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FROM - Anonymousunknown -
TOPIC - Lamer
02/13/99 17:17:26 - MESSAGE #1195

Here is some huge LAMER anoy him however you can his ICQ UIN# is 24315666

Do anything to him nuke, bomb, spoof, hack, etc...

FROM - AaronOSwego, IL
TOPIC - Just testing this out
02/11/99 14:32:42 - MESSAGE #1127

Thanks. Looks good

Oswego Home Page
FROM - eskimiodown south
TOPIC - to w00dpuss
02/09/99 23:34:45 - MESSAGE #1067

whats up cuz. I read what you did and that ain't cool so expect something coming your way 6/6/99. So fool smoke another bowl, drink a fifth, and smoke till you lose your breath.

FROM - hotveniceLA JOLLA, CA -
02/05/99 01:58:11 - MESSAGE #912

Who can help me??? Pleazeeeeeee

Put it here!
FROM - sd
01/31/99 19:28:29 - MESSAGE #734

UM screw Red Boxin the link below will take u to the GREATEST SITE ON EARTH!!!!

Free Long Distance through ad sponsered messages.

Basically u get a card w/ a pin number.
Then you call the toll free number
Enter the pin then phone number
Then you listen to a ten sec ad
Each ad u listen to earns you a credit of two min.(how long do prank call last anyway???)
Listen one min of ads earns u eight min of talk time.
They're gonna have international and wireless someday


FROM - end of red boxin
01/31/99 19:26:19 - MESSAGE #730

UM screw Red Boxin the link below will take u to the GREATEST SITE ON EARTH!!!!

Free Long Distance through ad sponsered messages.

Basically u get a card w/ a pin number.
Then you call the toll free number
Enter the pin then phone number
Then you listen to a ten sec ad
Each ad u listen to earns you a credit of two min.(how long do prank call last anyway???)
Listen one min of ads earns u eight min of talk time.
They're gonna have international and wireless someday

FROM - linceverywhere
TOPIC - a bitch i know
01/26/99 11:37:12 - MESSAGE #579

does anyone know how to override or decode or a master code for bell south voice mail.


FROM - rkallenSan Diego -
TOPIC - I am a superduper elite foolproof admin
01/22/99 04:36:47 - MESSAGE #466

Hi I hear you are a bunch of elite hackers that can go through anything. well I think you all are a bunch of pussys who can't even hack your way out of a paper bag. you think your soo good, try and pull some elite shit on me. or phone me and we'll get it down. I know you'll see i'm the sysadmin god

my name Ross , call me, and if my foxy wife picks up her for Mr. Elite
home: (six-one-nine)six-seven-three-four-zero-nine-nine
work: (six-one-nine)four-eight-five-four-eight-zero-zero just ask for Mr. kallen if you wanna prove your lame skillz when i'm at work.

Home of the Rancho Bernardo Fudge packing broom ass packing horses
FROM - Rufus T. Firefly516
TOPIC - Mcitnicks
01/22/99 03:58:53 - MESSAGE #464

Mcitnick's is the burger place where Emmanuel gets his Hacky Meals from. It's better than Shimomomumomura's Polynesian Restaurant, cos ten minutes after eating there, you crap out a stupid book and your girlfriend leaves you again.

FROM - Marcus
TOPIC - Mcitnick?!
01/21/99 16:03:10 - MESSAGE #453

Who is this Mikitnick character twenty six hundred keeps pushing?

TOPIC - Twentysixhundred and Fouroneone
01/20/99 15:19:02 - MESSAGE #425

I would say, if possible get BOTH mags, they're both worth having, they have two different attitudes and different info, they're NOT in competition at all.

FROM - SC330
01/20/99 01:12:12 - MESSAGE #399

I don't like to correct people, so I'll just point a few things out. Twenty Six Hundred is an east coast mag while BL is a West coast mag. This is very easy to see when you open up either of these. Another difference is that BL isn't quite as political as TSH, more technical. Last, BL won't admit they are competing, they just say they coexist.

FROM - marcus
TOPIC - thanks
01/19/99 22:32:01 - MESSAGE #388

Thanks fior the reply. Anyone know how to use a program called Brutus?

FROM - In Phase
TOPIC - Blacklisted 411
01/19/99 22:15:33 - MESSAGE #385

"Blacklisted! four-one-one" is a haker magazine that competes with twenty-six-hundred. Actually, Blacklisted seems a bit more 'in your face' with information than twenty-six-hundred (who seems more conservative). But it's a good mag, so go to Barnes & Noble, or another place that sells twenty-six-hundred, and see if you can find BL-four-one-one.

FROM - marcus
TOPIC - what is Blacklisted!xxx?
01/19/99 20:58:53 - MESSAGE #381

What is Blacklisted!xxx? There is an article in it telling me how to find a person's ID from his USA.net account?

FROM - (473) 473-4903
TOPIC - Carribean #
01/15/99 00:28:27 - MESSAGE #257

Hey people:
I just got a new phonesex line of my own in Grenada (listed above). If any of you guys want to entertain yourselves, or are in a generous mood, feel free to give it a call. The uses for this number are unlimited, because it "looks" like a US number, but costs the same amount as an international call. If you're feeling extra generous, have a conference there instead of on the Defcon Voicebridge -- I get eighteen cents per line per minute, and get paid no matter what ;)
If you're interersted in one, send me an email.

FROM - SC330
01/14/99 23:09:58 - MESSAGE #253

There is an article in the latest Blacklisted!XXX on just that. Go pick up a copy, it's well worth the five bucks.

FROM - CaptiveNTxTexas
TOPIC - help me
01/14/99 20:00:54 - MESSAGE #248

I am gonna try to spell it out, k? phone number is, nine one five, nine four four, three three eight seven, and the address is two three three zero sac ave. san angelo, tx, seven six nine zero four...please help if you can...

FROM - CaptiveNTxTexas
TOPIC - Please Help
01/14/99 19:57:01 - MESSAGE #247

I tried to post a message before, because I was booted, did not realize we could not post numbers here...*sigh*, I am trying to find someones email address, on their server, or any other ones they may have...the name is Scott Allen Carter, or his moms, R E Bundick...I know the account with the server is hers, with a company called West Central Cellular, but would like to know if they have an email address there, with yahoo, or an im account with aol, anything at all, i know their phone number and address, if you can help me, please email me, as it will not let me post numbers here, I will reward anyone who can help....

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Marcus
01/13/99 16:52:36 - MESSAGE #224

Oh yeah, don't just show this database to your exwife, show it to his coworkers, boss, friends, family, your kids, anybody who ever knew him. He needs to be unmasked as the asshole he is.

And for more info on the guy, spy on him a bit. There's no telling what kind of other dirt this guy has on him. Maybe he's done this same exact thing before to other people, and their testimonies would be great for evidence of this guy's sick obsession.

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - marcus
01/13/99 16:48:55 - MESSAGE #223

Ok Marcus, here's my suggestion, compile a huge database of every EMail, letter, phone call transcript and recording, conversation transcript and recording, and pics of him doing things to you. Even if some of it is not illegal, it can at least show your wife what a schmuck this guy is.

FROM - jimmypop0HI0 -
TOPIC - marcus
01/12/99 14:55:58 - MESSAGE #191

hey marcus if this guy is coming around it should not be hard to get pay back just beat him up. If your a skirt use a ball bat if you dont want to kill him wrap towels or sheets around the bat if you still dont want to hit him just call the cops on him for everthing and read the text on ruining some ones life its got some good stuff

FROM - cbfogNC
TOPIC - Why you can't post numbers
01/09/99 13:30:58 - MESSAGE #104

rbcp made it so you can't post prime numbers so codes idiots won't post them.

