I have no idea what this group is for. Uh, talk about IRC or something.

FROM - sermonthe box by sears
02/14/99 22:55:14 - MESSAGE #1241

This is not a spam, its and invitation to chill with me
in #dope on NegrosNET - All of pla is welcome on my network, the only network that has no rules. Anything is legal, from warez to kiddie porn, no limits to IRC on negrosnet, so come chill with us, #dope

NegrosNET Page

FROM - sermonthe box by sears
02/14/99 22:53:14 - MESSAGE #1240

This is not a spam, its and invitation to chill with me
in #dope on NegrosNET - All of pla is welcome on my network, the only network that has no rules. Anything is legal, from warez to kiddie porn, no limits to IRC on negrosnet, so come chill with us, #dope

NegrosNET Page
FROM - DeathEarth
TOPIC - Spam
02/13/99 02:10:16 - MESSAGE #1183

I like spam from the can, yes I am.

FROM - noam219
TOPIC - irc privacy and safety and all that
02/11/99 23:24:18 - MESSAGE #1141

does anyone want to be a pal and tell me some software that hides/protects identities on irc? how about recommending a good firewall too?
hopefully someone will answer me, thanks.

FROM - NorteHawaii -
02/07/99 19:15:07 - MESSAGE #1001

Come check out #hawaii2600 on DALnet.

All of Hawaii's H/P links.
FROM - jimmypop0hi0 -
02/02/99 12:18:03 - MESSAGE #803

JR ewing is a charcter from that gay ass show dallas. I watched it with my grandparents and it sucks pretty bad ,but what a losers name any way oh well

FROM - Lick-A-Da-Ball-Sack
TOPIC - ???
01/29/99 13:23:58 - MESSAGE #665

Does NEone know a PAge that can allow me to get on DalNet thru NUtscrape

Colonial Penis Pumps
FROM - Tofu626
01/23/99 14:04:09 - MESSAGE #491

Ok, I'm gone for a few days and when I check this board..BAM! Where the hell did all these posts come from?! Did people actually decide to start posting here again? Ooooh..its JR's fault. Ok, makes total sense then.

Ok JR, you got problems man. I occasionally stop by the hottub to listen in on what people are talking about and what lies you make up. I remember in the whole begining of this, you were telling everyone how DF was a convicted child molester because the ops told you. Remember that? Hell, I even think I posted that to this board awhile back. So, you are a liar, everyone knows it, and you can't escape from the truth. Just shut up, leave us alone, and maybe, if we are nice enough, we'll leave you alone. Ok, sound fair? Now go back to your hottub and complain how "Tofu is a convicted pedophile necrophiliac" or some bullshit. I'll make sure I stop by later to say hi.

FROM - Fone Thug here no there
01/20/99 18:31:44 - MESSAGE #432

JREwing i thought that you wernt coming here anymore. So im gussing you led about that and if you lied about that what else have you lied about ? logs ? conversaions? what? oh and il love to seel the logs when Dark "supposedally" nuked you.

Enquiring minds want to know!!!

FROM - Fone Thug
01/20/99 17:34:00 - MESSAGE #431

is it just me or does he have an obesssion with the word fag?oh and ke keeps talking about faked logs does that mean that he fakes his logs ? I dont.

FROM - Dark FairyTale
TOPIC - All this Crap
01/20/99 14:50:21 - MESSAGE #421

Listen, listen, listen everyone...This has all gotten very out of hand and has basically turned into a kids game and it is all very pointless...

I just want all of this to end right now...It has made my IRC life a living hell and I want it all to back to normal starting now...

So I apologize to everyone involved including the ops of #Kentucky_Hottub....I am so sorry that this all got very out of hand...What started as juvenile fun turned into an all out war...

Again I am sorry...


FROM - JaLCoCanada
TOPIC - Hottub
01/20/99 14:39:08 - MESSAGE #419

Listen you fuckers...I'm on akick for no reason and if i am on it later today..have Fun :)

TOPIC - JR Yet Again
01/20/99 14:28:52 - MESSAGE #418

Oh yeah and more other thing....My dad couldn't give two shits about how my language is....He knows how I talk and he thinks I'm old enough to make my own decisions on the matter cause he has told me himself...So go ahead and call him up...He'll probably watch his language no more than I watch mine...

Have fun...

FROM - Dark FairyTale
01/20/99 14:24:41 - MESSAGE #417

Listen case you didn't hear...I'm done with're a waste of my time...period...can't you just let something go???

