Red Box Q&A Archive #1

This message board was intended for anyone having a little trouble getting their red box to work, having problems finding crystals, etc. But this forum was closed in 1999. There's still a lot of good information in here though, so scroll through and see if you can find anything useful! You might also try reading our Red Boxing For Dummies page which is the net's best resource on red boxing.

TOPIC - Dialing 311
DATE - 09/18/98 23:46:59
FROM - WunderKind 410

I think 311 is a circut opener. Did you try dialing out after you dialed 311 and then hung up? It used to be that you could shut down a fone for around 15 min to 30 min. But that was in 410, and it got abused so it won't work here anymore.

TOPIC - Ossilator to control tones...
DATE - 09/18/98 21:46:19
FROM - Wrighter

Hey, I was wondering if one of you electronics gurus could help me out. I made a white box out of a 5089 DTMF encoder & both a 3.5 and a 6.5 MHz crystal (I don't know what kind of crystal, okay?) . To convert it into a redbox, I need to add an ossilator (I know that's not how it's spelled) to control the speed of the 25 cent beeps and one to control the timing for the nickle and dime tones. Everyone I know around here wants to know exactly what I am going to use it for before they help me out, and I don't trust them. I know I can do this with a resistor network or a 555 timer chip. Someone help me out if you can.

TOPIC - Live ops
DATE - 09/18/98 21:23:05
FROM - Wrighter

I don't think that would work because I think the m. fones have an ISDN line or something to ESS, through which they send the data directly that you deposited a coin. I am not sure exactly how they work, though. I have never heard of anyone having success with this.

In Phase,
I think I already got that schematic and correction. I can never find the freaking 2600 mags aroung here either. Nobody has them. Oh well.


TOPIC - live operators
DATE - 09/18/98 19:54:11
FROM - Wizdumb houston - No domain available

Do you think playing the tones at a live operator would work to box the Milleniums?

TOPIC - Tones and Fones
DATE - 09/18/98 01:32:33
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho 208

Hey i was phucking around last nite and i was dialing x11 numberz like 211,311,511,611,711,811 and when i dialed 311, i got this wierd tone. I thought wow! a test loop!! so i got on the other fone line and dialed the 311 and then on the other i dialed 311 but they both just played the same tone! any answers?

Also, Wrighter, yea thatd be kewl if we found out how to phreak a Millineum fone. Only problem, for me at least is finding one OR if i did find one find it in a inconspicuious spot. hehe i dont think it would look good to my parents if i was caught boxing at the airport. Thats like the only millenium fonez around here.

Blue Box Kid

TOPIC - Millinium fones
DATE - 09/17/98 23:52:38
FROM - Wrighter

As of yet, I don't know of any way to red box those phones. I think that might be a good project for some of us on this board. Hey, that would be pretty niffty to be the first phreaks to box a millinium phone. If we can find a way to do this, think how famous we would be.

(hey I think this is the shortest post I've ever made!)

TOPIC - Millenium Payphones
DATE - 09/17/98 22:06:54
FROM - Wizdumb Houston, TX

Is there any way to Red box those new Millenium Payphones?

TOPIC - ...
DATE - 09/17/98 19:15:27
FROM - S0ulfyre 318-Louisiana

"Last night, I built my first red box"

Hehe. Well maybe you can give me the cat number of the crystal you used?

TOPIC - Burn Out
DATE - 09/17/98 17:00:31
FROM - -/eraser\- northcarolina - No domain available

Last night, I built my first red box and it worked fine and I was really excited about it. A friend of mine is making a deal with me and I was showing it to him and during the day, my pocket started to get really hot. So I pulled out my box, and the side of it where the main battery wire (black) was, around that area was warped. I mean warped like it was blowing a bubble of black plastic from the inside. At first I thought it was my crystal, but when I opened it up, it was on the other side of the tone dialer. Is the because of the power usage or what? Does anyone have a compelling story for radioshack since I'm going to try and return the now non-working tone dialer(with the 3.whatever in place of the 6.5 of course)? I already soldered the outside of it so I could cut the 6.5 out and resolder the 3.whatever. Also, I have all the parts for the stealth box and really want to build it, but the only plans I have for it are off this page and I really don't know what a regular capacitator looks like and its too general. I guess I'm whining so I'll shut up for now.

DATE - 09/17/98 13:40:31
FROM - In Phase

In your post, did you mean that you were interested in finding out the frequcncies the ACTS system expects from a pay phone? Well, the answer is, it expects a DTMF combination of 1700hz + 2200hz. When you modify a Radio Shack dialer, the "*" key, generates something very close to 1700+2200 which fools the ACTS system.

The NORMAL frequencies a "*" generates are 941hz + 1209 hz

For another schematic diagram to build a red box, look in the Summer '93 (v10 #2) issue of 2600 magazine, and for a correction to the circuit, look in 2600 Autumn '93 (v10 #3).

TOPIC - Paralell / capacitence, etc.
DATE - 09/17/98 03:29:15
FROM - Wrighter

I am glad that we are in some agreement; I was afraid you would be offended (I wasn't intirely civil) and it would get into a bunch of petty fighting. But anyway, I am also just starting to learn about electronics, and that is why I got into phreaking & boxing: as an interesting way to learn about electronics, and the phone company while I'm at it. I didn't notice anything about paralell/series or capacitence or anything besides the frequencey of the crystal when I bought it. Probably because I ordered it according to Mouser's web site, which doesn't offer much product description. Anyway, maybe you can help me out, since you already know about electronics. I am trying to make a "scratch box" - aka a red box made with ossilators, or a DTMF encoder + crystal, or a combination of the two. I tried to build the box by JR "Bob" Dobbs and the one by Kwiq, but I could not get either to work. While it could be a mistake on my part, I kinda doubt it (I tried each several times), because I have yet to find someone who has actually made one of these kinds that actually worked. Tell me what you think.

TOPIC - xtals/merc.switches
DATE - 09/17/98 03:13:40
FROM - P-Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

Yo for all the people out there that need xtals I have 20/6.50Mhz xtals from mouser and 10 mercury switches(metal not glass)..oh and by the way about this
"xtal war" as far as i'm conscerned (from experience)6.50000Mhz works best...this is because I've boxed Ops and they never know the difference.....although I would like to get a hold of that 6.4xxMhz xtal that some people keep talking about and compare the two
to see which works best.


TOPIC - Circuts
DATE - 09/17/98 02:42:36
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Ok lets see....S0ulfyre I'm still learning electronics (hense the reason I got into red boxing). I have amased quite a bit a knowledge on my own, but there are a few concepts that are new to me. When you said...

"The difference is that one is calibrated to oscillate in a series resonate mode and it looks resistive in the circuit. The other one is calibrated to operate in an anti-resonate mode (parallel) and it looks inductive in the circuit. The proper load cap is important because changes in the load cap will result in a pulling of the frequency."

I think i missed a few things. First off, exactly what did you mean by "Resistive in the circut" and "inductive in the circut"?

Second off What exactly did you mean by "changes in the load cap. will result in a pulling of the frequencies"?

An honest question if you ever heard one.

TOPIC - ...
DATE - 09/17/98 01:36:34
FROM - S0ulfyre 318-Louisiana

"A while back you mentioned that you are a newbie. Well, don't expect people to help you if you maintain this attitude"

Quite right. I was out of line. I just don't understand why most of you dedicate time to making red boxes but don't even remember the main component. It really makes one wonder how many of you build boxes to learn about the electronics and the phone system and how many want to just leech off of Ma Bell. It seemed like a simple question to me with a simple answer. In a way blow-daddy answered my question. He said that the tone dialer is wired as a parallel circuit, but because of his ignorance (no you're not stupid blow daddy ;) of the difference between series and parallel crystals, it makes me wonder if he knows what he's talking about. (no offense meant.)

BTW-I said I was a newbie but I didn't mean it in the traditional since. I have been doing electronics for a while now. It's boxes and hacking devices that I'm new to. Hope I didn't cause any confusion.

Also, I agree that in my original question regarding frequency I was not as specific as I should have been. What I wanted (and still want) to know was what is the frequency generated by ACTS. However, when I did restate my question I got like 5 posts about "This crystal war is So Lame" or "just get the 6.5536 ones!"
This was not what I was wanting to have answered.

"What is the difference between the serial and paralell crystals?"

It's series and parallel. Please see my post below. I believe I have covered the importance and difference between the two.

Once again, I apologize if I come across as being an asshole. I just like to have more answering of questions and less newbie bashing in a forum.


P.S. Yo Ray Dios Haque. What protocol does the blue box you are making use? R1,R2, or C5? Please let me know I'm very interested.

TOPIC - Beige Boxes
DATE - 09/17/98 00:43:24
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho 208

YEA! I just went to Staples Office Supplys and got a Southwestern Hell "trimline" fone today! Got home and converted it to a beige box. it kicks ass! I am like able to listn in on ppls conversations like my parents untill i can go to a telco can or something. I wired in a DPDT switch to the microphone on the handset so i can choose to be heard or not. hehe it is sooooo kewl.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blue Box Kid

TOPIC - LCD Dialers (again)
DATE - 09/16/98 18:59:25
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Boy, things have really gone to hell since I last stopped by... Anyways, to answer Blow Daddy's question, the new Radio Shack LCD dialers are catalog number 65-721. They are physically smaller than the old, 43-146 models, have a 3-line LCD display, can store 75 data entries, each including a name and two phone numbers, it doubles as a white box (really now) and has a built in 10-digit calculator that can do percentages along with basic arithmetic.

If you want to see a picture of what it looks like, follw the link below. The page also has info on modifiying this new dialer with a toggle swtich, although I chose to go the mercury switch way.

TAM - Tone Dialer Red Box

TOPIC - sds
DATE - 09/16/98 18:50:37
FROM - hey dss


TOPIC - ???
DATE - 09/16/98 03:02:11
FROM - Magus-Ohki

What is the difference between the serial and paralell crystals? I don't seem to find any reference to it in text files, e-mails, or even catalogs. This is the first I've never even HEARD of a difference.

DATE - 09/16/98 02:57:04
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Blue Box are absolutly RIGHT! I myself thought there was realy no difference in the crystals (which there kinda isnt) till someone told me that a 6.49 or 6.50 was actualy more relyable than the other kinds (not very much more.....but still it could make a difference)

TOPIC - LCD Dialers
DATE - 09/16/98 02:29:33
FROM - Blow Daddy The 213 Phreaking Scene - No domain available

S0ulfyre, thank you for the correction. I never realized how stupid i was until you came along and posted.

On another note, can someone give me more info on Rat Shack's new LCD Dialers? What does it look like? Part #, etc....?


Click here! All the popular kids are doing it!

DATE - 09/16/98 02:29:28
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho 208

God Damit! Phucking shiiiit head phreakz. Sorry to put it so blatently, but i to am tired of hearing about crystals. Like I said in my earlyer post, 6.4 is what i use, but phuck! Just use anything from 6.4 thru 6.50. PERIOD. No more fags saying hey i was just wondering if a 6.5535 is better!!!! SHESH! i am so damn tired of this. Maybe I will go do what Wrighter did, find an empty corner, or like fone booth and cry about the stupidity of our nations fone phreakz. Sorry guyz. I guess i am tired.

Blue Box Kid

TOPIC - More crystal wars.... sigh ...why am I writing this?
DATE - 09/16/98 00:33:28
FROM - Wrighter

Hmmm. I don't know what to say. I am somewhat stunned. This may be unorganized, but here I go:

"Also, I keep seeing people ask about what is the
correct frequency (6.46 or 6.49) and no one seems to want to answer it. Can
someone finally clear this up for me and all the other people who want to know"

This is a part of your post from 9/10/98 (I thought I would follow suit and quote) where you ask what what is the "correct" frequency. I am not sure that you made it clear that you were speaking of the actual frequency produced by ACTS, or the frequency that "seemed" to work best. This is probably why you didn't get a direct answer. Also, to return to my old favorite philosophy (the one that reading is cool, remember?), if you would have read the rest of the first postof mine that you quoted, you would see that I in no way claimed to be an expert on crystals and their frequencies. So what I am getting at is simple: I DO NOT KNOW. I have no idea what cap, var, paralel vs. series combination is the best, and if you really care what I think, READ the posts. Also, it is a good idea to ask for clarification or restate your question if answers are not satisfactory. Just going off irritates people.
Secondly, "cheapo phone that could have easily been made into a portable white box" is exactly what is sounds like. I take the phone, add an internal power supply and thus is becomes portable. I don't know why you are hung up on this, but I was simply emphasizing the ease with which this phone could be made small and portable (as a white/beige box). I mentioned earlier that the phone was all one piece (no seperate handset/base), and so especially suitable for conversion. Not a big deal.
Lastly, every once in a while a few people on this board like to spew new ideas. They may not make any sense at first, but may end up as a revolution in phreaking. Don't knock them. Also, jumping on people because they "imply that series and paralell crystals are the same," or because they don't seem to know as many bloody facts as yourself, is a poor show of maturity. A while back you mentioned that you are a newbie. Well, don't expect people to help you if you maintain this attitude. But then again (okay, I can't help it, the sarcasim scratches through...), maybe you should be helping the rest of us. I guess we are all just morons, since we "don't remember which crystal we purchased." ~Sigh~ Methinks I will go cry somewhere. I apologize to everyone else for such a long, useless post.

TOPIC - crystals, again....
DATE - 09/16/98 00:26:34
FROM - hmmm...

Why does everybody INSIST on taking the long and expensive route to buying a crystal for your red box? Why go to the trouble of buying one from a company that wants to know detailed information on the characteristics you want your crystal to exhibit?

Just look in Blacklisted 411 magazine, or in 2600 mag's Market Place and you will find ads for "red box crystals". You don't need to think about this....just send them your $4, and they send you a crystal that magically turns a RS dialer into a redbox. It's DO IT!

DATE - 09/15/98 23:44:28
FROM - S0ulfyre 318-Louisiana

Now wait a minute. This is fucked up.
I just went back to the How to make a red box thing and whoever the hell admins that thing (rbcp?) changed the mouser cat number for the crystal. I checked it against the catalog and it's now fucking series! What the hell is this? It seemed like a simple question to me. I don't see why none of you seem to know which crystals you bought when you made one. You remember the frequency but not the type? Strange.


TOPIC - .........................
DATE - 09/15/98 23:30:16
FROM - S0ulfyre 318-Louisiana


"It seems so far that using any crystal between the
values of 6.4 and 6.55xxxMHz has worked."

"I'm sick of the "which crystal is better" war"

Yeah I wasn't enquiring because I wanted to know what crystal to use I was wanting to know what the frequency that THE PHONE GENERATES is. There's a difference.

"cheapo phone that could have easily been made into a portable white

If I'm not mistaken, a white box is just a portable DTMF gen. So exactly why do you need to take a phone and change it so that it gens DTMF tones? It already does. Or do you mean like you don't have to connect it to a line for it to gen?

Blow Daddy:

"he mhz xtal is series or parallel, it is just a crystal. series and parallel are terms used for entire
circuits. the rat shack tone dialers are hooked up in parallel."

Um. So are you implying that series and parallel crystals are the same? The hell they are. Why do you think Mouser and Digikey advertise them as being different? The series & parallel crystals are physically (the piece of quartz) the same. The difference is that one is calibrated to oscillate in a series resonate mode and it looks resistive in the circuit. The other one is calibrated to operate in an anti-resonate mode (parallel) and it looks inductive in the circuit. The proper load cap is important because
changes in the load cap will result in a pulling of the frequency. In the "How to Make a Red Box" phile they give a Mouser Cat number which seems to be for a parallel crystal but since I wasn't so sure I wanted to hear it from someone who knows what they're talking about. Basically if anyone knows the type or Cat number for the crystal they used and they know it works then that's just what I want to know.

"but they want to know all this wierd information like the varience and stuff like that"

Wierd info? No. Just info that you don't bother paying attention to. They want the load capicitance and the temp tolerances I believe. For load capicitance it would be 12 picofarads and I don't have the temp tolerances with me at this moment. But basically you only need the tolerances and caps and stuff if it is parallel not if it is series. This is why I keep asking if the crystals are parallel or series!

DATE - 09/15/98 20:02:44
FROM - Tweeter Minnesota? - No domain available

All the fones around here are us west, and when i try to make any call, i get the goddamn operator! it doesnt even let me call 10288 or 10333. If anyone knows anything, or is a phreak in the 612 area code, email me please. Thanx!

TOPIC - Cool
DATE - 09/15/98 18:52:23
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Hell yeah man, go for it!! Maybe I should go out scouting for some phreaks in my area... As for the crystals, I'm getting sick and tired of it!! Don't get 6.5536 if you can help it! Most people here order from Mouser or Digikey, and they both have the 6.50 variety. Get that instead! Even better, try and find a 6.49 crystal, but otherwise 6.50 is just fine!! Yeesh...

TOPIC - Crystals, web page
DATE - 09/15/98 12:18:54
FROM - Wrighter

Crystals, crystals, crystals!!!! That's all anyone ever talks about. Just get whatever freaking crystal you can. I'm sick of the "which crystal is better" war. I cared for about 2 minutes which was the best crystal (it's always good to be accurate) but after 2 zillion posts about it, I say, "use which ever one works and you can get!"
Anyway, that's my rant for the day.

I think I will put up a local PLA page for my area. I don't know anyone real interested in phreaking, but I know people are out there (well, maybe they are. Whenever I went to the 2600 meetings, no one was there). I want it to be a good resource for everyone, not just local phreaks. It would be cool to have new ideas and inventions up there, like a Timex Data Link redbox, instead of all the ancient texts. (Blah, blah, blah) Unfortunately, it would probably have to go on xoom or something until I switch ISPs. Let me know what you guys think. I want lots of input/new ideas/new perspectives to go on the page. I'm sick of the stagnanticity.

TOPIC - Crystals
DATE - 09/15/98 01:43:29
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho 208

Hey everyone, listn up. Why are people so stupid? Dont get the 6.5535 or whatever!!!! Go with the 6.50 or the 6.49 if you can find it. I personaly am useing a 6.4 mhz crystal. I think that is good enough well, even better than the 6.5535. I fooled an Operator with it the other night. So if you are gonna build a Box, do it right and dont be a cheap ass baztard please.

Blue Box Kid

TOPIC - xtals
DATE - 09/14/98 15:51:47
FROM - blow daddy CA - No domain available

Just get the 6.5536 ones

TOPIC - Datalink 150
DATE - 09/14/98 00:21:07
FROM - Discobubba 860 area of CT

Thanks for the suggestions but I am looking for the 150 model. I'll have to check out that Timex Data Link Developers Link later. damn if this idea worked that woulb be the most kick ass:)

TOPIC - Red Box Mhz
DATE - 09/13/98 18:57:35
FROM - -/eraser\- Wilmington, NC - No domain available

I was just wondering; even if we did know the exact Mhz crystal(6.46 or 6.49) just think, where would you get it? Radio Shack, Mouser, Digikey? I tried Calcrystal and then custom make them, but they want to know all this wierd information like the varience and stuff like that. Someone said, "Just tell them you want them to make a 6.49(or 6.49) sub miniature mircoprocesser HCU crystal). Could someone confirm this stuff and sort it all out?

TOPIC - Millenium
DATE - 09/13/98 04:28:18
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho 208

Yea Wrighter, thats what i was thinking too. Those newer fones maybe have some sort of digital signaling. I was thinking like it was directly connected to the ESS equipment and instead of ACTS tones, it like maybe ISDN or somethin over the info that you put in a quarter or whatever.

TOPIC - Data Link as Red Box
DATE - 09/12/98 13:38:45
FROM - Wrighter

Wow. I checked out that site, and it looks more like the code is a hybrid of assembly then C. That kinda sucks; I know C alright, but hardly any assembly. Anyway, it talks something about "sound schemes." I assume these are noises generated for feedback whenever the buttons are pressed. The site says these sound schemes take up about 32 bytes, but your app doesn't have to have one. If you don't have to have one, I assume that also means you can make your own. I say that any of us who have a clue in assembly should try this. I think it would rule, too bad I don't have one of those watches! : )
BTW - does anyone know if the "Millinium" fones function on a regular old telephone wire, or on ISDN? (This is more spew). Also, if they are on ISDN, then they theroretically are not using ACTS at all ---> the information that a coin has been desposited is controlled entirely by the phone itself. Someone let me know if I am way off on this or what. We don't have many Millinium fones, so I never get a chance to mess with them (they are only is really crowded places like the mall and the university).

TOPIC - Data Link as a Red Box
DATE - 09/12/98 12:48:14
FROM - Phatfone 316

I noticed that Walmart sells a Ironman Data Link for $50, but I don't know if it will support wristapps. I have the Data Link 150, which does support wristapps, and I know that the 75 model doesn't.

Probably the best site I could find for Data Link wristapp development is the Timex Data Link Developer's Resource. It has programming tutorials, protocal information, and other stuff. I believe that the language is some sort of C varible. I know PASCAL and old skool BASIC, and only dabbled in C. I am trying to learn Java, which I am told is alot like C++, but that won't help much.

Timex Data Link Developer's Resource

TOPIC - Timex Datalink
DATE - 09/12/98 01:54:05
FROM - Discobubba 860 area of CT

- Phatfone,
I've been wanting one of those watches for a while now so I've decided to buy one recently, havin a bit of problem finding a reliable company that has it in stock though. From what I know you'd have to know alot about how the Datalink is made to create a program for it but I could always try. I'm kinda doubtin it could be done though.

DATE - 09/12/98 00:02:28
FROM - Magus-Ohki


TOPIC - Re: series or parallel?
DATE - 09/11/98 21:52:27
FROM - blow daddy CA - No domain available

In response to S0ulfyre's question a while back on wether to get a series or parallel crystal....

the mhz xtal is series or parallel, it is just a crystal. series and parallel are terms used for entire circuits. the rat shack tone dialers are hooked up in parallel.

TOPIC - fingind people, and learnin
DATE - 09/11/98 17:28:39
FROM - quest/tilt trenton, NJ - No domain available

um..... i needa know if there are any phreakers around my way...... and if they could help me get started. i just recorded a wav off my comoputer to my stereo. and when it asks me for money..... it don't werk. tell me some tips.

TOPIC - a good box
DATE - 09/11/98 16:41:05
FROM - 2600trans L.I. NY

If any one wants to get a really small device to hold your tones the recordable picture frame from radio shack is good and it only costs nine bucks right now. and you can use the picture area to hold a paper with your favorite numbers on it. Mine has not failed yet.

TOPIC - Wrist watch red box
DATE - 09/11/98 13:40:59
FROM - Wrighter

That would be really cool if you could turn your watch into a redbox, very spy-ish (hee hee). I don't have one of those watches, but let me know where you got those apps; I would like to check it out. Do you program at all?

TOPIC - Timex Data Link
DATE - 09/11/98 13:03:15
FROM - Phatfone 316

Does anyone have a Timex Data Link Watch? You know, the kind that you can transfer data using computer software to your watch via your CRT computer screen.
You can store appointments, fone numbers, etc, and you hold the watch up to the screen and it zaps the data over to your watch.

Anyways, some ppl have developed their own "wristapps" for the Timex Data Link 150: programs that run on your watch. So I was downloading some wrist apps, and I got one that makes the watch play various songs. So then I got to thinking...RED BOX WATCH!

Now I don't know if this is possible, but if the redbox
freqency was in range of what the watch could play, then it would be possible to program a wristapp to emulate redbox tones. Like I said, this all depends on if the watch can create the fequency, so I don't know if its possible or not...

BTW,,,,I want to hear more about the Game Boy Red Box!!

TOPIC - rat shack digital recorder
DATE - 09/11/98 01:40:13
FROM - FiShFooD canada,ontario,905 - No domain available

wassup?!...i just recently bought a 63-939A digital recorder. I dont know if the sell it in the states or commonly but this recorder is small as all hell and is has like a 20second memory recording system. I just wanted to know if i can use this to red box or is it too cheap(i got it on sale).....also...when i tried red boxing...everytime i beeped the tones in the operator said the price was decreasing.....and so i figured.....hmmm....thats finally works!....but then when i finally beeped the last 50cents and was done....i got a different tone...and i thought this was like the international tone but then i got some phucked up message and then i got cut off!.....either that bitch was phuckin wid me or i did something wrong.....anyways....phreak out!

TOPIC - Re: red boxing (b0utit 2600trans)
DATE - 09/10/98 22:25:52
FROM - Wrighter (I decided)

You need to go back and get the other one in order to box with it. I am still working on a red/white box from scratch, which might be adaptable to a plain dialer. Some day.

If you mean a regular telephone, I converted my memory Sony phone into a red/white box, but then converted it back (it was the only phone I had at the time). It would have been a HUGE white/red/telephone in one. Maybe I can still tweak with the design, to make it a white/red/beige box. Anyway, I played with a cheapo phone that could have easily been made into a portable white box, but I am still working on making it a white/red box.
If you are talking about portable dialers, everyone seems to use the Rat Shack 33-memory pocket dialer. The crystal is really easy to find and replace. The hardest part will be getting the bloody thing to close up right. Hee hee, we all have had that problem....

TOPIC - red boxing
DATE - 09/10/98 17:13:42
FROM - b0utit ???

I just went to Rad Shack to buy a fone dialer and Dammit i bought the wrong one. So i basically have a white box. Can i convert this into a red box or should i get the one that stores numbers? Please Help its my first box.


TOPIC - white to red
DATE - 09/10/98 16:23:09
FROM - 2600trans L.I. NY

Has anyone succesfully converted the telephone keypad into a white and then a red box and is the old crystal easy to identify?

TOPIC - IC 3330
DATE - 09/10/98 01:20:50
FROM - Wrighter - Gatsby

I thought I would throw this out:
Today I was looking up pinouts for different ICs, when I found an IC, number 3330, which is described as being a DTMF encoder/repertory (aka, memory) dialer. It is manufactured by Philips, but other then this, there was little information about it. I think this must be the type of IC in Rat Shack dialers. I don't know what the pinout is, or even how many pins it has, but it would be really conveinent to have a memory dialer in just one IC. If anyone has more info on this, please post. I will continue to investigate prices/pinout/availablity/adaptablility, etc.
BTW - no new progress on my scratch box - I haven't had much time.
~Wrighter - Gatsby

TOPIC - Re: Please help
DATE - 09/10/98 01:10:42
FROM - Wrighter - Gatsby

To tell the truth, I have no idea if my crystal is paralelle (I can't spell, either) or series, or what the capacitence is. I really don't think it matters much. It seems so far that using any crystal between the values of 6.4 and 6.55xxxMHz has worked. If they ask you about capacitence and such when you order, just say you want a "microprocessor" crystal, or that it doesn't matter, cause its just for testing purposes, or whatever.
I am far from an expert on crystals, so if anyone else has info that they know is true, or contrary to this, please post it. Please don't just go off about what "you heard." I wouldn't worry about it much, myself, but I hope this helps.
~Wrighter - Gatsby

TOPIC - Please help...
DATE - 09/10/98 00:41:37
FROM - s0ulfyre 318-Louisiana

Hi. I'm a newbie getting ready to make my first red box and I had one simple question. When
buying the crystal do I need parallel or series? If it's parallel then what specs do I need (i.e.
capacitance and stuff like that.)? Also, I keep seeing people ask about what is the correct frequency (6.46 or 6.49) and no one seems to want to answer it. Can someone finally clear this up for me and all the other people who want to know?
Please help!


TOPIC - 6.66bla bla crystal
DATE - 09/09/98 22:41:43
FROM - Cycosis - No domain available

i built it using the instructions on the pla page havent got a chance to use i on the payphone yet but it sounds good

if it dosent work im going to be pissed

what is the exact freuency again??

DATE - 09/09/98 21:37:10
FROM - Phatfones 316

Hey Newbie,

I work at Colorado in the summer, and I hardly ever run in to the new fones, so as Janet Joplin said, "Get this while you can!" Is US West still on strike? Because if they are, you might as well have some fun with it!

DATE - 09/09/98 17:15:43
FROM - crazy1/4

man I am talking to my exgirl-friend she is pissing the phuk out of me damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOPIC - Hmm...
DATE - 09/09/98 03:10:37
FROM - Magus-Ohki

In Phase......good idea. Would you happen to know where working plans for a single tone red box are?

TOPIC - Help???
DATE - 09/09/98 02:41:18
FROM - Angel of chaos Canada

Anyone from 204 (Winnipeg,manitoba,Canada) have ANY idea how to redbox off of an MTS payfone? (You dial a number and it gives you a busy signal.) If anyone has any soloutions or anything,e mail me..

TOPIC - Crazy1/4 in Idaho
DATE - 09/09/98 02:04:29
FROM - Blue Box Kid Boise, Idaho 208

Kewl! I have no phucking idea where you were or where you stayed at. Humm, never heard of that type of pay fone. Was it a "dual COCOT's"? Those are the two COCOT fones put side by side to make it easyer on us phreakz. heheh. Yea, I am from Boise, you know, the capital! heh. Dude, btw how old are you? I am 16. Also, do you have an email address?
If you dont, sorry to say this but cart your ass over to MicroShaft's Hotmail. It's sad but true: they are the best free email. You can see my address above.

Ok, now to anyone who will answer me. Ok, my friend and I went out the other nite, well, i snuck out of my window. Anyway, he picked me up and we went around town phreaking off the US-WEST fonez with 1010288. Well, for some reason my box, i just resently made a combo box with a SPDT switch. All the connections were good. Also, i am continueing to use my 6.4mhz crystals since they work. But it was wierd. I couldnt get the AT&T ACTS computer to kick over when i played my tones. I always got an op and finaly got really pissed at the third one. WHOA! she was mad as a hornet. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

Blue Box Kid

TOPIC - US Worst
DATE - 09/08/98 21:33:02
FROM - hmmm...

hey newbie/612:
The "OLD" US West phones work just fine for redboxing.
The new "Millenium" US West phones DO NOT WORK!!

TOPIC - red boxing
DATE - 09/08/98 20:34:53
FROM - jimmypop888 col oh - No domain available

OK I boxed alot from the sam phone for about 3 days. all of the calls were local useing 411 allways worked then yesterday I tried to box long distance and it would say the call could not be connected I tried another phone and it worked fine does the phone co know when your boxing oh OCI got ani but you can still make people accept calls anyone have this happen to them let me know

TOPIC - ???
DATE - 09/08/98 18:52:05
FROM - newbie Minneapolis (612)

Hey, i love this place, and i read all the posts(179 screens!) I was just wondering if US West fones could be Red Boxed. Thats the only kind ive seen around, and i dont want to waste 30$ making a box if it wont work. PS: Is anyone else from the 612/651 area code?

