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This is a Suggestion Box. See the title? It's a suggestion box. Hey, guess what? This is a suggestion box! So like, quit asking questions on here unless they're related to suggestions about this web board or the PLA page. You can suggest new topics here, complain about the pages, give us some really great ideas about our site for us to consider, etc. If you have something else to say, try the general forum. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention - this is a suggestion box!

TOPIC - Issues
02/15/99 19:25:58 - MESSAGE #1274

Hey Tofus, rbcp himself says that anyone who posts here needs serious counseling (if we feel good about it)..... Seriously, there are some bizarre fotos floating around here and there, just like there are bizarre fotos of cars, outhouses, etc. So why not have some of 'em here?

FROM - Tofu 626
TOPIC - Umm..Informagnet..?
02/14/99 17:03:33 - MESSAGE #1227

"How about some REALLY BIZARRE photos involving fones? Like a little dog trying to screw one, a fone made of peanuts made by some trailer hick in "Jo-Jah" or .... you get the idea!"

Informagnet, you are a man with many many issues you have to work out. Now, I've heard of some weird fetishes, but man, this one takes the cake. But thats okay, we'll all still love you.

TOPIC - New Layout
02/13/99 19:43:22 - MESSAGE #1202

I like the new look, rbcp, but it COULD be a little more colorful. How about some REALLY BIZARRE photos involving fones? Like a little dog trying to screw one, a fone made of peanuts made by some trailer hick in "Jo-Jah" or .... you get the idea!

Also, thanks for keeping my lameass Radio Hack page on here, I really DO need to update it sometime this year, it's one of my resolutions!

FROM - dguy618
TOPIC - Interesting Ninbers board
02/07/99 16:36:08 - MESSAGE #995

While I also liked the Interesting Numbers board, it would a complete pain in the ass to post on it, since we can't post numbers.

Free Web-based Email for your web site!
FROM - Rufus T. Firefly 516
TOPIC - cookies
02/07/99 07:11:17 - MESSAGE #982

Cookies on this board might not be a bad idea only cookies everywhere else really piss me off to no end and itd be a pain in the ass re-enabling them just for this board and then re-disabling them again etc...

-- RTF

screaming electron, for no real reason..
FROM - EnderColorado
TOPIC - Intresting Numbers Board
02/06/99 15:32:22 - MESSAGE #959

RBCP- Please put the Intresting Numbers board back up! That was the greatest part of your site!

FROM - Tofu626
TOPIC - Suggestion perhaps?
02/05/99 17:39:13 - MESSAGE #924

Hey rbcp, what ever happened to the idea of implementing cookies for the board info. I thought that was a great idea.

FROM - loser -
TOPIC - this will prob get removed
02/02/99 12:20:53 - MESSAGE #804

i found this number and ext could someone figure ut what it is One eight hundred two two seven one eight oh three press oh oh

FROM - rmrym
TOPIC - rym
02/02/99 10:03:55 - MESSAGE #799


FROM - jimmypop0hi0 -
TOPIC - me
02/01/99 20:48:35 - MESSAGE #782

six one four I liked the numbers too

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - losers across america
01/30/99 06:16:00 - MESSAGE #686

Nobody would probably be able to make out anything but ma bell would probably hate to see this kind of abuse so I'm for it!

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - "phreaks across America"
01/21/99 22:10:25 - MESSAGE #462

With a thousand people talking, do you think anyone would ever be able to hear anyone else?

01/21/99 17:22:19 - MESSAGE #456

I found the link for the e-mail after I posted,just to lazy/embarassed to post again,thanks

FROM - rbcp618 -
TOPIC - discussion list
01/21/99 15:16:04 - MESSAGE #452

SULCATA - We actually already have a PLA discussion list set up. If you go to the link below you can join it. It's existed for about six months or so now and has around onehundred-sixty subscribers.

click here to sign up on the list
FROM - CyrusWA
TOPIC - Two things......
01/21/99 04:36:57 - MESSAGE #444

First, maybe a page listing BBS's across America that deal with h/p stuff. There may be some in the PLA phone directory but Im too lazy to check though. I just got Sprint's unlimitied long-distance calling on weekends so I wanna check out some of the BBS's out there. I remember using my Commodore sixty-four and trading warez on the local BBS's back in the day.

Second, I know its lame but remember hands across America or something like that? Well how about Phreaks across America. People would sign up on a list, which would list state/county/city and people would find out who is local to them and on one day one person calls the next, and makes a three way call to the next person on the list who is local to them, but just far away enough to call someone else and so on and so on. Basically a few thousand people would be forming a chain cross-country calling for free. The ultimate conf. I wonder if the lines could handle that.....

How not to be a hacker!
FROM - cbfog828
TOPIC - PLA mailing list
01/20/99 21:16:22 - MESSAGE #439

Duh, Sulcata, there's already a mailing list. Just sign up for it on the main page.

FROM - phlux843
TOPIC - trashing/hardware
01/13/99 16:21:36 - MESSAGE #222

Why not have a trashing/hardware forum ?

01/13/99 09:04:23 - MESSAGE #210

Is it possable to set up an automated e-mail list?Think it would be cool if anybody could sign up to receive what anybody wanted to pass on to other phreaks,numbers wouldn't be a problem because it wouldn't be posted anywhere but in the e-mail of those who subscribe.
And thanks for bringing the board back RBCP!

01/13/99 09:04:21 - MESSAGE #209

Is it possable to set up an automated e-mail list?Think it would be cool if anybody could sign up to receive what anybody wanted to pass on to other phreaks,numbers wouldn't be a problem because it wouldn't be posted anywhere but in the e-mail of those who subscribe.
And thanks for bringing the board back RBCP!

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Jimmypop
01/13/99 01:23:20 - MESSAGE #205

Hey Jimmy, where from, Three-Three-Zero? Four-Four-Zero? Two-One-Six?

Oh yeah, I liked the interesting numbers too, but I guess we can't have it now...

FROM - EnderBoulder, Colorado -
TOPIC - Intresting Numbers Board
01/09/99 12:12:08 - MESSAGE #97

Hey, you guys really need to bring back the intresting numbers was the best on the system.

FROM - Black Axe732
TOPIC - the cellular board
01/09/99 02:56:02 - MESSAGE #81

ok... looking through the cell board... something's gotta be done here. all the cell board is, is a bunch of morons pleading for people to email them and clone their phones for them, practically. now i know absolutely nothing about how this web board software works, but i think that the cell forum, as it is now, should just be scrapped because it's not really helping anybody because nobody is posting any real information! perhaps rbcp might have some input on this topic, because the cell forum now is just wasting disk space.

FROM - Syko416Toronto
TOPIC - Interesting Numbers
01/09/99 00:13:52 - MESSAGE #68

What happenned to the Interesting numbers section? Why did you delete? bring it back.



TOPIC - fix the phone directorys
DATE - 12/31/98 12:47:46
FROM - Space Ghost 972

the link to the phone directorys doesn't work!

