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FROM - Cerberusfuckland -
TOPIC - *XX codes?
02/15/99 23:47:05 - MESSAGE #1291

Can anyone give me a (complete) list of the *XX codes? As in the code and what it does....besides the obvious *67, *69, *71, etc. I know there are some that will call back the number you dial from, tell you what number you are calling from, kill the dialtone and shit like that. If anyone has a list I'd appreciate it if they'd send it by email.
FROM - just testingnowhere -
TOPIC - test IP spoofer
02/15/99 20:41:37 - MESSAGE #1281

Just testing my IP spoofer

FROM - argh$$$$$
02/15/99 17:58:02 - MESSAGE #1267

rbcp wife pix

colleen card
FROM - None
02/15/99 17:54:38 - MESSAGE #1265

It says i need a user name a pass

FROM - CabriloSerbia
02/15/99 17:10:39 - MESSAGE #1264

Bla bla bla bla bla

FROM - Fart(+)Louder da God!SuckAss NorthWest Ohio
TOPIC - wow... your more k-rad dan I thought RBCP!
02/15/99 06:26:25 - MESSAGE #1253

RBCP, now dat I see you and Colleen together, I am sorry for all da posts I have put in here dat called you commie. Nice incisorz also.

Big Dick Page
FROM - RBCPCelina, Ohio
TOPIC - you guyz are doing a great job!
02/15/99 06:20:50 - MESSAGE #1252

hi guyz, your doing a great job, and check out this pixx of me and Colleen Card...

RBCP and Colleen
FROM - MarcusLA -
TOPIC - Fruit!
02/14/99 22:09:05 - MESSAGE #1237

Marcus must use drugs!

FROM - GonzoFerretsville -
TOPIC - Dead Ferrets
02/14/99 22:06:36 - MESSAGE #1236

We have got the biggest ferrets you ever fucking sawed!

FROM - Ray Dios HaqueHobknob, you knob!
TOPIC - Hobknob!
02/14/99 20:16:23 - MESSAGE #1232

Hob, I did mail you. Its right? You never replied. Did I get the addy wrong? Anyhow, I could use your help in wrapping up some projects and getting the new webpage up. Send ME and e-mail and we'll get together. Maybe we could voice chat in a loop or something? Look me up old' buddy.


FROM - cbfog828
TOPIC - Sexuality
02/14/99 19:48:59 - MESSAGE #1231

I wonder why this was here? Let's think about it...

There's been some people on the discussion list who I won't name (neotek) exhibiting transsexual behavior. So now when I see this post, I can make no conclusion as to what the gender of this person might be. Could it be some guy trying to "see how many people would hit on him" by posting this? Perhaps they think it is funny? I, however, see it as a sort of latent homosexuality. On the offhand chance that it is a female,


Wait, that can't be.

FROM - julianyc -
TOPIC - Any horny guys?
02/14/99 18:13:37 - MESSAGE #1230

If you want a sexy chic, here I am.
17, 5'7, blond, gray eyes, 119lbs.
I'll send you guys a pic if you write.

FROM - huh?Earth
02/13/99 02:08:39 - MESSAGE #1182

This is a silly test

FROM - deanolondon -
TOPIC - chat room for my site
02/12/99 20:55:57 - MESSAGE #1172

Ok here we go checking things out

FROM - Tofu626
02/12/99 10:51:23 - MESSAGE #1155

Dammit Avatar! Not too long ago we had this board taken away because people were posting codes. So, rbcp decided to give us the board back after awhile, but disabled numbers. Well, awhile later, he gives us those back too, but here you come along and post a fuckin' credit card number! Damn people, dont any of you learn? If you want to send someone a CC#, send them an e-mail.

FROM - masters_red_boxusa
TOPIC - what happend
02/11/99 20:55:30 - MESSAGE #1140

................._ _
................| |------------| |
..............-'| | | |`-.
............' | | | | `.
.........-' \ \ / / `-.
.......' _.| |--------| |._ `.
...../ -. .' | | | | `. .- \
..../ `( | |________| | )' \
....| \ .i------------i. / |
....| .-')/ \(`-. |
....\ _.-'.-'/ ________ \`-.`-._ /
.....\.-'_.-' / .-' ______ `-. \ `-._`-./\
......`-' / .' .-' _ _`-. `. \ `-' \\
.............| .' .' _ ( ) ( ) _`. `. | //
............/ / / ( ) ___ ( )_\ \ \ \\
...........| | | _ ,' `.==' `| | | // ...........| | | ( ) | B.T.| ( ) | | | //
...........| | | _ `.___.' _ | | | \\
...........| \ \ ( ) _ _ ( ) / / | //
.........../ `. `. ( ) ( ) .' .' \ \\
........../ `. `-.______.-' .' \ // ........./ `-.________.-' \ __//
........| |--'
what ever happend to plain phreaking now it seams to all be hacking there is not many phreakers

FROM - AuriamPennsylvania
TOPIC - TCI Digital Cable boxes vulnerable(?)
02/11/99 14:37:43 - MESSAGE #1130

Greetings, humans. I recently stumbled across this interesting bit of newsworthiness (this morning in thought it might interest the hacking/phreaking community..

Any comments/questions/greets to my email address, please. (Delete the antispam info). I don't usually read this board, but just posted this because it was of interest to others.

Auriam out.

"Telephone Bedevils S.J. Couple"
FROM - bobertcali -
TOPIC - key log
02/11/99 14:29:08 - MESSAGE #1126

Hey all i was wondering if any body knows or has a key logging program i would like to installit on this lab computer

FROM - noam219
TOPIC - everything
02/11/99 12:19:11 - MESSAGE #1121

yikes! i think everyone has been mean enough to poor FART for now...
everyone tends to think they had it worse than the next generation. i'm already bitching about all the cool toys and video games that kids have now...the boomers had it pretty hard, but they tend to think (at least from my experience) that their offspring are ingratious(sp?), spoiled, ignorant little bastards who have an easy life, that's not entirely true. cable tv is overrated and we have to deal with a declining economy, factories moving overseas, and the worst education system in a first world country.
the nuclear threat isn't so overexposed now, since the fall of the soviet union, but the threat is just as real as it ever was. i don't mean to whine because baby boomers had it hard too, but that doesn't mean we have it easy.

blackassedness: gay porn, beastiality, classic literature.
FROM - hobKnob414 -
TOPIC - nukes
02/11/99 11:38:18 - MESSAGE #1119

hey that nuke strike drill isn't that old.. i remember doin it all the way through to the mid 80's..
on the floor.. head between your knees.. kissin your ass goodby.. (that is after tredging through the tunnels to the fallout shelter.. yeah.. my grade school had a fallout shelter..

but i doublt very highly that it had a result on my life.. tho i do like post apocolyptic war movies..

probly a bigger result was gained from the purchase of our familie's first computer.. an
Apple ][+ in the early 80's

anyway RAY YOU p0rn wh0re mail me.. my other e-mail account went down a loooong time ago..
i been back for a while now.. (no irc access.. or telnet. damnable proxies and firewalls) so no irc for me.


