Interesting Numbers To Call

This sub was suggested by Op8 so here it is. Please post useful numbers only and don't post the home phone numbers of people because most likely nobody will care but yourself. For a sample of interesting numbers, try clicking here.

FROM - dadeoHell
TOPIC - uhhh
02/08/99 04:02:33 - MESSAGE #1018

First time posting, long time reader. First i want to get a good fuck from Mischaos
becuase she is a fucking hot bitch. Second i think gay ppl are a disgrace and should
be shot on site. AND 3rd all you bitches that used the kingpin trading co's pbx FUCK

FROM - nippermass-413
TOPIC - mass
02/07/99 14:18:11 - MESSAGE #990

Erm ya dude, I'm from MA, western mass 413 baby... I'm practically lone cept for one or two others

02/01/99 19:15:31 - MESSAGE #777

What's the deal? There are NUMBERS here, Ahhh beautiful NUMBERS. Why the ban on numbers in the other subs? One good source of Nourishing Numbers - Look at the stickers on those annoying Verifone credit card machines that are all over the place. They are often to bank services and sometimes dial-ins. Also, there are ways to scroll through the machine's memory and get the actual dial-in #'s.

FROM - Lord Edit Sysumm mass i guess heh -
TOPIC - phun calling
01/30/99 20:56:54 - MESSAGE #697

any phun t0nerz in mass in da &*! area? d00d catch ya laterz! ohh thanx for all da numbers syko\! i just love to go to the church near me and call em sex numbers putting the churches/schools fone number on it! you should hear what the principal says! damnit well got to go
see ya hax0rz
phun phun

is there really a page of this shit?
FROM - kahuna818 873 5450
TOPIC - pager
01/14/99 12:15:15 - MESSAGE #238

pager for a real bitch!
have phun phreaking

page the shit out of here

FROM - hahaha
TOPIC - ha
01/09/99 13:00:23 - MESSAGE #102


TOPIC - stupid-ass
DATE - 01/02/99 18:03:21
FROM - Mischaos Texas bitch. -

For all the dumbass fucks who found out about' the Ripple line', I must say you wonder why things die out so fast. One because you pricks call constantly talking bullshit. Secondly because it's so wide spread now! Get a fuckin life..posers.

MisChaos (Bitch.)

TOPIC - fun time
DATE - 01/02/99 17:38:32
FROM - NutSackAttack ?,?,usa

This is a really phun number to prank. 1-402-346-9517. there are 8 gay guys that live here. the leader is dave.

TOPIC - FedEx *knows* where you are!!
DATE - 12/31/98 16:22:34
FROM - In Phase

Check this's really neat (or spooky, depending on how you look at it.)

Call FedEx's automated service line: 800-463-3339, and choose option 4.
Without even asking you what your zip code is, or your area code, it will tell you where the nearest FedEx drop off location is to where you are.

It must do an instant ANI, get your area code, and prefix, and look it up in some database, and play a recording that says the address of the drop off location nearest to you.

You really need to try this.......

TOPIC - fone #
DATE - 12/31/98 08:39:58
FROM - _sobe_ nevada

This guy had been out of prison for less than 6 months and already has 5 felony warrants out for his should know what to do with this one.

Joshua Wells xxx-xxx-xxxx

TOPIC - mail
DATE - 12/29/98 20:09:46
FROM - Burner MN

hey your mail diddent work I saw you got your letter printed in Blacklisted =)

TOPIC - cryosis-
DATE - 12/29/98 19:40:21
FROM - Burner MN

yeah big help....

TOPIC - the fone directorys
DATE - 12/28/98 10:20:17
FROM - Space Ghost 972

what happened to them???

TOPIC - more #'s
DATE - 12/28/98 10:19:15
FROM - Space Ghost 972

800-500-7779 t&t easyreach 800 code=??
800-500-6245 voicemail system
800-500-8888 phonecards
877-500-6245 Octel voicemail system
877-877-9003 Octel voicemail system


PLA 972/214
TOPIC - More #'s
DATE - 12/26/98 18:03:58
FROM - Black Sin 972

here.. more stuff I came across.
1-800-988-1329 pbx?
1-800-988-1331 pbx?
1-800-988-1333 pbx?

1-877-999-6245 Audex voicemail system
1-800-968-4283 Red Cross {has audex voicemail}
1-800-588-0001 some company's vmb
1-800-910-3721 Skytel
1-800-910-3722 at&t easyreach 800
1-800-910-3723 skytel

1-800-994-9470 calling card

there we go...
more crap later.

Free Email!
TOPIC - yeah...
DATE - 12/26/98 16:21:05
FROM - Black Sin 972

I found these while scanning a few minutes ago. I dunno if any of you dislike bell..
are all swb employee's numbers....
They have audex voicemail...

1-800-741-9085 network mci pager
1-800-877-4455 at&t easyreach 800 code =??
1-800-549-3169 Health Information Line

TOPIC - My and me lame ass
DATE - 12/26/98 02:58:14
FROM - cryosis MN 507

I'm from the part of MN where it's cold. Hope that helps ya out Burner. My POS computer has been broken so thats why I've been gone. Not that anyone gives a rats ass but I'm hopped up on cola and chocolate covered cherries so your gonna hear about it anyway. What the hell is with the weather? It's cold everywhere I hear. Yawn. I gotta go. Gotta get up early and call in sick to work. :)

TOPIC - 800 number
DATE - 12/22/98 19:47:55
FROM - Fone Thug

i was bore so i diceda to call random 800 number and i came up with this one 1-800-421-1803 it reads of some number thaen asks you to pross 1 or nine

TOPIC - Burner
DATE - 12/22/98 19:25:42
FROM - Bombtrack

Im from MN. 507. mail me.

TOPIC - 1-800's that ask for a kode......
DATE - 12/21/98 17:22:57

Yeah, I've gotten those too, 2600 often prints 'em in the letters section. I tried different kodes until I got bored, none of the obvious ones like all 1's, etc. seems to work on these, it would take brute force.

TOPIC - what is this
DATE - 12/20/98 12:08:43
FROM - jimmypop 614 -

I found this number on the first try. I read in blacklisted that 800 ani numbers end with 1803 alot so I was bored at the mall yesterday and decided to start dialing,I dialed1 800 227 1803(i got 227 from my privacy manager on call id) and i got a prompt to enter some code so i just hit a few numbers until it hung up on me maybe sombody knows oh well.
also it doesnt have a nice computer voice its kind of a bitch

TOPIC - what part of MN are you from?
DATE - 12/19/98 00:32:56
FROM - Burner MN

hey Cryosis i see your from MN what part?

TOPIC - Keep it up, Jaymze...
DATE - 12/18/98 00:19:04

Keep playing with it, that's how hackers find out things, by following up on *little* clues, I'm learning about x.25 protocol bacause of fucking around with a COCOT type fone, and people thought it wasn't worth fucking with, but now I know a lot more than I did!

TOPIC - Witty Answer!
DATE - 12/16/98 17:37:12
FROM - Ray Dios Haque UP$

....Sounds to me like you have too much time on your hands. :) Sorry, had to say it.


TOPIC - interesting number
DATE - 12/14/98 02:37:35
FROM - jaymz

Say you find a number, and when you call it is total silence. When ya say something in it ya can hear yourself talk, and if ya stay on there for like 5 minutes it finally drops a busy signal, what does that sound like to you?

TOPIC - 811
DATE - 12/12/98 16:22:49
FROM - sulcata99 330 -

sorry SC been a long weak been working 12hr. daze. and only had the time to read and not post. are there any bbs in the 330 area for H/P? is haOvic still maintaining the 330 page seems most of the links are dead. anyway x11's dont do anything here 'sept for 4,8+im prety sure 9 but i dont want to be callin that one from home to find out(years ago I ansered a ring pay phone at school and it was a 911 opperator at the same time the princapal walked around the corner and asked why i called 911 lucky for me the opp. could tell my voice from who ever called in and reported a fire.)still wonder about this couse 911 dialed the payphone and the school office back at the same time, afreind was in the office at the time and said the principals, vice- principals,and main desk phones all rang at once and the principal + vp seemed to be talking to the same person. fuck i bable on to much!

TOPIC - 700
DATE - 12/12/98 15:26:12
FROM - Ender Boulder, Colorado

Are these 1-700 numbers free to call?

TOPIC - 700
DATE - 12/11/98 22:41:39

700 numbers are reserved for local and long distance telco information services. Also, what ever happened to the 330 dude I was talking to about the whole 811 thing?

TOPIC - What are those 700 #'s for?
DATE - 12/11/98 21:00:09

What are those 700 numbers for?
Anybody have any references to those.
Has anyone had any experiences with them when they came out?

DATE - 12/09/98 14:36:34
FROM - jimmy -


TOPIC - Fax Back
DATE - 11/13/98 13:21:08
FROM - cryosis MN

Here's the fax back for Brother (they make faxes and typewriters): 1800-521-2846
If you get pissed off at a big store full of stupid people (like Best Buy) or at one of the cashiers who answer the phones these are fun, too.

DATE - 11/10/98 23:17:43
FROM - syko416 Toronto, Canada

Yo! I have just updated my site. I have a bunch of new numbers including over 50 call forwarding numbers (att easy reach 800) that you can prank. I think that you should check it out. If you want to give me any numbers to add to my phone book, send it to me or post it in here.

Click Here!!

DATE - 11/10/98 22:45:58
FROM - WunderKind 410

Fax Back #'s
check the PLA directoRoy

TOPIC - Faxbacks
DATE - 11/10/98 15:45:51

DF and WUNDER, one of the neatest "utilities" for harassing the shit out of people this way is something called a "faxback". How this works is, most people will have a voice # and another # for their fax machine. So, if you're ordering technical info from Intel or HP or IBM, they or their bot is not at all surprised for you to give a different # then you are calling from to send a technical fax, such as a schematic or tech specs, etc., to. Fax machines and software will keep sending it until the machine on the other end tells the sender that it all came in, and look OK according to the error correction protocol. Can you see where this is going? Most non-geeks don't know about faxback services, a classic case of security through obscurity. Faxback numbers are available by contactin IBM, HP, Compaq, etc., or off of h/p sites. Have fun! Every jerk deserves to have a fax machine whistle sweet nothings in his ear in the middle of the night!