TOPIC - aohell
DATE - 12/31/98 01:27:56
FROM - snyper

how 'bout an AOL forum...

TOPIC - error
DATE - 12/29/98 00:43:57
FROM - TiME mars

anyone else notice the "Go Back" link on the left frame has too many "_"s in it? just thought I let ya know

TOPIC - pbx
DATE - 12/27/98 03:42:54
FROM - jimmypop ohio -

how bout a pbx fourm????

TOPIC - Hardware/Software Religion....
DATE - 12/21/98 17:25:24

I think we really oughta have it. It would be fun, and get more discussion of UNIX on here.

TOPIC - browser sub
DATE - 12/20/98 16:42:56
FROM - jimmypop 614 -

I think that browser fourm would be cool.

DATE - 12/20/98 01:18:56
FROM - Wunder / DIrellaC

But no ones even posting about it any more... it's kind of like the flavor of the month.

TOPIC - Browser Wars!!!!!!
DATE - 12/18/98 00:21:47

Yeah! Why not have that, or simply have a sub called Hardware/Software Religion, where we can all preach to the masses about how we love what we have, and hate what everybody else has!?!?!?!?!?

TOPIC - new sub
DATE - 12/16/98 18:34:38
FROM - Simply411 323, CA

hey rbcp why not make a" browser war" sub.....where everyone can talk about what the advantages and disadvantages about the most commonly used browsers. what the risks are when you use a certain browser, their security risks, known bugs that can exploit the browser that eventually crashes your system. things like that . I think that would be a good sub don't you think?


TOPIC - pirate radio
DATE - 12/14/98 13:14:58
FROM - rbcp 618 -

Great suggestion, it's done. I replaced the URL Spam with Pirate Radio.

pirate radio
TOPIC - Yeah - Pirate Radio!
DATE - 12/11/98 19:44:16

Yeah! That's a kewl idea! Especially when you include the neat things that can be done with a modded ham radio, like talking to your local Taco Hell and harassing cab drivers, you know!

TOPIC - pirate radio
DATE - 12/10/98 17:30:19

That sounds pretty good, the pir8 radio section that is.
I second that emotion or something like that, hehe.

TOPIC - why
DATE - 12/09/98 20:52:07
FROM - jimmypop

how bout a priate radio fourm

TOPIC - pictures
DATE - 11/16/98 17:42:45
FROM - casey 770

Hey rbcp when are you going to make it so we can post pictures on here again? That was a kickass feature and you shouldn't have removed it.

TOPIC - suggestion
DATE - 11/16/98 02:07:04

OK, uh, I have a suggestion, this is really cool!!

Make the main PLA page look like NOTEBOOK PAPER!!!

Then, when we are on it it will look like HOMEWORK when Mom looks and she'll let us stay on AOL a little longer!!!!!

Pretty cool, huh?!?!?!?!?!?!

DATE - 11/13/98 15:05:49
FROM - PhaZe D. MindPimp here and there, mainly Ok -

Don't you think it's about time for PLA Coffee mugs??

TOPIC - Cops
DATE - 11/11/98 19:07:32
FROM - Dogwelder 603 -

i highly doubt the cops will come for just posting in a forum, you arn't doing anything wrong for posting messages

TOPIC - Handle List thing
DATE - 11/11/98 16:14:25
FROM - Tofu 626 formerly the 818 -

Its a god damn area code for gods sake! An area code covers a large area. I doubt if any porker came to this site and saw I lived in the 626, he'd call up his "connections" here in sunny california and magically find out exactly where in the Los Angeles area I lived. Whoops, I've said too much. I guess I could be expecting a pork-ride to show up at my door now.

Ok, now that Im done with the sarcasm, I just wanna know what would be so bad about giving a handle and area code. Oh well, Im stupid..

TOPIC - suggestions...
DATE - 11/11/98 14:01:55
FROM - rbcp illinois -

You've probably noticed I made a few changes to the script last night. I put those face icon thingies as an option, changed the divider bar to a graphic and fixed the problem with the IP addresses not posting correctly. If anyone has any other suggestions, please throw them this way.

I'm thinking about setting up a cookie system where when you go to post a message, it will automatically fill in your name, location, URL, etc. If anything isn't working or you think what I've done is just plain stupid, tell me because I'm strong and I can take it goddammit.

TOPIC - handle location
DATE - 11/11/98 00:22:22
FROM - hmmm.... Sol-3

Not everybody would want to give out their area code, since that would give a general idea of their location. Some people are paranoid, and don't want that info to fall into the wrong hands.
Since the cops probably visit this site, we surely don't want them tracking down any hackers or phreaks and knocking in their front doors!

TOPIC - A suggestion...
DATE - 11/10/98 21:57:10
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

Well, this might not be such a good "idear" but, what about compiling the different handles with their area codes. Like a list of people and what area code they're in. I travel a good deal and Im always trying to find out if a PLA'er is around. I dunno, it might be a stupid idea, but I know I'd use it.

DATE - 11/05/98 22:50:17

Come on, rbcp change the cellular sub to "cellayer" it's just too classic!!!

TOPIC - wanna-be investigators
DATE - 11/04/98 20:46:59
FROM - British

This reminds me of what happened on the alt.tasteless group. Someone uploaded a legitimiite kidde porn pic, and the natives were restless.

Suddenly EVERYBODY thought they were a net.cop and "the athorities" were notified by more than one sympathetic person who suddenly gave a rats ass. Sure, when people are being raped and murdered out on the streets, nobody cares, but a USENET posting? Suddenly everyone's a private investigator on a plane of existence that is, you guessed it, anarchy.

TOPIC - faelan
DATE - 11/02/98 11:01:38
FROM - rbcp illinois

Here's a post about faelan that I pulled off of dejanews. If you do a search on dejanews for "faelan" you'll find hundreds of articles about him in the older archives.

OK, let's not go jumping the gun, here. I am a licensed P.I. in Portland,
and a former child abuse investigator with the Multnomah County D.A.'s
office. I was alerted to the mentioned web page through a P.I. newsgroup I
belong to, and have contacted the proper authorities, as I agree that it
warrants checking out. They are taking this seriously, and will be back in

HOWEVER, I've been on the computer and phone all night, and can tell you the

The father is who he says he is, and the family does live in Portland (I have
the address and know the area). He did not use a phony internet address or
birth date. He also was graduated from college in 1981 and lived where he
said he did. He is of Russian extraction, though born in the US (California,
where else?), which probably accounts for the boy's accent on his WAV file.

The children were apparently all born at home, and are schooled at home,
though apparently not for religious reasons. Since the boy in question was
named after a wolf and a falcon, there's a good chance we're talking about an
alternate lifestyle family - or modern day hippies, if you will.

I have traced messages,names, and postings all over the internet, and there
is no indication of any pedophile activities, nor does anyone in the family
have any arrests, convictions, or reports of such, as far as I've been able
to determine. I have some experience in the field of tracking down child
abusers - on and off the 'net - and none of the 'buzz words' are there.
Also, there has been no attempt to cover up names or intentions, which is not
characteristic of pedophiles or child molesters.