FROM - Random APBSeven One Three
TOPIC - Social Security
01/09/99 03:45:45 - MESSAGE #85

Alright, does anyone know of any good stuff to do to someone if you have their SS#? *evil grin* Any good ideas appreciated... I want to get creative with this one... hehe. Any "four-eleven"/ideas are welcome.

Also, since when, and WHY the fuck is my sited banned from posting numbers?!? I mean, it's no big deal, but damn, all I wanted to do was put the number seven-hundred thirteen up for the "location" field.... Sheeesshhhh... Who the heck was being an idiot, and got MY site banned for it?!? Grrr@!! hehehe
Christ, it just told me a couldn't even write the number four-hundred eleven instead of typing out "information." Fuck me in the goat ass!! :P

Random APB

UHC Central
FROM - MarcusPA
TOPIC - Dude cost me my life
01/08/99 17:14:13 - MESSAGE #52

This dude cost me my life. To make things short, he sent my wife ... my ex-wife e-mails and pics he created and all sorts of things and manipulated her into divorcing me. He has her thinking I am some sort of drug dealer. He came over a few times, from what the kids tell me, and threatened to "cut off and eat" my eleven year-old daughter's breasts. I called the cops and they can't do shit ... something about no evidence ... BULLSHIT! I want to get this guy bad!! He has been taunting me using his e-mail. He uses some srt of proxy server to disguise his IP, but his e-mail address is his. If anyone can tell me how to get a person's details from his usa.net mail account, please help me put an end to this pervert!

TOPIC - Cancel This cunt's credit card
DATE - 01/03/99 13:10:08
FROM - eyehateamerica -

hello, there cancel this racist shit's credit cards.

ah knoedl
9017 Texas sun drive
austin, tx 78748

phone number 1-512-280-0313
give their family a nice call with your redboxes......hehehehehehehe

DATE - 01/03/99 03:57:42
FROM - AniGirl

Member Name: Deborah
Location: Long Island, New York
Birthdate: 8-18-74
Sex: Female
Marital Status: My lawyer knows better than me.
Hobbies: Taking care of my beautiful daughter.
Computers: Does it really matter?
Occupation: Court Reporter
Personal Quote: "My divorce has so far cost me more than my wedding."

DATE - 12/31/98 21:20:31
FROM - Alessius Australia

Is this a nice chatboard or what?

DATE - 12/31/98 01:25:06
FROM - kest

can someone please help me find out info on this aol faggot..he is driving me up a wall. i have little experience in aol hack or mail bombs.his e-mail is:

DATE - 12/30/98 20:07:03
FROM - Xena, Warrior Pheaker Venus, planet of love

Here is a live one for you - she responds to all emails and thinks she is a badass. Her name is Debbie and she has a profile on AOL, if you're bored, look it up. Send hate mail to: DebAimee@aol.com

TOPIC - see see
DATE - 12/30/98 03:10:16
FROM - jimmypop ohio -

I said they were luckey didnt I? also sub sonic 22s dont make any noise and have the same muzzle velocity as 22lr at 20 ft no big pop bottles oh well I sick in the head any way

TOPIC - Raping payfones and 12-year-olds.....
DATE - 12/29/98 18:35:01

Looks like a really good way to fuck with payfone co's for sure, and they deserve it! But, most of these fones are COCOTS, and they're programmable. They are usually, unless the company's a real bunch of dumbfucks, programmed to NOT take 1-800 calls. They are required by law (I'm almost certain) to take 911 calls, but 1-800's aren't a "right" and you can't do 'em from these phones. One thing that you might try, however, is see if you can ANI the phone to get its #. You MIGHT get a modem, and that's good shit right there. What you do is ANI the fone, and then go somewhere else and call it and see if you get its modem. Don't trust the # that's written on the fone, try to ANI it anyway. Most of these fones won't let you ANI, but the saving grace there is that on these "commercial" fones the line itself isn't very well protected and maybe you can tap in there.

As for calling the pork on these 20-year-olds for trying to rape a 12-year-old, they were lucky. I'd have shot 'em, it'd have gotten written up as a "gang" incident, and that would be that. And they never would have known who did it. I wouldn't have called the cops or anything. What about the gunshots, you say? What gunshots, .22 CB Long and a sodabottle silencer, right in the mastoid process, pip, pip!

TOPIC - 30 cent payphone fee
DATE - 12/29/98 06:19:11
FROM - Luther99 Minnesota (507)

My "Q" is ---
Since the FCC mandate of Jan 1998 requiring payphone owner compensation per completed "toll-free" call, does this mean that if you dial a company's 800 number 1,000 times from a payphone they will be billed an additional $300 in long distance and the payphone operator will recieve a check in that amount from the phone company? And if so, what's to stop a person from buying into a payphone to milk the program from a living? After all, 60 calls an hour is $18.00!!!
From a revenge viewpoint, this can do some serious damage to a companies phone bill with several thousand calls from payphones per day???
Any info it greatly appreciated via e-mail or on the board.

TOPIC - it was funny
DATE - 12/29/98 01:41:37
FROM - jimmypop ohio -

if you had seen the cop when he got there you would have rolled his was pissed and I was just laughing my ass off. I would do it again if I could.

TOPIC - me
DATE - 12/29/98 01:38:54
FROM - jimmypop ohio -

If Im not having fun no one is having fun plus the big age difference those kids should be happy I wasnt her dad.

TOPIC - That's cruel!!
DATE - 12/28/98 10:52:17
FROM - cbfog NC

You shouldn't call the bacon on people having sex.

TOPIC - police
DATE - 12/27/98 03:54:26
FROM - jimmypop ohio -

The police are good in certian ways like revenge. I like to call the police on people all the time for any reason once I say some kids haveing fun at the mall I fucked thier day up good I said it look like they were rapeing this girl and they were real mean looking. I always wait to see my evil at work and this kids would have been ok if the boys had not run from the cop so I jumped in my car and went in thier direction to help find them, too late mall security was kicking the shit out of them real bad. by the way they were having sex and I was not I think thats a good reason to go to jail and the boys were in thier 20s the girl having sex about 12 thats gross hahahaha
I dont know why im so mean but always exagerate(i cant spell)

TOPIC - slow em down
DATE - 12/24/98 08:43:07
FROM - sulcata99 330

The buck I spent on my valve stem tool has been worth it!Want some one to have a flat later on?Just back the vavlestem off till you here a faint hiss and repace the cap!Want them to know they arent liked?Take all four valves and mail them back to them useing someone elses return address.
people around here get alot of flats if they park in handycap zones without a sticker.

TOPIC - CrackWhore
DATE - 12/23/98 22:40:19
FROM - Bombtrack

Your proly a lil white fag with a wentire wardrobe of Union Bay or some other yuppie shit.

TOPIC - revenge
DATE - 12/21/98 17:21:19
FROM - allbentouttashape duh...fig it out

Just though ya might like ta know this kid on aol sayz and i quote "Hackers and phreaks are just shit talkers, they cant do shit to my account" have fun but be responsible -never drink and hack

smoke rock and hack

DATE - 12/16/98 22:02:01
FROM - hmmm...


Are you using Netscape or IE as a browser?

If you are, change your "identity" in the program to be "CASCABEL26@aol.com".

Then go into the newsgroups, and on various groups, just post a "test" message. The auto-bots that the e-mail spammers use will find his address, and put him on lots of their spam mail lists. He will then receive mail from them forever....