TOPIC - bbk
DATE - 09/08/98 17:56:09
FROM - crazy1/4

Hey Blue Box Kid-

i was in idaho yesterday and it was cool. i went fishing down Bitch creek, Badger creek, and the teton.
we stayed in driggs. what part of idaho are you from?
i red boxed a fone at a place called "O'Rorucks" (they had good food)the fone worked! it was a "teaton telecom" fone. i called my ex-girlfriend.

TOPIC - red boxxing in SC
DATE - 09/08/98 13:06:55
FROM - dj_kulture south carolina - No domain available

Dont build a red box if you live in Upstate South Carolina! I just spent 30+ $$ to build one and all
of the payfones here are either Bell South or private
owned phones. On the Hell South phones you cant use
the mouthpiece until you are connected! Yes I tried the
dropping a nickel in trick and that doesnt work. I went to a bout 20 different payfones! none work. YES the tones are right, and I know i could go through a
live operator, but who want to do that all the time.
Besides, I would have to make a lot of long distance
phone calls to break even for the cost of the redbox and most of the calls i would normaly make are local anyway! So now I have a piece of shit red box sitting around cause I have NO use for it!! Redboxxing now to me at least SUCKS!
until we come up with a way to phreak these new fones (and we will) I am going to just use a lousy 35 cents!

TOPIC - 3900 Hz
DATE - 09/08/98 11:48:00
FROM - In Phase

Why not just make a tone generator that only produces one tone? Make a circuit around a 555 timer that "counts" 3900 times a second, and connect the output to a speaker. This would produce a tone at 3900 Hz, which is the tone the Canadian system uses. The 555-timer will generate a square-wave, and not a normal sine-wave, but hopefully it will still work.

Using a filter would require such tight tollerances, it would be extremely difficult.

TOPIC - Blue Boxing
DATE - 09/08/98 09:59:30
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Wrighter, I guess I am aiming more for just plain fun. Boxing does not work anymore unless you live in a VERY backwards place, or, you can connect to a C5 (which I understand are becoming quite rare). I would still like to build one and make the plans available for anyone else daring to take on this mutha'. It would also be tune-able, of course, so that you could make it generate about any conbination of DTMF tones. I dunno. Yeah, it's silly. But hey, we are hobbyists. You shouldn't question the usefullness of any of the silly crap we do. :)


United Phreaks Synidcate

TOPIC - filter
DATE - 09/08/98 02:05:42
FROM - Magus-Ohki

I had an interesting idea for getting a Rat shack red box working on a Canadian phone, but I don't know enough about electronics to do so.

Ok American phones use two freq. of tones piggy-backed on each other-the very same set emulated by the rat shack box. But a Canadian phone only uses ONE tone. Big problem...or is it?

What if you could disconect the box's speaker (the one you put on the mouth piece) and attach some sort of filter that blocks out the offending tone, then connect the output of the filter to the speaker?

Could that theoreticaly work?

If it does work, all one would need to know is what crystal to buy, and how to build a filter thats small enough to be portable. Who knows, Canadian phreaking may turn out to be easier.

Give me some feedback, ok?

TOPIC - Why a blue box?
DATE - 09/07/98 21:58:21
FROM - Wrighter/Gatsby

Why are you making a blue box? Blue boxing doesn't work. Or are you making it for nostagic value?

I decided not to use the 15-memory schematic for my new box; I think it will be too big, too expensive, and frankly, more work then I'm willing to do. But if any of you guys want the schematic, let me know. Instead, I think I will use an oscilator or timer or something to make the tones. I finished the keypad too, but it will eventually become a matrix of buttons. Although the buttons would be considerably more expensive, they would be more accurate then the keypad.

P.S. I am trying to decide which name I like better, and may use them interchangably until I do. (just to confuse everyone) Give me your thoughts.

TOPIC - canadian phreaks?
DATE - 09/06/98 16:22:04
FROM - FiShFooD Ontario

.............any canadian phreaks successful in red boxing?....i got problems....e-mail me.

TOPIC - Red Box's
DATE - 09/05/98 22:12:47
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Blow Daddy, the CAT# for the new LCD dialer is 65-721. The model number for it is EC-389. They classify it as an electronic organizer, not a 'dialer' or a phone device.

What is up with that Gameboy mod? I would like to see this. How the hell do you get a Gameboy to produce Red Box tones. Is there a special cartidge that is used?

Also, to anyone who cares.... I should be done with my Blue Box schematic soon. I need to order the parts so that I can lay out a good PCB design, and then I will post everything.


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - (none)
DATE - 09/05/98 16:35:38
FROM - blow daddy CA - No domain available

In quite a few posts back, Magus Ohki wrote,
"Need more room in you old style Tone dialer? Well remove the beeping speaker, and break off the plastic that held it. Whats that you say? Need MORE room? the lower right corner or the black blob there is this tube-like object wraped in plastic with ribs down the side. What is this thing? I have no idea....but I do know one thing....its important to the useless speaker you just removed."

The beeping speaker is not totally useless. It generates the tones that are created when you press the "memory" key, or when you press P1, and there is nothing stored there.

Anyway, i was wondering what the part number is for Rat Shack's LCD tone dialer is. What does it look like? I went there yesterday, and they only had the regualr dialers. Then, he metioned something about an organizer that dials. Is that the one? Thanks for all your help.

-Blow Daddy

TOPIC - Operator on the line!!!
DATE - 09/05/98 13:59:07
FROM - hmmm....

Hey Anonymuz:
The words of the paranoid say: "Never box a call to a persons house for longer than 20 minutes, or the operator will check it out!"

If you want to box for longer than that, have your friend go to a payphone, and call him there.

TOPIC - Re: New Redbox Stuff
DATE - 09/05/98 12:56:03
FROM - Wrighter

what is the advantage of using a gameboy, versus a Rat Shack dialer? I know they are bigger and more expensive, and a stealth combo box would provide the same feature as the password. Does it produce accurate tones?
Also, which Rat Shack dialer is hack-proof? heh heh heh.

And to keep you guys posted on the progression of my box (if anyone cares), I added the keypad yesterday, but I made a mistake on the PCB, so I have to redo it. Oh well. I also came across a schematic for a 15-memory dialer, but it looks like it would be huge. I think I will try to integrate the memory part into my dialer, because right now anyway, my dialer is still pretty small.

TOPIC - New Redbox Stuff
DATE - 09/05/98 12:02:14
FROM - Gabriel Knight Michigan

I use a gameboy to redbox, how sweet is that? And if anyone asks me what I'm doing with a gameboy playing into the phone I just turn it off and turn it back on. That returns the gameboy to a password screen. I might be willing to sell a couple of these if anyone is interested. BTW My friend was at a cheapskate con in Canada and he said the speakers held up a bag of the cheaper style crystals that work in the new RS hack-proof tone dialer. Any ideas? BTW ,again, Are there any other tone dialer products from RS that I can just put a new crystal in? I have two 6.5's sitting around with nothing else to do...

TOPIC - Operator
DATE - 09/04/98 21:51:53
FROM - Anonymuz Cali

I was using my redbox today, and iwas talking for 51 minutes to a friend when the operator came on line. The guys says, "ok, (210) 375-xxxx (my friends #) will be billed for 51 minutes." Does the phone company actually have the rights to bill him? Even if he didn't know i was using it?

TOPIC - Mercury Switches
DATE - 09/04/98 17:10:22
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

I got my mercury switches from Mouser. Stock number 107-1001 I think. They are metal and about 5cm long. $1.66 each I believe. Just do a search for "mercury" on their site.

TOPIC - Red Box Construction
DATE - 09/04/98 17:04:49
FROM - -/eraser\-

I was just trying to gather up parts for building and White/red combo box. I called Radio Shack and they said that the mercury bulb switches (275-040) have been discontinued. Does anyone know where I can get the switches? I tried Digikey and Mouser and couldn't find any. There has been a lot of talk about which crystal is the best or exact or smallest. I heard different versions of different stories and damn is the text size small. 6.5536 was suppose to be the easist to find, 6.5 was the smallest or something like that and 6.49 is the exact. Now I'm hearing that 6.46 is the better than the 6.49? Can someone please clear this up? Thanks.

TOPIC - LA-Phreaks
DATE - 09/04/98 13:43:45
FROM - P-Phreak CA,LA - No domain available

oh by the way if your gonna email me tell me where you are
and where you think we can meet or something lates

TOPIC - LA-Phreaks
DATE - 09/04/98 13:42:00
FROM - P-Phreak CA,LA - No domain available

If your in the 213,310,562,626,818 area and would like to phreak out
BELL sometime or just whatever me

TOPIC - Redboxes
DATE - 09/04/98 04:18:52
FROM - Lint Lodi Ca - No domain available

Hey all, just thought id let everyone know for the record, I built my redbox today from a radio shack memory dialer, and it worked perfect the first time, although it takes some fiddling to get the xtal in and close the box. I ordered my xtal from Digikey. It work son almost every phone on my small town of Lodi, Ca.

TOPIC - FUnky @$$ Dialer
DATE - 09/04/98 02:59:04
FROM - Tofu CA - No domain available

Ok, I just got back from a lil' vacation, but on my way back on United Airlines, I was flipping through those catologe thing they got for you to look at and I found this product:

"Just say the name, and our Voice Activated Auto Dialer dials your calls for you"
Instead of always punching in multiple area codes or credit card numbers, let the new Voice Activated Auto Dialer do it for you.It'd easy to use: A synthesized voice prompts you for a name to call, asks which number to dial (home, office, mobile, or other), then confirms your command as it automatically dials the number by emitting true tones into your phone reciever. Now you can make more calls in less time -- and never have to bother looking up a number. The voice-guided menu makes it easy to add, delete, or modify your entries. Stores four phone numbers per name for up to 50 names per category. (Total capacity is 200 contacts and 800 numbers.) Measures a pocket sized 4 1/2"L x 2 3/4"W x 7/8"D. Operates on two AA batteries (not included). A 'Sharper Image Design' exclusive.

Being this dialer carries a hefty price of 99 bucks, I just wanted to know if anyones heard of something similar to this being converted. Everyone I've asked so far has no clue if it can or not. Anyways, I just remembered someone earlier stating any dialer was convertable, so I just wondered what everyone else thought. Anyways, this cataloge thing has a website at I havnt checked it out yet, sorry.

TOPIC - calcrystal
DATE - 09/04/98 02:35:59
FROM - crazy1/4

I was just at trying to order a 6.49
crystal. and when i went to submit my order form they kept on saying that i left my "real name" space on the form blank. What The Fuck!! i put my name in.
and is it true that the 6.46 crystal works better and is the exsact freq.

DATE - 09/04/98 00:44:50
FROM - Blue box kid 208 Idaho

I was over at the mall and i was trying to call my friend AcidCrawl. Well, i dial his number, then ACTS said 3.20$ please....... so i am all beeping in money and all of a sudden this this THING! says 3.20$!!!! i am all thinking shit! an operator! So i start beeping in and the bitch is "Wow! that is a really poor recordeing you have!" hehe i am all "Fuck You Bitch!!!!!" then i slam the fone down. HEH so i go up to Dariy Queen and get a Blizzard and come back down to a different fone right? So i dial his number again and this dude comes on. " hello? Are you even puting money in the machiene?"
me: "uhhh yea."
op: Ok and is it giveing you your money back?
me: no.
op: ok lemme give it back to you.

he clicks off the line for like 3 seconds then comes back on.
op: ok did you get your money back?
me: uhhh yea thanx.
op: ok move to a different fone, the one you are on is broken.
me: Oh, ok! thanx man. By the way, FUCK YOU! ITS A RED BOX YOU BASTARD!

then i knocked the microfone against the fone it self to pop his ear piece. HEHEHEHE. but dude! i was scared1!!!

TOPIC - Circuit Layout
DATE - 09/03/98 22:08:31
FROM - Wrighter

I too would like to see a real schematic, and am somewhat intrigued as to why I haven't yet. There are enough phreaks out there that you would think somebody finally idetified all the components and drew up a schematic. I thought about doing this myself, but this is not a simple thing. I may come pretty close to the same thing when ever I finish my scratch box, though.

TOPIC - Circuit Layout
DATE - 09/03/98 21:56:06
FROM - StLSD2000 214-Dallas,TeXas

I would like to see a circuit layout/schematic of the Rat Shack tone dialer. NO I don't mean a picture. NO I don't mean a diagram. I mean a schematic which shows all components. Please advise.

TOPIC - soldering adv.
DATE - 09/03/98 13:52:33
FROM - P-Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

well my latest soldering adventure was last night
with my new redbox ,my damn friend forgot
to bring his soldering iron, this meant no redbox, but
that didn't stop me he he he so I went to my moms
stuff and looked for that little metal thing she uses all
the time........then I opened my dialer and used it
to take out theold xtal......(bitch ass Rat Shack glued
the old xtal).......which wasn't that hard to take off...
now the hard part............I tool that metal thing from
moms drawer and heated it upon the took
me ten minutes just to take out that old xtal........and
that damn matal rod was getting pretty I hurried
and got my 6.5 xtal and placed it in there and heated up that
rod again(which almost burnt me), and finally finished...
now to test it .....I went down the street and dialed the Op
lucky me the Ops over here are dumb and don't know shit
I told them to dial a number and then she asked for $ .35 so I say
ok here you my suprise she never knew
that I was boxing it he he he ...............but the lesson to the
story is USE A FUCKIN SOLDERING IRON.........if you don't have one
BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......too cheap to buy a soldering iron...........

TOPIC - soldering
DATE - 09/03/98 12:43:44
FROM - British`

My latest soldering adventure was soldering on a new fuse holder onto a wiring harness on my car. Unfortuantely a week later the fuse holder melted in such a way that the circut would not be completeed. THe end result was that my car ran really hot. Argh. Now I have to do it all over again and locate the short.

TOPIC - Crystals etc......
DATE - 09/03/98 11:48:33
FROM - Phatfone

First off, those of you having trouble soldering should pratice on something else first. That way you don't fuck up your box right away. Soldering with a good quality solderer is also important (I put my latest box together with a wood burning pen, heh heh. It was a bitch to solder with but it works fine.) Also if your a newbie, get the Rat Shack Data Directory Phone Dialer w/ LCD. Its alot easier to modify, and there are no questions about where the crystal is. (Its the only thing on the board!) This thing makes a great combo box, and you can program in 75 numbers of friends, the Defcon voice bridge, etc. It's true that it plays the tones so that their only reconized as nickels, but you can program in $1.50 without any problems, and its almost as fast as using quarters. I added a redbox entry to the phone directory on my dialer. Here's the seq I used:

Red Box
Use 1 instead of the pause key. There's probably a better way to do this, but in my experience this works fine. I hope this helps you guys that are having problems.

TOPIC - Coolio Enclosures
DATE - 09/03/98 08:32:54
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

I was looking through my Digi-Key catalog for a nice enclosure for my Blue Box project. They have some really nice plastic jobs with a built in 9V battery compartment, and a copper clad board (single sided) that is sut to fit the enclosure. Basically in each corner of the enclosure there is a plastic standoff built in. They rock. If you are creating your own printed circuit board, you should check these out. The price was VERY reasonable too. I found a small one I will probably get to fool with, for only 6 bucks. That includes the copper clad insert! Also if size is an issue, you may consider a surface mount keypad, and the clip on accessory. Digikey also sells these for about $13.00 total.


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - Please help
DATE - 09/03/98 02:46:28
FROM - S0ulfyre 318- Louisiana

Hi. I'm a newbie getting ready to make my first red box and I had one simple question. When buying the crystal do I need parallel or series? If it's parallel then what specs do I need (i.e. capacitance and stuff like that.)?
Pleas help!


TOPIC - ...
DATE - 09/03/98 02:42:53
FROM - StLSD2000 214-Dallas,Texas

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention the best part! Assuming you're ordering the typical HC/49 crystal, calcrystal only charges you about 20 cents more per crystal than Digikey or mouser! I personally think it's worth 20 cents to have the exact frequency...


TOPIC - ...
DATE - 09/03/98 02:40:40
FROM - StLSD2000 214-Dallas, Texas

Geez! You guys really want those 6.49 crystals don't you! I did too but apparently I was a little more resourceful than you guys. There's all sorts of companies that custom make crystal frequencies. My personal favorite is calcrystal (
I got them to sell me like 10 6.49 HC/49 crystals that worked beautifully! BTW, I was always under the assumption that 6.49 was the exact freq. but I saw someone posting something that said it was 6.46
Can someone please enlighten me on this subject? I'm getting ready to make a red box out of those new spiffy models everyones talking about and I might want to try a 6.46 if that's the true frequency.
Also, can someone tell me the location/description of the timing component in the 43-146? I'm working on an idea that allows you to switch the timing circuits when switching between white and red box mode. (Of course I've kept running into everybody's problem, space.)

Please advise.


TOPIC - Soldering
DATE - 09/03/98 02:08:06
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho

So, some ppl need help with soldering? Ok. First thing is get a good iron with a good tip. Try to find one with a pointed tip, not screwdriver tip. The pointed tip is lots easyer to work with. Next, get a damp sponge. This is to wipe the tip off before soldering small components, or de-soldering stuff. After the tip has reached its temperature, when the solder readaly melts on the tip, set your componant or whatever and hold the lead(s), which are the wires protrudeing from the component with a pair of needle nose pliers or a solder heat sink. This is to protect the component from over-heating. Then, makeing sure the tip is tinned, which is wipeing the tip off, then applying a tiny amount of solder to it, or even better, useing electronic flux by puting the shiny tip in the can of flux, wipe the tip off, then apply the solder to the tip, just a little. bring the iron to the component. Heat the wire for around two seconds, then put the solder on the component, not the solder on the iron!!!!!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTAT! Let a very small amount of solder flow, then remove the solder then the iron! If you have done the job right, the solder will appear shiny, not dull. A dull joint is a poor soldering job. If you have any more questions, mail me at:

TOPIC - Scratch dialer/ PCB
DATE - 09/02/98 23:50:37
FROM - Wrighter

Yeah, if all goes well, I'll throw a schematic on the net. By the time I am done, though, I don't think it will be all-that-ultra-tiny! Heeheehee. It will probably be huge. Anyway, I just picked up some more parts for it; hopefully the tones will be a little louder. I need to get some more copper board so I can make a key pad, too. The dip switch is fine for testing purposes, but if I want to use it for a combo box, I will need a real keypad (this is the major contributer to not-so-ultra-tiny size). I will also need to re-do the circuit board for the extra components, which will make it larger. I hope in the end, it will be no bigger then a rat trap redbox, and produce realistic quarter tones.
Check out this site. It has some basic electronics tutorials, and some tips on saudering.

Electronics Tutorial

TOPIC - saudering
DATE - 09/02/98 21:16:41

Ok, i got my tone dialer and my crystals, but now i got a problem, i dont know how to sauder and i dont wana screw up my dialer and waist 25$ , so is there an online tutorial on how to sauder ?? hehe, i know that was probably pretty lame, but screw you.

TOPIC - Blue Box PCB
DATE - 09/02/98 21:07:11
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Wrighter, when you are done you should draw up a schematic for your "ultra-tiny" design. It sounds like a hoot. I wouldn't mind making one just for kicks. Right now I am working on drawing up a Printed Circuit Board design for a Dual Pearl Box (Blue Box). This design is the cheapest and easiest I could come up with given the several schematics I found that were made by other people. When I am done I will put it up on my page for all to see. Maybe I will even do a photo article. Right now I am working on getting a list of parts and part numbers from digi-key. Once I have ordered all the parts, I will know their sizes and I can finalize the Printed Circuit Design. Be on the look-out!


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - 6.55356MHz Crystal
DATE - 09/02/98 13:13:27
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Hey, i was thinking, everybody seems to be getting a 6.55356MHz crystal and not being able to get it to work. If so, did any of you guys buy it from Mouser? And is it the same size as a 6.50MHz crystal? Well, maybe you ordered the 6.55356MHz xtal in the HC-49/US case, but it's load capacitance is in a series, and not in 20 picofarads like the 6.50 xtal is...

TOPIC - got an email account
DATE - 09/02/98 04:01:30
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho - No domain available

Hey I finaly hauled my ass to the Microshit Hotmail page and got an account with them. My mailing address is:

get it got it good!
if anyone wants some ESS5 shit from att mail me on it. not very good but it is a start!

DATE - 09/02/98 03:28:30
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho

OK OK OK OK !!!! kewl! i just got my SPST switch into my dialer but it is open upto 1/8 of an inch! sheit! I talked to Ray over ICQ and he said that the mercury switches are like 1/2" long, so i might as well buy them and figure out how to cram them in, or i will order them from Mouser. BTW! Good thing i have a job that payes like 180$ per week, cuz i might end up buying a new box each week if i keep modifiying! hahaha sell them to friends for like 50$!!!!! hehehehehehe.
Hey also, if anyone is interested in the hacker/phreaker busting go get the book The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling. It is good!
Well, as long as i am rambleing on i am 16, and when I turn 18, i am going to go to school to become a Telecomunication Switch Engeneer or Technition. Maybe even telco security! Sorry dudez but I need to make the fone company better. Of course, when i retire, hehe i will share all my secrets with the hacker/phreaker sceen of America! hahahahaha

TOPIC - Mark this day in history!
DATE - 09/02/98 03:26:47
FROM - Wrighter

Call channel 8 somebody! Something I made actually worked!!!! While it's not a redbox (yet), it is my own nifty little tone dialer - built from scratch! For now it uses an 8-pos dip switch instead of a keypad, so it is only about 1.5" square, excluding its 9v battery and 8-ohm mini speaker. It needs some improvement yet, such as an amplifier, a keypad (or maybe an array of really tiny pushbutton switches), a register, and (if I can get it to work) a method of controlling speed of tones. Coming soon to a payphone near you: Wrighter's Wright box! Complete with red, white, and silver box functionalliy!
Ok, I'm done now... it's just exciting to finally make some progress!

And in reply to you, Crazy 1/4, I am not really all that smart or educated; you give me too much credit. I am just trying to learn and find better ways of doing things, same as everyone else. I am really kinda new to electronics. But anyway, I probably won't be much help when it comes to which phones will work. They are different for each area. You are in Salt Lake, right? If that is so, you probably have lots of different kinds of phones, some that aren't in my area. Most the phones around here are boxable, and they are just plain old bell payphones like they all used to be. Today, however, I did stumble upon a digital one. I really have it pretty easy: I just walk up to any phone and box it. I say just look for the old style phones that are bell, and not something weird. You will probably find them in the ghetto. Also, you may have to deposit a real nickle first, and did you enter the first "0" when trying the test number 09591230? That should bypass any real area code. But then again, it just might not work in your area, or on any phone but bell.
Lastly, for anyone who cares, this is my most important tip: always read. Never stop reading, never stop questioning, and read everything; not just what catches your fancy for a fleeting moment. Remember: the day you stop learning is the day you die.

I don't mean to sound all 31337 with this stuff - I'm not. This is just something I have learned, and it applies to all areas of life.

TOPIC - Mouser Crystals
DATE - 09/02/98 02:35:04
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Magus, the 6.50MHz xtal is on page 48 of the Mouser catalog #595. It's ECS brand, under the HC-49/US column. Stock number, 520-HCU650-20. Cost: $1.55

DATE - 09/02/98 01:24:55
FROM - crazy1/4

sorry i spelled your name wrong wrighter i am sleepy!

TOPIC - writer
DATE - 09/02/98 01:22:35
FROM - crazy1/4

you seem to be the most educated phreak on this board. i will take advise from you the best. so since i have the 6.5536 crystal in my tone dialer will it still work cause i havent gotten it to work yet.
could bad luck with finding the wright fone be a big problem? will you name some companys that i can phreak? please give me tip's & tricks.
i need help i am a new phreak and don't know much!

TOPIC - The black note book
DATE - 09/02/98 01:21:28
FROM - Wrighter

I clicked on it too, and it's a windows help file. Netscape doesn't display it as a hlp file, though, rather it shows the gobblygook like what you get when you open an executable in notepad. In fact, if I am not mistaken, the *.hlp files are just executables, with a registered extension in windows. Try going to the link, then saving it as a *.hlp file and opening it by clicking on the saved file.

TOPIC - the black notebook
DATE - 09/02/98 00:38:45
FROM - noam

hey phatfone, i tryed the black notebook link and it was encrypted or something because it was mostly ascii text. did i do something stupid? can you/someone help me out here?

DATE - 09/02/98 00:10:03
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Dear Quake Phreak,
when you were talking about crystals from mouser you said "other side of the page"....WHERE THE HELL IS IT IN THE CATALOG? I looked all over the damn crystal section, and can't find it.

TOPIC - NEw Dialer
DATE - 09/01/98 23:11:13
FROM - PAnik (formally 006˝) Ri
- No domain available

Ok while in my travels I came across a voice activated autodial in some airline mag. it costs $99 and looks pretty sman cool it stores 200 people and 800 numbers. Im not sure if it is hackable...then again anything is hackable. anywho the catologue number is:#SI580G and to order it you can call toll free: 1800 Skymall. or you can dial *759 on your GTE airfone if you have one of those laying around.

FonePhreakinG 4 EverYonE

TOPIC - xtals
DATE - 09/01/98 21:34:52

Dude, i ordered the 6.53 and the 6.50 crystals from mouser and i looked at them and the only difference i saw was the numbers on the tops of them, they seem to be the same size to me.

TOPIC - yeah
DATE - 09/01/98 21:30:03
FROM - _

and has been debated here before

the 6.50 Mhz crystal produces more accurate tones than the 6.5536,
so STOP BUYING THE 6.5536!!!!!!!

TOPIC - Redboxing
DATE - 09/01/98 20:32:53
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Cool, some real (somewhat) activity going on here! Ok, to clear things up: the RatShack LCD (65-721) dialer has an LCD screen, is smaller than 43-146, uses one less AAA battery, stores 75 names with two fone numbers each, has a built-in calculator, looks cool, and is somewhat easier to stuff a 6.5xMHz crystal in into it.

I say if you want a RatShack dialer, go for this one. Its cheaper! I DO have a stealth combo box, and I got the 6.50MHz crystal and two mercury switches from Mouser. They sent me the glass switches instead of the metal ones though, so I complained to them and they sent me two more metal ones at no charge. Of course, I don't dare open up my box again, as it works fine with glass mercury switches.

This thing is cool, I had plenty of room to put the crystal inside plus the two mercury switches, and it closes properly. Yes, the quarter tones are waaayyy two slow to be real, but the fone thinks its just 5 nickels in a row instead of a single quarter, so I don't see any problem in that. You'll have a hard time fooling the op though, so don't try it! BTW, the 6.5536MHz crystal is huge compared to the 6.50MHz crystal. I don't see why people are ordering the 6.5536 xtal when Mouser has the 6.50 xtal on the other side of the page for $.37 more! Yeesh.

TOPIC - 20/20
DATE - 09/01/98 18:58:03
FROM - P-Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

I hope some one saw that 20/20 last friday, I think
that shi is whacked, their fucking up the hacker image
big time. They compared the wargames movie to
hackers that stole money. They totaly missed the
point, he wan't out to start a war or steal money
he was looking for a freakin game, and accidentaly
found a military computer . sheesh these media people
have no fuckin idea what kind of heat we get ....
they also keep mistaking cracker to hackers.....
those are to very seperate thing dagnamit..........
I mean come on, they could atleast get their fuckin facts
straight....I think I'll go and write to those 20/20
dumb fucks about this and make a public apology
(as if they will) for misinforming their veiwers.......
well gotta go, gotta go see if I can deblur that #
from tha peice of paper the showed he he...see
if it works :-P

P-Phreak aka(Pinoy Phreak)

HAPPY PHREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. if anone out there has a ESS manual email

TOPIC - Funny thing...
DATE - 09/01/98 18:44:15
FROM - Wrighter

Heh heh heh
I found this URL the other day, and had a good laugh! Check these guys out - it will make you appreciate your box!

Hacker's Homepage (now, get a fully functional red box for just $134.99!)

TOPIC - Re: Dj_Kulture
DATE - 09/01/98 18:32:03
FROM - Wrighter

(I'll keep this one short)
I say get which ever box you can, the quater tones on all of them are too slow. This is just an inherent problem with the timing in all the dialers - you can't speed up the replay of the tones. From what I hear, though the newer dialers (with the LCD display) are even slower. I don't know for sure, I have one of the older ones.

TOPIC - Red box
DATE - 09/01/98 16:29:04
FROM - Dj_kulture South Carolina - No domain available

Ok I am very new to all of this so take it easy on me.
I have already ordered the 6.53xx crystal from mouser and I expect it any day now. However I havent bought
a tone dialer yet because I am having trouble getting
the radio shack 43-146 33 mem dialer. I had heard that
this one was the best. The newer (i think it is the 176 model) is on sell for less though but I was wondering is this one better to modify? Or is it too small to get the crystal in there? Someone said that the Quarter tones were too slow, if that is true should I just wait and get the 43-146 model for more $?

keep in mind that this will be my first project. Would
It be eaiser to use the 43-146 model? or the 176 (calculator) model?


TOPIC - Scratch boxes/combo boxes
DATE - 09/01/98 11:57:33
FROM - Wrighter

Phatfone, you should be able to find the plans in one of the PLA back issues by RedBoxChilliPepper (that guy needs a shorter name). Unfortunately, this issue doesn't seem to be on the page anymore. Just do a search for "digital redbox" AND PLA. If you don't find it on the first search engine, look on a different one. If you still can't find it, I may send it to you, but only over ICQ.
Blue Box Kid: No, I don't have a combo box. I was too lazy to make one, and nobody around here even knows what a redbox is, let alone recognize one if they saw it (I guess I am pretty lucky: 99% of the phones around here are boxable). I may make one using regular slide switches because I just happen to have some. Anyway, all the mercury switches I've seen are about a 1/2" long. You just have to be real creative in how you place them in the box.
If you need those plans, let me know, and I will give you my icq number.

TOPIC - The Black Notebook
DATE - 09/01/98 11:53:23
FROM - PhatFone

If you don't have "The Black Notebook" created by the Messiah, you should get it. It's a help file with many types of box plans compiled in it. It's neat, and can replace those old .txt plans you've got scattered around on your hard drive. If you've seen a newer version of this file, tell me. It could use a face lift, as there are many box plans that I didn't see listed, but its nice to have all the same.

Download "The Black Notebook" Here...