While I find the 'contest' more than a bit wacky, let's remember that we live
in the good old U S of A, and it's allowable to be as wacky as you want, as
long as you don't break the law. (Should we arrest Dharma's parents?)

Again, it's being checked out so let's withhold judgement until the facts are
a bit more settled. If you wish to follow up on the 'investigation', run my
email address in the dejanews search and you'll be able to find any posts I
do to my regular newsgroup.

Max Whittington Investigations
Portland, Oregon

TOPIC - Phones
DATE - 11/01/98 12:46:22
FROM - Bombtrack

Change the title of Cellular Phones to Cellayer Phones
Or whatever the fuck good ole Dino says

TOPIC - Just remember John Wayne Gacy was "ligitimate"....
DATE - 10/31/98 13:20:25

Hmm, yeah, I'm on the mailing list.....

They sound like real wierd-os, and that's enough for we Phonelosers to pick on 'em right?? I bet Faelan's OK, I think his parents are just a couple of lonely pervs....

TOPIC - Faelan
DATE - 10/31/98 00:23:08
FROM - hmmm......

Are you on the Pla discussion list server?
Anyway, RBCP said that he and maybe the other folks from the alt.private-investigator newsgroup checked out Faelan and his parents, and as far as they can tell, it's legitimate, and they are who they say they are.....but it's still quite weird and twisted.

Did you listen to the WAV file of Faelan talking? It sounds like they recorded each segment
separately and pasted them all together.

TOPIC - Tweezine Pubies - OUCH!
DATE - 10/30/98 20:38:04

OK, here's a suggestion - let's talk about that sicko FAELAN! How many of you have actually checked out that page?? I don't suggest it if you've just eaten!! It's sooooo sicky-sweet and so gay it'll give you chills! I can think of only a few possible explanations: It's a pedophile's page, or his parents are those wierd 70's type hippies who believe that kids should do full-on sex at a very young age and be taught to do it even if they don't have any interest in it (most little kids are more interested in playing with Hot Wheels carz and hacking into the Pentagon) OR.... OR.... They're BOTH!!By that I mean they're pedophiles and want to involve YOUR kid in a big sticky ol' pile of them, Faelan, and anyone else who's available!! EWEWW!!! I mean READ THE PAGE - it's SICK!! It's so sweet and flowery only a real psycho could've designed it!! Someone has to rescue that poor kid!

DATE - 10/22/98 17:06:17
FROM - Copen Hagen If you don't know by now

Actually, I flame you guys because of my feeling of inadequacy and hatred of my mother....its usually brought on after a long session of therapy, after which I simultaniously burn holes in my ear-lobes with lit matches and tweeze my pubes.

TOPIC - My nick
DATE - 10/22/98 15:51:38
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

My nick is an acronym for something you idiot. I never said anything about having "elite skills" or whatever. You bring that up because your tiny brain thinks:
"Hmm this is a board about computers, phones and stuff, so...I know! I'll mock him in my lame way of indirectly insulting him by saying he has elite skills!"
Why would you want to flame people in the first place? It's childish, pointless, and stupid.

TOPIC - Pfft
DATE - 10/21/98 22:42:41
FROM - Copen Hagen Why the hell do you care? - No domain available

Whats wrong with flaming? Especially inane flaming? If I wanna talk about a box that lets me give somebody a big ol' holly, thats what I'll do. Who the hell made you the holly police? And as for them having a low opinion of me...I could care less what you think of me...ok so I lied...thats all I think about. I give a rats ass about what you think about me. I fucking sit up at night and wonder if a guy with such a cool nick thinks about me. I can't even go to class anymore because I worry that somebody as cool as you might be thinking negative thoughts about my poor lame ass. Why, you ask? Because what the hell business do I have making fun of the people who say stupid shit on here? I mean really. Please don't upset me any more...I'll stop flaming you badasses because you told me to...ok? I mean, I wouldn't want you to bust out your elite skillz on my ass and mebbe faxback my fone or even sign me up for the gay and lesbian alliance....I mean, you guys are so cool. I'm so sorry that I about my lame attempts to flame you cool ass guys.

TOPIC - Copen Hagen
DATE - 10/21/98 16:00:15
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

You need to calm down! Your completely inane flames against people who never said anything to you in the first place and your rambling pointless posts have no place on a forum where people want to talk about things other than "boxes where penises fly through the phone and slap people". Do you want everyone here to have a low opinion of you? Then you're on the right track.

TOPIC - Well...duh
DATE - 10/20/98 13:33:32
FROM - Copen Hagen 541...thats by what AC? - No domain available

Well no shit.

TOPIC - Experimental Box forum
DATE - 10/20/98 02:52:19
FROM - Tracker 503 Portland, OR - No domain available

WunderKid, he did it. It's not called an experimental box forum though.

DATE - 10/19/98 02:01:39
FROM - WunderKind 410

Experimental box forum, experimental box forum, experimental box forum...

TOPIC - Test
DATE - 10/18/98 19:06:07
FROM - Arch Utah

well this is a test to see if i really like it :)

TOPIC - New Forum
DATE - 10/18/98 15:35:57
FROM - Bombtrack

You should make a hacker Fourm.

TOPIC - Calm down dude
DATE - 10/17/98 01:12:16
FROM - Tracker 503 Portland, OR - No domain available

Dude, calm down. It's only my handle and the only reason that I have it is because 'Tracker' was un-avalible. K? Alright, also, the second would refer to hacking into the GTE (or whatever phone companys') computer system and screwing around with it for phreaking gain. Also, the computer in phreaking would be good for dissusion about software that emmulates tones, connects into lines and screws with them automaticly, and related topics. Just thought I'd defend myself. Tracker 503 PS: (the 503 also happens to be my area # if you didn't get it)

TOPIC - Well...
DATE - 10/16/98 19:03:32
FROM - Copen Hagen 541 Bebbe - No domain available

I think the experimental box idea is a good one...but I dunno about computers used in phreaking. And whats with the 503 bullshit? I don't go around calling myself copen541. Anywho....I think we ought to have a forum where we can sit around and talk about our sexual inadiquacies. I bet we'd get a lot of response from the dalnet #tannestismymommy elitists.



TOPIC - Frameless
DATE - 10/10/98 01:47:09
FROM - Stormwire Boise - No domain available

Frameless sucks? No no no no no, my friends. 1'm cvrrently accessingmthevsy.te from a Nino 320 running Pmoxlweb.
No frames, sure, but 1 got your page IN MY POCKET.
Time to adapt?

TOPIC - Copyright fees?
DATE - 09/30/98 21:49:02
FROM - discorp USA - No domain available

I am wondering if anyone would know who to talk to about getting cheap movie copyrights so that I can sell them legally. If you do please use the email

DisPLaCeR's Domain

DATE - 09/29/98 23:04:16
FROM - WunderKind 410 - No domain available

I am inclined to agree with tracker503. I like the of an experimental box forum. I think I've suggested that before.

