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FROM - jimmypop0hi0 -
TOPIC - scanning
02/11/99 13:19:59 - MESSAGE #1125

The cops dont care how you got the info if it is good. My grandma used to listen to cell phones and heard this dude say he would bring a bunch of coke in a guitar case to schoo lshe called the cops and told them they didnt say anything they busted the dude and the article in the paper scanner snoop busts drug dealer you could be a hero

FROM - StalgarCanada
TOPIC - Pbx's And dailupz
02/11/99 12:44:41 - MESSAGE #1124

Hey all you phreaks ! you all are great ! anyone with dail upz or cc vailidors please e-mail then to me i have alot to trade for them !!! WAREZ ? DAILUPZ? PROGIEZ ? and thing

FROM - kinshipMN
TOPIC - phones in general
02/10/99 18:41:09 - MESSAGE #1091

sup kids, i just wanted to know if there is a scene in MN the 2600 thing is lame, full of kiddies and posers. I work for a telco. I want to chill with people from the minnesota area who play with phones also

acouple more things. i just want to say that 2600 in minnesota is he lamest thing and konceptor is thier master
"what the fuck are hackers without fone-service"-kinship

FROM - Fone Thug210 -
TOPIC - Scanners
02/10/99 08:46:21 - MESSAGE #1074

last time i checked it was only illegal if you took action on something said in the conversation. so if someone said they were going to knock over a bank it would be illegal to call the police and tell the about it.

FROM - Melee304
02/10/99 00:06:38 - MESSAGE #1068

I just saw a commercial on TV for a "pre-programmed" scanner that you can use "to listen in on cordless phone calls", and "catch up on all the gossip in your neighborhood" and "check up on your spouse". And if you order now, you can get information on other frequencies you can listen to on your new scanner. It's pre-programmed so it scans cordless phones. That's not hard to do, but I thought it was illegal to adveritise that, and I KNOW that it's illegal to do it, unless one party knows. Oh well....I'll stop typing now, I'm off to shop at Bell Atlantic. They're open at 12:08 am, right?


FROM - Carnage
TOPIC - Stealing Payphones
02/07/99 02:20:40 - MESSAGE #978

Just a thought, but I remember a while ago I was in the market for a payphone (so to speak)... I went to a local construction yard and there was one mounted to a piece of plywood on the back of a construction trailer. Maybe if you checked out some local construction sites... There's a lot of development around here, so I guess I'm lucky. You can always do what my friend did and steal those sets of two they have outside every wawa nationwide. (Sorry about the last post, I hit the wrong numbers for the colors I guess =P)

FROM - Carnage
TOPIC - Stealing Payphones
02/07/99 02:19:39 - MESSAGE #977

Just a thought, but I remember a while ago I was in the market for a payphone (so to speak)... I went to a local construction yard and there was one mounted to a piece of plywood on the back of a construction trailer. Maybe if you checked out some local construction sites... There's a lot of development around here, so I guess I'm lucky. You can always do what my friend did and steal those sets of two they have outside every wawa nationwide.

FROM - jimmypop0hi0 -
TOPIC - payphone
02/04/99 11:59:23 - MESSAGE #885

this will seem stupid but why not call the phone company and ask them remember the brady bunch had one. The worst thing thy can do is say no.

FROM - bleak
TOPIC - phone #'s
02/04/99 10:39:12 - MESSAGE #883

Heres a place where you can get the phone # of a payphone almost anywhere in your area...

payphone project
FROM - Coyote 509
TOPIC - Payphone Screws
02/04/99 01:29:16 - MESSAGE #875

Those payphone screws are five thirtyseconds of an inch hex. The hole is one sixteenth of an inch. Using the hacksaw is a great idea. Hex tools
are made of harden steel and are nearly impossible to drill. Almost like posting this without numbers. Bring back numbers!

FROM - Tofu626 CA
TOPIC - Payphone?
02/04/99 01:28:57 - MESSAGE #874

Why not just take the fuckin' bolts off of the payphone, then throw it in the back of the truck? Might look a little less suspicious, dont you think?

FROM - acidphreak
TOPIC - dorm payfone
02/04/99 01:06:43 - MESSAGE #868

hmm, you want to open up a payphone huh? god fucking luck. they dont call em fortress phone for nothing, if you want one of your own, well you could always get a nice truck and crash into the phone then trough it in the back of the truck

FROM - Melee304
TOPIC - Help the mel man?
02/03/99 11:16:26 - MESSAGE #841

I was just sittin here thinkin that a payphone would really look nice in my dorm room. Any descriptions of the best way to go about this? I was also wondering about exactly how to go about opening one up and partaking of the wealth?!
Any help would be appreciated. Does anyone phreak out here in three-zero-four? Someone has to.......

FROM - Melee304
TOPIC - DAmnit
02/02/99 21:53:59 - MESSAGE #827

that page address is

FROM - Melee304, hickville
TOPIC - Mouser
02/02/99 20:16:25 - MESSAGE #823

Go here for all the numbers of all the mouser crystals and a description.

TOPIC - pay phone pics
02/02/99 14:27:04 - MESSAGE #811

I'm getting a chance to take some pics of a pay phone,let me know if you want photos of anything spaciffic(sp?) I'll have them enlarged and scanned for e-mail delivery

FROM - ZoneXXCanada, Toronto, Ontario
TOPIC - Ontario payphones
01/31/99 20:00:36 - MESSAGE #739

Does anyone here have any info on the pay fones in Canada (Toronto, Ontario to be specific)?

FROM - sd
01/31/99 19:30:11 - MESSAGE #737

UM screw Red Boxin the link below will take u to the GREATEST SITE ON EARTH!!!!

Free Long Distance through ad sponsered messages.

Basically u get a card w/ a pin number.
Then you call the toll free number
Enter the pin then phone number
Then you listen to a ten sec ad
Each ad u listen to earns you a credit of two min.(how long do prank call last anyway???)
Listen one min of ads earns u eight min of talk time.
They're gonna have international and wireless someday

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - hex bits
01/28/99 18:08:44 - MESSAGE #648

Great idea,cutting a slot in one!Anyone know some common hex sizes used by bell or aproximate size of the pin?Wonder if how long it would take to grind the pin out with a dremal.

FROM - hobKnob414 -
TOPIC - security hex bits
01/28/99 10:42:03 - MESSAGE #636

you don't need to drill the center out of a perfectly good hex driver (probly wrecking it and the bit in the process.. )

just stick the bit in a vice and use a hack saw to cut a slot in the bit this works excelent...

FROM - OpZNC 919 -
TOPIC - this payphone...
01/25/99 21:00:17 - MESSAGE #564

I got mad at this sprint payphone, not because it took my money, but because it wouldn't let me steal from it. Anyway, i beat the living shit out of it with the receiver, and then this disgruntled payphone repair man started beating the phone with a crowbar...and then my alarm went off and i had to get ready for skool. damn.
sometimes you just can't get any kinda luck...sometimes...or did i already say that...oh well, shit happens....sometimes

FROM - Fone Thug 210
TOPIC - Cocot
01/25/99 08:43:59 - MESSAGE #550

The cocot dialed the number fine, it used to be that i couldnt dial toll free on it but one call a minute of "blocking toll free numbers is illegal" for ten minutes annoyed them enough to fix that.Maybe the keypad on the phone is the at wrong frequency i dunno .

FROM - Rufus T. Firefly516
TOPIC - cocots & 800#s
01/25/99 04:47:39 - MESSAGE #545

Could just be that cocot wont do toll-free numbers any more. It's the same old deal - greedy company doesn't want you making a free call when someone else could be spending money. I've found some that give the "if you'd like to make a call" crap after you dial one, some that ask for a quarter, and one or two that just go dead. A friend of mine claimed to have found one that charged a quarter for a nine-one-one call, even. Funny ole' world.

FROM - Fone thug
TOPIC - intresting thing happened at the cocot today
01/24/99 19:40:09 - MESSAGE #521

i went to my favorite local cocot today and decided to make some free calls off of it i called my favorite toll free number waited and got a dialtone then when i started to dial the dialtone wouldnt break i blew in to the microphone it was transmitting sound so i decided to wait. it does like all of the phones here do when they are left off hook it rang once and then went in the annoying please hang up and dial again... so im wondering if theres some other layer of protection.

FROM - MEVIcksBuRg, mississippi
01/22/99 13:01:20 - MESSAGE #472

why did i even come here?

FROM - Rufus T. Firefly516
TOPIC - Security Hex bits..
01/22/99 05:26:58 - MESSAGE #467

Use a cred!t card (shudder) or axe for a catalog.

Or, if you stayed awake in shop class and/or are feeling daring, just take a drill-press to a regular hex. I could never quite manage this without killing the hardware and sending chunks of things flying in all directions, though. I'd just stick with the telco trucks, as stealing from bell is fun.

FROM - Optic0nthe land of OZ -
TOPIC - payphone security hex bits
01/22/99 04:10:31 - MESSAGE #465

well I am looking for some of those good old security hex bits, it seems that I happend to lose mine and now I can't "repair" my payphone. heh, if anyone know where I can get a set besides from a telco truck please help me out.

FROM - MMX Killa(914)
TOPIC - the payphone coin return level phenomenon
01/20/99 16:48:05 - MESSAGE #429

Well, in New City, NY, there is an A&P with two payphones next to each other. I was going to call my friend MatriX when all of a sudden... *Bzzzz*, so I figured, "Shit, payphone might be broken." So I hung up and listened for dialtone again, but alas, more buzzing, I dropped the handset and picked it up again, only to hear a clear dialtone. I found quickly that if you pulled the handset cord tight, you could get a dial tone, then let the cord get a small amount of slack, and the buzzing would come back. Hmm... So I tried dialing MatriX's number, while the phone was making the buzzing, and even with all of the interference, the call connected, so I straightened out the cord again, and talked to MatriX for three minutes, then I heard a click, then another click, then finally it clicked again and hung up. So I repeated this, and it connected, and I was in awe.

Now that I reflect on it, it was most likely that a frayed wire in the handset cable, and it was coming in contact with either the cable jacket or the armor cable inside, causing it to connect to ground. Oddly enough, after a while (a few months) of using it, I got bored with it, so I called up Bell Atlantic repair, and I told them about it, and I gave them my diagnosis, they said "Okay, we'll have a technician out there on Monday, probably later in the day." So I waited around all day... no technician... I called back the next day, new representative, same response, I waited, no technician. So now I just kind of said fuck it, and I just steal the shit out of it, maybe _THAT_ will get their attention. It's also handy-dandy for prank calls, since I don't even have to pay my hard earned blood money to harass someone. I've also really annoyed people that need to use the phone by yanking on the handset cable while they're on the phone, then they don't know how to make the buzzing go away, so they look at me, hang up, and say "dickhead" or something to that effect.

Ha. Stupid american pigs.

PLA914 - Tell your friends!
FROM - Capitanargentina
TOPIC - philips isis
01/20/99 01:40:54 - MESSAGE #400

I need all information of PHILIPS ISIS CELLULAR PHONE
program codes hack tricks and all .
sorry for my english

F. Valladares

FROM - OpZ919 NC -
TOPIC - sprint remotes
01/18/99 12:22:33 - MESSAGE #344

at skool the other day some contracted payphone man came and took apart all three sprint payphones and put in some remote thing that lets them know when something is wrong with the phone/its full of money, and the phenomenon of pushing the lever down and waiting for a dial tone didn't work on the payphone any more...i believe Black Axe had a similar question, but does anyone have a good reason why that occurence no longer happens?

FROM - MetroHammer
01/16/99 20:13:22 - MESSAGE #309

That was not me.

