PLA State: Web Master Discussion Group

TOPIC - PLA972 and Kewl_Pla
DATE - 11/15/98 20:28:50
FROM - Wolf303 Texas

Hey, why not visit our pages.

pla972 -
Kewl_PLA -

And this thing damn well better support HTML tags.

PLA972 is better.
TOPIC - 3l337
DATE - 11/12/98 16:29:01
FROM - The Jester Canada -

what iz with the people who talk in warez language.
I hate it when people talk like \/\/@R3Z /\/{}\/\/
1 4/\/\ s{}() 37337. Like what the hell. It is soo
lame. Anyway, get every canadaian to e-mail me and give me ideas oon my page. What the hell is with all of the PLA pages? They suck. I am a hacker as well as a phreak. It iz easy for mr to write in html, java and cgi, but can "pure" phreaks just not get it or what? Because, well damn their pages suck!!!

PLA Alberta
TOPIC - PLA/Alberta
DATE - 11/12/98 16:21:44
FROM - The Jester }-) Canaduh... -

PLA/Alberta is the newest site on the blok... It has awsome animated gifs that I made. If you need some anis, i will do it for nothing. kheep on phreaking. PHRAK!!!

PLA Alberta
TOPIC - Hrm....
DATE - 10/22/98 17:50:48
FROM - Copen Hagen Bend, OR - No domain available

RBCP stands for Red Box Chilli Pepper, and cactus stands for the cute little spiky green things in the desert that can survive on virtually no water for a long amount of time.

TOPIC - check this out
DATE - 09/01/98 18:47:33
FROM - enphorcer npa # 605 - No domain available

check out this new pla site since they wont put it on the list...

PLA # 605

TOPIC - New Site
DATE - 08/11/98 01:11:15
FROM - Wildcat KEEEN-TUCCCKY! YEe Haw! -

Have you ever heard of Tom Mabe's "Revenge on the Telemarketers" If ya hate those annoying telemarketers then you will love this site. He has actual calls their. Check it out!

Revenge on the Telemarketers!

DATE - 08/07/98 17:53:53


TOPIC - Cum in
DATE - 08/02/98 17:45:53
FROM - Texan 817

check it out i got the latest XXX pics of MC Hammer and Cap'N Crunch.

pla 817

DATE - 07/24/98 01:06:08
FROM - Super_Mario_Boxer WI

Ok first of THANK U RBCP from the bottom of my cold little hacking heart! Now that I got that out DOES ANY STATE MASTER HAVE A WORKING ANI I need one and also Any state sites that want to link with me E-MAIL ME I will put up your links and shit THANK U the manager

WI Phreaking

TOPIC - Animal Sex
DATE - 07/21/98 01:14:06
FROM - Texan Texas

Im wondering if i can put graphic pictures of pigs having sex with horses on my very 31337 state page?

PLA of FortWorth(817)

TOPIC - Animal Sex
DATE - 07/21/98 01:11:39
FROM - Texan Texas

Im wondering if i can put graphic pictures of pigs having sex with horses on my very 31337 state page?

PLA of FortWorth(817)

DATE - 07/15/98 00:44:23
FROM - Wolf303/Canine 972/214

I'm just advertising my page. GO THERE, DAMMIT!!!!!

PLA of 972/214

TOPIC - is there anyone in 518
DATE - 07/14/98 20:49:20
FROM - LordOmega 518 -

is there anyone in 518, right now my page is pretty lame and lacking info, it has some stuff, but just the basics, im trying hard to find stuff, but i need your "assistance" too, thanks


TOPIC - Canada
DATE - 07/13/98 15:33:35
FROM - rbcp Illinois -

Okay, I put Canada on the search list. Are you happy?? :)

TOPIC - Non US site
DATE - 07/12/98 12:31:50
FROM - err418 Quebec -

Damn... index.html is only listing US site... what are you doing with us (canada and others)

RBCP, do somethin' !

TOPIC - need more hits!
DATE - 07/11/98 20:46:48
FROM - nicr0s Ontario Canada

Okay so more hits are really needed. rbcp, do you think you could put some kind of "cool pla site of the week" banner up and promote the other pla state pages that way? plus it will hopefully entice some of the state owners to make cooler pages. cuz, well a couple of them are lacking.

TOPIC - tracking...
DATE - 07/11/98 18:25:31
FROM - rbcp illinois -

Just thought I'd show everyone the numbers since I put that frontend on the main site. It seems to be working.. 35.64% 1374 HITS 17.04% 657 HITS

So apparently I'm sending about half of my hits to the other sites. I'm working on a tracking script right now that will be able to show exactly how many times each state is visited from here.

TOPIC - More hits
DATE - 07/09/98 17:31:10
FROM - Super_Mario_Boxer Land of Cheese

Ok what I think u should do is have a small map on the page with states listed out and have them linked to the list of the sites in that state so when u click on that state it gives u the list also put this on the main page since people HATE to follow links and read long list so using the map idea would make the list seem smaller and easier and faster and it would be so people would follow the links more often

ICQ me at 6167654

TOPIC - Help out
DATE - 07/09/98 14:53:48
FROM - Canine/wolf303

Help RBCP, dammit! I want hits to my site, and I can't imagine anyone else not wanting them. Help somehow!

PLA: Texas 972/214 Division

TOPIC - promotions
DATE - 07/09/98 14:29:47
FROM - rbcp illinois -

So here's the discussion board. Toss any ideas you have this way and everything will be considered. So far the only thing I'm thinking of is to make a front end to the site (before you actually get to the main page.) which will ask you what state you're from, then list the sites in that state and give you the option of going to either one of those sites, or to the main PLA page. I'm sure that would work to an extent but it might also be considered inconvenient to web surfers.


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