TOPIC - New forum
DATE - 09/29/98 02:11:44
FROM - Tracker503 Portland, OR - No domain available

Yo, RBCP. Can you help me out a little and put in a few new forums. First, a forum to basic & interim electronics (Experimental boxes) so that phreaks abroad can hear of new styles & ideas. Also, a forum deticated to the influence of computers on phreaking. Not a hacker forum, but a computers used in phreaking forum. I've got a few advances in diverters & beige box like equipment, and nobody can hear about it.

TOPIC - Big sugestion
DATE - 09/29/98 02:01:52
FROM - Tracker503 Portland, OR - No domain available

How about we not put all of the shit about owning nigers or whatever in Social Engeneering and drop it somwhere elce. (It would be nice if we actualy talked about PHREAKING)

TOPIC - A suggestion
DATE - 09/27/98 18:09:09
FROM - Sir Spanksalot

I suggest everyone go to the Social Engineering Section of the forums and look at HeadFlux's webpage. Then go to his board and try to spam it as much as possible.

TOPIC - Ack, wait...
DATE - 09/26/98 17:53:07
FROM - Tofu CA 626 - No domain available

Wait, sorry, I ahve to take back what I said about the Test Zone or whatever forum. I just checked out "URL Spam" and the first like three posts were tests..So, I take back what I said, keep the damn Test Area there, doesn't mean I have to look at it..hee hee, sorry again!

TOPIC - Um, suggestion, perhaps?
DATE - 09/26/98 17:44:50
FROM - Tofu CA 626 - No domain available

Well, just wanted to make a few suggestions. But first, I was wondering how much rbcp actually goes through these posts? rbcp, wanna comment? Anyways..wheres my suggestions...

1) Clean out the posts...I come to the board about once a day or so, and I just see the same ones..sittin there...clean em please.

2) We need that "Free Stuff" forum like someone mentioned earlier, but we could really do without the "Test Zone" one. Have you ever taken a look in there? Its to the point where people are just going insane and not using it for its purpose. Oh, and the "PLA State Site" forum could be thrown out for all I care too.

3) I actually like the main page. It need no changing what so ever, well, maybe with link updates and stuff, but thats about it.

Well, this is my view on things, and people will probably all disagree with me, but, guess what? I DONT CARE!

TOPIC - Blue Box Kid in trouble
DATE - 09/26/98 13:30:51
FROM - Simply Annoying LA/HP - No domain available

I got this letter from Blue Box Kid, seems like his ISP is blocking here's the letter

From: "Blue Box Kid"
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 23:26:59 PDT

P-Phreak, brother phreak, phriend, phellow American. I am writeing you
today in an urgent tone..... Tonight when i logged on, i found that
site, yes has been blocked by my ISP. This site doesnt
contain any pornogrophy of any sort. It is for the pure knowlege of
phun. I ask you to paste this message in every forum on the PLA site.
As President Kenedy said once, "Ask not what your country can do for
you, but what you can do for your country." I urge you, my phellow
bretheren, to dispose of any means of persuadement to change my ISP

Blue Box Kid
Idaho 208

TOPIC - Updates
DATE - 09/22/98 14:40:57
FROM - Simply Annoying LA/HP - No domain available

Yo RBCP....update your damn pages man.....we want to see some update on your PLA issuesupdate on some text or whatever else there is that needs updating...well I'm probably bitching but hey I sick and tired of seeing the same things over and over but then again you probably have better things to do......lates

Simply Annoying

TOPIC - phone.log
DATE - 09/21/98 03:23:07
FROM - eric New York city

Hi all, anyone hear abour phone compagnies recording all costers calls
if anything on that drop me an email.


TOPIC - drugs
DATE - 09/20/98 18:47:04
FROM - b0b0

That's what you deserve for dabbling in drugs.

TOPIC - forward
DATE - 09/20/98 12:02:14
FROM - wizdumb houston

I have a favor to ask of the phreaks of america. Forward as many numbers as you can to 281-852-0584. He sold my freind a sheet of bunk acid and must suffer.I have already forwarded about 90 local numbers to him but we need more I dont wan't his phone to ever stop ringing. thanks

TOPIC - "0wned" forum
DATE - 09/16/98 19:13:50
FROM - DGuY six one eight
- No domain available

Just a suggestion(since this is a fucking suggestion box), howzabout a "____ is 0wned" forum? Just write about whoever is 0wned and why you wanted to 0wn them.

"That phone had no reciever when I got here, officer."

TOPIC - Phone Directory
DATE - 09/13/98 11:37:22
FROM - NER0 wisconsin 608 - No domain available

I agree. I would like to know the 100 or so payfone numbers I collected will be put to use.
RBCP - do you have an idea of when it will be out?

I can't belive you did that in my mouth

TOPIC - stuff to do
DATE - 09/13/98 01:48:10
FROM - hmmmm....

What RBCP needs to do is release the updated PLA Fall '98 Phone Directory so we can have fun with all the new numbers that'll be in it.

TOPIC - New stuff
DATE - 09/12/98 07:34:08
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

Yes, I think this page (as cool as it is) needs to be more dynamic other than for the web boards. The main page has been the same for months now, and the only thing to ever do is read posts.

TOPIC - More suggestions beacuse I have no life and I can think of them
DATE - 09/11/98 19:17:40
FROM - NER0 Wisconsin 608
- No domain available

I have no life so I can sit and think of suggestions all day.
My first suggestion is that you clear the web boards once in a while. It's a real pain in the ass (especally with a 14.4 modem) to wait for all the messages on the board to load. I'm getting my new (56k) modem card (as if you all care) tonight, but others may still be stuck with a shitty one.
The second suggestion is for a sub on how to get free things other than fone calls. Somewhat like the PLA issue on converting your modem to a higher spped for free. The sub wouldn't have to be related to phone and computer items though.

Suck it and find out

DATE - 09/10/98 01:50:37
FROM - WunderKind 410

Maybe there could be a forum for other kinds of boxes, building new ones or troubleshooting them.

DATE - 09/09/98 16:18:57
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

I agree. An IRC sub would be cool.

DATE - 09/06/98 17:14:58
FROM - NER0 Wisconsin
- No domain available

Good work on creating the revenge sub. Now we need an IRC sub. The IRC page is kind of outdated. We need something where current info can be actively exchanged.

Get on your knees and tell me you love me

DATE - 09/05/98 19:40:22
FROM - CBFOG NC - No domain available

All of the links on the IRC page are dead. (the logs) This is very bad since I want to read them.

DATE - 08/27/98 13:55:51
FROM - RonJeremy

Hey, Out of Curiosity I Called up (on The Phone) The Number My computer Dials To Connect With The Internet When i Heard The Carrier Signal I Blasted A 2600hz Tone Down The LiNE that i got from cphreek prog on the ney About a second later i got a dial tone overlapped with a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep what is it what did i do somone help me.