TOPIC - hmm...
DATE - 12/16/98 21:01:28
FROM - dguy 618

kest, if this d00d is using aohell, then he's probably already miserable enough, seeing as how it always either:
a. has a busy signal
b. boots you after 5 minutes.

dguy, with his 2 cents on an a0l lamer

so true
TOPIC - help again
DATE - 12/16/98 01:17:43
FROM - kest philly

if anyone can help me get as much info on the aol address CASCABEL26@aol.com it would be much appreciated...

TOPIC - kill his mailbox
DATE - 12/16/98 01:11:45
FROM - kest philly

some asshole who's e-mail address is:

will not fuckin leave me alone because i wont sell my fuckin brand new rims to him for 300!! he has now insulted my mom. if anyone could help by ruining this kid i would be greatly indebt. i only have an e-mail address and i am not that educated in mail bombs.

TOPIC - Gsquared is my name, eating pizzas are my game
DATE - 12/08/98 01:20:54
FROM - Gail Gordon BNF and parts unknown

I am having an affair with this guy at work, his name is Kevin Gallagher, he is so hot. If my exhusband found out he would tell this other guy I used to sleep with, his name is Fashad. MCI frowns on employees having affairs. My revenge is to my exhusband Brian Donegan 703-461-3215. He has threatened me before to tell people at work. Help! He is a lawyer also.

TOPIC - = Gail..i think i love you..
DATE - 12/04/98 00:55:43
FROM - Tofu Gails basement

not too = sure if this was you..but...

"TOPIC - fuck all you
DATE - = 12/03/98 15:31:30
FROM - gail gail
go for it
phreak me if you = want i don't care.

ha ha ha ha ha"

Ok, if it was, you = asked for it, if not, well, someone asked for you i guess, = huh?

=0A= TOPIC - 1
DATE - 12/03/98 22:36:54
FROM = - 1 k


=0A= TOPIC - Leave me alone
DATE - = 12/03/98 20:19:54
FROM - Gail = Gordon Alexandria,Va

Why do you keep sending me pizzas at my = home..at 7 Carraige House Alexandria ,Va? I don't like anchovies. That's = what made me so fat in the first place.

=0A= TOPIC - Leave me alone
DATE - = 12/03/98 20:19:05
FROM - Gail = Gordon Alexandria,Va -

Why do you keep sending me pizzas at = my home..at 7 Carraige House Alexandria ,Va? I don't like anchovies. = That's what made me so fat in the first place.

=0A= TOPIC - Gail
DATE - 12/03/98 = 00:18:45
FROM - hmmmm....

Did you notice = that in the last two posts by Gail, that she lists two different e-mail = addresses?

I wasn't able do a whois or nslookup on the ip she = left....traceroute doesn't complete...

=0A= = TOPIC - Gail Gordo -- or whatever
DATE - 12/02/98 23:41:17
FROM = - Random APB The other side...

Gail: Shut-up, you whiney little bitch!! Obviously = someone doesn't like you for doing that to you, and I don't like you = very much just from your stupid posts.. Do you actually believe the FBI = is going to (or even can) do anything about it? You're smoking way too = much crack, bitch!! Take your new unlisted fone number and shove it WAY = up your ass, you cunt-whore ;D and further more, do you think my = unlisting your fone number, you'd actually put a stop to a determined = phreak? Uh-uh, bitch... think again.... :P

Ahhh... My = flame-of-the-day... I fell better now.. All appologies to anyone I've = offended by my post (excluding Mega-bitch: Gail Whats-her-fuck) ... =



=0A= TOPIC - ?
DATE - = 12/02/98 21:51:41
FROM - SC 330

InfoMag, what do you mean they are = E-Mailing me? Who is E-Mailing me?

Gail, I am no legal = expert, but if you prank call a number, you get in trouble, not the guy = who gave you the number.

=0A= TOPIC - stop calling me
DATE = - 12/02/98 20:43:23
FROM - Gail Gordon DC

I work for = MCI. I have contacted the FBI and have reported you. My old phone number = was 703-370-2018 and had to change it because of you. Don't make me get = ugly.

=0A= TOPIC - ramsey
DATE - 12/02/98 = 20:40:27
FROM - Gail = Gordon DC -

I = want the PLA to stop calling me..My number is now unlisted because of = you..Whoever gave you my phone and Alexandria, Va. address is going to = pay.I work for MCI as a internet legal expert and I will find you and = sue you for defamation.My husband Brian is a lawyer too.

=0A= TOPIC - = Hotmail backdoor
DATE - 12/02/98 01:56:53

Hehe = I just tried it and now they're emailing you or something. It's a little = harder now I guess

=0A= TOPIC - hotmail
DATE - 11/30/98 = 17:42:14
FROM - SC 330

Well, When you = set up a hotmail account ( or at least at one time ), you get the option = to set up a backdoor for yourself, so if you forget your password, you = simply answer a question or two . Your answers to the questions were = typed in when you first got your account. To get to this backdoor ( or = at least at one time, I haven't accessed hotmail for like 6 months or so = ), just click the link that says something like "Forget your Password?" = or something.

=0A= TOPIC - What = backdoor?
DATE - 11/30/98 16:40:17

What = backdoor where Hotmail asks for your favorite band? How's that work?

=0A= TOPIC - hotmail =
DATE - 11/30/98 00:25:30
FROM - SC 330 =

I've hacked 5 or six hotmail accounts. I did not = use any special tricks or anything, just did it the old fashoned way: I = pulled out my LOD password list. On all but one I was in in less than 20 = minutes. On the other one, I just went to the backdoor where it asked = you're favorite band. I typed "Beatles" and got it on my first try. So, = it is not that hard. So, my advice is to simply try a few passwords.

=0A= TOPIC - hotmail stuff
DATE - = 11/29/98 22:56:39
FROM - Juju Bead CA

yeah, hey, = how can i hack into someone's hotmail account? my friend did it by = modifying the URL somehow. any ideas?

=0A= TOPIC - = Revenge
DATE - 11/20/98 19:34:05
FROM - Random APB Planet Earth =


UHC = Central
=0A= TOPIC - Queer
DATE - 11/18/98 = 16:45:14
FROM - The Ghost In The Machine =

Hey Staph, how do you know he's queer?

Here's a great revenge = technique! Just get a guy to call you queer all the time and people will = think this guy has no life and is queer himself! Meanwhile, they'll = start noticing you and see how cool you are.

=0A= TOPIC - = Revenge, or something
DATE - 11/17/98 01:44:23
FROM - radmon Earth

Alright, I got this fewlio's SS# and I'm not sure what I can do to = the S.O.B. *burp* using it, seeing as how he doesn't have any sort of = perm. residence (lives @ friends' houses and what-not) or a fone. The = only solid information I have on him is his real name and his social = security. Like I said before, I can't do anything fun like = disconnect/change his fone service or whatever, because he don't have a = fone, etc... Am I repeating myself? If I'm repeating myself, stop me = now. Ok, uhhh... Yea, what can I do to get even with this fucker? ... = yea...so.....ok.


PRoJeCT GaMMa (my best buddies = leet-o site *wink*)
=0A= TOPIC - Revenge, or something
DATE - 11/17/98 01:44:23
FROM - radmon Earth

Alright, I got this fewlio's SS# and I'm not sure what I can do to the S.O.B. *burp* using it, seeing as how he doesn't have any sort of perm. residence (lives @ friends' houses and what-not) or a fone. The only solid information I have on him is his real name and his social security. Like I said before, I can't do anything fun like disconnect/change his fone service or whatever, because he don't have a fone, etc... Am I repeating myself? If I'm repeating myself, stop me now. Ok, uhhh... Yea, what can I do to get even with this fucker? ... yea...so.....ok.