TOPIC - The Black Notebook
DATE - 09/01/98 11:52:41
FROM - PhatFone

If you don't have "The Black Notebook" created by the Messiah, you should get it. It's a help file with many types of box plans compiled in it. It's neat, and can replace those old .txt plans you've got scattered around on your hard drive. If you've seen a newer version of this file, tell me. It could use a face lift, as there are many box plans that I didn't see listed, but its nice to have all the same.

TOPIC - Scratch Boxes
DATE - 09/01/98 11:40:13
FROM - PhatFone

Hey Wrighter:
Do you think you can email me those plans, or post them. I am pondering making a red box from scratch, but I have a different set of plans. It would be nice to compare the two. Thankz

DATE - 09/01/98 03:58:37
FROM - Blue Box kid Idaho

hey Wrighter, you have a stealth combo box right? well, i am wondering how long the mercury switches are in the box? i went to RADAR electronics today and the ones they had were like almost 1/2 inch long! i figured that they werent the right ones. hehe..
BTW do u have icq?

TOPIC - Scratch boxes/video
DATE - 09/01/98 02:52:39
FROM - Wrighter

I agree with Ray, that a rat shack box is pretty easy to make. After trying for over a month (and still trying) to make a box from scratch, making one from a dialer was laughably simple. Now, I don't mean this to rip anyone who can't get theirs to work, I just mean that a box from scratch is just about impossible to make relative to a rat shack box. However, I am slowly making progress on a digital redbox - the one by Kwiq of Moonlight BBS. I discovered today that I had made a mistake when I transfered the circuit onto a PCB, and figuered this a very probable cause of failure. Also, I need a 600 Ohm impedence speaker for this thing, preferably small as possible. They have proven somewhat difficult to find, but if I could get one about the same size as rat shack's 8 ohm mini speaker would be really cool. I think I could fit the whole thing, battery and all, into a pack of gum like the one at Defcon '94. One main problem in this endevor is finding all the right parts, without having to mail order from 5 different companies. If I ever actually get this to go, I may make a video myself about it. I would really like to see more info about scratch boxes, and lower-cost, high-quality boxes. I figuer the price range for this digital box will be some where between 10 and 20 dollars. If I ordered all the parts at the same time from the same place, it would be closer to ten.

As far as problems with dialers go, my rat trap is the 43-146 model number, and I had a problem with the switches in it, which seemed to stop the box from functioning at all. BTW - I am talking about the original on/off and dial/store switches; I didn't add any more. I took my box apart several times just comparing the parts with schematics for other boxes, and it seems that the switches have to be in the right places for it to work. It will turn one, but it won't make any sound. If this is what is happening, try switching the switches (no pun intended). This seemed to fix the problem with mine. What model dialer are you using, crazy 1/4?

TOPIC - in response
DATE - 09/01/98 01:35:54
FROM - Blue box kid Idaho

hey crazy, i dont know if it matters but on my box, i couldnt get tones unless the crystal was with the letters down, try soldering the 6.xxxxx crystal right site up and up side down. i am useing a 6.4mhz crystal and it works great!

TOPIC - help
DATE - 09/01/98 01:06:03
FROM - crazy1/4

Could the reason why my red box is not working be because i have the 6.5536 MHz crystal in my dialer in-stead of the 6.50 or the 6.49??some one please help me.

there is so much to learn and not enough time!!!

TOPIC - Box Proto
DATE - 08/31/98 22:50:10
FROM - PhatFone KS

I would have to agree with Ray, it's not hard to figure
out how to convert a rat shack dialer into a redbox. But.... It would be great to see it done by scratch.
It would be even kewler if you could make a kit like what the L0pht did with their POSAG paging decoders.
There are a few companies that will build a free prototype if you send them the plans, in hopes of getting you to buy more if your happy with the outcome.
I thought about sending them plans for a red box circit
just to see if they would do it.

TOPIC - Red Box makeing
DATE - 08/31/98 21:29:56
FROM - Dogwelder - No domain available

i was wondering if recording the tones from your computer would work, give me a yell if you know it would or you tried it. My redbox recently had an accident and the nearest radio shack is quite a ways a way.

TOPIC - A Redboxing Video
DATE - 08/31/98 20:40:04
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Synidcate

Dude, a Red Box is the single most EASIEST thing to make. The way I look at it, if you can't make a redbox, than you probably don't need one. Now, what you 'should' do is make a video on how you can make a red box from scratch. That would be cool. Maybe even use a Rat Shack Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Kit so that your project is nice and clean. That would be kewl.


PS, I also will take donations (of any kind). Thanks to all who have donated. So far I have collected two boxes of used adult diapers, box with what appears to be a decapitated cat head, and a rat skeleton which was labled as being Jon Bonet Ramsey's body (how tasteless).

United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - ReBoxVideo
DATE - 08/31/98 19:22:13
FROM - Pinoy Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

I think I will make the video, just for fun.......

PS I need some hardware so I can port the vid-cam
on my PC.....If anyone cares to donate please do

Doesn't matter if it's a cheap shit

TOPIC - cellular phreaking
DATE - 08/31/98 19:03:40
FROM - crazy1/4

i am so nervous i was just on my roof doing some cell fone phreaking and i came inside to get some more freq. and these unmarked big white van's drove past my house really slow one had USWest latters on top of it. and on one of the channels i was listining some poeple were talking about some one getting in trouble with the FBI. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

TOPIC - REdBox Video
DATE - 08/31/98 18:29:25
FROM - Pinoy Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

I wasn't aware that somebody made a video welll I guess I won't be making it then .....

DATE - 08/31/98 17:57:28
FROM - Dean Olsman

ill Give You 100$ To Show Your Face

TOPIC - red box video
DATE - 08/31/98 17:35:44
FROM - British

Somebody wasted the time and effort on making a red box video already.

TOPIC - RedBox Video
DATE - 08/31/98 13:57:00
FROM - Pinoy Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

Yo, guys I was thinking of making a video on how
to make a redbox should i do it?

post :

yes = good idea

no = lame idea

TOPIC - xtal
DATE - 08/31/98 13:40:37
FROM - Pinoy Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

Ok, guys I just ordered my xtal last saturday and will
probably get it this wednesday/thursday,
cuz mouser will be sending the invoice today so I just have to wait
a little while longer ....oh and did I tell you guys that I stole
a soldering iron kit with all the goodies from rat shack....well..I
also found ou that at my school they still have those old
payphones(5 of them to be exact) that are very boxable
so i'll be boxing like hell he he he he well gots ta go
read some post .

HAPPY PHREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOPIC - crystals
DATE - 08/31/98 11:34:22
FROM - _

crazy 1/4:

Why did you use a 6.5536? Was that the only type you could get?

6.49s are pretty hard to find, but a 6.50 is easy to find, and is still better than a 6.5536.
So get a 6.50.... look in the ads in 2600 or Blacklisted 411, you can get one for
$4 that INCLUDES shipping. So just do it.

TOPIC - shit
DATE - 08/31/98 02:28:15
FROM - crazy1/4

i just (2 day's ago)built a red box with the 6.5536 MHz chip that i had ordered from mouser and if that is the reason why it has fialed to work every time i use it then i will be fuckin mad

TOPIC - red box & stuff
DATE - 08/30/98 18:22:53
FROM - ?2


6.49 is the optimum crystal to's the type Bernie S used to sell. I have one of those (from Bernie S) my box, which is one of those older Radio Shack units that are brown with the gold faceplate, and it works just great.

As far as getting a free local call.....this trick used to work, but I haven't tried it recently.
Dial 1-800-COLLECT (or something like that)
its the automated collect calling method that lets you say your name, which is recorded, then you punch in the number you want to call collect to.
The system calls that person, and says "Would you accept a call from" (then the recording of you saying your name is played)....Press 1 for yes"

Anyway, if the person just hangs up, nothing happens.

So, what you do is when it asks you to say your name, you quickly say "Hey mom pick me up at K-mart", so that is what the person hears when the system calls them. Then your mom just hangs up, nobody gets charged anything, and she has a free message from you!

get it?

TOPIC - Red box stuff
DATE - 08/30/98 18:11:03
FROM - PhatFone KS

Quake Phreak,
Yeh it was a real bitch making the square cut for the switch. I put it on the curved side of the box, right beside the speaker. I had to run wires to the switch, which made it kind of tough to get the dam thing closed. Also, when I was filing the other side of the box for the top part of my switch, i must have cut part of that mylar stuff running into the LCD screen, because when I powered it up, the display worked fine, but one line of pixels on the first like didn't work.
But I can still read the display so I'm pretty happy.

I tried it out with much success on the old fones I always used with my other box. I found that the tones would register better by using the SLOW key. I can't get the quarters to register, only nickels. Out here red boxing has almost become obsolete with the new fortress fones Southwestern Bell is installing. It seems like there everywhere! Anyone know of a work around for Southwestern Bell's new fones?

DATE - 08/30/98 13:54:28
FROM - 02 i just got off the toliet

in MCM electronics they got a keychain fone dialer, can i make this into a red box or do i have to go to the fucking rat shack and buy one of theres

DATE - 08/30/98 04:49:13
FROM - Magus-Ohki Washington State

There ^

TOPIC - follow-up
DATE - 08/30/98 04:40:22
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Realy.....6.49 does work better? I thought it realy wouldn't make a difference....but I guess its only logical. Has someone actualy suceeded with a 6.49 where the other crystals failed?

About the COCOTS.....I ment using a RED BOX cause you have to use a different method on a COCOT. A misunderstanding.

About making local are you people doing it? All the phones in my area (GTE) cannot be boxed for local calls.....10-10-288 doesn't work (GTE got wise to that trick)...It pisses me off cause tonight I was stranded with only a nickel and my box....and my ride was a local call (then though they were 20 miles away). What would I do? I havnt had this problem before cause Ive only been trying Long Distance numbers.

As for the test one can get it working on a GTE got it woring on an AT&T....And Im sure others who use the number got it working on an AT&T too....It seems that every company has a different test number (gee...that was a hard conclusion to come too). If anyone knows a test number for a GTE or any other company own phone...let us know.

TOPIC - people(phreaks)
DATE - 08/29/98 17:48:52
FROM - crazy1/4

Does any one know any phreaks in the Salt Lake City area of utah? i need some friends that phreak none of my friends think it is cool, and i need some one who knows the fones in SLC. UT Cause i am new to the game.

Magus- thanx i will try your info!!. where are you from??

TOPIC - picture
DATE - 08/29/98 14:24:32

Ok, i know some of you are getting tired of me saying this, but if anyone has a picture of thier combo box or one of those boxes with "earphone jack" things in it to change the crystal, i would GREATLY appreciate it if you could send it to me. Thank you.

TOPIC - help
DATE - 08/29/98 12:48:35
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Actually Magus, the closer the new crystal is to 6.49MHz, the better chance you will have of the redbox working on a fone. Think of it, if I wanted to fool you into thinking I'm you're mom(!?) or something, I would try to steal someone's vocal cords very similar to hers.

About the COCOTs, remember my trip to Palm Springs?? I've called out lots of times from COCOTs. It all depends on what kind of COCOT it is; some fones mute the mouthpiece, some don't accept incoming calls, some disable the DTMF pad, etc. Some don't let you access the "10-numbers" like 10-10-288 or 10-10-321. There is a way around most of these, however.

Local numbers aren't really "harder" to do, they just take longer than if you actually put in $.35. Calling my friend's house from less than two miles away "cost" me $1.60 with 10-10-288!!

I've only been able to access the test number once, and that was when I was in the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles (plug). Anyways, I was coming out of the bathroom when lo and behold, a genuine ATT (not GTE) fortress!! I tried the test number, and it worked!! All I have where I live are either COCOTs or GTE owned, so I can't get the number to work.

Millenium Phones are pretty easy to spot. If it has some sort of digital display, it usually means the fone is hi-tech (what else?) and can't be boxed - for now...

TOPIC - binary
DATE - 08/29/98 11:30:07
FROM - Magus-Ohki

I saw the binary listing and I bet some of you would like to know how binary can equal numbers. Well here is how it works...

Lets take a 4 bit binary string...It includes 4 digets. Each diget symbolizes a numerical value. The series is as followed...

| 8 | 4 | 2 | 1 |

Now heres the fun part... in order to make this string equal a value, you turn SOME of the bits ON (1) and the others off (0). Then you add the bits that are on...and get the number it equals like so.....

Lets make a 6
| 8 | 4 | 2 | 1 |
| 0 | 1 | 1 | 0 | 4+2=6 (thats why it skips over 6)

other numbers would be...


Now a standard 8 bit series works the same way, but it looks like this...

| 128 | 64 | 32 | 16 | 8 | 4 | 2 | 1 |


Now in computers (or at least C64 erra computers) this number is converted into an ASCII code. Each diget, letter (upper and lower), graphic pixle, etc has its own ASCII code. (check the character map to see what I mean) The computer then displays the character associated with the ASCII value.

This is the BASIC function of DOES get more complicated.

TOPIC - help
DATE - 08/29/98 11:13:59
FROM - Magus-Ohki

6.50 and 6.49 crystals don't work better, they are just smaller and closer to the actualy frequency. That is why people perfer them. But "no" they do not work better than what you have.

If you cannot got your box working right chances are you probably need to little tricks to get around it.
Go through this checklist...

1. Check the phone your using. Is it made by GTE USWest, Pacific Bell, AT&T, etc.? If not, then its a COCOT, and cannot be boxed.

2. Try inserting a real nickel before playing the tones. This sometimes works.

3. Before dialing the number, attatch 1-288-1-(xxx) xxx-xxxx or 10-10-222-1-(xxx)-xxx-xxxx. Some payphones cannot access these numbers (and AT&T cannot use 10-288)

4. Try the test number 0-959-1230. Im TOLD it works.....but I cannot access the number.

If none of this works, chances on you have hit a Millenium phone - a Digital payphone that is box-proof. Go on to another phone. Also dial only long distance numbers to start out with....local calls are harder to do.

TOPIC - new dial
DATE - 08/29/98 03:57:48
FROM - crazy1/4

yesterday i put together a red box with the rat shak dialer, and the 6.5536 crystal. but i heard that the 6.50, and 6.49 work better is this true is so i wonder if that is why it hasent worked on any fone i used today.please give me advise

DATE - 08/29/98 02:18:40
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho

thanx Wrighter! You are really kewl. Yea, i tried that coin test number that was posted by i dunno i cant remember. The guy in Utah. Well, the 959 prefix, is a real prefix in my area, so i didnt work. I need the prefix for Boise, Idaho. Maybe you can help me find it? I am currently awaiting response from my fellow PLA member/leader, Acidcrawl. He is really bussy with college right now so i really need sum help.
ok here are the list of the projects in the "big yellow book"

portable tone generator
telefone status monitor
fone tone ringer, FCC approved tone ringer, fone or ext. tone ringer, fone line monitor, tone dial generator, tone dial decoder, Remote ring extender switch, tone dial encoder, fone relay, fone controled tape starter, line powerd repertory dialer, off hook indicator, handset tone dial encoder, low line loading ring detector, auto answer and ring indicator, autopatch fone line interface, fone ringer uses piezo transducer, electronic fone bell.

btw my anyone!!!!!! MY ICQ NUMBER IS 11643852

TOPIC - Forgot to mention...
DATE - 08/29/98 02:13:04
FROM - Wrighter

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that the phone->redbox has the same problem as the dialers in that the quarter tones are still way too slow. This I expected, but I haven't figured out a rememedy for it yet. Give me time....

TOPIC - Making redboxes out of regular phones (more spew)
DATE - 08/29/98 02:01:06
FROM - Wrighter

Hey every body, while I was rethinking my digital phone spew, I was fiddling with my phone. It's a sony with number storage capablilities. I stuck my extra 6.5 MHz crystal in it, programmed it like you program a tone dialer, and Voila! Instant redbox! Okay, so not so instant. It stills runs off the phone line, so you would have to attach 2 9v batteries to it. If you got one of those "mini" phones, you could modify it to have three boxes in one, and maybe even put it all in a smaller case! Add the batteries, as well as keeping the line jack, and install a switch between them. Then put in both the 3.57 (original) and 6.5 MHz crystal with a switch between them, like in a combo box. That should be all that is nessasary (<--- I have no idea how to spell that word) to have a white box, red box, and plain old telephone all in one. I am not sure yet why I would want to carry a telephone around, but I still might have to try this. BTW - my phone is all in the handset: the base is just a plastic thingy to set the phone on. The only cord it has goes right to the wall jack. You should still be able to do this with a two-part phone, but it might be bigger and more difficult.

TOPIC - more room
DATE - 08/29/98 01:51:13
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Need more room in you old style Tone dialer? Well remove the beeping speaker, and break off the plastic that held it.

Whats that you say? Need MORE room? the lower right corner or the black blob there is this tube-like object wraped in plastic with ribs down the side. What is this thing? I have no idea....but I do know one thing....its important to the useless speaker you just removed.

So.....REMOVE IT! Gasp.....look at ALL the extra room you just made by removing a useless part. Plus you box works JUST FINE without it!!!!

I haven't tested it yet, but I think the resistor to the left of it is another useless part.

BTW....the micro resistor next to the tube thingy is another usless part, but dont bother wasting time trying to get it out....its too small to get in the way.

P.S. Heres a challenge....someone try and see if any of the compasitors are useless parts too.

TOPIC - LCD Dialer
DATE - 08/29/98 01:33:04
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Heya Phatfone, glad to hear that you've gotten your box to work! I myself have installed two mercury switches inside my box, and it looks like I haven't even touched the thing (good if a cop comes by). I'm not so good at gouging out things in plastic unless they are circular, 'cuz then I just use a drill. I still have to learn how to mount square switches and the like...

TOPIC - too much money
DATE - 08/29/98 01:28:39
FROM - ?2

Pinoy Phreak -- If you box in too much money, the recording will tell you something like "You have 10 cents credit toward overtime"

one of these days this will happen to you, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

TOPIC - Just finished New Red Box
DATE - 08/29/98 00:13:47
FROM - Phatfone KS

Well, I just put together my LCD Red box.
I used a small rat shack switch. I took a hobby
knife and a file and cut a hole on the side of the box with the curve running down it to mount it, so that only the very top of the switch is visible. It looks pretty good, almost like It belongs there. I tested it all before I closed it all up, and every thing worked good. Then I closed up the box, and only the red tones would work. What a bitch!! So I opened her up again and took out all those dam screws and found that I had a loose contact, so I re-soldered it put it back together and it worked great!

Greetz goes out to RAY for his post on how he soldered his switch. Thankz!

DATE - 08/28/98 22:18:45
FROM - RonJeremy

Somone should scan the ESS manual and post it on like pla or something

TOPIC - Questions
DATE - 08/28/98 17:58:33
FROM - Pinoy Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

DARK~SPIRIT, when you "put too much money" in the phone
it will not give you back money because you didn't put in real money it's only a bunch of tones, or you could also try to call the OP and ask for a refund or something. look for RBCP's PLA issue and read it
i forgot which issue of PLA so you'll have to look around.

DATE - 08/28/98 17:30:10

OKi got 2 questions:

1) if you pt in too much "money" in the phone, will it give you change, likeu box 3 quarters and it only costs 2 will they send you the 3rd back ?

2) when you put in the new crystal, does it change the frequency of the tone of the speed of it ?

I know these probably are really lame questions, but ohh well. I guess im just really stupid.

TOPIC - My bad
DATE - 08/28/98 17:00:55

I screwed up! If you wouldn't mind, please highlight the black space in my previous message posted.


TOPIC - ????-xxxx
DATE - 08/28/98 16:57:47

Hey everyone,
can you all help me out. Boxing is become a little more dangerous in my town due to pigs and operators monitoring fones and fonelines in my area. Lately I've been sticking to simple shit until it cools down a little bit. All I've really been doing is beige, lunch, and gold boxing. Anyway, that little trick where you get the operator to call a fone # back sounds like phun but I can't phind out the phirst 4 digits of the number. I live in Central Kentucky in a city called Richmond which is next to a bigger city called Lexington, both of the cities are in the area code 606 and my phriend claims he blue boxed downtown about 4 days ago ( I'll check it out within a week ). Anyway, can someone please help me out here!



TOPIC - Neat phone
DATE - 08/28/98 16:52:04
FROM - Astrogeek Venus...(901)

Exxon seems to be building a lot of these great new gas stations near here. But what I found really interesting was that the payphones that they installed inside the gas stations have a fax maching built right into them! I have never seen them before, and I was wondering if it would be possible to phreak them too. Anyway, just thought someone might be interested. I'll try messing around with them some more, but all the Bellsouth phones around here seem to be muted.

DATE - 08/28/98 16:17:06
FROM - Pinoy Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

Yo, LogicBomb you say you gots a manual on ESS,
why don't you hook us up with a them and
send them out over my (to all the phreakers way)

DATE - 08/28/98 14:44:06
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Nah, Magus, its not a stroke of genius. I read it somewhere - I think something by RBCP. Its cool, since you get an unrestricted line - AND I got my $.35 back!

TOPIC - Radio Shack keychain voice memo recorders
DATE - 08/28/98 11:56:22
FROM - wSTkSTdank Cali

Radio shack has a keychain voicememo recorder available for fifteen dollars. They are very convienient if you want to clone the sound off of the programmable model without the trouble and expense.

DATE - 08/28/98 11:52:04
FROM - wSTkSTdank Cali

Quake.. You said that you programmed you chinger to nickels, dimes, quarters? My suggestion is using a $.25/.75/1.00 programming. You can program the radio shack model up to a dollar sxty five, and the phone will give you credit if you put in to much.

TOPIC - Answering questions
DATE - 08/28/98 11:46:28
FROM - Wrighter

Hey Blue Box Kid, I'm answering you!
Have you tested out that crystal and made sure the frequencies are correct, using one of those coin test numbers?
Also, I have somewhat rethought my previous hypothesis. Perhaps the redbox tones, when generated with a 6.5 crystal (or what ever crystal) in a regular tone dailer, are represented the same as when the dialer was unmodified. I mean perhaps * is still equal to 1011. I am not sure if the decoder simply assignes a value depending on the actual key pressed, or if it does it according to frequency. Supposing it is the latter, the difficult part would be actually getting the numbers into the phone's decoder by means other then depositing money, while at the same time, generating the ACTS tones. I am afraid that this might be quite difficult; that a physical modification involving actually opening the main part of the phone would be required. This is why I wish we had more digital phones out here; I might be able to find one in the middle of nowhere and have time and privacy to tear the sucker open. At any rate, when I have money I may try to build an IR encoder/decoder set, which can operate up to about 30' apart. This has more to do with robotics then phreaking, but at the same time this will let me tell how the decoder will handle the tones.
On another note, you sound like an ad for those guys! : ) Anything useful/interesting in those schematics?

Hmmmm. I think I am getting off the track, even with my revised hypothesis, now that I look back over it. Pay no attention to the regular button (white box) tones that I was jabbering about. Let me get back to you guys when I have time to really mull over this. As it stands, I am just spewing unorganized ideas, so I'll shut up awhile.

DATE - 08/28/98 11:38:52
FROM - Bombtrack

Czech out maw new Redboxing site


DATE - 08/28/98 04:22:17
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho

HEY!!!! LISTN UP ALL!!!!!!!!
First of all, will ppl answer me when I ask a question please? Ok now to buissness. Wrighter, about the post you made on trying a 6.4 crystal, I have one in my box now, it works fine. I bought it from RADAR electronics. BTW!!! IF ANYONE LIVES IN BOISE,IDAHO; SPOKANE, WASHINGTON; OR RICHLAND, WASHINGTON, RADAR IS IN YOUR TOWN!!!! GO THERE AND BUY THEIR CRYSTALS FOR CHEAP CHEAP PRICE AS WELL AS ANYTIHNG ELSE!!!!! THEY ARE LOADED! Ok, also, i was flipping through my dads electronic circuts book and what do i find but a sht load of schematics for fone crap! ANYONE WANT A DIAGRAM!? >:-) hehehehehehehe lots n' lots!
ok cya all! plus does any one know any coin test numbers for the 208 npa? I would be grateful if anyone would tell me!

DATE - 08/28/98 04:20:56
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho

HEY!!!! LISTN UP ALL!!!!!!!!
First of all, will ppl answer me when I ask a question please? Ok now to buissness. Wrighter, about the post you made on trying a 6.4 crystal, I have one in my box now, it works fine. I bought it from RADAR electronics. BTW!!! IF ANYONE LIVES IN BOISE,IDAHO; SPOKANE, WASHINGTON; OR RICHLAND, WASHINGTON, RADAR IS IN YOUR TOWN!!!! GO THERE AND BUY THEIR CRYSTALS FOR CHEAP CHEAP PRICE AS WELL AS ANYTIHNG ELSE!!!!! THEY ARE LOADED! Ok, also, i was flipping through my dads electronic circuts book and what do i find but a sht load of schematics for fone crap! ANYONE WANT A DIAGRAM!? >:-) hehehehehehehe lots n' lots!
ok cya all! plus does any one know any coin test numbers for the 208 npa? I would be grateful if anyone would tell me!

TOPIC - DTMF tones = binary numbers
DATE - 08/28/98 03:07:52
FROM - Wrighter

What I mean is when the tones are DECODED by use of a G8870 IC, the output is reprsented by a binary number, which is easily readable by a computer. Here's a chart:

_Decimal_ _Binary_
1 0001
2 0010
3 0011
4 0100
5 0101
6 0110
7 0111
8 1000
9 1001
0 1010
* 1011
# 1100
A 1101
B 1110
C 1111
D 0000

As you can see, the numbers have not changed, they are just represented as binary, except that 0 is represented by 10. * through C is 11 to 15, respecfully, and D = 0. Each digit also has its own set of high and low frequencies (duh) that I didn't feel like putting in the chart. Anyway, I am pondering a way of using these and the values of the redbox tones to possibly trick a digital phone. This may not be possible without some sort of physical modification of the phone. Or... there are always those magnetic cards...
So anyway, we have the numbers of the tones - that really doesn't do us a phreaking thing (no pun intende), but if we had the values of the redbox tones, that might help us out. I'll let you guys know if I figuer out anything useful.

TOPIC - good thing
DATE - 08/28/98 01:15:24
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Ya know the new LCD dialer not playing the quarter tones fast enough MAY be a good thing.....think about it....if you ever need to use an operator.....the nickel tones are easier to fool him/her with than the quarter tones!

BTW QuakePhreak......that trick with the two COCOT's is a stroke of genius! I have never seen that one!

PS Has anyone tried 10-10-222 yet? Id like to know if it works the same as 10-288

TOPIC - DTMF tones
DATE - 08/28/98 01:12:24
FROM - In Phase

Wrighter -
A few posts down, you said something about the DTMF tones relating to a binary number?
What do you mean by that?

You have seen the DTMF "grid" for the telephone number pad haven't you? Is this what you're talking about?

The DTMF "grid" just shows what pair of DTMF tones is produced by pressing a particular button on the phone.

TOPIC - Oopps!
DATE - 08/27/98 21:42:29
FROM - Wrighter

I appologize! It is Wicked Goddess, not Evil Goddess

TOPIC - Reading and Re: Craven
DATE - 08/27/98 21:36:23
FROM - Wrighter

The coin test number is mentioned near the bottom of one of my previous posts (and probably other places as well), but someone posted it again in repsonse to your question.

I never tried it, but I hear redboxing doesn't work on digital phones. This is why I never tried it. The digital ones are like vending machines: the record how much money you put in, I believe, by weight.

Also, I think you came to a good place, Evil Goddess (I dig the name, too). I have learned alot here about phreaking, but hacking is not really part of this board. I would like to learn more about hacking too. Hey, have you read the Guide to Mostly Harmless Hacking series? They are kinda a good intro, though some of them I think are lame. They don't really address what my interests are. But that could just be me.

TOPIC - I'm Back
DATE - 08/27/98 21:22:58
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Hey ho men, I just got back from Palm Springs today! Anyways, I brought my red box (the 65-721 model, remember?) to test it out and it works great! First stop: McDonalds. They had a GTE Fortress Fone. I used the dialer to do the number, then flipped it over (merc switches) to make some quarter tones. I ended up calling a number out of state that suppossedly cost my $3.75 or something. Hehe, works great so far! At the hotel, they had some stupid COCOTs that accepted incoming calls. Cool, I just put in $.35 and called up the COCOT right next to me. When it rang, I picked it up and immediately hung up the first fone. The second one gave me a few clicks and then a dialtone! I punched in some numbers on the keypad. In it's pathetic try to defeat fraud, the fone disabled the keypad. Not to worry with 'ol red around. I just used "Manual Dial" on the dialer, and called away! Ok, last stop was home. I needed a ride, but the call was going to be a local one. Damn, can't box, eh? I tried 10-10-321, but it said "This call requires a coin deposit... blah blah" or something. So I tried 10-10-288. It said for me to "insert" $1.60, so I did. Cool, it works on local calls!! One thing though, after two local calls with ATT, I then got the above message when trying the third one. Anybody know why?

BTW, I complained to Mouser about sending me glas mercury switches when I ordered metal ones, so they sent me two extra metal ones AT NO CHARGE. This is so cool!

More stuff: I cant seem to get the 0-959-1230 number to work on fones other than ATT. GTE just doesn't like it...

Ok, one more thing. The quarter tone on the 65-721 dialers is of course to slow to be a real quarter. But if you just use it, ACTS thinks it is five consecutive nickels, which is the same as a quarter, $.25! I have three coins in my dialers memory, nickel, dime, and quarter. The first string would just be the single coin tone, while the other would be a dollars worth of dimes, nickels, or quarters. Ok, I'm done now...

TOPIC - New Red Box
DATE - 08/27/98 19:07:24
FROM - PhatFone KS

I just bought the new LCD Tone Dialer (65-721) and they are very K-Rad. They're still on sale for $20.00, down from $34.99. They have shitloads more then the old 33 memory dialers. The new moldel stores 75 entires, each with a name and 2 fone numbers. It can recall the number just like a database by typing the name in. And... It also is a fully functional calculator!! Now,
if the heat starts asking you questions, you can say that you were using your "calculator" to estimate long distance charges!!! The new model is much smaller than than the old one. I can't decide if I want to use mercury switches and make a Stealth box, or just go for the SPDT switch. I think I'll start with an SPDT because I have one of those lying around. L8ters....

DATE - 08/27/98 18:45:16
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

Use a 6.50 crystal, or if you can find one a 6.49mhz

They will produce more accurate tones than the 6.5536 ones.

credit goes to in_phase for that phreak tip.