"Why don't you ever call me anymore?" my mother
"Don't you ever call me anymore!" everybody else

TOPIC - You Have a real point, Ray Dios haque....
02/11/99 02:46:37 - MESSAGE #1107

Yes, you do have a point - I've seen the old movies and stuff and there was real fear in the air. I mean, people were EXPECTING nuke war to happen any time! They were living like people do in Israel, where war could happen any time! Not a nice way to live, and although things are "depressurized" right now, yes, there are still as many nukes now - more, in fact. And not all boomers had it easy, heck, there are Dust Bowlers even now in California, in the "hick-y" parts, living just like they did in the 30's. Too stupid and unlucky, the whole era of prosperity passed 'em by. Still, there was an expectation for most boomers that things would just get better and better, and for most of 'em they did. And so they didn't realize that they need to give a shit if their kids get a college degree. It's been documented a number of places by respected authors that our generation is the first since the Civil War that can't expect to do as well as our parents.

Have a Chomsky and a smile!
FROM - I just thought this was odd
02/11/99 00:29:07 - MESSAGE #1106

Isn't this weird what this looks like?

FROM - Chad
TOPIC - fart
02/10/99 22:44:41 - MESSAGE #1103

fart(what a stupid fucking name),
did i ever say i was a hacker? nope, dont recall i did. but as for you, you little cock sucking mother fucking lame ass posser bitch, if you hate this board so much why dont you find a new one? its stupid to have no numbers? first of all we do( 1234567 ) second, put yourself in rbcp position, you try hosting a web board under your real name and see how you would react to people posting calling card numbers and credit info. you you were'nt such a dumb fuck, you would realize rbcp is who the feds are going to go after for little fukc posting this shit, if you want to give out personal info then e-mail. you know what though? im sick and tired of wack ass possers like you. let me guess, you use aol dont you?pws and punters dont make you a hacker. do you even know what UNIX is? oh, and just because you obviously dont realize this, but this isnt a hacking\phreaking board, its not an h\p\v\a\c website, its a fucking page for people who like to make pramk calls and shit like that, but of course you probly cant tell the difference. you're probly the type of asshole that considers cracking into a porn site makes you some "l33t HAX0R". when all you fucking need to do is go download wwwhack and you can crack porn sites, free hompages, and hotmail accounts all just by pressing a button. dont need to be very "l33t" to do that if you ask me. im just sick of all this shit, im obviously not going to get through to you cause you are so fucking thick headed, but know what? here, mail me you little fuck, lets see what you can do. prove how good you are. go ahead give me some mail bomb, see how much of a hacker that makes you.
come get some dickweed

click here to get wwwhack, then you can be a "l33t HAX0R" just like fart
FROM - who cares?doesn't matter
TOPIC - fart sodomizes dog fetuses
02/10/99 21:22:53 - MESSAGE #1100

first of all fart, if you use your 31337 hacking skillz to look at the left side of your screen you'll notice this is the general discussions section of the forum. that means people don't neccesarily talk about phreaking here. secondly getting porn passwords is not exactly hard or all that useful (except to horny little kids, no offense dguy) so listing a bunch of them on this page isn't going to make us suddenly decide to quit being lame, it's going to make us laugh at you for wasting your time.
speaking of wasting your time, how long does it take you to convert an intelligible sentence into k-rad speak? talking like a moron serves absolutely no purpose, it just makes you look stupid.
If this discussion is so stupid why do you post here? could it be because you're jealous that the big kids are talking about something you don't understand but you want to open your mouth anyway? I must admit you have a pretty slick way of social engineering your way into getting keys to any car, but did you thing about how easy it would be for cops to find the car once you steal it? it's not that simple to get a free car.
i'll quit bitching now since i'm sure making fun of FART will do absolutely no good. i just wanted to point out how idiotic he is. i would post my email address here but i don't want to suffer the annoyance of a mailbomb reprisal in an attempt to prove what an 0-day HAXOR d00d you are.

FROM - dguy618
TOPIC - armageddon clock
02/10/99 21:07:42 - MESSAGE #1099

yeah, i've heard of that thing nipper. but i don't it's at 8 or 9, it think it's around 11. the closest it's ever been was 11:59. being on the brink of nuclear meltdown is cool.

FROM - dguy618
TOPIC - yahahahaha
02/10/99 21:03:01 - MESSAGE #1098

It's about time someone stepped up to that lame "100l< 47 (V)3 1 4(V) 4N 401 ju4l23z k1dd13!" punk Fart. i wholeheartedly agree with you Chad. and besides, most of those porno PWs he posted don't even work! take my word for it, i tried a bunch of em. eh heh.


g0 h3l23 b3c4u53 FART 53z 50
FROM - nipper413
TOPIC - nukes
02/10/99 20:07:05 - MESSAGE #1095

Yeah, i forget who was talking about duck and cover and nukes and such, and saying how the baby boomers, my generations parents lived through all that, well ya know.. it's kinda not over. There are basically just as many nukes in the world now, difference is, they are in the hands of many more countries. There's this group that runs a thing that's pretty much the nuclear armageddon clock. They move the hands closer to 12 midnight whenever they think that the world is in more danger of nukes or less or whatever. Right now it's at something like 8 or 9, and that's the highest its pretty much been since the cuban missile crisis. Fact is the sword of demophocles or whatever that guys name was hangs as much above us as before.

FROM - Chad
TOPIC - hey fart
02/09/99 23:24:46 - MESSAGE #1066

hey fart, you are one stupid little fuck!!
first of all, learn how to write. im tired of all this "dis lamerz" shit. you talk like some little aol hacker wanna be. second. that was just a waste of space putting all those porn passwords on the board. if anyone really cared about that shit they would go find pw's on some warez site, or crack them themselves. third, i seriously doubt you had anyting to do with rbcp letting us have numbers on this board again.
so dick, instead of judging everyone else and deciding who the "lamerz" are. why dont you stop and take a look at yourself? and while you're at it, why not get a new hobbie, cause hacking\phreaking obviously isnt for you

FROM - UIN #30073773somewhere
TOPIC - come chat about stuff
02/09/99 19:36:51 - MESSAGE #1061

UIN #30073773--come chat about stuff

UIN #30073773--come chat about stuff
FROM - Ray Dios HaqueUnited Phreaks Syndicate
TOPIC - Baby Boomers
02/09/99 16:37:36 - MESSAGE #1058

Informagnet, you are making that assumption (or generalization) that all the baby boomers had a 'free ride' into adulthood. That's not entirely true. Things may seem harder on the X'rs because we have been handed the age of technology. But keep in mind that they lived in the nuclear age. Ask your parents what "Duck and Cover" means and watch them freeze up. Although they may have had much less technology, their focus was just as strong in other areas. I would much rather struggle through college then live half my life in the fear of getting nuked.


FROM - noam219
TOPIC - chomsky
02/09/99 10:57:04 - MESSAGE #1054

yeah, the baby boom was after WWII when a bunch of horny soldiers came home to their girlfriends and wives.
i wouldn't say chomsky is better than any drug, but at least he doesn't make you stupid in the long run. I'm suprised so many people here read his stuff (3 is a lot of people for me) doesn't seem too phreaking oriented.

enough noam chomsky to make you sick
TOPIC - Yo Thug
02/09/99 02:30:54 - MESSAGE #1049

Yeah, I agree, and wierd subjects, too, but really, you just gotta get into Chomsky to get the overall picture! He's better than any drug!