DATE - 11/10/98 14:23:00
FROM - WunderKind 410

Darnnit! It won't post Fine... heres the URL.

DATE - 11/10/98 14:21:49
FROM - WunderKind 410

Just go to this address and type someone else's #. It'll call them in about a minute. I did this to my high school principal at about 1:00AM.

DATE - 11/10/98 14:21:36
FROM - WunderKind 410

Just go to this address and type someone else's #. It'll call them in about a minute. I did this to my high school principal at about 1:00AM.

TOPIC - Callbacks on the Net
DATE - 11/10/98 12:31:15

Does anyone know a place on the net where you can simply enter your phone number (or someone else's, hehehehehehe) and then click a button and the service will automatically ring your phone? These are great for harassment if you wanna keep ringing someone's phone for like an hour straight and they'll just get an automated recording. I know used to have one that I used and it drove the people fucking nuts. Me and one of my friends did it to a video store for about an hour, then I called em and said I was the Sprint Operator and I noticed that they were having trouble with their line. They were bitching and saying that our service just kept calling and calling and calling and it wouldn't stop and that they had called everyone and no one could figure it out. Untraceable. I tested it by calling my own house and my own number and info appeared on the Caller ID from the phone line I was dialing. Anyway, these are great to just drive people fucking crazy and if anyone knows of any please let me know. Thanx again....

TOPIC - 800 and ops
DATE - 11/09/98 21:09:32
FROM - Fone Thug 210

i just tell them im having trouble dialing a # there allways kind enough to dial it

TOPIC - 800 and ops
DATE - 11/09/98 15:21:36
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

Um, if you ask real nicely, they'll do it. Not that difficult. Well, while im thinkin about it, anyone have any current info on OCI?

TOPIC - 800
DATE - 11/08/98 18:30:43
FROM - sammy 925

HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GET OPERATORS TO DIAL AN 800 NUMBER FOR YOU? or is there another way to make it impossible for an 800 line to get your number?

TOPIC - ???
DATE - 11/06/98 18:24:32
FROM - GenSkar Wrinkilwood Fl

Any phreaks in the 941 ac?

?No Habla Engles?
The Worlds Telephone system is as secure as a box
of cherrios .

TOPIC - Dtmf Decoding #
DATE - 11/05/98 19:20:42
FROM - Fone Thug

cool i just as i was posting this i got my 6.500 crystal anyway here's a number that does dimf decoding
1-800-696-2316 this does decoding even better then Teleco equpiment hehe

TOPIC - You're absolutely right!
DATE - 11/03/98 18:48:17
FROM - Tofu 626/818 - No domain available

No! Anything but winding up like Dino!!! 'll stop with the "lazy juice" and stick to my celleyar pho--Oh no! It's already begun!!! Damn! Why have you forsaken me?!?! Ok, I'm done with that..


TOPIC - Yeah, you have a point tofus....
DATE - 11/03/98 16:31:43

Yeah, I see your point, wish I knew about 'leet stuff like Phiber and etc write about, have a lot of lost time to make up for......

I'm working on more articles, I think as I learn they will gradually get better.....

Why the heck are you drinking "lazy juice", otherwise known as "loss of initiative in a bottle"?? Want to end up like Dino?!?!!?!?!?! Hackers are more into smart drugs and COFFEEE man!

TOPIC - Im tired of entering topics..
DATE - 11/02/98 19:03:14
FROM - Tofu 626/818 - No domain available

Informagnet, dont forget the Moviephone Article! That was lamer than yours too! Dont put yourself down, you could have always written the Backyard Phreaker article or whatever. Now, this was REALLY lame. Anyone who read it and learned something, please post it, cause I couldn't find anything in it..anyways, Im drunk *again* and thought I'd post something stupid and pointless. Wow, I really gotta control my drimking >=D. Blah blah bla h blah blah..okay, Im done now.

stop clicking here!

TOPIC - Yo Tofus
DATE - 11/02/98 15:00:51

Hey - I finally got the latest issue, and yep, they printed it alright! If they took out anything, I couldn't find it. What's a really nice surprise is besides lame shit like my article, the latest uss has:

Homemade TCP Packets
Socket Programming
Blasting Sound (Sending sounds through a network)
Back Orifice Tutorial (how to use it)
How To Probe a Remote Network
Hack Your (GAME!!!) Console
Cushioned Encryption and Deniability
The Backyard Phreaker (actually lamer then my article!)
Expanding Caller ID STorage
CLLI Codes Explained
Hacking Resnet (college dorm network)
Screwing With Blockbuster
Screwing With Moviefone
Screwing With Radio Shack and Compag (LAME! Oops, mine)
Trunking Communications Monitoring
More on SIPRnet
and the usual letters, etc. Pretty cool, they'd had some $$ problems lately and I wasn't expecting this quality, there's some stuff I really plan to study in here.

DATE - 10/31/98 13:17:53

OK, I called Micki a few times and only got an answering machine so far, but it's a chick's voice alright, and I've been giving my wierder email senders here phone #! Hehe she'll get the gangbang she's after, sheesh, isn't Fresno one of those places where white trash kind of sprout out of the ground? Oh yeah, and she apparently's been kicked off of, but I think her whole address is on

TOPIC - About the whole 2600 thing..
DATE - 10/30/98 19:26:27
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

Well, around where I live (Southern California), we rarely get the issues of 2600. It sucks really, Barnes & Nobles just doesnt liek to see em or something. Anyhoo, I got the latest issue when I was visiting someone in Jacksonville Florida. The guy there said that the issues had been sitting there for some time, and this was around the 16th or whatever. Anyways, Im drunk, you're not, bye bye now.

DATE - 10/30/98 17:46:03
FROM - syko416 Toronto, canada

Yo, if you want some cool numbers too call, you MUST check out my page! I know this sounds like a spam but it's not. You come to my site and look in the phone book you will find 100s of numbers to call, in every area code except 1-900.
check it out

Syko's phreaking page

TOPIC - Hilarious #!
DATE - 10/30/98 16:56:35

Well, I got up at the crack of noon here and checked my email, and found I had about 15 messages from this WIERD chick named Micki O'Neal, in Fresno, California, phone # is (209)432-8107. Naturally, she didn't give me all this info, I just went and GOT IT hehe! Anyways, these messages are all one right after the other, I think she must have been drunk, and all had inspirational massages like FUCK YOU, SUCK MY DOG OFF, and other gems. She seems to have this fascination with her dog's dick, hehe! I called the # and she's not home yet, darnit, but if you're in Fresno, CA or feel like doing some long-distance pranking she sounds like a lot of phun! Personally, seriously, this is not someone I know or anything, I've been sending some smartass emails around, so maybe it's Tannest, I don't know! It's easy to tell, however, that (a) she drinks, (b) she's easy to piss off, and (c) she and her dog seem to have a "special" friendship! I just got me a SPARC system and am working on learning UNIX hopefully *very* well, and this wierd person looks like a fun one to pick at digitally at times and get blamed for my exploits at other times! Oh, and her email is Enjoy!

DATE - 10/27/98 15:40:36

LM he needs a liberal application of BAck Orfice with the ButtSniffer PLUG-IN!!!!! Or is he even intelligent enough to operate a Wintel box????

OK, I dial into a fone that's at our local bookstore, I think it's like a COCOT, except for the "coin-op" part, it's programmed to enable calling the local pizza places and I don't think anything else, so I ANI'd it and got the #, (520)776-8328 this may or may not help 'cause Spaz Spaztick says it doesn't work from Flagstaff so it may have LD blocked even incoming. Trying a ringback shut it down for a while, maybe an hour? Anyways, I dialed in with Hyperterminal and got this moden, typing "?" or "help" gets a list of X.28 commands, so what I'm asking is, what the heck are they? Are they Xmodem commands? This is the first one of these I've phucked with, and I'm in furiousity with curiousity!

TOPIC - dfasdfa
DATE - 10/26/98 15:48:48
FROM - Dogwelder New Hampshire 603 - No domain available

yeah, i can't get 2600 here either. The bookstore that used to carry them shut down so I can't get em. I'm probably gonna get a subscription though

DATE - 10/26/98 14:08:10

OK, the l8est issue of the 2600 has the statue of liberty on it, I only know 'cause I went to their site and looked at the cover pic.

Tofu probbly has a sub so he gets it a little earlier, the lucky dog!

Pepsias, thanks a bazillion for checking for me! In this hickass town, I'm lucky to find 2600 @ all! Hehe at least I might get it in PHX this weekend, I'm going to a Mensa halloween pawtee as a USWorst lineperson and plan to take everyone who's gutsy out for some midnight beige-boxing! Heehee maybe we'll get CAUGHT!

OK, I just called the (520)776-8328 # fo' de Pizzafone this morn, and got a modem, so Hyperterminaled it and got this intrigueing thing! OK, you dial in and it connects and does nothing, no prompt, but then type "?" or "help" and you get this bunch of X.28 commands, whatever those are. I should explain that is is some kind of wierd phone in Hastings books that you can use to dial a number of pizza joints, and I'm pretty sure it's set up to block other #'s so you can't call your friends, so it's kind of like a COCOT, a commercial coin-op type phone that can be programmed to do certain things. In this case dial only pizza place #'s. I'm lucky I could ANI it I guess. I tried ringback and I guess that shuts it down for a while, hehe. The people who work in Hastings there are pretty clueless so I'm willing to bet this will be available for hacker use long into the future.......