DATE - 08/27/98 02:41:37
FROM - 暼e<


TOPIC - Seeing if this WerkS
DATE - 08/22/98 02:25:25
FROM - ChE-=-NoH Lameland,Fla

Bell your new Phones are a Waste of Money we can and will figure ur shit out
GTE Change ur phones they look shitty!

TOPIC - Read Me
DATE - 08/22/98 02:08:09
FROM - ChE-=-NoH Florida,Lakeland
- No domain available

I Got 2 1950 Pay Telephones
Request pick if interested!
Serious inquries only!

Also WTFU everyone
I need to find someone that knows VB4 good havin some problems with my Phreaker Tools!

Also i Have pics from in the guts of a GTE (GreeN) Box! Ask 4 Umn. .
it shows curcuitry and open terminals
also shows my bananna clips loged in
and my recorder reciveing phone transmisions. All it takes is Freon to pour on the lock and then it will shadder off then a 9v Battey will fry anyones line throgh this box!

Keep on the lookout

Aol Secrets

TOPIC - new forum
DATE - 08/13/98 21:19:37
FROM - bob

Bring back URL SPam!

TOPIC - Partylines
DATE - 08/12/98 14:59:12
FROM - NER0 Wisconsin
- No domain available

Here is a partial list. I have more written somewhere. I'll look and post those as well if I find them.

315-233-1661 The Buttmonkey
315-233-1666 The phishbowl
315-233-0123 The mama raven
607-252-6064 The Viper room

I have somemore, I just have to find them. Also, I don't know if you're new to the lines, or if you've been calling for a while, but often times people set up 1800 numbers to the lines. they last anywhere from an hour to 2-3 days. Once you've been calling for a while and people get to know you, you start to get the numbers when they're up.

Click here or else

TOPIC - party/chatlines
DATE - 08/12/98 12:08:21
FROM - paul zawertany@ new york - No domain available

can anyone out there provide me with a national list of party and chatlines????? if you can let me know!!!!!
thanks alot and keep up the work

DATE - 08/12/98 08:47:56
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

I agree. There have been a few wars that have taken place in the subs here, and what better place to create a "Revenge Sub". Here we can try to track each other down, or play mean tricks on each other and boast about it. You will have to add in the "insert picture" option though, so that we can provide things like maps to peoples houses. Remember ScHeMaTiK?


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - Revenge Sub
DATE - 08/11/98 15:24:36
FROM - NER0 Wisconsin
- No domain available

You should create a revenge sub. It's the best idea I've seen in the suggestion box, yet you have yet to create one.

My spiffy page

TOPIC - moojie is a Godess!
DATE - 08/08/98 15:59:12
FROM - dial tone the land of phiber opticz - No domain available

oh Godess moojie please let mee feel your body!

TOPIC - moojie is a Godess!
DATE - 08/08/98 15:57:17
FROM - dial tone the land of phiber opticz - No domain available

oh Godess moojie please let mee feel your body!

DATE - 08/06/98 23:06:19
FROM - In Phase

It's just a derogatory term, like these:

Radio Scrap (my personal favorite)
Radio Shit
Radio Hack
Rad Shack
Schiester Shack
Shit Shack

Anybody have any more?

DATE - 08/05/98 19:53:49
FROM - me usa

"Rat Shack"? Would that be deragatory slang for Radio Shack or is that an actual company? I'm not familiar with it.

TOPIC - answering machine problem
DATE - 08/05/98 16:56:16
FROM - British

I had one of those. A real nice answering machine. But there was no way to shut off the beep, so I gave it to a friend. I got another answering machine, and it did not have the beep, but it was a pain in the ass to record with. Eventually I got a Rat Shack unit that lets you plug in a tape recorder, and records even without being on hook. Very nice. Very inexpensive. Get that instead.

TOPIC - answering machines
DATE - 08/05/98 02:31:27
FROM - me usa

I think you guys should have a forum to discuss answering machines and the electronics behind various answering machines and answering machine technology.

I own an answering machine that allows me to tape my conversations, but not without emmitting a tone every 15 second to notify the other party that I am taping the call. I'd like to be able to disable this beep so the other party doesn't know I'm taping them.

Perhaps if you had a discussion forum on answering machines and all aspects of them, I could get the info I'm looking for.

TOPIC - The Troubles With Blue Boxing
DATE - 08/02/98 19:21:22
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

The reason building blue boxes isn't popular is because they cost too damn much to make. Aside from being a very comlicated project, they work in VERY FEW areas around the U.S. Also, to tune such a box requires an ocilloscope (which most people don't own). Do yourself a favor, and buy a neat-o digital recording device (that supports the frequency range), and make the sounds with something like Cool Edit 96. Much cheaper to do, and probably won't work.


The UPS! (Banned in Zimbabwe!)

TOPIC - instruction
DATE - 08/02/98 15:47:32
FROM - b0utit Nebraska -

I think u guys site should have more instructional information. Does any1 have up to date Blue Box plans they can Email me? All ive been able to find were box plans that were as old as my grandma.

TOPIC - Update
DATE - 08/01/98 20:50:25
FROM - Wolf303 Roy, New Mexico -

I always come to this page at least once per online session... and it gets boring kinda. you guys should update, or just do something so it'll be different. I guess what I'm saying is it gets old.

TOPIC - i'madork
DATE - 07/23/98 13:55:33
FROM - hobKnob 414

sorry.. didn't read down far enough.. gwonna go takeanapnow

TOPIC - eeediot
DATE - 07/23/98 13:53:31
FROM - hobKnob 414

umm ok.. you just answered your question...
think about it... 000000 is hex for black
00red 00green 00blue (or whatever order)
try typing the color choice in hex.. like
88ccff and shit.. you'll impress yourself i'm sure

TOPIC - colors
DATE - 07/18/98 23:50:14
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

I always type the color name "red" or "yellow"
once I typed in something stuping like "light pink" when I posted a message under the lamer ^NoLaN^ and it came out black. heh heh. He sucks.
So anyway, ppl are typing "blood red" or "black" or "000000" and getting black.


TOPIC - Cool, didnt know that
DATE - 07/18/98 07:43:01
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

I dont know very much about HTML coding, so thanks for teaching me one more thing. all of my web pages were always created with microsoft word, so I never had to do the actual coding.

TOPIC - invisible posting
DATE - 07/17/98 10:26:52
FROM - In Phase

The invisible posting is caused when somebody uses 000000 as a color in the two color boxes you see when you make a post. 000000 is equal to the color BLACK, so that is why you don't see anything on your screen when reading those posts.

The color codes are broken up like this: xx xx xx, for RED GREEN BLUE

So you can customize any color you want by using a value for each color, the higher the number, the 'stronger' that color will be.

In this post, I used CC8888 for the header
and 55CCEE for the body of the message.

