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FROM - AuriamPennsylvania
TOPIC - TCI Digital Cable vulnerable to phracking?
02/11/99 14:34:53 - MESSAGE #1129

Sorry about that.. apparently the message post form kills A HREF. Here's the link to the story.

Telephone Bedevils S.J. Couple
FROM - AuriamPennsylvania
TOPIC - TCI Digital Cable vulnerable to phracking?
02/11/99 14:32:52 - MESSAGE #1128

Greetings, humans. I recently stumbled across this interesting bit of newsworthiness (this morning in thought it might interest the hacking/phreaking community..

Telephone Bedevils S.J. Couple

Any comments/questions/greets to my email address, please. (Delete the antispam info). I don't usually read this board, but just posted this because it was of interest to others.

Auriam out.

FROM - dguy618
TOPIC - fukn dots
02/10/99 21:40:26 - MESSAGE #1101

those are dots up there. just highlight the space under the post button and you'll see them. mebbe rbcp couldn't come up with a disc. good enough.

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - mass halucinations
02/10/99 14:39:45 - MESSAGE #1082

I see 'em to.

FROM - FOrward
02/10/99 02:11:55 - MESSAGE #1071

NO!!! I see dots! They're centered in the middle of the page, a little less than an inch from the Post butoon above it. There's two of them...I can highlight them so they are text...theres a space after them. I AM NOT PSYCHO!!!! THERE ARE DOTS!!!

FROM - Rufus T. Firefly 516
TOPIC - dots
02/10/99 01:51:24 - MESSAGE #1070

Dots? I don't see any dots. There is obviously something terribly wrong with your computer.

FROM - FOrward
02/09/99 22:17:26 - MESSAGE #1064

What are those two little dots at the top under the words "Tracker's Technical Forum" for?

FROM - Melee304
TOPIC - Thanks
02/08/99 11:30:52 - MESSAGE #1025

It's worth a shot, thanks man.


FROM - sulcata99
TOPIC - parts
02/08/99 08:29:47 - MESSAGE #1020

try allied electronics1-800-433-5700 I dont know for sure if they have what you need but theygot a lot

FROM - Melee304
TOPIC - Parts?
02/08/99 00:08:39 - MESSAGE #1013

I need some help. Anyone know where I Can get the following items?:
5 1/2 turn slug tuned coil (alum core) .16-.24 uH
3 1/2 turn slug tuned coil )alum core) .06-.09 uH
2 1/4 turn air coil 5/32" diameter
1 1/2 turn coil 5/32" diameter

And what appears to be a three to four by one etched PC board?

Mouser and Digikey come close, but no match. Any help?

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - multimeter
02/07/99 21:56:45 - MESSAGE #1007

My multimeter has a frequency counter built in and I was wondering if I could use this to decode phone tones by hooking it to the ear peice contacts?I would try it but I dont want to fry the meter,phone,line,ect.

FROM - DeyZarcTennessee -
02/07/99 21:02:21 - MESSAGE #1004

I hate to sound stupid, but.. what exactly IS a DATU?

FROM - dguy618
TOPIC - Nuts and Volts
02/07/99 16:44:17 - MESSAGE #998

Nuts and Volts Magazine kicks ass hardcore. They have so much cool shit in there is boggles the mind. And for some reason(not that this is bad), but they send me an ish about every 2-3 months, and I don't have a sub or anything, and I don't think I signed up for any shit lists or something. Oh well. Sc0re.


free online rpg with a shitty server
TOPIC - Hacking Digital Fones
02/07/99 02:17:48 - MESSAGE #976

Well, if anyone is working on it, one of the best places to hear about it is Nuts And Volts Magazine, there's like tons of cellfone pirating stuff in there, it's been called "The Journal of the Electronics Underground" but not by themselves, they're trying to downplay the dark side of some of the stuff in there and some of the advertisers, as they're a mainstream, aboveground magazine. They just plain fucking RULE! And, if you fill out the form at their site for a free copy, they'll send you like three of 'em.

Nuts And Volts Magazine
FROM - Black Axe732
TOPIC - GSM monitoring
02/06/99 12:13:02 - MESSAGE #942

Was listening to the local po-po last night... looks like they were gonna go onto some drug bust or something... and these two cops needed to yap to each other on the phone. so this one detective gives some cop his GSM phone number, stating, "it's a digital phone, so it's secure"... so this got me to thinking. with the ever-increasing popularity of GSM, especially in this area, is GSM monitoring possible? A quick look at Brian Oblivion's GSM info makes this appear like a supreme pain in the ass. Although some people seem to be developing ideas/tools to decode A-five encryption, these methods are only in the academic stages of implementation (i.e. not feasible yet). So I was wondering - what if it's possible to monitor a GSM data stream which would indicate the POTS number of the person on the other end? If one had this information, along with access to a DATU which served the exchange of the POTS number, wouldn't it be possible to monitor the conversation by finding the phone number that the GSM user called, then dialing into the appropriate DATU, entering the POTS number called, and enabling the audio monitor function? Yes, complicated, but far simpler than decrypting the conversation off-the-air. Anyone have any info pertaining to monitoring those GSM data streams? Send em here.

FROM - jimmypop0hi0 -
TOPIC - pre paid cards
02/02/99 12:30:20 - MESSAGE #805

thats used to activate the cards so you wont steal them. I was playing around with the old rat shack cards and just entered random pins and got some to work i am sure you could try this and it is easy

TOPIC - A Capitol Offense
02/01/99 19:40:07 - MESSAGE #779

Dammit, I shoud be SHOT!! I was at a Ham Fest like MONTHS ago and I picked up this supercool green military fone, it's modern not old Vietnam shit, and this thing would make Mitnick cream his jeans! It's got ABCD tones as well as regular DTMF, and I deserve to die 'cause I've had this thing around here and haven't played with it at all, not one little bit. As far as I know it's basically a regular fone, I can just clip the wires from the wall into the binding posts and call away, but the extra column makes it a Silver Box, and there are extra inputs for hooking up a crypto or something. UGH! Well, in the process of unpacking I'll dig it out and if nothing else, use it for fone calls.

FROM - phreakazoid
TOPIC - A-D Tones
02/01/99 00:55:42 - MESSAGE #756

I've seen box plans for the A-D tones. What are they used for?

