98 00:13:24
FROM - WunderKind 410

This girl in 410 wanted to be a hacker for like the past two years. Her mom worked at a hospital. And she stole a whole mess of access codes to the hospital's computer. Well, as far as I know she never tried to hack it. Any way, I picked up the paper this afternoon after work. FRONT PAGE NEWS... she was arrested for murder. But here's the ironic part. It had nothing to do with the hospital. She convinced a boyfriend to kill his parents and then she helped him get away.

TOPIC - 618
DATE - 09/17/98 17:35:31
FROM - DGuY 618 - No domain available

My bad, dickhead's area code is 618.

TOPIC - a fat fucking dickhead
DATE - 09/16/98 22:50:15
FROM - DGuY i'm looking right at you - No domain available

PLEASE prank this fat ass mother fux0r. His name is Mike Terpening. His # is 466-5612. Tell him DGuY 0wns him, or that he is the Jenny Craig poster boy, or that his house is a cheap piece of shit(it is, he has like 3 trucks in his driveway, 1 works).


TOPIC - No stupid asses in here
DATE - 09/15/98 20:07:09
FROM - Ol' Dirty Phreaker 36 Chambers Of Phones

Dixiedodo is right - Stupid asses don't exist in here. Instead, what you are reading is being transmitted by the BORG Collective.

Humans are drawn here by their own Free Will.
Humans CAN and WILL respond for their minds are curious of the BORG Collective Operations.

Think about it!!

If Phreaking was spelled Freaking then what would be your point.

Does Phone = Fone? or Fone=Phone?

Btw, I enjoy various foods that I find enjoyable,
I just used that line as a farce or Pharce; i.e. satire, parody,

Games, Games, Games! Tsk-tsk-tsk
My little record player plays "My heart bleeds for you" (making the thumb with circling first phinger / finger motion)

TOPIC - And another thing
DATE - 09/15/98 19:03:05

Making a call to a person's phone # or an 800 # on a payphone is about as elite as "hacking" a website by typing in the URL.

TOPIC - blabla
DATE - 09/15/98 18:59:03

Hey ODP do you like Yo Quiro Taco Bell or something? And are you like a homey or something stupid like that? Phreaking is not making prank calls.

TOPIC - ????
DATE - 09/15/98 18:05:01
FROM - Dixiedodo earth

I can not believe anybody could even dream up some of the bull listed on this board.
Let alone WANT to think any of you actually did these things!
Unfortunately, I am not so stupid as to think asses like yourselves don't exsist.

TOPIC - people in the states
DATE - 09/14/98 21:56:18
FROM - Syko416 Toronto Canada

hey what's up? check out my site. I just updated it. I have addedd around 40 AT&T Easy Reach 800 numbers. For all the people who don't know what it is, they are numbers that you call and it asks for a code. you enter the right code and it forwards your call to some unlucky sap. I have crack all of the codes for the numbers that I posted.check it out.

BTW: each time you call the 800 number and they pick up, it costs them $1 as soon as they answer and 25 for every extra minute. a funny thing to do is call them up and say "please hold" and leave the phone off the hook and leave. I did that to some guy and I came back about 30 minutes later and the guy was STILL on the phone!! that costed him about $9 and he wasted 30 minutes of his time. another easy way to cost them money is calling back every minute and hanging up on them. (that's $1 per call)

TOPIC - Saturday Night Phever
DATE - 09/13/98 20:12:36
FROM - Ol' Dirty Phreaker 36 Chambers Of Phones

I cruise da inner city and also the deserted back roads and I find more phones on deserted roads near the country stores where I like to pick up some sodas and chips and shoot the bull with the residents there, Any-hoo, I found this phone at this store [name protected] around 2100 hrs Eastern time. I had a load of change in my pocket so I phreaked a couple of VMBs and some 800 #''s.
I phreaked this one number that was local and started doing an impression of a corpse that had risen from the grave and threw in the opening line, "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" in a ghostly moan and had a piece of paper near the mouth piece to simulate static to sound like a call from "beyond".

Who ever was on the other end must have been waiting for a particular person to call cause they cussed and swore and began threatening to kick "?" ass if "?" didn't get their ass over to "?" and pick up the coon dogs so they could go huntin. Then laughter followed as the person who answered the phone and began to ask who this was and I started rattling the paper to imitate static and changed my voice to sound like I was one of those inner city "suits" and the person said they got me traced. I said "Go Ahead Punk, Make My Day!!"