--Dark_Cloud (The)

TOPIC - test#
DATE - 08/27/98 17:31:12
FROM - crazy1/4

the red box test # :0-959-1230 it should work from any where i am in utah and I use it.

TOPIC - Report
DATE - 08/27/98 16:10:57
FROM - Pinoy Phreak CA/HP - No domain available

Yo, Wrighter there's alot of digital fones in USC
I went on a field trip a couple of months ago and
all their fones are all digital, too bad I hadn't made a redbox
sooner, i would've tried it , but I doubt that it would've worked
anyway well that's it I guess.

Yo, blow daddy you gonna hook me up with that xtal
check your mail

TOPIC - Test #?
DATE - 08/27/98 15:05:57
FROM - Blow Daddy CA - No domain available

Yo, Wrighter, what number did u dial to reach the test line that asks u to deposit nickels, dimes, etc.?

TOPIC - phun
DATE - 08/27/98 14:52:55
FROM - crazy1/4 asddfa

well my UPS man was just here and i just got my 6.5536 MHz crystal and i bought a DPDT switch at the rat shak and i am off to make my red box/tone dialer combo. so you guys have phun. *gone to phreak*

TOPIC - 2600
DATE - 08/27/98 14:40:36
FROM - crazy1/4

Ron Jeremy, i just did the same thing . that was cool what does it do. help?

TOPIC - cravin
DATE - 08/27/98 13:54:44
FROM - ~WicKed GodDesS~ Canada
- No domain available

So...most of you sound like you know what your talkin about

Im cravin to know more about hackin or phreakin....anything related really

Anyone care to perhaps send me in the right direction since Im headed somewhere anyway...

DATE - 08/27/98 13:51:56
FROM - RonJeremy

Hey, Out of Curiosity I Called up (on The Phone) The Number My computer Dials To Connect With The Internet When i Heard The Carrier Signal I Blasted A 2600hz Tone Down The LiNE that i got from cphreek prog on the ney About a second later i got a dial tone overlapped with a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep what is it what did i do somone help me.

TOPIC - Real use of dialers/tests last night
DATE - 08/27/98 12:56:25
FROM - Wrighter

Sorry, RonJeremy, I wasn't intending that to be a rip. I did not realize that you "don't got" a dialer (I love it when people don't use proper grammer, though! : ) ).
BTW, I forgot to mention that when I boxed a call to information in CA, I had to deposite a real nickel first. I fiddled around a while trying to actually get money out of my pocket, when a live op came on, requesting the money. I just hung up, because I want to test the quarter tones on a machine first and see if they work, since the coin test flagged that the timing was too slow. I think I will conduct a study of human perception versus that of the machine...
Anyway, do any of you live in an area where there are lots of digital fones? Where I live they are only in really crowded areas like the mall. Since these are the wave of the future, I suppose I, we, whoever, should start looking for ways the phreak these fones. An interesting thing I just learned the other day: all the DTMF tones are correspondent to a binary number. This is how the fones show the number you dialed in the display... I am sure it is used for other things too... I kind of wish there were more digital fones aroung here so I could fiddle with them. Let me know what you guys think.

DATE - 08/27/98 03:38:59
FROM - RonJeremy

highlight the black space by my name to see text by it i guess i messed up the colors..

DATE - 08/27/98 01:57:54
FROM - RonJeremy

Hey Wrighter i dont got a tone dialer nor a redbox yet im currently using a tape recorder with the tones i made with a prog alright i guess i got a bluebox but 1 they dont work nomore or 2 its broke cant figure out

ps who knows who the real ronJeremy is in real Life...i know but do you

TOPIC - Report
DATE - 08/27/98 01:33:09
FROM - Wrighter

Well, the number worked great! I called up and it took a while, but then the automated teller says, "Coin Test. Deposit Nickle."
So I hit the nickle button.
"Nickle. Deposit Dime."
So I hit the dime button.
"Dime. Deposit Quarter."
So I hit the quarter button.
"Timing error. Deposit Quarter."
Bummer. I am afraid the quarter tones are just too slow. That is the reason I am trying to make a different type of box. BTW - I used a 6.5 MHz crystal from Mouser, which looks like a regular crystal: shiny and oblong. I wonder if a 6.4 would work....

TOPIC - Real use of dials, where to get crystals, etc.
DATE - 08/27/98 00:22:02
FROM - Wrighter

Well, I certainly agree that many of you need to read the faq and read the posts - all the posts - before posting yourself (while I have not been here long, I at least did this myself). There are at least 3 places mentioned on this board from which one can order crystals. Also, I hear (I may be wrong) that Radio Slack does carry the crystals, but you have to do some social engineering as well as shell out about $10 to get one. Not overly practical.
Second, the actual use of tone dialers is to be able to access touch-tone automated machines, answering machines, and such from rotary phones, or phones that only pulse dial (if you read the box your dialer came in, you would know this). A person can learn alot from reading.
Third, I think that Hyper_Dermic is wright in a respect, that, yes, this forum is getting a bit repetitive, and that it doesn't take a brain surgeon to make a box from a dailer. However, I have tried fruitlessly to make a redbox without the aid (or added expense) of a dialer, and with no luck. I only suggest that perhaps a little patience is needed when someone tries something different.
Lastly, I have to ~sigh~ admit that I am no brain surgeon, and I shelled out the $25 and made a box from a dialer. I decided I can still play with it until I get my mini red box working. From all of this I have some respect for anyone who has actually made one of these things w/o a dialer.
Anyway, those are my thoughts on the last few posts. Also, I am going to go out and try that 09591230 number tonight and see if it works in my area. I'll keep you posted.
BTW-I am too young to have anything REAL old, but my first PC was a KayPro XT w/256k of RAM, and a 20Meg HDD.

TOPIC - Crystals
DATE - 08/26/98 22:36:17
FROM - Phatfone phuckdat

Maybe you guys that are asking where to get crystals should read the rest of the forum before posting! I think there have probably been at least 6 or 7 posts on this subject already. And if you would have read RBCP's pages on Red boxing.... Anyways for the 5,765 time Radio Shack is the worst place for crystals, they never have them and cost like 7 bones a piece to order them! Go to Mouser and get a 6.50 crystal for a $1.55.
These work just as good as anything. Next time read through the postings before you ask a question that might have already been addressed!!

Get your Dam crystals here and.... NEVER ASK AGAIN!!!

DATE - 08/26/98 22:33:01
FROM - RonJeremy

Can Somone Please Tell Me The LEAGAL use of tone dialers thanx

TOPIC - Help!
DATE - 08/26/98 21:25:33
FROM - MeeK Essexville, MI - No domain available

I just got one of the 33 - Memory Tone dailers from the fucking idiots at Rat Shack, but when
they went to go look for the 6.5536 but they don't carry them! I need to know where I can get one.

TOPIC - cool numbers
DATE - 08/26/98 20:11:31
FROM - Pinot Phreak LA, Cali - No domain available

If anybody out here has some cool numbers e- mail me

PS If your in the LA area and want to meet and just
share ideas or do some projects email me

TOPIC - close call
DATE - 08/26/98 19:44:17
FROM - Pinoy Phreak LA, Cali - No domain available

Just yesterday I was playing trick on people
at school by making the phones ring. As everyone
knows it's the oldest trick in the book. So as I was
messing around a making all the damn phones ring
I didn't notice that there was a pig watching me.

So after making all the phones ring the pig called
me over and asked me what I was doing :

Officer : Hey come here, what were you doing with these

Me : Nothing Officer

Officer : well I'm pretty sure you were doing something
come with me

( takes me to one of the deans )

Officer : Mr.Goo I caught this young man over the payphones and
making the ring, What do you think?

Dean : PP what were you doing with the payphones?

Me : I was just having fun

Dean : How did you make the phones ring?

Me : I called the operator and hanged up I guess they were
wondering who it was so they called back

Dean : Hmmm

Officer : I think he's lying

Me : How do you know (whispers) pig

Officer : I think we should contact the phone company

Dean : I don't think that's necessary Officer I know
this kid he's very smart

( he doesn't even know me )

Me : (thought) why the fuck is the dean backing me up ?

Dean : You can go know Officer

Officer : Are you sure you cn handle this?

Dean : Yes

Officer : ok , see you later

Dean : ok

Me : can I go know?

Dean : no

Me : Why

Dean : because I wanna know how you did it

Me : did what?

Dean : make the phone ring

Me : I told oyu already it was the operator

Dean : Don't lie or I will suspend you

Me : (thought) what the fuck is this black mail?

Dean : I'm waiting

Me : ok ok (whisper) fuckin asshole

Dean : so how did you do it

Me : ok

Me : ok , what you do is dial 1958-xxxx (LA area)

Dean : 1958-xxxx, what does xxxx for how do you dial xxxx

Me : ( thought ) what a fuckin idiot

Me : xxxx is the last four digits of the phone you want to ring

Dean : Oh

Dean : you can go now

Me : ok (whisper) dick head

After I left I saw him pick up the phone and dial the number.
I was thinking , what a bitch I almost got suspended for not
telling him a simple trick. So to all you phreakers out there

PS . All this happened 8-25-98

TOPIC - tone dialer
DATE - 08/26/98 19:09:28
FROM - crazy1/4

i was just at the local rat shak and bought me a: 33 Memory Tone Dialer, and they gave me there new catolog. but in the catolog they don't have a 6.5536 crystal. and i here that mouser was on closeout and there all gone!!!!!!! WHAT DO I DOOOO??? HELP!!!!

TOPIC - New Tone Dialer
DATE - 08/26/98 18:45:31
FROM - Phatfone chinga tu madre

Hey has anyone tried one of the "Walk About Travel Gear" tone dialers? They memory and are $15.00. The specs are: 3 1/3 x 2 1/4 inches, 1.6 ounces.
Lemme know what they were like if you have.

New Red Box Canidate Tone Dialer

TOPIC - Ol Computers.
DATE - 08/26/98 17:20:03
FROM - Phatfone Naga

While we were on the subject of old computers....
I had a old Apple IIe that I used to program in PRO-DOS Basic, ya know that was stored on the RAM. Anyways that one got all fucked up in a flood, and was tossed out. The next step was a Mac Plus 1 meg, and a 386sx with 4 meg. I ran a crappy BBS for a while on a 2400 baud modem back in the day, and all my friends would call and play LORD and Tradewars back in Middle skool.
Now I'm I have a P-160 with win95 and Slackware Linux and a PowerBook 180 with 8megs running OS 8.1

Theres still life in those old computers! About a year ago I dug the Ol Mac Plus out of the closet. I added a external hard Drive, and 4 megs that I got from a non functioning Mac SE I got from a yard sale for 8 bucks. Then I istalled OS 6 and Eudora Lite, and MacTCP and Free PPP. I plugged in an old Global Village Bronze Modem, and actually downloaded my Email!!! Sure it's slow, and the phone port on a Plus can't go any faster than 9600, but it's a great to have around...

For you guys that are into the old Timex Sinclar 1000's, you can still buy kits from this company on the net brand new. The company bought all of the over stock, and just resently remarketed them for sale.
I don't know the URL so try a search. I think they were $30. (compared to $99.99 back in 1983)

DATE - 08/26/98 16:01:34

i suppose i could tape record red box signals on a tape recorder from c-phreak prog

TOPIC - Green Capacitors?
DATE - 08/26/98 14:06:10
FROM - Blow Daddy CA - No domain available

I was just reading the intructions for a stealth-combo box, and it makes refernce to "green capacitors." The last time i looked at my 33 mem tone dialer, i don't recall seeing any green capacitors, just beige ones. Can someone please enlighten me on this subject?

TOPIC - ???
DATE - 08/26/98 14:04:19
FROM - Magus-Ohki

What the hell is a Diverter?

DATE - 08/26/98 14:03:04
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Um Ray.....he is telling the truth about the blue box for a red box offer.....if you build him a red box, he will send you, absolutly free a BLUE BOX. He's so generous, he'll make it with the finest method avalable for blue box making....

He'll take a cardboard box and spray it with Blue Krylon. ;)-~

TOPIC - diverters
DATE - 08/26/98 13:54:24
FROM - crazy1/4 utah

does anyone now if Diverters still work ang a good way to get them (I have been in brazil were there is not very much technology for 5 years)

TOPIC - Hmmm noone listens
DATE - 08/26/98 09:34:15
FROM - hyPeR_DerMiC NJ

People! RedBoxing isint that hard!! everyone keeps whining that there box doesnt work or the tones dont work the hell can it not work? did'nt you read the caption at the top of the forum? It doesnt take a rocket scientist to solder a crystal onto a board! these posts are getting repetitive.....90% of the questions are already answered in the redboxin guide...go read that first....if you cant get a redbox to work just forget phreakin alltogeather.. how do you expect to be able to chip phones and do other fun stuff if you cant even work an idoit proof box?!?
.....oh....sorry for spouting off like trying to quit smoking and im getting irritable......

TOPIC - Hmmm noone listens
DATE - 08/26/98 09:33:47
FROM - hyPeR_DerMiC NJ

People! RedBoxing isint that hard!! everyone keeps whining that there box doesnt work or the tones dont work the hell can it not work? did'nt you read the caption at the top of the forum? It doesnt take a rocket scientist to solder a crystal onto a board! these posts are getting repetitive.....90% of the questions are already answered in the redboxin guide...go read that first....if you cant get a redbox to work just forget phreakin alltogeather.. how do you expect to be able to chip phones and do other fun stuff if you cant even work an idoit proof box?!?
.....oh....sorry for spouting off like trying to quit smoking and im getting irritable......

TOPIC - Blue Boxin'
DATE - 08/26/98 08:54:33
FROM - Ray Dios Haque Unietd Phreaks Syndicate

Blue boxing barely works anywhere, this is true. Last I heard, the big thing to box was were C5's. These are huge fucking trunks that connect calls to other countries on a U.S. phone number. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding was that even if your area is too advanced for boxing, you could still call an area that is "rape-able", and blast it. That way you would be dropping yourself off several states away, or several countries away. Maybe I am wrong there. Since you would be going through several trunks, would you get dropped off at the one closest, or farthest from you? Maybe someone else can answer that one.

Um, Ron Jeremy, somehow I don't trust you pal. You're telling us that you have built a Blue Box, but you can't make a Red Box? Somehow I have trouble believing that, since you can make a red box out of a pre-made dialer in about ten seconds flat, while a Blue Box would require some "sk33ls" with the ol' iron. :)


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - new trick
DATE - 08/26/98 03:08:28
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Your friends dad may be correct, but I have only phreaked (red box) GTE phones. What the fools at the phone companies don't understand is that phreaking will never die! It will only need to re-invent itself. The so-called "Millenium phone" is little more than an obsticle to phreakers. We'll find a way around it!!! THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY!

Also, if you've tried AT&T's 10-288 with no success.....try MCI'S 10-10-222. I haven't tried it....but who knows.

TOPIC - red box!
DATE - 08/26/98 01:48:56
FROM - crazy1/4 utah

I am a new kid to the game, and i had no idea that it still works! my friends dad is network disigner for us west and says every thing has switched to ess7 and phreak's are dead. but i am gonna make a red box as soon as i get the cash flow.

TOPIC - ESS and Blue Box Q&A
DATE - 08/26/98 01:12:25
FROM - Blue Box Kid IDAHO

Well, I think all states are useing ESS equipment now. I think like everything is digital, cuz i read the ESS5 manual by At&t, and they were talking about useing ISDN for the operators so they can have quick acess to the switching equipment. I am not sure, but Capn' Crunch (yes the REAL Capn' Crunch!)
and he was saying that almost if not every town in every state is useing some form of digital switching. He says that it is possible that there may be some remote small town still useing the old ESS1A or XBAR however unlikely.
And to those ppl talking about Blue Boxing, dude it wont work. I have already tried it and it wont do anything. I used Cool Audio to generate a pure 2600 and i dialed a 1800 number and tried the operator . It wont work because all trunks are useing digital switching now. Too bad though.

TOPIC - old computers
DATE - 08/26/98 00:32:26
FROM - Clark Kent 817

well on the subject of old computers...
- timex sinclair (records all data on tapes and hooks up to a TV)
- kaypro2 (this thing doesn't even use a hdd)
- ibm ps/2 286 with 20 meg hdd
-digital vt101 terminal
-an unidentifiable server i found in a closet

DATE - 08/26/98 00:29:46
FROM - RonJeremy

E- Mail Me Please I am in desprate need of attention send me your questions comments send me free stuff send me blue ,red,any boxes you want i dont care

my e-mail address is

DATE - 08/26/98 00:26:36
FROM - ronjeremy FUCK YOU

What are tone dialers used for anyways..........i mean the legal use of them

TOPIC - im poor
DATE - 08/26/98 00:19:34
FROM - Ron Jeremy earth

If Somone Sends Me a Red Box Ill Send Them A Blue Box Mail Me

Click Here To Go To My Led ZePPeLiN Linx Pafe

DATE - 08/25/98 20:28:54
FROM - Pinoy Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

does anyone know which states has ESS and
which doesn't?

TOPIC - LA Phreaks
DATE - 08/25/98 19:57:55
FROM - Pinoy Phreak LA/Huntington Park - No domain available

if there are any LA phreaks out there and want
to meet or something mail me, I just don't have anything
to do he he he if you want to do crank calls
or share ideas and is in the LA area mail me and
maybe we can meet ...laters all(gotta order my xtal
from mouser)
HAPPY PHREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TOPIC - Old Systems
DATE - 08/25/98 14:35:26
FROM - Op8 828 - No domain available

I nearly forgot: my first computer was a commodore 128D. I can't remember much about it, except that it had a 5.25" disk drive and 128k of RAM. Hehehe, i remember writing programs in BASIC that just did sucky shit like draw squares and shit. But, we all thought that was cool back then, right? ;)

TOPIC - Boat Anchors
DATE - 08/25/98 14:34:47
FROM - cryosis MN

I guess I'll join in on this disscussion too.
I got a Atari 800 (refuses to work), a AMSTRAD PC1640 that takes 4 AA batteries, most of the peices of a 286 that had a concrete block dropped on it, a 386, and a P-133. Saving for a PII-400. And that's all folks. I'm sure everyone's lives are enriched now.

TOPIC - Apple //gs
DATE - 08/25/98 12:08:27
FROM - British

I remember the IIgs. I remember after it lost its popularity people tried to sell it for outrageous prices, still thinkning it was worth something.

TOPIC - old 'puters
DATE - 08/25/98 10:48:29
FROM - In Phase

Well since everybody else is talking about them....

My first computer was an Apple //e in 1984, then in 1989 I got an Apple IIGS, then in 1993 I got a 486/33 (which now has a 66Mhz CPU in it), then earlier this year, got an AMD-K6/300.

And, YES, I still have ALL my computers.... just can't bear to part with them.

And for people looking for 6.50 Mhz crystals, look in 2600 (but not the latest issue), or Blacklisted 411 magazines for places selling them. The prices are about $4 + $1 shipping.
Much cheaper than getting them from those big mail-order places.

TOPIC - Redbox and Old Computers
DATE - 08/25/98 02:59:46
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho

Hey all! I just went down to RADAR electronics today and they were fresh out of 6.55535 or what ever crystals. Apperently, sum dude came and bought them all! haha
Anyway, the closest they had was the 6.4mhz so i bought that. Is that gonna work!? i hope so cuz when i got home i solderd it in and it sounds ok. I will test it in the morning. It is hard to find a "real" fortress fone around here. Most of the payfones are COCOT'S so that makes my job hard. hehe =)
anyhow, US-WEST is still on strike, like i care. They are sooooo shity. Well, i have jabberd enuf. OH YEA! BTW i used to have an old HP BASIC computer my dad gave me. I had all the memory and stuff in the monitor. they kb had symbols on it that made no sense to me. The hdd was like a mini tower computer of today and twice as heavy. haha. Single sided, single density disks. Oh yea and i have an old 1984 HP 110 Laptop. hehe it has about 117k of memory and a totaly dead Lead-Acid battery that wont hold a charge. heh well bye all and i hope some one will please answer me!

TOPIC - Stealth-Combo
DATE - 08/25/98 02:12:34
FROM - blow daddy CA - No domain available

is a stealth combo box necessarily better than just the regular dialer with modified crystal?

TOPIC - RE: Nerd Shit Mayhem
DATE - 08/24/98 22:38:41
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Wow! Looks like a started a nerd-forum. I'm glad to see you all appreciate the old crappy systems that we used to think were the shit. What puters' have I had all together? a TRS-80 Color Computer 1 (16k), a TRS-80 Color Computer 3 (w/512k upgrade from 128k), a Xerox something or rather (from the garbage, but it included an optical mouse!), a Timex Sinclair, an Atari 800 (sucked), an Atari 2600 with the BASIC program pack and keypad, a Compaq 286 laptop, etc. Now, I use a Dual Pentium board (120's) running NT, and Win 98 (dual boot), a Pentium 200 running Win 98, a Pentium 90 running Win 98, and a peice of shit 486sx 33 (with an overdrive making it a pentium 66). Gawd.... I'm a geek.

As to the question reguarding the topic at hand, RED BOXES... HUMMER, you don't need a red box for Canadian tones. That's overkill. The Canadian tone is just one solid tone of one frequency. A Red box is set for Dual-Tone-Multi-Frequency. You should build yourself a Pearl Box, and save some money. Pearl boxes are easy to make, and tune, when you only have one tone to deal with.


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - Canadian Redboxing
DATE - 08/24/98 21:41:32


Does any on know how to change the new tone dialer from rat shack so that it has Canadian tones? What kind of crystal do I need. I am not in a place where all the phones are digital so don't worry.


TOPIC - groan....
DATE - 08/24/98 21:13:05
FROM - Wrighter

I swear my parts will never get here, and my box will never work. I am still waiting for my crystals from mouser, and I still can't get my box to work. There has to be a better source of crystals. Does anyone know what a 6.5??? crystal is used for besides a redbox? Perhaps it would be possible to find them in old radios or something. Just a thought I may just have to make a rat shack box

TOPIC - Crystals
DATE - 08/24/98 17:32:02

I just got my crystals the other day and just opened them today and i was very surpirsed. They look like fucking plastic pieces of shit, like something from Legos. They are from mouser if your curious, but i just wanted to know if all of them are like this, and do you have to cut the legs off of them because they are prettty long. i havent opened my DTMF dialer yet so i dont know how much space i got in there, maybe i should do that.

TOPIC - Oldies
DATE - 08/24/98 12:24:06
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Cool! I have a Timex Sinclair I got somewhere and a VIC 20. Haha, I beat you, its got 5K of RAM!! =P I've also got an old HD, about 20MB thats uses the archaic MFM/RLL encoding method! The platters make really cool coasters, and the magnets are fun to experiment with!

TOPIC - old school hardware fetish
DATE - 08/24/98 11:36:16
FROM - British

I bought a Vectrex about 2 years ago for $100. Quite a collector's item. Too bad I only have the built in game for it(asteroids clone)

TOPIC - re: Nerd Shit
DATE - 08/24/98 10:34:04
FROM - Op8 828 - No domain available

I bought a 286 IBM server at an antique shop for $15. It has a 44 Mb HD. I got home and looked on IBM's web site and I found out that when it was new, the list price was $8,800! I also came with and ethernet card, but it doesn't lokk like it will fit in my 'puter. :)

TOPIC - Nerd Shit
DATE - 08/24/98 09:40:16
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

How can you tell when you are a real nerd? Over the weekend I bought myself a nice little TRS-80 MC-10 at a thrift shop for only 6 bucks. It still had the box, the booklet (with some BASIC tutorials), and the power supply (good thing since it's output is 8 VAC). If you are not familiar with the MC-10, here is what it does. The MC-10 is based on the TRS-80 COlor Computer Series (Made by Radio Shack). The MC-10 is basically a miniture CoCo with a tiny little clickey keyboard, and a whopping 4K of RAM. It hooks up to your TV of course, like all the other CoCo's. When I got home I hooked that bad-boy up and found that my TV/COMPUTER swicth was pretty fucked, but everything worked. Within a half hour I had written a short little program that generates Red Box tones damn near perfectly using the SOUND command. Of course to generate the pause inbetween, I had to make the CPU calculate some rather lenghty math devisions (which worked great). Anyhow, that was about all the fun I could stomach for one day. My next project is to wire it up to my external 2400 baud modem that I bought for 3 dollars. This thing was brand new in the plastic. The only downside is that further investigation of the MC-10 revealed that the serial port only transmits and receives at 600 baud. Oh well. Its the fun of building the cable and making it work that counts.


United Phreaks Syndicate

DATE - 08/23/98 16:29:17
FROM - p3s73c1d3

I havent exactly got the dialer yet i ordered my crystals
and will have it soon okay

TOPIC - Aggrevating "scratch" boxes
DATE - 08/23/98 03:05:07
FROM - Wrighter

Ok, I'm pretty discouraged/ irritated/ aggrevated with my whole red box from scratch thing. I used the schematic by JR "Bob" Dobbs (the one with two 556 ICS - you know, that one), planned out the circuit, spent my $11 for parts, and threw it all together on a PCB. Okay, I didn't actually "throw" it all together, rather it took me a good three days of carefull, diligent work to build it. I have already built one just using wire and perf board, and it was such a mess by the time I was done, when it didn't work, I wasn't surprised. Now I am kinda surprised with this one. What happens is I get some general crackeling when I plug in the battery, and that is it. No sound at all when I hit the button, and when I switch it to (what should be) "off" the battery heats up fast. I think there must be a short somewhere as an error in the shematic, as this is the same symptoms produced by my first box. If anyone has ever made one of these boxes, please let me know what schematic you used, and if you modified it in any way.

TOPIC - Cool
DATE - 08/23/98 03:02:43
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Hey, so does that mean you box works now? Keep us posted!

TOPIC - Thanx so much Quake Phreak...U da bomb
DATE - 08/23/98 00:23:08
FROM - p3s73c1d3 - No domain available

Yo yo,sup yo,
Thankz Quake Phreak
the extra wirez came from a pic i saw once
of the inside of a dialer "rat shack" model
43-146 the old onez i think
and i believe it was a 3.59 mhz xtal and it
had wirez goin 2 it...thats where i got it from
but u made it much simpler and clearer thanx

TOPIC - Dammit
DATE - 08/22/98 23:56:28
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Aww crap. My neato ASCII drawing didn't come out right!! You guys get the idea though, right?

TOPIC - Dialers?
DATE - 08/22/98 23:54:36
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Pe$t - old wires?? The original crystal is soldered to the board directly, so where'd the wires come from? Basically, here's the setup:

If your switch has SIX poles (little legs), follow these instructions:
1.)De-solder the old crystal.
2.)Solder the old crsytal to one side of the switch, soldering each lead to one pole.
3.)Solder the new 6.50MHz crystal to the OTHER side of the switch, again using each lead to one leg.
4.)You'll notice you have two legs in the middle. Attach one wire to each leg, and attach the wires to the circuit board where the original crystal went.
Here's a pic of how the switch should look like:

/ Wires
| / |
|-------|--------0 0 0--------|------|
| Z3.58M| | | |6.50 |
|-------|--------0 0 0--------|------|
Old xtal | / | New xtal
/ Wires

Ok, if your switch has only THREE poles (legs), follow these instructions (from Ray):
unsolder one leg of the standard cystal, and solder down one leg of the 6.49mhz crystal to the side of the standard crystal that was still attached. Then solder one wire to the now empty contact, and run the wire to the middle pole of the three pole switch. Then solder wires from either side of the switch, to the legs of the two crystals.

Anybody modify the new 65-721 tone dialers yet? I want to know where people who opted to use an external toggle switch mounted it. I'm just curious.

Sasquatch, recording tones isn't the most efficient way to box, seeing as error can come up anywhere from the tones being distorted or maybe you're not using a digital recorder and only using analog, i.e. Walkman...

TOPIC - Red Box help
DATE - 08/22/98 18:20:06
FROM - sasquatch TN - No domain available

I have tried recording the tones on a walkman and micro recorder and they still dont work, I have tried putting money in first and that doesnt work either, e-mail me if you can help

TOPIC - Red box
DATE - 08/22/98 14:36:15
FROM - p3s73c1d3 - No domain available

Yo, Quake Phreak, im using an external toggle switch
but could i just leave the old wires, then solder them to the switch and use new ones to solder from the switch to the crystals???

TOPIC - almost forgot...
DATE - 08/22/98 14:06:36
FROM - Quad Sexual CA - No domain available

Oh yeah, i almost forgot. My crystal looks rectangular from the side. From the top, though, it looks sort of elliptical.

DATE - 08/22/98 14:03:22
FROM - Quad Sexual CA - No domain available

Johnny, maybe your dialer doesn't work b/c the 2 solder contacts of the original xtal are touching each other?

and also, you shouldn't need to solder wires to the xtal unless you are planning to put a toggle or mercury switch. i have a 6.5536 xtal from mouser, which is kinda large, but it still fits in my dialer. and yes, you should tape and solder all connections. soldering will help improve the connection, and the electrical tape will prevent another wire to come in contact with it and cause a short circuit. also, when soldering stuff to the original crystal contacts, take extra care to not let the two blobs of solder run together. if they do, you're screwed and should try to use a solder pump to get rid of the mess. ok, hope this helps.

TOPIC - Crystals??
DATE - 08/22/98 13:21:57
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Actually Johnny, my crystal does look like a mini TupperWare container for butter, you know, the base is wider than the top, blah blah. It also says 6.50ECSH on the top. I got mine from Mouser. The one we're talking about is the case designated HC-49/US. It is a much smaller case than the 6.55356MHz xtal. It really doesn't matter what shape the crystal is, as long as you can stuff it into the dialer case.

p3s73c1d3, you really should solder every connection you make, and not just tape the wires together. I wrapped everything in black electrical tape nice and tight, and soldered everything together, and then covered the soldered joints in electrical tape also. Make sure you do a good job soldering, and that you don't have any "cold solder" joint. These type of joints aren't very strong and don't conduct very well. You're joitns should be bright and shiny, not dull and grainy. BTW, what type of dialer are you using? Also, what kind of switch might you be using? External toggle switch or internal mercury switch? The more specific you are, the more we folks can help you! Good luck!

TOPIC - babble
DATE - 08/22/98 10:12:45
FROM - hmmm....

Pe$t - The other people on here aren't talking "live". This is the come and read and post (like the old-style computer BBSes) kind of board.

I like to use the "bathroom wall" analogy. You come and read the messages that others have left, but they're not in the stall anymore. You can write your own message at the bottom (or top) for others to read after you've left. Or you can NOT write anything, and just leave, and the people after you will still see all the other messages.

