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FROM - RickDaPrick423
02/13/99 05:28:22 - MESSAGE #1186

There is an asshole who owns a time and temperature line here in my hometown.....When you dail into it, it plays the a stupid commercial then tells you the time and temperature. If anyone is interested in hacking into it call 423-xxx-xxxx. If you hit the * button during the commercial it will ask for a security love to (or love to see someone else) get his code and erase his commercials.

FROM - Fart(+)Louder da God!SuckAss NorthWest Ohio
TOPIC - here are some 1Linerz
02/08/99 13:49:47 - MESSAGE #1027

Collection of 'one-liner' signature files found on the Internet (actually I copied this page from
another homepage)

Daddy, why doesn't this magnet pick up this floppy disk?
Give me ambiguity or give me something else.
I.R.S.: We've got what it takes to take what you've got!
We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.
Pentiums melt in your PC, not in your hand.
Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake!
The secret of the universe is @*&^^^ NO CARRIER
Did anyone see my lost carrier?
Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.
I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing!
He who laughs last thinks slowest!
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
"More hay, Trigger?" "No thanks, Roy, I'm stuffed!"
A flashlight is a case for holding dead batteries.
Lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math.
Error, no keyboard - press F1 to continue.
There's too much blood in my caffeine system.
Artificial Intelligence usually beats real stupidity.
I wouldn't be caught dead with a necrophiliac.
Learn from your parents' mistakes - use birth control!
Hard work has a future payoff. Laziness pays off now .
Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.
I won't rise to the occaasion, but I'll slide over to it.
Ever notice how fast Windows runs? Neither did I.
Double your drive space - delete Windows!
What is a "free" gift ? Aren't all gifts free?
Assassins do it from behind.
If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic.
"Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."
Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy.
Consciousness: that annoying time between naps.
Oops. My brain just hit a bad sector.
I used to have a handle on life, then it broke.
Don't take life too seriously, you won't get out alive.
I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
The sex was so good that even the neighbors had a cigarette.
Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot.
The gene pool could use a little chlorine.
When there's a will, I want to be in it.
Okay, who put a "stop payment" on my reality check?
Few women admit their age. Few men act theirs.
I'm as confused as a baby in a topless bar.
We have enough youth, how about a fountain of SMART?
All generalizations are false, including this one.
Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.
C program run. C program crash. C programmer quit.
"Criminal Lawyer" is a redundancy.
Is reading in the bathroom considered Multi-Tasking?
My computer isn't that's just a bit ANSI.
My computer's sick. I think my modem is a carrier.
Gotta run, the cat's caught in the printer.
Honey, I Formatted the Kid!
Spelling checkers at maximum! Fire!
Your e-mail has been returned due to insufficient voltage.
Who is General Failure and why is he reading my disk?
Hex dump: Where witches put used curses...
Never violate the Prime Directory! C:\
Multitasking: Screwing up several things at once...
Maniac: An early computer built by nuts...
Stack Error: Lost on a cluttered desk...
Stack Overflow: Too many pancakes...
Life would be much easier if I had the source code.
Capt'n! The spellchecker kinna take this abuse!
C:\BELFRY is where I keep my .BAT files.
How do I set my laser printer on stun?
"Today's subliminal thought is:"
'Calm down -- it's only ones and zeros.'
'.... now touch these wires to your tongue!'
Computer analyst to programmer: "You start coding. I'll go find out what
they want."
According to my calculations the problem doesn't exist.
It said, "Insert disk #3," but only two will fit!
RAM DISK is not an installation procedure!
Computers are only human.
This time it will surely run.
I just found the last bug.
The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance.
-Robert R. Coveyou Oak Ridge National Laboratory
It's redundant! It's redundant! -R. E. Dundant
Bug? That's not a bug, that's a feature. -T. John Wendel
The programmer's national anthem is 'AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH'. -Weinberg, p.152
On a clear disk you can seek forever. -Computerworld button
I write all my critical routines in assembler, and my comedy routines
in FORTRAN. -Anonymous
If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be
the process of putting them in. -Dykstra
"#define QUESTION ((bb) || !(bb)) - Shakespeare."
"Real programmers use: COPY CON PROGRAM.EXE"
Logic: The art of being wrong with confidence...
To iterate is human; to recurse, divine.
If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0
Maintenance-free: When it breaks, it can't be fixed...
Microwave: Signal from a friendly micro...
Nostalgia: The good old days multiplied by a bad memory...
God is REAL, unless explicitly declared INTEGER.
Asking if computers can think is like asking if submarines can swim.
From C:\*.* to shining C:\*.*
AAAAAA - American Association Against Acronym Abuse Anonymous
CCITT - Can't Conceive Intelligent Thoughts Today
This message transmitted on 100% recycled electrons.
Todays assembler command : EXOP Execute Operator
Justify my text? I'm sorry but it has no excuse.
Programming is an art form that fights back.
"Daddy, what does FORMATTING DRIVE C mean?"
All wiyht. Rho sritched mg kegtops awound?
Backups? We doan *NEED* no steenking baX%^~,VbKx NO ARRIER
My mail reader can beat up your mail reader.
Never forget: 2 + 2 = 5 for extremely large values of 2.
Nobody has ever, ever, EVER learned all of WordPerfect.
To define recursion, we must first define recursion.
Good programming is 99% sweat and 1% coffee.

FROM - Rufus T. Firefly 516
TOPIC - Broadpoint
02/01/99 04:17:41 - MESSAGE #763

Yeah, Broadpoint looks like an okay deal, but that doesn't change the fact that they spammed these boards, so I emailed them complaining about the spam and demanding they either cancel my application or post apologies here. Have they any honor? We shall see what develops.

FROM - sd
01/31/99 19:29:29 - MESSAGE #735

UM screw Red Boxin the link below will take u to the GREATEST SITE ON EARTH!!!!

Free Long Distance through ad sponsered messages.

Basically u get a card w/ a pin number.
Then you call the toll free number
Enter the pin then phone number
Then you listen to a ten sec ad
Each ad u listen to earns you a credit of two min.(how long do prank call last anyway???)
Listen one min of ads earns u eight min of talk time.
They're gonna have international and wireless someday

FROM - cbfog828
TOPIC - Broadpoint
01/31/99 01:14:29 - MESSAGE #710

Yes, that Broadpoint thing looks pretty cool. For one thing, if they traced you they'd probably get the eight hundred number. Of course, you're probably identified by PINs and crap, so bla bla bla I don't wanna type anymore.

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Lost Highway
01/30/99 14:29:55 - MESSAGE #692

Why the hell didn't I think of that? Well, anyways, I've got a solution to the power problem, go to your local hardware store and buy one of those power outlets that screws into light bulb holes. This would only work if the people left their lights on outdoors. But, most people have an outdoor AC outlet anyway...

FROM - sulcata99330
01/30/99 06:42:54 - MESSAGE #687

just unplug the line at their box,and plug in your machine,you know theyre not home to wonder why the phone aint ringing.