He said, "I'm comin down there and kick yo ass!!"
I said," If you give me some champagne I'll give you this white ass!!
He said, "You stay right there!"
I said,"Yeah, I, know you will -wit yo punk ass!!!" *I hang up and haul ass*

No sense of humor on that dude's part.

I kept on phreakin the rest of the night --- Different locations / Pfx's

Later!! :)

TOPIC - About the hanging up thing
DATE - 09/11/98 20:58:32
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

For the post a while back (where the phone wouldn't go back on hook) : I don't think it's because of faulty equipment or just a weird phone. More likely it's because the central office has an electromechanical version of the crossbar switching system. The vertical select magnet current is not interrupted until the calling party hangs up to close the contacts (between vertical & horizontal select magnets) . Therefore, I don't think you could mod a phone to do this unless you installed a new switching system at the CO...;)

TOPIC - The Ol' Ground trick
DATE - 09/06/98 17:10:43
FROM - The Phrightener Phrom Phucking H3ll - No domain available

Yeah, I remember when the ol' ground trick used to werk. Unless that INSANE dude used an ancient fone in some remote redneck town, he is talking out of his ass.
I live in a redneck town and they even gots the new ones here.

United Phreaks $yndicate

TOPIC - Wargames-games!
DATE - 08/28/98 23:36:52
FROM - Ray Dios Haque Uinted Phreaks Syndicate

Actually, that trick does still kind of work. I used to have an article on this. To get a solid ground though, you kind of have to burst the mouthpeice and touch that metal aruond the magnet. It's not easy, and then you have to ground it somehow. The article I had said that the best ground was acheived by forcing past the rubber gromet around the steel cable around your handset wires (right at the base). The peice that holds in the steel cable running through your handset cord, is grounded internally. This process is dificult, and when you finally complete the call, the guy at the other end will most likely hang up on you because he will not hear what you tell him. By this time, you will have ruined the mouthpeice. Hehehehe. Just use a redbox, and keep this under your hat. Ruining payphones isn't nice, unless of course you have a problem with their charges. 40 cents for a local? Fuck em' up.


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - doh!!
DATE - 08/28/98 01:18:34
FROM - ?2

Another d00de who thinks the phone trick in WarGames really still works...

and learn to spell "metal" correctly.

TOPIC - Free calls
DATE - 08/28/98 00:52:41
FROM - iNSan3 land of the free - No domain available

i once stuff a nail into the middle of the speaker of the phone (through the plastic) and stuck a wire on the end of the nail and touched the other site of the wire to a piece of medal (the phone cable) and it gave me free call each time. But try not to penetrate the speaker or else it wont work.

TOPIC - Silly Phone Phuck Ups
DATE - 08/26/98 09:00:02
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

That's a strange one, but I am sure that is explainable. I have seen phones do all sorts of whacky shit as a result of broken equipment. Most likely, there was still voltage drain detected in the line leaving it "off hook". Or it could have been actual failure of local equipment. Or your phone was still off the hook (smirk). Although, if someone reported 'trouble' to your line, Operators will sometimes set your phone up to alert them if you pick up. This doesn't work well though, so they rarely do it. Does anyone remember the FBI's "Lock And Trace" method? They would latch onto the evil caller or kidnapper, and send voltage down the line to him which would keep the phone 'off hook' (so they could trace the call). Soon after, some Phreaks created a colored box to eat the voltage, and kill this technique.


United Phreaks Syndicate

DATE - 08/25/98 01:53:50
FROM - jimmypop ohio

way back my friends phone messed up if you hung up on him and he left his phone off the hook when you picked up the phone he was still there we never had any fun with this but you could. once I he set the phone down to ask his mom for a ride to my house and forgot to hang up and came over we had to go back and hang it up i had no phone for like two hours. one of you smart kids figure out how to mod a phone to do this

TOPIC - Telco Vans.
DATE - 08/23/98 22:20:38
FROM - hobib Seattle, Wa. - No domain available

I work at Rose Hill Car Wash in Kirkland outside Seattle, every now and then a Wiltel or GTE van will pass through. WIltel always gets the outside wash because their too cheap to get the inside vacumed. Ocasionally I peak in the Wiltel vans, every one useually has a bottle of asprin and/or some heartburn/hemroid relief thing. Every few has a rainbow that promotes gay pride, and their usually filthy. The GTE vans on the otherhand are a bit cleaner, even though I think GTE sucks, GTE happens to be just a tad bit cleaner then Wiltel's. But Wiltel is used for those super cheap crack addict hotel phone lines, just thought you morons would find that interesting.