....Now I just gave away the secret to colorful posting...(heh heh)

TOPIC - Oh and one more thing...
DATE - 07/16/98 06:44:16
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

To the person who spammed about more issues:
Set up a fucking state site, and write your own. Dont BITCH about it. unless you make an effort to write up your own.

TOPIC - RBCP suggest
DATE - 07/16/98 06:42:04
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

Just a thought RBCP, if you are listening, why not create a new forum, with the different handbooks people steal from Bell trucks? And also, you should make it sot hat invisible posting isnt allowed, if possible, because I havent seen a legitimate invis message yet.

TOPIC - spam
DATE - 07/15/98 22:39:56
FROM - cryosis MN

wow, someone with less of a life then I.The way I figure it they counted it as a suggestion and not spam. guess this it what happens when molested crackheads get computers.

TOPIC - spam
DATE - 07/15/98 21:13:01
FROM - Op8 828 -

And they spammed the suggestion box, of all places. what a fuckin loser (not the good kinda of loser, either).

>F.Y.I. It took 20 minutes for you to spam this forum.
>See you later.

TOPIC - bueno?
DATE - 07/13/98 20:30:57
FROM - hdVcOLOsIcvLE rockport, hehe - No domain available

where did the bueno script go? mail it to me plez!

TOPIC - suggestions
DATE - 07/09/98 22:57:45
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, Oh

eth is suggesting that we fuck shit.


TOPIC - Stories
DATE - 06/25/98 22:22:25
FROM - dough boy NY

I agree with Dark Spirit and Op8.

TOPIC - Local Hackers
DATE - 06/25/98 01:07:48
FROM - Cantherius Maco somewhere -

I was just wondering if there are any hachers/phreakers in the Asheville, NC area? I know there have to be some cause 2600 sells out like 2 days after the One store in the city that sells it gets it on the shelves. You exist, so mail me. My 1 local hacker friend and I need someone else to exchange info with and go on adventures with. If you go to Reynolds High School, all the better. Both of us do. So hey, how bout some mail?

Omega International Technologies

TOPIC - hacking a website
DATE - 06/22/98 15:04:18
FROM - British

If somebody has the boredom and the potential, somebody hack It is THE worst show ever to appear. I never saw it myself, but heard enough of it on the Howard Stern Show to loathe every second of it. SOmebody run it through the ebonics filter and alter the pics around a bit. It would be a good laff.

TOPIC - Pay Phone Sub
DATE - 06/17/98 02:30:22
FROM - cryosis MN

It could just be me but the pay phone sub isn't working. Keeeps saying "Document Contains No Data" If it's broken, it would be cool if it got fixed. If it's me, would be cool if I got fixed (not nuetered{sp?} you sick freeks) Any way thanks

My One Guestbook Entry Says I'm Lame!

TOPIC - A Could Some 1 Tell Me....
DATE - 06/15/98 17:43:18
FROM - NorteNos Hawaii

A could some 1 tell me what is the e-mail for 808pla or the e-mail of this site ( Just e-mail me at NorteNos@HotMail.Com

TOPIC - Spy...
DATE - 06/06/98 23:55:49
FROM - Chuck aloha

You're a moron, Spy. Nobody is copying this bbs, it's a freeware script and many people use it. Try doing a web search on "FruitWare" smart guy.

TOPIC - Somebody is copying this site!!! Beware!
DATE - 06/04/98 03:12:00
FROM - Spy Spyland

Warning!!! Somebody is copying this site. Don't believe me? go to

The person making is a copycat!!! The only thing he knows how to make is

TOPIC - Yeah!
DATE - 06/03/98 17:19:51
FROM - Op8 704-828? -

hey, yeah! Bring back the weird phone stories section! you know, the guestbook-like part where everyone tells about their experiances.

TOPIC - stories
DATE - 06/02/98 16:59:32
FROM - dark~spirit ne

RBCP ...... you should put up a Phreakers' Stories forum, for phreakers to tell about their past experiences and give some people some laughs and some ideas too, what do ya say ?

DATE - 05/28/98 16:49:08
FROM - Interrupt

I would have to aggree with you RBCP. Ripping of the phone company is easy it is the talking to operators and shit or changing theie phone number. FOr example with Ameritech they have the password protection and well if you are good enough you don't need the password because you would be able to make the op think you are who you want to be. (Does that make any sense?) Therefore, Phreaking is more Mental than Physical.


DATE - 05/27/98 23:58:28
FROM - rbcp celina, ohio -

90% hardware skills?? Other than a phone, what kind of hardware is ever involved in phreaking? And don't say a red box or a beige box because I hardly even consider using those to be phreaking - you're just stealing from the phone company and that doesn't take skill. Personally, I'd say that the social engineering part is way over 90% when it comes to phreaking. Social engineering, bookkeeping of what you find, then experimenting with it all.

Uh, so THERE skisto, you dork.

TOPIC - Beige Box Page
DATE - 05/26/98 18:05:54
FROM - PainGod MH, FL -

hey RBCP, for all those beginner phreaks you should make a beige box q&a like you did with red boxing.

TOPIC - hax0r!
DATE - 05/24/98 02:33:16
FROM - In Phase

Well Ray,

I remember seeing an old episode of "Dateline NBC", about a (former) hacker who broke into a Fortune 500 company...That hacker was Scott Chasin! (Doc Holiday- or something like that)...

Is that the program you're talking about?

TOPIC - Hacker Lad
DATE - 05/22/98 21:44:19
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Did anyone else ever see an old episode of 20/20 where they had an ex-hacker break into a fortune five hundred company? They expected to watch him crawl through the proverbial "electronic maze". Instead he picked up the phone and called one of the employees. He pulled the classic SE prank in which he claims to be an underpaid network admin with a "problem". In seconds she gives him the login and password. The interviewer was amazed, but a little upset that it was so easy.

TOPIC - one more thing
DATE - 05/22/98 18:25:51
FROM - skrike

on your social engineering page at the top it says,

"over 90% of h/p is social engineering"

I think hacking is 90% social engineering but phreaking? Id consider phreaker more like 90% hardware skillz, 5% intelligence, 3% adrenaline and 2% sense of humor. ;P

TOPIC - stuff
DATE - 05/22/98 18:10:04
FROM - skrike

or maybe you should just start reading the suggestion box more often, you know whichever comes first

TOPIC - rbcp is a wh0re
DATE - 05/19/98 12:11:05
FROM - skrike

rbcp fix the justification in the scanners forum or I shall 0wn thee.

TOPIC - Test
DATE - 05/18/98 18:11:53
FROM - Sune


TOPIC - new subs...
DATE - 05/09/98 23:51:25
FROM - rbcp celina, ohio -

Good idea, op8, it's done. Refresh your topics frame to see the new sub. If there's anymore topic ideas, just post 'em here!

By the way, hopefully the test messages will taper off a little. I changed all the sub file names to eliminate the accidental posting from other sites using FruitBBS.


TOPIC - 1-800 numbers
DATE - 05/08/98 01:14:24
FROM - In Phase

Dani - Go to the "Red Box Q&A" sub on this board, and you will get your answer.