Yeah, Noam, the boxed set of 3 I have is Secrets, Lies, and Democracy, plus two others. It rocks! And there are like 3 new ones he's got out now - I want 'em!

Noam Chomsky Lives Here
FROM - some guy
02/09/99 00:43:48 - MESSAGE #1044

123, see you got numbers now

FROM - DIrellaC
02/08/99 23:58:56 - MESSAGE #1043

Let's see, we've got one guy from Chile, who wants info to make a new box but doesn't give an e-mail addrss. We're supposed to post it here? All of it? Without numbers? And then there's "fart louder than a dog" who despite his apparent american citizenship speaks less englosh than our friend from Chile.

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Noam
02/08/99 23:30:54 - MESSAGE #1042

Wow. I've been reading Noam Chromsky's books for 3 years...I love Secrets, Lies and Democracy.

FROM - Fone Thug -
TOPIC - Wierdos
02/08/99 21:11:34 - MESSAGE #1036

is it just me or have a lot of wierd people been posting here?

TOPIC - Noam Chomsky
02/08/99 01:21:02 - MESSAGE #1016

Yeah Noam, I agree - Chomsky's great but his main works are really hard to read, I mean, even for people who are into his ideas. The Real Story series is the way to go! I have the boxed set of three, and there are about three new ones I don't have from Odonian that I really want to get. I like to read 'em before falling asleep at night.

Keep the faith!

FROM - 213LA -
TOPIC - i know bbsing is dead
02/08/99 01:16:47 - MESSAGE #1015

any remember lies inc 818? i need to get intouch with the sysop...

FROM - JamesVirginia
TOPIC - Cool!
02/07/99 23:47:36 - MESSAGE #1012

This BBS seems kinda cool. I am looking to replace my wwwboards.

FROM - gugoCHILE ! !!
TOPIC - i want t know more about red box
02/07/99 22:21:58 - MESSAGE #1009

Can anybody explain more the red box using please!

And where can i find the sounds of red boxing!

I wish i have a new invention on this!
But i have to know more....
please explain ALL you know just posting here or
send the email for contact us ok?

FROM - sulcata99330
02/07/99 10:21:46 - MESSAGE #988

RBCP dont think that we dont know that you where not the developer of the LALALALALA box.Im sure everyone has figured out that Emily was the one how thought it up and did all the R+D for the project,just becouse you had to post it for her and she cant read is no reason to claim this as your own

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - ecco boom
02/07/99 07:15:06 - MESSAGE #983

Another reason the baby boomers out number the next generations and the the ecco boom never realy materialized was the invention of birth control.It made it so you could get layed and not have to worry about haveing more kids than you wanted.I've also heard this is beleived to be a major contributer to the womans lib movement becouse now they dont have to stay at home pregnet and taking care of 12 kids.

FROM - SimplyCA
TOPIC - 'boomers'
02/07/99 04:09:41 - MESSAGE #981

I don't know if what my U.S History teacher told me was correct or just a joke, but he said that the 'baby boomers' or 'boomers' what ever termytou want to call it, actually meant that the soldiers that were about to go to war, 'banged' their wife so much, that had a lot of 'boom' after she got 'banged'.

has anyone ever told you guys shit like that or is my teacher just a dirty bastard?

FROM - noam219
TOPIC - chomsky
02/07/99 02:24:00 - MESSAGE #979

infomagnet-ok, the baby boomer thing makes a little more sense now, but still you have to admit it seems strange that each progressive generation wouldn't be larger than the last, i understand now though.
i think every generation tends to think they have it harder than their parents did, but i have to agree with you (although i may be biased) that we have it a lot harder. student loans aren't too nice and i'm sure you've heard that fact about gen-x being the first generation to make less money than their parents blah blah blah.
yeah, i've read some chomsky, most of his stuff that i've read is from the real story series. have you ever tried to read any of his other books? they're generally about 600 pages of statistics, not fun reading...He also the world's foremost linguist and he's fluent in seven languages. Political science is just a hobby for him but he still knows more about it than i ever will in my lifetime, i think he's pretty deserving of respect. Gore Vidal wrote a good book for the real story series too, it's called the decline and fall of the american empire.
this isn't a very appropriate topic for the phoneloser's board, so i'm going to shut up now.
infomagnet, email me sometime if you want to babble some more.

TOPIC - Boomers
02/06/99 21:21:42 - MESSAGE #972

Noam, I'm basing my assumption that boomers are the greatest single companant of the population on the facts that (a) the WWII generation is dying off, (b) the boomers are everyone born from about 1945 to the early 60's, and (c) the "boomers" were called that after the "baby boom" that occurred after WWII. Nowadays, it's true, the average American family is having 2.5 kids, but right after WWII those soldiar boys got together with Rosie the Riveter and they routinely had families of 5 or more. And a greater proportion of America's citizens did the family thing. There was a real boom in children, all through this time. Mom was a housewife, and she took care of kids. That was her job. It was like this right up through early 60's, then things started getting like they are now. If you read Chomsky, you don't need to be told how. The boomers had it great there for a while, then, when things began to tighten up, they ended up having less kids - nationally, much less. It's been written about all over - we X'ers get to pay for the boomers' old age care, after all! Frankly, boomers irritate me!! Like my parents. They don't understand how much harder things have gotten, and unlike their parents, the WWII generation, they aren't willing to help their kids get through college. It's like "My parents paid for it for me, so why the hell can't you do it all on your own? After all, *I* have a degree!" They basically got handed everything on a silver platter compared to the rough ride through life the average X'er's having, and they just don't understand. I think X'ers probably have a lot more in common with the WWII'ers than either group realized - after all, the WWII'ers got through the Depression!

Chomky RULES!! Have you read the interviews he did with David Barsamian that are published by Odonian Press? Kickass!

Odonian Press
FROM - cbfog828
02/06/99 18:47:38 - MESSAGE #967

Fart is now our "lamer" judge. Let me explain...

If you are lame, than Fart will let you know. This information is dispensed freely by Fart out of the goodness of his hart. If you want to redeem yourself, you must do something k-rad like allow all your lamerz followerz post da numberz on yer lamer board. Most of the time, Fart will supply the circumstances under which you may become un-lame so don't worry about it. If you are lame, he will find and correct your sorry ass. Since Fart is our lamer judge from now on, you must adhere to his hax0r standards in order to be 31337 enough for him and his posse. Any deviation from these standards, and you are a lamer.

FROM - cbfog828
02/06/99 18:42:20 - MESSAGE #966

Fart, it seems your little vendetta isn't going to be as cool and epic as you think it might be. You see, RBCP's phone number is all over the PLA site and if you just looked, maybe you could find it.

Hay fart, I went to yer lamerz page and it waz fucking lamerz! Eye think I have saw thoZe linkz on every hax0r page in the werldz!! I alzo liked yer banner ...

"Enter on yer own responsebilityz"

Nize grammarz, my lamerz frend!

FROM - 9-year old boyHicksville, Tennesee
TOPIC - cool! boy, I never knen you could get free passwords here!
02/06/99 15:38:14 - MESSAGE #960

My daddy the preacher doesn't know that I come here, but now that I can steal free phone stuff and calls and check out naked girls, I will have to tell all my friends back in my 4th grade class about this page!