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - magnetic strips
01/30/99 06:05:05 - MESSAGE #684

notice that the pre-payed phone cards at Auto Zone have the magnetic strip exposedand this spured a few ideas and questions.First does anyone know if the card # and pin is stored on the strip and if so is there any portable magnetic readers out there?Or do they pass it through the credit card cecker to activate it at the host computer?

FROM - jimmypopohio -
TOPIC - winter
01/28/99 11:57:15 - MESSAGE #639

fuse is great its cheap easy to use and requires no brains but some times I dont want to be near exploding stuff i like the roket ignitors for modle rockets but you need a wire or timer that will work i got some squibbs on the way the military kind i llhave fun then oh there should be a gunz & bombz fourm
winter here aint bad kinda warm now

FROM - Jason WangAustralia
TOPIC - Bugs in ""file !!!!
01/23/99 05:35:32 - MESSAGE #485

When i download "fruitybbs",it doesn't work well.
I found some bugs here:

$noaccess = "access.htm";
shoud be :
$noaccess = "noaccess.txt";

$sublog = "log.html";
should be :
$sublog = "log.htm";

Have fun!!

Come to visit my home
FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - things that go boom in the night
01/19/99 18:01:09 - MESSAGE #376

I usualy use good water-proof fuse but wanted to try something different.Winter in Ohio mean I got to much time on my hands to think since I realy dont like the cold.

FROM - jimmypop 0hi0 -
TOPIC - detonator
01/19/99 15:17:07 - MESSAGE #372

a phone is a bad idea if you dont want any interference use a wire if that wont work try a timer or proximity switch ir reciver transmiter kit remote control car that way when your neighbor turns on his phone you dont die what about a fuse I mean aphone range is not to far or dont play with bombs that sounds good also what are you using I like good old cannon fuse or timers most of this can be bought at rat shack te fuse where ever they sell fire works dont kill your self

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - cs8001+ct355 cordless
01/19/99 08:33:09 - MESSAGE #361

Was messin' around last night makeing a fake detoinator box complete with light+antenna and got to wondering if I could use one of the cordless phones I got as a remote detionator.I wont to use a rocket engine igniter hooked to the ringer in the handset and use my @$volt att adapter to the main body to couse a ring signle to be sent out,only problem is I dont want any other phones to set it off early like while I'm holding it.Anybody know how to change the Mhz to a less used one?Cant RTFM these where display modles with no info.

FROM - B0Bhere
TOPIC - giga pets...
01/19/99 07:58:31 - MESSAGE #360

well i've just been interested in it cause well redbox on a keychain...
not really trying to conceal anything, but smaller can be better..

FROM - nobody??????
TOPIC - giga-pet red box
01/19/99 02:17:52 - MESSAGE #359

...about a giga-pet red box...
There was a long discussion in alt.phreaking a few months ago about modifying a giga-pet to act as a red box. Personally I don't undertand why this is so interesting to people, but anyway, someone posted declaring they had *finally* done it. Why even try to hide a red box so much? None of the porkers around here would know what the hell it's for anyway(that is if they could get it to play the tones, of course).

FROM - anon.
01/15/99 03:48:18 - MESSAGE #261

Here's a pbx i've been using for the last two weeks. Call five-one-seven--two-seven-nine--one-zero-five-zero, when you hear the tone, enter #zero#, then the # key. Wait about four seconds, then you'll hear a dialtone. Dial one+the area code & number. It will only dial numbers in the US. Have fun!

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - "You quiro Taco Bell..."
01/13/99 16:55:44 - MESSAGE #225

You just reminded me of another funny idea. Cut open your TacoBell "Yo quiro Taco Bell" recording dog, and put in a digital recorder with some red box tones. Hehehehe.

FROM - B0Bhere
TOPIC - Giga-pets
01/13/99 11:15:29 - MESSAGE #211

anyone remember those annoying gigapets? i was looking at one the other day and i thought "hey this makes noise.." anyone know if you can modify this to make a red box? heh he just an idea..

FROM - ViperPortugal
TOPIC - Test
01/12/99 21:05:46 - MESSAGE #198

testing testing

01/10/99 09:06:37 - MESSAGE #137

The link should lead to
A great site for practice ham exems.

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - bad link no bisket
01/08/99 09:34:43 - MESSAGE #34

The link bellow dont work I will find the address and post it later

DATE - 01/04/99 08:17:33

Hope the link below works.They generate ham test from the question pool and you can have your results saved and compair how you do each time.Found a bunch of code practice programs to but none that work though my headphones and soundblaster yet,dont want to drive my family nuts with endless hours of beeping (Pong on speed)

pratice test
TOPIC - Ham Radio Book
DATE - 12/31/98 03:02:25
FROM - Tofu 626

Ok, while I was visiting family this holiday season, I stopped in at some used book store and picked up a book called "Now You're Talking: All you need to get your first ham radio license". Real reason I bought it was it was $2.50 and I'm too poor to pick up one of these 20 dollar books. Oh well,I read through the first few chapters and it seems like a pretty good book. Anyways, I suggest everyone go out and check their local used book store. $2.50 is a damn good deal!

TOPIC - Beige Detector and Advanced Hamming...
DATE - 12/29/98 18:43:34

Um, yeah, any voltmeter will work, you can tell if someone's on the line that way. That's basically how "tap dectectors" work, they detect a drop in line voltage. That's why, if I were going to listen in, I'd get one of those Dracon handsets with the DataSafe feature, they draw so little power from the line that they are just about undetectable. But someone picking up the extension fone, that draws plenty of current and is easy to detect. I think there are circuits here and there that you can build that will turn on a LED or something when the other line's picked up.

As for having a Advanced license and never using it, give it a try, it's great! That's what I do, have an Advanced and hardly ever get on the air! You're scaring me, telling me that that CW was at 20WPM, I doubt I could copy at 5 WPM now!

TOPIC - beige detector
DATE - 12/29/98 18:21:12
FROM - sammy 925

Hey i had this idea about hooking a volt tester up to a phone line to make sure it was running at 6volts while in use. assuming that if someone else was on the line (within your house or at your box outside) the voltage would drop down. will this work or am i contributing to my carpel tunnel for no reason?