Op8 - I agree! I like to collect (and give away) cool 1-800 numbers too. On the previous version of this message base, there was a section called "Phone Companies", and somehow we had people posting 1-800 numbers there.

TOPIC - payphones
DATE - 05/07/98 22:52:17
FROM - Dani toronto -

hello.....does anyone know what to do in order to be able to phone long distance or local for FREE?...

TOPIC - Suggestion
DATE - 05/06/98 23:12:56
FROM - Op8 919 -

How about an intresting number catagory? Neat-o 800 numbers and shit...

TOPIC - phrack51
DATE - 02/09/98 10:18:06
FROM - hobKnob 414

hmm unzipped fine with winzip
the other copy i had was a .gz so.. fuck.. i don't know
what the problem was.. i'm tired..

TOPIC - ack
DATE - 02/04/98 23:23:31
FROM - rbcp Celina, Ohio -

Ignore those gigantic buttons on the top of the page - I was working on something and now I'm too lazy to remove them.

TOPIC - erasing
DATE - 02/04/98 19:36:56
FROM - rbcp ohio -

Cope, are you serious? If so, I don't know what you're talking about. Last week some messages were deleted by accident while upgrading the board. Take some prozac.

DATE - 02/04/98 15:45:17
FROM - Cathode Ray -

You are not on the list because teasing animals isn't nice. And maybe, JUST maybe, we don't care what you have to say. Just a theory.

TOPIC - Dammit
DATE - 02/04/98 15:13:08
FROM - Copenhagen Bend, OR 97701 -

Dammit, why is it that every time I post on here you erase it RBCP? I don't see you erasing the messages from lamers who insult you guys? I simply like to insult tannest and what does it get me? My posts get erased. Bah.

PS. Why am I not on the loser list yet?

TOPIC - I suggest...
DATE - 01/28/98 20:17:19
FROM - Copen Tannest's Back Yard -

I suggest you leave my damn annoying messages up. i really do.

TOPIC - et
DATE - 01/27/98 23:19:53
FROM - et eht


DATE - 01/26/98 19:00:10
FROM - lOkPiKer

How about a forum for lock picking, I know it has nothing to do with phreaking
but I think it would be cool to let everyone know about this skill, lockpicking could even be used to get into bell trucks and get cool stuff

I'd like to thank everyone for supporting and agreeing with my opinions. To tell the truth, I thought that most people would disagree, but to my suprise (and delight) most support me. (that is why I used the alias j0j0 instead of grossiman) Anyways, now you have my email address so you can mail me with your opinions. thanks alot -- Grossiman -- Now for more... Just because you can solder a crystal onto a tone dialer, or hook some alligator clips onto a phone doesn't mean your a phreak. A real phreak only uses those things so he can test something out or experement with some switching equipment (he just uses those things to GAIN knowledge, not to make free calls to impress someone or get a cheaper phone bill) A red and beige box and a red box are not what make you a phreak, they help you gain the knowledge and experience that in turn make you a phreak. They should be looked on as a way to become a phreak, not as what makes you a phreak. (Yes, Yes I know, a little repetitive, but There are some dumb people out there that need the same thing said twice) (most of)Those boxes weren't made for impressing friends, but for gaining knowledge.

Hey everyone, It is I, Miss Lucky. Some may know me. Some may not. Anyway, I want to say that the scene is indeed taking a major downfall. It seems as if all these 12 and 13 years olds who get a modem for making all A's are trying to prove themselves. It is the same peeps who call themselves "elite" when they don't even know basic shit like 5ess and RCMAC. If there is anyone out there who thinks learning is hard, I am a female, and automatically labled "lame", and that is so wrong. I am a lot more skilled than some of these guys who can make a red box with daddies soldering equipment, and oh that takes skill. Later.

Hello, Does any one have the tones for a canadian redbox? If so pleze e-mail them to me! I cant find any information on them!

TOPIC - - 01/13/98 07:43:07 EST
FROM - <Cathode Ray> -

Looks like somebody likes to post under a while buncha' different names, but wont leave us a real e-mail. Whatsamatta'? Chicken?

TOPIC - Suggestion - 01/13/98 00:33:18 EST
FROM - <Drew Anderson> - PLA Sucks Ville

I have a suggestion. Why don't you all just fucking die? Leave that poor RBCP fuck alone and go die all of you. RBCP isn't even that cool and his HTML is flawed. He steals everything he does and hasn't had an original thought ever! He even got the idea to steal that shit from 7-11 from some fucking movie. How fucking lazy is that? Can't even go to some other store to rob it. No not RBCP he is too fucking lazy. And don't get me started on his crank calls. What a lame ass rip off artist. Shit he even admits PLA is a name someone else thought of. All of you just do all of us good hearted and peace loving people a favor and drop dead on the floor right now.

TOPIC - - 01/12/98 21:44:50 EST -
FROM - <Cathode Ray> -

We just threw in that 31337 Thing so that morons like you would ask about it. It's really a "moron trap". Congratulations!

TOPIC - UMM HI - 01/12/98 13:24:11 EST
FROM - <skalar109> - De Efnet/Dal

Life is Great so learn learn learn so you can defeat kill and conquer

National Phreaks Association

TOPIC - Moronic Posts - 01/05/98 13:14:12 EST
FROM - <Colaytion> - God

Is everyone who posts here a moron, or is ooof oooo humm grghegewkjb some 31337 code lang?

TOPIC - suggestion - 01/01/98 21:29:16 EST
FROM - <MoojiE> - 918

i've got a suggestion...i found this number when one of my friends told me to call "yo moma" as a joke and sum weird thing happened.if any one knows what it is tell me,please.918-492-3524.and whats even weirder.when i call it through terminal i get sum church.--thanks

TOPIC - New Sub - 12/26/97 21:33:13 EST -
FROM - <Commander HunnyBear> - The HappyLand Kingdom

This is just a semi-formed thought I had on a new sub. Since people love to post phone numbers of people they want annoyed. Why not make a sub for that combining the "ruining people's lives" sub idea. But then what do I know? I;m just a high school student -scum of the earth. Ain't my government the best? They give me free money for going to school, aren't they nice? Well, time to eat.

TOPIC - *sucking* - 12/21/97 18:18:16 EST
FROM - <Mother Fucker> -

mmmmrrphhhhhhhhh ooo mmmrrruuuppphhhh oooo oo ohfff mrrrrruuuuphhhhhh

TOPIC - Oh, a tough guy eh - 12/21/97 18:16:39 EST
FROM - <Ebola Jones> - Frumunda Mysack

Suck on this you wicked sick motha fucka

TOPIC - ruining peoples lives - 12/19/97 05:59:10 EST
FROM - <The Motherfucker> -

speaking of the "ruining peoples lives" sub suggestion, I may have stumbled onto something of that tune. One woman I dear so hate(long story) I just found out works at at a golf course(arent personal webpages great?). So I visit this rich bitch members only golf course(like the one Michael Douglas treaded upon in Falling Down), and I find some administration thing. Uh oh. It's protected by a password. So Ij ust put in any old number, and it lets me in. I try a different number, same thing, it lets me in. Doesnt say anthing about "unauthorized access" or anything. SO i look around and get to see pictures of all these rich bastards who get to pay their dues and golf herre. Then there's some form-based editor for all the members theree. Address, phone number, locker number, EVERYTHING is available to change. I'm tempted to change all the addreses to HER address just before the next newsletter is sent out. That would be rich, oh yes.