Sesame Street
FROM - noam219
TOPIC - population/generations
02/06/99 13:41:33 - MESSAGE #949

infomagnet- maybe i'm dumb, but i've never understood why people say baby boomers outnumber everyone else. american couples have an average of 2.5 children children or so, so there should be 50% more gen-xers than baby boomers since generation x is the offspring of the baby boomers, right?
oh yeah, and personally i prefer to masturbate while reading noam chomsky essays, but phine equipment is a close second j/k.

TOPIC - Fergawt thet durn URL
02/06/99 13:37:28 - MESSAGE #948

Here 'tis!

TOPIC - The Ultimate Hick!
02/06/99 13:28:48 - MESSAGE #943

OK, I found this article in a local paper here called the New Times. It's about this guy out in Bumfuck, N.C. who runs a movie theater and has for at least 10 years had this long ol' answering machine message that sounds like Boomhauer on King of the Hill except you can understand this guy - sort of!! He's so hicked-out it isn't even funny! There's supposed to be a "brief audio clip" at the URL below, and here's the number to dial (It's in the article too, and this guy's message has been picked up by radio stations and played all over the country, so it's public-domain, in a way - they won't mind a few Losers calling...) (ThreeThreeSix)TwoTwoSix-Fourteen-Eighty-Eight.

I can see all kinds of possibilities with the audio file as well as the regular recording!

As for recording prank cawls, I'd say the neatest way to do it is use a voice modem, and record to a .wav file. If you're "mobile", you can always use a laptop.....

FROM - Rufus T. Firefly 516
TOPIC - pranking equipment
02/05/99 23:06:11 - MESSAGE #931

Radio Schlock every so often has this cheap little number that plugs into the mic jack on a tape recorder, and the business end is a little black plastic suction cup that you stick to the outside earpiece. It actually picks up the conversation surprisingly well if you get a phone without much background noise, like a booth or something. Only problem is it looks kinda suspicious.

FROM - some doodpA
TOPIC - pranking equipment
02/05/99 22:22:28 - MESSAGE #930

I wanted to ask a profestional on what pranking equip ment they use to do stuff like recording pranks from a payfone, their homefone and other places where a prank would be good

FROM - NeonHighNeonVille
TOPIC - Movie
02/05/99 21:46:00 - MESSAGE #929

Gawd Damn!
Saving Private Ryan came back to theaters today!
Check it out for yourself. Call AOL's seven-seven-seven-FILM.
FROM - hobKnob414 -
TOPIC - oh yeah
02/05/99 15:49:16 - MESSAGE #922

uhh.. i forgot to mention.. it's
anything sent to in the past like year has been hotmail has fucked up my shizot and whiped out that account a long time ago.

FROM - hobKnob414 -
TOPIC - lonely
02/05/99 15:42:11 - MESSAGE #921


wtf ray? where are all my loser friends at?
Discount Man
Rattor. where the fuck are you.. you shite ars ZAlander

mail me you tits.. i been alive and breating for more than a month now..

UP$ n' stuff
FROM - StripCodeC@n@d@ -
TOPIC - Mirc
02/05/99 14:50:43 - MESSAGE #920

I was wondering if somone could tell me where to find Lice... I have looked everywhere... although I am a little lazy, but I would appreciate if somone could help me out.


FROM - Nightless.fucking cold upstate NY
TOPIC - Tom Clancy is a large throbbing infected penis
02/05/99 14:03:37 - MESSAGE #919

Yeah, I watched that Netfuck crap and I HAD to laff my fuckin ass off....a president who has built-in controls and codes for the entire internet?....baaahahhahahahahah...what a twit. Although, the fact that the white house got shot to hell, and the rocket launcher was alright, and of course, the BIll Gates clone (Oh come on, you didnt think that that was an ORIGINAL character DID you?) got busted and had a coronary at the end.....but jesus christ what bulllllshhiiit code flashing across the screen??....makes no fucking sense...the binary code wouldnt be displayed unless their was special software to display Im all pissed damnit.......comments?

FROM - Rufus T. Firefly 516
TOPIC - AOL damn!
02/05/99 07:34:14 - MESSAGE #913 it cannot BE! But I LIKED seven-seven-seven-film!!!!
I feel as though I've just lost an old friend...

(lame Charlton Heston voice) Ya did it... ya finally DID IT!!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELLLLLLL!!!!

FROM - NeonHighNeonVille
02/04/99 23:55:17 - MESSAGE #910

Hey did anyone know that AOL bought seven-seven-seven-FILM?
Pretty soon they'll own us all..

- [ NeonHigh Dot Com] -
TOPIC - Thanks British!!
02/04/99 22:56:46 - MESSAGE #909

Hey British thanks!! That show is so fucking melodramatic and full of hype it isn't even funny!! I just saw it and it seems calculated to make the average American couch potato out there vote for whoever will make computers available to people holding NSA-issued licenses and enact a death penalty for hacking!! It's both scary and disgusting!! Let's not forget that the largest group in society are boomers, and they don't really trust computers, and the next largest is boomers' parents, and they KNOW they're scared of computers, and last come we X'ers and X+'s or whatever the oldest X'ers kids are being called. Really being comfortable with computers is a Generation X and later thing, meanwhile the boomers and their old fogey parents are controlling this country. I wonder if Netfarce has NSA/Moral Majority/Republican/etc. funding?? Look at what interests are being served.....

Meanwhile I've slapped a decent speed modumb back on this machine, I guess external modumbs are more hackerly 'cause you can see all the little lights?

FROM - Britishhell
TOPIC - this stupid show
02/04/99 22:28:20 - MESSAGE #908

Anyone watching this Netforce show? it's as every bit as bad as Hackers and The Net. Tom Clancy just read a bunch of newspaper articles to compile this. THe concept of a CERT like force for the Internet may be a good concept, but its still stupid. WHo cares if all his terminology of the net are right?

FROM - masterhere
02/04/99 21:51:12 - MESSAGE #906

| |------------| |
.-'| | | |`-.
.' | | | | `.
.-' \ \ / / `-.
.' _.| |--------| |._ `.
/ -. .' | | | | `. .- \
/ `( | |________| | )' \
| \ .i------------i. / |
| .-')/ \(`-. |
\ _.-'.-'/ ________ \`-.`-._ /
\.-'_.-' / .-' ______ `-. \ `-._`-./\
`-' / .' .-' _ _`-. `. \ `-' \\
| .' .' _ ( ) ( ) _`. `. | //
/ / / ( ) ___ ( )_\ \ \ \\
| | | _ ,' `.==' `| | | //
| | | ( ) | B.T.| ( ) | | | //
| | | _ `.___.' _ | | | \\
| \ \ ( ) _ _ ( ) / / | //
/ `. `. ( ) ( ) .' .' \ \\
/ `. `-.______.-' .' \ //
/ `-.________.-' \ __//
| |--'

( ) ==== \
|| | [][][] |
(|| | [][][] |
)|| | [][][] |
( ( ) O O O /
what ever happend to phreaking it all looks like it is hacking now i like phreaking

FROM - cbfog828
TOPIC - Fart
02/04/99 20:38:48 - MESSAGE #903

God dammit Fart...
How old are you? Anyone with any shred of self respect or common sense would not post in /<-RAD talk on the PLA web board, nor would he challenge PLA geeks to find him, cause they will!

