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TOPIC - anon post
DATE - 05/09/98 23:00:43
FROM - anon - infonex.com

test....this should be an anonymous message.

TOPIC - test
DATE - 05/09/98 22:56:43
FROM - anon


TOPIC - annoying test
DATE - 05/06/98 17:53:49
FROM - annoying test annoying test

annoying test

DATE - 05/06/98 01:19:56
FROM - oink > - h2net.net

this is a test

TOPIC - gravy
DATE - 02/03/98 15:17:43
FROM - c0l4 sd


TOPIC - Search
DATE - 01/29/98 14:30:34
FROM - [ephlo 303 -

TOPIC - Free essays - 01/13/98 17:01:48 EST
FROM - <Essayman> -

Check out EssayMan's web site for hundreds of free essays, so you can spend more time phreaking, and being a phone loser.

EssayMan's Web Site

TOPIC - NeverMind - 01/10/98 03:39:36 EST
FROM - <Otter POP> - Anywhere is better then here

SEc phone fruad suits me fine/they are blind/all my ex's got their breast implants in texas/operator assisted bank robbery/she has a million dollar pussy/steve jobs has a tiny dick/I want to lick the pussy of phone'b cates/so damn drunk it dos not matter/psycic TV sets me free/thought I had a point to bliss/phil has many dildoes to choose from/I love jesus,but I fuck the virgin mary everynight/can you box the call?/kids won't follow /what you sayin

TOPIC - whatever - 01/10/98 02:42:05 EST
FROM - <uhoh> - anywhere

META NAME=Phone Losers of America, Hacking, Phreaking, Red Box, Brad Carter, RedBoxChiliPepper, Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Robbery, most wanted, George Hill, 9x, Samantha Dahl, Tannest, That1girl, Bend Oregon Chamber of Commerce, Bendnet, Blue Chip Development Corporation, Defenestrator, zine, p.i.s.s. Dalnet, irc, #bigbeefbueno, #tcpstack, #rock, Ryan Scott, Logic Box, Logicbox, [logicbox], Santa Clara California, Sunnyvale, Fort Worth, Texas, azone.net, Access Zone, Tim Forehand, Randy Dick, 9x communications, ghill@amer.net, geekbox

TOPIC - The Onion - 01/09/98 03:10:30 EST
FROM - <Op8> -

I've laughed my ass off at this all night. Give it a try: www.theonion.com

TOPIC - CKoK - Crazy Kids on Krack - 12/30/97 03:05:28 EST -
FROM - <Jackyl> - Everywhere

Sup?? Check out my fuckin page, join my fuckin group,

CKoK - Crazy Kids on Krack

TOPIC - - 12/29/97 01:48:42 EST
FROM - < > -


TOPIC - hmmm..... - 12/29/97 01:43:53 EST
FROM - <-> - MST


TOPIC - Punch a phone solicitor in the teeth! - 12/28/97 19:54:10 EST - flash.net
FROM - <The Anti-Telemarketer> - Detroit, MI

"....Others have no reservation when it comes to being mean to telemarketers, and Vince Nestico may be the meanest of them all..... Lloyd Ferris, Staff Writer for The Portland Newspapers, Maine


TOPIC - Jenny! - 12/21/97 04:20:27 EST
FROM - <The MF> -

Jenny, marry me. You are beautiful

TOPIC - The Web Page You Have Reached - 12/20/97 09:24:52 EST - ameritech.net
FROM - <Jennifer Martino> - Bloomingdale, Illinois

The Web Page You Have Reached http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Lab/4471/ Telephone sounds Over 100 sounds (in 1 month and growing)! Updated weekly!

TOPIC - Southwestern Hell - 12/17/97 12:10:40 EST -
FROM - <cephlo> - Aurora

Thanks to antihero for letting me steal this image.

Search the shit man

TOPIC - Columbus, Indiana - 12/09/97 01:50:44 EST
FROM - <Avulsion> - Columbus, IN

If you live in our area check us out....

* Phone phux of Columbus, IN *

TOPIC - - 12/08/97 19:02:53 EST
FROM - <Medford> -

It's scary where some people's minds will go when they let them wander

TOPIC - Hey take a look at this! - 12/07/97 05:10:17 EST
FROM - <The MF> - here

Hey look I didn't find out until now that in Yahoo the PLA has its own categoery. COol!

PLA refernce

TOPIC - webstye - 12/06/97 18:08:07 EST
FROM - <Napalmoliv> - City, WI

My site has been updated with all kinds o' crazy tips on redboxing, payphone #s, and links. check it out! it's as lame as ever!

Napalmoliv's PHREAK PAGE!

TOPIC - Check this out - 12/04/97 04:52:33 EST
FROM - <The MF> - here

Ok im respamming, but i got my insignia back up. Don't you have an insignia? I just went wack crazy with fonts tonight.

my web page

TOPIC - Jerking Off, Duh! - 12/02/97 21:10:31 EST
FROM - <Jerk Off> - New York

Click A Dick! Wank yerself all night long!

The Rochester Jack-Off Group (Seriously!)

TOPIC - damnit! - 12/01/97 14:16:53 EST
FROM - <In Phase> -

shit... why can't I do this? I put the address of the image I want in the box.

TOPIC - let's try this again - 12/01/97 14:12:22 EST
FROM - <In Phase> -

Ask Santa to bring you this movie!

TOPIC - hope this works... - 12/01/97 14:09:40 EST
FROM - <In Phase> -

Ask Santa to bring you this movie!

TOPIC - my shitty fukin' webpage - 11/30/97 15:56:19 EST
FROM - <Napalmoliv> - USA

hey, check out my LAME websitE! it's got close to NO content, and yet calls itself a PHREAK page! oh, the humanity!

Napalmoliv's Phreak Page!

NAME - KungFuFox <kff@tfp.nothing.org>
TOPIC - KungFuFox sucks!
LOCATION - Orlando, Florida, USA
POSTED ON - 11/29/97 17:35:34 EST

I know this is a waste of space but damn I like this pic, so I'm reposting because of that stupid typo I made with the first post. You damn well better like it!

NAME - KungFuFox <kff@tfp.nothing.org>
TOPIC - Telephone Free Planet - First lame bitches to take advantage of this board! Yay!
LOCATION - Orlando, Florida, USA
POSTED ON - 11/29/97 17:33:35 EST

Sure it'll take you like a month or two to get bored of PLA's sites and state sites for that matter, so mark this on your calendar somewhere around February, but when you do get bored, stop by Telephone Free Planet's site and um, do stuff, I guess. It's got a zine and pictures and old crappy files and links!

Telephone Free Planet! Wow!

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