TOPIC - ham shit
DATE - 12/29/98 15:13:34
FROM - Black Axe 732

1. the code test is on a tape. the VE will play it back for you, and you have to decipher the code, and then answer a multiple-guess test about what they talked about.

2. As far as radios, you can do whatever the fuck you want. You can build one from scratch. You can buy one from a store. You can modify an existing radio. The FCC doesn't have to certify radios for ham use.... i.e. you can't build your own frs radio or cb and use it legally, but you can build your own ham rig. If you are looking for a radio.... get either the FT-50 or the Icom T-8A. Check em out yourself. And you are right about not passing the code... if you take the Tech Plus test, and you don't pass the code, you still get a no-code tech license.

DATE - 12/29/98 14:36:02
FROM - sulcata99 330

Black Axe,Thanks for the help!Been reading the rat shack book and playing around with code for the past three daze.Decided to try for the Technition-plus Class(if I cant get it I should end up with a no code ticket).13wpm code sounds like I might be able to pick out everything eventualy but 20wpm sounds the same as 50 at this point!would like to get to advanced class even if I never use it,have to give that one some time though.I do have some questions about the code test and the radios,1st is the code test standardised like the written?And am I suposed to build my own set or buy one to modify to suite my needs?Now to spend some time searching the web for FCC Part 97!

TOPIC - ham tickets
DATE - 12/24/98 17:11:48
FROM - Black Axe 732 land

a no-code license (ticket) is how most people nowadays start out in ham radio... it gives you full operating priveliges on all amateur bands above 50mhz...... a good book to study for this test is the one you get in the shit shack..... forget the title, but they should have it... study that shit, then take the test.... 65 questions multiple guess..... its pretty easy....
btw.... ok, 900mhz cordless phones go from 902 up to about 928.... and so does the amateur 33cm band... so technically i could key up on a cordless freq and tell em to fuck off, cause i have primary operating priveliges in that band..... ??

DATE - 12/24/98 08:27:54
FROM - sulcata99 330

The ham idea sounds great!Any suggestoins on what study guides to use?And whats a non-code test?

TOPIC - ham crap
DATE - 12/24/98 01:33:33
FROM - Black Axe 732

informagnet, whats your approximate qth? yeah, a pla ham club would be fuckin great....
man im stoned

TOPIC - Phone Liberators of America Ham Group....
DATE - 12/23/98 20:55:06

Yeah!! That would kick ass Black Axe!!!! Don't forget, Mitnick's a Ham too, unless they took his ticket away or he didn't renew......

TOPIC - key service units
DATE - 12/23/98 13:24:49
FROM - sulcata99 330

does anybody have any info on key service units?All I know is that they are the early version ofPBX's,like the early 60's and fazed out around the break up of the almighty mother bell.

TOPIC - a pla ham group??
DATE - 12/22/98 18:44:19
FROM - Black Axe 732 land

it's an interesting idea..... and if such a group actually existed, it'd probably wreak some pretty hellish havoc on things...... but as far as pla people that are hams.... i think it's just me and informagnet? hey all of you, get licenses, get rigs, mod them, and join me and informagnet :)

TOPIC - oh yea
DATE - 12/22/98 17:38:23
FROM - jimmypop 614 -

I envision a giant pla ham gang with thousands of hams moded and all wreaking havok on all who cross us hahahahaha. Ok at least a few really cool people maybe moded and we could be really nasty that would be cool.

TOPIC - Ham Radio Needs Young Trailer-Trash Hacker Teens.....
DATE - 12/21/98 17:34:37

OK, yep, Ham Radio is or at least is in the right hands the mots! I just got this book called Your Gateway To Packet Radio by ARRL and it's great, discusses x.25 (hams use ax.25 which allows for CQ's and callsigns as addresses) and TCP/IP over the radio! I think they might have an updated version of this book out now. In my opinion, this along with learning UNIX is something you just have to do if you really want to learn. I have a little Icom HT, and want to come up with a TNC and get into this shit, I'm finally interested in getting on the air!

TOPIC - ham is easy
DATE - 12/20/98 12:19:21
FROM - jimmypop 614 -

I just got the rat shack book on ham its really easy i read well skimed the frist few chapters and took the no code tests in the book and passed so everybody get ham stuff we can take over

TOPIC - getting into ham radio
DATE - 12/19/98 04:11:50
FROM - Black Axe 732

this goes out to phatfone-
just because your local club is a bunch of old farts sitting around talking about the "old days" and how the no-code tech ticket is gonna make ham radio like CB..... that doesn't mean you can't get involved. the only interaction you have to have with them is actually taking the test. when i got mine, i walked into the test never having taken any sort of class - i just studied that shit shack book and did some web practice exams... passed with 64 right out of 65 ques on the test..... and once you get your callsign, you can forget about all of those old farts, and get into whatever you want to get into (satellite, hf dx, packet, etc)....... so study your shit, hand over your $6.35 or whatever, and get a ticket. it's a hell of a lot easier than you think it is.

TOPIC - Packet Radio
DATE - 12/18/98 23:31:43
FROM - PhatFone 316

Hey Infomagnet,

I'm pretty sure that x.25 is what the L0pht is using on their project. It's really an awesome project, it will become a wireless internet! So far I think they have 9 nodes based in Boston. The only drawback is that the fastest node is 9600, which really isn't bad for packet radio.

I wish I got into HAM radio. I took a few classes offered by the local chapter, but they were a bunch of geezers, and were boring as hell to listen to. I still have that damn book for the Tech exam somewhere, yemme see.....where the hell did it go........hum...heh...

L0pht Heavy Industries-- Wireless Internet Project
TOPIC - I agree
DATE - 12/16/98 14:20:15
FROM - Axehead Portland

Dguy- I agree with you about skillz. But where I am a guy can't even Red box anymore. And the telcos are getting even smarter. I mean I have heard of stories of Phreaks turning and sellign their 'skills' to the companies. It makes me pissed that Phreaks are turning coats. I meanm you expect that from hackers and crackers but Phreaks, no way.

Keep the Phreakin alive

DATE - 12/16/98 05:30:48
FROM - ~Ben Los Angeles, Ca.

Did'nt think I was the only one to get a hold of one.