FROM - Tofu626 <-Ooo..numbers
TOPIC - Hey Fart
02/04/99 19:35:41 - MESSAGE #900

Anyways, if its so damn lame, leave! Geez..

Buy all of your telco toys here!
FROM - FredPortugal
TOPIC - unlock Ericsson Gf 768
02/04/99 14:17:00 - MESSAGE #890

Can anyone tell me how can I unlock my Ericsson?
If anyone can please send me an e-mail.

FROM - Rookmars -
TOPIC - 10-10-9000
02/04/99 08:09:41 - MESSAGE #881

If anyone can get ten-ten-ninethousands info post it. like thier address or number, also try fucking with them by trying to get them to tell you what "city" they are in. They'll get pissed and transfer you, kinda reminds me of the old oci days.

time to sleep.

FROM - kagelos angeles
TOPIC - testing
02/04/99 05:48:16 - MESSAGE #880

Please forgive this lame post. Just testing the bbs it out.

FROM - DIrellaC
TOPIC - Pentium 3's
02/04/99 02:13:31 - MESSAGE #877

When the time comes I'm sure someone will find a way to spoof the serial numbers. Thers got to be a way around the hardware.

TOPIC - Modumbs
02/04/99 01:20:57 - MESSAGE #873

Dammit, I move down here to civilization and my Aptiva mwave modumb can't take it, I screw with it forever trying to talk some sense into it, to no avail, then I trot my ass over to Fry's and get a Leet-O USR Feefty-SeexK Voice Fax internal modumb, spend like FOUR HOURS fuckin' wid it, it no workee, I don't think it's these modumbs, it's the internal ports on this machine, the ISA board's elevated off of the motherboard with a flaky set of "riser cards" and as soon as I pulled the good old reliable external Fourteen-Four out I was on the Net in a red hot Fife minutes!! Geez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting a USR Courier external Twenny-Ate-Ate from a friend tomorrow, but you know, Fourteen-Four isn't as much slower as I thought it would be. Apparently the serial port's OK, it's just hard to exist as an internal add-on board inside this machine!

Um, there's an article out in the San Jose Mercury about this Pentium III serial number business - it's a little scary. The guy writing the article is against it, of course.

Hehe Axe!!! Yeah, like I look at a USWorst truck sooner than a cute bod, I'm sick too! BTW I haven't been successful at getting a local ANI yet, I saw a fone guy as I was out walking around and asked him and he got all cranky and said "That's inside Company information" and my saying "So?" didn't seem to help much either!!

FROM - SimplyCA
TOPIC - intel p#
02/04/99 01:15:52 - MESSAGE #872

as of right now there is a boycott on intel three, to read bout it go to HNN- The intel three processor is due to come out on feb twenty-three, and i think the p# will not be very popular, because of privacy issues.

A best alternative would be amd's Ksix-two, although I've heard about a kseven that will go to top speeds of five hundred mhz. that would probably be a better alternative to intels processors.

FROM - Pentium 3
02/03/99 22:23:50 - MESSAGE #854

Actually the pentium THREE (argh dam numbers) just came out. There a total backlash against it because each processor
has a registered ID number that others can see, THis is because Intel wants to give e-commerce a big needed push w/ this extra security featture. SO basically if u use a credit cardit would only be authorized to certain machines to be used. Likewise Hacked password sites would be useless because the password has to match the id of your computer. The backlash is the fact that consumers lose their privacy. So bascically computer hacking days are over it Intel has their way.


FROM - cbfog828
TOPIC - lol
02/03/99 21:53:38 - MESSAGE #853

Fart, you always give me a good laugh. I wouldn't call anyone in here a lamer, because some people, like me, are vindictive bastards. How old are you? No, really.

TOPIC - Intel Pentium Processors
02/03/99 21:42:32 - MESSAGE #852

Does anyone know when Intel will start making processors again? I've been looking all over town for a place that will sell a Pentium Two three-thirty-tree mhz and nobody has them on stock. I need to get new Pentium cause I'm running a shitty one twenty! I can't even play Quake!

IVP Communications
FROM - ChowEurope
TOPIC - Useful
02/03/99 12:51:01 - MESSAGE #844

Useful Feature & its fun too

FROM - Black Axe732
TOPIC - Porn and Good Shit
02/02/99 22:37:50 - MESSAGE #828

I must agree with Informagnet... sometimes I'm just sitting there, spanking it, and I look up onto the screen, and realize that I'm not staring at some slut, but a Yupiteru MVT-nine-thousand-M-three.. I think I should seek professional help for this.

FROM - rbcp618 -
TOPIC - Hacking Broadpoint calling cards
02/01/99 23:45:23 - MESSAGE #789

Hey, I just singlehandedly figured out a way to hack these silly broadpoint calling cards to get truely free phone calls from them. All you have to do is dial the toll-free number, dial your pin number and enter in the number you want to call. Now IMMEDIATELY put your fingers in your ears and start going, "LALALALALALALALALALA!" really loud for about ten seconds. Then stop and start talking to your friends.

Every two minutes just cover your ears and start talking gibberish and presto, free phone calls and you don't even have to listen to the ads! I call this The LALALALALABox and currently it is completely undetectable by Broadpoint's anti-fraud computers. I will keep everyone posted on LALALALALABox updates as they become available.

click here for free calling cards!
FROM - Fargone562
TOPIC - very nice..
02/01/99 19:54:10 - MESSAGE #780

Seems as though every time I return to this page it has a new look. But seeing as how I only check it out about once a month.. I suppose that would be the normal update rate. It does make for some confusion in navigating though :P Keep up the good work, rbcp.

Waste of bandwidth.
02/01/99 19:01:13 - MESSAGE #775

Geez, I don't know why anyone wastes their time and ours with porn. We're hackers, or at least trying to become hackers, and at least we can navigate the Net well enough to find all the porn we might want ourselves. And, to a lot of us, porn would be a nice pic of a FiveESS or a telco box wire-pair diagram.

FROM - cbfog828
TOPIC - God...
02/01/99 14:32:30 - MESSAGE #771

Get it into your thick skull you loser!


Ignorant lamer...

TOPIC - Blah
02/01/99 03:29:56 - MESSAGE #760

Well, I'm moved out of HIcktown, and am down in the Phoenix area! Yay!!! It's actually LESS of a rat-race, and I just know I"m gonna like it a lot! I finally got the latest twentysixhundred mag (Emmanual's apparently given me a sub for writing that article, it came in the mail) and I see they printed my silly letter about the Olympic center - all true of course, and silly! At least one person got a charge out of my article and used the info to torment their local Rat Shack - that's what I wanna see, it put to USE. There's also an EXCELLENT article on identifying wire pairs in fone boxez and I URGE all of you to get it - I was wondering about those wire pairs myself, and that article got my shit squared away! Lastly, I need an ANI for the Phoenix area and could use a ringback # too.