FROM - play....
01/16/99 15:40:40 - MESSAGE #300

Why am i a liar.

FROM - nutsackattackneb
TOPIC - liar
01/16/99 15:33:35 - MESSAGE #299

dude, theres noway possible your telling the truth. your a liar.

TOPIC - Crystal/tips
01/16/99 14:51:50 - MESSAGE #298

Im about to make my first box.I called up radio shack and they dont have the crystal i need.So if any one knows a number i can call to order one it would be very helpful.Any tips for me????

Sorry for posting this twice i couldnt see the other one.

FROM - PLA....
TOPIC - Crystal/tips
01/16/99 14:49:29 - MESSAGE #297

Im about to make my first box.I called up radio shack and they dont have the crystal i need.So if any one knows a number i can call to order one it would be very helpful.Any tips for me????

FROM - MetroHammer
01/16/99 02:03:44 - MESSAGE #290

I was bored so I picked a name off the board and did some research. You don't know me and no I won't e-mail you. I'm anti-social like that.

FROM - NutSackAttackOmahell, Nebraska
TOPIC - MetroHammer
01/15/99 16:50:47 - MESSAGE #276

Dude well if you know who I am Or at least know who I know Tell me who you are Or who you know -e-mail me though this is not a chat room. aand this has hella nothing to do with payfones. nutsack

FRee anal sex
FROM - MetroHammer
01/14/99 23:28:29 - MESSAGE #254

No.. no I don't

FROM - MetroHammer
TOPIC - ????
01/14/99 17:41:34 - MESSAGE #245

What??? you must have the wrong nutsack/

FROM - MetroHammer
01/13/99 17:43:43 - MESSAGE #226

Hey NutSackAttack... tell TC I said hi!

FROM - NutSackAttackNebraska
TOPIC - USwest
01/13/99 16:01:10 - MESSAGE #221

basically all the fones in my town don't accept incoming fone calls. does anyone know if there is a way i can change that or a way i can take advantage of that?

FROM - f|ShFoOdCanada,ON
TOPIC - new payphones
01/12/99 11:48:23 - MESSAGE #188

i moved into a pretty new location about three years ago and since i live in canada there are tons of those millenium phones and maybe one or two of those centurion phones...anyways...a new plaza is opening up a minute away from my house and im praying that theyll install one of the old i called the people incharge of the construction site and asked them which one they were going to install...the guy had no clue and thought i was a guy calling from bell canada (couldnt think of thing right now as being a bell guy so i dropped the idea)....i told him i was from a residence and that a friend of mine and a lot of others like the old phones...and he goes....mmm..why?..and i told him because they werent all flashy and colorful and so the old ones were less confusing..and he thought about it and then said "Oh yeah?!" in a amazed voice...and he kinda believes me...he said he is going to check it out and thanked me for my input..anyways.enough of me blabbing..i wanted to know if there was anything i could do...i called up bell and they said they couldnt do anything.....any help would be greatly appreciated..thanks....pls answer to my e-mail.....

FROM - Tofu626
TOPIC - Phantom phones
01/12/99 01:54:11 - MESSAGE #181

I posted a similar question awhile back in this forum. Scroll down a bit to check it out. Im sorry Im too lazy to copy/paste.

FROM - Black Axe732
TOPIC - payphones!
01/12/99 00:49:59 - MESSAGE #178

a similar phenomenon occured at my local mall... there was this one phone where you'd depress the lever, wait for the static to kick in, then dial and it was free. seems to work only for local calls..... maybe the call doesn't supervise (i.e. doesn't get billed?) either way, this can be reproduced. simply crack open the handset cable and ground one of the white wires (you'll get this to work half of the time because there are two white wires) then the static will kick in, at which point you make your call. bell actually must have came out and fixed that particular phone becasue it isn't "special" anymore.... anyone know the technical reasoning behind this?

FROM - OpZoxford nc -
TOPIC - wierd ass phone
01/10/99 19:44:09 - MESSAGE #152

theres this payphone at my highskool that lets you get free local calls if you push the lever down and wait for it to click III times (dammit, i hate how you can't post numbers), then just dial out? anyone know why that is? i mean, i know how to do some stuff, but i don't always understand some of the technical parts...pretty new into the phreaking, if someone could answer this, i'd appreciate it. just out to understand some of that shit i don't understand. thanx

TOPIC - payphone numbers
DATE - 01/01/99 05:00:45
FROM - TiME saturn

Site has a lot of pay phone numbers for each area code. Very good resource. (Sorry if this posted twice!)
TOPIC - pay phone directory
DATE - 01/01/99 04:59:11
FROM - TiME jupiter

This site is pretty cool. It has a lot of pay phone numbers for every area code.

Directory of Pay Phone Numbers
DATE - 12/30/98 15:18:32

the funny thing is that we werent even trying to break the glass, we were just trying to get the mouthpiece cover loose so we could take the mic. hehe.

TOPIC - Glass Removal
DATE - 12/30/98 08:27:26
FROM - sulcata99 330 -

The easiest way I've found to get glass out of a booth is with a M-80,1/2 cup of black powder wrapt in masking tape works wonders too.Sometimes you can even make a proffit for this service.The only bitch is listening for the cops with that ringing in your ears!

TOPIC - Payphones Duh
DATE - 12/29/98 13:13:09
FROM - Fone Thug

i like the metal surrondings because when you hit them with the handst they mak a loud BBBBOOOONNNGGG sound. Great for making someone on the other end deaf.

TOPIC - Payphones Duh
DATE - 12/29/98 13:13:03
FROM - Fone Thug

i like the metal surrondings because when you hit them with the handst they mak a loud BBBBOOOONNNGGG sound. Great for making someone on the other end deaf.

DATE - 12/29/98 00:12:06

I Ønce shit Øn a pay phØne - if that's relavent!

DATE - 12/28/98 22:12:25

anyone ever hit the window on the side of a payphone with the handset ??
its pretty hilarious acually :)
My friend got his money stolen from the payphone so he got pissed and wanted to unscrew the mouthpiece of the handset but it wouldnt budge, so i tried to and i guess we are too weak or somethin cuz we couldnt pop that one off, so my friend hit the handset on the window on the side of the booth and nothing happened but i said "dude, your gonna break that" and he was like "no its not... its plexyglass " and decides to hit it again... then suddenly .... "BOOM !" and all this glass goes flying all over the fuckin place.. we just couldnt stop laughing when that happened, it surprized us all. I know nobody cares bout this, but i just felt like saying it.

TOPIC - Toothpick Incident
DATE - 12/28/98 02:10:40
FROM - Modular Jester Somewhere, I dunno really

Well, I was in old NYNEX territory on a trip and I was at a restaraunt, so I decided to play wioth the fone there. I grabbed my toothpick and probed around in the coin slot for a bit. I hit something, then I heard a click, and a ringing or dial tone, whatever. Then, it sounded like something picked up, then it went dead for a second. Weird huh? If somebody could help, plz post a reply. Thnx.

TOPIC - Payfones and Poop
DATE - 12/21/98 17:41:36

When a fone's set up to not take incoming callz, I think that's it, there sure isn't any way to call from outside and change it!! Your only hope is to get inside and reprogram the fone, or social engineer someone to do it for you, such as, call one of their other #'s and say you're from a utility and this fone has to be able to get incoming callz for in case of an emergency or something like that.

As for pooping on a payfone hey, trailer-trash can poop on anything, you see, hicks learn to poop off of the back of a moving rusty ol' pickup truck and poop in an ol' wooden outhouse, so I don't see where sitting on the little shelf of a payfone or on top with your ass bare in the wind would challenge your average hick at all! Let this be a lesson to you all, you might not want to use the payfones in Bumfuct, East TX, just take along the cellayer, K?

TOPIC - incoming calls
DATE - 12/20/98 14:17:10
FROM - jimmypop 614

theres a phone at a business that doesnt accept incoming calls anymore. I want to know if theres any way to change this. The owner will go for it I just dont know who to call.
it was really fun to answer i miss it

TOPIC - hmmm
DATE - 12/19/98 04:02:31

Well, if this is nØw gØing tØ be "Disgusting payphØne stØries" instead Øf just "pay phØnes", I Øne time pissed Øn a payphØne...

DATE - 12/18/98 23:34:25
FROM - headflux

One time I pooped all over a payfone, it kicked ASS!!

TOPIC - Getting PayPhone
DATE - 12/14/98 02:39:25
FROM - jaymz

Say you are interested in getting a payphone placed somewhere in your area:
Is there a way you can social engineer your telco into coming in and placing a bell
payphone there for ya?


TOPIC - Payphones
DATE - 12/09/98 20:45:22

I was walking downtown today and there was a brand shiny new payphone over by one of those do-it-yourself carwashes. But there was a TNI, like the kind you beige box off of, on the very back and completely and easily accesible. We couldn't redbox it so it appeared to be a cocot, but it was installed by some national telephone company that I can't remember the name of.

TOPIC - Payphones (duh)
DATE - 11/17/98 11:53:43
FROM - Random APB of UHCA

Informagnet, not all payfones are 'fortresses'. I'm not sure what model you may be talking about, but most payfones are fuckin' junk. I must have stolen at least 4 or 5 payfones before. Most of them were easy ass shit to rip off. One of them was a bitch because of the location, but hey...

UHC Central Processing
TOPIC - Payfones - what a surprising topic!!!!
DATE - 11/16/98 02:21:57

OK, they're putting in new payfones at the Circle-K across the street, and I've gotten to watch some of the assembly, and all I can say is that those things ARE fortresses!!

There's an AC socket in the base, but once the fone's assembled you'd have to use and axe to get at it. The pin method might be an interesting way to get calls, though, just use a little batt-powered Dremel type tool to drill a hole in the metal casing on the cord or in a nondescript place in the handset and then easily "pin" calls......

TOPIC - *new* payphones
DATE - 11/13/98 22:32:40
FROM - Bishop of hell hell

recently while at the hardees where i go to eat my monster burger i noticed somethin when i was about ready to box a call. They recently put in one of those *new* payphones it was a bell. these ones are very distinctive the outside of them is sorta like almost a hard black plastic on the outside but with metal directly under it. On this phone instead of boxing a call i wanted to see more and try some shit out and noticed that when u put money in u will not hear the tones..[duh] but then u will hear them dial it right after . so then i tried boxing a call after i put the money in and said it needed more but this did not work. so then i tried the paper clip method of gettin local calls..this kind of worked took me 3 tries. just thought id tell ya all this i will keep updates if i find anything new.
so stay tuned :)

TOPIC - Reply to Tofu's question
DATE - 11/13/98 19:30:34
FROM - Tofu 914 NPA

Hey Tofu, my first question is under what RBOC is this happening? Next, does that phone accept incoming calls? Finally, is it a COCOT or a bell phone?

If you are in Bell Atlantic (or old NYNEX) territory, you are at a bell phone, and the phone does not accept incoming calls (or even if it does), one possible explanation of this is that the phone you are using is trying to hang up (by using it's capacitor discharge 4 second timer), but your CO is trying to hold the call open for use of a custom calling feature. Since the phone doesn't have any custom calling features, it's not supplying you with a stutter dial tone (for three way calling, et al). The CO recognizes the on-hook conditions, and sends the grounded pulse to dump the coin bin. You get your coin back, and the CO is waiting for you to start your (non-existent) custom calling feature.

For all you know, the local assignment office may have fucked up and put three way calling on that line, and since everyone knows that you can't use three way while the other phone is ringing, it just holds the call.