And my Mom and Dad had a joint no, my mom's name is Debbie...

Go ahead and come on down...I'm sure my dad will love to speak with the person responsible for the cancellation of service...He's quite big....

And I didn't flood your room u idiot...I went in and said that I was back and you had accomplished nothing...then i left...never to just drop the whole thing you immature freak...


FROM - JREwing Everywhere
TOPIC - One More Thing
01/20/99 14:08:35 - MESSAGE #416

One more thing, you said your account was under your daddys name. Is your daddys name Debbie? Strange name for man. And the people who flood the room, other than you, you send them in there.I gotta go look up the number for wko. CYA

FROM - JREwing Everywhere
TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
01/20/99 14:01:36 - MESSAGE #415

Looks like a call to wko is in order. First thing you do when you get a new ISP is start flooding. I think Ill call your dad first and let him see your language on this page. Lets see..hmmmmm One Sixty Eight Church St. Well I figure thats enough now.

FROM - Dark FairyTale
01/20/99 13:52:32 - MESSAGE #414

Well, well, well...Look who has returned to the internet...Thought you were pretty smart, huh JR? Only took a day to get back on...big deal...

You can't stop me from getting on the internet...You're stupid for trying...I will go to any server...I don't give a fuck what you try to pull...

Now, let's talk about my server...Well yesterday they came on to mirc and decided to have a little chat with me...So, being as cordial as I always am decided to talk to them...They accused me of flooding #kentucky_hottub....Now if they had any damn clue about mIRC they could obviously see that I wasn't on that channel...But no...They proceeded to call me an asshole and kick me offline from their service...

This morning we had a hell of a discussion with them on the phone...They accused me of saying fuck you to them when they confronted me on the net...I never once cussed at them...Never once...Needless to say my father was on the phone with them at the time they said I said that...

Well, well, well...I wasn't gonna let my father believe this so I showed him and my mother the log of the whole conversation I had with the sysadmin...They could clearly see that I never got smart with the guy so my father decided to call them back up and speak with the man in charge...

Now get this...The guy is too much of a pussy to take his call!!! Does he think he's gonna jump through the phone or something??? What a pussy...

Anyway, my father plans on going over there and confronting the guy hisself and offered to go with him but he said he wants to handle it on his own since the service was under his name....damn, I would have enjoyed beating his ass...

Now onto JR, you think you've really accomplished something don't you? You've accomplished wasting your time and frankly you're a waste of my time...You're channel is a suckfest of lamers who like to sit around and masturbate all day long...I don't wanna be in your channel cause frankly I think it sucks and the ops are so full of shit it's flowing out of their ears...The whole reason this all started is because you accused me of nuking which I never did...I never thought it would go this far, but I have to say that I've enjoyed every last bit of it...

One more thing JR...Burn in hell...

FROM - JREwing Everywhere
TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
01/20/99 00:18:56 - MESSAGE #397

fonefag im done with you losers. leave me alone. ill leave you cant beat me. Make up all you want. Aliens rofl. Bottom line Stop or Ill stop you. This is my LAST entry!! Ive got a life..cant stay on here forever!! You need a life too!! Bye Guys

FROM - Fone Thug
01/20/99 00:08:41 - MESSAGE #396

That shure was you ip when you startem messaging me at the same time so why would you be impersonating yourself? oh and when ii did a /whois on JREwing it reported nickserv enforcement and when i did a /whois on JREwing` i got the ip addreress you had so i can only come to one conclution, that was you that was you messaging me and that was you wanting to flood #manson i just looked at the modifactrion date on that file and guess what it said December fourteenth last year and when i open the log up thats the same thing at the top so my guess is that the log is real unless aliens cam down and changed it.oh and i never accused you of spreading the pulbicity i just said you were lame to show all of dalnet how lame you are and how you re continually being flodded and to use the saying "Bad publicity is better than NO publicity"
FROM - The CaptainPortland, OR
TOPIC - JREwing log
01/19/99 23:46:13 - MESSAGE #395

Hey, here's a log of a conversation I had with our pal JREwing. It's shown pretty much in its entirety except for the fact that I deleted some of the numbers [ or just wrote them out. ] Anyway, enjoy.