FROM - Annomynous
TOPIC - Questions
02/01/99 01:16:41 - MESSAGE #757

I'm just testing if it works, I download it, and it didn't they said it might not be pearl five compatible.

FROM - SimplyLA
TOPIC - ....
01/31/99 23:25:09 - MESSAGE #752

The site is looking better and better greadt wirk rbcp

FROM - Molitov Coktail Mass
TOPIC - What the hell?
01/31/99 21:11:05 - MESSAGE #745

What the hell is RBCP doing changing the format of the page like that? it was great like it was before.

FROM - Xenos
TOPIC - Voice Mail
01/31/99 20:03:36 - MESSAGE #741

Anybody know of free voice mail services or boxes. If so mail.

FROM - sd
01/31/99 19:27:10 - MESSAGE #731

UM screw Red Boxin the link below will take u to the GREATEST SITE ON EARTH!!!!

Free Long Distance through ad sponsered messages.

Basically u get a card w/ a pin number.
Then you call the toll free number
Enter the pin then phone number
Then you listen to a ten sec ad
Each ad u listen to earns you a credit of two min.(how long do prank call last anyway???)
Listen one min of ads earns u eight min of talk time.
They're gonna have international and wireless someday

FROM - End of Red boxing
01/31/99 19:25:13 - MESSAGE #728

UM screw Red Boxin the link below will take u to the GREATEST SITE ON EARTH!!!!

Free Long Distance through ad sponsered messages.

Basically u get a card w/ a pin number.
Then you call the toll free number
Enter the pin then phone number
Then you listen to a ten sec ad
Each ad u listen to earns you a credit of two min.(how long do prank call last anyway???)
Listen one min of ads earns u eight min of talk time.
They're gonna have international and wireless someday

FROM - Fart(+)Louder da God!SuckAss NorthWest Ohio
TOPIC - lets turn dis page into a XXX password free for all...
01/31/99 15:29:20 - MESSAGE #720

I think it would be good to put all kindz of XXX passwordz on dis page... since we can't post #'s anymore cause RBCP chickened out cause some lozer lawyerz threatened his lamerz azz, we need to put some udder good stuff here... I will cum back with a ton of pazzwordz tommorrow, so all you little kiddiez cum back and maybe we can get your parentz mad at RBCP and they will order him to stop putting wordz in diz now lamerz page.... oh yeah, here is a kizz for you all = *BBBeeeLLLcccHHH!!!*

don't go to dis page, don't say i didn't warn your lamerz asses
FROM - cbfog828
01/30/99 22:06:22 - MESSAGE #701

Hey! This isn't a pr0n board! Bugger off, smelly.

FROM - 5hj
TOPIC - lgu
01/30/99 21:51:44 - MESSAGE #700


FROM - Disco Stumy house
TOPIC - Those damned adult check things
01/30/99 21:09:31 - MESSAGE #698

any one have one of those adult check passes they want to give out?

FROM - dguy618
TOPIC - yay
01/29/99 18:28:54 - MESSAGE #676

holy shit! the DB's back up! i haven't checked the pla site for awhile and this is what happens when i don't. i feel like a dumbass. 0h well, at least it's back. yay.


for all you geeks, a free online RPG
FROM - SC330
TOPIC - PLA directory
01/27/99 23:16:02 - MESSAGE #625

Hey, RBCP, when are you going to put out that new PLA phone directory? I'm looking forward to it! Oh, and did you get all those numbers I sent you?

And before you put it out, I'd like you to add an entry to the loser list: My school district's administraition office. I'll get you this number. Later...

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - gun control
01/27/99 22:59:16 - MESSAGE #623

The issue isn't gun control, it's PEOPLE CONTROL. The only thing a ban on guns would do is keep guns out of the hands of the good people, and keep them in the hands of criminals. So, let's keep guns free, Fuck Janet Reno and her antiAmerican ideas.

FROM - hobKnob414 -
TOPIC - phonelist
01/27/99 10:03:29 - MESSAGE #614

sharon that's a buncha shit that they handed you.. anybody can get a print out of all calls made on their line (i believe it's up to the last billing period.. or possibly for the last billing period.. not sure) i believe that there is a small fee (like ten bucks) associated with this..
One small thing tho.. it takes about ten days to two weeks and they will only send it to the address that is stated on the account (trust me.. there are no exceptions.. i SocE'd like five acocunt managers and they wouldn't budge on it) so unless you riffle through your neighbors mail daily don't try to get a list of their numbers.. (tho the fee gets placed on the phone bill.. so you won't have to pay for it..)

whichbrings up another point.. you must ask for your account manager... regular ops probly won't have anyidea what to do.

FROM - sulcata99 330ask the pretenders
TOPIC - gun control
01/27/99 08:42:49 - MESSAGE #612

gun control is hitting your target,and knowing where they are at all times,I dont have a safe so I sold mine when my son was born.Dont need litle hands finding a gun.I'll do what my parrents did and get another one when he's old enough to learn to shoot(mommy had me on range when I was six)

FROM - sharonnew jersey
TOPIC - phone calls
01/27/99 06:36:26 - MESSAGE #611

is there any way i can get a printout of all incoming and outgoing calls from my home phone? i called the phone company and was told because i have unlimited phone use they could not do this. i need this printout. is there any way this can be done-perhaps by a lawyer or detective agency?

FROM - GiBsOnCrAcKeRcanada -
TOPIC - phone scanner
01/26/99 19:02:48 - MESSAGE #594


I use to have a phone scanner that was workin great but i add a litle virus trouble so now I got shit!

if any loser can tell me where can I download one!

DAmn i should save my stuff!!

FROM - Fart(+)Louder da God!Suckass Northwest Ohio
TOPIC - who the hell is deleting my messages?!
01/26/99 17:06:53 - MESSAGE #588

You loserz live in da wrong states... here suckass Ohio and in Vermont you don't need da state gestapo to give you lamerz "permission" to buy no fucking gun. I got a Ruger .fortyfour magnum, S/W .thirtyeight special snubby, American Arms .twentytwo auto and a .twentyfive Titan Gold Plated Pocket Pistol. One of my ol' girl friendz blasted herself with da Titan, so I know dat a .twentyfive at close range will really mess you up good, as in go right through you no problem, but she was a bad shot, and lived. Just stay out of dem left wing statez/citiez, and make sure you check first before you move der by calling da local sheriff as dey will tell you over da phone which jurisdictions are real dickwadz about commie gun permits... In Vermont, I went to da downtown outdoor mall, and dey had a WoolWorths open der in and they had all kindz of assault rifles for sale, and all you needed was a drivers license and make sure you marked "no felonies" on da application, and you could walk outside and start your own fireworks show... but being dat Vermont is a rural area, and not full of lamerz, looserz, crackheads and other miscreantz like da citiez, nothing ever happened except dat shoot out I had with my hilly billy neighbors in Waterbury, but datz another story. Just remember when it comez to gun control, Hitler tried it too... and so did Stalin and Mao.

dis is how you lamerz get a gun if you have a plan and a brain cell
FROM - jimmypopohio -
TOPIC - guns
01/26/99 15:48:38 - MESSAGE #587

I always buy through the news paper no paperwork I dont know about the laws on selling guns though if they require a permit go to a gun show in another state some shows have a milita type agenda and dont abide by the law meaning full auto silincers and other neato stuff but it costs on silincers they are really against the law I know a guy who tried to contest the law in court and buy one he was arrested under some gun control law and spent a year in jail just for saying he wanted one oh well

gun control means hitting your target

FROM - rbcp618 -
TOPIC - Neutronic
01/26/99 12:52:28 - MESSAGE #583

Info, you actually went out and bought that? I've never heard it before but I put the ad up there because the lead singer is a good friend of mine. If you've ever read the old Delirium e-zine, that's him. Anyway, I'm glad it didn't suck!