To test out if your CO is giving everyone pay per use three way (in BA/NYNEX area _only_), try to hang up on a disconnected number by hitting "flash". If it's holding your call, congratulations, your local COT got off his lazy ass and updated the configuration files for the switch.

Try clicking the switch hook of the phone after the called party answers. Tell me what happens.

PLA914 -
TOPIC - ani'ing those COCOT bitches....
DATE - 11/12/98 22:40:02

yeah, I'll try it out - lots of times you can get thier little modems that way.....

DATE - 11/11/98 00:34:31
FROM - hmmm....

the last time I tried (last month, October 98) the ANI number of 800-487-9240 worked from a COCOT... maybe things have changed.

Let me know if it works for you.

TOPIC - Juan Valdez and his red box....
DATE - 11/10/98 16:06:33

I don't know for sure, Highlander, speaking as an American who's never been there but read a little on fone sys's, I'd say that there's actually a chance that the old-fashioned 2600 Hz blue box might work on your phones. In the USA, our military actually uses older tech in a lot of places, and other countries have often "inherited" our older technology too. Of course, what often also happens is developing countries sometime have newly acquired universal phone service, and have the latest digital highly secure stuff! If you're on the Net, why not try doing an AltaVista search on Colombian Payphones or something? I've found all kinds of info by doing this, finding info that the owners of the fones don't even know. Good luck!

TOPIC - International
DATE - 11/10/98 14:54:16
FROM - Highlander Colombia - No domain available

Hey, Does anyone know if redboxing will work in Colombian pay phones?

TOPIC - Fucking cocots
DATE - 11/09/98 21:05:47
FROM - Fone Thug who cares ?!?!?!

~INFORMAGNET~ what number are you using to ANI the cocots I have a cocot that makes you pay for 800 (and i want to ANI it) calls so I go by and call repair service over and over again saying making you pay for "800 calls is illegal" hehe it is fun

TOPIC - Blah.
DATE - 11/09/98 14:55:08
FROM - Cheer|eaderKi||er The darker realms of Hell

Does anyone phreak in the 407 area c0de? e-mail me!

DATE - 11/08/98 21:14:00

There are COCOTS all over this town, and they react very pissily to being ANI'd. They basically say Fuck You in a number of different COCOT ways, from giving you back a beeping dialtone to asking for $1 then saying that # can't be dialed. Does anyone know how to find the # to a COCOT ( to reprogram them through their little modems, hehe )? I have it in for the little bastards.......

DATE - 11/07/98 13:38:04
FROM - WunderKind 410

Maybe you could use a Radio Shak tone dialer to dial the numbers.

TOPIC - help!
DATE - 11/07/98 01:00:29
FROM - buyer santaclaracounty - No domain available

outside of my apartment there is a phone that allows you to call directly to any apt. inthe complex by pressing the apt #, but it won't let you dial more than two numbers. It has a lock on it that looks like the lock on payphones. Does anybody know how to pick these kinds of locks, or if there is any way i could phreak from this fone

TOPIC - Nice Set Up
DATE - 11/05/98 23:11:58
FROM - CerProgger Mississippi...

I think i will use this on my site....thanks for the free soft ware.

TOPIC - phree fone thing
DATE - 11/04/98 23:34:34
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

Ok, well, I guess I could go bus jockey my sorry ass down to the phone tomorrow and play with it awhile. Who knows, maybe I'll find out something usefull and post it here. Well, not like ANYONE ever posts anything anymore. Okay, maybe people other than me have lives, so, yeah...okay.

Bet you have had enough of me already...

TOPIC - I heard that Tofu!
DATE - 11/04/98 21:26:17

OK, I've never heard of that b4, but I found out this wierd Pizzafone I can dial into has an interface for PAD (Packer Assembler/Disassembler) commands, I found some stuff on the Net from Silicon Graphics about it (wow) and I want to find out how to dial out like from a VMB and how to explore whatever network is on this, and basically dick with 'em - it's the only bookstore I've been in where the people are so dumbass they probably don't read!

All I can say is, if you find a COCOT-type fone or a COCOT, heck, anything that's aftermarket and looks programmable, ANI that bitch and then dial in with a modem and see if you get into it. It's so mysterious and frustrating what h/p person can resist?

TOPIC - My question..
DATE - 11/03/98 23:50:58
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

Look down about 3 posts, anyone have any idea what Im talking about? Anything like it happen to you before? Any ideas what I could do with it, etc??? Man Im bored and no one posts here anymore...well, except for Informagnet maybe..

TOPIC - cocots
DATE - 11/02/98 22:50:21
FROM - reallystupidass az

I need to know how to phreak form cocots! I tried the 800# and i could not get it to work!


DATE - 11/02/98 22:10:26
FROM - Tofu 626

Dammit! Some dde beat me to it, it wasnt there a second ago! Ah poop!

TOPIC - Quick question
DATE - 11/02/98 22:07:17
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available


Now that I have that done with, let me get with the post:

I was out in my usual hangout (big ass 2-story Target) and well, I needed to make a phone call. Being stupid and not using the phones inside Target, I walked across the street to use the payphone. Anyways, I pop in the change (yes, change..) and I dial up my friend. Well, hes not home so I hang up to get my change back. Well, I push down on the hanger thing momentarily, hear change fall out, let go of ringer, then Im about to put my change back in to make another call when, whats this? Its still ringing! Now, this confused me, so I decided it was just fucked up. Well, to confirm my suspicions, I try it again, to myother friend (I actually have more than 1!) Well, I put in change, let it ring, hang up, let change fall, listen again, but this time my friend answers! Yay! Well, free call, didnt have to use anything, it was cool, and thats todays short story. Oh, anyone know why it did this by chance?


TOPIC - whafuck?
DATE - 11/02/98 20:48:55
FROM - shinynewredbox seattle-206

has anyone redboxed in seattle or the 206-425 area? just wondering what the local telco has up it's sleeve. anyone git harrased by telco kops? I just built my 1st redbox:) rat shack was fucked so I ordered from mouser electronics and they were kool. I did't have any trouble with the tone dialer as the new crystal was the same size as the old one.........

fuk the telco
fuk the telco
fuk the telco
fuk the telco
fuk the telco
fuk the telco

TOPIC - Clear Box
DATE - 10/26/98 00:21:08
FROM - antibox

Does anyone out there use a clear box? It's for post pay phones. I tried to make one today and when I tried it out of course it didn't work. I made it out of a radio shack "telephone amplifier" I took the speaker and mic thing off and connected two mic jacks. then plugged a mic into one and the radio shack telephone suction cup pick-up thing into the other.

I live in a small hick town with only post-payfones and 2 cocots. so it would really help if someone knows if a clear box still works. The site below has a text file on the clear box.

Active Matrix's Phreaking Page

TOPIC - Houston Phreakers
DATE - 10/25/98 23:45:11
FROM - NeonHigh Houston, Texas 281 - No domain available

Are there any Hackers/Phreakers in the 281 area?


TOPIC - Please deposit 35 cents.
DATE - 10/25/98 19:09:54
FROM - PulseLogic PLAMM - No domain available

You know what's really cool, my buddy Cain and I steal the cards that have the list of bell numbers from payphones. They are really easy to get, too. If anyone wants to find out how, E-mail me.


TOPIC - pay phone
DATE - 10/24/98 11:08:02
FROM - Fone thug i dont know

it sounds to me like it is a COCOT because most of the ones in my area block the keypad after dialing

TOPIC - New payphones
DATE - 10/22/98 02:06:17
FROM - Tracker 503 Portland, OR - No domain available

OK, this was wierd. At the local Waremart (bulk food store, open 24/7) they just installed two new standard (non LED screen) payphones. Anyways, I snuck up to one and called a payphone in Corvallis, OR (541) and tried boxing the $1.20 in. The phone re-muted after I dialed the 11 numbers. Anyone seen these?

TOPIC - pulse dialing
DATE - 10/21/98 00:21:52
FROM - hmmm....

If anybody saw the movie "Hackers", that's what the kid (Phantom Phreak) did in jail. He just clicked the receiver 10 times, and got the's an O-L-D trick.

TOPIC - Last Post
DATE - 10/16/98 01:07:26
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

Wow, sorry about that last post, that was me...hee hee..Im sorry, I was kinda intoxicated and phucked that up good. Anyways, wasnt from IR8, was from me...whoopsie


DATE - 10/15/98 19:57:37
FROM - IR8 626 - No domain available

Wait, you talking about hanging it up real fast a bunch of times? Yeah, that works on all phones. Ahhh...back in the day of pulse dialing...Anyways, theres not too much to know about it except if you do it once, you dialed a one, click twice, its a two, and so on..not too hard..anyways, Im stupid, so is the world. I'll shut up now.

"Im a hacker cause OCI says so..."


TOPIC - Reciever Dialing
DATE - 10/15/98 13:16:06
FROM - IR8 South Bend

I was standing next to my friend while he was making a call to his parents. Just messing around I picked up the phone next to him and started pushin the reciever like it was a Morris code box and it started to dial I figured it was just a mess up so I did it again and got the same result. This brings me to my question. Does anyone know how to dial #'s using the reciever on a pay phone or regular phone?

TOPIC - Millinium Phones (again)
DATE - 10/15/98 01:37:08
FROM - Tofu 626/213 - No domain available

Anyways, I noticed no one posts here anymore...that sucks. Oh well, on to my question...Does anyone have extensive knowlege on the new millinium phones. Nortels site sucks and offers no information I couldnt have already told you by just looking at the phone. I once ran across a file a month or so back that had some detailed info on the millinium phones, but I never saved it or anything. Well, thats all, I know Im not the first to post about this, but what the hell, I DONT CARE!

"I'm a hackr cause OCI says so..."

TOPIC - Diverters
DATE - 10/08/98 08:11:25
FROM - Mystik Tennessee - No domain available

Is there anyone out there anywhere that has any 800 number diverters that actually work? Becuase i am in desperite need of some, because I can't find them anywhere. If you have any of them please E-MAIL ME, please thank you.


TOPIC - Payphones calling payphones
DATE - 10/07/98 02:29:42
FROM - Tracker 503 Portland OR - No domain available

This is wierd. I was phucking around with a friend's redbox (Mines in for some re-vamping, tee hee hee, the ultimate red box!) OK, so anyways, I op assist a call to another pay phone and as soon as I finish telling her the number she says to hold and connectes me with her supervisor who tells me how I'll go to hell for phreaking. I ask him what the problem with calling a friend's house, he tells me that I'm calling a pay phone, I repeat the number, changing the last digit. He appoligies and connects me with no deposit. My conclusion: Oregon GTE employes are paranoid & stupid. (But well equipped)

TOPIC - Airfones
DATE - 10/06/98 22:27:41
FROM - In Phase

Here is what happened when using the Airfone on United Airlines.
I used the "Airfone" on the plane to call a 1-800 ANI number
(after first using my AT&T calling card) and got these results:

Flying Denver to San Francisco: 303-446-9458
Flying San Francisco to Hong Kong: 707-441-1178
(the instructions said the calls only work while the plane is within 30 miles or so of the coast, so I had to call quick before the plane got too far out!)

Back on the ground, in my hotel, I tried calling the ANI number again, this time
FIRST calling AT&T's "USADirect" number and entering my calling card #.

from Penang, Malaysia: 203-782-9327
from Singapore: (same as above)

On another trip-
From the Heathrow Airport, London: 904-440-0011

Somewhere here I have a list of the "USA Direct" numbers. These are numbers that are usually toll-free from the country you are in, and connect to the U.S, so you can use an English speaking automated system, or an English speaking operator to connect your call TO the US from the country where you are.