PRoJeCT GaMMa (my best buddies leet-o site *wink*)
TOPIC - Bell Labs you lucky bastard....
DATE - 11/16/98 15:46:41

Wow.... I'm more jealous of you, getting to work at Bell Labs!!

It's a Tadpole SPARCbook, not SPARCbook I or II, the original, first one, it's got a magnesium case and the world's klunkiest keyboard, kind of has a "mil-spec" feel, I still haven't put any serious effort into getting X Window running, it's interesting, I spent like $700 on it and probably ought to sell it, but then with that maggie case it's probably close to Tempset cert if not actually Tempest rated, and if I can get that X Window running I can get Netscape for UNIX and that would be COOL!!

TOPIC - Microsuck
DATE - 11/16/98 10:08:39
FROM - Ray Dios Haque UP$

I don't know, I don't want to smal microsoft too much. They have made alot of shitty software in the past, with bad support to back it up. But NT is damn nice. I have only crashed in NT once since I started using it, and that was the result of busted hardware. However, I do envy you for having a Sun machine. I used to work on those at Bell Labs here in Ohio. They were wicked.


TOPIC - Why?
DATE - 11/16/98 02:13:53

Ray Dios, why am I getting the impression that anything Microslop is EVIL????

At least with some 'O dat crap you HAVE a desktop, I can't fucking figure out how to get Xwindow running on my SPARC.... gee, maybe I'd better TRY or something....

TOPIC - Active Desktop
DATE - 11/15/98 14:29:22
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Active Desktop is fucking evil. It has WAY too many problems. I had to uninstall it from about five workstations at work, because of problems it creates. You ever go to Shutdown windows and it never shuts down? Thats because of that Ative Desktop. If I were you I would do this.... Goto your control panel, and click on add/remove programs. Highlight IE 4.0 and click uninstall. It will give you three options. Choose Remove Windows Refresh Component (Active Desktop), But Keep Browser components. Active desktop causes errors EVEN WHEN IT IS NOT BEING USED. This is especially true if you have mapped drives. See the knowledge base for more info.


TOPIC - Browsers
DATE - 11/14/98 21:43:33
FROM - Dogwelder 603 -

i have both browsers too, and ie doesn't lock up for me, but ever other week or so it just closes with an error and makes me do that restore desktop crap

TOPIC - Browsers
DATE - 11/13/98 20:23:32

Sure, IE is a capable browser and pretty much on par with Netscape, but Netscape doesn't freeze up NEARLY as much as IE! Anyone who uses IE (I have both browsers) can back me up on this one. Sometimes it mysteriously freezes and refuses to come back.

TOPIC - I have one!
DATE - 11/12/98 17:03:57
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

The good news is... I recieved some code from a guy named Chris Anderson long ago. He wrote a pagerbomber that would run in MS Access 97. It was written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). I have since ported it into Visual Basic 5.0 and made an executable version with a status window, sounds effects, and a few options. The bad news is, it doesn't work. For some reason the buffering gets jumbled on its way through the COM port, and I have yet to fix it. When done, it will be released as part of POSTAL!. Postal will be a console for 95/98/NT that is chock full of utilities. So far it will also include an array of port scanners, possibly a share locator, web browser, and a pay banner exploiter that I am working on now.


Stay Tuned .... (it ain't done yet)
TOPIC - Pager bombing
DATE - 11/12/98 01:28:15
FROM - hack San Diego, CA

hey ya'll,
i am looking for a *Windows 95/98* Pager Bomber.
I used to have something called Pager bomber 98
but i cannot find that on the internet or my
hard drive. Where can i "download* (the URL) a pager bomber for windows? i am NOT looking for something
that floods only one (1) pager, but i am looking for
something that sends 1 phone number to alot of pagers,
and it has to run in windows!

Hack's Domain
TOPIC - Headers
DATE - 11/10/98 18:11:31
FROM - Bombtrack

Try a different mail server. Hotmail most specificaly.

TOPIC - Headers
DATE - 11/10/98 15:52:41

One Problem: There's no place in the Preferances in my browser to specify full headers.

TOPIC - Headers
DATE - 11/10/98 15:50:23

The only problem with that, Bombtrack, is there isn't anywhere in my Preferances to specify full headers.

DATE - 11/09/98 16:15:04
FROM - bob

www.ekran.no/~revenge is that big huge revenge page

what i said, genius

TOPIC - Email shizit
DATE - 11/09/98 13:01:46
FROM - Bombtrack

To get the headers go into your prefs and change it to allow full headers.

DATE - 11/09/98 12:46:01

Ray Dios, I need to know how to get the personal info behind an AOL email address. I'm sure this is minor, beginner's stuff, but I really need it.

Also, let's say someone sends you an email, and you print it out, hoping to see the headers, and there are no headers. Is there a way to get those ugly headers??

Thanks, some of us have to start learning somewhere!

TOPIC - Tannest?
DATE - 11/09/98 09:54:14
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Hey, but I gave you some nice material about how 'safe' Java is. Even if it was written back in the stone age. So what's this about Tannest? I wasn't aware that you knew her. She is an old freind of mine from about a year and a half ago. I used to hang in #rock with her and Nynex (and all the others). But no, she didn't give me your info. To get that I simply connected to www.blacksun.org on port 25 (SMTP). Then it was just a matter of expanding your e-mail address from Blacksun (EXPN command). That of course revealed your college e-mail address that you have set up as a forwarder. It wasn't much of a 'hack', it was more like a five minute job and pure luck.


Its still here, and not updated. The UPS!

TOPIC - Actually Ray...
DATE - 11/07/98 18:16:15
FROM - Copen Hagen duh

Actually Ray, I did follow your link, and it was very informative. Still, it is outdated. And as for my info, did you get that from Tannest? I know she freely gives it out, so its not a big impressive deed....also its on my page, which I have given out in the past.

TOPIC - viewing a porn page in Lynx....
DATE - 11/07/98 02:48:56


TOPIC - Kill da man
DATE - 11/07/98 01:37:24
FROM - Future Shok USA - No domain available

Isn't this supposed to be a revenge forum?
Anyway, I really want to kill/get even with this guy but I'd rather not get caught. I've read a lot of the anarchist files and shit, but I need to find some people with experience that can help me out. Also, if anyone knows where I can find the very newest copy of the Anarchist Cookbook, email me with it. thanks

TOPIC - Lynx
DATE - 11/06/98 20:18:03
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Lynx is very safe, and amazingly fast to load pages (what a suprise). However, I don't think Copen likes it. Viewing porn pages with Lynx probably isn't all that exciting. I wonder if he's an expert in that too? Hey Copen, have you ever written a report on that? Enlighten us.


TOPIC - Exploiter
DATE - 11/06/98 15:18:40

Uh, but Exploiter's supposed to be full 'o' holes TOO! AARGH!! Hey, have you tried netscpe for UNIX machines? What do you think of THAT? Geez, I have so much to learn, it's *almost* enough to make me retreat to using Lynx.....(which I have to use sometimes anyway :(

TOPIC - Internet Exploiter
DATE - 11/06/98 08:13:34
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

I myself, prefer to use Internet Exploiter. Netscape does nothing for me. I can see where it used to be much better because it had alot of plugins that were not available for Internet Explorer. But now that there is 4.0 they seem about the same to me. I mainly use IE 4.0 because it can be found on many microsoft product CD's. Your best bet is to install IE 4.0 and then immediately go to MS's web site and do the active download upgrade.


TOPIC - Hey Ray Dios....
DATE - 11/05/98 22:59:25

Does this mean I can't use my sorryass old netscape 3.01 I ftp'd so lovingly from the free/old software site? I know Java's a crock o'it, I can't understand all of these people saying java is so great....