TOPIC - beep boxes
DATE - 12/15/98 23:53:16
FROM - sulcata99 330

I've got 2 of these "beep boxes",the southwesstern bell Freedom Phone makes one tone as long as the button is held,the Telehelper has a DIP switch to change tones and timeing.The Freedom Phone uses a 3.579545 MHz crystal that will get changed out some day if I can figure out a way to time the tones with only one push of the button.

TOPIC - Oh, yes...
DATE - 12/15/98 21:58:46

Oh, yes, I think these little beep boxes have gone out of style, they take up room in a pocket, and it's easier to use a DTMF detector inside the answering machine, with a code number that the caller can just key in with the phone they're using. What do I think is so great about that? Well, most people who are that antsy about getting their messages from their machines by calling in tend to be cellfone users too, and if you listen on your scanner and have your little DTMF decoder that you've gotten from Optoelectronics for $99, you can get Mr. Yuppie's lil' codez! Then you can later see if there's a dial-out l8er....... Ahh, technology.

Optoelectronics, maker of the Techtoyz DTMF decoder in a pager case for $99
TOPIC - Commercially Built Red Box....
DATE - 12/15/98 21:54:15

OK, I've come across many of these of different makes and what they are is a tone generator for accessing an answering machine over the phone. They do generate audio frequencies, usually in a nice beepbeepbeepbeep.... string of pulses, but I have encountered two problems:(1) They only generate one tone, and the coin signal for a payfone is a combination of two tones, and (2) these are as often as not locked into one frequency, there's a little self-contained oscillator in there, and so you can't change the freq. I had one for an old Code-A-Phone, and I could turn a pot inside and get different freqs, it was great fun to play with, I'd point it at friends, sweeping it across them and only pressing the button when it was pointing at them, saying "Loser Detector, Loser Detector...". Then I rigged it up with a pair of jacks for test leads and used it for a beep out box, lent it to a friend who fixes TV's, and he moved and lost it. Oh, well.

TOPIC - Commercially built Red Box ?
DATE - 12/15/98 14:06:29
FROM - ~ben Los Angeles, Ca. -

Ok, I'm sure a lot of you out there has stumbled across one of these things, but it was a first for me.

The other day I was at a friends house when he pulls this little black plastic box from a drawer (about the size of a micro-cassette recorder). It was specificaly designed to generate the tones made by payphones as you drop change into it.

It's called a Panasonic "Easa-Phone".
Model No. KX-A50
Panasonic called it a pickup remote controller.

It is a fairly simple device, with about four buttons; a playback/reset button, an OGM record button (if anyone knows what the hell OGM stands for please fill me in), a repeat button and a skip button.

The repeat and skip buttons both have the same functions - from what I could tell anyways ? If you pressing either one plays the magic music for your free calling pleasure.

Well, anyways like I said I'm sure I'm not the first person to get their hands on one of these. I just thought it was worth posting a few words about.


TOPIC - dguy
DATE - 12/14/98 23:45:57
FROM - SC 330

I agree with you dguy, that a new challenge makes phreaking a bit more fun, but I don't really think a new challenge is going to be so great until we've masted the old challenges. There is still much exploiting to do with older technology.

TOPIC - sk33ls, not tech
DATE - 12/14/98 18:41:25
FROM - dguy 618

axehead, i'm sorry, but i must disagree. while new technologies benefit the phone phreak or hacker/cracker/whatever a great deal, the one thing you need the most these days, as always, are SK33LS. you need MAD MAD MAD SKILLS to get past the shit these smart telcos(oxymoron, btw) throw at you these days. there's my 2 cents.

dguy, done yammering

DATE - 12/14/98 15:01:41
FROM - Axehead Portland

Hello all,

Was talking with some friends on the fone last night and we came upon the rezilation that Phreaking is a dying sport. We may be the last generation to relish the beauty of pissing off the phone company, or using a Red Box to prank some Ambassador in Congo.
My point is that vwe need some new tools to help us. The other groups have advanced their tools to match anti-whatever groups. We are a dying breed!!!!!!
My point, we need new tech, or we will die!!!!

TOPIC - Tech Talk
DATE - 12/13/98 21:14:08

Hehe dGuy ask rbcp about his chmodding!

OK, here's some REAL tech! Anyone remember my posts about that "pizzafone" that I was dialing into and getting a list of "x.30" commands, and asking if anyone knew what the hell they are, and no one knew? Well, I haven't given up, (although like a dork I changed some parameters and now it's double-PW'd....) and I have found that x.25 and x.30 and shit are packet switching protocols, something like TCP/IP, these were first. And, I was at a Ham Radio Fest in Phoenix last weekend and buying shit like mad and one of the things I got was a book on Packet Radio, and it almost universally uses...... x.25!! They call it "ax.26" for Amateur x.25, it allows for callsigns instead of addresses and allows for open messages like CQ's, but basically this is PAYFONES set up on an x.25 network, which means it just HAS to be connected to other stuff! And I have a feeling there's a lot of x.25 shit out there, not protected at all, classic "security through obscurity"! A lot of this shit is called "frame relay" and there are whole magazines devoted to it, "frame" means "packet" and "relay" means sending 'em around. The easiest book to understand on this shit I've found so far is this Amateur Radio one, Gateway to Packet Radio or something, just get anything on Packet Radio you can find, and it will explain TCP/IP too, that's right, these fuckers are doing TCP/IP networks on the radio, no fone wirez at all!!

These are the guys - keep it kewl around 'em K?
TOPIC - or maybe...
DATE - 12/12/98 15:12:58
FROM - dguy 618

about the posts thing, maybe someone figured out how to brute force crack the FruitWare Admin thing.

they're still st00pid-asses...
TOPIC - Missing posts
DATE - 12/11/98 23:59:57
FROM - Tofu 626

Ok, from what i remember, the posts were deleted because someone deleted some file of rbcp's and the last time he backed them up was like a month ago, so we have month old posts. Something like that..

Or, come to think of it, I could have been dreaming..

TOPIC - reply to ~ben
DATE - 12/11/98 19:53:29

Ben, there are people here, and posts galore, but for some reason, about the last month's posts got wiped. I don't know why, rbcp had a bad hair day maybe?

TOPIC - no shit
DATE - 12/10/98 19:45:51
FROM - jimmypop col oh

no shit all the posts are a month old maybe everyones in the discussion group

DATE - 12/10/98 02:12:13
FROM - ~Ben Los Angeles, Ca. -

Hello, Where is everyone ???