TOPIC - Airfone
DATE - 10/06/98 21:53:54
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

In Phase, that would be helpful too, thanks. Also, while I was standing at some bus station up north bored outta my mind, I decided to dail a few random 800 numbers and one of them when I called was like "Transfering to aircraft" of some shit, then it just kept ringing. Anyhow..those numbers would help.


Would you stop clicking here already...

TOPIC - Airfones
DATE - 10/06/98 18:00:27
FROM - In Phase

A few years ago I was on a business trip. The company I worked for provided an AT&T calling card, so I could both call back to work to talk to my boss or whoever, and also to make calls to home (your wife, girlfriend, whatever).

So, while on the plane, I used the Airphone to dial a 1-800 ANI number, and got the port number the Airphone links to on the ground!

I might post those if anybody wants them.

TOPIC - GTE Airfone
DATE - 10/05/98 20:44:43
FROM - Tofu 626

Well, I was just wondering if anyone had any info on those GTE Airphones that most planes are using now. I'm usually traveling, not for business but for pleasure and wouldn't mind screwing around with those things. ALl I can tell so far is they are WAY too expensive, even 888 or 800 numbers cost like $2.50 a minute or whatever. The only trick I've learned so far is that since you have to place the phone back in its holster to reset the Credit or Calling card info you set it at when swiping your card through, what you do is after the guy next to you hangs up the phone, before he can put it away, take it from him and say you need to make a call also. Since most people dont understand it has to be placed back into the holster area and not just turned off to reset, they'll just hand it to you. thats when you look like you are typing in fancy "Calling Verification(hehe)" numbers r just take out your credit card or other magnetic stripped card and swipe it through that baby upside down so the guy next to you thinks you're getting billed for all those 900 numbers or the call you make to your best friend in Zimbabwe..anyways, if anyones got more info on these lil' marvels of air commuter traffic, lemme know.

Oh and by the way, when traveling and the guy who walks ahead of you drops his irst class seat reciet, pick it up...its your proof you just payed for that privelege to sit there..bye bye Mr. Corporate Executive >=D have fun...

"Im a hacker cause OCI said so.."


How many times do I have to say it, dont click this pointless shit..

DATE - 10/04/98 20:47:14
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

you are all a bunch of phreaks.



--The Dark Cloud

TOPIC - Laptops & PCs
DATE - 10/04/98 20:08:44
FROM - GTH Technologies

For great prices on laptps and personal computers, visit our online store. Now featuring an interactive system configurator!!

GTH Technologies

TOPIC - Malinum Fones
DATE - 10/03/98 01:11:40
FROM - Casper Indy

I live in Indianapolis (Hick city) and they alredy got new malinum phones. grr... it really holds me back from not useing all this "Educational material" N-E- Ways to get to the point....Any one have any pages or info on the new phones thanx-

(Web Master of the Indianapolis
Phone Losers of America)

Please visit our site!!!

Indy PLA

TOPIC - payphone@school
DATE - 10/02/98 01:23:38
FROM - Simply Annoying LA/HP - No domain available

yo if anyone wnats to call up this payphone at my school here's the # (323)587-9924

TOPIC - Millennium Phones
DATE - 09/30/98 15:30:44
FROM - In Phase

WunderKind --

Click the link below to get info on the NorTel Millennium phones.

NorTel Millennium Info

TOPIC - millenium fones
DATE - 09/29/98 22:55:40
FROM - WunderKind 410 - No domain available

Where can I get info on the millenium pay fone?

TOPIC - stickers
DATE - 09/28/98 18:24:39
FROM - Byo Phreak the land of techno dreams

hey yesterday i found sompthing cool, i was fucking around with my local payphone and fount that the large blue sticker stuck to the top of the payphone that sayed "us-west communications" could be removed with quite a degree of ease. after claming the sticker my own i decided to bike to the next phone and take that sticker too as of now i have two happy blue payphone stickers in my locker at school and stuck on the wall of my room. =)

TOPIC - Blue Box Kid in trouble
DATE - 09/26/98 13:51:33
FROM - Simply Annoying LA/HP - No domain available

I got this letter from Blue Box Kid, seems like his ISP is blocking here's the letter

From: "Blue Box Kid"
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 23:26:59 PDT

P-Phreak, brother phreak, phriend, phellow American. I am writeing you
today in an urgent tone..... Tonight when i logged on, i found that
site, yes has been blocked by my ISP. This site doesnt
contain any pornogrophy of any sort. It is for the pure knowlege of
phun. I ask you to paste this message in every forum on the PLA site.
As President Kenedy said once, "Ask not what your country can do for
you, but what you can do for your country." I urge you, my phellow
bretheren, to dispose of any means of persuadement to change my ISP

Blue Box Kid
Idaho 208

TOPIC - phone log
DATE - 09/21/98 14:37:27
FROM - eric

Hi I'm looking for good board on phreaking , anyone to sugest

Hi alll I'v heard that phone compagnies are logging phone calls of thier costemers
all phone calls are log in the coster's file.
If someone know anything about that I'd like you to drop me an email

BTW: any phone phreaker boards:

TOPIC - 817
DATE - 09/19/98 15:48:40
FROM - Texan 817 - No domain available

if you are from 817 mail me

DATE - 09/17/98 12:34:37
FROM - Err418 QUEBEC - No domain available

Ok guys.. prank call the operators of DADISCO

1-800-288-2121 (press 0 for emergency line).

Btw, this is not an emergency line at all so fuck them and don't feel guilty. aahhhhh yah !


FUCKBELL.JPG ---> Fuckin' funny

TOPIC - PayPhone
DATE - 09/17/98 03:32:56
FROM - P-Phreak LA/HP - No domain available

So I was at school dialing random numbers when I cam across a payphone so I immediately wrote the # down If you guys want to call it up and see if there's a phellow phreak on the other side call it up:

TOPIC - guns
DATE - 09/15/98 16:10:38

OR, just use a shotgun, hehe

DATE - 09/14/98 23:09:40
FROM - WunderKind 410 - No domain available

Yeah, that's sounds right but don't forget. You need to weld a metal plate on the end. Not covering up the barrel and it needs to be big enough to stop all the schrapnel.

TOPIC - .50 and payphones
DATE - 09/14/98 22:43:25
FROM - LarvaBoy 909

About an earlier post about using high calibur rounds to blow off phones: Try a .50 handgun (IF you can find one :) ) I GUARENTEE that even if they use titanium in payphones, as .50 round will still blow it into a trillion itsy bitsey pices.
try it, and have phun.

TOPIC - assorted chaos
DATE - 09/14/98 22:20:47
FROM - WiZaRd Chicago Baby - No domain available

any phreakers, hackers, etc we got some meetings goin on if you are interested

I am bein prosecuted by my school as a hacker. I cannot touch their computers. I am suspended for a long ass time, an i am pissed as hell. Yes i did, but who cares. 1-847-446-7000 piss off the operators, ask for the superintendant

Tha peeps

TOPIC - 618
DATE - 09/14/98 12:28:04
FROM - VampYre Illinois.... - No domain available

If u r a phreak orjust a evil doer who loves phucking with people in the ILL 618 area, msg

TOPIC - Call my school.
DATE - 09/13/98 21:54:31
FROM - skcusloa

1918 7569723
this is the pay phone call it around 12:00 to 3:00 P.M.

TOPIC - 918
DATE - 09/11/98 20:18:37
FROM - skcusloa Ok - No domain available

E-mail me people in 619.

TOPIC - phreaks in atlanta
DATE - 09/10/98 22:17:48
FROM - Guito Paupoli The Association - No domain available

Are there any phreaks out there from 404/770/678 area code? If so email me.

Quite possibly the stupidest page on the web

TOPIC - Fone Fun
DATE - 09/09/98 22:20:16
FROM - Fone Thug umm

i know Fone Fun personally and no he doesnt call 800#'s from his house.

TOPIC - 909, 714, 949
DATE - 09/09/98 13:44:36
FROM - Western Bacon Cheeseburger 909 - No domain available

I am looking for phreaks in the 909, 714, or 949. E-mail me.

TOPIC - Fone Fun????
DATE - 09/09/98 12:55:06
FROM - The Phrightener H3ll - No domain available

Wow, I'm sure glad there are great phreaks out there like "Fone Fun"!
Forget boxing and cc fraud kiddies...just prank call phree 800 numbers!!!

You know, you'd be alot more smarter if you did your homewerk and stopped
prank calling toll phree numbers...I'm also sure that you call these "phree"
numbers phrom your house too.

Come here to get a phull list of 800's numbers to prank call

TOPIC - Calls
DATE - 09/05/98 13:47:53
FROM - Fone Fun by the bridging head over - No domain available

You are allways to prank call 1-800 numbers. if you dont know any try dialing something. and allways make the operator of the number go nuts. have fune fone phreakers

DATE - 09/04/98 22:21:42


TOPIC - 1800 #'s
DATE - 09/03/98 22:19:34
FROM - Fone Fun the planet earth - No domain available

hey a number to dial is1-800-555-5656 and piss them off. and also 1-800-522-0099, and 1-800-366-2032 and find what they dispatch. also dial through operator so they dont have your location if you want to! have fun

TOPIC - Skool pay fone
DATE - 09/03/98 18:40:50
FROM - DGuY 618 4 LIFE, MUH-FUCKER - No domain available

Call up the pay phone at my gay school at 465-9551. Call at 10 after the hour between 8 AM and 3 PM.



DATE - 09/03/98 00:04:55
FROM - WunderKind

Nevermind I'm just a paranoid dumb person. It's still there !

TOPIC - what happened?
DATE - 09/03/98 00:04:02
FROM - WunderKind

Either somethings wrong w/ my computer or my last post just dissapeared off the face of the earth

TOPIC - using a gun.
DATE - 09/02/98 23:52:06
FROM - WunderKind 410 MD - No domain available

My friend's dad used to work for bell and he likes to tell stories about it now that he's retired. Any way, he said that there was this guy who used a pistol that shot high caliber bullets to shoot out the locks in payphones. He welded a peice of metal to the end of the gun barrel to protect him from shrapnel. Then he punched a hole in the end for a bullet to pass through. He would shoot out the lock then use some tool to open the fone. I don't know what kind of tool but it wasn't specially made or n-e thing. Before you go out and do this yourself you should know that he was caught when the gun slipped because he wasn't holding it tight against the fone and the shrapnel hit him. They found him bleeding to death from the leg but they got him to the hospital in time to save him. Oh, and he did go to jail.

TOPIC - using a gun
DATE - 09/02/98 23:44:51
FROM - WunderKind 410, MD - No domain available

A friend of mine's dad worked for Bell a while back and now he likes to tell stories about it. He said that this guy was ripping off payphones in a way I've never heard. He took a pistol that could shoot large caliber bullets and welded a large peice of metal to the end.\ It was probably 10 in.x10 in. Then he punched a hole in the end so the bullet could get out. Any way he would shoot out the lock and then he just used a tool to open it. I don't know what the tool was but it wasn't specially made or n-e thing. But you have to hold all your weight against the gun so there's no shrapnel. That's what the metals for. Oh, and before you go and try this you should know that he was caught when the gun slipped and the shrapnel flew out when he fired. They found him bleeding to death in a phone booth. But as far as I know he didn't die.

TOPIC - Trading
DATE - 09/02/98 23:15:57
FROM - NetX Deep Space

Anyone else like trading the instruction cards off of payphones?