Hobib's Very Own Private 7-11

TOPIC - Almost Busted
DATE - 08/21/98 12:58:08
FROM - PhatFone KS

I was out late on a Tuesday night with a friend with nothing to do. So we decided to go out trashing and dumpster diving. First stop was a computer store dumpster. We pulled out a color VGA monitor that worked and two Colorado tape drives, that we were able later to make work also with a new scsi cord. We dropped by the SWBELL office and found a older COSMOS manual (1989 ed). Then we dropped by the local ISP and got 2 ethernet cards, a 486 motherboard and some piece of hardware I couldn't figure out what the hell it did.
We were having a pretty good night and were headed home
when red lights started flashing behind me. I pulled and thought, "Oh Shit!" and shoved the COSMOS manual under the seat. He came up and asked it the monitor in the back of the pickup and the hardware between the console were stolen property. Right then, I came clean with him and told him we were dumpster diving, and how it was "a hobby." He asked for my license and Insurance, and all I had was a outdated insurance card and a ss card for ID. He asked to see the some of the hardware, and took it back to the cop car. We waited 20 mins before he came back. He said the reason he pulled us over was because I didn't have my lights on when comeing out of the alley. He gave us back the hardware, and said our story checked out, but it was border line legal, (He told us to ask the biz first before trashing!). He then said, "Well, its a good hobby, better than doing drugs, but make sure to ask next time and turn your lights on!"

TOPIC - Blood bath at the phone booth
DATE - 08/20/98 23:25:12
FROM - Col.phreak ?

I was at a payphone trying to stuff it and a GTE truck pulled up. Luckly I had my tire iron and tried to stab him in the neck. He ducked and and pulled out a chain and hit me in the leg. I then picked up a brick and hit him with. He grunted when I hit him. I killed him. Then another linemen came out of the truck with brass knuckels on his hands. He swung, I ducked and took a bite out of a his ear. Then he shoot and killed me.

TOPIC - D Diving
DATE - 08/19/98 22:42:18
FROM - Bombtrack

I just got back fro a foray at the local phone company. I took in a little telco box and a spool. I'm going back to try and find some papers.

TOPIC - caller ID
DATE - 08/14/98 01:47:58
FROM - British

I cant even remember the last time I had to replace the batteies on my caller ID. I write down any phone numbers I have to and delete them from memory, hoping it will suck less battery juice. Be wary about using off-brand power supplies with your unit. Mine's a modified Cidco to allow more numbers to be stored(like I'll ever get that far). Anyways, I used some oddball power supply and the buttons ABSOLULTEY would not respond, no matter how hard you pressed.

TOPIC - caller id
DATE - 08/13/98 13:10:06
FROM - i didn't do it

But if you use good alkaline batteries in your caller-id, they should last about a year. And that don't seem too bad.

TOPIC - Free Caller ID Power
DATE - 08/13/98 02:38:08
FROM - hack San Diego, CA

i was just reading all of ur posts about caller id's and just thought of an idea, do you hate to have to replace your caller ID battries? There is a certin box (i forget the color) that lets you suck power from the phone line, u can get up to 12 volts DC if u use an amp. but if you do not use an amp, u probly could hook it up to your caller ID and get free power via the phone company. hehe...

Hacks Page

TOPIC - Bell Atlantic stike
DATE - 08/13/98 01:39:32
FROM - CryoVile

I don't know about elsewhere, but Bell Atlantic has been on strike here in MD for the past two days. Well I usually stay away from red boxing local calls simply because you have to go through thte operator, and around here, they almost always stop you. (that doesn't mean they know whtas going on...but the know something isn't working right) anyway, I really needed to make this call so i could get a ride, so i dial zero and an operator comes on, i ask her to put a local cal through for me......

ME:Yes could you put a local call through for me?
BellBitch: Sure! What number please?

She put my call through woith out any billing!!!!
I pulled htis around eight more times with several operators until they caught on to me. then i just waited for the shifts to change (strange, since i thought the reason i got away with this was becaus ethey were really short on labor, but the still changed shifts) and did it again!
They came off strike today though, so the phun is over ;(
Just htought you ppl might like to know, if your lovcal bell or wjhatever goes on strike, do whatever. i wanted to try blueboxing, just to see if they would recognise my attempt for what it was, but never got around to it, if theis happens elsewhere and you do do some bluboxing, let me know what happens!!