No ones posted a message here in a while - what's up ?

Don't tell me there's no one here.

TOPIC - Noam
DATE - 11/16/98 18:07:53
FROM - Bombtrack

Good idea, but you can only make x amount of calls per day.

TOPIC - Help! My life's interfering with my leisure!
DATE - 11/16/98 02:17:45

Geez, Ben, you'd better let me know how it goes, 'cause I have two different models of the newest dialer, the Data Directory one and the one that looks like a PDA, which can also be turned into a redbox, and a few other dialers as well, and havent gotten off of my fucking ass to open 'em up and look for a 4th row!!

Hey, I bet this is all of our's dream - to have someone support us so we can hack all the time!

DATE - 11/15/98 18:41:44
FROM - noam 219

ok, here's an idea, i dont know if this would work or not so that's why i'm posting this.
MCI (i think) has a new long distance gimmick so that you dont have to pay for long distance calls that are under 30 seconds, so couldn't you make a black box that just increased the line voltage every 25 seconds or so so that people with MCI who call you wouldn't be charged. the advantage to this over a normal black box would be that it would take the phone company a lot longer to detect anything if you were getting a new call every 30 seconds rather than having the phone ring for 15 minutes straight. tell me what you think.

DATE - 11/15/98 18:41:23
FROM - noam 219

ok, here's an idea, i dont know if this would work or not so that's why i'm posting this.
MCI (i think) has a new long distance gimmick so that you dont have to pay for long distance calls that are under 30 seconds, so couldn't you make a black box that just increased the line voltage every 25 seconds or so so that people with MCI who call you wouldn't be charged. the advantage to this over a normal black box would be that it would take the phone company a lot longer to detect anything if you were getting a new call every 30 seconds rather than having the phone ring for 15 minutes straight. tell me what you think.

TOPIC - Phreaking Motels...
DATE - 11/15/98 10:04:30
FROM - ~Ben L.A., Ca.

Alrighty.....I'llk let you know what happens.

Soldering iron in hand and just about finiished.

TOPIC - Dialer -> Silver Box....
DATE - 11/14/98 22:13:08

Ben, how to you intend to make a silver box out of a dialer? You have to have the 4th row outputs out of the chip, and I don't think they are available on those. I'll check, but I think they might be hidden under that blob of epoxy, very difficult to chip away at w/o wrecking stuff. Let us know how it goes, it might enable us to hack the fuck out of motel fone systems, as they so richly deserve!

TOPIC - Motel Phreaking
DATE - 11/14/98 19:12:04
FROM - ~Ben Los Angeles, California

Right. I just ran down to the local shack the other day and picked up one of those little tone generators for bout $12.00, now after I make my modifications I'll have my silver box.
I'm very curious what effect (if any) the A B C D column with have with this perticular PBX.
I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

TOPIC - Hoe-tel fones
DATE - 11/14/98 04:03:41

OK, first of all, Hoe-tels make a minimum of DOUBLE the regular rate for fone calls and it's often triple! They're a fuckin' rip!! Second, I do have a Ma Smell fone that I'm planning to turn into a silver box, maybe I could bring the clunky old thing and plug it in. Better, I'll just have to make the tones somehow and try it. Hoe-tels are on PBX's so there's a posible element of PBX hacking here, some potential in that direction.

TOPIC - ----------
DATE - 11/13/98 22:06:28
FROM - ~Ben Los Angeles, California

MMX Killa-

Thanx for the info,
I'll try it out and see what happens. If I run into any other snags (and I'm sure I will) I'll be sure to post another message for you or anyone else for that matter to might have any suggustions.

Who knows, maybe when I'm through with this I'll end up with a box of my own ? Call it.....THE PLAID BOX.


TOPIC - Phreaking Motel Phones
DATE - 11/13/98 19:50:35
FROM - MMX Killa 914 NPA (NY Metro)

Hello all,
One thing that you have to remember is that Motel phones are on a PBX. Now, the PBX's outgoing lines either do one of two things. They can either:
1) Have the PBX key unit record your room number before outpulsing the call.
2) Subscribe to a form of telephone company billing where the individual phone's location (room number) is listed next to the number called. In this case, the PBX's outgoing line number would still be used to dial the call.

As you should know, PBXs usually have a digit that's reserved for "give me an outgoing line". Usually this key is 8 or 9. Remember that sometimes, the Motel owner can be smart (what a thought!) and set the PBX to not use any particular outdial code. Consider this first before I move on: This motel owner will probably make a 15% commission on this call, since the rates from sleazy companies like OCI will usually exceed 20c per minute. Naturally, they don't want you to think anything odd is going on when you dial 0-914-623-6725 and punch in your calling card number. They make everything sound nice and neat, and since most people don't really listen to what's going on, they'll ignore the OCI branded audio message when they start their call. In short: no outdial code + regular phone + pricey calls = big money for everyone.

Want to know a neat trick? If the phone doesn't tell you to dial any digits before a call, try dialing 9 or 8 first. Did anything happen? No? Oh well. Hey, wait a second, you're probably saying. There are more tones than just 0-9 * and #! What do the others do? Well, I'm glad I asked. A little known use of the silver box is that those tones are sometimes used as control and signalling tones in a PBX system. In fact, I've stayed at three seperate motels (out of about 10) that used the '9' to get an outside line, and after the '9', it would still limit your call (ie no 900, 0-700, or 877(?)). I tried playing my silver box tones into the first PBX I was at, and it gave me a similar response to dialing '9': dialtone (PBX), '9', click, dialtone (still PBX). I tried dialing various numbers, and they all worked! Apparently, the 'D' tone made this particular PBX drop to an untrapped dial tone. Try out the silver box tones on ANY phone that you come in contact with. Some CO's do VERY interesting things like that!

If you didn't understand the point of this message, remember these tips:
* Dial '9', or if you need to anyway, dial another '9'.
* Try your silver box tones
* Try numbers not listed on the phone (7, *, #, etc).
* Experiment, experiment, experiment.