Maybe in the way that Verifone likes to have the same default PW in it's XL/TRANZ machines, 1[alpha][alpha]66831, so people can always get into stuff..... I think that's pretty great myself.... hehe!
Should I get Netscape 4.x or can I just patch my 3.01?

TOPIC - Copen Da' Lamah.
DATE - 11/05/98 16:58:57
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Copen, you just think you know everything, and you don't. You should further investigate things before you automatically dismiss claims. Did you follow the link I posted? Being a big fan of Sun Microsystems I thought you might enjoy the several links to articles explaining exploits that reach into the heart of windows. Every time they throw up a security ban on a hostile java class, two more are created. I just had to track you down, for giggles. But I was dissaponted to see all of the resources you have that you can use to prove me wrong. I guess you are stupid AND lazy, Solomon.


TOPIC - Woo you got skillz
DATE - 11/05/98 15:35:34
FROM - Copen Hagen COCC, PioneerLab A, 21.65

Woo Ray, don't you have skillz! We try to have a nice intullectual discussion and you go and ruin it by bringing info into it. I'm hurt Ray, and I choose not to be a little bitch about this and find your info. I'll just concede how much I phear you and your infinite knowelege, running away like a dog with my tail between my legs.

(Can you smell my Ph34r?)

TOPIC - So try it with MS
DATE - 11/05/98 08:31:13
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

So why don't you try it with a Microsoft product? Your little Oregon community college has all that crap there to play with. You could either go up into the "Pioneer Lab", or the "Library Lab". They should both have Internet Explorer available to use. And don't use those macintosh's for this test. When I had this thing working, it bombed on Internet Explorer 3.01 on an IBM compatable PC (not a power PC). I am telling you, this thing is quite old, Mr. Freimuth.


United Phreaks Syndicate! (Remember us?)

TOPIC - Sorry Ray
DATE - 11/04/98 19:33:44
FROM - Copen Hagen - No domain available

Actually Ray,

I have done reports on that information...and I wasn't using an MS product. I used HotJava and Netscape 3.01....and I got that on both. Sorry.

TOPIC - Hostile Applets
DATE - 11/03/98 19:00:16
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Copen, if you are capable, please follow the link below and read about the other applets this guy made. I am not goin to hold lenghty arguments with you about each one. They clearly pointed out that Java had some serious problems. If you find suckers using 3.01 with no updates, most of these will still work.


Hostile Applets

TOPIC - Java Security
DATE - 11/03/98 18:43:47
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Copen, perhaps you were still in diapers back when Sun Microsystems was under attack for opening a new door in the world of exploits. Java may be reletively safe now, but it hasn't always been. The man who created that applet basically laughed in the face of Sun Microsystems, and placed up his downloads as proof that Java was entirely UNSECURE. Now you are hiding behind your latest and greatest browser, courtesy of Bill Gates and his pack of 31337 programmers. Of course it's not going to work NOW! Hmmm.... security exception error? What do you suppose that means? Those class files have been known about for quite some time now. Thanks for playing Copen. That was really e'reet' the way you cut and pasted that bullshit from Sun Microsystems. You should try reading things that you cut and paste. Maybe you will absorb something. So are you ready to check out sir? Would you like to buy a clue now? Paper or plastic?

-In your face, Lamer.


TOPIC - And BTW...
DATE - 11/02/98 22:56:43
FROM - Copen Hagen Why Choose Bendnet?

And if ALL that argument doesn't work, try this nifty little applet out on your Winbloze box....it simply doesn't work!

Applet TripleThreat can't start: class TripleThreat got a security violation: method verification error

(I tried it out on one of the lab computers)

So Ray....Sorry to say, I'm right.

Try it yourself @ blacksun.org/~copen/TripleThreat.html

I really hope you didn't write that yourself ray...its a terrible attempt at what kinda looks like java...sorta...mebbe...

TOPIC - Well...I'm a CS major and I specialize in java...but I'm wrong...
DATE - 11/02/98 22:38:51
FROM - Copen Hagen

Nope...its either A) Not an applet, or B) You are so full of shit your eyes are brown:

A JavaTM applet is a Java program that can be included in an HTML
page, much in the same way an image is included. When you use a
Java-compatible BROWSER to view a page that contains a Java
applet, the applet's code is transferred to your system and executed by the

-Sun's Applet Definition(Notice key words BROWSER)

Java Security

In order to combat potential security threats, users need programs they
can rely on. Moreover, developers look to a development platform that
has been designed with security capabilities built in-not added as an
afterthought. This is where the Java platform comes in. Java is designed
from the ground up for network-based computing. Security measures are
an integral part of Java's design. Other distributed solutions cannot
make this claim. From their inception, other distributed solutions utilize a
traditional execution model. As applications created by other solutions
migrate toward the net, developers must add security features as
appliqués-without the many benefits of the Java security model.

The business end of the Java security model is conveniently described by
using the metaphor of the Sandbox. The sandbox comprises a number of
cooperating system components, ranging from security managers that
execute as part of the application, to security measures designed into the
Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the language itself. The sandbox ensures
that an untrusted-and possibly malicious-application cannot gain access to
system resources.

To implement sandboxes, the Java platform relies on three major
components: the class loader, the byte-code verifier, and the security
manager. Each component plays a key role in maintaining the integrity of
the system. Broadly speaking, these components serve the following

Only the correct classes are loaded

The classes are in the correct format

Untrusted classes will not execute dangerous

Untrusted classes are not allowed to access
protected system resources

-Also from java.sun.com: http://java.sun.com/marketing/collateral/security.html

Java achieves "Write Once, Run Anywhere" capability through Java's
architecture. As depicted in Figure 3, all Java applications run atop the
Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The JVM resides on the host operating
system and buffers Java programs and applets from system variances. In
effect, it creates a virtual machine that remains constant across systems.
Initially accessible only in browsers, the JVM is now widely available
across a host of systems.

--Again...from Sun, creator of java, the definition of the JavaVirtualMachine(WHICH RUNS APPLETS)

So if you are at all educated or even literate you can see that Ray is either misled, bending the truth just a touch, or full of horse pucky...

Sorry Ray, you aren't gonna win this one.

TOPIC - CopenHagen
DATE - 10/30/98 21:34:43
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

Copen Loser is a pretty appropriate topic...Go read the suggestion box if you want to know what I mean..Or it might be the technical forum? I don't know. All he does is make stupid comments and babble like an idiot.

TOPIC - Copen Loser
DATE - 10/30/98 17:42:21
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

WRONG! Sorry Copen. I have to call your bluff on this one. This applet DOES explode into your taskbar. Not your status bar, or the staus bar on your browser. I am talking about your TASK BAR on your DESKTOP. So shut up, and sit down, and feel stupid, because I was right. If you still don't believe me, download the file attached to this link. Then run it on yourself. Then feel like the idiot you are.


TOPIC - This is just a test
DATE - 10/28/98 13:30:29
FROM - Johnatan Norway - No domain available

Ok, that's fine!


TOPIC - The tron box article at UP$
DATE - 10/27/98 02:37:27
FROM - Dysfunction Will they ever?

Hey Ray that was a great article on the Tron Box.
I just got done building one,and get this I put it together using parts out of a old church organ that I found tossed out on the street!!!- it had the exact right value caps and and resistor.
the only thing I added different was a neon light and the resistor is a 5 watt unit??

ya and to who ever posted that panic-0 link

DAMN that is one BUTT UGLY BITCH!!!!

heheheh Helloween is almost here !!!! Gear Up


TOPIC - Oklee
DATE - 10/22/98 21:41:10
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

God dammit...
I can't get in that guy's email account. "Quill" isn't the password anymore.