Session Start: Tue Jan
Session Ident: JREwing (~raw@)
better go read the PLA page buddy
I already have.
Just for the record though, I never flooded this channel.
be nice
I don't much feel like being nice, but I won't flood you.
thats cool
as long as you go by the rules in here
your cool
You do realize why all this happened, don't you?
beacause Dark_Fairytale is a weirdo
we gave him ten chances to act human
he couldnt do it
now he is offline
No, that's not it. He just stumbled into your chan, thought it was lame and started harassing you.
And you're probably not the only people he's done it to.
he should not have messed with me
no he is banned in #california #florida
lots of channels
Why shouldn't he have messed with you?
his ISP told me on the phone today they have lost customers because of him
and he will NOT be on spis.met again
they also said.........
He'll be back online in no time, I guarantee it.
that they will warn the local ISP's about him
If I were you, I would've just ignored him. He probably would've gotten bored and left.
Im sure he will...but if he causes any problems said they would help me get him off line matter who the ISP was...even aol
so let him come back
I dont ignore
i get even and better
And you think that's right?
Just because somebody thought you were lame and harassed you?
i get even
tell all the PLA that
I will, I'll post this log in a matter of minutes.
i get even!!! thats it. I wont be harrassed in any way without revenge..I thrive on it..and Im going to call his mother tomorrow
Then they'll all know what a lame hick you are...
Go ahead and post it
I will.
thats cool with me
im lame but I WIN!!!!
I just hope you realize that you were kinda asking for it.
And so was DF.
dont matter I beat hom
Fine. Whatever. Hew by the way, what's your real name?
Hew, hey.
and whoever else wants to harrass me they will get it too. and it wont take me two months to get them. It took me so long with DF because i tried to be nice to him
my real name is Damon Watkins
Are you telling the truth?
yep why would i lie
im not afraid of those idiots
whats yours?
What do you care?
i dont
just curious
My real name is Roy Samson.
didnt think u had the balls to tell me
I just did!
maybe you do
how old are you?
Not as old as you, I'm sure.
im thirty-three
I'm seventeen.
thats what i thought
Really now?
when you guys get will know what im talking about. when i was seventeen..i thought i knew everything to
I don't think I know everything.
youll understand that ppl dont like being harrassed in real life or on this dumb computer
ppl get even
thats life
DF learned that
I know that. You think I don't know that?
It's FUN, for crissakes.
if he gets back on and harrasses again he will get knocked offline again
Yes, and I'm sure he knows that.
Harrasement is not fun.. I have fun on here and dont bother anyone.....til they bother me
Okay whatever. I have to go now, JR. It's been nice talking to you.
DF just needs to grow up..maybe watching TV instead of bothering ppl will teach him
you too cya
Yeah, sure.
Session Close: Tue Jan

FROM - JREwing Everywhere
TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
01/19/99 23:20:58 - MESSAGE #394

THEN CALL HIM!!!PLEASE!! All the easier to catch you both stealing services. Thanks for admitting it!! What do you think you are? CIA, FBI? Everyone that steals gets caught. Especially when they admit to it!! GAWD how dumb can you get. Wait till your mommy finds out!! You will get her in trouble too. Is it worth it? Please Grow up. And Please call Dark_Faggytale!!! By the way, dont accuse me of the publicity thing your doing it. And one more thing on your fake nick is JREwing..NOT..JREwing` roflmao The phone company will look at this page...find to your ISP..who knows what else will happen.

FROM - Fone Thug
TOPIC - The logs
01/19/99 23:09:11 - MESSAGE #393

the logs arent faked and im shue the admins of the server keep logs of who jons what channel when. Oh and how are you gonna trace me past an account thats not mine smart ass?
ther you go agan if you cant you do any thing better then "Bad publicity is better than NO publicity" then you need to find you self another hobby. oh and i can make one call to Dark and all you long hard work will be un done

FROM - JREwing Everywhere
TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
01/19/99 22:54:43 - MESSAGE #392

I know. Dark had all that stuff too. But like I said. He is watching TV right now. Even this page has your IP# on it.LOL Keep up the good work!! And by publicity I mean...everyone on DALnet is talking about #Kentucky_Hottub and all the flooders. It's like the guy said, Bad publicity is better than NO publicity. Think about it kiddo. You can use all the stuff you want to hide your ISP. That dont matter. If there is a way to hide it. There is a way to find it. If you think your THAT smart, your in for a rude puberty little man. Dark_Fairytale thought he was smarter than me. I WON!! By the way..nice job on the fake logs. NOT!!! lol I think ILL advertise the addy for this page all over DALnet. That will be GREAT Publicity. THANKS AGAIN GUYS!!!!