-MMX Killa

PLA914 -
TOPIC - Phreaking Motels
DATE - 11/13/98 16:37:11

I've got to admit, I've never seen anything on phreaking motel fones in the hacking literature, and it's something that needs figuring out badly! Those fuckers take $20 or more just to make the smallest call, while redboxing is basically going through all kinds of hassle to take a dollar or two, a way to phreak a motel fone would save $20 or more. I do have a wierd friend who just got a job at a Super-8, graveyard shift, maybe I'll be able to figure out the fone system there, this is something we really need to work on.

TOPIC - Phreaking Motels ?
DATE - 11/12/98 23:40:07
FROM - ~Ben Los Angeles, California

Ok, Someboby help me.....Please.

It's like this, right now I'm staying at this motel and it costs way too fucking much to keep my phone turned on (i.e. I need to give the fucker up front $20 at a time for deposit to keep it on.)
So I've already tried making a ...... I think it twas a gold box ? where i added a toggle switc, resistor, and an LED - so when someone calls me they dont get charged. But then I realized something....
I guess i did it fot the experience or sumthing.
Anyway how do I go about phreaking their stupid phones?????? Please help.

TOPIC - Those DTMF decoders...
DATE - 11/12/98 22:53:24
FROM - Tofu 626

Wow, those DTMF decoders from are cool, too bad I can't shell out 100 bucks for one. So, if anyone knows where I can get one similar for cheaper, let me know.

DATE - 11/12/98 22:38:12

Sammy, you get the kewlest DTMF decoder in a pager case from, it's part of their Techtoyz line.

Wunder, now I have TWO ComDex cardz but probbly won't go, more interested in USENIX now. Hehe cons with REAL geek factor!

DATE - 11/12/98 17:39:43
FROM - WunderKind 410

Wow... Comdex really gets their stuff out quick. I got mine today.

TOPIC - Caller ID
DATE - 11/11/98 09:48:09
FROM - Fone Thug uhhhhh...

I was reading another file on caller id and it said that there was a defined protocal for PBX's to pass true caller id info if any one has any idea what that protocol is email me

TOPIC - beige boxin
DATE - 11/11/98 00:18:52
FROM - sammy 925

I made little disocovery yesterday, i used some needles on my beige box instead of allegator clips and found that it was a pretty good way to tap into a wire when the box is locked.

by the way, does anyone know where to buy one of those pager decoders?

TOPIC - Caller ID
DATE - 11/10/98 18:13:21
FROM - Bombtrack

Check out the link below for a caller ID spoofer.

Fixers Tech Room

TOPIC - 2600 meetings
DATE - 11/09/98 20:56:47
FROM - Tracker 503 Portland, OR - No domain available

Sorry, Nope, I dont think so. I'm too paranoid to go to the pioneer square (I think thats where there held) and talk in person. No really, I have been too busy or totaly forgot about the times/dates. And it had kinda developed into a habbit. On a different note, after reading the info on how caller ID works, I thought 'What if we could transmit a tone sequence to the ID box that was stronger then the modem's transmition.' I started working, and after a little while (5 minutes with BASIC) I came out with a random 1100/2200 scrambler that worked over the speaker. I tested it, and it kinda worked. Anyways, I continued with speeding up the speaker timing to match the 1200 baud transmition from the phone company, and I also started working on a way to specify what was sent over the line (Someone elces #. not just error!) After I figure that out, I'll hook up basic to check the ports for modems and have a key delayed start sequence. It should all be out after the start of 1999. Also, the Macintosh version is in the works, released as version 1 along with version 2.0 on the PC side. Lastly, Axehead has a point. The idea behind the forum is to develop technology for the 21st century (Hey, at least I'm not building a bridge there) If the art of Phreaking is going to remain alive, we have to feed it. -End Transmition, Tracker 503's Thoughts-

TOPIC - Digital Red/Blue boxes
DATE - 11/09/98 14:48:08
FROM - Axehead area code 503 - No domain available

Hey everybody,
I have noticed there are a lot of fone companies going to digital lines on there payfones. My idea: we need to go digital as well.

TOPIC - 2600 meetings
DATE - 11/08/98 21:50:20
FROM - muted pdx area

hey tracker, ever been to Portland's 2600 meetings? Just wondering.

TOPIC - Wow Thug....
DATE - 11/05/98 23:04:41

Hehe maybe I should go to ComDex again this year after all! Ever been there? I got a free pass in just by filling out their dumb form on the net at, saying I'm an engineer and everything, it's mainly suite there, though, it's great to go there and wear all black and sunglasses inside and grab all the info (the laptops are all tied down damn!) you can....

I got this magazine article on Caller ID testing in an ATE magazine (Automatic Testing of Electronics) and there's something in there about DTMF A and B tones so I guess I have to build a silver box.....

TOPIC - last post
DATE - 11/05/98 08:26:13
FROM - Fone Thug

that sounds like a good idea but every time i try to pum voltage on to the phone line i disconnects me i use it as a "hold button" so you probally would have to lower the amount of current without changing the voltage

TOPIC - new idea for a box
DATE - 11/04/98 22:34:40
FROM - noam 219

ok, i guess this would be the best forum to mention this in, if not then feel free to scold me. anyway i was numbing my brain watching tv a few days ago and some commercial for MCI (i think) came on about how they now offer a service where you dont have to pay for calls that are under 30 seconds. so then i remembered about the black box (a box that keeps the voltage on a phone line high so that it seems to the phone company as if the phone is still ringing while you're actually talking) this allows for people to call your house without paying long distance bills, but the drawback is that if you talk for any length of time the phone company gets suspicious if the phone appears to be ringing for half an hour straight. so anyway, would it be possible to make a box similar to a black box to take advantage of this new MCI gimmick, it could raise the voltage about every 30 seconds so that it seems like a new phone call everything 30 seconds and your friend with MCI doesn't get billed.
tell me what you think/if it's possible.
oh and if someone already had this idea sorry, i dont mean to steal your shit (it seems like kind of an obvious idea to me)