FROM - Rufus T. Firefly 516
TOPIC - Lost Highway
01/30/99 05:28:28 - MESSAGE #683

That movie ruled! If they already had an answer machine that is set to pick up on, say, the fourth ring you could set yours to pick up on the second or whatever.. Or you could just yank their interior line off the screws while you're playing around in their TNI. You could even use a machine with an "outgoing message only" option - one that won't beep and take a message, just play the greeting (like businesses use for when you call at night and the recording says "Hey foolass, call us when we're open, dammit" and hangs up on you.)

The only problem I can think of is plugging your AC cord in, unless they have an outlet outside or your machine runs on batteries.

..Hey, there's an idea! A portable answering machine for your cellayer phone! "Hi, sorry I'm home right now..."

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Lost highway...
01/29/99 19:31:04 - MESSAGE #678

Hehehehe, I just saw "Lost Highway", and thought it was cool how the creepy looking dude scared the shit out of people. These conversations would go something like this:

Creepy Dude: "Hi, I believe we've met before."
Some other guy: "No, I don't think so. Where do you think we've met?"
CD : "At your house."
SOG: "You're joking."
CD : "Am I? I'm at your house right now."

[ The guy is still standing right in front of the creepy dude ]

SOD: "No, you can't be. You're right in front of me."
CD : "Oh yeah? Call me!"

[ CD gives the other dude his cellphone, and instructs him to dial his own number. When he does, the CD picks up the phone! ]

SOD: "How did you do that?"

Wouldn't that scare the shit out of somebody? Hehehehe! The best way I could think of doing this would be to open their TNI box and put in an answering machine with your voice on it. Any other ways you can think of doing this without going inside their house? And what could I do if they already had an answering machine hooked up?

And if he went to the police and told them what you looked like, they'd think he was a nutcase and put him in an asylum! So, before I try a prank like that, does anyone have any cool tips for me?

FROM - James LaBoveBeaumont, TX
TOPIC - Welcome to the boardroom
01/27/99 12:54:28 - MESSAGE #617

Welcome to the boardroom! Enjoy!
FROM - kahuna818
TOPIC - cyber-stalker
01/26/99 12:56:13 - MESSAGE #584

Small world. The guy in North Hollywood, Cal who was arrested for cyber stalking last week was my next door neighbor till i was nine. We are the same age. i don't remember him real well he was odd. A Jehovas' Winess.
So to piss him off i sang happy birthday to him all the time. Email me and i will give you his address and phone number to phreak him.
take care,
the Kahuna!!!!!

FROM - anti-box
TOPIC - free long distance
01/25/99 23:57:21 - MESSAGE #565 is offering free long distance calls. All you have to do is listen to an advertisment and you get two minutes long distance free. Check it out. I'm sure this has some good purposes.

FROM - A friend!UK -
TOPIC - Prank Calls
01/25/99 06:03:04 - MESSAGE #547

Hi all!

Call this number :

zero seven nine five seven six zero five five eight nine ----- from within the UK


+ four four seven nine five seven six zero five five eight nine ----- from OUTSIDE the UK

and ask to talk to Reena! Tell her you are a friends friend, and call yourself

Jerry Friend:- Ex boyfriend from Kenya

Tariq Friend: Ex boyfriend Noe in South Africa

Tom's Friend: From Porthmouth!

She also enjoys phone sex, just tell her Mitul asked to call!

Have a laugh!

FROM - wh0rdechicago -
TOPIC - Pranks....=)
01/23/99 21:32:25 - MESSAGE #498

One-Three-Zero-One Six-Eight-Eight-Six-Three-One-One NSA
One-Two-Zero-Two Four-Five-Six-One-Four-One-Four Oval Office
One-Two-Zero-Two Four-Four-Five-Four-Six-One-Six white houe
One-Seven-Zero-Three Four-Eight-Two-One-One-Zero-Zero CIA
One-Seven-Zero-Three Six-Nine-Five-Six-Eight-Three-Three Pentagon
One-Seven-One-Three Six-Nine-Three-Five-Zero-Zero-Zero FBI
One-Seven-One-Three Eight-Six-Eight-Two-Two-Nine-Nine Secret Service
One-Eight-Zero-Zero Eight-Two-Nine-One-Zero-Four-Zero IRS
its a bitch to type all this these from payphones only, or beige em for some real trouble

Syko416's page, good pranks
FROM - scot 818 907 1723
TOPIC - call me
01/17/99 15:06:11 - MESSAGE #327

call me.....for phone sex.
i love little boys and girls don't matter to me.
scot meyer
one five three five three weddington st. apt..D one zero five
sherman oaks,calif
nine one four one one
and i have all sorts of kiddy porn too
so call me or email me and i will send you what i have just don't tell the cops!
i've already been arrested one time for molesting my own daughter. but i got
had a great attorney
have phun phreaking dudes and dudettes

FROM - Melissa Smit (410-)392-7801elkton
TOPIC - SEX!!!!!!
01/17/99 00:09:18 - MESSAGE #319

call me have SEX!!!!!

FROM - (473)
TOPIC - Sex line
01/15/99 00:01:13 - MESSAGE #256

Hey people:
I just got a new phonesex line of my own in Grenada (listed above). If any of you guys want to entertain yourselves, or are in a generous mood, feel free to give it a call. The uses for this number are unlimited, because it "looks" like a US number, but costs the same amount as an international call. If you're feeling extra generous, have a conference there instead of on the Defcon Voicebridge -- I get eighteen cents per line per minute, and get paid no matter what ;)
If you're interersted in one, send me an email.

FROM - kahuna818 873 5450
TOPIC - bitch
01/14/99 12:35:09 - MESSAGE #239

this is her pager
leave intersting call back numbers for her like the FBI >>>>>>CIA>>>>>>>>>> and coroner for her to call back..

FROM - Hawaiian GuyHAWAII!
01/08/99 20:57:41 - MESSAGE #61

Hey people,
I would appreciate it if you people would call this number and say your name is Jack Ransom and that you are tierd of hearing the moaning from next door because maxwell and eddie are havin sex to loud! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!
go here to get #:

FROM - Hawaiian GuyHAWAII!
01/08/99 20:53:28 - MESSAGE #59

Hey people,
I would appreciate it if you people would call this number and say your name is Jack Ransom and that you are tierd of hearing the moaning from next door because maxwell and eddie are havin sex to loud! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!
eight zero eight, six two four, six zero six four

FROM - Hawaiian GuyHAWAII!
01/08/99 20:51:26 - MESSAGE #57

Hey people,
I would appreciate it if you people would call this number and say your name is Jack Ransom and that you are tierd of hearing the moaning from next door because maxwell and eddie are havin sex to loud! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

FROM - Hawaiian GuyHAWAII!
01/08/99 20:46:49 - MESSAGE #56

Hey people,

DATE - 12/31/98 19:41:13
FROM - cbfog NC

"Please do not post personal phone numbers or information in this forum."
Anyways, go to my lame 2 page site.