FROM - Xenos
TOPIC - Redbox Sell
01/26/99 12:29:12 - MESSAGE #581

To the guy that wants to sell the red box mail me.

FROM - gfmjghjg
TOPIC - gghj
01/26/99 09:19:35 - MESSAGE #575


FROM - bumva
TOPIC - fone tapping
01/25/99 17:58:13 - MESSAGE #560

hey, i was wondering if there were any good files. or maybe someone could just tell me(preferably by email) hmm, basically how to know if your fone is tapped? i think the cops got all me and my friends fones tapped cause of an ocassional "clicking", but i want to know for sure... can somebody help me here? thanx -bum

FROM - hobKnob414 -
TOPIC - cards n' kids
01/25/99 16:42:12 - MESSAGE #557

nod.. the cards arn't that expencive.. fist replacement is usually free.. in these parts.. (just gotanother job with same security deal.. same policies) second is like ten bucks.. and the cards do singnal a "personalized code" thus yer ass gets logged everytime your buddy uses it..:)

TOPIC - Neutronic
01/25/99 14:47:27 - MESSAGE #554

Hey, anyone else but me run right out and get a Neutronic CD? The one pushed here is called "Last Year's Product" and it's pretty cool - like music for robots.

Hey, it isn't Emergency Broadcast Network, but they are in a league by themselves!!!!

FROM - el_caco909
TOPIC - bastards can't read
01/25/99 11:57:39 - MESSAGE #552

All these people posting test messages on the general discussions board is pissing me off. Can't they read? Don't they understand that there is a test zone board for a reason? All these damn illiterate retarded mongoloid bastards running around posting test messages ought to be slapped.

TOPIC - Oh, sheesh!
01/25/99 00:06:13 - MESSAGE #534

OK, I'd say if you want a sport, get into archery - much more future in it. If you're into defense, go to your local NRA range, etc. they'll get you lined up for training classes. If you feel you need a gun for defense and carrying around, think about moving to where you don't. Silencers: Move to Germany where they're legal with the proper licensing - over there they're considered a benefit for keeping hunting noise down. Otherwise, don't think about them - they're illegal duh! Anyone who's into guns and shooting w/o following the legalities is just asking for trouble and probably causing it. Even in Cali where I was the gun laws were fine for a law-abiding competition, sporting, or defense shooter. In fact, Cali's ahead of the curve with one law, one that punishes the parents if they leave a gun where a kid can get at it and if the kid commits a crime. Yay! I'm all for it - NRA-trained mentally healthy kids aren't going to cause harm with a gun. The more I see, the more I am coming around to seeing where more guns no NOT make a better society.

01/24/99 22:07:36 - MESSAGE #529

YOU might check into the laws regarding used weapons and guns bought out of state,personaly I preffer long range accuracy,reach out and touch someone!

FROM - Black Axe732
TOPIC - guns and shit
01/24/99 19:32:31 - MESSAGE #520

hey infor.. i was thinking about trying to get into shooting and what not... some questions i've got for ya: (respond on here or email, however ya want)..

I. selection. where's a good place to buy/what's something good to get? also, what's a good price to pay? i'm just now learning about the different capabilities/qualities of different types of ammunition, so some ammo info would be nice too.

II. silencers. since i live in NJ, we have some of the most restrictive gun laws around. gotta have a permit/get fingerprinted/etc to buy rifles and shotguns... and then, after that, ya gotta get a seperate permit for EVERY handgun (which are obviously the most fun).

III. damn that license. is there any way to get around that... i mean, like just get the shit mailorder or something? i'm not exactly enthusiastic about getting registered with yet another federal agency :)

TOPIC - Olympic Crap
01/24/99 17:05:49 - MESSAGE #513

Axe hehe I guess they printed one of my asinine letters anyway!! Yeah, there are ways to make a card that's "passive", no battery, there are also cards with batteries that last for years, and I believe we were supposed to get new ones each year. There was a hundred-dollar fine for losing one, so I think they may have cost as much as twenty bucks, that can cover a lot of 'tronics + a lithium batt. I'm in the process of moving to the CITY so I don't know how quickly I'll get another article in, but I have about four of 'em and an editorial cooking.

Sheesh this number thing is getting old.

TOPIC - The City Rules
01/24/99 16:59:47 - MESSAGE #512

Hey, I lived in Los Angeles and was able to go to pistol and rifle matches all over the place, go to pistol matches at least three nights a week, go to the beach, museums and hang around colleges and stuff, and in general it ruled. I even got to do a fair amount of varmint shooting if crows count mua-ha-ha-ha-ha! In the "country", and I wouldn't call this so-called country area the real country, it sucks. There are too many people for it to be the REAL country, so it doesn't have the advantages of a really rural area, but it's got all the disadvantages of the city w/o the good things. Mainly it's a bunch of losers who can't afford to live on Walfare in a city area so they moved out here to live on Welfare here, there's plenty of crime'n'drugs, (gotta be twice as much as most parts of Los Angeles which doesn't deserve as bad a rep as it's got) but you can't go out and shoot, hike, fish, etc 'cause if you do there's some asshole with fatigues on waving an AK at you and screaming "Get off my laaaaaand!!" Rbcp's got if right - he lives right outside a real city with real "culture" and he says it's great! Huh huh guess they can reed'n'rite theyer!

FROM - a horny teenagerhell aka upstate ny
TOPIC - the 7-eleven article
01/24/99 03:44:57 - MESSAGE #504

ok, i have on problem with that seven-eleven article, im sure people would do it even if it wasnt suggested here but its just a bad idea to poke holes in the condum boxs. just think, after months of convincing your girlfriend its ok and she wont get pregnent if you fuck she agrees to shag you rotten, you run on over to seven-eleven, grab a pack o condums, fucker her brains out and two weeks later she calls you saying she's pregnent.....BANG...unless you want to be a dick and say" thats not my problem" your life is fucked over because of some kids prank. if you're gonna do that, do it right. go over some dicks house and pucture all his condums while he's in the bathroom then sit back and watch least that way you know he deserves it

FROM - jtb4US
01/23/99 17:11:28 - MESSAGE #494

Does anyone have "" for uploading FruitWare?? I have all the other files, but for some reason when I download FruitWare this file is missing :(

Thank you!

FROM - ruskiOhio
TOPIC - Tracing
01/23/99 15:14:45 - MESSAGE #492

Is it possible to use our computers to trace calls? Or is that just the stuff movies are made of?

FROM - AnzacFresno
TOPIC - Confused
01/23/99 02:32:21 - MESSAGE #484

I'm new to CGI's, and I can't seem to get it right. No matter what settings I put, I still get errors. I think I am setting my rootpath wrong, but have tried every combination I know. I wish I had a working example to compare it to...