TOPIC - last post
DATE - 11/04/98 22:00:35
FROM - Fone thug

that looks bad withoud tabs

TOPIC - Caller Id
DATE - 11/04/98 21:58:02
FROM - Fone thug here

here is the full (as much as i can get) info on caller id
From Sun Dec 1 14:20:22 1991
Received: from by gaak.LCS.MIT.EDU via TCP with SMTP
id AA27095; Sun, 1 Dec 91 14:20:19 EST
Received: by id AA07351
(5.65c/IDA-1.4.4 for; Sun, 1 Dec 1991 13:20:11 -0600
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1991 13:20:11 -0600
From: TELECOM Moderator
To: ptownson@gaak.LCS.MIT.EDUSubject: Caller-ID SpecificationsStatus: RO
From: Jeff Sicherman
Message-Id: Newsgroups: comp.dcom.telecom
Subject: Caller-ID Specifications Organization: Cal State Long Beach
This is a copy of the data sheet picked up at the Rockwell
booth at the COMDEX show.INTRODUCTION
Calling Number Delivery (CND), better known as Caller ID, is a
telephone service intended for residential and small business
customers. It allows the called Customer Premises Equipment
(CPE) to receive a calling party's directory number and the date
and time of the call during the first 4 second silent interval in
the ringing cycle. The customer must contact a Bellcore Client
Company to initiate CND service.
According to Pacific Bell representatives, the following states
and district currently support CND service: Delaware, District
of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine,
Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee,
Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.
The following states are scheduled to support CND service by
April, 1992: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois,
Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New
York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island,
and South Carolina.PARAMETERS
The data signalling interface has the following characteristics:
Link Type: 2-wire, simplex Transmission Scheme: Analog, phase-coherent FSK
Logical 1 (mark) 1200 +/- 12 Hz Logical 0 (space) 2200 +/- 22 Hz
Transmission Rate: 1200 bps
Transmission Level: 13.5 +/- dBm into 900 ohm load
(I have copied this data as presented. I believe the
transmission level is meant to be -13.5 dBm.)PROTOCOL
The protocol uses 8-bit data words (bytes), each bounded by a
start bit and a stop bit. The CND message uses the Single Data
Message format shown below.Channel Carrier Message Message Data Checksum
Seizure Signal Type Length Word(s) WordSignal Word Word
The channel seizure is 30 continuous bytes of 55h (01010101)
providing a detectable alternating function to the CPE (i.e. the
modem data pump).CARRIER SIGNAL
The carrier signal consists of 130 +/- 25 mS of mark (1200 Hz) to
condition the receiver for data.MESSAGE TYPE WORD
The message type word indicates the service and capability
associated with the data message. The message type word for CND
is 04h (00000100).MESSAGE LENGTH WORD
The message length word specifies the total number of data wordsto follow.
DATA WORDSThe data words are encoded in ASCII and represent the following
information:o The first two words represent the month
o The next two words represent the day of the month
o The next two words represent the hour in local military time
o The next two words represent the minute after the hour
o The calling party's directory number is represented by the
remaining words in the data word field
If the calling party's directory number is not available to the
terminating central office, the data word field contains an ASCII
"O". If the calling party invokes the privacy capability, the
data word field contains an ASCII "P".CHECKSUM WORD
The Checksum Word contains the twos complement of the modulo 256
sum of the other words in the data message (i.e., message type,
message length, and data words). The receiving equipment may
calculate the modulo 256 sum of the received words and add this
sum to the reveived checksum word. A result of zero generally
indicates that the message was correctly received. Message
retransmission is not supported.EXAMPLE CND SINGLE DATA MESSAGE
An example of a received CND message, beginning with the message
type word, follows:
04 12 30 39 33 30 31 32 32 34 36 30 39 35 35 35 31 32 31 32 51
04h= Calling number delivery information code (message type word)
12h= 18 decimal; Number of data words (date,time, and directory number words)
ASCII 30,39= 09; SeptemberASCII 33,30= 30; 30th dayASCII 31,32= 12; 12:00 PM
ASCII 32,34= 24; 24 minutes (i.e., 12:24 PM)
ASCII 36,30,39,35,35,35,31,32,31,32= (609) 555-1212; calling
party's directory number51h= Checksum Word
To receive CND information, the modem monitors the phone line
between the first and second ring bursts without causing the DAA
to go off hook in the conventional sense, which would inhibit the
transmission of CND by the local central office. A simple
modification to an existing DAA circuit easily accomplishes thetask.
(I will mail the Rockwell data sheet, which includes the
suggested schematic diagram.)MODEM REQUIREMENTS
Although the data signalling interface parameters match those of
a Bell 202 modem, the receiving CPE need not be a Bell 202
modem. A V.23 1200 bps modem receiver may be used to demodulate
the Bell 202 signal. The ring indicate bit (RI) may be used on a
modem to indicate when to monitor the phone line for CND
information. After the RI bit sets, indicating the first ring
burst, the host waits for the RI bit to reset. The host then
configures the modem to monitor the phone line for CNDinformation.
(I'm skipping some Rockwell-specific information here.)
According to Bellcore specifications, CND signalling starts as
early as 300 mS after the first ring burst and ends at least 475
mS before the second ring burstAPPLICATIONS
Modem manufacturers will soon be implementing new modem features
based on CND information as this service becomes widelyavailable.
Once CND information is received the user may process the
information in a number of ways.
1. The date, time, and calling party's directory number can be displayed.
2. Using a look-up table, the calling party's directory number
can be correlated with his or her name and the name displayed.
3. CND information can also be used in additional ways such as for:
a. Bulletin board applications b. Black-listing applications
c. Keeping logs of system user calls, or
d. Implementing a telemarketing data baseREFERENCES
For more information on Calling Number Delivery (CND), refer to
Bellcore publications TR-TSY-000030 and TR-TSY-000031.
To obtain Bellcore documents contact: Bellcore Customer Service
60 New England Avenue, Room 1B252 Piscataway, NJ 08834-4196 (908) 699-5800

DATE - 11/03/98 15:33:07
FROM - WunderKind 410

All I know is that caller id info is as binary info. A mark which is "1" is 1200 +/- 12 Hz and a space "0" is 2200 +/- 22Hz. A friend and I are working on sending 2200 Hz thru a phone line to scramble it. The caller id would probably say error.