DATE - 08/22/98 02:43:30
FROM - p3s73c1d3

Sorry again for postin twice
but i forgot 2 ask...
when is everyone on here talking
becuz i alwayz get on and no ones on

TOPIC - Thanx again
DATE - 08/22/98 02:41:00
FROM - p3s73c1d3

Thanx Yo 4 all yor help and if there's wirez goin to the crystal
u should solder everything together...right???
Im really new so be as descriptive as possible I need help
Please Help...i mean it

TOPIC - jdsfl;
DATE - 08/22/98 01:20:05
FROM - Johnny

Is the crystal a cylinder or a rectangular box?

New batteries did nothing. It still won't fucking work. I'm going to have to shoplift another one.

TOPIC - RE: my shitty pics
DATE - 08/22/98 01:14:13
FROM - Quad Sexual CA - No domain available

Arghhh! they came out wrong! but you more or less get the point, right?

if not, then i'll email it to you.

TOPIC - Re: Looks
DATE - 08/22/98 01:12:42
FROM - Quad_Sexual CA - No domain available

Johnny, you're right. It doesn't matter which way the crystal is put in. The only parts that have to be put in a certain way are electrolytic capacitors and some other ones that i forgot. About the appearance of the xtal: Most microprocessor xtals (or at least the ones i've come across) are shaped more or less the same. I don't know what the tupperware container for butter looks like, but my crystal (6.5536) looks like this:
/ \
| |

| |---------

okay, the first one is the top view, and the second one is the side view.

TOPIC - Looks
DATE - 08/21/98 21:51:39
FROM - Johhny Zoom MD

Got my 6.5 crystal in the mail today, slapped that bad boy in there, closed it up, and turned it on--Nothing. The batterys haven't been used since I got the dialer so they MAY be dead but I doubt it.

And, since I'm new, it doesn't matter which way the crystal is facing, does it? Also, could someone tell me what the crystal that works LOOKS like. The one I got looks like a tupperware container for butter (That's the shape) with two leads going out. It thought they were supposed to be cylinders?

The solder didn't run and there are no loose wires. I have a multimeter and I was wondering if someone would tell me where to put the poles so I can find out the source of the problem if there's anyone who knows that. I'll get new batteries just to make sure.

TOPIC - Damn Boxes
DATE - 08/21/98 21:33:53
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Ok listen up. Most every tone dialer out there has a common part: the 3.57954MHz crystal. Either that or they use some IC to generate the tones. p3s73c1d3, the crystal is VERY easy to spot, and I don't see why you need a picture anyways. Just open the case and look at the parts. You'll see a big black blob and other various resistors and capacitors lying around. If you're holding the dialer right-side up, just look to the lower-left of the black blob and you'll either see a silver, cylindrical type thingy (if you have the old version dialer), or most likely you'll see a brown bean-looking thing that looks like a run-of-the-mill capacitor, but its TWO TIMES AS WIDE!! It also has stuff printed on it, something like "Z3.58M" Once again, very easy to spot if you know what you're looking for!

Magus, I don't even have one of those keychain dialers, let alone modified one. When I get one though, I'll keep you guys posted. As I've stated above, most all dialers have a 3.579545MHz crystal. (Unless they use an IC) Anyways, as with ALL tone dialers that use that crystal, all you would have to do is change it to a 6.5MHz crystal or similar and viola, instant redbox! Remeber, most EVERY tone dialer has this 3.58MHz crystal! Oh, and about the mercury switches, from your previous postings I thought you were trying to add switches to the 65-721 dialer. Oh well. I suppose the 43-146 dialer would be harder, seeing as they're aren't any surface mount components to make room for two mercury switches. Just consult any FAQ on making a "Stealth-Combo" box. It'll talk about de-soldering capacitors and moving them around to make room for switches and such. Thats why I opted for the 65-721 dialer. I didn't have to move anything sans the old crystal, and now it closes properly! (just don't open it again, EVER!) BTW, what kind of switches are you using? I used the glass-bulb type. If you can't understand the FAQ, I'm sure Ray would be able to help.

TOPIC - Thanx...But
DATE - 08/21/98 19:54:52
FROM - p3s73c1d3 telnet:// - No domain available

yo,Thanx for the info All of u fellow phreaks
i would also most appreciate it if someone sent me a picture
of where the crystal component is in the radio shack dialer
43-146 because the picture here i dont understand...
I know i sound like an idiot but im a newbie so help out

Sorry for postin twice but i messed up and please

TOPIC - Thanx...But
DATE - 08/21/98 19:53:58
FROM - p3s73c1d3 telnet:// - No domain available

yo,Thanx for the info All of u fellow phreaks
i would also most appreciate it if someone sent me a picture
of where the crystal component is in the radio shack dialer
43-146 because the picture here i dont understand...
I know i sound like an idiot but im a newbie so help out

DATE - 08/21/98 18:10:56
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Quake Phreak......if you have modified one of these keychain dialers.....can you send pictures?

BTW.....if anyone can get mercury switches to fit into the Radio Shack 33 memory dialer (the model with the fake compasitor)...could you let me know? (pics would REALY help)

DATE - 08/21/98 17:57:54
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Funny.....I felt the same way about hacking ;)
Seriously I do know quite a few TRUE you know why they are all masterbating computer freak geeks with no lives? I know there is a connection somewhere.....but I just can't figure it out yet.

But I guess you wouldn't find phreaking fun. I mean it's a victumless crime that doesn't destroy company data and make your johnson bigger. Or you can't make programs that fuck up the lives of some inocent bystandard. And you can't steal the work that many people put their hearts and souls into.

But maybe you can help me with something........WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF HACKING?

So to you I award you with the golded "L" award.

TOPIC - You guys suck
DATE - 08/21/98 14:29:25
FROM - Josco - No domain available

Phone Phreaking sux. Its for losers that are too stupid to do actual hacking.

DATE - 08/21/98 14:27:36
FROM - Quad Sexual CA - No domain available

Does MCM electronics have a catalog?

TOPIC - Small Tone Dialers
DATE - 08/21/98 14:17:21
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Hey, has anyone seen Compass Marketing's Pocket Tone dialer? They are pretty small (for your keychain), and have 13 memories able to hold 16 digits each. They're $20 a pop, but it looks to be worth it for such a small and rugged unit!

BTW, don't you guys like the new 65-721 dialers? I mean, they're smaller than 43-146, they got a neato cool 3-line LCD, and they hold 75 names and numbers (1900 digits)!! I like 'em!

Compass Marketing

DATE - 08/21/98 14:13:51
FROM - Quad Sexual CA

All Electronics' phone dialers are modififiable, like i said in my other post. They are rather small but they suck. Don't ask why, they just suck. They are manufactured by a company named "MVP" and its contents are a little more difficult to modify b/c the parts are mounted on one side of the circuit board and soldered on the other.

Note: the crystal is also disguised as a capacitor like Rat Shack's.

TOPIC - oh, yeah!
DATE - 08/21/98 13:26:57
FROM - Op8 828 - No domain available

I forgot to mention that the MCM dialer was $16. It also look much smaller than the rat shack dialer, because it was advertised as a being meant to go on your keychain.

TOPIC - 6.49 Crystals and other dialers
DATE - 08/21/98 13:23:56
FROM - Op8 828 - No domain available

First off, the 6.50 crystal is available from mouser electronics, In the new catalog it is item # 520-HCU650-20. The price is $1.55 each, or 10 for $14. Also, the metal type mercury switch is:
Item # 107-1001 $1.58 each or $13.20 for 10. Their number is 1-800-346-6873

Next Topic. The tone dialer that I was talking about in MCM had memory. I think it even had the three priority spaces like the rat shack dialer. A funny thing happened: my friend called and asked someone at the company how it generated the tones, crystal or otherwise, and she said "uhhh, I think it's solar." hehehe


DATE - 08/21/98 00:30:03
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Thanx Qhake Phreak. BTW....for all you in the northwest, USWEST employees are on strike......time to do some damage.....PHREAK STYLE (meaning no REAL damage is done....but go hog wild with your box.)

TOPIC - crystals
DATE - 08/20/98 19:15:35
FROM - In Phase

6.49 Mhz crystals are the type that Bernie S used to sell... I don't know where you can get them these days. But a 6.50 Mhz crystal is close enough, and they are easy to find, so use one of those.

TOPIC - 6.49MHz Crystals
DATE - 08/20/98 18:18:11
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Dude... 6.49MHz crystals are pretty hard to find! The closest I've got is 6.50MHz, and that is certainly within tolerances of the stupid fone. I heard that Ray got his 6.49MHz crsytal form Digi-Key a while back, but they don't seem to have them anymore. 6.50MHz or even 6.5536MHz (its cutting it pretty close) crystals are good enough for boxing. That IS what you intend to do, right?

TOPIC - 6.49mhz Crystal
DATE - 08/20/98 15:30:27
FROM - p3s73c1d3 - No domain available

Does anyone know where i could get a 6.49mhz crystal im gettin fucking pissed that no one has one someone please respond if u know.

TOPIC - All Elec's TD
DATE - 08/20/98 13:47:45
FROM - Quad Sexual (formerly Phried Rice) CA - No domain available

About All Electronics' Phone Dialer: I modified one of those a few months back and they sound fine. i didn't get a chance to test it out though, b/c i sold it to one of my friends. anyway, the one that i modified was pretty small. i'd say smaller than Rat Shack's.

TOPIC - All Electronics
DATE - 08/20/98 13:13:31
FROM - cryosis MN

That catalog is the greatest. They got everything you could need 'cept the crystals. Never have to make the long trip to Radio Shack again. Yaaa. I sound like an ad for the people. You can get a free catalog from

All Electronics Corp.

TOPIC - All Electronics
DATE - 08/20/98 09:05:23
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

If you haven't ever seen this catalog, it rawks. I have been getting it sent to my home since I was merely a boy. I found that tone dialer spoken of below, and put up a clipping for you all to gawk at. It lookes pretty large :) but it could still be fun. I am guessing you could rip out the guts and fit them in a slighty smaller case. Maybe you could choose some small batteries of the same voltage too. Anyhow, here is the picture ....


(Click here to see what we are talking about)

TOPIC - More tone dialers
DATE - 08/19/98 21:07:30
FROM - Wrighter biggest little

I found that All Electronics Corp. also sells phone dialers. I guess they have four memory locations, and I imagine that they can be modified just like the Rat Shack dialers. They also cost just $6 a piece.
However, they are pretty big and clunky (approx 4"x4"x1"), but one should be able to remove the oversized buttons and such and put it all in a smaller box. Considering the cost of these dialers is about four times less than Rat Shack they may be something to try.

All Electronics

TOPIC - Ray, Where did u get the 6.49 crystal
DATE - 08/19/98 20:17:45
FROM - p3s73c1d3 nowhere - No domain available

Yo, Ray where did u get the 6.49hz crystal I've also looked everywhere...If u told i would be most grateful.
Please tell...

TOPIC - Merucry Switches
DATE - 08/19/98 19:30:52
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Hehe, I told you it was a bitch to close!! Anyways, I have the glass bulb switches, which makes it a little more difficult. I cut the leads on the switches and 6.50 MHz crystal short enough so that I can still solder ~3" wires to the leads. Ok, open 'er up and look at the back cover. I put all my junk in there. Do you see to the left side of the speaker there is a a foam thing mounted on a plastic bar that is suppossed to protect the LCD? That's where I put one mercury switch. Right below it is enough room to stash the 3.579545 MHz crystal.

To the upper-right of the speaker and to the left of the other foam thing is where I put the 6.50 MHz crystal. The last switch I put to the lower-right side of the speaker.

Make sure you don't make the wires excessively long, or else the cover won't close up all the way. Just use wire that is long enough to reach each lead/connection. I finally perfected my box, and now it close properly! Good luck!

TOPIC - ???
DATE - 08/19/98 18:44:13
FROM - Magus-Ohki

HOW THE HELL WERE YOU ABLE TO GET THE MERCURY SWITCHES INSIDE? I tried, and I cant even close the damn thing.

TOPIC - Re: Tone Dialers
DATE - 08/19/98 12:16:42
FROM - Wrighter RPD loves us

Op8, how much do those dialers cost, and do you know if they have the memory like the rat shack dialers? I went to the site, but they didn't seem to have an online cat, and I hate waiting for stuff in the mail. Let me know, I might try it out.

TOPIC - Tone dialers
DATE - 08/19/98 11:56:33
FROM - Op8 828 - No domain available

anyone modify a type of tone dialer besides radio shack brand? They sell tone dialers in mcm electronics , and i assume that they are just as easy to modify as rat shack's. But, I'm not sure, so if anyone has done this, let me know.


TOPIC - Organization and a challenge
DATE - 08/18/98 13:33:15
FROM - Billy Vep WV, 304

First off, since the forum has been cleaned, I thought I'd mention some things. If you're offended and you're wondering why I'm coming in here and spouting out, WOW, ideas for organization, you can mail me at and yell at me. Especially mail me if you're a student of the hacker-esque "Internet=anarchy" club so I can tell you that even anarchy would benefit from organization.

1) To the newbies. I consider myself a graduate of the newbies, and I've always respected people who answered new people's questions honestly, no matter how idiotic. Now I'm an amateur, almost intermediate, and I realize how annoying some of those questions can be after they are asked four thousand times.

First off, don't ask a question in a Red Box forum that could easily be answered by reading the PLA's red boxing issue. If you want to know where to find a crystal, either read this disscusion all of the way through (I've seen two companies name's in only 7 or 8 posts) or read the archive which gives the addresses and even part numbers for a lot of places. If you want to know what crystal to use, READ. No, I'll tell you. From what I've gathered, technically a 6.46 mhz crystal is the correct size but is in fact impossible to find. Anything up to a 6.5536 or whatever is fine. Including a 6.5 or a 6.49 (If you can find it.)

Now, this leads me to the challenge part.

A while back, a fellow who seemed to know more about electronics than anyone else mentioned that you could theoretically change the crystal in a radio shack tone dialer so that any button on the pad would make the correct tone. Like, right now, a 6.46 mhz crystal is the exact freq, needed to change the * key to the correct tone. But you can't find a 6.46 crystal easily, and more importantly, cheaply. So, what we need, and you'd be doing a great service to the red boxing community, is for someone to figure out if this is in fact correct information and it is possible and then to do it.

Find a crystal that is readibly available and cheap that changes one of the buttons on a tone dialer to the correct frequency. Courtesy of here is an image to tell you the freq. for a dtmf pad:

If you are that knowledgeable, you could just figure out what crystals would be needed for each key (0-9, *, #) and people could find out which crystal was easiest to find and cheapest. Here is the info on what the correct freq. are courtesy of the PLA FAQ.

The "tone" is 1700 hz and 2200 hz mixed together.

A nickel is 66 ms on (1 beep).
A dime is 66ms on, 66ms off, 66ms on (2 beeps).
A quarter is 33ms on, 33ms off repeated 5 times.

If I wasn't clear enough, please feel free to yell at me or mail me or whatever. If you can clearly see why I'm an idiot, please tell me so I can stop making this request. I've always been eager to learn and I still am. Thanks for your time. -Billy Vep

TOPIC - DefCon
DATE - 08/18/98 11:50:15
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Seems like every time I called in there, I was either the only one on the bridge, or the line rang busy. I found that you had to get in there right at 7:00 or so. But everytime I actually talked to other people, they were usually busting balls over who knew more about "PBX's". It was like a biker bar for pre-teens. Hehehehe The voice mail posts were pretty neat, but these fucking idiot kids kept filling them up with dumb ass Top 40 songs, and shit like, "Hey, does anyone wanna trade some kodez?". Gimme a break! It was however an interesting long distance number to phone with your box, just for the hell of it. And I miss it for that.


Its still here! THE UPS!

TOPIC - that retched Defcon
DATE - 08/18/98 11:39:10
FROM - British

About the last 10 attempts I tried to get on Defcon, I only got on once. I swear Dark Tangent doesn't even care about it anymore(like he ever did in the first place). I didn't call there for the last 2 years, and gambit is still picking fights with everyone. I guess some things never change

TOPIC - DefCon Voice Bridge?
DATE - 08/18/98 08:56:53
FROM - Ray Dios Haque Unietd Phreaks Syndicate

My favorite place to try out a new box has always been Defcon. I got some number not found error when I called it the other day. Is that place still around? I though the number was 1-801-885-3326. Is that right? Anyway, my box is working great too. In response to "making your own". I wonce made one from scratch from some 'schematics' I ordered out of a magazine. I guess they were hand written by that cool cat who brought TRON boxes to everyones attention. They were VERY old, and were not really 'schematics', they were just plans. You pretty much had to plan out your circuit on a breadboard. Mine was pretty clunky, and the tones weren't tweeked right. But this was almost ten years ago (one of my first soldering projects!). I oughhta' see if I still have them. If I do, I will scan em' and post them for ya'all.


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - Mercury
DATE - 08/18/98 01:08:54
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Actually Magus, I did order the metal mercury switches from Mouser, but the instead shipped the glass ones. I'm not too pissed off, as my box works fine with the glass type. Its just harder to stuff everything inside, as the metal switches are a wee bit smaller.

BTW, I just got back galavanting around town trying out my new box. It works by golly! I've called up a Circle-K in Galveston, Texas, some place in Washington D.C. (did anyone watch the President's speech?), and the movies in the Beverly Center, Los Angeles. Oh, I didn't even have to put in a real quarter first!

TOPIC - Mercury switches
DATE - 08/18/98 00:04:30
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Mercury is a heavy metal.....meaning it's poisonous. Breathing the fumes, eating it, even touching it is dangerous. Why am I telling you all this, because Mouser Electronics has a solution for those paranoid people.

A Mercury switch inside a metal casing rather than a glass one. The number is 107-1001 and are $1.58

BTW.....I cannot fit my Mercury switches into my dialer.....does anyone know where I can get one of these "mini" mercury switches?

TOPIC - Kwiq's digital redbox
DATE - 08/17/98 22:41:57
FROM - Wrighter sin city's little brother

I apologize for the link I posted earlier; that was the wrong page. I will get it straight next time. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone ever tried one of these boxes, supposedly created by Kwiq of the Moonlight BBS. A couple days ago I ordered two 6.5 crystals from mouser: one to try this redbox, and another in case I lose/break/otherwisedestroy the first, or if I break down and make a Rat Shack box. Let me know if anyone has any info on these. BTW - if you care why I'm hell bent to stay away from Radio Slack dialers, it's because I want to get the more accurate, faster tones (perhaps a better chance of fooling live ops. Some say they can't tell the differnce in the speed of tones, but I also like the challenge of building a box from "scratch").

TOPIC - My New Red Box
DATE - 08/17/98 20:57:31
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Well guys, my shipment from Mouser did come today, and when I got it, I immediately went to work on my LCD tone dialer (65-721). I have two mercury switches, which weren't much of a problem in wiring to the old 3.579 MHz crystal and the new 6.50 MHz crystal. To say the least, the only hard part in making the box was closing the bloody thing back up!! Cripes man, if you thought the old (43-146) tone dialer didn't have any room, wait till you see this one. Yes, I know, the new dialers have more room for a new crystal, but thats if you want to mount an external switch. My modification with two mercury switches and two crystals is a bitch to close! It closes fine, but I'm a perfectionist and there is a tiny itsy-bitsy small gap in the box, so I spent a good amount of time re-routing wires to get it closed just right!

Guys, if you want to build a red box, do it with the new Radio Shock dialer (65-721 again)! It has lots of room - and who knows, maybe you'll make a neater design unlike me, and get it closed properly!

BTW, Ray was right in stating that the quarter tones are too slow, but I haven't tried it outside yet though. I'll post my results later tonight! Oh one more thing - don't go breathing those solder fumes, and be extremely careful if you decide to use mercury switches!

TOPIC - Rat Shack
DATE - 08/17/98 16:49:08
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

What do they care 006.5? You paid 25 bucks for it, and it probably costs them 50 cents to make. Hehehe. The average Gross Margin on Rat Shack products is 68 percent. Thats quite a hike!
And Phried Rice, I got my 6.49 from digi-key damn near a year ago. I don't think they have them anymore. From what I hear Mouser is getting rid of their 6.5's for a very nice price. I would be looking to buy some from them (they are just as good).

United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - 33memory pocket dialers not shock resistant!
DATE - 08/17/98 13:00:56
FROM - 006˝ RI -

OK A little bit of advice...Dont play a game of full contact frisbee with your trusty red in your pocket. I fell down go boom and broke my box. Now i have to take it to Rat Shack and say it was all fucked up and mutilated when kit was in the box. if anyone can tell me what the problem might be It would be greatly appreciated. Im tired of fucking over Radio shack....its just too easy

fone phreaking 4 everyone

TOPIC - RE: Red Box Phun
DATE - 08/17/98 12:32:37
FROM - Phried Rice CA -

Ray, where did you get the 6.49 xtal? I've been looking in JDR, and Mouser, but all they have are the 6.5 and 6.5536 ones.

TOPIC - RE: Red Box Phun
DATE - 08/17/98 10:08:59
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Yes Quake, that is the model I modified. The tones DO play back much slower than the old box, but it seems to register just the same. I went down to the grocery on my usual phone and dialed out just as always. There should be enough room in there for a mercury (depending on what size they are). The switch I used was the smallest ones I could grab at the shack, and they worked out just perfect. They were mini switches with three legs on them. The process was.... I unsoldered one leg of the standard cystal, and soldered down one leg of the 6.49mhz crystal to the side of the standard crystal that was still attached. Then I soldered One wire to the now empty contact, and ran the wire to the middle pole of my three pole switch. Then I soldered wires from either side of my switch, to the legs off of the two crystals. Worked great.


United Phreaks Syndicate

DATE - 08/17/98 05:02:45
FROM - .;hitcher;. gl0ucester -

hey wassup.... i think this board(type) is a cool idea for information exchange.....

now... i was wondering if anyone has any info on the millenium OPerator number where yu simply enter the phone(#) when the computer is off the hook and it then P00F, there comes the OP menu.... if anyone has any information on this, please respond back or email me.......

TOPIC - New Tone Dialer
DATE - 08/17/98 01:49:08
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Ray, do you mean the "Personal Data Directory with Phone Dialer" (65-721), also known as EC-389?? The one with the LCD?? I hope so, 'cuz I bought one a couple of days ago, and my crystals and mercury switches should be coming from Mouser tomorrow or Tuesday. What kind of switch did you use? Would two mercury switches fit in there? Is it true that the tones are played back too slow to register as quarters and only nickels? Anyways, thanks for any help you can provide!

TOPIC - New Red Box
DATE - 08/16/98 20:54:57
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Has anyone made a box out of one of the new tone generators yet? These things rock. I threw together two today. A freind on mine bouth me the box, so that I would modify his. These are ultra easy to put crystals in (there is alot of room in them). These are also much easier to put swicthes into so that you can flipflop your two crystals! Another intersting thing he found is that they damn near fit right into our pager clips!! I'm gonna have to buy an extra pager clip (Big Ol' Alpha-Numeric of course) and chisel off some plastic so I can have me a holster! YEE_HAW! Anyhow, you should make yourself one too. As of today these were still on sale at the shack for $20.00 (down from 34.99). Get one.


United Phreaks Syndicate

DATE - 08/16/98 17:35:54

Im still looking for someone to send me a scaned picture of their redbox that has been modifyed so you can put may crystals in the box, like a headfone jack and the crystal is attached to the plug, if anyone has done that to thier box and has a scanner, could you please send me a picture of it ??? thank you.

TOPIC - Bwahahaha!
DATE - 08/16/98 17:04:46
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Yeah, but we all know that second is the first to lose...

Now lets get this discussion going on!

TOPIC - Ha!!
DATE - 08/16/98 05:35:29
FROM - Phried Rice CA -

Ha!! i posted second! Yeah!

TOPIC - I am neato, elitto, I posted first.
DATE - 08/15/98 21:08:08
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

I am the first to post. Yeah!

TOPIC - I am god.
DATE - 08/15/98 21:07:38
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

I am the first to post. Yeah!

TOPIC - Magnus-Ohki
DATE - 08/14/98 23:51:49
FROM - Mr. Grossiman Metairie, La

(I don't know if this will post because it is so long -- if you still want to read it email me.)

Some people on this board have asked questions that make others suspect they're stupid. But then again, on the other hand there are some people who feel that being a suspected idiot is not enough. They feel they must prove their ignorance beyond a shadow of a doubt. One of these people is Magus-Ohki.

I'm not saying that I'm not stupid. Hell, it doesn't take much to make me look like a homo; but I'm not volunteering proof like Magus.

To point out Magus's stupidity I will touch on some of his more "memorable" posts.

1) DATE - 06/29/98 20:43:58
First off Magus asks if the crystal in the tone dialer is diguised like a "compacitor". Then he asks about how to get around the mic block. Then he gives tips to other begginers on how to make a red box (like he's a fucking pro). Ok first off I'm sick of him saying compacitor (ITS CALLED A CAPACITOR
- ka pass i tor -). Also if he doesn't know what the crystal looks like, why is he giving tips to people on how to make a red box. If he is giving tips he must have made the box and if he has, then why doesn't he know what the crystal looks like? And as far as the mic blocks are concerned beige box the payphone.

2) DATE - 07/04/98 18:16:54
He complements someone on an idea then, says that he didn't know that radio shack sells a pre-assembled dialer. Later in the post he says he worked for radio shack and that he knows all about the security system and they will automatically know if you are stealing something. Well, personaly, if I were interested in phones (like he seems to be) and I worked for radio shack I would find out all about there phone equipment especially their dialers. And as far as his little sermon about the security, it's total bullshit. I've seen people who radio shack suspected of stealing and they just make them empty there pockets and then leave (my guess is that daddy works at rat shack and magus doesn't want his christmas presents to stop comming).

3) DATE - 07/06/98 01:06:00
He says that he remembers some kind of special number to call from payphones to get away from the phone's long distance service. The number turns out to be 1-800-CALL-ATT. I'm sorry, but what kind of mongoloid can't remember the "call att" number.

4) DATE - 07/06/98 21:16:17
He says he will be taking a poll (up the ass?) of red box related things.
(Who fucking cares what he does with his damn poll) then he starts claiming "dat all dees punk ass laymr bitches be stealin my ideas" (like he's some kind of big shot that everyone worships).

5) DATE - 07/23/98 10:54:53
First off he thinks the reason operators usually don't put boxed calls through is because they can tell the tones are too slow. (Well, last time I checked, operators couldn't tell the difference between 66 ms bursts and 33 ms bursts). Then he thinks he can rectify the problem with his super elite idea that no one has thought of before and will revolutionize the red box. He thinks that a "compacitor" (once again, capacitor) controls the timing for the bursts, but if he would put out a little effort and read a little he would realize that the timing is also controlled by the crystal.

6) DATE - 07/25/98 05:09:06
In this post magus thinks that he has discovered the latest metod of phreaking. To bad the moron doesn't realize this is called rotary dialing. Yep you read it, he thinks manual rotary dialing is top secret, when it has been around forever. And for some bizzare reason he thinks when it is used in conjuntion with dual tones it bypasses the charge (don't ask me why he thinks this, but my bet is that daddy is gonna be pretty upset when the phone bill comes and he sees 500 calls to 411 because baby magus thought it was free).

7) DATE - 08/02/98 22:23:58
In this post he attempts to crack some kind of joke with no punch line. He and his cousin are the only two mongoloids that are capable of finding any humor in this perverted tale. I say his regular posts were twice as funny as this one.

8) DATE - 08/03/98 14:39:39
For some reason Magus deludes himself into thinking that his opinion matters and people care what he thinks. He goes off on some kind of rant about 2600 and Emanuel. The raving lunatic decides that he knows what is right and what is wrong for people to do (Mabey its mommy that works for radio shack and daddy works for the Police dept.)

9) DATE - 08/08/98 08:44:56
He posts this in response to some one asking for a schematic of the rat shack tone dialer. The jist of the story (excluding all of the anti-semetic and anti-american comments) is that he has decided that it is impossible to get a schematic of the dialer because thay put that big black glob over the real high tech stuff. Well, yet again the crackhead is mistaken. The big black glob is nothing more than a 555 timer IC (some high tech top secret computer chip huh!!!)

10) DATE - 08/08/98 08:52:24 (evidently he feels compelled to humiliate himself twice in the same day)
In his latest abomination of uninformed half truths, he decided he is now an expert on COCOTs and is ready to get hackin'. Well the poor bastard was too lazy to actually read about Cathode Ray's PNM and then later, when some one gave him the url to Ray's page he was too moronic to find it, so he complained to the guy who gave to him

11) DATE - 08/09/98 19:28:02
The genius can't understand the concept of actually paying for the software he intends to use, but he's too retarded to be albe to hack it by himself, so he starts bitchin' to everyone else.

12) DATE - 08/14/98 13:29:59
The great Magus-Ohki decides to bestow us with his unsurpassable knowledge of phreaking by once again saying "DUHHH WHY DON'T YOU JUST CHANGE DER COMPACITOR HEHEHEHE!!!" But once again I must tell him that the speed is not controlled by a capacitor, but by the crystal. (he acts like he is the only on to have that idea)

My suggestions to Magus-Ohki.
1) Get rid of that stupid ass alias.
2) Start thinking your lies through before posting them (to cut down of the contradictions)
3) Start reading and researching your ideas (that way you can find out how backwards and moronic they are without me having to tell you)
4) Quit phreaking altogether, join the special olympics or something.
5) Lay off the crack, I'm no doctor but a child with Down's syndrome shouldn't be smoking crack.

Please feel free to retaliate in anyway you feel necessary, Magus, and I encourage someone to do the same thing to me (rip apart my posts and slowly and maticulously diagram them and filter out all the lies, half truths and self-contradictions)

Mr. Grossiman

TOPIC - LCD Dialers
DATE - 08/14/98 18:57:15
FROM - Quake Phreak CA

Those LCD dialers are pretty nifty, but yes, we need to find out how to speed up those damn tones. Upon opening up the dialer, you'll notice that there are no more stray capacitors and resistors reminiscent of the old 43-146 dialers. Yes folks, the LCD dialers use "surface mount" technology, and the parts are bloody tiny, almost impossible to get to them.

As for the slowed down quarter and dime tones, we are still left with a working nickle tone, right? Why not program a bunch of nickels into a quarter, perhaps with: "*P*P*P*P*" where the "P"s are pauses. That should simulate $.25 right?? Any help is much appreciated!