TOPIC - Houston Phreakers
DATE - 10/25/98 23:42:01
FROM - NeonHigh Houston, Texas 281 - No domain available

Are there any Hackers/Phreakers in the 281 area?


TOPIC - Phreaks?
DATE - 10/25/98 23:32:13
FROM - NH Texas 281

Any phreaks in the 281 area?????

TOPIC - Number
DATE - 10/25/98 20:33:58

Ok, heres a interesting number for the baltimore area 410-555-5555 it is an automated test line when you call wait a few secs a lady will come on and say "hello" and it startled me the first time but then she says some crap and tells you the number your calling from then when you hang up the number calls you back and if you answer and wait a few seconds she says "loop back in" and she counts down then says loopback connected. I dont get what exactly this is or what phun you could have with it but if anyone knows post it here and any other 410/301 area code numbers you know of would be cool

TOPIC - 2600
DATE - 10/25/98 16:27:09
FROM - Bombtrack

It has a pic of the statue of liberty and a guy infront of it

TOPIC - 2600
DATE - 10/25/98 11:48:22
FROM - Fone Thug

what does the latest issue of 2600 look like?

TOPIC - article
DATE - 10/25/98 11:24:56
FROM - pepsias

yep. they printed yer article. "Well, Radio shack is firmly in bed with Compaq" i didn't see any letter though.

TOPIC - Oh, yeah...
DATE - 10/24/98 22:18:40

Oh, yeah, here's a number - I ANI'd the Prescott, AZ Hastings Pathetic Booksore's "Pizza Fone" and got (520)776-8328. Then I tried a ringback (590-last4) and I THINK I KILLED IT!!!


No, wait...


TOPIC - This Sucks....
DATE - 10/24/98 22:16:28

Whelp, I went to our feeble excuse for culture bookstore and NO 2600!! So, now I don't know if they printed a sucky article by me or a sucky letter by me! I did an article on how to get into your local RAt Shack's Compaq w/o having to know their stupid pw (RS2C98) and get to DOS prompt and do pshit, and then I sent in a letter about the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO, about their laughable security and stuff, can you pholks tell me which one they did? Hehehehe too cheep to subscribe yet, I guess....

TOPIC - Numbers
DATE - 10/24/98 12:36:44
FROM - Stunn3r Hell

1-800-925-TALK some confrence bridge
1-800-466-9222 Octel Voicemail System
1-888-791-5483 COol
1-800-737-4993 ASPEN

TOPIC - Step Tone Generators
DATE - 10/24/98 12:34:20
FROM - NH Texas

Does anyone know what a Step Tone Generator is ??
I got a number after looting a telephone truck.
When ever i call i just get these wierd noises.

TOPIC - Um..hey
DATE - 10/23/98 21:10:44
FROM - Informagnet, lets elope! 626 - No domain available

Hey, when you get the latest one,look at how much they cut out. I was just wondering if they butchered it to death. Oh well, not important...the issue still sucks nuts, but, again, I still liked your article.

TOPIC - Tofu I love you man!
DATE - 10/23/98 18:41:47
FROM - ~INFORMAGNET~ apppppsdppsd

Wow, I haven't gotten the l8est 2600 yet - might see if the one wannabee hip bookstore in this right-wing-extremeist town has it, so they printed my sucky article????? MUA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!! Wait'll they see the OTHER crap I have in mind!!!!! Now, all it takes to make my like complete is...... WHERE'S MY F()CKING BLACK TEE-SHIRT!!!! I can hardly wait to get that pot of water boiling on the stove to shrink it like crazy so I can wear it! Hey, not all of us are built like Kevin Mitnick, and even a Medium is pushing it on scrawny little me!!

Envy Dept.......
HEHEHEHEHE I SE'd my way into the Prescott CO, and if I work at it looks like I can become a sort of "mascot" around there!! YEAH!! WHOO-HOO! I got a couple of interesting #'s from some pieces of paper that accidentally fell in my pocket and will put 'em on my pathetic (but very long and green) state site soon as I've phigured 'em out.

TOPIC - Hey Informagnet
DATE - 10/21/98 16:53:50
FROM - Tofu 626 - No domain available

Hey informagnet, just wanted to say good job in getting your article into 2600, I just picked up the new issue and thought it sucked. But no worries, I liked your article..But, what the hells with the Blockbuster article, its almost useless...Anyways, off to rat shack to screw with their minds..

"Im a hacker cause OCI says so..."


TOPIC - fonesweep??
DATE - 10/16/98 18:34:58

Fonesweep costs THAT much??? wowwww companies are stupid and have too much money!!! anyone can write something to do that in Qbasic or VB....

TOPIC - Wardialers
DATE - 10/14/98 23:21:41
FROM - Simply LA/HP - No domain available

PSS.. the fuck now companies are gona be wardialing too?.why the fuck is that...shouldn't they already know their own dail-in modems?.....what's next the president asking us to teach him how to make a redbox? or the pope asking us to teach him how to use ToneLoc and how to hack?....sheesh cna't these fuckin companies get a life and make a better OS and stop fuckin with our turf......shit I say hack their site and make tham look stupid


TOPIC - War Dialers
DATE - 10/14/98 23:17:07
FROM - Simply LA/HP - No domain available

Ok there is only one good wardialer out there and
that's ToneLoc, in a couple of months Minor Threat should be out, and hopefully make a new version of ToneLoc. And what the fuck are these companies doing?, trying to make money off something that can be taken from the internet for free?.....besides who the fuck is gonna buy a wardialer for 2G's ?...not me I'll be sticking with ToneLoc(it's free=))

here's a peice of the article :

PhoneSweep, available for Microsoft's Windows 95, 98, and NT operating systems, is a graphical wardialer that uses a commercial SQL database to record the numbers it reaches. Its features include brute-force username and password guessing, as well as screening fax-machine detection. It also avoids the accidental dialing of 911.

phonesweep<-----what the fuck is that?

another excerpt

PhoneSweep Basic, which costs US$980, controls one modem and holds 300 numbers in a scanning profile. PhoneSweep Plus, for $2,800, can control four modems simultaneously and holds 10,000 numbers. <------the fuck is this 4 modems who the fuck needs four modems

and another excerpt

Martin said that many of PhoneSweep's features -- including fax screening and multimodem support -- can be found on some of the free wardialers, like ToneLoc. "However, I think this tool might be quite useful," Martin said. "Unlike the free tools out there, this one is designed with corporate audit specifically in mind -- which is the key." <-----the fuck big companies are getting into our turf, thisis bullshit....first they make us look bad and send us to jail, make laws on scanning , and now some software company is making a wardialer?.....what is this country turning in to?

Here's a challenge hack into this fuckin company who's trying to steal our turf and laugh like hell :)

PS. If Minor Threat or his affiliates ever read this please do us all a favor and make ToneLoc the ultimate wardialer, just to show this damn companies who their messing with :)


TOPIC - whoa
DATE - 10/13/98 19:11:41
FROM - British

talk about over-commercialized. Can it sing and dance too? Forget that program. Tone Loc '98's gonna be FREE and hopefully better than that thing.

TOPIC - commercial war dialer
DATE - 10/12/98 22:00:18
FROM - In Phase

Check this out..... a "war-dialer" is now commercially available. This program is to be used by system admins to check the weaknesses in their system security. Think those firewalls will keep hackers out? Yes, but there's another way in!....the dial-in ports!!

Read the story on WIRED Magazine's web page, and be sure to go to the web page of the company that makes this program.... but don't think about buying it... the "BASIC" version is a whopping $980, and the "FULL FEATURED" version is around $2800. !!!

WIRED's story on a War Dialer

TOPIC - re: deaf realy
DATE - 10/10/98 10:43:53
FROM - Syko416 Toronto, Canada


I really don't think that some one is going to post a PBX and a working pin because if they do that, everyone will abuse it ans within a couple days it will go down.

Syko416's homepage

TOPIC - Fuck is still valid
DATE - 10/10/98 04:28:57

who wanted some 800 modem #'S

here is a a strange one


DATE - 10/09/98 13:54:13
FROM - Crazybyte 214

Ok well this service kind of sucks but it is free...
check it out 1-800-EMAIL-ME anywhere in the 48 states

TOPIC - deaf realy
DATE - 10/07/98 21:18:10
FROM - ByoPhreak The all mighty.

does anyone have a working PBX and PIN they will trade?

DATE - 10/05/98 14:59:12


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HACK THE PLANET!!!!!!!!

HE HE.......!!!!!!!

DATE - 10/05/98 00:00:01
FROM - VisiGoth HELL (I-DA-HO)

I tryed to call a few porn lines call a few porn lines at my school and the 711 across the street five payphones all togather (all of them are usworst) none of the usuals (800-wet-cunt, hot-tubs etc.) would go thru except one it was 1-800-555-6969 I'm not sure why but it does.


The Phallen Bell

TOPIC - blocked 800s
DATE - 10/04/98 14:56:12
FROM - In Phase

A few months ago, a new "law" went into effect. It allows the owner of a payphone to charge the owner of a 1-800 number a fee of 28.5 cents for any calls made on its phones. Normally, 1-800 calls don't require a coin deposit, so the only way payphone owners could make any profit was to charge the owner of the toll-free number that charge.

Some owners of toll-free numbers don't want to pay that charge, so they block all calls that come from pay phones.

I have also found that some 1-800 numbers are blocked from being called from "real" US West phones, but they DO go through if you call them from a COCOT. Apparently, the COCOTs don't properly identify themselves as a pay phone to the owner of the toll-free line, so the call goes through, and the "owner" of the line gets charged that 28.5 cent fee, PLUS any "time" charges, like 10 cents a minute for every minute you sit there and listen to their recordings.

TOPIC - payphones/porn lines
DATE - 10/04/98 14:13:50
FROM - British

There has been a lot of debate about that. By law, 800 numbers cannot charge you for calling it, yet I have heard companies have some sneaky underhanded way of donig it. That would explain why they dont accept(most?) payphone calls. It may have been some callback system where you call the 800 #, and some woman calls you back collect and make some profit with a long distance company.