FROM - Fone thug
TOPIC - the log is messed yup
01/19/99 22:46:38 - MESSAGE #391

|jena`| lol
|_TIM_| no $hi t
|JREwing`| ok if you guys Have the BALLS join #manson with me and flood the fuck out of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*** ^Jessica ( has left #Kentucky_hottub
|JREwing`| ok if you guys Have the BALLS join #manson with me and flood the fuck out of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Tabby` resists making a teef joke

there that will look right

FROM - Fone Thugthere--------><---
TOPIC - JREwing is the biggest hipocrit i have ever seen
01/19/99 22:44:38 - MESSAGE #390

ond one other thing JREwing you re the biggest hipocrite and i have logs to prove it

no $hi t
ok if you guys Have the BALLS join #manson with me and flood the fuck out of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok if you guys Have the BALLS join #manson with me and flood the fuck out of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Tabby` resists making a teef joke

the only thing i omitted form the log fragment above was one persion joing because it had a number in it

FROM - Fone Thugthere-----><----
TOPIC - #Kentucky_hottub
01/19/99 22:37:07 - MESSAGE #389

JREwing the only way you could get to my isp is to get throuth the bounce i use. oh and by the way it doesnt log connections at all. Then if my account dissapered five min later id decrypt my isp file and be back online.JREwing how are we giving your lame peverted chan publicity by flodding it???You must be getting to the bottom of the barrel when you have to use the lame "all publicity is good publicity"excuse oh and lets just say i had fun in there flodding it when services were down.
FROM - JREwingKentucky
TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
01/19/99 22:21:55 - MESSAGE #387

Kids! cbfog..what I said was..if you are one of the children who flood me..I will reprt you to your ISP. Get it right. Only the ones who harrass, like Dark_Fairytale will lose thier ISP. And before I report them I send loads of proof. You dont think I got Dark_Fairytale knocked offline with one phone call do you. NO. It took weeks of calling his ISP everyday. Emailing them logs of nukes and flooding and threats. Plus some nasty webpages he built, Its not that easy to get someone knocked offline. Just lucky for me I have alot of patience. I just hope that you guys learn from Dark_Fairytale. He is sitting in front of the TV right now regretting all the harrassment. Cya

FROM - cbfog828
TOPIC - once again..JREwing!
01/19/99 22:21:34 - MESSAGE #386

It's also worth mentioning that he told me that he had contacted the telephone companies about the PLA webpage. In case rbcp isn't already being harassed by the phone companies every day, this could mean trouble (?) for the PLA. Then, out of the blue, he tells me he has to work for a living! I mean, wtf!? Big thanks go out to you lamers who have turned the IRC board (I proposed it...I think!) into a haven of harassment against losers like JREwing. Well, this is my semi-official condemnation of dumbass IRC flooders.

FROM - cbfog828
TOPIC - JREwing strikes back!
01/19/99 22:11:13 - MESSAGE #384

There I was idling on IRC...
And suddenly JREwing popped up! Then he told me to go check out the PLA web board. Soooo I did. And then he said something to the effect of "be happy while you're still online"
This, of course, was interpreted by me as a threat. After he threatened to call my ISP (which I doubt) I also said I would call his. (which I will)
Silly sot.

FROM - JREwing Kentucky
TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub (DALnet)
01/19/99 21:21:21 - MESSAGE #382

Wrong!!! You are losing the war!! Just ask Dark_Fairytale!! At Two-Thirty p.m.E.S.T., he lost his ISP. Thats right, disconnected him for harrassment. Now he may get another ISP and come back and do it again, but will help me get him knocked off that ISP also. Ya see, I talked to on the phone as DF was disconnected. He spoofed and all that stuff, but I still beat him. Now to the rest of you. KEEP FLOODING ME!!! It's great advertisement!! Plus, you too will lose your ISP!! I WIN!!!! roflmfao. By the way. If you don't believe me about DF losing his ISP. Thats cool, just look for him. He isn't online!!! And to those who flooded today!!! Buy a set of walkie talkies. Your ISP has been contacted!!!! hehehehehehehe I WIN!!!!!!!! Once again.THANKS FOR THE FREE ADVERTISING!!! KEEP IT UP!!!

FROM - Fone thug
TOPIC - #kentcky_hottub
01/19/99 17:52:51 - MESSAGE #375

how are we giving thhem publicity?

FROM - cbfog828
TOPIC - kentucky_hottub
01/19/99 15:18:08 - MESSAGE #373

It's true you know...what JREwing said. All of you losers being e'jee't and telling everyone to flood the channel are just giving them (the hottub) a free advertisement. As RBCP once said, bad publicity is still publicity. (he probably didn't make it up, but fuck that right?)