CBFOG's land of 31337
TOPIC - Violations
DATE - 12/31/98 15:36:59
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Anyone remember a while back when I posted Mary whats-her-name's stuff up for everyone to gawk at? She was a Bell employee. She was the head of the Fone Fruad devision and creator of Freddie The Fone Fraud Fox. I put up her name, address, and a map to her house (courtesy of Mapblast!). Oh, and a nice color photo of her.


TOPIC - Oh, you awful person!
DATE - 12/29/98 18:37:41

Hey!! We all LOVE Bell!! That's really rotten of you to post these poor innocent employees' numbers!!

Get some more and post 'em K??

TOPIC - cool stuff
DATE - 12/26/98 16:19:12
FROM - Black Sin 972

I found these while scanning a few minutes ago. I dunno if any of you dislike bell..
are all swb employee's numbers....
They have audex voicemail...

DATE - 12/12/98 13:38:29
FROM - lilttle kahuna mars

let's get this back to the board it is intended to be.
enought faal der rah
back to the basicis
lets phreak

TOPIC - Yeah!!
DATE - 12/11/98 19:51:28

Yeah!! If rbcp wanted this to be the "Gay Love Board" he would have called it that, don't you think??

TOPIC - preach it
DATE - 12/10/98 19:52:52
FROM - dguy 618

:::claps after tofu's statement:::


TOPIC - Phreaking a fag? C'mon now...
DATE - 12/10/98 03:56:00
FROM - Tofu 626

Whats with every post following the same pattern? "Hey, call this fag, hes so gay! He deserves being phreaked cause hes a fudgepacking homo! Prank call his pansy queer ass" C'mon! I really doubt you want us to do anything just because hes gay! And another thing, I really doubt by posting the above, we are really gonna grab out linemans sets and redboxes and head to the nearest payphone to call the guy. C'mon, seriously now. Lastly, if the real reason you hate this guy is because hes gay, you have some personal problems you have to work out for yourself.

TOPIC - i think you mean prank
DATE - 12/09/98 23:25:55
FROM - dguy(or el dguy, or asshole, or whatever) 618

in response to the last post about "phreaking a faggot," i think you mean to prank call a faggot. there IS a difference. god damn.


DATE - 12/09/98 14:42:58
FROM - nikc


TOPIC - hey
DATE - 12/08/98 17:15:45
FROM - forgot usa

wonder if this works from here...

DATE - 11/30/98 23:52:43
FROM - = gail

Well,if you beat 'em, join 'em. If I = post a list of people here who are pains in the ass, will you all call = them and do whatever it is that you do?

DATE - 11/30/98 = 19:12:29
FROM - BNF Oregon

Oh you changed = it to 703-xxx-xxxx? That's nice Gail.

You better hurry up and = change your voicemail box passcode from the default. Those hackers are = everywhere.

=0A= TOPIC - samantha
DATE - 11/30/98 = 18:48:45
FROM - poop 817

my goodness she = even has started up a url. this old woman is = ill...

=0A= TOPIC - my phonenmuber
DATE - = 11/30/98 18:43:52
FROM - Gail

Call all you = want. I changed it today.

=0A= TOPIC - Gail's phone = number..
DATE - 11/30/98 18:40:45
FROM - rbcp 618 -

Out of curiousity I just checked my log = file and guess what came up for that post with Gail's number in = it? to

Now we all know = that this could never be Tannest. Oh no, she's a big grown up and = doesn't do this kind of stuff anymore. So even though tannest is the = general manager of I'm sure she's not responsible for it. = Maybe tannest can look through some log files of her own and see who = could have posted that phone number on here.

Incidentally, I got = an e-mail message from an old BNFer that I feel I've more or less made = peace with - she told me about this post and about Gail being upset so I = headed on over to the BNF to see what was going on these days. Much to = my surprise, I saw Tannest back at her own antics again, slamming people = and causing trouble under the nick of cofegirl. Oh, but she didn't post = Gail's phone number. No no, she didn't do that. It was someone else on = bendnet.

=0A= TOPIC - = gail
DATE - 11/30/98 18:31:31
FROM - big = kahuna

sorry gail
thats the way = the phreaking goes.

=0A= TOPIC - Mutant mountain freaks who make = JonBenet Ramsey fans hot, today on PLA!
DATE - 11/30/98 = 16:42:50


Gail, the answer = is.....


=0A= TOPIC - Ramsey freaks
DATE - = 11/29/98 23:45:46
FROM - Gail Va

Excuse me, = kind sir or madam, but you are the first on the list on PLA members = posting on the prank call forum to provide your email address and some = mutant mountain moron has posted my name and phone number on your = discussion board for prank calls. The calls started on November 29 and = my phone already has the requisite tap by the authorities. This is their = idea of getting back at me for uncovering evidence of a pile of lies by = the all too familiar Jameson (the ultimate Ramseycase freak). Please = remove my name from your discussion board. I am not in any of your = categories of child molesters, women with diseases, etc. and I am = confiendt that ouy have better things to do than bother = me.

=0A= TOPIC - Ramsey Freaks
DATE - = 11/29/98 05:08:46
FROM - BNF Oregon

Gordon, Gail =
Phone: (703)370-xxxx Alexandria, VA 22301-0000

=0A= TOPIC - list
= DATE - 11/29/98 03:41:23
FROM - SC 330 =

Someone really should compile a huge list of = every number one this board to prank. Make it a txt. file for people to = print out and take on biege boxing expeditions. And if anyone does do = this, remember to put the prioritys at the top of the list: 1 Child = molestors, 2 sluts who spread diseases, 3 wannabe hackers, ect.

=0A= TOPIC - Poopyhead!
DATE - = 11/28/98 02:36:05
FROM - Tofu 626

Hell, I don't care = if someone erases the post now, I already copied down the IP. So = there..haha! Wow..I sometimes believe people were created stupid for my = enjoyment. Anyways...

=0A= TOPIC - Nice IP = D00d!
DATE - 11/27/98 23:10:20

Ever = think that that asshole might be the board admin?? who wants to read a = lot of spam NEway? But, yours might stay on, thanks to points earned for = creative use of color and an attractive IP.

DATE - 11/27/98 20:37:08
= -


=0A= TOPIC - Duke of URL = - Like the name!
DATE - 11/20/98 21:56:27

Hey Duke, he's gone, what's funny = is, it actually would have been OK if he'd put his crap on "URL Spam" - = in fact he would have been one of the few people using to post a URL = instead of just test messages!

DATE - = 11/16/98 23:06:36
FROM - El = DGuY 618

Even though no one probably noticed...EL DGUY IS = BACK!

=0A= TOPIC - Pager Bombing
DATE - = 11/12/98 01:30:37
FROM - Hack San Diego, = CA

hey ya'll,
i am looking for a *Windows 95/98* Pager Bomber.
I = used to have something called Pager bomber 98
but i cannot find that = on the internet or my
hard drive. Where can i "download* (the URL) a = pager bomber for windows? i am NOT looking for something
that floods = only one (1) pager, but i am looking for
something that sends 1 phone = number to alot of pagers,
and it has to run in = windows!