TOPIC - Down with US West
DATE - 10/04/98 13:46:46
FROM - Coyote 509

While watching television, I saw a phone sex number 1-800-431-4475.
What is interesting about this number is that some payphones in
the Washington 509 area code will not connect it. US West
payphones or payphones with US West long distance service seem to be
the guilty party. They give you a message saying something like, "You
can not call this number from a payphone. You must use a regular phone
to call this number.". My first thought was that the number might be
tring to bill the payphone somehow. Later, I discovered that AT&T
payphones found around Safeway stores will allow this call. Does
US West have something against phone porn? Also, the AT&T payphone
will mute the keypad about 2 1/2 minutes into the call. Use this fact
to get refunds.

TOPIC - PLA Phone Directory
DATE - 10/04/98 01:01:18
FROM - hmmm....

If you need more coolio numbers to call, RBCP has updated the PLA Phone Directory, so go check it out.

TOPIC - Number
DATE - 10/02/98 21:30:49
FROM - FoneTone Mainr

Hey if you have some free time call 18006223850. It is some hick car sales man or somthing. Talk in a high voice and ask for jeff. The guy is so easy to piss off.

TOPIC - Call this
DATE - 10/02/98 09:01:59
FROM - RhCp Australia


DATE - 10/01/98 19:35:26
FROM - bla bla bla!

Call my school and ask to talk to prisoner number 69 or tell her you found Derek Ostermans lunch card! Or whatever you want! I'm not responsible if you call a bomb threat though!

DATE - 10/01/98 15:40:18
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

Hey syko. the number 303-665-3266 has been disconnected. >:)

Hey phase. I picked up something interesting from work. I got the number and passcode for activating pre-paid calling cards. Should we check it out?


TOPIC - updated
DATE - 09/29/98 17:38:10
FROM - Syko416 toronto canada

I have updated my site. so go and visit it!!

BTW: if you come to my site, you'll find cool numbers like: 1-800-666-6607 <== call it up (remember if you want more like those, visit my site)

Syko416's phreanking Page

TOPIC - 1-800-555-8840
DATE - 09/29/98 08:32:33
FROM - Fone Thug here! no ! there!

when i dial this number i get a dial tone but all i can dial is 5-digit numbers (like 10288) when im connected i got some women paly around with this and see whe you can find out

TOPIC - Phallen Bells on a new server
DATE - 09/26/98 15:53:01
FROM - VisiGoth

Immature or not The Phallen Bell now is at Http://


The Phallen Bell

TOPIC - Phallen Bells on a new server
DATE - 09/26/98 15:52:05
FROM - VisiGoth

Immature or not The Phallen Bell now at Http://


The Phallen Bell

TOPIC - Blue Box Kid in Trouble
DATE - 09/26/98 13:27:30
FROM - Simply Annoying LA/HP - No domain available

I got this letter from Blue Box Kid, seems like his ISP is blocking here's the letter

From: "Blue Box Kid"
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 23:26:59 PDT

P-Phreak, brother phreak, phriend, phellow American. I am writeing you
today in an urgent tone..... Tonight when i logged on, i found that
site, yes has been blocked by my ISP. This site doesnt
contain any pornogrophy of any sort. It is for the pure knowlege of
phun. I ask you to paste this message in every forum on the PLA site.
As President Kenedy said once, "Ask not what your country can do for
you, but what you can do for your country." I urge you, my phellow
bretheren, to dispose of any means of persuadement to change my ISP

Blue Box Kid
Idaho 208

TOPIC - updated
DATE - 09/22/98 11:46:12
FROM - Syko416 Toronto, canada

Yo! guess what. I just updated my website. go check it out.

BTW: call this number and bug them 1-800-221-4064 code: 02

click here!!!

DATE - 09/21/98 14:31:05
FROM - eric Montreal

Hi I'm looking for good board on phreaking , anyone to sugest

Hi alll I'v heard that phone compagnies are logging phone calls of thier costemers
all phone calls are log in the coster's file.
If someone know anything about that I'd like you to drop me an email

BTW: any phone phreaker boards:

TOPIC - 817
DATE - 09/19/98 15:22:45
FROM - Texan 817 - No domain available

any one from 817 mail me

TOPIC - heh
DATE - 09/19/98 12:06:53

Does that guy have a FAX machine at his work? If you know the number, tell us, and we can have fun with those fax-on-demand systems and flood his fax machine ....

TOPIC - Asshole!!!!!
DATE - 09/18/98 19:11:58
FROM - Astrogeek Memphis

Hey, my friends and I were riding around in a van, and we were causing innocent trouble (we posted a sign in the rear of the van that read "Help Kidnappers!") and this fag called the cops on us, and the damn pigs couln't charge us with anything (cause posting signs in your own vehicle isn't illegal), so they decided that we were resisting arrest and reckless driving (both of us, if you can believe that) and now we've got to go to court for this shit. Anyway, here's the guys name, number and address. ANY TROUBLE ANYONE can cause him will be greatly appreciated! Possibly rewarded! If you end up doing anything email me, and tell me about it...It would be GREATLY appreciated. Anyway, enough of me kissing your asses, here's the shit:

David W. Parish

(901) xxx-xxxx
(901) xxx-xxxx (work #)

Again, ANY and ALL help would be appreciated, and possibly rewarded. Tell him I sent you. Thanks.

TOPIC - asdf
DATE - 09/18/98 18:25:05
FROM - asdf asdf

941-420-9391.. it's a cyntrex line

have fun

TOPIC - Strange Tone
DATE - 09/18/98 01:29:14
FROM - Blue Box Kid Idaho 208

Hey i was phucking around last nite and i was dialing x11 numberz like 211,311,511,611,711,811 and when i dialed 311, i got this wierd tone. I thought wow! a test loop!! so i got on the other fone line and dialed the 311 and then on the other i dialed 311 but they both just played the same tone! any answers?

Blue Box Kid

TOPIC - 618
DATE - 09/17/98 17:32:47
FROM - DGuY 618 - No domain available

My bad, it'z 618.


TOPIC - what the fux
DATE - 09/17/98 01:27:33
FROM - not DGuy

Hey DGuy,
What's that guys area code? We all don't live in the same city, ya know......

TOPIC - a fat fucking dickhead
DATE - 09/16/98 22:44:34
FROM - DGuY behind your toilet brush - No domain available

PLEASE prank this fat ass mother fux0r. His name is Mike Terpening. His # is xxx-xxxx. Tell him DGuY 0wns him, or that he is the Jenny Craig poster boy, or that his house is a cheap piece of shit(it is, he has like 3 trucks in his driveway, 1 works).


TOPIC - last post
DATE - 09/16/98 18:30:00
FROM - Fone Thug

that last post has only one period. heheh

TOPIC - 1-800-522-2109
DATE - 09/16/98 18:28:25
FROM - Fone Thug in front of my computer

1-800-522-2109 Is a funny 1-800 number it is an At&t Easyreach 800 number and the code is 01 when you call them just say "please hold" and start singing crappy music into the phone if you call them enough they wont pick up and theyll let the awnsering machene get it when they do that just leave the phone off the hook so the awnsering machine uses up all the tape i just called them up 5 min ago and the said they had reported me th the phone company and the poilce i was about to go "THIS FUCKUNG FONE HAS BEEN REPORTED MORE TIMES THEN I CAN COUNT"but they hung up so ui called the m back but the line was busy.

TOPIC - 1-800-uriness
DATE - 09/15/98 16:09:05

Well, we (my friends and i) only call durring lunch @ our high school and we ALWAYS get a live person, so if you have any payphones in your school, just do it durring lunch, we do it everyday, and its funny to hear what they say. Its funny how many people are actually calling this number after i posted it, hehe. Well, anyways, keep on'a'callin' and have fun.

DATE - 09/15/98 01:47:11
FROM - Dark FairyTale

I've been getting that answering machine sometimes also...If you call during the day you sometimes get a live person...If you get the answering machine leave a real long obscene message in your most retarded voice...This will definetly piss them off....Fuck those bastards up phreaks!!!

TOPIC - Easy Reach 800
DATE - 09/14/98 21:54:30
FROM - Syko416 Toronto Canada

hey what's up? check out my site. I just updated it. I have addedd around 40 AT&T Easy Reach 800 numbers. For all the people who don't know what it is, they are numbers that you call and it asks for a code. you enter the right code and it forwards your call to some unlucky sap. I have crack all of the codes for the numbers that I posted.check it out.

BTW: each time you call the 800 number and they pick up, it costs them $1 as soon as they answer and 25˘ for every extra minute. a funny thing to do is call them up and say "please hold" and leave the phone off the hook and leave. I did that to some guy and I came back about 30 minutes later and the guy was STILL on the phone!! that costed him about $9 and he wasted 30 minutes of his time. another easy way to cost them money is calling back every minute and hanging up on them. (that's $1 per call)

Click me, you know you want to

TOPIC - xxxx
DATE - 09/13/98 19:25:08
FROM - apa xxx - No domain available


TOPIC - xxxx
DATE - 09/13/98 19:22:48
FROM - apa xxx - No domain available


DATE - 09/12/98 20:05:07
FROM - Ol' Dirty Phreaker 36 Chambers Of Phones

I call that number an' I get this woman's voice sayin to leave your name and the number to be called back at.
I was at a payphone, but had to get back to work cause I had been observed by nosy workers -told 'em that I check my answering machine/VMB. Heh-heh. They were envious of my "secret agent man" style :)

TOPIC - 1-800-uriness
DATE - 09/12/98 14:09:36
FROM - Fone Thug I dunno

when i call 1-800-uriness im being met with an awnsering machine

TOPIC - Secret code to release coins!
DATE - 09/11/98 09:01:28
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Hey Phright, that reminds me of that secret code I found. Enter these numbers exactly, and all the change in the phone will be emptied!