TOPIC - Dialers
DATE - 08/14/98 13:29:59
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Fellow phreakers....
With the word that the LCD tones are slower than the origional, this has brought me to one conclusion...Radio shack may have found a way to stop Red boxing (although I don't know if the slower tones will affect it). This being true, there is only one solution (besides bombing the Tandy cororation ;)....we must find out how to modify a dialer to play the tones with less of a delay.

Now if I'm not mistaken....the rate in the hand built red box was controled by a varible compacitor (or was it a resistor....can't remember). Wouldn't it stand to reason that replacing a simular part in a Pocket dialer would have the same effect?

I know what you are thinking...."but thats impossible." Isn't that what you thought when you first heard of modifying a tone dialer?

I urge everyone to look into this.....there may be a way.

TOPIC - reply
DATE - 08/13/98 16:39:29
FROM - hyPeR_DerMiC NJ

Quake Preak.....the quarter tones do run a bit slower.....but most of the time i dont have a problem....but im using the old style redbox with out the lcd screen

TOPIC - I consider myself lucky.
DATE - 08/13/98 10:33:05
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

In Stoughton, WI the operators for our area code are very stupid. We have a 100% sucess rate, when the redbox has good batteries in it.

TOPIC - link below
DATE - 08/13/98 01:49:08
FROM - Wrighter loves me like _____

Hmmm. I didn't have time to try out many of the links, but the redbox sites worked. Oh well, some people just hate to maintian their sites.

TOPIC - Those darn LCD dialers again
DATE - 08/12/98 22:31:09
FROM - Quake Phreak CA -

Hey, I got one of those LCD dialers (65-721) from Radio Shock today, and was wondering if it can play quarter tones with a 6.50 MHz crystal. When dialing with the normal 3.59 MHz crystal, it sounds like the standard 100ms delay between numbers. I've heard that the tones aren't true quarter tones, but only nickels. So, is there a way to speed it up? If not, it still makes a nice pocket dialer!

TOPIC - link below
DATE - 08/12/98 21:50:58
FROM - ?2

Too bad that most of the links on that page don't work.

TOPIC - Oops - here's the address
DATE - 08/11/98 21:12:07
FROM - Wrighter Guessed it yet?

Here's the URL I was talking about.

Misc Schematics

DATE - 08/11/98 19:25:27

Hyper dermic... I have a jrz question for you. Write me when you have the chance! Tnx man!!

DATE - 08/11/98 19:04:32
FROM - hyPeR_DerMiC Hmmm...NJ?

Greetings as you may know Bell Atlantic workers have gone on now there bad service has just gotten even worse! I would advise everyone to call the operators and harass them as much as possible because there seriously understaffed....Speaking of operators....
When Redboxing you somtimes run into trouble and get a live people say redboxes dont work on operators.....they say you need a green box...but ive been able to redbox operators before...but somtimes they say the coins arent just wondering why sometimes they fall for it...and sometimes they dont....ive tried it and succeded with every LD carrier--Att, MCI, Hell atlantic...etc......and as for the Green box...I played the tones for the operator and she said she never heard that sound before in her much for that......if anyone has any info on how the operaters conferm the coins pleez post....thanx......

TOPIC - 6.5MHz Crystals
DATE - 08/11/98 17:59:25
FROM - BJdi339 Illinois



TOPIC - Non-Rat Shack Red boxes
DATE - 08/11/98 12:37:05
FROM - Wrighter Mafia town

Okay, I stopped being so lazy and I found the schematic, along with a couple of other methods of redboxing. Check out this site, it is pretty good. I am printing out the first schematic for the digital redbox, I might try that one. The second one by JR "Bob" Dobbs is the one I first constructed.

TOPIC - Non-Rat Shack redboxes
DATE - 08/11/98 12:22:24
FROM - Wrighter Classics city

Has anyone ever made one of those red boxes using the two 556 dual timer chips. I have built one and am currently in the troubleshooting part (it hardly makes any sound). I wonder if I didn't make a mistake somewhere, as the schematic is somewhat fuzzy. Supposedly the schematic for this box was first published in 2600 magazine, but this one had some errors in it. A guy (i forgot his name) fixed it and made a new schematic, which he posted to the net ( I also forgot the address, I got it at work, and then had to destroy all references to the URL). Anyway, if anyone has used this method, please let me know if you had any problems and how you worked them out. I am too cheap to get the Rat Shack model (the componets are cheaper if you buy them somewhere besides Rat Shack) and I hear they don't fool most live ops anyway.

TOPIC - Cool Edit 96
DATE - 08/09/98 19:28:02
FROM - Magus Ohki

Can someone help me. I downloaded Cool Edit 96, but it just will not accept any registration codes I enter. I even downloaded one of thoe password generators, and it STILL will not accept them.

TOPIC - payphone network manager
DATE - 08/09/98 14:01:37
FROM - ?2

Magnus-Ohki: used to be there. You should send Ray_Dios_Haque, who runs that page some e-mail and ask him to put it back up.

Or maybe, it's not on the main page anymore, but back on one of the "Downloads" pages.

TOPIC - the tone
DATE - 08/09/98 05:25:44
FROM - b0b

I have a question. I noticed that the .25 tone that comes out of my modified tone dialler is slower than the tone that I hear on the quarter.wav's all the time. I mean, my box works and all, but I was just curious if I would have a higher rate of success using a digital recorder and the quarter.wav tone, as it sounds closer to the actual tone, as i recall.

DATE - 08/09/98 04:46:15
FROM - Magus-Ohki

You forggot to include the URL for Payphone Network Manager. I checked the one at the bottom of the screen....but found nothing

TOPIC - Darien Lake
DATE - 08/08/98 18:33:44
FROM - Suburb|a

I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of payphones are around Darien Lake and if they are boxable. Thanx

DATE - 08/08/98 17:34:17
FROM - ?2

Magnus Ohki:

go to the link below, and get a program called "Payphone Network Manager" (PNM) from Elcotel, and it might help.

It's Cathode Ray's page.

United Phreaks Syndicate!

TOPIC - red boxin
DATE - 08/08/98 15:41:16
FROM - dial tone

dose red boxing work in south florida?

TOPIC - red boxin
DATE - 08/08/98 15:38:29
FROM - dial tone

dose red boxing work in south florida?

TOPIC - hacking cocots
DATE - 08/08/98 08:52:24
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Ok, I was reading a text file explaining just about everything about COCOT's and it went on about being able to dial into them and entering a code that allowed you to get into a diagnostic menu. It even went on to say that some have a 1800 or so baud modem inside for a computerized diagnostic menu. Does anyone know how to hack into a COCOT or know of a terminal program that could dial into these modem equiped ones?

TOPIC - sorry
DATE - 08/08/98 08:44:56
FROM - Magus-Ohki

I'm afraid A scimatic of the dialer will not be possible. You see, alot of the smaller micro circutry is under the black blob of silicone....circutry Rat Shack would rather not have people understand.

TOPIC - Circuit Layout
DATE - 08/08/98 05:57:13
FROM - StLSD2000 214 Dallas TeXas -

I would like to see a circuit layout/schematic of the Rat Shack tone dialer. NO I don't mean a picture. NO I don't mean a diagram. I mean a schematic which shows all components. Please advise.

TOPIC - Dumb Operator (no it wasn't OCI)
DATE - 08/07/98 21:00:38
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

My brother was redboxing a local call through the operator, and the batteries were going dead on his redbox. So, of course, the frequency is off enough to screw up, and the operator claims they fixed the system and that you can't redbox. What a dumb bitch. My brother comes back and changes the batteries, walks to the payphone and dials up the operator, and asks for the same operator. (In our area they address them selves by first name) and boxes a call. She doesn't even think twice about it.

TOPIC - pickup mic
DATE - 08/05/98 18:31:49
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH


I tried to use that pickup mic last year. It did no good. It does work as a speaker, but the all transmitions are eliminated. It's not just the handset mic disabled. Make sense?


TOPIC - Crystals
DATE - 08/05/98 15:25:19
FROM - Astrogeek memphis

Can anyone tell me the exact frequency of the crystal that comes WITH the RS Tonedialer?

TOPIC - Reply to hyper_dermic
DATE - 08/05/98 01:53:31
FROM - Professor X NJ -

hyper_dermic...thanks for the advice...if you want to ask me others questions e-mail me

DATE - 08/05/98 01:31:07
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho

GOD DAMNIT!!! I got to this fone at the mall, US-WEST. So I dial in 10288-npa-xxx-xxxx. "BEE BEE BEEP! Im sorry blah blah blah"... the dreaded bell bitch. So im thinking WTF!? I try 102881-npa-xxx-xxxx, then 102881-xxx-xxxx. nope nothing! same bitchy recording saying that I must have entered the wrong code, check my code and try again. FUCK! I even took the time to use FPHREAK and put it on microcassett. Then tonight, hehehehe, I went over buy a electronics store and haahha found a US-WEST man hole cover leading down to probably hell. SO... went home and filled up my water bottle i got from US-WEST, dont ask where i got it cuz its too long of a story. ANYWAY, filled it up with like 10 parts Weed and grass killer concentrate and about 2 parts water and presto! Super Duper Ultra Grass killer. Went back to the man hole and on the very very green grass just above it wrote "PLA OWZ US-WEST"
>:-) PHUN!!! PHUN PHUN!! And get this.... i found two other man hole covers leading down into i guess a tunnel or whatever behind the stores. hummm......
I must investigate what is down there........ I'll send photoz to RBCP when i go down there. LATER GUYZ.........

DATE - 08/04/98 17:18:25
FROM - anonymous

i tend to agree with magys about hacking and phreking being illeagal only because, if it were legal, it wouldn't be any phun!

TOPIC - muted phones
DATE - 08/04/98 12:26:46
FROM - British

What I read about is that you are supposed to get a tape recorder and one of those phone call pickup suction mics. Put the mic to the muted mouthpiece, put your tape recorder on record(so whatever comes in through the recorder's mic goes out through the earphone jack), and hok up the suction cup thingy to the earphone jack. Supposedly you can get around it that way. There's also, of course, a box color associated with it.

TOPIC - Reply to NJ
DATE - 08/04/98 11:36:31
FROM - hyPeR_DeRMiC Take a Wild Guess

Proff. X..... you cant really do anything about those muted phones unless you wanna saw through the metel cable and beige box/red box the payphone....but i reccomend finding another phone....just about every phone ive come across in NJ is boxable...and as for the mecury switch thingie......Dont even bother with it......Noone is gonna know what the Fuck your doing to the phone except a Phreaker or a Slick Bell Employee.....if a cop fiinds it tell him its for accessing your voice mail...or your computer or somthing...just lay a bunch of jargon on him.....he wont think twice about it....although a tone dialer does come in handy for cocots but ive only seen one in my entire life.....BTW whereabouts in NJ are you??

TOPIC - Socket
DATE - 08/03/98 23:33:09
FROM - Who?! Las Vegas - No domain available

I made it with a socket it was for a three prong something? Just look around in a
electronic store that has a lot of components. Not radio shack they don't have anything.
Just soder wires to the place where you took out the 3.??? mhz crystal out and to the
socket. Make sure that the prongs fit in the socket and be careful not to break one off
especially if you are out of state and can't get to a electronic store. :)

Just look around and be creative.


TOPIC - Feedback
DATE - 08/03/98 14:39:39
FROM - Magus-Ohki

I am probably gona recieve alot of hate mail for this, but there is an issue that MUST be addressed. I am sick and tired of the flippant additude about hacking and phreaking.

Sites, such as 2600 (sorry boys) seem to think that hacking and phreaking should be legal because its "the pursute of free information"-or something like that. BULL SHIT! Hacking and phreaking is, and always will be, exactly what it implies; either...

A: A harmless prank
B: An act of electronic vandelism
C: Robery.

Sorry if this offends you, but the truth IS not always pretty. (although to help you sleep better, most of the time its A or B-rarely C)

Also on the subject of hacking being legal. Im sorry, you can lie to yourself all you want, but one thing remains the same....HACKING IS ILLEGAL. You get caught (like Keven) well you got what you DESERVE. You knew the consiquenses for getting caught before you started.There is NO MERCY, and you should not expect it.

Thank you for listening to me and don't think I'm against hacking (I'm a begining level phreak myself), I just feel that people need to start taking up responsibility and stop blaming other things for their actions. (the classic is "I didn't know it was wrong")

TOPIC - Attn: NJ phreakers: in regards to red boxing
DATE - 08/03/98 03:01:12
FROM - Professor X NJ -

How do I box on muted phones. Also, what is the best crystal to use. Currently I use the 6.5536Mhz crystal and found it to work only on some phones. Also, can someone send me plans for the dialer with the mercury switch inside or some other crafty plans for a dialer to look as if it was never altered.

TOPIC - Joke
DATE - 08/02/98 22:23:58
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Heres a little joke about what happened to me while pheaking my coussin...

I went to a payphone (GTE phones are SOOOO easy cause 60% of them are the older, non-fortress phones) and called my cousin (who is VERY impressed with the whole red boxing thing BTW). As I was talking to him, every time I pulled the phone cord, I'd get this static buzz.
I finaly got so tired of it, I said...

"Damit! I am fucking sick and tired of the phone companies shitty equipment! Im gona call them and demand my money back!!!!"

Well WE thought it was funny anyways.

TOPIC - Canadian Tones
DATE - 08/02/98 11:23:22
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

I'm tired of all you Canadian punkz complaining that you can't find your tone. Its ONE tone, it's not that hard. You can make yourself a pearl box and save yourself some money. Look around for pearl box plans, if you can't find them, then download my zip files of various "box instructions" from my website. And quit yer' bitchin!


United Phreaks Syndicate (See the downloads section)

TOPIC - Cheapskate
DATE - 08/01/98 20:45:15
FROM - Wolf303 Tejas

Hey, if one of you is a real cheapskate (yeah, you, admit it!) just sand down a penny instead of using a nickel. If you sand down enough pennies, you can actually get alot of money... well, anyway, sand down the penny and use that. BUT! Before you try to box, pick up the phone nad insert the penny. If it comes out, sand more or get another one. It'll take some practice... be sure to sand down one of the faces too BTW, so that it's the same width.

PLA of 972/214

TOPIC - Canadian tones
DATE - 08/01/98 14:43:25
FROM - d00msday_kn1ght Manitoba, Canada -

Someone please post Canadian Red Box tones that work in Manitoba.

TOPIC - Bellsouth
DATE - 08/01/98 00:00:20
FROM - Astrogeek memphis

To my knowledge, here in Bellsouthland, you have to box an operator for almost every call (exceptions are when you fuck with a cocot). That really sucks. Especially considering that GTE doesn't have many (if any) payphones down here. Anyway, all that aside, I'm looking for any phreaks in the 901 area.

TOPIC - Canadian Red Boxing Day - National Holiday
DATE - 07/31/98 23:48:26
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH (419)


Radio Shacks tone dialers play dual tones. 1700 and 2200Hz at the same time when a crystal is added.
Canada uses 3900 Hz. So if you found a crystal that would be close for your needs you would have a 3900Hz AND a 3400Hz playing at the same time. The 3400Hz tone would screw it up!

When I started I had bad experiences with using a tape recorder. But as I experimented I got better and then I finally got a "good" player and "good" cassette and the problems went away.
You should get a keychain memo recorder or something like a hallmark card or cassette player.


TOPIC - Canadian tones
DATE - 07/31/98 20:46:30
FROM - Magus-Ohki come if a tone dialer can be modified for US tones.....why can't it be modified for Canadian?

TOPIC - Thanks
DATE - 07/31/98 11:42:16

Thanx for the tips everyone! I still have to get the 33 TD un and running but i played USWest with a micro cassette recorder of Cool Edit 96's 25c tone i made.
Keep on Phreakin!

TOPIC - Cool Numberz
DATE - 07/31/98 02:08:27
FROM - Potato Phreaker Idaho

Hey people! Anyone know of any cool numberz or cool tid bitz of info for the 208 area. We are unhappy customerz of US-West "lifes worse here". They phucking suck dick! hehe

TOPIC - Stihl
DATE - 07/31/98 00:35:42
FROM - discobubba 860 area of CT

I've gotta say I have read quite a bit about redboxing but the only time I've ever heard of the suggestion to put in a nickel first was to unmute the mouthpiece on some phones. Never thought about it working for an op. I'll have to try that next time. If it works I still think it sucks I gotta go through the op everytime I wanna box. At least now I know that the ops around here are probaly too stupid to tell the difference between tones and the real thing:) Well thanks for the advice.

TOPIC - registering
DATE - 07/30/98 22:17:27
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

READ bubba READ.
Read all the redbox TXTs you can find before you redbox.
When you redbox at least insert a nickle first. They can tell if you have inserted any real money.
Then play nickle and dime tones. In my area I ALWAYS have to box an operator.
Once I about had a operator catch on. I inserted a nickle, but didn't notice that it fell through to the coin return. When an op says they're gonna give you a refund then play along and tell them you got your money back.

But readto learn more.


TOPIC - more about boxing SNET
DATE - 07/30/98 12:09:56
FROM - discobubba 860 area of CT

Alright I just tried to redbox to an operator on a payphone. I said there was a bunch of glue or something on the keypad and asked if she'd dial the number for me, blah blah blah I gave her the number and she asked me to put in a quarter. I boxed the quarter to her and she asked me how much I put in. I said I put in a quarter and She said it wasn't registering!! She tried givin it back to me but it wasn't comin out. I said there was some stuff in the coin return slot too. She told me to try and press the coin return thing a couple of times and after I did it she called up another operator. The new operator wanted to refund me the quarter and asked for my name and address. I said it wasn't a big deal since it was only a quarter so she said she'd report it broken. So I don't think SNET phones are really boxable now since the quarters have to "register". That sucks, if anyone knows a way around this you gotta tell me!!

TOPIC - 15 Watt Rules!
DATE - 07/30/98 07:19:49
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

My personal favorite tools for a soldering job are:

1) a 15 Watt iron. A 15 Watt iron will do the job right, comes with a sharper tip, its a few bucks cheaper, and you don't have to worry so much about frying heat sensitive IC's (read that package!)

2) Hairline solder. Get that stuff for two bucks that comes in a little tube. Those tubes are cool for storing your weed when you have used all the solder. "You put your weed in there". :)

3) Paste Flux. Rosin core solder is 'okay' but it doesn't always work with shitty copper clad boards (like all of the ones Radio Shack sells). If you get a squirt of this stuff on your work area, you can dip the tails of your components in there before you fasten it to the board.

4) A helping hands. Spend the ten bucks and get one of those from Rat Shack. They will hold your pc board for you, giving you an extra hand to work with.

5) A cracker box to set your soldering iron on. My uncle (when much younger) once set an iron on a cracker box and forgot about it. When his bedroom was burnt off the side of the house, he developed better work habits. Remember, soldering irons are DANGEROUS! Use them in a clean work area, and never leave them unattended.

-These are methods I developed when I built my own cable descrambler (took 9 hours).

-Ray Dios Haque

United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - soldering
DATE - 07/30/98 00:36:10
FROM - discobubba 860 area in CT

also don't forget to use only a 60/40 solder with a rosin core. It kinda goes without saying since thats the solder used for most electronics but still figured I'd tell ya. And don't inhale the fumes either:) I recommend a 25 Watt Soldering iron with a small tip, but thats just my preference. And if ya make a big mistake you can buy a desoldering iron from radio shack for ten bucks too.

TOPIC - Any Phreakz in Argentina
DATE - 07/29/98 22:44:19
FROM - Ojota Buenos Aires - No domain available

Are there any phreak in Argentina ? Or in South America at least ? I would like to learn how to hack my local phone company. Any info would be appreciated. Please write 2: TNX.

TOPIC - 09591230
DATE - 07/29/98 21:40:29
FROM - losernutz 313

Wrighter....the coin test number 09591230, use to work in my area...i've tried it recently to test my new box i just made, and it's some new shit....some kind of long distance shit....well i didn't stay on the phone long enough to experiment to see what it really was....try it in your area and let me know what happens...

TOPIC - soldering
DATE - 07/29/98 20:56:08
FROM - In Phase

DKO - Do not use a soldering GUN...they generate too much heat, and will damage the circuit board. You should use a soldering "iron" (pencil), that is rated between 20-30 watts, and will not damage your circuit board if you are careful. That means, don't hold the tip on the solder pad on the board for more than 10 seconds.

You might need a dab of fresh solder, either on the pads where you are going to solder the new crystal to, or you might want to 'tin' the leads of the new crystal by carefully holding the soldering iron tip, and adding a small amount of solder to coat the leads with solder. This will make it easier to solder the leads to the circuit board later.

Hope that helps....

TOPIC - 905
DATE - 07/29/98 15:42:49
FROM - fishfood ontario,canada -

Any phreaks in the 905 area?......

TOPIC - Soldering Tips?
DATE - 07/29/98 04:31:23

Anyone have tips on soldering . . .yeah i'm a rook but i unsoldered the manufactured crystal in my 33 dialer and just need some hints on soldering in the new 6.5 crystal. Does the typr of soldering gun/pen matter? When I put it in will i need extra solder? I having alot of fun with it, as any other project i mess with, but i new to all this? Any advice felluz?
315 - 602 Phreakz?
Thanks to those who help!

TOPIC - As usual - looking for phreaks
DATE - 07/29/98 00:47:34
FROM - Wrighter

Any phreaks in the new 775 area? used to be 702

TOPIC - number for redboxes
DATE - 07/29/98 00:18:29
FROM - Wrighter

I hear that you can dial 09591230 and get a computer which provides the excellent service of testing your redbox tones for you, and noting any that sound suspicious. I have never actually used it, but am curious as to whether or not it works. Hearsay also has it that this number only works for redboxes made with the 2 556 dual timer chips, or with VERY good recordings of accurate tones. I guess the radio slack tone dialer just produces too slow of tones. Some one let me know if this works.

TOPIC - Snet Red Boxing
DATE - 07/29/98 00:11:26
FROM - discobubba 860 Area

I've been kinda busy so I haven't had a chance to try it on too many of the phones around here but I was wondering if anyone has had sucess Red Boxing the SNET payphones. I've only tried a few of the ones around my town so far and neither the quarter, dime, or nickel tones seem to work. I'm using a mouser 6.5 crystal with the 'ol radio shack 33 memory dialer. I got it on a switch with the regular crystal so I can use both the dialer and the red box, so could that cause a problem. I've only tried a few methods (I'm busy upgrading my computer alright!!) and I'm pretty sure I'm doin everything right but I wondered if maybe its just SNET phones since I never heard anyone boxing them. Next I'm thinkin of tryin to see how dumb the operators around here are.
Oh yea and if Logic Bomb sees this: maybe we can help each other out sometime, this 860 area is pretty boring.

TOPIC - number
DATE - 07/28/98 02:44:47
FROM - Magus-Ohki

I hear there are two numbers you can dial that will help you in red boxing....

One is a test number to see if the coin slots are accepting and chiming the tones right...Ideal for testing your box.

The other one was a small number that you could dial...If you got some weird message...the phone was owned by a company like GTE....if you got nothing it was a COTOC.
Anyone know these numbers?

TOPIC - Any phreakers in San Diego?
DATE - 07/28/98 01:36:12
FROM - DarkJedi San Diego -

Are there any phreakers in San Diego who want to trade numbers or info? I have a couple calling cards but I don't want to give them to anyone out of the 619 area.


TOPIC - how
DATE - 07/27/98 17:17:00

WHO >> how did u make ur box like that, its a good idea, if u have a scanner can u send me a pic of it ?

TOPIC - Las Vegas
DATE - 07/27/98 17:09:45
FROM - Who?! -

hey-anybody from Las vegas that knows how to make a red box work on the pay phones?

most of then are the golden tel phones and don't work with the redbox. I've tried it on one at&t phone and that didn't work either. I used a 33 memory dialer and a 6.55 chip. I'm ordering a 6.49 chip, I modified my tone dialer so that it has a plug that allows it to take different chips so I can eisily change it out.

Most of the phones here are the small compinaes that have some strange system. 10-XXX dosen't work on it either.


TOPIC - don't make fun of the teletubbies goddamit
DATE - 07/27/98 03:22:45
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

Damn it all, what did the teletubbies ever do to you...
*sob* juts *sob* leave them the *sob* fuck alone... Oh wait. Juts joking, hell for all I care you can nail gun the little fuckers to a god damn telephone pole.

TOPIC - Who's out there?
DATE - 07/27/98 00:57:18

Any Phreakz in 315 or 602 ACs?

DATE - 07/26/98 15:50:06
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH (419)


That was not a smart-ass attack toward you.
I was acting lame or something

DATE - 07/26/98 15:48:15
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH (419)


Private Branch eXchange



lamer: oh yeah! I watch Barney and Teletubbies on that channel.

DATE - 07/25/98 19:32:56
FROM - Suburb|a Ontario, Canada -

Hey I was wondering if anyone has a green tone that works on Bell payphones. I have found text files about them, but not the actual tones. Can someone please help.... Suburb|a

DATE - 07/25/98 15:32:56
FROM - Dark~Spirit ne

This probably is like a really stupid question , but ohh well............ can someone tell me what PBX is ?

TOPIC - I cant use clicks ever
DATE - 07/25/98 13:23:07
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

My phone line has Caller Id, 3 person calling, call waiting, call forwarding, Repeat Dialing, and everything else they offer that I can;t remember right now. I always get a fuck up message when I try clicking the hangup to dial.

TOPIC - Dollar Coin + Risks
DATE - 07/25/98 12:27:26
FROM - Wolf303 Texas

Okay, first of all, I have parents (actually, one parent) who is really against redboxing and such. He's my stepdad, and knows I surf the web at sites like these, and read alt.phreaking, but once I actually talk about making a redbox he was pretty much against it. So, what happened to you guys when you got busted?

Also, I wonder what would happen if you just programmed in 20 tones, and when you played it, explained to the operator that this is a new phone that takes dollars. Hehe, I think I'll try it.

PLA of 972/214

TOPIC - 411
DATE - 07/25/98 12:25:47
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH (419)


I doubt that you are passing the charge. When you tap on the hook switch you just dialed another "1" but it was accepted as a pulse digit instead of a tone.

You could dial a whole phone number buy tapping the hook switch. For example: (X's are taps on the hook switch).

Lets dial 419-562-3452

You must have a quick response hook switch. I can never do this on my parents phone because they have a PBX. And a cordless phone won't work either. It usually takes an older phone or a new plain telephone.


TOPIC - canadian tones
DATE - 07/25/98 12:20:02
FROM - fishfood ontario,Canada -

I have a program called "canbox" and all it is is a program that has the nickel,dime,quarter and 2600 tones on problem is how to get a recording of the tones onto a walkman....since the tones dont come from my soundblasters but from the computer internal speakers....also.....if i do get the tones i have to put in a nickel or can i just dial 1-area code- phone number. Also.....if there are any phreaks in the 905 mississauga u know if red boxing works on those new bell phones with the yello slot for putting in prepaid cards......b'cuz i think these are digital and so they dont work....Thanks. P.S: Thanks to everyone who helped me out by answering my questions.....either through here or via e-mail. Thanks again.

TOPIC - canadian tones
DATE - 07/25/98 12:18:58
FROM - fishfood ontario,Canada -

I have a program called "canbox" and all it is is a program that has the nickel,dime,quarter and 2600 tones on problem is how to get a recording of the tones onto a walkman....since the tones dont come from my soundblasters but from the computer internal speakers....also.....if i do get the tones i have to put in a nickel or can i just dial 1-area code- phone number. Also.....if there are any phreaks in the 905 mississauga u know if red boxing works on those new bell phones with the yello slot for putting in prepaid cards......b'cuz i think these are digital and so they dont work....Thanks. P.S: Thanks to everyone who helped me out by answering my questions.....either through here or via e-mail. Thanks again.

TOPIC - free 411
DATE - 07/25/98 05:09:06
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Heres a trick I have not tried out yet to get free 411 service....

Dial 4-1 then instead of hitting 1 again click the hook.

If you do it too will hang short and nothing will it just right and you bypass the charge!!!!

Tell me if you can get it working.

TOPIC - PLA Plagarism
DATE - 07/24/98 18:23:37
FROM - Goliath NE Illinois -

I was doing AltaVista searches yesterday, and I found a guy that had copied RBCPs red box file. He left the parts lists, but removed the assembly instructions. He is charging $20 for the assembly instructions and $15 for the crystal. A $30 profit. He also copied more PLA stuff. You can find the copied file at:

The files are named BRSXXX.HTML, where XXX is a number.

The red box page is at:

The guys (his name is Eric Wong) home phone is: 301-871-8188
Cellular: 202-210-0028

13211 Rippling Brook Drive
Silver Spring, Maryland 20906

Home Page:

Have fun. And this will be cross posted to Interesting Numbers.


TOPIC - canadian tones
DATE - 07/24/98 13:02:25

you can get canadian tones already produced at

DATE - 07/23/98 14:39:59
FROM - In Phase

What you should do is this:

5 *'s in P1 for a Quarter (25 cents)
5 *'s, a pause, 5 *'s in P2 for 50 cents
5 *'s, pause, 5 *'s, pause, 5 *'s, pause, 5 *'s in P3 for a Dollar ($1.00)

TOPIC - Crystal Freq
DATE - 07/23/98 13:51:20
FROM - Sparus PA

Which frequency works the best on Bell Atlantic phones? I just ordered a 6.5536MHz from Mouser, and I hope it works on Bell...also, does the crystal change the tone AND the rate it's played at, because Bell uses 5 beeps, and my instructions say to store 3 *s in the P3 location, and that's a quarter...someone help me out please...

TOPIC - Canadian Tones
DATE - 07/23/98 12:32:05
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Suburbia, I have never actually used Canadian tones. I don't like spring water and bacon, so I have never ventured there either. You need to find another Canadian Phreak who has used these tones. I would first check around and make sure you have the right tones. Second, check the phone you are using. Lift the handset and blow into the reciever (or carry a conversation with the dial-tone). if you hear your own voice, then the sucker is boxable. If not, it's locked down and you rare wasting your time. If you were boxing on an operator, there is a reason those quarters weren't working, becuase you weren't putting any in. Operators get a seperate tone when the money drops. This tone is labled "Coin Collect" and can be created with a Green Box. Whether this is true in Canada, I don't know. Anyhow, payphones are really dumb. They are basically a dumb terminal taking orders from a Trunk. When the trunk hears your red box tones, it thinks the payphone has made them and processes the call. The payphone just carries the sound for you. Although Operators are stupid, they are not THAT stupid. They hear cars driving by in the background while you are making your tones. They do not see switches popping on their screen indicating money has gone "ker-plunk". Does this help any?