DATE - 10/22/98 19:49:02
FROM - oklee Hell

Hey Thanks for fucking up his page now i need you to change his password to gaysco so make it

Revenge is sweet

TOPIC - hehe
DATE - 10/21/98 19:22:00
FROM - Syko416 Toronto Canada

more about the message I posted. I also sent the EXACT same thing to a girl named Krystal Wilkerson.
He's wants to have a 3 some this weekend. ;)
He's going to have 2 very pissed off chicks yelling at him. :)
I also changed his info so he has a whole bunch of shit in his messages. ;)

P: quill


TOPIC - Re: Fuck this guy up
DATE - 10/21/98 19:05:10
FROM - Syko416 Toronto Canada


Dude what did that guy do to you? actually, who care?
I sent this message to Vanessa (I hope Vanessa isn't his sister ;)

Date: Thu Oct 21 15:28:56 1998
From: O-kLee
Subject: Re: hey there

uh.. sorry about that. I was just feeling SOOOOOO horny! Can I tell you a secret, Ever since I've met you I have always wanted you. I have a crush on you. I think that pedro is a fag (but don't tell him I said so, he and some of is friends would probably kick my ass) anyways, I was wondering if you'd go out with me? Or at least come over to my house and we can have sex. This isn't a joke. If you laugh at me I would just die.
I 'll be waiting for your answer.

a.k.a. O-kLee

Get your own free web-based email address at Xoom!

Syko's Homepage

TOPIC - And another thing...
DATE - 10/20/98 13:51:21
FROM - Copen Hagen Why choose Bendnet? - No domain available

And another thing...I might have already commented on this...I really don't remember..but Ray Dios Whatsits was talking about an "evil email applet" that he had. Well. Applets can't touch the taskbar(mebbe you meant it wreaked havoc on the status bar of your browser?) as a matter of fact they can't touch anything in your actual computer....its an applet: A program designed to run from an html base that has no access to any essential functions or facilities of your computer.

Anywho...you just make stuff up...that ain't right. I mean...geesus.

TOPIC - Ooo..He stole your channel!
DATE - 10/20/98 13:42:47
FROM - Copen Hagen 541...Tannest's attic - No domain available

He stole your channel...ohh no. He really must pay! Why don't we all go to his house and beat him up too. I know...we can hold him down for you while you smack him around with your penis! You can like write scalding graffitti on the walls of his house about his mother! Mebbe we could even create some dirty pictures of his daddy nailing a barnyard animal for you? The bastard should pay, after all!.

TOPIC - prank
DATE - 10/10/98 10:49:20
FROM - Syko416 Toronto Canada

I want everyone in Toronto canada to prank this asshole:
Colin Deeks 416-xxx-xxxx
He stole my IRC channel and he must pay.

TOPIC - calling cards
DATE - 10/06/98 17:41:29
FROM - stallion ia - No domain available

anyone know how to get a hold of recent stolen calling card numbers?
\\\e-mail apreciated///

DATE - 10/04/98 18:21:04
FROM - MacDaddy

one URL : www.justicewatch.com

go for it...

TOPIC - Copyright fees?
DATE - 09/30/98 21:47:58
FROM - discorp USA - No domain available

I am wondering if anyone would know who to talk to about getting cheap movie copyrights so that I can sell them legally. If you do please use the email discorp@techie.net

DisPLaCeR's Domain

TOPIC - Fuck dis guy up
DATE - 09/29/98 23:58:37
FROM - Blow Daddy 213 Phreaking Scene - No domain available

Would you mind just raising hell to some guy i know? His email is : Bryanwong@aol.com

His real name is his SN. How fucking stupid is that? Just send him whatever, but harmless stuff. I don't want his misfortune coming back to me or anything.

The aforemetioned person is a real dick at my school. He tells teachers for the most trivial things, and worst of all, he thinks hackers suck. So once again, i ask you all to just FUCK DIS GUY UP!

Tthe 213 Scene

TOPIC - lue Box Kid in trouble
DATE - 09/26/98 13:46:51
FROM - Simply Annoying LA/HP - No domain available

I got this letter from Blue Box Kid, seems like his ISP is blocking phonelosers.org here's the letter

From: "Blue Box Kid"
To: qplayed@yahoo.com
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 23:26:59 PDT

P-Phreak, brother phreak, phriend, phellow American. I am writeing you
today in an urgent tone..... Tonight when i logged on, i found that
site, yes phonelosers.org has been blocked by my ISP. This site doesnt
contain any pornogrophy of any sort. It is for the pure knowlege of
phun. I ask you to paste this message in every forum on the PLA site.
As President Kenedy said once, "Ask not what your country can do for
you, but what you can do for your country." I urge you, my phellow
bretheren, to dispose of any means of persuadement to change my ISP

Blue Box Kid
Idaho 208

TOPIC - Zellers
DATE - 09/22/98 01:05:52
FROM - commie@anti-social.com Zellers - No domain available

If you hate Zellers then.... http://members.xoom.com/zellers/

TOPIC - Zellers
DATE - 09/22/98 01:05:25
FROM - commie@anti-social.com Zellers - No domain available

If you hate Zellers then....

DATE - 09/21/98 03:35:39

HEY party people

much clown love to all the losers

My most treasured revenge tech is real simple and bewildering for these on the ass end of the prank

1 scope out the mutts house

2 try to do this when they are "surfing the net"
or have rented a stack of movies and are having a party

3 since you have scoped out the house you know where the mutts meter is EH?

4 now if your lucky it will just have a seal and no collar lock/if it has the lock-thats when you need and small screwdriver to turn the lock and remove the collar

last fun step

just pull the fucking meter and run like hell
maybe if you run by the front of the house break the
front picture window and yell "YOUR LIFE IS FUCKED'

take the meter home and make a nice nite lite out of it


TOPIC - 817
DATE - 09/19/98 15:32:36
FROM - Texan 817 - No domain available

if you are from 817 mail me

TOPIC - unexpected results
DATE - 09/19/98 14:38:35
FROM - w00dpuss the sputnik - No domain available

Well anyway this fat bitch was standing by the printer at school, and i held my lighter out. so she freaked out and claimed i lit her on fire. i had AEC for two weeks, so i was pretty pissed. so i called up the police department and freaking did the stolen equipment thang, and her mom let them in and they found like some crack rocks and a half pound of ganja in her room, and she was 17, so she's going away for a while..hehhehehhehehehehe. stupid bitch!

for sick sick humor click here

DATE - 09/17/98 03:59:48

ok still drunk and in that typing mood still

Ya know I use to love to take these broken tv's apart
that I would pick up when I passed by this repair shop
where I lived.

Well after taking them down section by piece
I was left with the big damn picture tube

oh what to do -what to do ??????

So a few times after being lost for answers
we would take them with us for a hot night out on the town- then after the night went down hill we would drive by somewhere anywhere -and toss the tubes the fuck out---go and break ---IMPLODE

but still that was not good enough after awhile

So I found a better way of tube action

this only may work if the victum has a door that opens in ok??-and maybe bushes near the door -and a low roof near the front door --

1.tie a wire or rope on the end of the picture tube
and put it on the edge of the roof(above the front door )and tie it to the front door

ring the door bell/or knock if they live in a trailer
with no new stuff like that

don't really run cus you will missing seeing the tube
fall off the roof a break with a big WHOOFFF
and just glass everywhere!!!!

maybe hide your face when this happens

more to come...

TOPIC - cap guns
DATE - 09/17/98 01:35:54
FROM - _

Hit the caps with a hammer.
Light the caps on fire.
Put them in your bong and smoke them...wait...DON'T do that.