FROM - Killer Kadoogan
TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub on DalNet
01/19/99 09:59:15 - MESSAGE #362

Continue to flood and harass all the users on #kentucky_hottub on DalNet.

We shall not lose this war!

We shall overcome.....

FROM - JREwingKentucky
TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
01/19/99 01:28:27 - MESSAGE #358

I would personally like to thank everyone that has posted something on here about #Kentucky_Hottub on DALnet!! You are helping to make our room one of the most popular on IRC. Is nice to know that you guys think of our channel so often, as to make all these entries about us!!

Kentucky Hottub
FROM - dsfsdtrrt45yhnvbn
TOPIC - sdfsdfsdf
01/16/99 02:18:03 - MESSAGE #291


FROM - Killer Kadoogan
TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub on Dal Net
01/12/99 12:08:46 - MESSAGE #189

Keep on the good fight against DalNet's #Kentucky_hottub

We can do it troops

Flood the hell out of them

Harass every last one of them

Bring them down

Do it for every IRCer that has been mistreated

Do it for Dark FairyTale


We can do it troops!!!

I believe in you!!!

FROM - capfanPortland, OR -
TOPIC - #deaf on Efnet
01/09/99 17:58:54 - MESSAGE #110

I just went to #deaf on Efnet after seeing it mentioned in a couple PLA issues and um... what's wrong with them? I'd post the log, but it has lots of numbers in it... heh.

TOPIC - International3 or whatever
DATE - 12/31/98 03:13:33
FROM - Tofu 626

Theres a beanie baby chat there! I'm pretty sure its our birthright to start a PLA chat there and eventually take over beanie baby chat. Ok, thats all from me.

TOPIC - "New" IRC Client....
DATE - 12/29/98 20:16:52

OK, there's this radio station called KZGL up here, and their Web address is and if you go there there's a Live Chat thing on there, click on it and you're connected to an IRC server called International 3. There's no PLA group there YET.

TOPIC - crash'n'burn
DATE - 12/26/98 08:35:30
FROM - Koffa finland


TOPIC - Never mind..
DATE - 12/24/98 15:47:25
FROM - Kilamani

Back to my old method of flooding the channel of #Kentucky_Hottub. I haven't flooded them in about a week or two, and they still continue to kick and ban me. Today was the final straw, so I shall now continue to flood them..Even though it is somewhat futile and immature...AH WELL!

TOPIC - ip spoofing
DATE - 12/20/98 16:36:49
FROM - jimbo

does anyone know where i can get programs to spoof or wingate sites

TOPIC - To the Hottub!!!
DATE - 12/20/98 00:24:12
FROM - Tofu 626

Ok, no matter how hard I try, I never seem to go to the damn hottub when people are in there causing trouble. Oh well, maybe we can set up a meeting in there sometime. Now that would be fun!

TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
DATE - 12/19/98 18:08:30
FROM - Kilamani

I'm stopping my juvenile flooding and am now going for some good ole fashioned harrassmentt.

TOPIC - Java Irc
DATE - 12/19/98 17:14:08
FROM - Black Sin 214

hey! I use a public terminal so I can't download any irc program. I was using for thier java irc page. I need a new java irc page. any pages?

uhh.. yeah
TOPIC - #kentucky_hottub
DATE - 12/15/98 22:47:36
FROM - Fone Thug

im having one of thos days heres the url

the logs
TOPIC - #kentucky_hottub
DATE - 12/15/98 22:45:51
FROM - Fone Thug

whoops i idint know it wouldnt post the nicks here let me upload that fikle to the net ...

TOPIC - Yo..
DATE - 12/15/98 22:10:12
FROM - Kilamani

I was the one that wsa on yesterday named HaywoodJablowme and named Joe Momma. Whats this about bouncing? Also, Dark FairyTale, I think I know why they are assuming that you are a child molester. I went in there one time, got banned then left to go to #depressed to "prank" their ass. Usually they /whois me and follow me into channels, and they did this time. They must of saw me go ...
"Help, I am depressed. Everyone hates me..."
Then when everyone was scoffing at my overexageration, I said:
"Oh..I guess it might be because I molested a few children. Nah, that couldn't be it." Then I got kicked out, so that must be why they're saying you're a child molester
Peace out,

TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
DATE - 12/15/98 20:55:21
FROM - Fone Thug i dunno

hers some ips the ops use that have bo on them boy i love that redir add command 209.209.189.* 209.209.188.* 209.209.189.*