A dead link.... for now!

TOPIC - Hmm....
DATE - 07/23/98 10:54:53
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Here is an interesting thought and I NEED some feedback on this. the tone dialers chime the red box tones fast enough for the computers to pick them up, but too slow to fool a live operator....right? Isn't this milisecond rate controled by a compacitor? Im a little fuzzy on electronics...but it seems to me that by replacing the RIGHT compacitor, the charge/discharge rate would be faster, and thus the tones would play with less of a delay.

Just a thought anyways.....

DATE - 07/22/98 18:07:22
FROM - Suburb|a -

Ok, I got the Cool Edit thing working, and I hunted all of the info down and stuff, but now when I recorded it onto a tape player and went to the payphone to play the tones, the operator said that they weren't "registering" as quarters, and that I would have to go to a different phone. Is there a reason why the tones wouldn't register with her?

TOPIC - Cool Edit
DATE - 07/22/98 15:12:24
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

There are several versions of Cool Edit. The version I use (the best one I think) is Cool Edit 96. From the main menu, click on "Generate Tones" from the menu bar. DTMF tones will be disabled unless you enter a registration code, however, you don't need those. Click on whatever it has for single tones (I forget what it says). Then you will get a window. Just insert your frequency in the corresponding box, and then set the duration to however many seconds you need. I am unfamiliar with those Canadian tones, so you will need to hunt that info down. Then click generate. It should take you back to the main box with the tone now inserted into it. Click play. Appluad. Now record that tone onto a tape or better yet, a digital recording device. You're done. Have fun.


The Dead Link UPS!

DATE - 07/21/98 19:49:38
FROM - Suburb|a Ontario, Canada -

Ray: How do I use Cool edit to produce the toneS?

TOPIC - Canadian Tones
DATE - 07/21/98 09:04:38
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Suburbia, if you need a single tone (opposed to a Dual Tone Multi-Frequency Tone) than just use Cool Edit 96 to generate one. That software is all over the place, and so are the reg codes. Its worth figuring out. That software can do a whole lot of cool things.


DATE - 07/20/98 20:34:07
FROM - Suburb|a Ontario, Canada -

Hey, I was wondering what kind of crystal I have to buy for it to be a 3900 mhz canadian crystal. Is it possible to have a Canadian crystal?

TOPIC - Cocots
DATE - 07/20/98 17:00:28
FROM - Nipper Massachusetts

Hey now, could anyone tell me, A. is there any extremely obvious way to tell if a phone is a cocot or not? and b. I'll be vacationing in the Charlestown SC area, and could anyone give me some payphone numbers and/or locations? thanks.

DATE - 07/15/98 13:02:12
FROM - Bill Marsden mars

ok in some areas now you have to dial 10-10-2880

TOPIC - North MN
DATE - 07/15/98 12:44:01
FROM - Reverend 9k -

Any one in the northern minnisota area know if red boxing still works? I'm taking a long trip up to some resort (boyd lodge, heard of it?) and want to keep myself well entertained.

TOPIC - 10288
DATE - 07/14/98 23:35:07
FROM - Nomad California

Hey, I tried that 10288 thing here in CA, and as soon as I hit the 102, it tries to dial something. Any suggestions?

DATE - 07/14/98 22:19:46
FROM - 006˝ RI

I am In Ca visiting family and i have sound that there are so many damn no-name fone CO'S that most are unboxable. The only ones a

TOPIC - 10-10-321
DATE - 07/14/98 15:09:15
FROM - qwerty USA

A real SWB, it says SWB on the outside. I have not been able to box from the phones. The hand set is muted (cant hear the tones when I put in "real" monies or hear me whistle through the mic. I called from a couple of pay phone in the same area, with success on every phone. I tried some in state numbers and out of state numbers with the same outcome.This could be a "fluke", I have not tried it in other towns.

DATE - 07/14/98 11:16:46
FROM - ?

10-10-321 is really MCI, under a trick name of Telecom*USA.

But you got a payphone to make a call through them for free? Was is a 'real' SW Bell phone or a COCOT?

I'll have to try it on one of the US West phones around here......

TOPIC - 10-10-321
DATE - 07/14/98 09:57:36
FROM - qwerty USA

I have read on the news groups about using 10-10-321 to turn local calls into LD.. In attempting to do this and box, the p-phone just connected the call.(WOW) Anyone else had this happen? Who gets billed for that "free" call, SWB?, and can 10-10-321 trace the number called for the company that will recieve the bill

TOPIC - Business Scam
DATE - 07/14/98 03:32:19
FROM - Interrupt

Okay since I was the one that thought up the business sample scam here is what I have gotten. Keyboard(shitty), Crystals, Computer books,(VB and C++)Electrical Engineering books(Basic circutry). Friend has gotten; Misc Guitar stuff, Switches and misc electrical shit. So this does work. Just thought I would let you know.Read the article in SYSTEM FAILURE #7.


DATE - 07/14/98 03:13:27
FROM - (_|_)

ok, on the lcd dialers: i built a red box with one a while ago, and yes it does work. essentially you are only dialing nickel tones-not true quarter tones, so don't try it on the operator! now has anybody tried putting in a faster crystal? i can't try it on mine because i had to sell it, but i might build another on since its so small.

TOPIC - slow tones
DATE - 07/14/98 00:04:55
FROM - losernutz 313

Ray Dios said the tones will still work, but i am not talking about the regular 33-memory dialer, i was talking about their new one (i guess its new) that has the LCD display. It plays the tones even slower than the 33-memory one.
will it still work?

TOPIC - Business Scam?
DATE - 07/13/98 23:55:18
FROM - Suburb|a Canada -

Discobubba: what business scam are you trying out?

TOPIC - Bussiness Sample screwup:(
DATE - 07/13/98 22:37:58
FROM - Discobubba 860 area

Hey I tried that bussiness sample scam on Mouser today. Freken operator was nosy and asked me what I was gonna use it for, I told her I had an odd alarm that required a special crystal (My bussiness was Mike's Alarm Repair Shop). Anyways it went fine until I screwed up:
Op: So will this be a one time usage?
Me:(hesitated cuz I didn't know what to say) yes!
Op: Ok could you hold on a minute?
*puts me on hold for a bit* (note:has funny music:))
Op: Ok I'm sorry but I can't give that to you, but would you like to order it?
Me: Uhhh I'll just use your web site instead

So I guess the lesson here is: Don't say its for a one time deal!!!! Man I can't believe I didn't think of that part! I didn't wanna bother tryin it again since I'm paranoid that I'd get the exact same operator and my friends were too wussy to do it for me! Well I just ordered it since I can't wait to get this dialer workin:) Wish they'd tell ya about shipping costs though.
One last thing, whats the most someone has gotten using the bussiness scam? like what product and where? just curious, I'd like to try that to get a new keyboard or something.

DATE - 07/13/98 18:19:57
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

You cannot use a RS Tone Dialer. The USA uses Dual Tones. Canada uses a single tone (3900Mhz). Buy a Hallmark card or something that you can record to.

TOPIC - Canadian phreaking
DATE - 07/13/98 18:00:07
FROM - Suburb|a Ontario, Canada -

Hey can someone tell me which crystal works the best between 6.5536, 6.5, and 6.49 mhz? And does anyone know if these crystals work in red boxes in canada?

TOPIC - Thanks Dolemite
DATE - 07/12/98 19:23:13
FROM - Confused Oklahoma

Thank's.. I will keep trying..

TOPIC - Your New Shiny Crystal
DATE - 07/12/98 19:10:22
FROM - Dolemite Oklahoma

Ah...Confused.... with a radio shack Tone dialer...i used a 6.5536 and it works well.....hasn't given me one problem.... I believe they use the same phones in Tulsa as in (580) it'll work there.....I have heard that the regular 6.5 works better....but hell....mine works fine.

TOPIC - 6.5536
DATE - 07/12/98 16:01:54
FROM - Confused Oklahoma

Confused..Which is it. Do I need 6.5536 or 6.5000. I ahve tried the 6.5536 in the 918 area code and no success. Any fellow phreaks have suggestions. Thanks.

TOPIC - Nope!
DATE - 07/12/98 15:04:30
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

They do sound much slower than when you listen to recorded tones from a program, or if you create them correctly using a program like cool edit 96. However, those tones will work. You are giving the pay phone far too much credit, it's not that bright.


TOPIC - Rat Shack's LCD dialers
DATE - 07/12/98 02:47:57
FROM - losernuts earth -

i just bought one of rat shacks LCD tone dialers,(it was on sale for 19.95).
i put the 6.5 cyrstal in, and the fuckin thing plays them to slow.
is there a way to speed them up?
if not will these slower tones still work?

TOPIC - Single tone?
DATE - 07/11/98 17:17:04
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Synicate

If you don't need dual tones, than you could easily build a pearl box. A pearl box will create a single frequency tone, for as long as you hold the button. The problem is that you will need an instrument to adjust it with that most people don't have (like an occiloscope). Pearl box's aren't too hard to make, because there is one IC that you can get that has most of the circuitry. Check around, those plans should be easy to find.


TOPIC - Bell Canada Calling Cards
DATE - 07/11/98 16:00:18
FROM - Insane Fuct Canada -

Since where i live the phones were replaced by new ones, i can't red box anymore so i must find a way to get free my expensives calls. I can't find about hacking bell canada calling cards, can someone help me? I also though about 1-800-collect with stolen credit card n#'s ?

DATE - 07/10/98 18:06:26
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH


The tonedialers will not work at all. At least I don't know of a way to make it dial just a single tone.
The Canadian redbox is a single tone (3900 Mhz).

I don't know of anyone who has taken a RS tone dialer and converted it from dual tones to single tones.

TOPIC - canadian tone dialer red box
DATE - 07/10/98 16:15:08
FROM - fishfood Canada

anyone know whether the canadian tones can be used with a 6.5Mhz crystal and anyone live in the (905) area?


TOPIC - Boxing and Operators
DATE - 07/10/98 15:16:42
FROM - Dolemite Oklahoma

Ok, the main way to get a live operator (With Bell Phones, of course...that's all we have around here....besides COCOTS) is for the ACTS system to not come up with a price for your long distance phone call....such as...some calls to Hawaii or even Italy.... $10.30 the first freakin 3 believe that? there will be a pause while it tries to figure the price, if it can' will send you to a live operator.....The ones around here seem to ALWAYS be able to tell the difference between a real coin and a nice tone.

DATE - 07/10/98 00:47:19
FROM - In Phase

jimi - Don't dial the operator when using a red box!!,...Just pick up the receiver of a "real" bell phone which is NOT a Millenium, and direct dial the long distance number. When the recording asks you to put in your $3.50, just 'beep' it in.

doughboy - The catalog number for a Radio Scrap 33-memory tone dialer is: 43-146. Take this number to the doof behind the counter and have them type it into the computer to see if they have one in stock.

TOPIC - radio shack
DATE - 07/09/98 23:59:19
FROM - doughboy

so are you trying to tell me that they do have the tone dialers in the stores but they are just hidden away???

TOPIC - redbox duh shit
DATE - 07/09/98 20:52:45
FROM - jimi

umm...i tried redboxing a bellatlantic fone today, and the operator just bitched at me...what the fuck....?? do i need dial another number besides 0?

TOPIC - Mouser cat #
DATE - 07/09/98 18:26:51
FROM - TheMane USA

Just for all the people out there who couldn't find the cat # for a 6.5mhz crystal from mouser, it is: 520-HCU650-20 . Also, the cat # for a 6.5mhz crystal from digi-key is: X415-ND .

TOPIC - radio shack
DATE - 07/09/98 12:08:57
FROM - British

I sometimes am skeptical on the quality of the electronics they have there. Sure they have nice tone dialers that can be converted into red boxes, but some of the electronic toys & games should be left to other companies, since they are usually cheezy and not very well-made. BUt then again where else are you going to go for a 10 ohm resistor? It is not the first palce I would go for a decent printer. I'd first check the magazines for reviews and go to Best Buy or CompUSA instead. They don't have a very good place in the computer market. I was dumb enogh to buy a Tandy 1000HX from them

TOPIC - Shameless!
DATE - 07/09/98 10:10:26
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Mr. Tandy is surely rolling in his grave. Here you have a neat chain of stores rescued in the 1950's from thirty thousand dollars of debt. The idea? To expand the line of electronic parts into a vast array of electronic devices and appliances. So what do they do? They keep stuff locked up! There have been several times that I wanted stuff at the shack, and I had to spend a half hour convincing the employee that they have the item. Anything that doesn't sell too often, and thats small (like tone dialers, wierd watches and overstock, pedometers, etc.) gets stuck under the glass counters, or in the "power towers" (little cabinets that stick out from the wall, but are behind the counter). The on-hand model quantity for tone dialers has always been TWO. If they tell you they dont have them, whip out the CAT# from your pocket and ask them to check the computer. Usually the jerk doesn't feel like looking for your small-time buying. He wants to move on to an old couple looking at answering machines.


TOPIC - radio shack
DATE - 07/08/98 21:39:47
FROM - dough boy ny

I have been going to every radio shack i see and i havent seen any tone dialers in any of the stores, do they not sell them anymore in the store itself, only catalog orders???

TOPIC - Cheesy Red Box WORKED!
DATE - 07/08/98 19:35:37
FROM - Sean 716-374 (Naples NY)

Hey, I made a cheesy red box out of tones I downloaded. I played them through my crappy PC speakers into a crappy Sony microphone, onto TDK analogue tape. They work fine. And, they fool the operator! I alwaye dial '0' then say "The keypad on this phone has some kind of stick goo on it. Could you dial xxx-xxxx for me?" They say OK, and ask me how I'd like to bill the call. I say coins, they say deposit your money now, and I play the tones. It's worked every time!


TOPIC - Texas's 211
DATE - 07/07/98 19:14:15
FROM - Spectrum SC

Hey, in Texas (the Plano/Dallas area, to be exact), you can dial 211 + whatever number you're interested in. You can then hang up, but the phone will still ring on the other end. I find this a funny practial joke, and I'm sure there are various uses for phreaking. Anyway, it may be common knowledge, but does anyone have a table of numbers that you can do this around the U.S. with? I'm new to all this, so if someone wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction, I'd be appreciative.

- spec


DATE - 07/06/98 21:16:17
FROM - Magus-Ohki poll

Just wanted people to know that after I finish a poll for a CCG that I'm doing, I will be holding a red box related poll. I won't say what it will be about now, cause I've had lamers steal my ideas and bid me a hardily FUCK YOU! Im tired of that. But this poll WILL be benificial to all phreakers everywhere.

DATE - 07/06/98 21:09:26
FROM - Magus-Ohki :(

I think you're right....

DATE - 07/06/98 10:47:09
FROM - ? the land of US West

Are you thinking of 1-800-CALL-ATT ?? (800-225-5288)

I think this number is for various types of credit card or calling card use, and not
coin use.

DATE - 07/06/98 01:06:00
FROM - Magus-Ohki

I just remembered something from a few years ago...
AT&T had this number that people could dial at pay phones if they did not want to deal with whatever long distance company was handling the phones for whatever the reason was. Wouldn't this work for red Boxing......and does anyone know the number? If it does work, then it should work from any phone in the country.

TOPIC - va
DATE - 07/05/98 21:53:38
FROM - ^bum^ va

anyone know if redboxing is possible from those new gte, and bell atlantic fones??

TOPIC - sorry
DATE - 07/05/98 20:03:35
FROM - Magus-Ohki

I found out today, the number 10-288-1-(xxx)xxx-xxxx
Dose not work in ALL areas. For example, where I live (Washington State) the phones are unable to access that number. (I have no idea why)

TOPIC - opps!
DATE - 07/04/98 18:19:23
FROM - Magus-Ohki

Opps, I gave the wrong person credit for that second idea. Well thats what you get when you enter your name as "Yeah right". ;)

TOPIC - Good Ideas
DATE - 07/04/98 18:16:54
FROM - Magus Ohki ???

I like Angryducks, and Msermind's ideas.

Angryduck, some of us don't like to solder (or we suck at it.) I wasn't aware that Radio Shack sells a pre-assembles dialer. Its a little more costly and bulky than the Halmark red box, but the fact that it fits into an Altoids box makes up for it. I do have one small suggestion though....for those who love to solder, and are making a red box purly for the challenge (me), Id suggest buying (Don't steal. I worked for Tandy once, and I know their security systems. they use bubble cameras that send the data straight to the main office in Texas. Alot harder to deny than a local camera) Radio shack's voice recorder kits (they come in either an IC or a mini ISA-ish connection....and the plans you need to build a recorder.)

As for Msermind'd idea....that would be pretty tricky to do.....but if you could it would be worth it. (or at the very lest cool looking.)

DATE - 07/03/98 22:07:40
FROM - angryduck california

I have found that this way is much easier then tone dialers and requires less sodering...

Fits in an Altoids Box

Simply buy (or steal)radio shit's $20 preassembled 20 second digital recorder. a ripoff, but it saves us lazy asses from doing much soldering. here's how much a cheesy redbox would cost to make:
$20 for the recorder
$4 for 4 AAA batteries
$3 for the black/altoids box and
$2 for some cheap pushbutton switches
(the factory ones suck)

to assemble the box, first get rid of the cheesy plastic AA battery holder radio shit puts on there. it's too big to use. next, cut off the cheap play button, and solder on one of the ones you bought. also i reccomend you cut off the microphone and solder a 1/8" mono headphone jack in it's place (be sure to get the polarity right), so that you can plug it directly into your soundblaster for a high quality recording. then you'll have to put together a battery pack (the red thing on the right of the altoids box), which can be done by wiring together the 4 AAA batteries, and be sure the contacts are good. connect this pack to the recorder's positive and negative wires, observing correct polarity. your next job is to put a hole in the box for the push button, and one for the LED (if you want it to be visible). in the original pitsoft redbox, i used a drill for the holes, but on the altoids one i just punched them with an awl. whatever works will be fine (hey, it's your money). now put everything into your box, and you're done. whoops! did you close up the box and forget to record the tones? well if you did you suck, but if not here's a wav of that tends to work well on.

dial 10-288-1-(xxx)-xxx-xxxx and play the tones
where x is the area code and number

more info at


TOPIC - REd Boxing yet another way
DATE - 07/03/98 21:58:31
FROM - msermind California

Through the pass we have called live operators. Thats bullshit now


where x is the area code and number
example: 10-288-1-818-249-5343
there ya go play your tones to the computerized voice and your done.

Holy Jesus what are these godamn animals

TOPIC - red Box
DATE - 07/02/98 17:09:28
FROM - Yeah Right The Pearly Gates

I had an idea to make a red box ultra safe. Make the crystal and switch detachable so that if you remove it the box becomes a regular tone dialer. This way if you are being chased by pigs just yank, and chuck, I suggest aiming for a car with a sun roof or open windows because no pig who eats a box of donuts for breakfast can catch a car. Or you could always use a digital voice recorder like RBCP suggested.....

TOPIC - Why Buy? Make your own!
DATE - 07/02/98 16:49:06
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Don't even take the chance of buying one through the mail. Just make your own. Its pretty damn easy, and you'll save alot of money. My theory has always been, "If you can't make a Red box, then you probably don't need one". Half the fun of owning a red box is knowing you made the thing work. Your freinds will think you are ultra-31337 too when they see you are capable of changing out a crystal with your dad's soldering iron.


TOPIC - How dangerous
DATE - 07/02/98 13:09:02
FROM - Mahoganey Upstate NY

How dangerous is it to buy a redbox frm someone via UPS?

TOPIC - hawaiian redboxing
DATE - 07/01/98 01:44:16
FROM - fish duh

ok, i was wondering if anybody knew if redboxing works in hawaii, i know gte is installing those new fones, and i was just wondering...

TOPIC - Red boxing on a muted phone
DATE - 06/29/98 20:43:58
FROM - Magus-Ohki unknown Dimention

Hey cool, a site on Red Boxing thats actualy up to date.

First of it true about the Freq. crystal looking like a compacitor? I don't know much about electronics, but never have I ever seen a compacitor with a raiting begining with Z!

Second off, about using a red box on a phone that mutes while asking for do you get around this?

Thank you and BTW....when building a Red box......keep your cool. I didn't know about the fake compacitor and I got pissed off and riped my dialer into pieces.

If you wanna answer any of these questions.....please give me a e-mail.

PS Whats with this site posting peoples addesses and phone numbers? Just wanna know.

TOPIC - crystals
DATE - 06/29/98 20:11:04
FROM - NJPhun take a wild guess

yes mouser still carries the crystals i just ordered a bunch a few weeks ago its product # 520-hca655-12 (thats the 6.5536) which works just fine....i dont know why people keep saying that it doesnt work cuz ive used it a million times and ive never had a problem......and for those local calls 10288 works great and its 5 cents cheaper too!

TOPIC - crystal
DATE - 06/29/98 19:34:02
FROM - ?

6.42 Mhz crystal????!!! ....what the fuck is that?

6.49!!!! is the one you want.
Stop spreading false rumors.....and you also DON'T want 6.5536... a 6.50 is easier to find than a 6.49 and works MUCH better than a 6.5536

TOPIC - its melting
DATE - 06/29/98 12:31:18
FROM - re verend 9k

did anyone have any trouble with the circut board melting just a little bit? I'm afraid when i go to put the new crystal on that it will melt the board pretty bad and fuck everything up.

TOPIC - mouser
DATE - 06/28/98 23:18:52
FROM - Guy USA -

I fear that mouser no longer sells any crystals in the 6.x range. If i am wrong... someone please e-mail me the product number for a 6.42 crystal or something close to it like a 6.5.


TOPIC - crystal
DATE - 06/28/98 23:11:00

just thought everyone should know... the exact crystal you need with a rat shack red box is 6.42 6.5 will work and 6.5532 will sometimes work, but if you can find a 6.42 crystal you will always get it to work. Thought i'd say this because people think that 6.5532 is the best and it's really not.

TOPIC - hawaiian redboxing
DATE - 06/28/98 02:17:22
FROM - 00000

anybody know if redboxing works in hawaii?

TOPIC - mouser crystals
DATE - 06/28/98 01:51:44
FROM - Clark Kent Krypton

ok, for all those who wanted to know: mouser crystals come in a few days

TOPIC - okay
DATE - 06/27/98 21:16:12
FROM - Reverend 9k

Okay i ordered from mouser last night. But i still need to know the catalog number for the rat shack crystal. Also, how long does it usually take mouser to get shipments out? I know radio shack takes forever.

TOPIC - thanks guys
DATE - 06/26/98 14:18:24
FROM - Ac Canada -

Thanks for the tones guys! is my e-mail address.

TOPIC - Canadian Tones
DATE - 06/26/98 08:59:05
FROM - Stihl1 Bucyrus, OH

If Ac would post a hotmail account or any email account I would send the tones to him. He could use a Hallmark Card or a anything, but I don't think that you can mod the tone dialer to produce one tone instead of dual tones.

I have your Canadian Tones, Ac. Where do you want them sent to?

TOPIC - What?
DATE - 06/26/98 08:10:45
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Reverend, what the hell are you doing buying your crystal at Rat Shack. For one you would have to special order it, which means they call National Parts and submit your order through them. Number two, they charge you are seven bucks! Screw them! Buy it from Digi-Key, or Mouser! As for those Canadian tones, I used to have them. They were once uploaded to my web page but I lost the file in an accidental delete frenzy. No one had ever downloaded them anyway. I forget who had them to begin with.


TOPIC - tones
DATE - 06/25/98 20:08:23
FROM - Ac canada

Canadian tones??? Please help me out here guys.

TOPIC - cat. Number
DATE - 06/25/98 17:32:22
FROM - Reverend 9k 319

Is 1006-8625 the real catalog number for the rat shack crystal? I need to know kind of soon.

TOPIC - RS 33-mem dialer
DATE - 06/25/98 09:51:02
FROM - In Phase

For the two people who wanted to know....

The catalog number for the Radio Shack 33-memory dialer WITHOUT the LCD display is: 43-146

TOPIC - 33 mem. tonedialer
DATE - 06/25/98 03:07:49
FROM - Ford Prefect is in Heck

i haven't seen any of the 33 memory tonedialers, i thought they stop making those and just upgraded to the lcd dialers. anybody know the catalog number?

TOPIC - Tone Dialer
DATE - 06/25/98 00:59:05
FROM - -Dr.S- Mass

yeah. there is the 33 memory tone dialer, that is the best because of the 3 priority buttons on the top, and it will sound slow, but once you put the new crystal in it will speed up.


ICQ# 5248405

TOPIC - other tone dialers
DATE - 06/24/98 23:37:19
FROM - Clark Kent Sheol

Does anybody know of any other rat shack tonedialers besides the one with the lcd display (which is muy $$$ and it plays the tones a wee bit to slow) or the one that has no memory (which for the sake of Red boxing is time consuming) ?

TOPIC - A fujnnie little story
DATE - 06/24/98 23:01:04
FROM - 006˝ RI -

Ok. I swear that the following is true. One night while at Boston's Logan Airport I was bored out of my fucking skull so I decided to do some long distance redboxing. I had taken down some numbers in Louisiana and St. Louis. Anywho. I called this place called Nails B DIPSY. I was gonna call and make fun of her name So i "put in" the $3.25 it told me to and connected. I must have put them in too fast because I got an operator. I figured Id have some fun so I said "how much do ya need".

ME: OK(so I boxed in $.75)

0per: She said. OK (I couldent believe she bought it) She said OK you have extra. Thank you.

ME: no, no, no thank YOU.

Needless to say i waited a minute and I was connected to another lady. who tried to give me back my $$. SHe tried a few times and then transfered me to another person.

HIM: Hello?

ME: Yea some lady is trying to give my money back and I got you.

HIM: ok (he tries several times)

Me: Do you think the problem might be that i didnt put in real money?


ME: Well. I boxed a live operator then i get you trying to give me money back. WOW, did you graduate 3rd grade?



This is true and if you dont believe me than SUCKS to your ASS-MAR.!!!!!


Phone Phreaking 4 EVERYONE

TOPIC - Canada
DATE - 06/24/98 15:14:53

Does anybody know how to convert a tone dialer so it works with canadian fones?

DATE - 06/22/98 18:01:19
FROM - FuzzPirate MARYLAND -

Well, I got a Telecoupler II and I forget where I got it exactly. I like it except for the fact that I have to keep putting in fucking quarters!!! That's why I was looking for a way to use my red box with it... Email me and I can give you loads of info. on various couplers...l8er


TOPIC - FuzzPirate
DATE - 06/22/98 15:45:41
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

Hey! I saw an acoustic coupler that was discounted from about $150 to $100. I didn't have safe way to hork it so I left it there. What kind of connections do you get with it? I really wanted it. I'm about to see if there is a cheaper source on the net somewhere, but maybe you could tell me where you got yours. It was a real nice one not heavy and bulky like the ones I saw ppl use when I was little.


DATE - 06/22/98 15:21:56
FROM - FuzzPirate MARYLAND -

O.K., I have an acoustic coupler and a red box and I don't like having to put in loads of quarters every time I connect
to something from a payphone. I am using a palmtop pc so I can not transmit the tones through my modem or
speaker. If anyone knows of a way to use a red box with a acoustic coupler please let me know....thanx

Phone Losers of Maryland

TOPIC - hobKnob?
DATE - 06/22/98 07:22:07
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Hobba, we miss you buddy. If you are still alive, and have not yet been apprehended by a Federal Marshall, please drop me a line. We are interested to see if you still exist. If it's just a machine you need, I'll snail-mail ya' one just to get you back online!


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - NYC boxin
DATE - 06/22/98 05:45:00
FROM - Phucking idoit NJ

Anyone from NYC know of Boxable phones.....i usually only hang out on the lower east side of toen and it seem like None of the phones work there......its beginning to piss me 80% percent of the phones work in NJ...but i still havent found any in NYC....if anyone knows of any phones that work on the lower east side post a sick of dealing with operaters...

TOPIC - want to learn
DATE - 06/21/98 01:19:30
FROM - XxcitedxX Wisconsin -

Im interested in getting into hacking. what do I need to do to get started?

TOPIC - Blah!
DATE - 06/20/98 14:02:20
FROM - ApAtHy Florida

Is anyone from florida that could tell me if redboxing still works down here? ( and with a tonedialer since those shitty recordings dont work anywayz) thanx!


TOPIC - taking advantage of mouser...and some other stuff
DATE - 06/18/98 17:18:59
FROM - 006˝ Ri -

OK like I said before on FRI when they told me to call the Education Debt to tell em it is for school. Well I ordered the the crystal and a switch on monday and the switch arrived today(thursday) I said what gives...wheres my crystal. I called up and they said it had to be backordered. I said OK I hope it arrives by sat b'cuz Im going to HICK ville and I want some outside world contact.

ALL electronics |1800-826-5432
Hosfelt Electronics|1800-524-6464
Mouser Electronics |1800-346-6873
JDR microdevices |1800-538-5000
Thats all I have for now. Post if you know any more

Fone Phreaking 4 everyone

TOPIC - Hallmark Cards
DATE - 06/18/98 16:09:40
FROM - Phried-Rice CA -

where else can i get digital recording greeting cards from other than Hallmark??

Boxing- *updated*

TOPIC - ::cry::
DATE - 06/16/98 18:12:13
FROM - hobKnob 414

this is truely sad

TOPIC - recording
DATE - 06/15/98 19:35:21
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

Phried-Rice.... I started with a handheld tape recorder. I ran into many problems with trying to perfect the recording and then learning which way was best to play into the phone. Anyway... each tape only lasted a couple months before they quit working... then I bought a new tape and recorded again. I just was a pain to use a tape player.

TOPIC - Recorders
DATE - 06/15/98 15:04:29
FROM - Phried-Rice CA -

is red boxing possible by just recording the coin tones on anyn digital recorder??