TOPIC - cap gun phun
DATE - 09/16/98 19:18:19
FROM - DGuY shitsville(618)
- No domain available

anyone know of some shit i can do with a cap gun?

TOPIC - prodigy = stupid
DATE - 09/13/98 07:24:30
FROM - P-Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

yo guys I don't know if any of you know this but
you can access the net using prodigy for free!!!!!

email me for full detail....wel not really but...i'll tell you how it works..

TOPIC - your applet + congrats
DATE - 09/13/98 04:04:58
FROM - blow daddy CA - No domain available

Ray, can you please explain once again, what this does, it terms that a moron suck as myself can understand? thanks, and good job on your article in 2600, even though i don't understand it.

TOPIC - Evil Applet From Hell
DATE - 09/11/98 09:24:33
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Okay, but use it at your own risk. And if you get caught killing someone with it, don't come crying to me. If you are wise, you will get Ghostmail, and use it to send this applet to your victim anonymously. Or if you are super elite, just connect directly to a mail server. The file is below for download. It is the TripleThreat.class file and the TripleThreat.html file. They are zipped. I zipped them for the simple reason that no-one will use my web page host as a host for their evil. Remember, you have to upload the class file somewhere to use it! Get a free web page.


TripleThreat (Pure Evil!)

TOPIC - Evil Applets?
DATE - 09/09/98 15:18:12
FROM - blow daddy CA - No domain available

Ray, that email applet sounds pretty funny, do you still have it? can you send it to to me, or post it here?

Phreaks R Us

TOPIC - Mail Revenge
DATE - 09/09/98 10:37:29
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

The best trick I ever pulled was sticking an eveil applet inside of an e-mail. I set the width and height properties at 0 so it didn't draw an applet box in the browser. It also had a 'time' variable so you could trigger it to go off right away, or in a matter of seconds. When it exploded, it would tear across your taskbar (windows only kids) and make a "choo-choo" noise. I got it from a page that no longer places their evil applets up for download (because of abuse?). Heres the kicker... I used the "anonymous mail" method described below to send it. The mail was from Norton's Anti-Virus Center, and it explained this horrible virus. I go on to describe exactly what is loading in the browser, so you can imagine the victim shit their pants when they heard the train whistle. Hehehe. Whatta dumb prank.


TOPIC - spam!
DATE - 09/08/98 21:45:33
FROM - hmmm....

blow daddy:

use the "sendmail" trick by telnetting to port 25 on a DIFFERENT server than you dial into, and send mail from anybody@anywhere to your victim.

Read the 2600/Hack FAQ by Voyager for instructions on using this method.

Or send the email address of your victim to as many of the email spammers as you can. If you want a list of spammers who use mail bots, that automatically send you back stuff when you email them, post a request here.... I have a list of 6 or 7 spam bots I'll give you.

DATE - 09/08/98 19:51:12
FROM - blow daddy CA

Anyone have any ideas on how to send someone harassing e-mail? All help will be greatly appreciated.

TOPIC - Rotten meat
DATE - 09/05/98 01:42:48
FROM - NER0 Wisconsin
- No domain available

This has nothing to do with phreaking, but it does have to do with revenge. seeing as this is the revenge sub, I decided to post it.
Normally I do all my shopping at the food co-op in my town. Sure it's a little more expensive, and a farther drive, but the food is all natural and I actually pay for the food, not the packaging/name brand.
Anyway, so I was running low on food, and had no means to get to the co-op, so I had to settle for the National chain, spray our vegtables with poison, inject our cows for more milk store. I bought some lunch meat from the deli (i was sick of butter sandwhiches) and some other shit. When I got home,t he damn meat was spoiled. I went back to the store and tried to get my money back. The manager was a real dick, and almost threw me out of the store.
I thought about taking my anger out on him (his phone service, utilities...) but decided he was just an asshole, it was the store that screwed me over. Seeing as how I don't shop their, I didn't have to wait months for my revenge, I just did it on a weekend so their was a different manager and meat cutter guy. I went to the deli, and ordered about 30 pounds of various meats and about 20 pounds of cheese. I told them it was for a barbicue. The point is, I just walked around the store long enough, and then left the cart in a low traffic area that the meat and cheese went bad. The average per pound for the shit I had in there was probably $2.75. I also left a note in the cart explaining why this had been done.
I left out a few details such as the date to retain some anonitimity. (Is that even a word?) The point is, with a little thinking, you too can dick over your local store. Or something like that.

Please come to my page and see my dancing monkey

DATE - 09/03/98 18:39:10
FROM - Bombtrack

Aw hell. never mind/

TOPIC - E-zine?
DATE - 09/03/98 01:03:46
FROM - WunderKind 410 MD - No domain available

What kind of articles are you looking for Bombtrack? I've written quite a few. Alot of it's new stuff I thought up. Not stuff I've copied.

TOPIC - THUD Issue #2
DATE - 09/01/98 09:37:54
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Well, I wrote one for 2600 and they printed it in that Janet Reno issue that is being described below. I also wrote an article for THUD and I am curious if they printed it or not, anlthough I don't think anyone ever confirmed that the new issue has been released.


United Phreaks Synidcate

TOPIC - 2600
DATE - 08/31/98 22:58:36
FROM - hmmmm....

blow daddy:
Yea, the newest 2600 is out. On the cover is a drawing of Janet Reno that looks like it was done with colored pencils.

TOPIC - THUD #2???
DATE - 08/31/98 20:25:59
FROM - blow daddy CA - No domain available

Hey guys. I had no idea that THUD #2 came out. I'd better run to my tower books and get it. Also, has the new 2600 come out yet? The latest one i have is the cover with all the computers reading "FREE KEVIN" on them.

And Ray, do you write articles for hacker zines? If so, which ones have you written and what zines are they in?

DATE - 08/31/98 11:42:58
FROM - hmmmm

Is THUD issue 2 out?

I'm still waiting (2 months now) for my "sample" issue.

If it doesn't come soon.....*&@#$%@#@$%%&^!!

TOPIC - Headflux?
DATE - 08/31/98 08:32:25
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Synidicate

I don't think that was really headflux. If it had been he would have used the words "Nigger" and "lamer" several times in reference to me.

Blow Daddy, do you have issue two of THUD? I got the first one from Little Professor, but they changed owners and they said they would have to re-sign with the distributer. I am just curious if they published my article on Trojan Horses For Dummies.


United Phreaks Synidcate

DATE - 08/30/98 22:39:56
FROM - Bombtrack

I don't think i'll be able to do it. Remember DogKow's "attempt" with revolution?

DATE - 08/30/98 18:31:38
FROM - _

did headflux really change his email addy? was it becuz too much spam mail was dumped into his inbox?

heh heh.....

or is he just using somebody elses addresss or sumpthin?

TOPIC - geeks like british suck sour anus dailyl
DATE - 08/30/98 02:47:20
FROM - headflux

fuck you british!!! .you are so fucking stupid and ugly
ya and you know who this is too so fuck off and shut up

TOPIC - paper mags
DATE - 08/30/98 02:31:05
FROM - British

I've heard more than on one instance somebody starting up a paper 'zine in Minnesota, but never saw something come through. I'll make a deal with you. If you make one paper 'zine that can be sold at those independent bookstores(we all know one or another), I'll write you an article for the next mag. Usually what I would do with whatever I can think of is just make a web page out of it since it'll reach a global audience without paper, purchasing, advertising, or any quality effort. Heh. call me lazy, but that's how many other zines are made and distributed around the world

TOPIC - New mag
DATE - 08/29/98 22:18:31
FROM - Bombtrack

I am startin a new mag. It will be a e-zine however. Please send me articles! British- are you interested in helping me? I would also like to get a website up... Can anybosy help?