*** #Kentucky_Hottub update
well it looks like thyve brought in some dalnet IRCops to K-line the flodders ...not. If your not bouncing allready start now
the log:
im Kenny&hehepppphgk&
*** You were kicked by Teana (DONT TICK ME

/* later today*/

JoeMomma is
* HaywoodJablowme
JoeMomma using []
Mid West DALnet Server
End of /WHOIS list.
*** Scott27Ky ( has joined
damn im on stlouis
i cant win for losin
Hi Jena!!
is that supposed to scare me?
jena`> hi
Hey scott
*** Retrieving #kentucky_hottub info...
_Kenny___ is *
so where's the trouble maker?
__Kenny___ on #kentucky_hottub
__Kenny___ using
[] Web Net Worldwide
End of /WHOIS list.
Don't do that again or we'll have to get
medievel on yo ass.
he is kenny
Lia, I'm on it now.
__Kenny___ is the trouble maker? well ban him
Why? are you scared?
brb gonna see if I can't gind a cig...
*** gruen (
t) has joined #kentucky_hottub
*** ^Allusion ( has
joined #kentucky_hottub
2B14e 2R14ight 2B14ack
*** Brandon23 ( has left
Does Kenny = JoeMomma?
*** Jac^^kie has quit IRC (Client exited)
*** lewie (~moonshine@ has joined
*** watrfall ( has left
*** EAGLEZ1 (
net) has left #kentucky_hottub
They all = Dark_Fairytale
we can't have ban evasion unless the person is
banned in the first place
um no
*** HaywoodJablowme (
has joined #kentucky_hottub
Hi everybody!
WOOOOO HOOO! Found half of one...
ooh look anotherr friend
*** Drasha has quit IRC (Quit: )
lol another chicken shit
Yo momma?
IRC trouble come and get me in real life!!!
Kenny: Don't be a prick, dude.
That better not be JOhn Haywood
/*flooding deleted*/
they come in under different ISP
No, you can't get them banned from DALnet
*** b|ues sets mode: +b *!*@*
*** HaywoodJablowme has quit IRC (Killed (Breaker
there u go
Haywood and Kenny need their pasty asses
kicked in real life.
this anit my real ip
KLINE THEM THATS YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
/*about 5 secs pass with out loging*/
No, ban them.
they need to be banned from dalnet permenantly!!!
//***i get killed here hehe
/* even later (15 min) */
JR they are gone
who know's lol
hi Hefalump
ok if you guys Have the BALLS join #manson with me and flood the fuck out of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*** ^Jessica ( has left #Kentucky_hottub
ok if you guys Have the BALLS join #manson with me and flood the fuck out of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*** You were kicked by Teana (DONT TICK ME OFF!!!)
thats about it for todays edition of #Kentucky_hottub lamers join me again for even more lameness

TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub on Dal Net
DATE - 12/15/98 16:48:54
FROM - Killer Kadoogan

Those pricks in the hottub have pissed me off for the last time.

It's time to settle the score.

I am asking all of you to come to #kentucky_hottub and begin the assault with me.

These pricks must go down!

Join me troops!

Do it for FairyTale or any other person who was wrongfully treated on IRC!

The war is now!!!




Armageddon has begun.

DATE - 12/15/98 01:44:12
FROM - jimmypop -

what the fuck im banned from kentuckey hottub and i ve never been there oh well

TOPIC - Good One
DATE - 12/14/98 17:32:25
FROM - Dark FairyTale

People have been asking me on IRC if I got sent to jail for molesting an 8 year old boy...Hahahahahahaha...

Harass the fuck out of #kentucky_hottub on Dal Net

Tell them Dark FairyTale sent you and post this message: FREE DARK FAIRYTALE

TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
DATE - 12/14/98 12:58:04
FROM - Dark FairyTale

Thanx alot for all your help....I am really impressed on how you all have been harassing #Kentucky_Hottub...Those bastards really deserved it...

Mr. Bungle is a guy I sent in when I was on IRC DalNet...

Anyways keep up the good work....

Annoy the fuck out of JREwing...He's a real wanker...

TOPIC - Dark Fairytale, a star?
DATE - 12/14/98 04:10:21
FROM - Tofu 626

Well, I just got done checking out That Kentucky_Hotub or whatever and well, what can I say? Dark Fairytale, you're a star! Here's just a few highlights..