Oh yeah, and you have to tap these numbers in with a sledge hammer. :)


Welcome To The UPS

DATE - 09/10/98 15:20:47
FROM - Dark FairyTale

Okay, those dicks over at the wet your bed hotline, 1-800-URINESS pulled the same smartass routine with me...Now I'm pissed...I called back and decided to harass the shit out of em in a retarded person's voice....I suggest we all do the same...Call em up and harass the holy fuck out of them until they have to change the number...Our Mission is clear...Make sure you do it from a payphone....Now, let's all go fuck em up....Till next time phreaks...

DATE - 09/10/98 01:09:46
FROM - In Phase

Hey Phrightener-

That number looked semi-familiar, so I checked my handy list of coolio 800-nums, and guess what I found....


(don't try this from home, boys and girls)

TOPIC - Updated
DATE - 09/09/98 19:35:21
FROM - Syko416 Toronto

I have updated my website!!
If you are looking for some cool numbers come to my page and look in the phone book. I think I have at least one number from each area code. You can even send me phone numbers and I'll add them. I think you should check out the page.

Syko's homepage

TOPIC - Kewl number to call
DATE - 09/09/98 12:48:45
FROM - The Phrightener nh-in the woodz

Hey this is phor all you newbies out there....phor a phree fone call dial:


And say you are Kevin Mitnick. You can even do this phrom your own home fone!!!
And you don't even hafta go to a phortress fone!!!

Your welcome.

Where the beer bottles have holes and the hookers don't

TOPIC - free books about god
DATE - 09/05/98 21:49:36
FROM - DGuY 618 - No domain available

Call up 1-800-528-2225, and you can order "The Book of Mormon", you know, one of those god books. Well, I was gonna pass this up, but you can order them in 82 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. I will order one in Zulu(available!)...heh heh heh! Also, click the link below, this site really has no-strings-attached free shit!

Later phellow phreaks and prankers

Totally Free Stuff

TOPIC - (800) Uriness
DATE - 09/05/98 18:34:34
FROM - VisiGOth Hell
- No domain available

Phone: 8008746377
Results: 1 - 1 of 1

New England Software Services Hairt Holyoke Ma, MA
Supplies , Salon , Equipment , Beauty , Barber

Results: 1 - 1 of 1

Phallen Bell

TOPIC - 800
DATE - 09/05/98 13:55:03
FROM - hmmmm...

Why don't you figure out what digits those letters go to, and go to a reverse-lookup phone number page, and enter it. Try the link below.

It could be just a "personal 800" number that doesn't have an access code, and the people who are there have never figured out what words their 800 number spells.

InfoSpace reverse lookup

DATE - 09/05/98 13:02:12
FROM - Nitr0Burn Canada - No domain available

Ok.. i have a Outdial/PBX but i cant dial long distance only local #'s like 911 and stuff but i was wondering if anyone knows any 950#'s ???

TOPIC - 800# that has pissed me off
DATE - 09/04/98 17:08:36

Ok, dudez, heres the deal, we get a 1/2 hour lunch and we always finish way early so we go to the public phones in front of tha school, and just dial 1-800#s the entire time and try to get any interesting #s, so one day we decided to call "1-800-URINESS" , hehe, we were gonna cal them and just laugh and hang up and do it a bunch of times and piss them off, but anyways, i called it and they just said "hello?" and i was like "what !?!" because usually they tell what number i called and then we mess with them , but not this time, heres how it went:

ME: OK..... I CALLLED .......... 1-800-URINESS
THEM: (LAUGHS) WELL................................. I THINK THAT YOU GOT THE WRONG NUMBER.

ME: WHAT !?!


TOPIC - 1-800#s
DATE - 09/04/98 02:51:10
FROM - WunderKind 410 - No domain available

Call these w/ a Hyperterminal or something. I can't figure them out. 800-477-3256, 800-477-3265, 800-239- 3245. Here's some others don't use your modem for these. 800-400-3256 this is Northern Michigan Division of Detroit Biomedical Labs, 800-444-3256 Late Car Carriers, 800-444-3265 MCI Consumer Markets, 800-USER-IBM Best Buy Help Desk Have phun!

TOPIC - NEED 800's
DATE - 09/04/98 00:08:03
FROM - Dark FairyTale State of Euphoria

Hey, I would like to get a list of 1-800's to call...Any kind...I get bored and like to call shit...Also send some 800's that I can call to talk to live people...I love to harass the shit out of people...Me and some of my friends use to call this one 800 all the time and harass these people by asking for Freddy the Gibblegoat...They disconnected the number recently...Anyways, please send a list to phreaks...

TOPIC - pagerbomber
DATE - 06/30/98 13:39:07
FROM - TriPNoTiX Fort Myers Fl -

Just thought I would say this... There is a kick-ass program out there that calls 500 pager numbers giving
them all a message telling them to call whatever number you want. So if you put in the local starbucks
number, about 500 people would call that number in about 2 minutes and drive the store crazy. I can't
remember the name of the program so if anyone knows it, put up a post with the address to get it at and let
people have fun!

Are you talking about pageit? Its the best pager bomber ive seen just put in the number and the pager mask and the rest is automated it even has a timer so you can set it to go off at 1:00 a.m. and you wouldnt have to wake up. I'll up it to someones account if they want and then you can post it.

DATE - 06/29/98 23:27:55



DATE - 06/29/98 23:27:35



DATE - 06/29/98 23:27:02



TOPIC - pager attack!
DATE - 06/29/98 19:37:09
FROM - ?

In about 1 minute or less, you can change the configuration in ToneLoc to do a pager attack, instead of dialing for carriers.

DATE - 06/29/98 07:35:20
FROM - Texan 817 -

yeah marvin they are probably tone sweeps i live in the 817 area an the only one i knew of is 817-bug-rugs.Also contact me id like to know where in fort worth u live

TOPIC - Beeper phoning
DATE - 06/28/98 21:34:20

Just thought I would say this... There is a kick-ass program out there that calls 500 pager numbers giving them all a message telling them to call whatever number you want. So if you put in the local starbucks number, about 500 people would call that number in about 2 minutes and drive the store crazy. I can't remember the name of the program so if anyone knows it, put up a post with the address to get it at and let people have fun!

TOPIC - oci
DATE - 06/27/98 15:55:07
FROM - insanity dallas

1-800-CRIP-MAIL is an oci office

TOPIC - PayPhone #'s
DATE - 06/26/98 01:37:58
FROM - LarvaBoy Big Bear

Ok, anybody know any good payphone numbers to harass? Preferably ones where people are always, or usauly, around it. the distance dosnt matter, since i red box em all anyways. :)

DATE - 06/25/98 18:46:26
FROM - Marvin 817

does anybody know why the hell 817-342-XXXX (where X is any number) emits this odd noise? the entire exchange does it.

TOPIC - Local Hackers
DATE - 06/25/98 01:06:34
FROM - Cantherius Maco somewhere -

I was just wondering if there are any hachers/phreakers in the Asheville, NC area? I know there have to be some cause 2600 sells out like 2 days after the One store in the city that sells it gets it on the shelves. You exist, so mail me. My 1 local hacker friend and I need someone else to exchange info with and go on adventures with. If you go to Reynolds High School, all the better. Both of us do. So hey, how bout some mail?

Omega International Technologies

TOPIC - Fax numbers
DATE - 06/24/98 13:52:22
FROM - Whatever from Hell -

Okay guys I'm reeealy bored here and I just got my fax/modem. Who has some good fax numbers that I could harass??? I've already wired it throght my neighbor's phone line(I live in an Apt. complex). I need some fax numbers though, email me with them,

TOPIC - make your own pay phone network
DATE - 06/22/98 16:22:31
FROM - dial tone syber space - yousuckbadly

start your own payphone network and put hellsouth & hellatlantic out of business. what you do is open the base of the pay phone you will need some type of special screw driver. once it's opened you will see 120volt outlet and a series of phone jacks. what you need next is a cordless phone and the base. You plug the base of the cordless phone into the out let of the pay phone, then you hook up the cordless phone base to the phone jacks (you might have to hard wire) close the base of the pay phone turn on the cordless phone hand set and you should have a dial tone. You don't have to be on the pay phone to talk just walk around with your new portable phone and all phone calls are free! have an extra base at home so you can keep the hand set charged. if you don't know how to hard wire a phone get the small red book from radio shack on phone & phone jack installation! P.S. you can also call 900# and hellsouth will be sent a big bill. E-MAIL MEXOPLYX@YAHOO.COM

TOPIC - make your own pay phone network
DATE - 06/22/98 16:13:16
FROM - dial tone syber space - yousuckbadly

start your own payphone network and put hellsouth & hellatlantic out of business. what you do is open the base of the pay phone you will need some type of special screw driver. once it's opened you will see 120volt outlet and a series of phone jacks. what you need next is a cordless phone and the base. You plug the base of the cordless phone into the out let of the pay phone, then you hook up the cordless phone base to the phone jacks (you might have to hard wire) close the base of the pay phone turn on the cordless phone hand set and you should have a dial tone. You don't have to be on the pay phone to talk just walk around with your new portable phone and all phone calls are free! have an extra base at home so you can keep the hand set charged. if you don't know how to hard wire a phone get the small red book from radio shack on phone & phone jack installation! P.S. you can also call 900# and hellsouth will be sent a big bill.

TOPIC - make your own pay phone network
DATE - 06/22/98 16:09:59
FROM - dial tone syber space - yousuckbadly

start your own payphone network and put hellsouth & hellatlantic out of business. what you do is open the base of the pay phone you will need some type of special screw driver. once it's opened you will see 120volt outlet and a series of phone jacks. what you need next is a cordless phone and the base. You plug the base of the cordless phone into the out let of the pay phone, then you hook up the cordless phone base to the phone jacks (you might have to hard wire) close the base of the pay phone turn on the cordless phone hand set and you should have a dial tone. You don't have to be on the pay phone to talk just walk around with your new portable phone and all phone calls are free! have an extra base at home so you can keep the hand set charged. if you don't know hard wire a phone get the small red book from radio shack on phone & phone jack installation! P.S. you can also call 900# and hellsouth will be sent a big bill.