DATE - 11/10/98 23:23:24
FROM - Syko416 Toronto, Canada

What's up?
You looking for some numbers to prank? course you are, if you weren't you won't be reading this. :P anyways, If you go to my site, you'll find over 50 1-800 call forwarding numbers (att easy reach) that you can prank. An it is completely free for you, that means you can do it from a payphone. and the people you prank, pay for the call. But don't do it from your house cuz the number you call from shows up on the phone bill.

Click Here!

DATE - 06/26/98 21:37:26
FROM - dsaf


TOPIC - Get those bastards!
DATE - 06/26/98 13:39:09
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

If you really want to get some bastard, than mail bombing is definitely not the way to go. Other than a slight annoyance, the person will probably not be all that bothered (as Stihl said). If you are gonna send anon mail, why not send it To the victim From his freind. Attach a nice bat file but twist it into an .exe file using Then change that icon into some happy little object. Include a short message like, "run this, its hilarious!". Chances are he will think, why would my buddy send me a horrible virus? Maybe you could send it to him from Hallmark themselves with a message like "Joe Schmoe sent you this personal greeting! Instructions to view are:...". You get the idea. Social Engineering through e-mail is extrememly easy. The idea is, to be creative!


TOPIC - Fun Number to Call
DATE - 06/21/98 03:47:56
FROM - FunGuy Ohio

Here is a fun number to call. Her name is Teresa, and she is an escort (you know, sex for money). She does not advertise in normal places, so she will freak out just by getting a call from someone she doesn't know. She lives with a guy, so you may have to ask for her. She is up all hours of the night, so it doesn't matter when you call. Her number is (614) 351-6189. Have fun!

TOPIC - mail bombing
DATE - 06/21/98 00:35:39
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

MetGod did not demonstrate bombing.

I used to do alot of mailboming... I always bombed ppl that sent me mass (unsolicited) junk mail (get rich quick). Most ppl don't know what to do when they check for mail and see several hundered emails being downloaded with a 32K attatchment. I quit trying to be an anti spam hero since I never knew the results at their end. RBCP has his computer check for email every 30 min while he is gone for the day or when he is asleep. If he gets bombed then he has no waiting at all. And then He spends about 60 seconds to highlight all of them for deletion. Much less effort on his part compared to the guy who sent the email. I thought that this was the easiest way for anyone to remove ALL email from the ISP server in the fastest manner and to prevent waiting for any email with anykind of attatchments.

I thought that boming can be fun for revenge on real lamers, but I have heard of AOL canceling a kids subscription without warning for bombing someone. *gasp*
I use a small town mom & pop ISP. I made friends with them, so if I do something wrong I feel that they would just warn me once or twice.

Anyway... I forget where I was going with this message.... I guess it was that mailbombing (in my opinion) can be useful yet stupid depending on certain conditions... screw it, I'm tired of typing.
Spoofing is cooler.


TOPIC - More
DATE - 06/20/98 18:09:17
FROM - MetGod

And also...What I showed was not mail bombing..your obviously a very reviled idiotic asshole with a huge egotistical ass. I showed spoofing...and if you read my message a little more someone who can actually read you would have clearly seen what I said and that was this:
YOu add all headers....then it's harder to trace, besides most people don't know how..
Secondly..I hate mail bombing...and even if you do email won't get kicked of your ISP, the isp most likely will give you a warning or two...

secondly, ever hear of owning your own server???
you dumbass....

get a life...and actually think before you write something that makes you look stupid...
now I'm done...for good..
if your so good...find my email address and do that..
we'll see how good you are...
you may be good with phones but I doubt your good with least better than me...

TOPIC - Another thing
DATE - 06/20/98 18:04:30
FROM - MetGod

I also mentioned that mail bombing and using anonymous remailers was lame and wasn't hacking you dork....

TOPIC - Typographical error
DATE - 06/20/98 18:03:02
FROM - MetGod

Ever hear of a typographical error you lamer..
come on...bring it on challenge me...
You get in a hacker war with me, well your messing with the wrong person...

TOPIC - MailBombing
DATE - 06/20/98 10:47:58
FROM - Interrupt

FIrst of all it is Simple Mail Transfer Protocal not Simple Main Transfer Protocal. Second, mail bombing is not Hacking, IT is stupid at the most flooding someones mail box with 313373 hax0r maessages does nothing to them. It is stupid and if they find you you can loose your ISP and be fined. Third, THe way you showed to "Mail bomb" is stupid becuase now most SMTP programs (i.e. Sendmail) add an ID to each message which than can be traced to you because you were on the system at the time the ID was attached. Just though i would say you are a FUCKING MORON. Have a Nice Day


TOPIC - Anonymously Mailing
DATE - 06/20/98 00:21:50
FROM - MetGod

Why do you guys use programs to harrass's just as lame as email bombing...any "real" hacker knows that...
if your going to harrass someone why not use SMTP..
Simple Main Transfer Protocol

$ telnet 25
trying 25
more garbage...

now type

more garbage

then type:

it will tell you to type in your message and then end it with a period on a new line by itself...

then type:
Subject: Fuck you
Date: (your browsers format or date)

YOu may add all other headers to make it harder to trace...

now just type in your message....
then hit enter...
and type
'.' (without the quotes)
and hit enter should confirm that it was sent....
then type

and hit enter.
your done...

so, now that you know this, if you didn't already...use this instead so you don't look like a lamer in the Hacking world...


check out these pages... (used to be up..part of Underground United (U2) and is coming back soon.) (new and improved)

Of course I have more....

TOPIC - some retard
DATE - 06/19/98 09:49:35
FROM - NjPhun NJ

Here is a number of one of the many local losers in my town.....ask for "Craig" and when you get him make fun of his Civic (he has one of those cars with the rims body kit etc.) say its a slow piece of shit....while your at it start screaming cheese at him....(I did that for about 3 months at 4 am everyday)...i think he would like that....anyways heres the numba....

Craig Lazar
hes got caller ID but your gonna be calling from a pay phone anyways...(which just adds to the fun)...
have fun!

TOPIC - OCI operators
DATE - 06/19/98 04:23:35
FROM - Phett 360

Regarding getting the OCI operators.. I couldn't get any for a long time but the other night while wandering around the local college, I called and when I got the OCI dialtone i dial the 800 number again and this time some voice asked me for the number i wanted to call or to press 0 for an international call and presto - I pressed 0 and finally got one of dem sweet lil' OCI operators i've been craving..

TOPIC - Ever Wonder???
DATE - 06/19/98 00:08:58
FROM - TonyJr. I came from hell -

Ever wonder who was on the other end of a certain phone number?? If so, this website is for you. All you do is put in the phone number and it'll tell you who is at the otherr end.

Reverse Lookup

TOPIC - Harry Fucks dot Com
DATE - 06/16/98 19:00:00
FROM - Beavis

Write to Harry Fucks with your favorite remailer or use Anonymizer's remailer.