I just heard that Dark_Fairytale has been arressted before..for molesting a 8 year old boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goat he did it....I just heard it from an IRC op!!!!!!!
JREwing they won't tell you that shit
yes they will!!!! they hate him too
He served 1 year he is on probation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ok, anyways, after about 10 minutes of changing my nick to things like "DF_molested_me" or "Tofu-DF_latestvictim" and crap like it, I got bored and left. Anyways, it seems most people in there dont like you, except crack_whore or something. Anyways, just thought I'd post this cause its kinda funny.

TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
DATE - 12/14/98 03:26:16
FROM - Fone Thug

this is the new topic of #Kentucky_Hottub after i spent 30 minutes flooding them
*** Now talking in #Kentucky_Hottub
*** Topic is 'Dark_Fairytale is a loser in life & IRC!! Join the party!!!JOIN US!! LOOK at our website!! We have the prettiest girls on IRC!!!!'
*** Set by JREwing on Mon Dec 14 00:41:54

TOPIC - irc
DATE - 12/14/98 02:05:06
FROM - jimbo

I dont know dick about irc so i am sorry for the dumb? the bo section says you can go to #bo_owned to get ips but when I try to join it says correct key required why like i said i dont know dick so could some one help

TOPIC - Yo..who's Mr_Bungle?
DATE - 12/14/98 00:44:28
FROM - Kilamani

I saw some guy named Mr_Bungle..whoever you are..You want to help me harrass #Kentucky_Hottub

TOPIC - Yo..
DATE - 12/14/98 00:36:40
FROM - Kilamani

Heres the Kentucky HotBox'nIt's page, just in the unlikely case that anyones even remotely interested in it...

#Kentucky_Hottub's 31337 webpage
TOPIC - Let me clear this up
DATE - 12/13/98 21:43:21
FROM - Dark FairyTale

They accused me of nuking...
I never did...
Then that one dude asked why I was so lame to go around nuking and brag about it...
I never nuked...
If I did nuke their sorry asses I would brag about it but I didn't...

Get the picture?

TOPIC - hmm
DATE - 12/13/98 13:13:09


People are such assholes on Dal Net in #Kentucky_Hottub.....The put me on a-kick for something I never even did...They accused me of nuking when I never did it and if I did I would brag my ass off...

Is your sentence perhaps constructed in a slightly confusing way?

TOPIC - Earlier you did Dark_FairyTale NT
DATE - 12/13/98 03:26:15
FROM - Kilamani


DATE - 12/13/98 03:23:11
FROM - Dark FairyTale

I never said I was nuking...can you read???

DATE - 12/11/98 18:13:17

Dark Fairytale that is about the lamest shit i have ever seen.
Why are fuckers like you going around and nuking people and then bragging about it.
Nuking doesn't even fucking work anymore and it stopped working about 2 fucking
years ago. What the fuck.

TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
DATE - 12/11/98 16:11:47
FROM - Dark_FairyTale

Yeah JREwing is pretty stupid...Try catching b|ues sometime he's a real ass...Most of them are fuckin idiots and will argue with you just if you post the message:



TOPIC - Yo..
DATE - 12/10/98 22:57:34
FROM - Kilamani

The #Kentucky_Hottub is rather humourous due to the massive amounts of idiots that abound there.. Some of the people that are funny in there are:
JREwing (J*Ew***)
and some others...
Also..if you're there you should ask if anyone's interested in making love in your Kentucky_Hottub

TOPIC - Dammit
DATE - 12/09/98 20:49:12

bragged = brag

TOPIC - Nuking?
DATE - 12/09/98 20:41:15

Why would you bragged if you nuked? Anyone can do it and it hardly works anymore..

TOPIC - #Kentucky_Hottub
DATE - 12/09/98 16:26:36
FROM - Dark FairyTale hell

People are such assholes on Dal Net in #Kentucky_Hottub.....The put me on a-kick for something I never even did...They accused me of nuking when I never did it and if I did I would brag my ass off...

Protest my banning please...

Go into #Kentucky_Hottub on Dal Net and flood the channel with the message:


This will surely get a few messages from the people in there cause they all know me very well and they are even threatening to come to my hometown and kick my ass...They are stupid and will give you threat after threat...Just do it...It's sure to add a little heat to the fire and you can sit there and harass them all you want cause they are so stupid that they'll keep fighting with you...They are not the most intelligent people on Earth either...Have fun


TOPIC - IRC Network
DATE - 11/17/98 03:53:35
FROM - Random APB GaMMa FoRCe!