TOPIC - payphone network
DATE - 06/22/98 15:59:05
FROM - dial tone the universe! - yousuckbadly

start your own payphone network and put hellsouth & hellatlantic out of business. what you do is open the base of the pay phone you will need some type of special screw driver. once it's opened you will see 120volt outlet and a series of phone jacks. what you need to next is a cordless phone and the base. You plug the base of the cordless phone into the out let of the pay phone, then you hook up the cordless phone base to the phone jacks (you might have to hard wire) close the base of the pay phone turn on the cordless phone hand set and you should have a dial tone. You don't have to be on the pay phone to talk just walk around with your new portable phone and all phone calls are free! have an extra base at home so you can keep the hand set charged. if you don't know hard wire a phone get the small red book from radio shack on phone & phone jack installation!

TOPIC - bell office
DATE - 06/21/98 13:53:55
FROM - PainGod Moore Haven

hey if anyone lives in the 941AC and lives somewhere around moore haven, clewiston, or la belle and knows where the bell office is e-mail me, i've searched for a fuckin month for this place and couldn't find it.

PLA of Ft.Myers

TOPIC - Tater
DATE - 06/21/98 00:09:01
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

Tater... I have tested this but won't know the results until my pal gets his phonebill. This is kind of old news, who knows if this feature will be removed.

What many ppl have done is:
-Call the victim
-Explain that you are an AT&T Service Technician who is running a test on their telephone line and to complete the test the victim should press 90# and hang up.
-After they hang up you can tap on your hook switch to get a dial tone and you can dial out. That one call that you make will show up on the victim's bill.

I do not know if it works for 900 numbers yet. I will try that after I see a regular LD call on my pals bill.

Sprint is our telephone company... I do not know what LD carrier he uses though. I'll post results here.
It may take over another month to test it with a 900 number.


TOPIC - charge 900 #'s to someone else's phone
DATE - 06/20/98 19:31:05
FROM - Tater Missouri -

I badly need to get some perverted 900 #'s charged to an enemy's phone. Anyone know how I can go about it?

TOPIC - Blah!
DATE - 06/20/98 13:35:40
FROM - ApAtHy Florida-oh joy..

ok VisiGoth, go to your neighbors house, hold a gun to their head and tell them if they dont let you use their fone, youll blow their head off :o) it works for me!



TOPIC - InfoSpace
DATE - 06/19/98 13:17:40
FROM - inetd Houston, TX -

This is about TonyJr's post. InfoSpace has to be a good place, considering if you start to call CN/A a lot, and they start to notice (hell, I have friends at the CN/A "office") they will refer you to InfoSpace if you are one of the elite lineman with a laptop. This is at least true in Texas/Southwestern Bell area. And yes, any lineman who has been with SWB for a long-ass while (not many) gets a P166 Toshiba laptop to carry around.

Just my thoughts.


TOPIC - Ever Wonder???
DATE - 06/19/98 00:00:59
FROM - TonyJr Hell, I have the T-Shirt! -

Are you curious about that new number you found?? Or maybe you just want to verify that the number you're about to dial is what it should be. If so go to the hyperlink on this Post. Once you get to the website, everything is self explanitory. If the URL doesn't work then go here (same place, I just might've done this shit wrong, first time here and all.)

Reverse Lookup

DATE - 06/17/98 23:56:38
FROM - ^NoLaN^

Dear VisiGoth,
Just read the forums on this site. My ICQ# is 2849181 if you want to contact me and teach you how to read.

TOPIC - Free phone calls.
DATE - 06/17/98 23:50:39
FROM - VisiGoth

If any one knows a way to get free phone calls other than boxing please email me.

TOPIC - strange number
DATE - 06/17/98 00:48:49
FROM - 2600trans Bayville, N.Y.

i dialed this number from my home in new york. I dialed it as a local number with out any npa attatched. The fone rang and i got a recording. it was some kind of a number for an operator pool. The weird thing is that the number was for operators in foster city california and i am calling a local number in new york. The number was 212-503-4499. thanks

DATE - 06/15/98 22:25:46
FROM - VisiGoth I-DA-HO(shity hick state)


Member Services- 1-800-NRA-3888

Member Services- 1-703-267-3888

Insurance- 1-800-247-7989

Insurance- 1-800-544-9820

Sales- 1-800-336-7420

Main Phone- 1-703-276-1000

TOPIC - South African Telephone Numbers
DATE - 06/15/98 15:39:11
FROM - orion D.C.

I'm trying to locate a friend of mine living in South Africa. I know her name, but I need a telephone number. Does anybody here know of somewhere I can go to find this shiznit out?


TOPIC - 800 number CDs
DATE - 06/15/98 00:16:44
FROM - In Phase

Logic Bomb - I bought my 800 number CD at OfficeMax, but you can mail order them too. Go to the link below, and click "CD ROM PRODUCTS" then "HOME PRODUCTS" (or something like that). And you will see a CD called "800 Number Directory".

Phone Number CD-ROMs

TOPIC - topic
DATE - 06/14/98 19:11:18
FROM - name bbb


TOPIC - tre
DATE - 06/14/98 19:05:15
FROM - xcbvcx fgdgfd


TOPIC - -800 # CD'S-
DATE - 06/14/98 14:55:50
FROM - -Logic Bomb- ---860---CT--- -

I was just wondering where you get these 800 # cd's.
Can someone e-mail me or post an answer

keep the WareZ phree,

TOPIC - secure modem
DATE - 06/14/98 14:28:54
FROM - In Phase

inetd - I do have a 800 Number soon as I get off here, I'll fire it up and see if it has a listing for that number.

Also, somebody posted that number for the Ameritech service that tells you what long distance provider carries the calls through a particular 800 number. I'll try that too, just in case it provides any additional clues.

TOPIC - Secure modem
DATE - 06/14/98 13:45:38
FROM - inetd Houston -

From what I have read/gathered myself on the number, a secure modem is a possibility. I've played around with one before, and I finally got it to call me back. You might want to try and find an 800 directory (I have a few in my library) and see who owns it, if you can figure that out, you might be able to find corresponding numbers.

If you are lucky enough to get a corresponding number, the company might actually give you access to get a callback (that's what I did in the past, it took a LOT of work, and I stress a lot). If you have a lot of time, I suggest doing this. I will also look into the matter, anything I get I'll post here.


TOPIC - see below
DATE - 06/14/98 02:04:29
FROM - In Phase

Well, I never said that number I posted was a CNA number. I don't think it is.

What I thought, was that it might be a "secure modem" where the only way to connect to it is to call it, and then enter YOUR modem phone number, so it calls YOU back. This way it knows who is accessing it, but if the number you give it isn't on its list of approved users, it won't call you at all.

Any other thoughts out there?????

TOPIC - -last post-
DATE - 06/13/98 21:56:23
FROM - -Logic Bomb- --CT--860 area code -

sorry about my spelling on all of my posts, I type fast and don't check untill it is already posted.

TOPIC - last post
DATE - 06/13/98 21:53:52
FROM - -LogicBomb- --860--CT-- -

WHOA! I just tried that last CNA # and it is screwed up as hell! All it doesit read your # back to you and hang up like the post said! I cant figure it out, except maybey the phone company set it up to appear like a CNA and really just record our #'s so they know who you are or where you biege from. In that case I'm proball in deep shit!

Oh yeah and anyone who has a payphone with exposed wires should make a violet box, it only costs about a dollar to make 5 of them(@ the r@t shack you have to buy in bulk of @ least 5 usually.)
Anyway it kicks ass and is eisier to conceal than a biege, bud, or dayglo box. I imagine one could be made o fit in a pen with the alligator clips.

l8ter peeps,
Logic Bomb

TOPIC - interesting number...
DATE - 06/13/98 00:35:25
FROM - In Phase

Ok....I need some folks out there to try this out and post back with your results.

Call 1-800-942-7071, the recording asks you to "enter your callback number". So you enter the 10-digit number and then press # (I think you press # then). It reads your number back to you and then hangs up.

I went to a bank of pay phones and called this number, and then entered the number of the phone NEXT TO the phone I was using. I waited around a few minutes, but it didn't ring. I know for sure that these phones allow incoming calls, because I've called them from home, and some kid answered one time.

So, if you try this out, and you actually get a call back, LET ME KNOW!!!


TOPIC - prank this bum
DATE - 06/10/98 14:45:29
FROM - jonas watson Dayton OH

hey call this number it toll free the gouy always says he is tracing you but hes not

its a funny number to


DATE - 06/10/98 11:38:51
FROM - V-DOG Not of this Planet


They have caller ID so be sure to use appropriate measures
The company is called "GRADY TRUSS"
-Have fun

DATE - 06/10/98 11:36:05
FROM - V-DOG Not of this Planet


They have caller ID so be sure to use appropriate measures
The company is called "GRADY TRUSS"
-Have fun

TOPIC - 35 cents
DATE - 06/10/98 10:16:29
FROM - ?

heh-heh, good one Stihl.

And why would anyone need a "35 cent tone", since you don't box local calls anyway.

You know how it goes.."Please deposit $3.50"... for those daytime calls. Pays for itself in no time.

TOPIC - again?!?
DATE - 06/09/98 08:06:58
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH


TOPIC - 35c Tone
DATE - 06/08/98 01:36:41
FROM - WyRm Chicago - yousuckbadly

WTF is up with the 35c Tone? Where can I get one?