TOPIC - Cocots
DATE - 09/01/98 23:38:31
FROM - FoneThug by the cocot over there

i all ready know the number of the cocot but i want to dial into it and it needs an Id number and i need a way to get that ill probally have to SE the idiots who own the phone into giving it to me. On anothr note 1-800-487-9240 is a good number to use. Not only does it give you the phone number but it also tells you what kind of line the phone is using. It is the 2-digit code it says before giving you the area code. a guide to figuring out the codes is in 2600 volume 15 number one.

DATE - 09/01/98 21:50:38
FROM - _

Dark~Spirit: That 1-800-MY-ANI-IS has been non-accessable for a LONG time....try this number instead: 800-487-9240....its a service owned by MCI.

phone thug: try the above, or on some COCOTs made by ProTel, you can dial *#61 to make the phone say its number to you.

TOPIC - school payphones
DATE - 09/01/98 21:38:19

Dude, i went to my school payphones and dialed 1-800-my-ani-is and i got a "carrier" tone, do all these do it ?? i thought that it was supposed to tell you your ani, am i wrong ?? please e-mail or post the answer.

TOPIC - Cocots
DATE - 09/01/98 21:24:55
FROM - Fone Thug Ummmm ????

does anyone know how to get the id number for a CoCot i want to dial in but it wont let me

TOPIC - 714
DATE - 09/01/98 04:08:53
FROM - Libertine OC CA - No domain available

Hey any phreakers in the 714 area code? if so email me. I need loops I say!!! LOOPS!!!!

TOPIC - test
DATE - 08/30/98 18:16:48
FROM - testtest testing


TOPIC - any one from nevada?
DATE - 08/30/98 05:53:02
FROM - TRIBAL nevada - No domain available

Too bad I'm the only one (that i know of) that phreaks up here in northern nevada. If anyone else phreaks over here get ahold of me. I'll be posting the number of my favorite payfone sometime if anyone wants to red box into Gardnerville Nevada, shit this is a worthless town. I'll post my pager # when I get my crystal for my red box so i can call all of you (fuckin radio shack, 3 weeks waiting...still no crystal)


TOPIC - Cocot
DATE - 08/28/98 20:53:21
FROM - Fone Thug Beats me ?

I went over to the box today and thay had put a lock on it hehe a master lock on a plastic box!

TOPIC - 808 Phreaks
DATE - 08/28/98 19:56:06
FROM - NorteNos Hawaii
- No domain available

I'm lookin for all Phreakerz and Hackerz in hawaii so far i only found twos guys out there.... So if you are in the 808 state E-mail me at NorteNos@HotMail.Com

P.L.A. Hawaii [808]

TOPIC - Taco Bell (is that a new phone company?)
DATE - 08/28/98 01:26:20
FROM - In Phase

I wonder if Taco Bell owns the COCOT, and not a regular COCOT company?

I was at a Hardees about 2 years ago (it's closed now), and the info panel on the phone said something to the effect that the phone was owned by the Hardees Corporation.....

TOPIC - payphones
DATE - 08/27/98 22:24:54

We have payphones in our school next to our door, do you think these are cocots ?? if so, we can call a 1 800 # and wait for them to hange up and we get a free phone call right ?? isnt that how it works, if not, please enlighten me, thx.

TOPIC - Cocots follow up
DATE - 08/27/98 21:05:54
FROM - Fone Thug Somewhere----^

so i was riding my bike again and i went over to the back of the building where the Cocot was i opened up the network interface box (Note:the box was right on top of another larger box i dont know why)and started calling 1-800-487-9240 to find out what kinds of line it was. Turns out that both were cocots. so i decided to hook up the lines to each other. After that i decidided to prank Todd @ 1-800-555-5656 so i called him up and stayed on the line he picked up an i stayed silent as he picked up and the other line kept ringing
Todd:Sekurity this is Todd
::someone else picks up::
Todd:Looks like the little guy is starting up again
Other guy:yep
Todd:he will stop when he gets a life
Other guy:Yep
Later im going to call up some ohther people in the prakning forum and call up sekurity
Im leaving out a whole bunch like me calling up my mother and shocking myself. Ill save it for later posts

DATE - 08/27/98 15:51:33
FROM - RonJeremy

hey i just logged on to the net it said i logged on at 115,000 bps im not fucken lieing either

DATE - 08/27/98 13:56:47
FROM - RonJeremy

Hey, Out of Curiosity I Called up (on The Phone) The Number My computer Dials To Connect With The Internet When i Heard The Carrier Signal I Blasted A 2600hz Tone Down The LiNE that i got from cphreek prog on the ney About a second later i got a dial tone overlapped with a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep what is it what did i do somone help me.

TOPIC - pay fone
DATE - 08/27/98 00:35:24
FROM - British

Anyone else run into payphones that do not say PAY FONE on the caller ID box? I've ran into 2 so far, and one even took incoming calls. It said TACO BELL when I called my place from it.

TOPIC - cocot handset
DATE - 08/26/98 21:29:32
FROM - Fone Thug There<----. NO! there---^

i i went by the phone again this time i took the instruction card from the top of the the phone and stuffed the instruction card up the coin slot(it was paper and it didnt give me any more money)

TOPIC - cocot handset
DATE - 08/26/98 21:26:59
FROM - Fone Thug There<----. NO! there---^

well i know that i was just doing it bacause i can. Follow Up:

TOPIC - payphone anatomy
DATE - 08/26/98 16:55:59

How do you think that happened to that cocot ??
one more question..... this is for RAY..................... Where did u get those payphone anatomy pictures ? did u just drive up to a payphone with your van and when nobody was looking, you chain the payphone to ur van and drive off with it dargging along the road and when u get out in the country where nobody is at you stop and put it in your van and when u get home, your take it apart and take pictures of it then scann it into your computer ????? HEHE, i have a good imagination. No, seriously, where did you get them ?

TOPIC - Handset?
DATE - 08/26/98 09:07:48
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Synidcate

Just don't expect that handset to pop off in your grip. Those suckers have a steel wire running from the handset, back into the payphone. Its that same kind of wire you chain up your bike with :) . If you ever plan on taking one of those handsets home with you, bring the boltcutters. For a view of that setup, see my payphone anatomy pictures.


Payphone Anatomy

DATE - 08/26/98 01:10:18
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

first your ripping off the COCOT phone, then you'll be ripping off coke machines..then candy machines, then finally ATM machines. hmm works for me.


TOPIC - can a canadian quikchange card be phreaked the same way as a quikchange card from france
DATE - 08/26/98 00:46:43
FROM - NeVrMoR Ontario, Canada - No domain available

I need to find out if a canadian bell quikchange card can be phreaked using the same method as the phreakers in france do it to their not exactly sure of their method but if u have any information on this please e-mail me

TOPIC - Ripping off cocots
DATE - 08/25/98 22:39:27
FROM - Fone Thug ^-----There

So erlier today i was riding my bike and pranking people and happened upon onre of my loacal Cocots.
I was pissed off that it was not redboxable so i called up the repair servace to bitch at them they wernt there so i came up with the idea of stuffing leaves down the coin slot.tho inly thing i had to stuff them down was my quarter.So i put that in an got it stuck so i pushed it farther down into the coin slot hoping it would come out. It didnt so i called up repair service (Again) to tell them i was going to rip the handf ser od their cheapo phone. so i started pulling and yanking at the handset after about the thirgd pull a nickel came out that didnt satisfy me so i kept yanking and my quarter came out i dacided to yank some more and another nickel came out i was satisfied so i went away with my 35 cents. im going back tommrow to see if i can get somemore money.

TOPIC - why you should bet a TON of sparklers on the 4th of july...
DATE - 08/25/98 20:20:12
FROM - DGuY alton(618 4 LIFE)
- No domain available

Why should i get a ton of sparklers, you ask yourself? I heard that sparklers have a high concentration of magnesium in them. What do you need to light thermite? MAGNESIUM! Just light up a sparkler and apply that to the thermite!

A tidbit of wisdom from DGuY

TOPIC - AZ phreaks
DATE - 08/25/98 14:28:04
FROM - acidflux mesa AZ - No domain available

Am I the only phreaker in the state of ARIZONA

if not contact me at

where are you guys

TOPIC - ¿phones¿
DATE - 08/25/98 12:43:25
FROM - x_scamp_x € - No domain available

hey...i'm looking for more 915 phreaks...cuz thers's only like 3 of¿

TOPIC - i dont need one
DATE - 08/22/98 23:06:21
FROM - jester_hahaha petal, mississippi - No domain available

this is a message going out to all of my phellow phreakers in the world. i'm still in high school and i've already built 15 boxes and use them on a regulr basis. i've geen arrested twise on phone laws. i never went to jail for the charges i just did some shit to the cops and they didn't do any ting to me. if you know of any good boxes that i might not know about just e mail me at:
i'm making a page of boxes

TOPIC - help me
DATE - 08/22/98 01:31:51
FROM - p#0n3p#r3Ak Indiana

ok pplz i am wondering if anybody is from the Lafayette, Indiana area...?
i need phreakers!!!! heeeeelllllppp mmeeeee...!

TOPIC - Pay Phonez
DATE - 08/16/98 15:51:41
FROM - \\`iZaRd Chicago -

Aight: I need some payphone #s that get the Lineman callback etc basically line tests..also is 963 or 957 the disconnecting number for payphones...Im goin on vacation to a shitty ass place...someone email it to me plz...much abliged I got some new pay phone stuff..........

BTW i like periods......

-Out...Da \\`iZ

Phree Porno

DATE - 08/15/98 15:16:09
FROM - MEXOPLYX CYBERSPACE - No domain available


TOPIC - Chipcard
DATE - 08/14/98 15:16:55
FROM - Jaf Argentina

Does anybody know where to get the code for a telephone chip card emulator with the motorola micro or pic??? Anything woukld help

TOPIC - acids
DATE - 08/13/98 01:30:20
FROM - CryoVile

All acids react with metals to produce hydrogen gas. Therefore the eat away at the metal, but it won't be very fast or effective unless you have alot in high concentration. Personally i prefere hydrochloric acid (HCL, in your high school lab) because for some reason school labs use it more often than sulfuric, even though HCL is the more powerful of the two.

DATE - 08/12/98 14:10:42

What exactly does sulfiric acid do ?

TOPIC - fortress screw
DATE - 08/11/98 22:08:39
FROM - Int 21H hell

What do the rest of you use to take off the screws in the plate of a payphone? Sulfuric acid or do you just pry the plate off?

TOPIC - International Calls
DATE - 08/10/98 00:55:36
FROM - VampYre Hellville

Can anyone tell me the best way to make some free international from IL to would help tonz...also any fone card number generators would help as well....thx...and RBCP talk to ya l8r...

AOL Sux shitty page...dont ask...

TOPIC - pay fones
DATE - 08/09/98 23:53:09
FROM - British

You can take some rinky-dink test for being an air conditioner techie, and be able to legally buy freon. Anyways, read my post in amazing stories. I was gonna contact rich the rebel about this payphone incident but he would of exploded in amazement, call Off the Hook about it, and then try to hit on me. so i'm not gonna

TOPIC - Freon
DATE - 08/09/98 23:34:03
FROM - tacobell someplace

Ripping off pay phones is wrong, but if you are going to do it I don't know if freon is the best way. First off its expensive, second off the only way you can buy it now in most place is with a HVAC liscence and you can only get so many cans a month. But if you are going to rip off a payphone you might as well rip off the cans of freon. (and it fucks up the enviroment if anyone cares, thats why its getting so hard to buy)

TOPIC - Anyone From Ky who can Hack?
DATE - 08/09/98 05:29:00
FROM - Mr. iLL Kentucky

Anyone from tha bigg
country state hacc besides me?
i need another hax0r ta help me
wit learning some more shyt and
maybe make a grewp up mail if you
are in tha bigg Country state..even
if your not still mail me if your willing
to give me a lil help in da field of Hacking

-Mr. iLL

TOPIC - thermite
DATE - 08/08/98 12:27:00
FROM - ahumaud moe


how to make thermite:
materials: rust ( shitty car)
alumium shavings
mix equal portions of both, and grind togather
(morter&pestal) until finlly grinded.

ignition: magnesium ribbon ( take it from science room
at the place they call SCHOOL).
simply place ribbon in thermite, ignite ribbon!
ignition: 9-volt battery with wires hooked up to model
rocket fuse. stick rocket fuse in thermite them connect wirers to battery ( will need gattor
clips to work.