The Anonymizer

TOPIC - call this fucker
DATE - 06/16/98 18:15:02
FROM - billy bob 414

call this dip shit..
1.. he's gay
2.. he's going bankrupt
3.. he's a pr0n c4m luzah

his name is chad

DATE - 06/16/98 11:00:26
FROM - The Hamster Hamsterdam

Those of you who are keen guitarists will know that the Harry Fox agency have just got a US court order to remove the biggest online guitar archive. These money-crazy lawyer-bastards have been destroying tab websites all over the US and it's really beginning to piss us muso's off. They're basically telling sites that what isn't written by an artist is still copyrighted to that artist (even if it's wrong) and therefore is a copyright infringement. They sorely need to be taught a lesson by anyone and EVERYONE capable of doing so. Therefore as one of the 10,000 who signed the online petition within hours of the OLGA being removed, I suggest that the matter be left in your capable hands. Useful starting points:

or to see some background info check out:

Click here & give 'em HELL, boys (& girls)

TOPIC - fuck rod
DATE - 06/16/98 10:29:36
FROM - black knights

hey all you pla's i have a great # this bitch ann green the fucking hoe is so damn stupid me and my friend called her and acted like we aere at&t operators and she fell for it and at the end we said oh yeh we have one more thing to ask you can we have butt sex this weekend and she does not call the cops
you will have to give the hoe some time to answer the phone she is parlized on one side her # is
1-440-354-6674 personaly i like it when the bum fuck says shit back it hilarious...

TOPIC - Snoop Dog's 'puter
DATE - 06/16/98 04:39:56
FROM - Scrappy My basement -

All that crap, and it didn't come with a spelling and grammar checker?

DOMA!!!!! all (capitalisation) you dicks with crappy 56k modems are all
to (too) slow (period) i (caps) got a triple satelite (satellite) with a 638476328 gig
hard drive and a MOUSE!!!!!!,,, WOW you say??? yes
and when i (caps) bought it i (caps) got (received?) a free set of STEAK KNIVES!!!

sniff sniff! do I smell something burning?


DATE - 06/15/98 15:38:44
FROM - bob


TOPIC - diapers
DATE - 06/15/98 15:37:59
FROM - bob - yousuckbadly



TOPIC - Stray Dog
DATE - 06/13/98 10:08:00
FROM - Charlie Brown Pitcher's Mound

Free to anykind of home: 1 Beagle named Snoop Dog

DATE - 06/13/98 02:08:54
FROM - Snoop dog THE MOON

DOMA!!!!! all you dicks with crappy 56k modems are all
to slow i got a triple satelite with a 638476328 gig
hard drive and a MOUSE!!!!!!,,, WOW you say??? yes
and when i bought it i got a free set of STEAK KNIVES!!!

TOPIC - pager code crackers
DATE - 06/10/98 00:39:20
FROM - ActiveHEX CA -

Anyone know of a good source for a pager code cracker? I've coded a few scripts that do the job, but someone probably has something better.. Say in 32 bit instead of 16? email me and let me know.


TOPIC - Idiots
DATE - 06/07/98 15:09:12
FROM - Nantra Washington -

(509) 667-2626 tell them you are from the GTE fraud department and ask about all the fraudulent Credit Cards they have been using to sign up porn accounts on the internet.

TOPIC - Guy I need pranked
DATE - 06/07/98 05:44:28
FROM - NiNe Upland, CA -

I need this guy pranked do what ever you can. It especially helps if you are a girl and you can pretend to like him. He has been really weird and I think he has some disorder. And even if you could try to set up a meeting at the Ontario Mills Mall with him at the Virgin Mega store or AMC. His name is Philip and his number is (909) 982-1823 and he has been trying to ruin my life for a long time even tried to sue me after saying that one day he will get what he desrerves.
Name: Philip
Phone num: (909) 982-1823

TOPIC - Prank #'s
DATE - 06/06/98 22:31:09
FROM - ~LogicBomb~ CT-860 area code -

sup, I just wanted to let you all know to call the EDGE COMPANY @ 1-800-732-9976, the suck so badly. The edge people have a little shop somewhere but they make most of thier money through thier catolouge, they sell over-priced guns, sword replicas, laser pointers, novilty items, ect. They lie about everything and wont let you get thier catolouge unless you are 21(I lie alot)

Anyway call them up and harras them about thier over-priced product. If you write down thier names you will see there are about 11 operators. I have prank called them so much that lets just say if you ever ask for the fat-muffin-man they should hang right up on


TOPIC - re. Chineese shit
DATE - 06/04/98 21:01:09
FROM - BigTanth nola

y0 I called that number its fuckin MCI and they speak englis
They started ramblin in that damn language so I asked
her what the hell she was saying then she started talking
english the bitch can speak better english than me..
its like a promotional thing for mci...anyway just wanted to say
that....Oh yeah yall try calling OCI lately? I tried yesterday
and couldn't get an operator so lemm know if ya find anything out


A Web Page

TOPIC - Chinese or some shit
DATE - 06/04/98 12:45:14
FROM - Majik Nutz IA

Dial 1-800-TERDS-R-US!!


DATE - 06/03/98 20:28:57
FROM - Chaos NY

Hey guys if any of you were calling Rebecca DO NOT anymore! Thanks to all who did call but please stop because its causing to many problems. Thanks!

TOPIC - re. Blackout
DATE - 06/03/98 14:44:09
FROM - Tantha|as New orleans i think

British fella where can I here some of his work?

TOPIC - paging system
DATE - 06/02/98 17:18:16
FROM - dark~spirit ne

RBCP -- do you still do that paging system kinda stuff ??

TOPIC - dutch fonecards
DATE - 06/02/98 13:12:15
FROM - KPN-fuckyou holland

I live in holland and those phone company bastards removed all the coin phones in the country and replaced them with card-thingies. This ruined my chance ever to become a red box chili pepper. I was very mad for a while when i figured this out. Now i have discoverd these cards are actually very nice. For all dutch losers out there, here's how to crack them:
* contact Conrad electronics and ask for a catalogue. this is a german company, but whatever (they SHOULD help us as a payback for around 50 years ago) Go for the smartcard reader/writer which will cost fl 50,-.
* read out a full fonecard and use it up. now reload it. spend it. reload it. (repeat 400x)
* pull the same trick with your chipknip (foreign readers: this is some sort of electronical money system which has the security of Internet Explorer)
* mail me if you want a full description, and i may start a homepage about this.

TOPIC - Mastah shreddah
DATE - 06/02/98 00:15:55
FROM - British

it was it still hasn't come back up yet, but I have been listening to his prank calls since he had a hacked VMB on 1-800-KOOK-LINe. My attempts to get him a better VMB failed. He is THE crank call master, able to keep the victim on the line for a long time. 40 minutes was his record, made by the master shreddar call.