TOPIC - Edge Company
DATE - 06/06/98 23:02:40
FROM - -Logic Bomb- -CT-860 area code -

listen I dont have time to explain now but just call the EDGE COMPANY @ 1-800-732-9976 and ask for the "Fat muffin man" lol. they sell vaiouse knives weapons, laser pointers and novilties. I have prank called them every day for half a friggen' year now and they cant do shit about it! they always threaten to trace the call if they dont hang up aqfter about 5 minutes of harrasment but they are full of it!


mail me wil some stories PhReAks

TOPIC - more modems....
DATE - 06/05/98 13:12:58
FROM - In Phase

800-523-1184 *CARRIER*
800-524-0704 *CARRIER*
800-546-1000 *CARRIER*
800-575-4547 *CARRIER* This is the number that the Juno software uses when you first setup account.

TOPIC - think i found the# to southwestern bell
DATE - 06/05/98 09:38:11
FROM - freezme2 harlingen tx -

i think this is one of the #'s to the southwestern bell main office here in harlingen!? i was phreaking one day that i dialed this # to get a bps it went though but my lap-top was not up-graded and did not know what to do?! i just know It's the south western bell main office
i live noT to far from there and go dumpster diving and find passwords and stuff! but like i said
i'm just a old 20yr old thats geting in to the's phreakin,hacking.


TOPIC - Meridian w/ dialout!
DATE - 06/05/98 06:33:28
FROM - SaTaN 415

call 1-800-860-4003 after hours. Press 1 to dial by extension then press *, 8-1-then the toll free number then #. I hope it works for someone. I've had it for 4 months now. Have phun!

TOPIC - Test
DATE - 06/04/98 06:38:48
FROM - snacks snacksland -

THis is a test to see if you are awake

TOPIC - click me please
DATE - 06/03/98 23:20:40
FROM - rask nc

please click the link below

TOPIC - .......
DATE - 06/03/98 20:25:12
FROM - CiPeRgIrL T...E....X....A....S

this is for you, so kind of mailbox service..

chech it out

TOPIC - h/p brd
DATE - 06/03/98 12:56:53
FROM - Phone Phantom Canda

Om om om.. haha Call us up @ npa nup - kewli0 h/p brd for the elite... Run under Linux 2.0.33 / Daydream Combo... Pass the infos...

TOPIC - I need...
DATE - 06/03/98 11:51:33
FROM - WarpDrive Ohio

hey i need some Loop ANI 3's for 330 area, will give payphone 3's. If ye want to trade e-mail me!!
If u r also looking for a hard to find box schematic e-mail me and tell me what u got and mabey we can trade other things to. ive many proggies also phishers, wardialers, tossers, punters...u name i probly have it..just e-mail me.

TOPIC - I need...
DATE - 06/03/98 11:50:00
FROM - WarpDrive Creston, Ohio - yousuckbadly

hey i need some Loop ANI 3's for 330 area, will give payphone 3's. If ye want to trade e-mail me!!
If u r also looking for a hard to find box schematic e-mail me and tell me what u got and mabey we can trade other things to. ive many proggies also phishers, wardialers, tossers, punters...u name i probly have it..just e-mail me.

TOPIC - dont need one
DATE - 06/03/98 10:01:31
FROM - ^CircuiT^ n/a

I think we all know these but ill post them all anyways
*0 Operator Recall
*2-7 MVP Intercom Dialing
*8 Call Pick-Up
*9 Call Hold/Waiting
*10 Do Not Disturb PIN Change
*20-49 MVP Intercom Dialing
*50 Stop Hunt Activate
*51 Stop Hunt Deactivate
*57 COT Access
*58 Make Busy Activate
*59 Make Busy Deactivate
*60 Selective Call Rejection Access
*61 Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting Access
*63 Selective Call Forward Access
*64 Selective Call Acceptance Access
*66 Automatic Callback Activation
*67 Calling Number Delivery Blocking Access
*68 Remote Activation CF Security Access Code
*69 Automatic Recall Activation
*70 Cancel Call Waiting Activation
*71 Usage sensitive three-way calling activation
*72 CF/ usage sensitive CF/ all activation
*73 CF/ usage sensitive CF/ all deactivation
*74 Speed calling short list activation
*75 Speed calling long list activation
*78 Do not disturb activation
*79 Do not disturb deactivation
*80 Selective call rejection access (Dea)
*81 Distinctive ringing/call waiting access
*82 Voice data protection (flip/flop)
*83 Selective call forwarding access (Dea)
*84 Selective call acceptance access (Dea)
*86 Automatic callback deactivation
*87 Do not disturb PIN change
*89 Automatic recall deactivation
*90 Call forwarding busy activate
*91 Call forwarding busy deactivate
*92 Call forward don't answer activate
*93 Call forward don't answer deactivate
*94 Voice/Data protection usage sensitive
*97 Voice/Data protection activate
*98 Voice/Data protection deactivate
*99 Call FWD deactivation - Master

#60 Call pick-up directed
#72 CF incoming Activate
#73 CF incoming deactivate
#76 Wake up service activation
#77 Wake up service deactivation
#81 Dial call waiting

#87 Do not disturb PIN change
#90 CF busy incoming activate
#91 CF busy incoming deactivate
#92 CF don't answer incoming activate
#93 CF don't answer incoming deactivate

From *50 thru *99 the 11xx code can be used in areas using 5ESS
xx = 50 thru 99.


TOPIC - Wrong Entry
DATE - 06/01/98 21:13:22
FROM - The Falcon Virginia

2902 was the wrong entry
the actual number to the pay phone => 804 561 9984

please 10-22 last submission

TOPIC - ask the ops
DATE - 06/01/98 17:32:20
FROM - NRA chicago

i was just wondering what would happen if someone ever actually called the phone company and asked what the hell some of these #'s actually are for. Like ask who sponsers Ani's and what are they really used for. And the numbers that you call a get just dial tone then a busy signal. i just wonder what they would do. i know you can run a check on a line for $5. im gona do that one time but that 5 isnt gona be on my bill.

Raise the Roof For Bank Fraud

TOPIC - weird number
DATE - 06/01/98 17:23:45
FROM - Rask Winston-Salem, NC

When i dial the number 336-922-1011 i get a continuous beep. If i press the * or # twice the tone stops. Nothing else happens if i try dial more numbers, any ideas? What are some 1-800 or 336 ANI's?

TOPIC - recognizing numbers?
DATE - 06/01/98 10:55:19
FROM - Raith

Can anayone tell me how i recognize a fax machine between a modem>?

TOPIC - fun 800 #
DATE - 06/01/98 01:12:16
FROM - The Unnamable SoCal

Try calling 1-800-666-6666 and ask for Satan...dude gets real pissed. Be sure to call from a payphone cuz it's really a law office.

TOPIC - Payphone Numbert
DATE - 05/31/98 13:21:32

804 - 561 - 2902 is a payphone located on a street just about a "stone's throw" from the Tel-CO.
This number has a solid high-pitched tone after ringing about 5 or 6 times, unless someone is there to pick it up.
The tone could be that of a modem that is probably installed inside of the phone.
The "locals" have be seen using this phone, mostly during the late weekend- nights.

TOPIC - area codes
DATE - 05/31/98 01:25:12
FROM - In Phase

Saber T- go here for area code information.

Area Code Info

TOPIC - Area coads
DATE - 05/30/98 00:41:22
FROM - Saber T KC Mo -

Ok Around the Mo and KS Area they have changed the Area coads and i was wondering if someone had the new Area coads?? Because i have had a lot of trouble finding numbers when i dont even know the coads.!.!.!

P.S.; Email me if u have the info

TOPIC - modems!!!
DATE - 05/29/98 10:48:44
FROM - In Phase

800-346-3247 :CARRIER!! (TRW?)
800-365-4636 :CARRIER!! (Delphi?)
800-421-0353 :CARRIER!! (?)
800-456-6245 :CARRIER!! (MCI?)

TOPIC - Oh Yeah...
DATE - 05/28/98 01:21:47
FROM - x0zero0x Pa

Well Also I tried Boxing Them By The Finishing Nail Method....And This Doesn't Seem to werk Either...
As For The Tones You are right my brain was apparently not werkin....10 cent tone plus 25 cent tone = 35 cent tone duh!
Also Any1 Have Any Tips On Pbxs Or Home Phone Boxing???

Hack The Planet

TOPIC - 35cents
DATE - 05/27/98 17:57:59
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, Oh

x... you're right... I've never thought about it. I just box whatever I'm asked to pay. heh heh.

TOPIC - 35 cent calls
DATE - 05/27/98 11:42:21
FROM - PhatFone Kansas

Out here in Southwestern Hell country, local payfone calls have been raised to 35 cents. Whats EVEN worse than that is that they now charge you 35 cents for information!!! You dial information and you get this:

Op: What city please?
You: Redneckville.
Op: And the name?
You: Phred Munch.
Op: Please deposit 35 cents.
You: What? Excuse me, but you must be joking!
Op: You must deposit 35 cents, or I cannot complete your request.
You: Fuck that!......

So as you can see, swbell greed is rising, and very few fones have fone books, forcing you to use information. Red boxing is also getting harder, as the new fones have safegards against it. "Corporate Greed, coming to a Baby Bell monopoly near you!"

DATE - 05/27/98 01:12:36
FROM - x x

That person talking about the 35-cent fones is most likely messing with a COCOT. Even though, many Baby Bell companies recently raised their call price as well, the COCOTs went up first.

And since you cant red box a COCOT in the first place, it doesn't matter if it wants 25 cents or 35 cents.

TOPIC - 35 cent tone
DATE - 05/26/98 23:18:35
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus

Rumish! Don't make an ass of yourself... :)

Anyway just push your quarter tones. Or push a Dime tone then a Quarter Tone. You can program your rat shack button to be *****0**

TOPIC - 35 cent tone??!?
DATE - 05/26/98 15:43:37
FROM - Rumish Pittsburgh, PA -

maybe i'm making an ass of myself, but how in the hell is there going to be a -35- cent tone?? a 25 cent tone is made when you put in a quarter, a 10 cent tone when you put in a dime, a 5 cent tone when you put in a nickel, but what i want to know is...
what exactly do you put it in make a -35- cent TONE?!? there is no such thing, you just use a 25 cent tone and a 10 cent tone, man, ggeez.