TOPIC - Any phreaks from West Palm FL
DATE - 08/07/98 20:54:35

Any peeps from West Palm FL want to trade information or other email me

TOPIC - op codes
DATE - 08/03/98 23:37:54

I've recently been playing around with card serv on Nortel Millenium pay fones, and I was wondering if anyone has an idea on which op codes do what. it just takes whatever I give it (all three digit#'s) and sits there. I thought about SEing the telco, but I don't think it'd work...

DATE - 08/03/98 22:16:51
FROM - Shapht

Why'd da chitlin cross da road?

TOPIC - gov't #
DATE - 08/02/98 23:40:38
FROM - Unholy Solider satan's domain -

I got a schitt load of gov't f0ne #. email me if you want some.

TOPIC - MEXOPLYX's nut sack
DATE - 08/02/98 23:10:05
FROM - Stihl

Nutt should be spelled nut (NUT)
BTW it could also be called a scrotum (SCROTUM)

Notice that you would have to spell the version that's in parenthesis to match your broken Caps Lock key.

Stihl (STIHL)

Petty fights are cool.

TOPIC - Ripping PayPhones
DATE - 08/02/98 20:57:19
FROM - LarvaBoy Uranus

Ok, thermite would work on payphones, as would Freon...however, there has to be a slicker method. Anybody have any information on the type of locks payphones use? Perhaps.........a lock gun? picks?

TOPIC - in response to previous post
DATE - 08/02/98 14:22:00
FROM - B0b0

Isnt metzylplix that one little elf dude who kept bugging superman, and the only way to get rid of him was to have him say his name backwards? Wow, for being such a god of technology I am wondering why you type in all caps.

Meet b0b0, LORD of the caps lock key.

DATE - 08/01/98 15:15:03
FROM - MEXOPLYX CYBERSPACE - No domain available



DATE - 08/01/98 14:58:26



TOPIC - boxing
DATE - 07/31/98 00:57:12
FROM - ?2

Hmmm....those operators sure show up fast when something goes wrong, don't they?

A few years ago, my friend in Philly boxed a call to me. After being on the line for a while, that familiar voice asked for more money, and he inserted some virtual quarters, and the voice thanked him. The next time it asked for money, he was beeping in the money, but he slipped, and pulled his redbox away from the microphone on the phone, so the tones didn't fully register.. An operator appeared almost immediately, and my friend hung up, but I stayed on. The Op, said something like "Oh, I think your friend hung up!". and I said something like "Well, I guess he ran out of money, oh well".

And that was about it...the Op never said anything about fraudulent calls or threatening me with paying for it.

Maybe this should have gone in the Amazing Stories section.

TOPIC - boxing
DATE - 07/30/98 18:32:50
FROM - British

I don't see how any phone company has any right to punish somebody who received a call that was boxed or whatever. How is the person going to know if the call being made was legitimate or not? I'd like to see Johnny cochran slap it to the telco for a court case like that.

TOPIC - operators
DATE - 07/30/98 17:10:54
FROM - qwerty usa -

After boxing a 3 minute call and not continuing with the tones an ATT operator came on..I hung up but the person I called stayed on for at least 3 more secs and then hung up. The ATT op called the number called and said that some person had called them illegalyy and they would report their number to the authorities, Anyone else had this happen? Did paranoia set in? Should the number called be concerned? Ths person called me and I told them not to worry about. What do ya think .

TOPIC - Metoplyx God Of Technollgy
DATE - 07/28/98 07:05:33
FROM - FoneThug here -

It it called a caps lock key USE IT!!! we hae better things to do the try to decypher your"hacker"spelling

TOPIC - Forgive me oh GOD mexoplyx
DATE - 07/27/98 03:30:54
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

I have angered the gods. Oh my! Did you get that new specially designed keyboard for your hooves? I guess not since you are still typing in ALL CAPS. get a fucking life and/or a new keyboard. Hey, maybe your just too stupid to hit the button called "Caps Lock" and lower your caps.

TOPIC - Some of us don't rip off enough pay phones I guess
DATE - 07/27/98 03:27:25
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

I barely ever rip off payphones, and when i do I stick to Thermite. I have never tried Freeon, so hey how do I know what works better. I was just giving one of the many options of fucking over a payphone.

DATE - 07/26/98 22:27:16
FROM - Technomancer -

I may be fucking stupid but could somebody please explain to me exactly what ANI is and how it's useful.

for a good time click here

TOPIC - 2000 bug
DATE - 07/26/98 22:24:38
FROM - Guito Paupoli The Association -

Anyone have any idea how the 2000 bug will effect pay fones? I have a friend who works for GTE and he told me that they've already fixed the problem and so have most of the major companys but there's still the little fone companies.

TOPIC - thermite fuckerz
DATE - 07/26/98 05:09:01
FROM - cryovile nowhere

what the hell is this shit? I don't l;ike to call ppl lamerz, bu tcome on, stop treating thermite like its some huge fucking secret potion. Its fucking aluminum, and rust, for those that don't know, the iron oxide, oxidizes the aluminum so that it can burn REAL fucking hot. that simple.
And i must agree, that although it works on payphone, its probably not your best bet, unleess you know a reel secluded spot, and can get away quickly. try high schools at 3am during the summer break, there usually is noone there, and pay phones many times are coverd by overhangs and shit.

TOPIC - testing
DATE - 07/25/98 15:43:43
FROM - cisco panama - No domain available


DATE - 07/25/98 15:30:10
FROM - MEXOPLYX CYBERSPACE - No domain available


DATE - 07/25/98 15:29:25
FROM - MEXOPLYX CYBERSPACE - No domain available


DATE - 07/25/98 15:01:18
FROM - MEXOPLYX CYBERSPACE - No domain available


TOPIC - Nitrogen... rip the phone off the wall!
DATE - 07/25/98 12:35:12
FROM - Wolf303 Texas

Freeze the base of a phone, if it's not connected to a wall, tie it to a truck, and yank the thing out. Probably would work even without the nitrogen, if you have a good truck. Think about it, wouldn't it be neat to own a payphone? Reconnect the wires, make some modifications... charge your family for calls.

PLA of 972

TOPIC - Really?
DATE - 07/25/98 02:26:43
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

I have never tried freeon, so I can't compare. I always thought Thermite was the best. Go figure. Have you ever tried getting a hold of some liquid nitrogen? I suppose that would work even better.

TOPIC - thermite.. bah
DATE - 07/23/98 13:48:41
FROM - hobKnob 414

thermite is over rated..
it's good to burn through shit like car engine blocks...but it don't work sideways..
just makes instant molton iron and drops straigt down... best thing to use is Freon.. go to a junkyard.. and crimp off the ends of the freon tank in an old fridge or a/c unit... make sure their crimped/sealed good.. and hacksaw the fucker out..

go to the phone... and aim an end at the phone or whatever and uncrimp that end.. woosh.. lottsa cold..
lottsa frost.. hit it with a hammer.. and it busts like glass..

(btw.. as far as thermite.. try pressing it into bricks in a vise with copper trodes stickin out.. 30secs of juice from a 9v will set it off too.. and allot less conspicuous than blinding burning magnesium wicks.)

TOPIC - Refer to my thermite post
DATE - 07/22/98 02:22:44
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

Make some thermite and apply it to the brick wall, or emtal pole it is attached to. Of course you can find out how to make thermite on your own.

TOPIC - Uhh..
DATE - 07/21/98 03:08:56
FROM - Random APB -

First, I'll start off by saying MEXPLXYX or whoever the fuck is a dumbass.

Does anyone have any ideas or know any good techniques of stealing payfones? Let me know... Cause taking a drill to it in the middle of the night ain't such a hot idea.. But's that only thing I could think of... hehehe

The UHCA Hompage

TOPIC - test cards
DATE - 07/20/98 19:26:23
FROM - whogivesashit yourass

dose any one know if the millenium fones have a test card (a card used only by telco dudes) because i dialed a test number and it said "please insert card" please help thanx...

TOPIC - I think you need a new keyboard
DATE - 07/19/98 09:17:18
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

ISnt it hard typing up anything that has quality to it, with your caps lock key broken? You should get a new keyboard, but make sure this one can with stand the pounding from the hooves of an ass.

DATE - 07/18/98 16:35:35


TOPIC - uk phone system
DATE - 07/17/98 17:31:34
FROM - elspuddy engalnd -

hay there
any one got any info on how to get free phone call's from a uk phone box with out useing 0800 or any other info ??

TOPIC - Pay phone hell
DATE - 07/17/98 06:25:21
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

Have you ever heard of a chemical mixture called "Thermite?" It burns at about 2000 degrees celsius and can melt Carbide Steel, or melt 3 or 4 inches into concrete. If you place a dime sized portion of it on a phone, so it will melt the lock on the cash box but wont melt your coins (that would be fucking dumb) than you can ignite it with a magnesium ribbon or a magnesium lance. It HAS to be a magnesium based ignitor because Magnesium burns hot enough to ignite it. Wear gloves when doing this and make sure your foot is not under the phone, because the thermite will keep going if you use to much, and will melt through the phone and land on your foot. When it melts through the lock, open the box, pull out the coins, and run like fucking hell. The glow from this shit will make it impossible to do this to any pay phone that isn't in a secluded spot. I will not supply the directions to make this, unless someone out there shows interest in the process.

TOPIC - physical methods of theft
DATE - 07/16/98 17:43:35
FROM - Guito Paupoli Atlanta,GA -

Anyone out there know any *good* methods to physicaly get money out of pay f0nes? Drop me a line if you do.

TOPIC - pay phones
DATE - 07/14/98 01:09:23
FROM - In Phase

LarvaBoy -- Go to the web page listed below, and you will find thousands of pay phone numbers.

El Jefe's Payphone Directory

TOPIC - PayPhone Numbers
DATE - 07/13/98 23:52:05
FROM - LarvaBoy this dere and nowhere

Anybody know anybody interesting payphone numbers to call? I love messing with da people on the other end, so i prefer ones where i can usualy find somebody to answer. area code dosnt matter, for obvious reasons.

TOPIC - So what?
DATE - 07/12/98 15:15:47
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

So who's account is that and why should we want to use it? If I want to send mail from them , I will just talk directly to a SMTP server.


TOPIC - Yahoo Name and Password.
DATE - 07/11/98 22:49:24
FROM - skcusLOA

Figured it out by chat.

TOPIC - Bell Canada Calling Cards
DATE - 07/11/98 15:57:25
FROM - Insane Fuct Canada -

Since where i live all the phones are new, no red boxing can't be done. So i must find another way to my expensives calls. I can't find something about hacking bell calling cards, can someone help me?