TOPIC - Blackout? Blackbox? Anyone?
DATE - 06/01/98 10:38:04
FROM - Ray DIos Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

A long while ago, I followed a link from a link from this forum. It was something like "The Black Box". Anyhow, they had prank phone calls in RA format, one of which was called the "Prank Of The Month". In it, one guy calls this vietnamese guy and convinces him that Master Shreader is coming to get him so that he can fight along side of him. It was hilarious. Anyhow, does anyone have the addy to that site? I looked and looked, and I can't find it. I am kind of hoping they have some new pranks.


TOPIC - Beigeboxing
DATE - 05/25/98 16:04:29
FROM - 006˝ RI -

Im sure everyone in the fucking world knows this but for those out of area long distance calls, it pays to use a beige box, sneak over to a neighbor's house with your beige box, fone and a flathead screwdriver,(it might be hex but on mine it is flathead, better yet get one of those multi-tools.) open up their box, there should be a door-thing that you pull open, there are pegs.(with wires) clip the appropriot clip on the appropriot peg(red, ring, right. Only for some reason mine is red, ring, LEFT.) beige boxing can be used for all sorts of phun. eaves dropping, long distance calling, Phone book ordering. catch my drift?

If you dont know what a beige box is, it takes about 3 mins if you count the time it takes the soldering iron to heat up. all you need is 2 alligator clips and a fone plug(available at r@t shack or from a fone that dosent work anymore. all you need is the red and green wires. solder clip 1 to wire 1 and clip 2 to wire two, it dosent look all that great but it can be used to dial out, listen in, or stop internet connections.

·•Pea©e and happy PhreakinG•·

eric's page

TOPIC - Here's a Geat Call..
DATE - 05/22/98 20:20:57
FROM - Tom

If you need a laugh give this number a call at (812)336-xxxx.

DATE - 05/21/98 23:05:37
FROM - master of puppets gay

ok, whats up with this? I dont hate most people because they are different from me, but hell, being gay is not something to promote, I'm not racist or anti-semetic, or whatever the fuck, but I think being gay is pretty fucked up, if you think I'm wrong, thats cool, everyone can have an opinion, but give me a fucking break. what do you want next? a Gay Phreaks Club? or National Gay Phreak Acossiation or something? fuck queers

TOPIC - mmm
DATE - 05/21/98 19:02:53
FROM - T-Bone

ya da ya da

TOPIC - gay guy
DATE - 05/19/98 12:41:04
FROM - Rex Oconto Falls, WI

Call this loser and tell him your looking for some hot gay sex. Ask for Clay. He gets pissed. Its so fun to mess with him! its 1-920-846-xxxx.

loser to call

TOPIC - e-mail
DATE - 05/17/98 19:56:04
FROM - xcitx houston

that isnt my swbell account, so noone e-mail me

TOPIC - Prank Calling
DATE - 05/17/98 19:53:48
FROM - xcitx Houston, Tx -

this one idiot that works at pizza hut, my friend and i would call him everyday after closing and he told us all these wild sexual fantasies, he was like 15 so then we got his home phone and called his mom and posed as his principal. some other stuff happened too but it was pretty good....

TOPIC - the lamer
DATE - 05/17/98 12:45:36
FROM - cryosis MN

you dipshit! why the hell are you taking RBCP's name? think of your own. gawd. were you hoping that if you took his name everyone would do what you said? you can't even get the email right.

TOPIC - This guy is Hillarious!
DATE - 05/16/98 08:12:10
FROM - RedBoxChiliPepper -

Call 864-542-1289, and tell this guy you are from Bell South Fraud Dept. asking about all of those fradulent cc's he's been using! He'll blow up!

TOPIC - life
DATE - 05/16/98 01:38:53
FROM - cryosis MN

And how many angry gays have you seen? Huh? not many. but there sure are a lot of angry strait people. think about that

TOPIC - biggots
DATE - 05/14/98 22:41:26
FROM - In Phase

Oh brother!! ...You little teeny-boppers think you're so cool 'cuz you hate people different than you. You make me sick.

Demographics show that on average, Gays and Lesbians have a higher per-capita income than straights.

If you'd spend more time accepting the world the way it is, and less time bashing people, you'll end up much happier.

DATE - 05/14/98 19:49:00
FROM - kiss it pa.

a think you guys are like so gay.soup yours crackhead

TOPIC - gays
DATE - 05/14/98 09:48:41
FROM - cryosis MN

I agree with Ray and hobKnob on this too. I think that the "person" that posted that is afrid of their own sexual feelings and the are striking out at those that they fear. that is all

TOPIC - prank calls
DATE - 05/13/98 12:28:20
FROM - bobby stewart/jimmy cisco milford,ct

I want to know if anyone would like to hear some of our prank calls that we made to a few places.

TOPIC - agreed
DATE - 05/11/98 12:24:01
FROM - hobKnob 414

i agree with Ray on that one...Psychologists have been saying for years that the explosive outbursts and other forms of outward expresion of dislike twards something often are indicators of an identical if not similar occurance or attribute of one's own identity. Think about it..

I'm sure you will find that in the end you will be a much happier person if you just go with who you are.. and stop hiding it.. wear your pink triangles.. hang those rainbows in your car.. it's ok.. nobody really cares.

TOPIC - Gay Basher?
DATE - 05/06/98 22:01:11
FROM - Cathode_Ray United Phreaks Syndicate

What is your problem gay basher? What did he do to you that was so bad other than be gay? I think you may have some personal issues you need to deal with reguarding your own sexuality. Get back to us and let us know how your therapy is going, okay?


TOPIC - Fun crank call page
DATE - 02/07/98 03:56:51

Here's a better crank call web page from geoshitties.


DATE - 02/04/98 18:09:57
FROM - ANTI Chicago

can you send me the anti-school magazine too.

my friend made one but i don't think he
distributed it

TOPIC - forgot the mail 'dress
DATE - 02/04/98 13:29:21
FROM - nocturnal -

I think you can click on my name now to e-mail.

DATE - 02/04/98 13:27:43
FROM - nocturnal

hey, send me a copy of this 'anti-school' zine. I'd like to know why you think higher education is so bad.

TOPIC - My zine.
DATE - 01/30/98 20:21:44
FROM - Sarcasm Maple Rdige

I'm writing an anti-school 'zine and distributing it at school.

DATE - 01/30/98 06:24:46
FROM - Cathode Ray -

Dammitt! RBCP, this BBS software can suck my ass. Ever widen the screen after you have typed a bunch of stuff? Heres the link, one last time! Go there!

This one works, I think
TOPIC - Ooops
DATE - 01/30/98 06:23:01
FROM - Cathode Ray -

I posted a bad link, sorry. I am a first class wh0re. Here is a good link. This one works! I sware!

TOPIC - Maybe ?
DATE - 01/29/98 22:16:13
FROM - Cathode Ray

This might be him. If not, harass him anyway for having a similar name and living in the same city.

ScHeMaTiK'S cRiB
TOPIC - Sean Jameson
DATE - 01/29/98 21:12:48
FROM - Cathode Ray

We know about this fag. He will be crushed here very shortly if he doesnt shut his fucking mouth! And what kind of IDIOT fills out a tripod profile, and provides his real e-mail, which in turn gives you his real name?