TOPIC - New Mag
DATE - 08/29/98 22:15:08
FROM - Bombtrack MN

I've been thinkin about it and am considering starting up a local MN zine. British, your up here aren't you? I don't want to tread on EE times domain but I really wanna do SOMETHING! If you want, you can send me some articles, (hint hint)


TOPIC - THUD or Blacklisted
DATE - 08/29/98 21:04:34
FROM - blow daddy CA - No domain available

have u guys read blacklisted!411, or perhaps THUD? both of those zines are similar to 2600, but since it is about stuff that is not in my area of interest, i dont know if its good or not. but when it comes to phreaking, THUD is pretty good. and British, i would love to help u on ur zine if u decide to make one. peace out, kids.

My H/P/A/W Page

TOPIC - New Mag
DATE - 08/29/98 10:34:06
FROM - Bombtrack

I'd love to. But with school and social type things, I would'nt have the time. If you started one British, I'll gladly help you get it off the ground. That goes for most people in here. On a completely different not, hey RBCP, when are you gunna put my redboxing page link up?


TOPIC - new magazine
DATE - 08/29/98 02:32:28
FROM - British

Somebody should invest the time, money, and effort into writing a quality h/p related mag. Full size. Have plenty of in depth articles that would put 2600 to shame. Blacklisted is okay, but they waste their time posting URLs and BBSes that go down usually at press time. What about the kind of articles that are NOT of political interest? I'm more interested in the technical sutff, and more so, reverse engineering of today's consumer electronics. That's the dope shit.

TOPIC - IP's and Stuph
DATE - 08/28/98 23:20:20
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Well Blow Daddy, there are a few things you may try, but i won't post them here. That would foil my plans for the future. :) I wouldn't want to give away my trick before I pull em'.

As for IP spoofing, yeah, there is always a possibility that you are reading somone else's IP that your victim has cleverly "borrowed". This Josco guy isn't that smart though. There used to be someone who visited my page with the IP addy of bigblackschlong.com, and other silly shit. I would laugh my ass off reading through my log files.

Funny you should mention that Cable modem article British, that thing pissed me off too. It was really basic stuff that I could have pulled out of my ass. Although, I thought that Virtual Hacking story was pretty funny. I liked how he talked about beating the pet after it did tricks correctly. Seems like some of the 2600 content is getting weak. Also, I read that article on hacking Intertel, and it was pretty far off. I administer an Intertel system at work, so I have to know the thing inside and out. The writer made it sound like easy prey. Not so. I had a hard time figuring that software out. When I ordered a manual, it came in a box that weighed about ten pounds. When I pulled out the stack, I thought maybe they sent me more than one. Nope. That maual is 3 1/2 inches thick (no joke!). Even if you have the software (which you really need to do anything fun), you would still have to work for a while to figure out what was what. And all that stuff he talked about with extensions, and fooling the secretary was BS. Those numbers are set by Intertel, and they aren't necessarily the same from system to system. Also, the secretary should NOT have admin rights. they typically run something called Axxessory, which is a weak featureless verison of the real thing (Database Programming interface). The secretaries rights would allow them to edit only their own settings, not the system as a whole. For example, they can make Joe Bob's extension of 4900 appear as extension 24, but if they were to do a "system refresh" they would write over that with the real settings.

With the dialups there are two connections. One is typically wired to the admin's machine on a constant connection. The other is set to a modem for dialup, and IS password protected. There is actually only one port that can work at a time, so if the admin has it on his screen, the dialup will not work. I typically keep mine open all the time on my work machine, so even Intertel can't dial up and fuck up my shit. Maybe I should do an article that would set the record straight, but it would be "old news", and I doubt anyone would care. :)


United Phreaks Syndicate

DATE - 08/28/98 04:21:34
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

IP's aren't always true though.


TOPIC - that trick with Ray
DATE - 08/28/98 01:30:50
FROM - British

Now that's a good idea, Ray. Very covert, very sneaky. It's worthy of a new article on the UPS site. Fuck 2600. Most of the time they have rinky-dink articles. Amog one of the worst was "hacking the virtual pet", or a 2-paragraph primer on cable modems. It didn't seem to scratch the surface.

If ANYBODy decides to make a paper hack/phreak mag, do yourself the favor of making it the standard 8.5 by 11 inch size. This will allow for better diagrams, and hopefully more meaty articles.

TOPIC - IP's, now what?
DATE - 08/28/98 00:55:53
FROM - blow daddy CA - No domain available

cool, ray. i going to try it, so if i have someone's IP, what can i do with it now?

TOPIC - Rippin' IP's
DATE - 08/27/98 22:45:54
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

It was easy. I signed up for a web page counter from Pagecount.com. Then I copied the source code for the counter into an e-mail, and sent it to his yahoo address. When he opened the e-mail, his IP addy was recorded into my "visitor logs". Of course I also filled the e-mail with snotty stuff. The subject of the email was "Your IP Address", and when he opened it, I had a huge-ass header reading "I STOLE IT!". I'm such a dick.


United Phreaks Syndicate

DATE - 08/26/98 14:12:12
FROM - Blow Daddy CA - No domain available

Ray, how did u get that guy's IP?

TOPIC - 0wnin' lamerz
DATE - 08/26/98 13:19:45
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

There are several definitions of 0wning. My personal favorite is "To obtain ones personal identification, or to discover their true identity". Example: "I just called that d*ck at home, and let him know I 0wn his ass".

Speaking of 0wning.... let the FUN begin.

Josco's IP on August 26th, at 11:18 PM was.... 1cust138.tnt12.bos2.da.uu.net or!

So what can we do with this information? Start the game people! Remember, the winner gets an official UPS T-SHIRT which reads "I 0wn3d someone even dumber than myself!".


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - 0wning
DATE - 08/25/98 02:10:04
FROM - blow daddy CA - No domain available

what does it mean to "0wn?" is it like owning a car, or a house, perhaps?

TOPIC - Josco Shall Die
DATE - 08/21/98 17:02:02
FROM - Ray Dios Haque

"TOPIC - You guys suck
DATE - 08/21/98 14:29:25
FROM - Josco - No domain available
Phone Phreaking sux. Its for losers that are too stupid to do actual hacking."

Who wants to 0wn this lamah'? We oughtta' have a contest. The winner gets to go over to his house and beat him senseless with a red box.


TOPIC - AOl instant messnger
DATE - 08/16/98 03:07:12
FROM - British

Wait a minute, I just got into her AOL instant messenger account. Like all of james bond's arch-nemesis say "perfect. everything is going according to plan"

TOPIC - AOL instant messenger
DATE - 08/16/98 03:02:20
FROM - British

So has any progress been made in the hacking of AOL instant messenger? I'm on the trail since its all part of my sweet revenge. Mohahahha. BTW don't see The Avengers. it sucked in so many different ways.

TOPIC - The Site
DATE - 08/14/98 02:23:43
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Hey rbcp, you talking about the Aavenger's Homepage? If so, the URL was http://www.cs.uit.no/~paalde/Revenge/, but I think they've moved, but their new address is 404 too...

Aavenger's Homepage

TOPIC - okay...
DATE - 08/12/98 14:19:36
FROM - rbcp alton, illinois - midwest.net

You requested it so here it is. I know someone mentioned making the "add a picture" option active but I can't do that without making it active in all the other subs so for now there can't be any pictures. That's a feature that I really need to work on before I make it available again.

By the way, does anyone know the URL for that huge revenge page in Norway? I know they link to several of PLA's old files but I can't find their URL anywhere. Post it here if you know it.


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