TOPIC - unsecure Massive voicemail system found!
DATE - 05/26/98 13:41:26
FROM - opti666 Ct/Ma

800-7262822 is a massive voicemail system in Nevada.
It is host to many buisness voice mail exchanges including, but not limited to banks, lawyers, casino's and a company called Rocky Mountain Construction. alot of the boxs on this system do not require passcodes because the idiots were too dumb to set them. It is set up in blocks, I have found-and sold- over a hundred empty stolen boxes. I think this number is a backdoor into a much larger system composed of independent company numbers (kinda like a server). most of the Box numbers I have found to work are in the 3000+ range, though I have found a few 3 digit boxes that have not yet been set up. Each box has different options, so look around before making yourself a home. They do not log calls (so call as much as you want). It has to be at least a 10+ line going in that fucker 'cause I three wayed it to itself for kicks. I found this number scanning and it has provided me with weeks of laughs. Enjoy!

DATE - 05/26/98 04:21:22
FROM - MeglaW

i hope you all drink lotts of coke.. well i do. so i did buy a dutch can, and thay have a infolibne or somthing.. it is #lees her WK-boekje of bel 0900-9545"

TOPIC - 35 Cent Tone???
DATE - 05/26/98 02:46:58
FROM - x0zero0x Pa

First Of All,Remember The Quarter Tone That Was Readily Available Just About Anywhere , Well I have found that this doesn't werk too well...
I think that some fones have disabled the mouthpiece so you can't box them anymore and there is a new tone ...the 35 cent tone does any1 know where i can get my paws on this and does any1 have any new tricks for boxing...if you don't wanna publicize it give me an email....

Hack The Planet

DATE - 05/26/98 01:22:43

Anonymous- Is that number one of those "personal 800" numbers? Sometimes those require a pin to access. I have bumped into those before, and either, just wait when it asks for the code, or if you enter it wrong 2 times in a row, sometimes it will tell you it's a personal 800 number.

But, i'll check it out sometime

TOPIC - Dialout?
DATE - 05/26/98 01:10:54
FROM - Anonymous Hell

When I call 1-800-464-8036 I get a dialtone that requires a 2 or 3 digit pin to access. Can somebody help me?

TOPIC - weird number
DATE - 05/25/98 20:32:31
FROM - anon -

Hey Anonymous 915...I called (boxed) that number you gave, 915-667-7461, but I get a recording saying the number is out of service...????

TOPIC - Phone Numbers
DATE - 05/24/98 05:05:49
FROM - Dime_Pushes Bumsville - yousuckbadly

y0, Now if you all are out there here at 2 in the morning why not call up your local Taco Bell and become friendly with them...Talk about work, school the whole 9 yards and then when you are done ask them if you can go over to Taco Bell right then at 4 in the morning and get some free Gorditas!!!!!

heh, out.

DATE - 05/23/98 14:34:22
FROM - MeglaW sweden

+46 712 27181 payphone near my school

TOPIC - Wierd dialout
DATE - 05/22/98 15:46:00
FROM - Anonymous 915

Call 915-667-7461. I can dial 800#'s after I get a wierd tone. What is it?

TOPIC - more numbers
DATE - 05/20/98 01:38:44
FROM - In Phase

800-325-1436 CARRIER!!
800-325-4112 CARRIER!!
800-325-7222 CARRIER!!

TOPIC - numbers
DATE - 05/19/98 00:18:20
FROM - In Phase

800-227-2089 FAX!
800-260-4034 FAX! (CitiCorp/Diner's Club)
800-523-0008 FAX!
800-523-0363 FAX!
800-708-8688 FAX! (CitiCorp/Diner's Club-new accounts)

TOPIC - Number to Call!!
DATE - 05/17/98 15:59:27
FROM - .o0 Downtime 0o.

If you wanna have some phun and piss someone off.

call the OCI Operators!

DATE - 05/17/98 11:53:32
FROM - MeglaW

Greets from sweden agen, i have no possabilaty to open a partyline here in sweden (i know, i allways call the phone company and demad a party line) so.. open one gotdamit.

TOPIC - numbers
DATE - 05/17/98 11:38:21
FROM - In Phase

Someone posted this earlier:
800-877-0061 ...weird beeps- "bip-beep" sound.
800-877-0052 some business...didn't listen long enough to find out its name.

800-870-0012 Dialtone?...I'll check this one again.
800-221-9600 starts out as a dialtone, then goes to a fast busy.

TOPIC - call in sick for someone
DATE - 05/17/98 04:39:45
FROM - aramak Florida -

I am in the process of scanning the 1-800-222-XXXX no.s and i came across the genral motors call in sick line at 18002220005 not much else beyond a number of modem connections including one called the chewbacca systems but then again im only through 300 hundred of them as yet. Oh and here is the number for some chinese guy who gets easily agitated 18002220133. Finally the number for the living bible which I have no doubt a fan of pla will be able to have some fun with 18002220139.

TOPIC - Ok One More Time...
DATE - 05/17/98 03:28:38

Ok, you ppl can tell how bored I am now. One more question, I dialed 1-800-877-0052...I was greeted by a very low tone continous beep. * didn't work, # didn't work, so while it was still giving me a big long beep I typed in the number 1-800-877-0052. It rang twice and someone answered. I didn't stick around to find out who. Any ideas what THIS one might be? =)

TOPIC - Weird...
DATE - 05/17/98 03:19:11

hAeLaN here.
I'm not much of a phreaker, but I was checkin out some
1-800 number a guy posted earlier (1-800-555-9900).
When I dial it, I get a continuous beep. I press the *
key and I receive silence. Then just for the hell of it I typed like 5 numbers. "Invalid Code, Please hang up and try again" or some shit like that. BUT, it also gave me a help line which is 1-888-486-8474. I haven't called it yet, any idea what the hell these numbers are for?

TOPIC - New payphone numbers
DATE - 05/16/98 23:45:09
FROM - Op8 919 or 828( formerly 704) -

Here are some payphone nubers that i wrote down while i was out shopping today. These are all in North Carolina

# location type
828-765-9902 ingles grocery, spruce pine fortress
828-298-0395 Biltmore mall, Asheville Millenium?

ahhhhh, I'm too tired. more tomorrow

DATE - 05/16/98 12:40:37
FROM - MeglaW sweden -

Heloo, i am starting a mailinglist for phrekars maily in sweden but.. fuck.. my life has no meaning, i want to phreak somting, a box or a pay phone or just sitt and scan.. but i can´t. i feel alone to, i feel sory for all my pals that call themselfs phreakers but can barly beigebox.

Well... is thare any number were one can get hod of RBCP. i´d like to like talk to him.. and here is a fun number to all you,

+46 71 666 666 som fucking chat line.

TOPIC - Wierd #
DATE - 05/16/98 08:17:31
FROM - Anonymous 864 -

I called this #:864-542-1289. I got 2 rings, then it made some wierd clicking noises, and then I could faintly hear somebody talking to their local operator. Can someone please tell me what this is.

TOPIC - cop numbers
DATE - 05/14/98 22:32:19
FROM - In Phase

Yeah....just listen to your scanner, and the cops give each other their cell fone numbers all the time.

TOPIC - Popo #'s
DATE - 05/14/98 16:21:59
FROM - MR NineAteSeven IL

Anybody want some cops numbers?
I can get all local cops in 217 and most state cops.
MR 987

TOPIC - Me English!
DATE - 05/14/98 12:21:10
FROM - R.A.M. Raider Guess

If there are any losers from England out there (like me) then here is an English ANI. Dial 175 on any fone and a computer will give you your number and do a load of crappy tests on the line.


TOPIC - More #'s
DATE - 05/13/98 12:02:58
FROM - Op8 828/704 -

I ran across these numbers while scanning 1-800-877-00XX. If anyone knows what the hell these are, let me know.
1-800-877-0061 ( maybe a beeper prompt?)
1-800-877-0052 (I have no idea what this is...)

TOPIC - numbers
DATE - 05/11/98 20:42:40
FROM - In Phase are some numbers:

800-411-1980 "Nickelodeon pick the president hotline!"
This is an automated system, where you hear Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble ask you to enter your 11-digit code to "vote" on one of three issues.

888-324-8404 Hear a recording of the person who gave the warning before the bomb in Olympic Park in Atlanta went off. This recording is sponsored by the FBI!

TOPIC - COSMOS dial-in
DATE - 05/11/98 20:11:14
FROM - In Phase

Strike - Well, maybe the reason that COSMOS dial-in is on a 1-800 line is so technicians in other states, but still in the same RBOC territory, can dial into the system without charging a long distance call on the line they're using.

TOPIC - skrike
DATE - 05/11/98 12:00:27
FROM - skrike

I found a 1-800 cosmos dial in, I dialed it once, recognized the login and logged off. I haven't called back since. Anyone know what the purpose of a 800 dial in would be? All COSMOS machines I've dealed with have been on a local level.

TOPIC - another one.
DATE - 05/10/98 18:14:12
FROM - In Phase

800-438-3151 an automated system for the "AT&T Wireless National Jobline"

TOPIC - numbers
DATE - 05/10/98 18:05:52
FROM - In Phase

Here are a couple numbers that I got from other sources, but are similar to the ones in the latest "2600".

800-555-1170 Starts to be an ANI, then cuts out, goes to a dialtone, then hangs up. ????

800-555-9900 TONE!

TOPIC - damn...
DATE - 05/10/98 00:29:55
FROM - Op8 919 -

I can't get phonetag to work tonight, so to start things off, i'll reprint some of the interesting numbers from the new issue of 2600. These are a 1-800-XXX-XXXX
555-4119 555-9000 555-2268 (only cool if you're a perv)

More to come, when phonetag decides to work...

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