Here is some info on Jameson....
Jameson Bowen AKA ScHeMaTiC
Born 9/23/77
0WN3D 1/13/97

"Hey whaz up my names Jameson, Im 20 years old. Fav
things to do is check out raves, see the dj's mix, dance
aroun. Fav musik is techno and house. I myself like
attempting to dj with my records, favorite artist would
have to be dj rush"

Want his phone number? Find it, its not that hard. Here are some hints. Canada 411 - on the internet, sean is his middle name, he lives in Ontario. I don't want to post it here, that would be "wrong". Sorry "Sean" you had your chance.

TOPIC - Dumb Fuck Canuk
DATE - 01/29/98 16:24:44
FROM - Hamburger Man 214 -

Some guy from Canada posted to the Crazy Fone Stories page calling all of us Fone Loosers a bunch of beer-guzzling, sister-molseting pickup truck driving dumb americans. His name is Sean Jameson and his email is I've been trying to find his Fone number in the ppl finder but since he's in canada it dosent work. I wanna show this guy what we loosers are all about. We can make him phear us.

TOPIC - find this person
DATE - 01/29/98 13:41:26
FROM - freakie Timbuktu -

ther's this totallly mean and inconsiderate woman in indiana that did some bad things to me and my friends... she moved and i dont know where she is or SURELY she'd be gwetting calls... her name is KELLY BROOKSand she used to live in Noblesville, IN. her dad was a high-ranking pig in the force there about a year ago, but they too have moved. You sleuths out there who like a challenge should have phun tracking this bitch down, if you find them, prank the hell outta them. if she asks, tell her you're a friend of "chris" Before we became enimies she had a cop buddy of hers ream me for supposed prank calls- that i was completely innocent of at that time- this really pissed me off as you can imagine. she then moved and changed her phone at that same time, so i couldn't get revenge in any way. I have been trying to locate her for 2 years now to no success. she could be anywhere in indiana.

DATE - 01/28/98 20:28:55
FROM - In Phase

I accidently "harassed" somebody today, and an operator from US West called me back...What happened was, it was about 5:45pm (dinner time), and I was using my fax/modem to call a few numbers from my fax phone number list to see if they were still good or not...Well, on this one number, I wasn't ready for it to be answered by a person, so while the fax/modem was doing those long beeps (before it starts training), the person is saying something...I finally hit the cancel button, and the fax/modem hung up....a few minutes later, a US West operator calls and asks if I use my home line for fax calls. I say "yes", and she says "could you please unprogram my customer's phone number from your fax machine?", and she gives me the number....I say "OK, sorry about that", and she says thanks and hangs up...If the "customer" tries to screw with me any further....I'll be sure to post their number here...And my Caller-ID showed "Out of Area" then the Op called, so I don't know where she was....

TOPIC - Harassment story
DATE - 01/27/98 23:19:11

Heh. At work today(I do tech support for an ISP), we are still getting calls
from this wacked out guy. All he wants is the software, and with him, like we do all the other customers have it sent out, and it'll be there in less than a week. Of course, this isn't good enough for him. He wants it sooner. So we do an "expidite" order, which we do from time to time(defective sw, etc), but no, this guy from the sound of the supervisor who talked to him said "I can't guarantee it wil be there tomorrow morning*". Heh. He's called our customer service people and tech suport peple at least 8 times today. He claimed to be disabled and with the disabilities act we can do all these special things for him, like setup an account over the phone(wcich we dont do). Needless to say this guy isn't playing with a full deck, and knows how to rant and rage, say all these things like we are trying to kill him. Heh. We suggestd going to a certain store to get a free coppy of our software(like a free AOL disk), and the sup he was talking to lierally had to say that he would not stay on the phone with him while he gets the yellow pages out. He is a prime-time harasser. Needless to say I got to monitor a call with this wacko, and we're now calling the telco to see what we can do to get rid of this fucker. Heh. While it isn't funny, this guy is already a legend at my workplace, and my coworkers are being warned about this guy. Heh.

TOPIC - - 01/11/98 22:37:21 EST
FROM - <hobKnob> -

redbox her.. on a phone that don't like redboxes...alot... the ops will start to wonder why you keep tryin her house.. and will hopefully ask questions...:)

TOPIC - callin cards - 01/11/98 22:34:37 EST
FROM - <hobKnob> -

ohh coolie... speaking of calling cards.. the mobile out here has em.. (prepaid) right up on the counter.. damn.. if i wasn't so honest..(cough)

TOPIC - *69 this! - 01/11/98 00:25:07 EST
FROM - <In Phase> -

One group of pre-paid calling cards distributed by Frontier Communications, sends a phone number in Rochester NY, when you call a caller-id unit through it. When you try to call that number, you get a recording telling you the number is out of service/or disconnected...... Let's call her that way!

TOPIC - Numbers - 01/09/98 15:33:24 EST
FROM - <Jack The Zipper> - Limbo

Here's a phun number NOT to call. It's for a FREE DATING SERVICE (Not for long heh heh) 1-800-369-3693 After a few minutes of answering questions, you can RECORD YOUR VOICE! WHEE! And have tonzofun! The NeXT Day you'll have a problem with your mailbox -Wonder why. . .Call the new operator to find out why your message was taken down. __PSST! Some numbers to know: 1. When you were born. 2. When you graduated High School -Possably some other crap. MAKE SURE IT VARiFYS That You ARE 21 OR OLDER! to have real fun. I'm not saying I did this, I'm not advising you to do this. but for those that are into it, yah might have phun.

TOPIC - MPA OWNS NPA - 01/03/98 14:10:57 EST
FROM - <cryptik> - hou. tx.

MPA MPA MPA MPA MPA MPA MPA MPA MPA MPA MPA Malicious Phreakers of Afghanistan!

TOPIC - nationalphreaks - 12/31/97 18:26:49 EST
FROM - <mastercarder> - CANADA


TOPIC - Demarcation Point - 12/22/97 14:29:16 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

I also have alot of phone lines in my apartment. What I did was wire a modular jack to each one. I did this by stripping a part of the wire(Not cutting it) and hooking it up. I also so have hooked my neoghbors line to my Black and Yellow pair. Then I plugged in a two line splitter and had my neighbors line on line 2 and my one on line one.

TOPIC - funny crank call - 12/22/97 13:48:59 EST
FROM - <Professor Griff> -

I heard a commercial on the radio plugging it's own comedy tape. This DJ manaed to sound perfectly like a 10 year old kid. He calls a tatoo parlor. Guy asks him "how old are you?" "old enough to pay in cash!" Kid tells him he wants a he-man tatoo, and thenn proceeds to ask him if he learneed to do tatoos in jail, he goes "yeah right and I'm old enough to get a tatoo". While I only heard a snippet of it, it was pretty funny.

