TOPIC - when will the other subs work?
DATE - 02/06/98 06:32:20
FROM - Gryfter

when will the other subs be up and working?

TOPIC - new subs
DATE - 02/02/98 22:28:18
FROM - rbcp ohio -

The first four subs here are now working. I'll get the rest of them going one of these days. Please - no spam on this group of subs. Only serious inquiries & answers.

DATE - 02/02/98 22:32:32
FROM - rbcp Ohio -

From my recent experiences, I've found that all Bell Atlantic territory is near impossible to get any information out of mlac/facs. I've always claimed to be a tech working in a box, but BA says that techs never call mlac, they call their supervisors.

Anyone have any experience/ideas with these guys? I'm a really persistant person and I've had no luck at all with BA. I'm using their employee locater to create a list of employees in specific areas so I can start dropping names but that'll take awhile.

Also, what the hell is the difference between FACS and MLAC. I mean, I know what the acronyms stand for, but why are they named different? As far as I can tell, they do the same things.

TOPIC - handset
DATE - 02/06/98 14:35:43
FROM - hobKnob 414

umm n/m i spoke w/ my friend...
it's apparently not an "ameritech"
hand set.. (he lays line and wires
buildings for ameritech, and is the one who gave me this one) it's better ..:)
apparently it belonged to his supervisor
who was letting him use it till his replacement came in..suporvisor got fired... hobKnob got phone..:)

TOPIC - butt set
DATE - 02/06/98 12:39:27
FROM - hobKnob 414

umm i got an ameritech handset...
and it's not orange.. it's red..
and it's by no means huge..
and it pretty much kicks ass actually..
has couple line lcd on it as a matter of fact..

TOPIC - jimbo
DATE - 02/05/98 22:05:48
FROM - rbcp ohio -

Which city do you work in, MF? Jimbo works in Indianapolis in the downtown building. I used to sleep on their sidewalk so Jimbo probably stepped over me before to get in the building. Then again, he probably didn't.

TOPIC - Ameritech
DATE - 02/04/98 12:34:59

To think at my job I've talked with my share of high ranking Ameritech people, but alas, I never got to talk to meet Jim Bayless.

TOPIC - Wisconsin Bell
DATE - 02/02/98 22:26:48
FROM - rbcp Ohio -

Wisconsin Bell is what it was called before they renamed themselves Ameritech in 1993. There was also Illinois Bell, Indiana Bell, etc. They're just too damned lazy to replace all of the pay phones. I still see alot of Indiana Bell pay phones when I'm driving through there.

DATE - 02/02/98 08:38:49
FROM - Interrupt

Cathode do you lugg that around. I hate my Ameritaech handset. It sucks it is huge. Also alot of other electronic companies sell handsets. Search the net if anyone needs to find one

DATE - 02/02/98 07:43:49
FROM - Cathode Ray

Check out I dont know if they have their line handsets featured on the web page, but if not, order a catalog. They have a handset that was around 4 grand. I creamed my jeans when reading that stats on it. Its called the "Helix" or some shit like that. A must see, it will blow you away.

TOPIC - Ameritech
DATE - 01/30/98 08:38:39
FROM - Interrupt

Their ANI numbers change every three months. Which sucks. Here is an ANI number that has worked for me in Flordia, WI, IL, Indiana, and ohio.
This also gives Area Code and A bunch of bullshit numbers at the end. This is an ATT ANI number. Have phun!!
I hate Ameritech Lineman's Handset's. They are Orange and fucking huge. I have one(I obtained Legally)and it sucks. All though if you have ever ripped of a truck They have a whole bunch of kick ass tools like those that open up the screws on payphone panels

TOPIC - test numbers
DATE - 01/30/98 07:48:50
FROM - siliconphreak 812, IN -

i am looking for a proctor test number. if anyone has it let me know.

200 ANI
777,phone num, flash, hangup

if anyone has any numbers let me know.
TOPIC - Ameritech
DATE - 01/28/98 20:22:43

Who's bright idea at ameritech was it to initiate ZONE calls and so forth? Long distance charges shouldn't apply to calls that would be a mere 9 miles away.

Sure, ISDN is quite affordable there, but the price you pay for just basic local service is outrageous. Thank gawd I'm in US West, where you can call anywhere in the area code for no metered costs or anytting like that. But the downside is that ISDN is prohibitely expensive(metered). Guess you can't have it both ways.

TOPIC - AmeriBel
DATE - 01/28/98 16:49:43
FROM - hobKnob

ok.. i'll be the first...

on wisconsin payphones.. milwaukee ones at least... it says.. (engraved on the name plate):

Wisconsin Bell
an Ameritech company..

so.. is Wisconsin Bell a true maBell?
or is ameritekkk rippin bell..
or am i just lame as all hell and
ameritekkk is just using the Bell name and symbol to better their evil sch333ms

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