Hey everyone, check out this bad-ass IRC network, administrated, and oper'd by friends of mine. It fuckin kicks ass, and you can run bawts (eggdrop only, no war/flood/floodnet/lame bots), register chans/nicks, and wreak havok and not have to worry about all the bullshit you get from EF/DAL/Undernet opers and all those other /lusers. Just use common sense. Go check it out, and bring all your lame little friends (I say 'lame' only jokingly, so don't get all butt-hurt, hehe).


(the above three addresses are all the same server)

So bring in all your friends, and hang out and register your stupid channels, and come to my stupid channel (#UHCA), and harrass me and my bawt (AcidBlo0d), and if you even want to you can introduce yourself to the bot, to be recognized in the future (/msg AcidBlo0d UHCA) ... See you all there!! Wooohoooooo!! OK, I did my lame-spam-of-the-day. Also, if you run an eggdrop on another network, and would like to link it to my bawt on GaMMa FoRCe, please see me, or email me, and I'll consider it ;)

Anyway... PEACE!!!

p.s. I'm 'RandomAPB' on IRC (in case you're too dense to figure that out from my handle in here *wink*). And if you don't see me in #UHCA on GaMMa FoRCe, intro. yourself to the bot, set a pass, and DCC Chat with it and leave me a note. LATERZ!

The GaMMa FoRCe Organization
DATE - 11/16/98 22:21:47
FROM - The Dark Cloud CO

hey IRC section. its about time.

hey i'm looking for some bots that work with version 4.72. i found a site a while ago that had bots for all versions of IRC..even the newest ones. but i lost the URL. anyone know of a good place to get them?

Thanks ray for putting some of my files on your page.

Visit them NOW
DATE - 11/16/98 20:39:55
FROM - Ray Dios Haque UP$

Well, there is a shitload of IRC clients. But of course I reccomend downloading mIRC, and then add the Phoneloser's Bueno plugin (download it from the main page). mIRC may not be the most secure IRC client out there, but its easy to use, and takes up minimal space.


DATE - 11/16/98 05:52:48
FROM - RoSCoE Sacramento, ca

hey what's the best irc client around
any suggestions if so gimme the url to get it

DATE - 11/14/98 09:33:23
FROM - jk


TOPIC - #kkk
DATE - 11/14/98 02:01:54
FROM - PhaZe D. Mindpimp Ok

Keep checking back. I get banned at least twice a day and it isn't long before I can go back, same ip AND name. But what do you expect from a bunch of stupid, redneck hicks? Not much, trust me, I've gone to school with them for 12 years.

DATE - 11/14/98 01:51:59
FROM - PhaZe

Tonight is my last day to use a computer until Febuary!
Someone please go to #kkk as BlackJesus14 for me during the holidays and wish everyone
an WHITE Christmas! I would appreciate it. (tradition)

TOPIC - #pla
DATE - 11/14/98 00:20:33

Go to #pla on DALNet, it's elite, I guarantee.

DATE - 11/13/98 21:48:22

Hey I just went into #kkk and had a "discussion" with them...I was enjoying blowing them out of the water until they kicked and banned me..oh well.

TOPIC - #KKK Rules
DATE - 11/13/98 10:02:58
FROM - Ray Dios Haque UP$

I always have a good time in there as well. My favorite person to mess with is FunnyG. She will take all kinds of abuse. Most of the other dickwads in there will only take so much and then they start nuking the shit out of your firewall. Check out this IRC Log from a few months ago.


FunnyG Log (Subtitled: FunnyG's man get's a size 14 poop shoot)
DATE - 11/12/98 14:44:13
FROM - PhaZe D. Mindpimp -

After entering #kkk as WhiteKnight3 I got access to talk and quickly changed my name to BlackJesus14, getting me kicked from #kk for the 16th time this week!!!!

Congrats to me

DATE - 11/10/98 17:12:33
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

All of them are on DALNet.

DATE - 11/09/98 22:03:09
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

Here are some annoying buttmunches on IRC:

Phrodo (phr0d0?)
Anthology (same as phrodo)
Headflux (hehe)

There's like lots more but I can't think of them.

TOPIC - 4th!
DATE - 11/09/98 18:50:23
FROM - hemophreak 214

oh yeah...well 4 is divisible by 1 and 2!!

DATE - 11/09/98 18:11:54
FROM - Bombtrack


DATE - 11/09/98 16:58:17
FROM - WunderKind 410

yeah well... I'm the second. And two is better because it's divisible by 2 and 1!

TOPIC - Finally
DATE - 11/09/98 16:46:00
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

This is cool. I am the first to post in the IRC sub.

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