TOPIC - Simple beige boxing? - 12/21/97 04:19:54 EST
FROM - <The MF> -

I have the convenience of having my apartment's demarc on the other side of the wall of my apartment room. Anyone had success wiring a few extra lines striaght from the demarc(about oh, 5-6 inches) to one's own wall jaq?

TOPIC - Very peculiar... - 12/18/97 23:34:40 EST
FROM - <Handset> - Buffalo, NY

Alright, i was with my friend's on a friday night, having a party. Well, we all went up to seven eleven that night to get some shit. Well, they had a cheap CoCot fone in the back, so i decided to have some fun. I pressed the zero key, hoping to get the cheap owner of the cocot's cock-sucking operator, but instead, i got a Bell Atlantic Operator. Fucking confused as hell, I pretened that the pay-fone stole my quarter. Well, she kept on blabbin on about how she can't give me the quarter because its not a "Bell" pay-fone. (Of course..). Still confused, i just hung up the fone. I still don't know why i got a bell operator on a cocot. Oh, by the way, the cocot is owned by a company called "TR Communications", which is a fucking retarded company, because theres a cocot by that company, by my friend's house, that we get free calls at with a 2600 tone, or just by using skypage. If anyone knows why the fuck i got a bell operator on a cocot, tell me.

TOPIC - r0y - 12/18/97 02:19:35 EST
FROM - <r0y> - r0y, NM


TOPIC - r0y - 12/18/97 02:18:06 EST
FROM - <r0y> - r0y, NM


TOPIC - prank call - 12/14/97 22:26:56 EST
FROM - <mobPHARc> - Canberra, Australia

Here's a story of a prnk call. My brother and I would call the same number every sunday morning @ 4am and always get the answering machine message of a family in Kambah....with their retatrded sounding child doing the message.....we would then proceed to abuse the fuck out of these " You incondierate BASTARDS!!! how dare you be asleep when we have specifically called to wake you up[ couldn't even be bothered to get you stupid pricks!...etc" I always wondered what their sunday mornings were like and hoped to god that they were religious!!! Anywayz 'twas much fun!!

TOPIC - If your bored... - 12/13/97 00:40:56 EST
FROM - <scamurai> - .

There comes a time when we all need someone to harrass and there comes a time when you get sick of OCI just hanging up on you after transferring you to there skilled supervisor saying in a fast hardly understandable voice "thanks for using OCI. It can be sad but I have a toll free solution, this all started one time when i was stranded for 4 hours in a cold place, but luckily i found a library with a payfone so i started scanning 800-350-91xx numbers and found some interesting things and amoung them was an individual whom had no idea that his and his minx of a girlfriend had an 800 number and i really got a kick out of this i started calling it on a daily basis and eventually they started preaching profanity and the male of the househodl began making threats on my life "mutha fucka im gonna get calla id and im gonna trace yo ass down and im gonna fuckin kill you". This really entertained me especially since most of the time i was just calling and in my trusty british accent asking "is renton there" and "is veronica there" when he said you must have the wrong number i decided to piss him off more and i said "tell him it's frisco" "tell him something is the matter with the jam session". He has just started threatening me telling me how he is getting caller id and how he will find me and kill me which i find humerous since i usually call him from a pay fone and when im not at one i use *67. I also called him a few times and told him i was from the phone company and asked him about his illegal 800 number then he went to begging me to get rid of it and telling me about my calls. Anyway i've said enough i think maybe if you have nothing better to do you should harrass this poor hostile and quite ignorant individual at 800-350-xxxx, hell it's toll free why not. I've called it from 2 different states and got through perfectly but he said "i had my sista call that # and she just got a recording. But im thinking if his "sista" has the family inteligence that she probably dialed it wrong. Feel free to hit on his girlfriend she answes the fone half the time and just hands it to him when she recognizes my voice, her name might be Vanessa but i cant be to sure, who knows maybe you'll get somewhere with her.Have Phun and please post the results

TOPIC - Read this - 12/06/97 18:20:41 EST
FROM - <AP News Wire> -

12/05/1997 19:26 EST Man Kills Wife, 3 Kids and Himself By JIM FITZGERALD Associated Press Writer YONKERS, N.Y. (AP) -- A man described as having a violent temper apparently shot and killed his wife and three children before committing suicide Friday in the family's suburban home. ``I was scared of him,'' Brian Abdallah, a former co-worker of Patrick Biller, 53. ``He was unpredictable. He had some temper.'' Biller, a telephone company technician, had been on disability in recent months because of health problems. Police believe that shortly before 6 a.m., in this quiet neighborhood of two-family homes, Biller shot his wife, Maureen, 49, and their children: Patrick Jr., 20; Erin, 14; and Courtney, 8. Officers would not say where the bodies were found or how each victim was shot. Police were summoned to the second-floor apartment by Mrs. Biller's mother, who lived downstairs and told police that she heard what sounded like firecrackers going off upstairs. Maureen Flanagan, a spokeswoman for Bell Atlantic, said Biller had been employed as a field technician in Yonkers -- a suburb of New York City -- since 1970. He had been on disability for ``a few months,'' but had been expected to return to work in a couple of weeks, she said. ``I remember talking to him yesterday,'' said neighbor Louis Kara. ``He said he was probably going back to work. He said he had bills to pay. He seemed fine, maybe a bit concerned about work.'' Patrick Jr. was a student at Westchester Community College, and his sisters attended Catholic schools. Sister Danielle Marie Baran, principal at Maria Regina High School, said both of Erin Biller's parents had attended a parent-teacher conference at the school on Wednesday night and there was no hint of any trouble. ``Erin was a bubbly, spirited, positive young woman,'' the principal said. ``She was filled with energy and a lot of life.'' Donna Shine, who lives across the street, said her husband was leaving for work at about 5:30 a.m. when ``he heard a bang, bang.'' He waited outside a while, heard nothing else and ``figured someone was fixing a jammed window or something.'' Another neighbor, Fred Liberatore, called Biller ``a very kind, neighborhoodly kind of guy. He took care of his property. ``He had a temper, but not that you'd think he'd do this,'' Liberatore said.

TOPIC - crazy ass callers to radio breed-a-rama - 12/05/97 21:56:07 EST
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Holy fuck french maid---anyone ever check out the phil hendrick show?-that guy can change his voice to sound like about 100 different fools---its funny most the time cus he will pretend to have a guest that starts insulting the assholes that call in to the show,,and they never chatch on that phil's the one telling them to go screw a nun or some other warm and loving sentiment------------room to move---

TOPIC - Other crank calls - 11/30/97 15:49:36 EST
FROM - <The Motherfucker> - USA

The BIG list of prank links, made by several people has got to be the worst crank call set I have ever seen. They seem to want more quantity than quality, since none of the 30 or so calls I listened to are not funny. For example, the butt plugs call was good in concept, but the guy who did it was half-asleep(like he did for his other calls). Michael Elsner did the same butt plug calls to several stores and it was absolutely hilarious(I think the accent did it). Oh well. At least there's always Blackout's box.

blackout's box.

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