TOPIC - Caller Id
DATE - 11/02/98 20:41:55
FROM - Fone Thug there

does anyone know if ther is a caller id spoofing box

TOPIC - Posting in the wrong location
DATE - 10/28/98 22:03:21
FROM - Tracker 503 Portland, OR - No domain available

First I'd like to say that I know I must look pretty wierd, posting that I dont like people posting in the wrong topic, in the tech forum. But this happens to be my favorite one so live with it. Really people (the .2% of the general trafic) can we please kill the mass postings across all forums and posting in a forum that dosn't corospond with the topic. LM, I know your a big phreak and can take care of your self. If you'd like assistance from the rest of the world, post in the revenge board. Hmm, no more examples come to mind, ahh well. Tracker 503, call me at the local payphone (503) 620.9966 or 620.9948, around 3:45 pm Pacific.

TOPIC - Say wha..?
DATE - 10/22/98 17:32:02
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

Anyways, all I know is my friend connects to AOL using the 800 number or whatever that bills him like 99 cents a minute or whatever when hes traveling. I dont have to pay for the bill, so frankly, I dont give a rats ass. Anyways, it doesnt matter...Im off to do something boring cause I suck..

TOPIC - inventions
DATE - 10/21/98 17:23:12
FROM - hmmm.....

No, I wasn't talking about your inventions, since you are acutally trying to build something and experimenting with it. What I was talking about were lamers who just ask for help in building something and don't even try anything themselves...not even looking in a catalog to see what parts might work for it.

And Tofu-
I'll bet where you REALLY are is hiding behind the proxy server at the Anonymizer!
Even if you were really on a plane using an Airfone (and paying $2.50 a MINUTE), you still have to dial into a server SOMEWHERE!

TOPIC - GTE Airphone
DATE - 10/21/98 16:38:22
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

For the longest time I've been wondering why phreakers havnt started phucking with those GTE Airphones planes now carry. I heard somewhere there was plans for a box dealing with these but I still have not been able to find em. Anyways, anyone wanna help me out and experiment with these? Some of you might not travel as much as I do, so it might be a problem, anyways, post something.

By the by, if it says something about aol up on my domain or whatever, its cause im on my friends lappy...on a plane...hee hee, thats where i got the whole idea to post this..hee hee, calling cards that arent neccisarily mine work great with these airfones, especially since i dont have to pay the 2.50 or whatever a minute..anyways, thats all from me.

"Im a hacker cause OCI says so..."


TOPIC - And one more thing
DATE - 10/21/98 02:58:40
FROM - Tracker 503 Portland, OR - No domain available

Oh, 'Hummmm...' , I'm sure you wern't thinking about my experiments, but I dought you'll find my control box (hey, I like the sound of that) in any old catalog. But you do have a point about the other 94% of the population.

TOPIC - little boxes
DATE - 10/21/98 02:54:15
FROM - Tracker 503 Portland, OR - No domain available

Yes, you are right. But what about us phreaks who like tinkering with little things. I personaly would rather take a payphone apart and figure out how it works then box in the entire $95 of quarters that the logs say it has. (I have the advantage of doing both) The idea I had when I asked RBCP to put up this forum was that it could be a place for tinkering phreaks to discuss and compare, not to mention help anyone who asked for it. Information should be shared. Alright, that's my minute of flower child. I'm still working the bugs out on paper for my telco tap thinger. Anyone have any good name ideas for a box that controls every line in those little green cans? I'll explain the idea and principal later. ,Tracker 503

TOPIC - stuff
DATE - 10/21/98 00:17:07
FROM - hmmm....


I think you're right... most of the little inventions that people think of, or they ask people to design for them already fucking exist!! If they would just pull their head out of their ass and look in a catalog or two, they'd find it in there!

TOPIC - Spying stuff
DATE - 10/20/98 22:31:43
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

Hehe you mean those stupid little "spy devices" they sell in Johnson Smith catalogs? With the ultrasonic hearing range of up to 100 decibels or something. Yeah, I always wanted to have one of those to see if they really worked, but when I saw them they looked like walkman. One of them even had a big conspicuous sattelite dish looking thing that you hold with your hand to secretly listen in to whispered conversations over 100 feet across the room.
And not to be derogatory, or flame anyone...
But most of the "technical" stuff has to do with other people asking someone to make up some new spiffy elite device for them to use...
Like in some of the other forums there's a bunch of people with cool suggestions that may spark a small discussion, and you could end up finding something, but mostly you have people coming up with these great ideas but no one ever takes them on...apparently because the person who posted it either doesn't want to go experiment or doesn't care too much about their idea in the first place.
That's my two cents.

TOPIC - Something I found at a mall
DATE - 10/20/98 20:56:47
FROM - Simply LA/HP - No domain available

Yo guys I waas at a mall a couple of weeks ago and I found this little device that has a mic and an earphone plug, your supposed to use it as somekind of spying gear, it's pretty small and looks like a pager, so instead of buying it ($15), i stole it =P
works pretty good too, ok now the fun part ...I was thinking if some one can find away to listen to people hooking up an antenna and earphones you know those wireless earphones....if some can make them samll enough to be hidden...i'll get a pic of it when i get the time...just email me if you have more questions

DATE - 10/20/98 16:05:47
FROM - WunderKind 410

I was thinking... has anyone ever thought about cutting out the speaker to thier red box
and wirind it to the mic input of one of those handset amplifiers you can buy from radio
shack? It would be a lot less conspicuous if you could hold the red box in your pocket,
make the tones and keep on talking like nothing was wrong.

DATE - 10/20/98 13:38:59
FROM - Copen Hagen fivefourone

Ooo Ooo! You could put it in people's ear too!

TOPIC - Tele-Holly
DATE - 10/20/98 13:37:31
FROM - Copen Hagen 541 bebbe

I want to make a box that like has a button so that when I'm annoyed at the person on the other end of the line it sends a big long penis through the fone line and snaps the guy in the forehead leaving a really big, red, embarrassing mark that stays for a day or two. Then you could like prank people at 4:00 in the morning with it and be like "HI!, *SNAP!*" then they'd be like "Fucking kids, quit playing on the fone!" You could call it the Holly-Box

TOPIC - This new forum
DATE - 10/20/98 02:42:32
FROM - Tracker 503 Portland, OR - No domain available

Cool, he finaly put it up. Hello, I'm the Tracker refered to above, and this is a forum for higher tech phreaking. Have you ever needed a better beige box for the job? Had any ideas for a new & improved red box? Or, just wanted to express an idea for somthing that would screw ma' bell then ever thought posible? Good. Post it here. Thanx.

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