TOPIC - Death drives a stick - 12/19/97 04:57:37 EST
FROM - <Ebola Jones> - Frumunda Mysack

LA LA LA LA LA *oof* *oof* *oof*

TOPIC - *gasp* - 12/17/97 04:08:53 EST
FROM - <Tommy Lee> -


TOPIC - ouch my butt! - 12/17/97 04:07:40 EST
FROM - <Pamala Anderson> - Frumunda Ebola

aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooo ooo ooo oofff offf oofff ahh feels good....uhh I mean geee don't do that no more aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhh ooo ooo ooo oooohhhhhhhhhhh

TOPIC - Where do you think your going? - 12/17/97 04:05:57 EST
FROM - <Ebola Jones> - Frumunda Mysack

Take this Pamala!!!(thrust)

TOPIC - - 12/17/97 04:04:44 EST
FROM - <Little Billy> -

boo hoo......don't hurt me no more...sniff...sniff........waaaahhhhh

TOPIC - DIE!!! - 12/17/97 04:03:16 EST
FROM - <Ebola Jones> - Frumunda Mysack

You too billy. Take that!(slap)

TOPIC - - 12/17/97 04:01:58 EST
FROM - <Bob> -


TOPIC - Take this! - 12/17/97 04:01:01 EST
FROM - <Ebola Jones> - Frumunda Mysack

Take this Bob!!!!(smack)

FROM - <Ebola Jones> - Frumunda Mysack


TOPIC - what the fuck!! I'm post'n on a mac thats stolen - 12/13/97 03:14:57 EST
FROM - <submit 2 dysfunction> - get ya grind now

how the fuck about a sub dealing with ruining lives !!!! /______________________what is your main malfunction sheep lover scum???

TOPIC - Subs - 12/11/97 17:17:46 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

Maybe you should have a sub on Kevin Mitnick

TOPIC - Suggestions - 12/06/97 02:26:41 EST -
FROM - <Op8> - NC

How about a PLA mailing list?

TOPIC - New Sub - 12/04/97 20:52:14 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

RBCP maybe you should have a sub on food?

TOPIC - bad cgi...? - 12/02/97 19:31:33 EST
FROM - <Napalmoliv> - gfe~@!ER

hey RBCP...the "music/video" sub's post form gives "an intenal server error" when i try to post. check it out. thanks. n.

TOPIC - Test - 12/02/97 19:27:07 EST -
FROM - <Medford> - 214

I would hate for my bunghole to get polio!

TOPIC - wrg - 11/30/97 16:19:53 EST
FROM - <wrg> - wrg


TOPIC - test - 11/30/97 16:11:01 EST -
FROM - <rbcp> - test


NAME - rbcp <>
TOPIC - fruitware bbs
LOCATION - celina, ohio, USA
POSTED ON - 11/28/97 18:54:56 EST

Just a quick update - I'm working on the script tonight so you'll probably see annoying test messages by me here. I'm going to try and fix the damned line breaks problem and make the messages scroll away after so many posts and also limit the size of the message bodies to prevent 3 meg posts like we saw last week. Update on our spammers - they're still trying as hard as they can. After I banned from posting, the logs showed that he tried to post, then ran upstairs on daddy's Prodigy account and started spamming away until I banned that too. I sent abuse e-mail to the spammer's ISP along with samples and logs and there hasn't been any attempts from him at all since then. (He was the major problem here.) Keep me posted if you have any suggestions, complaints or security holes to report. :)

My Homepage

NAME - The MF <....>
TOPIC - One suggestion
LOCATION - ..., ..., USA
POSTED ON - 11/28/97 16:35:06 EST

Well this is going very well for the fruitware BBS, and vastly superior to wwwboard(which has a few security holes, one I discovered even on here). One suggestion would be for when people post urls on the posts, put it to a new browser window. It's a bit constricting looking at it in a half-window(even though its nice to be able to resize and instantly go back to the BBS on the fly.

my web page

NAME - rbcp <>
TOPIC - New Subs
LOCATION - celina, ohio, USA
POSTED ON - 11/28/97 00:44:54 EST

I'm really itching to make new subs so if you have any suggestions, post them here.

NAME - micki <>
TOPIC - this and that
LOCATION - fuctown, cali, USA has nice chicks
POSTED ON - 11/27/97 04:44:23 EST

this discuss thing is getting better all the time. ;+ also I like the grapes in the fruitware section bbs will never die more dumb stuff d0wn here also love is fucked sometimes lucky you live in calif

almost home is typed here

NAME - The Motherfucker <....>
TOPIC - Those frames and HTML
LOCATION - ...., ..., USA
POSTED ON - 11/25/97 03:35:34 EST

More links? More pictures? This is a discussion board, not a make-your-own web page discussion board. Why do you even need this? You're going to post tasteless pictures and do more HTML than you would ever imagine done on your geocities web page.

Fork over the CC and watch pictures of me having sex with people who are not you!

NAME - tension <xx>
TOPIC - ideas
LOCATION - xx, xx, USA
POSTED ON - 11/24/97 20:48:05 EST

This looks and works much better! Here is a few ideas: 1, FIX THE LINE BREAKS SO I CAN LIST MY IDEAS! 2, Give us an option of colors for our posts. 3, Make it so we can position the pictures wherever we want in our post. 4, Multiple pictures and muliple links in our posts. 5, Font sizes. 6, Font types. That's it, hope you do some of that...

NAME - Napalmoliv <>
TOPIC - speed
POSTED ON - 11/24/97 18:23:21 EST

I agree. the frames really make getting around alot easier.

NAME - The MF <...>
TOPIC - ..
LOCATION - .., ..., USA
POSTED ON - 11/23/97 19:12:29 EST

Actually the use of frames on these mesage boards speeds things up, since the left blue frame never really changes, so switching around message boards is a lot faster.

NAME - rbcp <>
TOPIC - update...
LOCATION - celina, ohio, USA
POSTED ON - 11/23/97 18:56:53 EST

Okay, I know half the world hates frames but this seems to be the most efficient way to organize the subs. At least I think so but then again I'm a high school drop out so what the hell do I know... You still can't do linebreaks but that'll be fixed as soon as I get a chance to do a little reading. If you really hate frames, click on the de-frame button at the top of the screen. Soon I'll set up a pop-up menu on each page for the people who don't use frames so they can hop from sub to sub. That's it. I still need suggestions for sub topics so email 'em to me or post them here.

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