TOPIC - How do you go to different Channels on ICQ?
DATE - 07/09/98 16:53:05
FROM - Dook Hackers Fantasyland

I've been wodering how you can go to different channels on ICQ. If you know, please post how to on the BBS thanx alot. Dook

TOPIC - Carding at a PayPhone
DATE - 07/09/98 08:10:50
FROM - Xenos AKA 1kResistor with his dog COCOTKiller NC -

This is the story of carding gone wrong. Well me and my chickens*** friend went up to the local Food Lion and used the pay-phone to call CCS (a skate company). To card some stuff. I got my order in and then my friend (who is 19) wouldn't come to the phone to say he was the owner of the card. Well anyway. I hung up but not before saying I would call back. And me and my chickens*** buddy started leaving. We got all the way across a big feild and sat down for a minute. It had been like 5, 10 minutes and 2 cop cars pull up trying to look k00. Just looking at the phone like it would do something. Well they eventually went in and got some doughnuts.

Xenos AKA 1kResistor and his dog COCOTKiller

Any NC Phreakers mail me

TOPIC - Telstra
DATE - 07/08/98 20:35:30
FROM - Aussie Australia

How can i Hack TeLStRA PhONeS

DATE - 07/08/98 00:18:52
FROM - .o0 Downtime 0o.

What are your ICQ numbers?

DATE - 07/07/98 22:27:17
FROM - Javi Bumsvill,??refer2hackmovi

I got icq.

DATE - 07/07/98 15:07:48
FROM - .o0 Downtime 0o.

Anyone in here have ICQ?

TOPIC - Calling Cards
DATE - 07/07/98 11:21:55
FROM - bLind Austin, TX

Can anyone tell me what number they generate in the MCI, or Bell or anything. Or How to Use the AT&T Calling Card Generater and how to get the Pin# Thanks -bLind

bLinds Page

TOPIC - PBX Hacking
DATE - 05/09/98 02:08:40
FROM - DownTime


Does anyone in here know how to hack a PBX?? If you have any guides or anything, Please let me know by posting on here that you do. Thanx alot!!


TOPIC - I have an ANI number for all of you wonderful peoples
DATE - 05/08/98 21:16:39
FROM - FLEB (Rudy F.) Owosso, MI

For anyone who cares, the local ANI (or ANI-like) number here in lovely Owosso is (517)723-9997
Please use it in moderation, so they don't shut doors.
It's LD, but don't go psycho!

1. Call 1-800-CALLATT
2. Don't listen to the annoying voice, it's AT&T WorldNet MindControl Waves.... Just trust me on this one.
3. Push 2 (to make a collect call)
4. Dial 517-723-9997
5. Wait...
6. There is NO step #6
7. You can hear the number over top of the operator-bot's whining, so write it down quick
8. If the phon'e you're on accepts incoming, it'll ring after you're done (probably)
9. You have the number. Stop reading.

Well, I hope you all people have fun with this one, and hey, maybe CompuServe Disk Harvester 2.0 will be out soon, if I get enough public demand.

(thanks to Greg C. and John F.)

DATE - 05/08/98 16:43:17
FROM - Raven -

Cryosis, Thanx for the info.

DATE - 05/08/98 00:40:50
FROM - Daxxy

U ICQ ppls should try NETPage at, its more of a PRIVATE messaging system..

TOPIC - All Phreaks
DATE - 05/07/98 19:47:34
FROM - DownTime

Are there any people that come to here that can do some Cellular Programming??

TOPIC - DownTime
DATE - 05/07/98 16:43:05
FROM - cryosis MN

Thanks for the comment on the page. it still needs work. are you asking if I know wtf I'm doing around wiring (I get shocked sometimes. ZAP) or what?

Palace Of Porn

TOPIC - Cryosis
DATE - 05/07/98 07:52:55
FROM - DownTime


I went to your site and it is pretty good. I got some of you Windblows Hacking Utilities. I likw those pretty good also your WarDialer. Do you do any kind of Wiring to the TIB ( TelePhone Interface Box )??


TOPIC - RedBoxChilli
DATE - 05/07/98 00:48:40
FROM - Phone Phantom Kanada

Hey Red Box Chilli Pepper, you still around?! Long time no talk.. Hrm You might remember myself, z0rk, panther.. etc. Hrmm I would like to invite you to call us up here in Canada.. h/p brd .. Npa - 416.503.8992 NUP: pl33ze Anyone else is more than welcome to call. You can also reach me at (800)759-5904 , look forward to hearing from ya.

DATE - 05/06/98 21:15:08
FROM - cryosis MN

Hey Raven, if the numbers not on the phone call 1800/487-9240. It gives you a whole buncha shit on the phone

Almost as cool as Jim's Page!

TOPIC - Boxing
DATE - 05/06/98 18:19:40
FROM - DownTime Anonymous

I'm interested in Boxing. I personally like the Aqua box, the Red Box, and the Beige Box. I have done alot of Boxing but I also like to mess with PayFones. Does anyone else?? Also are there any peeps that come to the place that know how to hack VMB or PBX?? If so please post something where I can e-mail you or contact you on ICQ. Thanx alot!!

TOPIC - Payphone's ANI
DATE - 05/06/98 16:34:19
FROM - Raven Pa -

How do you find the ANI of a payphone? I've heard that there is a phone number to dial up and it gives you the phone's number

TOPIC - Boxing and phone hacking
DATE - 05/06/98 15:43:04
FROM - Dr. Feelgood Wellsburg West Virginia

Hey everybody,I'm a real phone hacker and boxer! I just billed $50,000 to my neighbors phone in one week! Just wait until they get their phone bill! I want to hear from everybody who loves boxing as much as I do!

Everybody's boxing friend,

TOPIC - ICQ phreaker
DATE - 05/05/98 15:57:31
FROM - Dr.S N.E.

Hey, I'm a phreaker that's on ICQ< I'm in the N.E., I written.compiled a 150 page phreaking manual, and am willing to help people that aren't stupid. My number is 5248405.


TOPIC - Phreaks on ICQ
DATE - 05/04/98 19:31:42
FROM - DownTime Anonymous

I am writing this to find out are there any REAL Phreaks on ICQ?? If so, please post your numbers so other Phreaks can add you to their list and communicate to keep the flow of information alive!!

*KeEp Up ThE pHrEaKiNg*

TOPIC - Elcotel
DATE - 02/06/98 07:47:15
FROM - Cathode Ray PLA of OHIO (614)

Yeah, I don't know if you have noticed or not, but I have written a small article on Elcotel. They supposedly have a trial version of this software available (PayPhone Network Manager). But trying to get a hold of it is like pulling teeth. Also they changed their FTP login and password after I fucked with it and looted all their photos. Woops. I guess they do check their logs. I only wish their software had been in there. Anyhow, check out my page, and e-mail me if you find out anything. I will continue my SEing for the time being. Oh, and there is a new contest, check it out (on my page).


TOPIC - elcotel
DATE - 02/06/98 06:30:42
FROM - Gryfter California

while browsing through the elcotel page, pecifically I noticed a very interesting thing under the features part, Payphone software can be downloaded remotely (via MODEM)
basically, that means not only must it except some type of normal term emulation, but the software should be available to us, probably after imputing a passcode. Personally I am on the look out's for olympian 5501 and 5500's. Gryfter

DATE - 02/04/98 18:14:09
FROM - bitch

i don't give a rats ass where the #'s are.

DATE - 02/03/98 16:02:00
FROM - Interrupt

Here is a pic

TOPIC - Gay Payphone Company
DATE - 02/03/98 16:00:50
FROM - Interrupt

Look at this poor attempt of a Phone company page.


DATE - 02/02/98 16:23:54
FROM - Interrupt

Bitch do you live in Chicago or around Chicago

TOPIC - Payphones in IL
DATE - 02/02/98 11:51:51
FROM - Interrupt

I have about 100 payphone 3's for chicago and the suburbs. E-mail me if you want them. Ever hear of nayy Pier. They have 23 payphones and 2 tdd payphones I have all their #'s Also

TOPIC - Paypphone Numbers
DATE - 02/02/98 07:48:25
FROM - Cathode Ray - nlnsf

The best site I have found for payphone numbers is here (follow my link). This joint seems to have just about every area code with the exception of newer ones. Most of the numbers I have called still work too. Try it out.

PAYPHONES for everywhere!

TOPIC - hi
DATE - 02/01/98 22:21:13
FROM - bitch boobville

anybody have any #'s for the chicagoland
area payhones.

DATE - 01/29/98 08:11:23
FROM - Cathode Ray -

Anyone have any COCOT numbers for Ohio? I have tried to scan for some in my area by using the prefix of local check chasing places who have COCOT's, but no luck. BTW, my Payphone Network Manager software should be coming pretty soon if you read about that. I will be putting up the PLA site for the 614 area code around that time, so I will place it up for download. May need someone to help me out with an FTP though (depending on how many meg the software is). Their page qoutes it at 450 meg, which has to be a typo. I am thinking it should be around 4.5 meg, because they have a picture of the sowftare and its on a few floppies. C-yaz'

TOPIC - Cocots - 01/21/98 15:35:35 EST
FROM - <The MF> - COCOT Land

I've called many different COCOTs and got many different responses. Some just hang up on you, some say "thank you", and some do other weird things.

TOPIC - COCOT's - 01/20/98 15:06:09 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

Hurt: That is Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone. If you have windows the program that came with your computer is Terminal or Hyper Terminal if you have Win 95. Some COCOT's will answer to touch tones also. I recommend you search on the subject. There are many text's out there with information!!

TOPIC - - 01/19/98 21:40:37 EST
FROM - <In Phase> -

Hurt: Most of the things described below regarding COCOTs are done "voice", by dialing the COCOT with your telephone, and not through your computer....Some COCOTs answer with a carrier first (before its voice comes on), and you would dial those with your computer, using SmartTerm, or ProComm or some other terminal emulation software like that... I don't know what protocol COCOTs use, but it might be 7-E-1.... Try it and see what happens.

TOPIC - cocot - 01/19/98 17:58:30 EST
FROM - <hurt> - the nicest parts of hell

so you call it from your comp, and the cocot (company owned company operated telephone???) spits out visual info?? like a telnet dialup?? and it says stuff in sounds through your soundcard or what?? and open up the terminal??? help?? thanks hurt

TOPIC - "Thank You" COCOTS - 01/19/98 16:21:42 EST
FROM - <Pay Phone Directory Guy> - Washington (509)

When you call a COCOT that says "Thank you", the phone usually plays touch tones after it. Then you can dial in a touch tone code to make it do stuff. All I have ever gotten them to do is make the modem come on, but there could be other codes which could get you a touch tone menu.

Pay Phone Directory

TOPIC - COCOT's - 01/18/98 22:33:31 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

I take it back. I have run into the "Thank You" COCOT's but never one with a touch tone menu. RBCP, do you have a phone number of a touch tone menu COCOT??

TOPIC - cocots - 01/18/98 21:50:20 EST -
FROM - <rbcp> - ohio

ALL cocots don't only accept data calls. Some of them only accept voice calls, some can tell the difference between voice and data, some will give you a touch tone menu, some will just say "thank you" and hang up on you. Some of them will just ring forever because the owner has removed or turned off the ringer.

TOPIC - COCOT's - 01/18/98 15:55:56 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

When you dial up a COCOT you (At least I do)Open up Terminal and then dial the COCOT's number. This works because COCOT's only except data calls not voice. Search COCOT's in AltaVista and you will learn more.

TOPIC - what?? - 01/18/98 15:06:23 EST
FROM - <hurt> - ??!!??!!

ok im confused on the dialup a cocot, what the hell are you talking about! anyone wanna give me a good explanation?? thank you

TOPIC - - 01/18/98 02:05:35 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

That post was for the MF not Cathode.