TOPIC - Me again....MOuser *sampling* news
DATE - 06/12/98 22:01:37
FROM - 006˝ RI -

I was reading along and i saw how you fine folks are taking advantage of mouser and sampling products...well they put me into the computer then tell me it is for businesses only. I say OK well it is for a school project...does that count. The guy gave me the number for some educational debt...1800-633-2246. They are open mondays through fridays, I dont know what times to what times. but they might be a good bet. Also can someone tell me what 6.50000MHz crystals are used for besides ripping off the fone Company.Oh well, Later d00ds.If you can tell them you are a business. I dont know weather they will try to find out. it might be cool to talk dirty to one of the REPS to...:-)

fone Phreaking 4 everyone

TOPIC - PHride rice...stop it you screwed up lamer
DATE - 06/12/98 21:34:11
FROM - 006˝ RI -

you are Lame, it is easy to copy redbox plans and steal pics from the PLA redboxing Q&A why arent you original, you suck. no one likes you...go home. I will have a redboxing page up by next weekend but in the meantime you can hold yourselves over with my phreaking page

fone phreaking 4 everyone

TOPIC - Boxing
DATE - 06/12/98 18:21:57
FROM - Phried-Rice Parts Unknown -

Hey you red boxing fanatics!! You wanna learn how to red box? You want to learn the vastness of the Red Box's capabilities? Of course you do!! Just click below, and you'll be teleported to my phreaking web page!


TOPIC - LCD Tone Dialer
DATE - 06/10/98 23:09:49
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

CHEDDAR!!! My redbox was stolen. I doubt that I misplaced it.
Now I haven't looked too hard yet, but I was in need of details of that LCD Tone Dialer. Does it store numbers? How many? Any other features? The Rat Shack employees here are EXTRA lame and don't know anything.
I really want to build another box in a week or two.

TOPIC - GTE phones
DATE - 06/10/98 20:33:47
FROM - Op8 828/704 -

The town neigboring my hometown is served by GTE. Every single GTE phone that I have encountered is boxable. Not saying that it will definately work, but odds seem good. BTW, all the BellSouth phones here have muted mouthpieces.

TOPIC - Crystals
DATE - 06/10/98 16:09:36
FROM - Larva 909

Hehehe, screw buying the crystals and dialer from radio shack, just distract the manager while your friend hops behind and grabs everything ya need.

DATE - 06/10/98 15:59:35
FROM - Larva 909

Ok, anybody out there know any tricks for the GTE phones? Like, do they respond well to boxing, or any othere tricks that may work on them. In my little town EVERY phone is GTE, so i really do need to know.

TOPIC - Asheville
DATE - 06/09/98 12:05:17

I am in the area of Asheville NC so if you want to contact me, email.

TOPIC - new tonedialers
DATE - 06/09/98 03:43:31
FROM - cheddar indiana

hey in case anyone was wondering the new tonedialers
with the lcd screens from rat-shack(cat no. 65-721) are
very easy to modify, the crystals labeled and everything..just hafta find the room for teh new one. i suggest under the batter in the caseing(its obvious when its open)
p.s. you might wanna keep the old crystal so you can make it dial regular tones to..they do make nice tonedialers too.

TOPIC - my post down below
DATE - 06/09/98 01:14:51
FROM - "regular guy"

rumaki - Sorry dude...I'm not the "M Smith" who has that catalog and web page... I just posted that information for somebody who wanted it.

But if go to the web page, you'll see pretty much the same stuff that's in the catalog.

TOPIC - Local Hackers
DATE - 06/09/98 00:33:18
FROM - Cantherius Maco Somewhere

I'm looking for Hackers/Phreakers in the general area of Asheville, NC. Probably a fruitless search but there just aren't many of us here, and one of the most elite just moved to California... so i need someone to share info and shit with...

Omega International

TOPIC - redoxing
DATE - 06/08/98 20:37:11
FROM - rumaki

hey regular guy..hit me off man or let me pick up my catalog.....right around the way from ya..maybe we can get dome things done

TOPIC - wwwee
DATE - 06/06/98 22:19:28
FROM - wwe wwqwe


TOPIC - catalog
DATE - 06/06/98 13:16:41
FROM - one of the regulars

RIZwaldo -- To receive a catalog that contains all sorts of items (including red boxes) that you can order ..

Send $1.00 to:
M. Smith-03
1616 Shipyard Blvd.
Wilmington, NC 28412

or visit this link:

Hackers Home Page

TOPIC - My Article
DATE - 06/06/98 01:13:13
FROM - Interrupt

So far I have never not gotten a business sample. I even got a new Keyboard. HEHE. I think Mouser has not caught on. Ah well their loss.


TOPIC - I got a question
DATE - 06/05/98 17:42:27
FROM - RIZwaldo chicago -

Is there anykind of catalog or anything like that where i could order a redbox or stuff like that? if so can u send me the address and also the #.

aight then

TOPIC - Redboxing from "volume buttoned" Bellfones
DATE - 06/05/98 13:07:40
FROM - SaLT 650 -

I recently redboxed from a volumed buttoned Bellfone and was curious if the fact that there was some cross talk (cross-music, actually) was a syptom of a bigger problem that the phone was having that allowed me to box from it. I checked in my handy-dandy Pacific Bell linemans catalogue and discovered that the volume aparatus comes in "w/fraud filter" and "w/o fraud filer" flavors, but I have yet to box from ANY other volume fone in my area. Not sure. If anyone knows...give a post.


TOPIC - re. mah last post
DATE - 06/04/98 21:58:13
FROM - DaddyTanth Nawlins

fuck shit goddamn... they just called me back and said they only
give samples to buisnesses shit oh well looks like I get to make
another call.....


TOPIC - mouser
DATE - 06/04/98 21:40:06
FROM - SexyTanth 504 babee

y0 so this is the deal... I called mouser asked if they
gave product samples they asked what the product was
and gave her the num for the crystal and she said buisness or
personal I told her for fun she sent it easy as that SO
FUCK PAYING for it use that guy's method that wrote the
article for sysfail cept ya don't have to tell em your a buisness
they don't give a rats ass they are Operators who get paid
7 bucks an hour.


TOPIC - red box probs
DATE - 06/04/98 20:58:12
FROM - 2600trans Bayville, L.I.

my red box is not working. why would it not work? i have pretty good recordings on a digital recorder.

TOPIC - Phreak Group
DATE - 06/04/98 20:01:38
FROM - LogicBomb CT -

I am looking for some phreaks in the 860 area code of Connecticut. E-mail me

TOPIC - test
DATE - 06/04/98 19:59:40
FROM - Logic nowheresville -


TOPIC - Click the link!
DATE - 06/03/98 23:19:59
FROM - rask nc

please click the link below

click me

DATE - 06/02/98 23:59:33
FROM - ^NoLaN^ Federal Way, Wa







bell will win

TOPIC - red box
DATE - 06/02/98 22:16:34
FROM - backyard bob

in order for you to make a local red box call on a fortresss phone, u MUST place the call through the operator right?

TOPIC - Lazy Red Boxers
DATE - 06/02/98 21:38:51
FROM - Daemon (330) Aurora, OH

I've been noticing lately people's lack of fun or excitement when red boxing. Sure we'd all like to just pick up the hand-set and press P-1 and have the free call, but thats no fun. People think that since you can't do that, that phones are 'unboxable' well I hate to tell ya but they still are. Just dial the operator and have some fun, if she/he gets on ya, thats when you can really have fun... anyways have fun...


TOPIC - zippo box
DATE - 06/02/98 21:23:24
FROM - dark~spirit ne

I dont know if this has already been said or not.. but ..
I was thinking that it would be cool to make a red box using those hallmark card things and putting it in a zippo lighter, so when you open the zippo like one of those cards it will play.

TOPIC - redboxes
DATE - 06/02/98 19:25:11
FROM - PH Blue Ridge VA

anyone have a red box for sale? reasonable price?

DATE - 06/02/98 16:25:09
FROM - dark~spirit

That sounds like a cool idea but how do you attach the crystal to the plug?

TOPIC - see below
DATE - 06/02/98 16:05:26
FROM - In Phase

hobknob....If you keep the original crystal, you can solder it to its own plug, and when you want your dialer to generate normal DTMF tones, just plug it in!

I have one of the "old" Radio Scrap dialers (43-141), with the brown case and the gold faceplate. So I have (had) an real crystal in there, and not the little surface mount disguised one like in the newer dialers.

TOPIC - Key'd Redbox
DATE - 06/02/98 09:38:01
FROM - hobKnob 414

anybody ever heard of a key'd redbox?

I built one of these little suckers recently.. (i have no idea who "invented" this little goodie)
(not cause i needed it.. but it sure does make a nice keychain.)

anyway.. here's the basic idea.. take a tonedialer..
and solder a walkman headphone jack (female) inthere between the crystal (original) and the board.. drill a hole in the dialer casing so the hole is visible (the whole "jack" will most likely stick out of the thing as a matter of fact)

now what do you have?.. nuthin yet.. just a lame old tonedialer.. now take the male end of the plug and solder yer 6.5 crystal to it.

keep the crystal on your keychain.. and plug it in to box a call .. unplug it when your done. and it's no longer a redbox..

TOPIC - red boxes in texas
DATE - 06/02/98 07:27:40
FROM - noam same place as before

hey mr. gross i know red boxes work at least in some places in texas cause my brother traveled through there about a year ago and boxed all the way through...
oh yeah ray:
thanks for answering my question

TOPIC - red box
DATE - 06/02/98 04:12:14
FROM - Grossiman Metairie, La

I built a red box about a year ago, but then, soon after, I found out about the mic blocks on all bell payphones here in bellsouthland and of course the operator wouldn't connect me, so I've been sitting around with a big hunk of worthless black plastic staring me in the face. Oh sure, I tried to find a use for it, (paperweight, vegitable steamer, and the everpopular "red box in an ice cube" gag) but to no avail it's only good for free calls.

ANYWAY, I just found out I'm going on a 4 week trip from New Orleans to Seattle through TX, NM, AZ, and CA then back down through the middle of the country (North and South dakota, ect.)
(Now that you know every facet of my trip) I was hoping if someone who lived in any of those states knew if red boxing didn't work in their area, because the ice cube trick is getting old with everyone around here and I'd like to put the damn thang to work.

(Ha! Don't you be thinking I really expect an answer from anyone, but thought I'd try... Oh well
I've got to go get my red box out of the freezer before it cracks, bye)

TOPIC - funny shit
DATE - 06/01/98 23:03:00
FROM - dark~spirit

YO hobknob ......
that is some really funny shit man.
I still laugh when i think about it hours later!!

TOPIC - hey chadc dont make fun of Heads
DATE - 06/01/98 20:53:44
FROM - 006˝ Ri -

dont make fun of deadheads

fone phreaking 4 everyone

TOPIC - ray you silly fucker
DATE - 06/01/98 12:27:23
FROM - hobKnob 414

you know that's kinda funny actually...

talk about wierd shit..
about 3 days ago i was drunk and comming home from the bar..
well i had my trusty redbox on me.. so decided that my drunk ass should probly just call a cab.. Being the upstanding citizen that i am.. i had left all my change for tip money anyway.. so i press the 0 button..
and i get an opperator..
i say "you know .. the buttons on this phone are all fucked up, and i need to call a cab"

she's like "blahblahblah deposit .25"
so i box the tones.. and she gives me some bullshit..
so i tell her that i'm gonna rip the phone off the box if she don't connect me.. i guess i musta shouted the box tones cause she connected me shortly their after..
i think i passed out right after the cab place picked up

TOPIC - Red Box Madness
DATE - 06/01/98 07:22:34
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

You can't red box on an operator. They know the difference between your coolio tone box, and the real jingles. For one, when you put a quarter in, the background noise around you cuts out. Secondly, there is a coin collect tone that is made to tell the payphone the money has dropped into the piggy bank. If you really want to confuse the operator, make a green box, and after doing a couple red tones, drop a coin collect tone on her. Then scream, "See? It took my money again!". That oughtta' confuse them.


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - stupid operators
DATE - 06/01/98 00:34:49
FROM - noam indiana -

ok, i just recently built a red box, and when i went to
try it out i was startled to find i was connected with a live operator, so i really slowly and calmly hit the quarter tone a few times, then she says "sorry try using real money those machines don't work". i was odd to me because it was a gte phone, and the mouthpeice was definetly connected, so what i wonder is how did she know? if anybody can help me out here send me an email or post something to me. also what determines whether you talk to a live operator? local provider? time of day? specific phone? chance?

TOPIC - What kind of crystal?
DATE - 05/30/98 20:00:05
FROM - Sean 716-374 (NY)

Allright....This is probably a realy stupid question.

What kind of crystal do I use? An oscillator? A clock crystal? A microprocessor crystal? Which one?


Yahoo! Crystal Search Results

TOPIC - chingers
DATE - 05/30/98 05:55:09
FROM - chadc midwest

I'm new here, in fact I just stumbled on this messageboard while looking for some information on this thing I picked up from my younger brother (a deadhead) that he calls a "chinger" --> web searches reveal nothing although you all seem to be talking about the same thing just not referring to it as such...anyhow with some payphones I get free calls with the simulated coin dropping sounds it produces. Is this the same as "red boxing"? Why does the chinger only work on some phones? And what's all the talk about crystals????????????
those pla kids are crazy....

TOPIC - Confirming Red Box tones
DATE - 05/29/98 19:52:28
FROM - Sean 716-374

I heard that there was a number you could call and play red box tones into, and if they were right, it would name the tone. Does this number exist, and does anybody know it?


TOPIC - Hey Guy.....
DATE - 05/29/98 18:10:33
FROM - 006˝ Ri -

this isnt an advertising forum and if your page sux im gonna call you lame

Eric's Page

TOPIC - boxing
DATE - 05/27/98 20:08:37

for info on red boxing and others, check out my page!


TOPIC - Crystals
DATE - 05/27/98 11:10:08
FROM - PhatFone KS

Mouser has the 6.50 crystals for $1.55. I bought 2 crystals from them and paid $5.00 total, and got some credit for my next order. The stock number is 520-HCU650-20 (needed for ordering) Goto and download their order form. There is no minimum order. Service is quick, about a week. Also, they send you their quarterly catalog, great for reordering, or for getting parts for other projects.

TOPIC - another form or tone recording
DATE - 05/25/98 15:36:40
FROM - bond, james bond Ri

While at my local r@t shack one fine afternoon, picking up the usual aligator clips and desoldering bulbe I noticed a voice recording thing. it was about 2 in by 2in and had a little plastic door that one put their Pic in and recorded a message for a loved one(how sentimental)it is 9.95 untill the end of may. the cat ## is 63-942. as usual some redneck idiot left a stupid-assed message on it "testing to see if...." it appeared to have pretty good sound quality. I know that tone recordings really blow hard dick but if you dont want to spend 24.95 on a tone dialer it looks like the way to go.

P.S-would someone fill me in on this screw up who wired 2 G's to a ninja guy

·•Pea©e and H@ppy PhreakinG•·

Eric's Page

TOPIC - another form or tone recording
DATE - 05/25/98 15:35:08
FROM - bond, james bond Ri

While at my local r@t shack one fine afternoon, picking up the usual aligator clips and desoldering bulbe I noticed a voice recording thing. it was about 2 in by 2in and had a little plastic door that one put their Pic in and recorded a message for a loved one(how sentimental)it is 9.95 untill the end of may. the cat ## is 63-942. as usual some redneck idiot left a stupid-assed message on it "testing to see if...." it appeared to have pretty good sound quality. I know that tone recordings really blow hard dick but if you dont want to spend 24.95 on a tone dialer it looks like the way to go.

P.S-would someone fill me in on this screw up who wired 2 G's to a ninja guy

·•Pea©e and H@ppy PhreakinG•·

Eric's Page

TOPIC - crystals
DATE - 05/25/98 11:40:44
FROM - an Old Timer....

Don't buy your crystal at Radio Shack! They only carry the 6.5536 Mhz ones, and you DON'T WANT THOSE!!!!

Buy a 6.50 Mhz crystal from Digi-Key, or Mouser, or an ad in Blacklisted! 411 magazine....

TOPIC - Radio Shack 6.5 crystals for redbox's
DATE - 05/24/98 14:52:11
FROM - Stater Nj -

does anyone know the part number of radio shacks 6.5 crystals? The people who work there are stupid, and don't know what a crystal is, so it would help out alot if i knew the part number of one. Thanxs, email me if yah know it


TOPIC - boxing crystal/acquiring
DATE - 05/22/98 19:51:21
FROM - A. Nobody Bel-wah, Wis. - yousuckbadly

Hey, i read some discussion of where to get the 6.50Mhz crystal for the redbox, and i'm not sure where you were talking about, but Mouser Electronics has decent prices. it's (i think) only about MAYBE - at most - $2 per crystal, price decreasing as quantity increases, but there's s&h costs too. i paid c.o.d., for 2 crystals, $11. Mouser has great service, real dependable, a free catalogue, and probably you can find other stuff from them that you'd need anyway for all the other boxes/projects you'd be working on!

TOPIC - RBing in SB
DATE - 05/22/98 16:43:48
FROM - typhoon Santa Barbara

Does anyone out there phreak in Santa Barbara California? Can some one tell me whether red boxes work here? What about ESS? Please e-mail me as I don't have access to the net all the time. Thanks

TOPIC - va
DATE - 05/21/98 22:29:43
FROM - ^bum^ va

hey "Me" want to get involved with the phreak group i'm putting together? its only got a couple ppl right now, but hell, ya gotta start somewhere, i'm in norfuk, email me

DATE - 05/21/98 00:15:27
FROM - zipht A. pHrrk K.S.C. va/dc

FISHMONGER! how is it going? i thought that RAW wasnt going to let u out these days... and yea the radio shits dailer is good just got another one... they werk good but i havent make the steath box... there isnt room! but fishy good to see u! i heard that moon got away from RAW but one never no's... well hope u read this fishy!!! and boxing is good here so pHrrks stop by!!!

DATE - 05/20/98 23:36:14
FROM - Me VA.Beach VA.

I don't know why I come back to the R.B. Q/A site
it's the S.O.S. Why do some of you bone heads keep asking the same stupid questions? But you all are lucky there are some die hards out there that keep answering the bone heads questions. You have more patience than I .

TOPIC - rat shack lcd tone dialer
DATE - 05/20/98 22:33:42
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

It has to be boxable, Madfishmonger... all it needs is to speed up the tone of the star key. It may not use a crystal... how much is it? I may look into buying one just for fun.

TOPIC - tone dialers
DATE - 05/20/98 19:34:15
FROM - TheMadFishmonger 817

ok, i saw this tonedialer from rat shack and this bitch is small, gots an lcd display and the model # is EC-389. Any body know if its boxable?

TOPIC - re: New Fones
DATE - 05/19/98 22:10:12
FROM - Antisocial A van, down by the river!

Well the reason some phones aren't boxable, is because these phones block out any sound from the mouth piece. Obviously when you put the red box up to the mouth piece and play them, the sound is sent through the mouth piece tricking the ACTS. Well if the mouth piece doesn't allow sound, then I guess playing tones to the phone is pretty useless isn't it? Just standing there slack jawed, thinking that maybe if you play it 30 more times, something different might happen!

Try this:

This works for me sometimes: I drop in a nickel or a dime, and then that allows the mouth piece to allow sound into the phone, and just red box the rest. Sometimes it doesn't work; depends on the (age of the) phone.

If that fails I use a secret method to allow the phone to get sound: I get 5 black wax candles and light them; putting 3 on the top of the phone and 2 at each side. I get some lamb blood and poor it upon the top, and get a McDonalds Big Mac and offer it to Satan. After this, somehow the phone allows this. Maybe is just works in L.A.....explains alot


TOPIC - new fones
DATE - 05/19/98 16:36:22
FROM - ^bum^ va -

ok, what the hell is up with all these new cant red box them....i guess their digital or something....?.. anyone have any help? they come in every flavor, GTE, SPRINT, AT&T, ect... anyone got manuals? other boxes that replace the redbox/pearlbox/greenbox, ect...? thanx for any help

TOPIC - Or you could....
DATE - 05/11/98 21:01:34
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Or you could order them from Digi-Key. 1-800-DIGI-KEY, or They sell them dirt cheap, under two bucks. Only catch is you have to buy 20 bucks worth of shit, so pick up on some other stuff. Or order 15 some crystals, and make boxes for all of your closest freinds.


New URL!

TOPIC - Red Box crystal
DATE - 05/09/98 19:17:36
FROM - In Phase

STOP IT!!!!!

Stop spreading the semi-truth that a 6.5536 Mhz crystal is the proper one for a red box!...Sure, it will probably work, but you can find the 6.50 Mhz crystal just as easily, but it works much better!

Look in "Blacklisted! 411" magazine, and you can find them for about $4 + $1 shipping.

Another ad has them for $4 each, but offers discounts for large quantities, plus $3 shipping for any size order.

TOPIC - MegaRipOff And I found out the crystal Model In radioshack!
DATE - 05/09/98 11:26:39
FROM - Nomercy USA

I called Radio Shack, and I got a young teenager voice, and started talking:
Me: Do you sell crystals?
Him: For what?
Me: FOr a hitech eletronic device
Him: "laughs hard" what kind of crystal?
Me: A 6.5536 megaheartz
Him: is the "hitech eletronic device red in any case?
Me: No it's black with alot of buttons, and also these P1 P2 and P3 buttons that are really cool.
Him: gee, one more.
Me: What are you talking about?
Me: Oh, that doesn't even work.
Him: (laughing) fine whatever, called
I dialed 1800theshack.
And there was this old bitch,
Her: Hello how may I help you?
Me: Yes, I would like to know if I could buy tone generators, i mean crystal from Radio Shack.
Her: Yes, sure, what frequency?
Me: Ok, hold on, one second, (went to Dum's dum's redboxing page, blah blah blah) ok, got it, 6.5536.
Her: Ok, hold on a second please......
Ok, got it, that would be 11.98
Me: UHHHHHHHHHHHHH, paused for 3 seconds, and what about the shipping and handling?
Her:5 dollars total.
Me: Oh 5 dollars for everything? Sorry i misunderstood you, you meant 1.19 and i misunderstood you (1.19 is the normal price)
Her: No "honey" 5 dollars for shipping and handling.
Me: Ok, thank you, I was looking for the best price, ill call back when I finish my search, could i also have the model number please?
Her: Ok, it's 1006-8625
Me: Thank you.

So after all this try to rip me off, I was happy because she told me the model number, and since she was ripping me off, maybe if I or you goto Radioshack, you will find it at the normal price, a newbie right now would have said: Ok, my address is... Charge me to my Visa... blah blah blah
So 2 important things on this letter.

TOPIC - New Tonedialers
DATE - 05/09/98 04:40:32
FROM - Op8 919 -

Hey. I was just wondering if anyone has bought and modified a rat shack tonedialer recently. I heard from someone that they have LCD displays now. Anyway, I thought it woud be best to make sure that they are modifyable before i dropped the cash for one.

TOPIC - Random's Web Page
DATE - 05/09/98 00:43:11
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, Ohio

But you Magenta.html does work.

I Just wanted to see it. I may try it and see how it compares.

You don't have permission to access /phreak/redbox.html on this server.

TOPIC - A Red Box (cheap)
DATE - 05/07/98 17:50:27
FROM - Random MN

OK, the Red Box Schematics are up and de-bugged. Go to it and it will only cost about $15 to make a Red Box. The address, once again:
Happy phreaking

TOPIC - phreaks
DATE - 05/07/98 15:07:35
FROM - crystalmeth no where -

Looking for some phreaks in michigan near detroit, E-mail me.

TOPIC - Suggestions?
DATE - 05/06/98 21:52:08
FROM - Cathode_Ray United Phreaks Syndicate

Yeah, I have a suggestion for you, drop AOL and get a real provider. (chuckle). And I would suggest breaking down and buying a tone generator. Recordings suck ass, and you are damn lucky if they work at all.


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - Red Boxing
DATE - 05/06/98 19:29:55
FROM - a_person WI -

The operators in Milwaukee are getting smarter and smarter every day. It has gotten to the point where you can't red box a local phone call. The can tell the difference between red box tones and the real thing. I do use just a tape recording of the tones on a micro cassete recorder. Got any suggestions?

TOPIC - 404 You idiot!!!
DATE - 05/06/98 17:04:25
FROM - Interrupt

You idiot I "evented" that Scam it is called Business samples. Please give me the right credit if you don't beleive me go to and read issue #7 It is called "Sample Anyone?"

TOPIC - Red Box
DATE - 05/06/98 12:17:36
FROM - Random MN

About Red Boxes - a tone dialer is not worth the $30-35 you eventually spend on it! I am in the process of building a Red Box and I have only spent $15 on it so far. To find the schematic (yes, schematic) for it, try my website:
And check it in about a week - there are currently some errors in the schematic and I fixed them but haven't uploaded them yet.

TOPIC - 6.5536 Mhz crystals
DATE - 05/06/98 02:08:54
FROM - 404 minden NV (702)

Call mouser and say "I'd like to sample a product." Yes. Give the operator your address and the product number and it will get to you in three days (I think). I ordered it on thursday, or friday and got it on a tuesday (today). Put it in and tomorrow, i'll test it.

TOPIC - Funny story involving a Payphone Operator
DATE - 05/05/98 15:34:05
FROM - ZealoT Connecticut

Just thought I'd share a somewhat funny story. I was hangin out with a friend of mine, and I'd just bought a tape recorder and a telephone pickup. Hmm, I wonder what for? Me and this kid have been in to the whole phoneprank 'scene' for a long time, and I'd record calls using my own computer. Anyway, to keep from boring you... We ended up driving to a payphone. I didn't have my redbox on me at the time (dammit!) so I felt I had no choice but to prank the damn operator. So I dialed zero (the telephone picup was attached to the phone). The operator said the usual bullshit-

operator: "Hello, how can I help you?," she asked.

me: "Yes, can you dial a number for me please?"

operator: "Sure, is this a collect call, or are you paying for it?"

me: "I'm paying for it."

operator: "(after the usual click) ok, please deposit 40 cents."(I apparently gave her a long distance number).

me: "No problem."

...and with that, I verbally beeped the red box tones. Now obviously this wasn't going to get me a free call, but I did it just for the fun.

I was expecting the typical dickhead response of "nice try, please deposit 40 cents." But instead, she busted a gut, and couldn't stop laughing. Still laughing she asked me if I really had the 40 cents. And almost about to bust, I told her I did. Like before, I verbally beeped the red box tones, only this time, I 'deposited' the 40 cents in nickels and dimes. So here I am going beep beep....beep....beep...beep beep....beep beep. This time around she laughed even more hysterically and obviously could not breathe; but she managed to tell me to have GREAT NIGHT!
Unforunately it recorded crappy, and the sound was so terrible, I recorded over it with another prank call, so I was unable to publish it here on the web. SORRY.

The moral of story is... not all operators blow, but there jobs must be amazingly meaningless for something like this to make there day.


LOOK OUT FOR ZealoT(aka Jimmy Cisco) and Bobby Stewart, the new age 'Jerky Boys'.

Hell (not my site)

TOPIC - you wired someone named super ninja $2000?
DATE - 05/05/98 09:39:13
FROM - Nephelm 904 -

Lemme get this strait? you wired $2000 to someone in another country under the name of super ninja..
If you wire me $3000 i'll help you find him.


TOPIC - Dialer
DATE - 05/05/98 01:17:26
FROM - LocoJ 209

What dialers work that Rat Shack currently sells? I can easily get a crystal.
Looking for phreaks in the 209 area code.

DATE - 05/05/98 00:39:00
FROM - In Phase


It's back...

DATE - 05/04/98 00:43:36
FROM - mark fordham


TOPIC - Digi-Key
DATE - 02/08/98 16:45:15
FROM - Cathode Ray PLA OHIO (614) -

Hey Bitch, why not try their web page. You can do item searches, buy stuff, or just get a catalog.


DATE - 02/08/98 13:47:52


TOPIC - boxin
DATE - 02/07/98 16:45:26
FROM - hobKnob 414

well up here in wisconsin 414 code..
most of the fones are redboxable.. i'd say 4 outa 5 even... only ones i've found that are not boxable are brand new.. they don't really mess with em unless the phone has been physicaly abused and they need to replace it..
Filters are about all i have comeacross as far as anti-boxxing..
and some can be made to work with a clip on volume booster from RS.

DATE - 02/06/98 15:37:55
FROM - Cathode Ray - yousuckbadly

The neater stuff that they add to payphones, the less chance you have of your red buddy working. Like those neat volume boosters? They kill the noise pitch. That sucks. It's like they have no consideration for the phreak's needs or something. Chances for me in OH (614), ... hmmm... I would have to say about 1 in 5 work for me. But most of them don't work because of poor handset quality.

TOPIC - 'boxing
DATE - 02/06/98 14:04:13
FROM - Op8 919 -

Just out of curiosity, does anyone have an idea of what percentage of payphones are red-boxable? Here in BellSouth land, it seems like they're few and faw between.

TOPIC - crystals
DATE - 02/06/98 09:06:07
FROM - cryosis MN

at JDR microdevices they sell 6.5536 crystals for 1.09. they don't list them on their page but their on an insert in the cataloge

TOPIC - Suppliers
DATE - 02/05/98 21:25:01
FROM - Cathode Ray -

I have ordered from both Mouser and Digi-Key. They both deliver very quickly, and both will charge you a "handling fee" if you don't buy 20 bucks worth of shit. Digi-key has an online ordering thingie, You can pay buy credit card, but it has to be your credit card. I asked them.

TOPIC - crystals
DATE - 02/05/98 19:49:54
FROM - hobKnob 411

get 6.50 crystals if you can..
hell 6.49 if you can find em.. i'm told..

as far as pricing.. that's pretty good and mauser is pretty reputable..
digikey i think is less.. if you buy 10..
but hey.. sell the extras to some lamer s for 5 bucks a pop..

TOPIC - Crystals
DATE - 02/05/98 16:55:50
FROM - Antisocial Hell (LA)

I've been looking for a few good prices on the 6.5536 Crystal. The lowest I found was 1.18 at Mouser Electronics "" Does anyone know any other good store?

TOPIC - Crystals
DATE - 02/05/98 16:55:40
FROM - Antisocial Hell (LA)

I've been looking for a few good prices on the 6.5536 Crystal. The lowest I found was 1.18 at Mouser Electronics "" Does anyone know any other good store?

TOPIC - Word Up!
DATE - 02/05/98 07:47:12
FROM - Cathode Ray - yousuckbadly

Word up to that! What kind of dumbass do you have to be to wire 2 grand to a guy in another fucking country. I bet he is laughing himself sick.

TOPIC - sigh
DATE - 02/04/98 22:20:35
FROM - Jim Bayless Indiana

Hey Mr. LOSER in Italy:

1. This is a red boxing discussion group here to discuss red boxing, not to beg others who don't care for help.

2. We don't care.

3. Why don't you take care of your own problems by yourself. People get scammed every day. You obviously did something stupid and allowed yourself to be scammed very hard by this guy. Live and learn and quit posting irrelevant stuff on an inappropriate sub. I noticed you were whining about this in alt.2600 also.

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