TOPIC - A beigebox, some wire cutters, and a new moon
DATE - 08/13/98 00:04:59

One time, two friends of mine and myself went over to a dirty bitches house. We walked down to her phone box, unscrewed it and started making calls. Well, we did this for about 30 minutes and then got bored. So my friend pulls out some wire cutters. I asked what he was gonna do, and he goes "That bitch lives off of Jerry Springer......I'm gonna cut it off". So, he runs off to that little box in the front yard (you know what I mean), and cuts the cable in it! So, we're running down the street and one of the girls comes out with her dads shotgun yelling if she saw us she would shoot us. No lie. Next day, we knocked on her door and blamed it on some douchebag in the neighborhood and got off! Haha, just thought I'd like to tell this to some people.......

DATE - 08/12/98 20:45:15
FROM - headflux #phreaks on Dalnet -

Shut up, ray. You're a dumb piece of shit liar. NOBODY BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS.

DATE - 08/11/98 21:18:10
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

This is absolutely TRUE!.... The other day I went into this sandwich shop aroun dthe corner for lunch. They had one of those huge overhead light up signs with the menu on it. I looked across it. They had a cheese sandwhich for ninety-nine cents, a ham sandwich for a dollar fifety, and a HANDJOB for ten bucks! When I saw this, I approached the woman working the counter. "Are you the one who gives the hand jobs for ten bucks?", I ask. She smiled seductively and leaned closer. "Why Yes I do!", she replied (batting her eyes). To this I blurted out, "Well then, go wash your hands bitch, and make me a cheese sandwich!".

This really happened! Honest!


The UPS (Now open 24hr's a day!)

TOPIC - story
DATE - 08/09/98 23:49:49
FROM - British

Okay here's a not-so-amazing story. I tried to use a payphone in a semi-bad neighborhood, posted with a sign that said it would not accept calls during late hours(to cut down on drug activity). I pick up the phone, and instead of the usual dialtone, I get this "doot doot doot doot" sound. None of the buttons respionded. After hitting the switchhook several times, I got the same sound. Like a moron I put in my 35 cents, and it didn't make a difference. After more switchhook activity, I got the dialtone back, and not my 35 cents, but 70 cents back! this is the 3rd occurence of that now. Of course, the phone is in poor condition, as the 6 button doesn't work.. Oh well.

TOPIC - re: kryoville
DATE - 08/09/98 13:52:43
FROM - British

Well I'd say the first thing to do is move outta that town, or carry a six shooter on your side in case assholes like him show up again. I liked how he was gullible about buying the redbox, seeing as that he was robbing you.

TOPIC - cb radio
DATE - 08/07/98 22:56:23

This has nothing to do with phreaking, but ohh well...........
This summer i went on a pretty long vacation (flew to texas, drove to new york, drove to D.C., drove back to NY, drove to ohio, then back to nebraska) well anyway, when i was in ohio i went to this little pool kinda place that looks really trashy but in the back there are tons of either damaged or just abandoned police cars, so i decided to check them out, i found a cb radio in perfect dondition and it has a pa thing on it too, i thought it was very cool concidering i had always wanted a cb radio. there was another police car there too but i was too scared of getting caught that i decided to leave once i got that one, now all i need is an antenna and im set, that saves me alot of money !! Well, i just wanted to share that with everyone even though u dont care. hehe

TOPIC - Repost
DATE - 08/07/98 20:56:38
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

My father is projects manager at a big time cabinet making place that grossed 9 million last year, and yet they are to cheap to get a walkie talkie system that has more than 3 frequencies. One day my dad was sitting at his desk and talking to someone in in a production area, and he started picking up the conversation of a construction crew that was bulding some dairy expo building, and it kept interfering with his hand held, so he started telling the boom operators all kinds of different crane commands to screw them up, like "boom left!" or "boom right" and lots of other stuff, to totally piss them off. Just thought I would say this, even though it has no real phreaking value.

DATE - 08/07/98 12:10:22

that would suck !!