TOPIC - COCOT - 01/18/98 02:04:46 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

Cathode, Try dialing the number on your phone. Wait till the modem hiss stops. I just called the COCOT I talked about in an ealier post. Instead of typing sys it gave me a screen full of shit characters. I then called up on my phone. after the hiss and another 30-40 secs a female voice comes on sayint the phone;s number how much is in the box and alarm 15 alarm 16. I have no clue what the alarm means. The number is 815-838-0870. Call it third party. Interrupt

TOPIC - dialing into COCOTS - 01/18/98 00:29:54 EST
FROM - <The MF> -

I've had almost no luck dialing directly into COCOTs. From what I've been told, it needs a special modem. AN old school modem I believe. But I've made a few connections, but the other side doesn't respond with anything meaningful. Most of the time in Tone Loc I get back about 200 lines of ~? over and over again.

TOPIC - - 01/17/98 15:20:12 EST
FROM - <In Phase> -

Cathode Ray, If you open your account at MailBoxes USA under your real name AND a business name, it is legal. Even if the business name you give them doesn't exist, and isn't the same as another local business, it's OK.....Then you can receive mail only addressed to the business name, without your name appearing on the mailing label.

TOPIC - cocot software - 01/17/98 09:45:46 EST -
FROM - <rbcp> - ohio

Usually cocot software will dial directly into the pay phone and connect. It'll make a special beeping noise so that the pay phone knows it's a data call, just like a fax switch usually works. I know that used to, you had to install a special hardware card into your computer so that it would work, but who knows how they're doing it these days. Could be alot of fun to play around with if we had a copy.

TOPIC - - 01/17/98 00:45:53 EST -
FROM - <Cathode Ray> -

Hmmmm... A business account at Mailboxes USA under the name "PLA of Ohio".... yeah! And while I'm there I can use their COCOT! Haw haw. But I would never open a mailbox under a fictitious name, cause' that constitutes mail fraud. Are you listening Jameson? Post this in your forum and smoke it!

TOPIC - - 01/17/98 00:20:36 EST
FROM - <In Phase> -

Ah....the reason for renting a mailbox under a ficticious business name now becomes obvious.

TOPIC - PNM - 01/16/98 18:58:32 EST -
FROM - <Cathode Ray> -

I want to publically thank our freind cryosis for getting this information. I for one will be calling and ordering my free sample. I just havent figured out if I want to give them my real address or not.

TOPIC - - 01/16/98 15:37:14 EST
FROM - <cryosis> - Mn

that Elcotel is the shit so interesting i spent my entire 1st and 4th hours there. this is what they had to say. Please send us a phone number amd I will have a saleperson contact you. Also, you can contact order processing at 1.800.352.6835 and press a 1. They can mail you a "demo" package for PnmPlus. try it out

TOPIC - Thanx - 01/16/98 14:32:59 EST -
FROM - <Cathode Ray> -

Cool, never heard of this site. Looks pretty neat. Will have to check it out when I am not at work. See you around! Thanks for the link!

TOPIC - - 01/15/98 13:39:08 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

Cathode go to this site. I t has a lot of Payphone(COCOOT and others) Pictures and discriptions

Payphone Pics

TOPIC - - 01/15/98 13:28:51 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

Sorry about the doble posts my Browser is Fucked up!!

TOPIC - COCOOT's - 01/15/98 13:27:50 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

I went to Electol's site and I found the glossary. I t has a whole bunch of COCOOT terms that I never knew. So if you want to learn go there. It also includes some basic Telephone terms i.e. NPA and others.


TOPIC - COCOOT's - 01/15/98 13:27:06 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

I went to Electol's site and I found the glossary. I t has a whole bunch of COCOOT terms that I never knew. So if you want to learn go there. It also includes some basic Telephone terms i.e. NPA and others.


TOPIC - COCOT's for Phun and Prophit. - 01/15/98 11:11:19 EST -
FROM - <Cathode Ray> -

You guys arent gonna believe the stuff I have found. Check out this web page if you havent all ready. This company makes payphones and COCOT's. They also make software (Win95) that you can run to call up your COCOT and manage your stuff. I have the feeling that this software dials a BBS, which then dials your COCOT, but not sure. The software is called Payphone Network Manager. Of course you wont find the sowftare on the webpage, nor anywhere else. I tried FTPing to the site login:elcotel passwd:elcotel and got nothing but a freindly reminder that I was being logged. There aint shiznit in there. Then I tried telenet'n to it. Couldn't even get a login. Tried an FTP search, nothing. So if you can find this software or any other discoveries, LMK.

TOPIC - COCOT's - 01/15/98 08:56:08 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

I have a that COCOT number if you want to call it for your self. Cathode Ray I'll help. E-mail me on what you plan to do. The number is 815-838-0870

TOPIC - COCOT's - 01/15/98 08:55:19 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

I have a that COCOT number if you want to call it for your self. Cathode Ray I'll help. E-mail me on what you plan to do. The number is 815-838-0870

TOPIC - COCOT Money Count - 01/14/98 20:28:15 EST
FROM - <The Pay Phone Directory Guy> - Washington

The amount of money the COCOT says to you is coins only. It does not count other things like collect or calling card calls.

TOPIC - - 01/14/98 13:32:59 EST -
FROM - <Cathode Ray> -

Ummm... this guy is selling a device to protect payphones, but I like how he gives you step by step instructions on how to pull the old "stuffer" gag. Check it out. ! In another spot of this page he says that most payphone repairs including "loss of handset" are the cause of "stuffing". Is he saying that when someone loses their quarter for nothing, they rip off the handset for revenge? Hehehehe

TOPIC - Calling a COCOT - 01/14/98 13:10:20 EST -
FROM - <Cathode Ray> -

This is all news to me. Dialing into a COCOT that is. I have to wonder if you are calling the physical phone, or if you are actaully in a switch of some kind. I will try to investigate this a little further. I invite everyone else to join my quest and post results here.

TOPIC - COCOT - 01/14/98 08:52:54 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

Does anyone know any commands for COCOT's. I called one up with my modem and nothing. Then I type sys. I treplies OK. I tried others but to no aval. I f you have any info post it or e-mail it. Thanks

TOPIC - - 01/13/98 23:21:18 EST
FROM - <In Phase> -

I don't really know how the fone calculates the amount of money it says to you... could be a combination of coins, collect and credit card calls made from the fone since it was last "reset". Also, after it says the amount of money, it reports on alarm status... not sure what those are..... for more info on payfones, go to:

TOPIC - terms - 01/13/98 18:14:40 EST
FROM - <hobKnob> - 414

no.. but that sounds usefull enough.. though that might include calling cards and what not.. so there is doubtfully that much moneyz in it.. though i could be wrong

TOPIC - COCOT - 01/13/98 16:11:30 EST
FROM - <cryosis> - MN

Ok I was really bored one day so I called up some COCOT's with my term program and after 30sec. it hung up on me. So I dialed it again and picked up and ext. on my line and heard a voice in the background so I hung up and called back again and this time hung up my modem first and it was a computer voice saying "Payphone. ###-###-#### (cocot's #) $23.85. Does anyone know if this is useful other then knowing when to rob the damn thing? thanks

TOPIC - again - 01/12/98 15:09:56 EST
FROM - <hobKnob> - 414

mmm fuckin url won't show it is...

TOPIC - decent payphone dir. - 01/12/98 15:08:37 EST
FROM - <hobKnob> - 414

decent listing of payphones.. add to or just abuse

TOPIC - lunch money - 01/11/98 16:57:48 EST
FROM - <hobKnob> - 414

check out the red box q & a discussion area..i posted ya some shit there

TOPIC - Hey fatblunt - 01/11/98 13:17:26 EST
FROM - <THe Mac Daddy> -

Hey if you need lunch money so bad, why don't you quit wasting your money on weed?

TOPIC - Coin Return - 01/11/98 13:01:13 EST
FROM - <PhatBlunt> - Tx

I NEED LUNCH MONEY. I got no money, and there has to be a way to get money out of the Phones. Anyone know of a way? I have heard of a tone that will do it, but I don't have it or even know what the fuck it is. Pleaze E-Mail me if U can help. Thx

Phone Lusers of Texas

TOPIC - 2600 - 01/10/98 22:35:39 EST -
FROM - <Cmdr.HunnyBear> - The happyland kingdom

Ummm, I think that the reason you got a dialtone after you gave the op a 2600 tone is because she hung up on you because the 2600 tone is a REALLY annoying tone.

TOPIC - cocots - 01/10/98 21:46:48 EST
FROM - <hobKnob> - 414

mm?.. sorry for what?... yeah.. i forgot about the keypad possibly zonkin out on ya.. all the more reason for comboin' your radio smack box instead of just redboxin the bastud..

TOPIC - sorry - 01/10/98 16:38:59 EST
FROM - <System Error> - same place

sorry hobknob

TOPIC - CoCots - 01/10/98 16:37:47 EST
FROM - <SystemError> - San diego Ca

About the dialing out from cocots, the 2600 doesnt have anything to do with it. what you do is take a unmodified rat shack tone dialer and go up to the phone. Pick up the reciever to get the fake dialtone then call some 1800 number, as hobnob said, let them hang up. Instead of using the phones keypad, because sometimes it wont work or fucks it up, use your tone dialer for the dtmf's and dial away.

TOPIC - cocots - 01/09/98 17:26:25 EST
FROM - <hobKnob> -

nod.. i don't think the 2600 tone has anything to do with it.. i believe people used to do it by calling 1-800 #'s and getting the person to hang up on them... as long as the other party hangs up.. you are free to re-dial as manytimes as you want.. (i *think* this is the case)

TOPIC - CoCots - 01/09/98 17:04:22 EST -
FROM - <Handset> - NY

Ok, i figured out, that on some cocots, that if you call up the operator, and blast the biatch with a 2600 tone, then if u wait, you will get a dialtone, and will be able to dialout. If you reah a fone like this, skypage will also work. If you get a dialtone, and then can't dial, then fuck it. It won't work on that piece of shiat fone. Also, about out of 8 or more cocots you test it on, in any area, it will work, on an average, of 3 cocots.

TOPIC - Shutting down Payphones - 01/09/98 16:33:27 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

This has happened to me a coule of times. I would red box a call and the op would come on ans say "put in real money" I would say fuck you bitch or some other grotesque thing and see what she would say. Once the bitch stayed on the line for 2 hours just letting it hang. Of course she wasn't on the line but she poped in every once in a while. The other time the op shut down the payphone for 2 months. I would pick up the receiver and here nothing although the dtmf pad would work still. I think they are on to use. Fuck'em

TOPIC - "po-po's" - 01/09/98 12:04:24 EST
FROM - <hobKnob> - 414

i have yet to have the cops show after a boxed call don't work made 3 from the same fone inarow once.. waited at the gas station.. but no 5-0 showed up... try usin a digitaly reproduced sound instead of a cassette.. your chances are substantially higher for success.. alot of operators will just let it slide sometimes... even though they know your a lying sack of shit.. and watched hackers too many times.

TOPIC - Operator assisted Phree calls - 01/08/98 20:30:45 EST -
FROM - <TweeKer> - CA

I used the trick of calling an operator and saying I had a problem placing a call. I had her connect me and then just played red box sounds through a mincassette recorder and it worked. I tried it one other time at this liquor store by my friends house and the fukin operator bitch hung up on me. Five minutes later the Po-Po's show up and are lookin at the phone and start questioning people in front of the store. Like those stupid fukin cops could ever catch anyone. Also I was wondering if anyone knows the cheapest place to get a Scanner. Email me if you have any suggestions. TweeKer

TOPIC - Me - 01/08/98 16:24:52 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

I posted here first. I Kick Ass

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