TOPIC - Advise requested
DATE - 08/07/98 05:59:10
FROM - cryovile MD

So I'm wandering around on mainstreet in the fucking hick town i live in, a little drunk and stumbling from phone to phone calling up british telco and other shit. I'm there wiht two of my friends, when all of a sudden this huge stupid looking asshole and like 5 other guys walk over to us. they crowd around us. this guy startds aking us if we want to buy some bud, at first we say no, but one of my froiends was into it, so he finally said yes ( if just to get rid of these guys, it was only ten bucks for a dime bag). so i hang up in the middle of a call to the lapd to report my virginity stolenand walk over to an alley with my friends and these cocksuckers. well of course this guy turned out to be an asshole, and when we got into the ally, he pulled a knife on us, and took our moner, then asked for more. it wasn't a big knife, but we were unarmed, and a little tipsy, so we just got scared. so i came up with the bright idea of giving him our redbox, since the batteried were dying nayway, and hew wouldn't really know how to use. so we show it too him and he gets intrested, we go over to a payphone and show him how it works, but not how to program it. eventually he forgets who he is and asks to buy it from us. we say 80 bucks (we told him the 6.5536Mhz crytals cost 50 bucks) so he agrees. he sends his boys to go get the money, then piulss the knife on us again, but this time, one of my friends was behind him, and grabed him, so i oculd grab the knigfe away from him. well on of his boys cmae up behind us while we struggled and knocked my freind on his ass reache dinto my pocked and grabbed the redbox. they both ran and dissappeared. So what i'm wandering is, doews anybod have any good ideas on how to get this guy back?

DATE - 08/05/98 22:13:02
FROM - Bombtrack

I can trade you some useful info for that. Mail me ASAP!!!

DATE - 08/04/98 07:42:12
FROM - Spankatron

So, i'm boxin my friend who's out of state from a phone at my apartment complex near the elevators, and 10 or 15 minutes goes by and a 5-0 walks up behind me and stares at me head to toe as he was talkin into his whispering into his radio. I get scared shitless and rewing my micro cassette and record over the tones as i keep talking like i don't know what's up. He disappears around the corner and i let my friend go and head around the other way to the stairs, the bottom is locked so i sneak back to the elevators to go upstairs. So the elevator opens on the 8th floor where i live, and who is staring me in the face? (fuck what do i do!)I slip by him and he grabs me and says, you were on that phone downstairs right? "Yeah", i say. THEN he says (get this!) "Did you notice anyone messing with the elevators cause the phones in here are going haywire and we can't figure out what's up". What the hell! Retarted PO-PO's!

TOPIC - red boxing
DATE - 08/01/98 13:41:17
FROM - jimmy col oh

the other day Iwas trying to box local #s useing 10 10 288 and got transfered to some security guys phone i didnt even talk to the op maybe some phones can tell the difference anybody know

TOPIC - free call
DATE - 07/28/98 19:43:49
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

I was without my box (uhg) and I needed to call LD to my wife.
So I just went to a COCOT and after failing to make a free call other ways I hit 0.

I told the Op I was making a collect call,I gave her the #, she asked me to hold and then I heard it ringing.
When my wife answered I stayed silent for a moment waiting for the Op to ask her to accept the charges, but she didn't. We just talked. I guess the Op hit the wrong button or may have just forgot to ask my wife to accept the charges.

Amazing.......... or something...... maybe not.
I can't believe I typed this out :) (but it is true)


DATE - 07/28/98 06:46:14
FROM - [-UNI-]

Ok, there I was in the trash can at the local office, when I find a l/p for the I run home right...dail it up...and shit..what do you know it I'm lewking around with my elite CD / tekniqz I notice something unnormal about this cosnix I lewk around more I notice that this is the main cosmos for uswest in the entire US and is the main cosmos for the COSMOS WAN (lol) I haxx0r my way through the different citys , 30 routers later I reach New York City.....then I notice root has been following me around..and dumb me lame as I am..only bounced off like 2 proxys and a lame I get call scared...and start phreaking out...and just like go nuts......and..shit..hold up a van is here...someone is knocking at my door...hold up brb...oh shit..they have all black me!...the feds..the fuckin feds r help me!........shit....hold up
rm -rf * shit..wrong me....fuck.....there in my front door....there in my room Cant take me alive!.....

DATE - 07/24/98 13:05:19
FROM - Sir Psycho 214

ok i was on the phone talking to my friend (with my recently hacked credit card)
anyways i had my notebook full of codes and then i was at the locksmith and the owner came and he started kicking his windows out. anyways the lady across the street called the police. They came and took the man to the hospital and were asking me questions. He wanted to see what was in my notebook. He did but he was a dumbass. Thank god.

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