FROM - hobKnob414
TOPIC - security cards n' shit
01/21/99 10:30:26 - MESSAGE #446

well.. i'm guessin there must be a few different types.. where i last worked.. they had cards with a passive rf chip in em.. when you got within three feet of a door you were authorized on .. the signalemited from the door powered the chip which inturn emited the code in responce..
kinda like those pet chips in CA where they can track yer animal.. i guess.. anyway.. the cards never "die" cause they have no internal power source.

Like i said.. not all of em are like that is my guess.. this was a very large international corporation, so they mighta had an expencive system or some shit..


FROM - Black Axe732
TOPIC - Informagnet... an Olympic athelete?
01/21/99 01:06:05 - MESSAGE #442

Infor..... I didn't know you were an Olympic athelete?? Anyways, about those cards... I remember seeing one at some point in time, and this particular one was used in a major electronics retailer's "vault"...... apparently all of the hard drives, palmpilots, etc.. were kept in a "vault" and those keycards would access it by waving it near a receiver of some sort.... must be some sort of RF emission..... I'd like to hold a frequency counter up to one of those thingies :) Odd that they have an ex-SS guy for security there...... makes you wonder what they're hiding?

FROM - OpZ919 NC -
TOPIC - Lowes Intercom
01/20/99 19:46:33 - MESSAGE #437

everyone's read about how RBCP took over the Fred Meyers intercom system, well, i did it with lowes. All i do is call up and dial the extension of customer service(*two-one-six) and say something like...
"hey, this is mike over in lawn and garden (i've already found out what the real guys name is) and my phones really screwed up, and i really need to make an intercom call...can you please PATCH me through?" and she usually says yes...then i get on and the first time, i was like "Clean up in lawn and garden...some little kid puked all ov-OH MY GOD, HES THROWING UP AGAIN...GOD, LOOK AT ALL THIS BARF!!!"
it was pretty funny...i just thought i'd share that...

ps-rbcp-you said tell you if anyone ever did it, so, i did it

FROM - me -
01/20/99 16:32:28 - MESSAGE #428


TOPIC - hey MoronROY
01/20/99 15:01:16 - MESSAGE #422

Hehe that IS kind of funny the way that came out! The inbreds around here would be lucky if they learned to read in two or three YEARS! No, I'm planning to move out of here in two or three months, TO a place where people can read! And they don't go to a family reunion to get a date!! I never realized that over a large geographical area of the US, there are lots of ignorant, mean (as in KKK) people who live off of Welfare and inhabit shitty old trailers and beat their kids if they dare to try to get "eddicated". Those of you living in cities, feel lucky, the cities actually have less crime, and there's a lot of stuff to do. Don't let anyone tell you anything different - rural areas suck, there's MORE crime, cities RULE!!!

FROM - DR2000718
TOPIC - phone number order
01/20/99 13:26:51 - MESSAGE #413

can someone help me with figuring out the order in which the phone numbers are arranged in the phone boxes, if there exists order at all? coz i still can't figure the damn thing out. and it's just very annoying to go through hundreds of numbers in order to find a specific one

Acid Plus Club
FROM - el_caco909
TOPIC - I love my rotary dial fone
01/20/99 11:44:40 - MESSAGE #411

I sure do love my rotary dial phone. I bought it for fifty cents at a yard sale. I opened it up and saw where the mic from the handset was wired in and just loosened two screws and hooked up some wires from an audio plug and now when I call people we can listen to music or any other thing that I can stick an audio plug into. For example my computer my mini recorder I could hook it up to my gameboy if I wanted. I sure do love my rotary dial phone. And if I stick the plug into the mic jack on my computer and talk into the phone(unplugged of course) it works as a mic. I am looking for more rotary dial phones cause I love them so much.

FROM - MoronR0Y
TOPIC - Reading
01/19/99 19:20:49 - MESSAGE #378

Does it really take people two to three months to read where you are moving to?

TOPIC - shit
01/18/99 21:38:44 - MESSAGE #354

Thanks for the post, SC, there sure is a new iss out, and I hang my head in shame that I haven't sent in an article since my Rat Shak one, and so there's sure to NOT be one by me in there. Um, twentysixhundred is happy to send out single copies, and subs are cheep, I really feel they and Kev need support so all I can say is get an issue, share it, and spread the fun! Really, all you need to do is screw with the Comhacks a lil' and it's reasy to phigure out, it involves going a few "layers" into the demo and then exiting, and while the machine is untangling itself from the layers hitting Control-ESC a bunch - the taskbar will come on up and then you can go to DOS Prompt and stuff.

TOPIC - Aw Phuck
01/18/99 21:32:36 - MESSAGE #353

SC, are you serious?? There's a new copy of twentysixhundred out?? Geez, now I'll have to make the approxmiately one hundred mile drive to get a copy - gawd, I hate this fuckin' place, bunch of hicks named Roy all making out with their sisters in front of the Circle-K, I AM moving to somewhere where people can read in about two or three months, and I can hardly wait!!

FROM - C0ntr0lno where land
TOPIC - Radio Hack
01/18/99 12:13:54 - MESSAGE #343

hey for some of us that aren't able to get twentysixhundred would you please tell us what the article is about/what it tell you to do etc.... so that some of the 'poor' lame as people like me can also have some laughs ant ra@t shacks expense......

this would be great since I live in an area infested with rat shacks.....

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Radio Hack
01/17/99 19:17:24 - MESSAGE #334

Reprinted from twenty-six-hundred Magazine:

"Dear twenty-six-hundred:

I just wanted to comment on the article in fifteen:three entitled "Screwing with Radio Shack and Compaq". We tried it at the Radio Shack in our local mall and it was hilarious. The guys at Rat Shack flipped out. It was funny as hell! They were like How the hell?!? We told them to buy the new Twenty-Six-Hundred and find out for themselves. Thanks.

Orlando, FL"

Wow Infomag! Your article obviously was enjoyed. Keep up the good work.

FROM - cbfogNC
TOPIC - FruitWare
01/17/99 16:18:55 - MESSAGE #331

I couldn't understand that post. You should start charging gratuitous fees for webmasters to use FruitWare to piss people off, or something.

FROM - rbcp618 -
TOPIC - test messages
01/17/99 12:14:31 - MESSAGE #325

For those who aren't aware, I just released version three of FruitBBS (the software used to run this discussion board) and so far I've gotten several thousand hits directly from that. This means morons who are stupid enough to use my software (yes, I mean YOU moron) will be coming into General Discussions and posting idiotic test messages like the ones you see below.
I might put a temporary ban on the word "test" in the subject lines to help curb this problem but then I'll just have to listen to StLSD freak out about censorship again. The retards who download my script obviously aren't bright enough to see "The Test Zone" down there on the bottom of the screen so for now it's just something that'll have to be dealt with. I'll try to delete the test messages when I see them.

I could probably write "DO NOT POST TEST MESSAGES" up on the top of this page in flashing gigantic red letters and the brainless idiots would think "Oh, this must be the board where I go to post test messages to see if I like this software."

FROM - xyz up in the clouds
TOPIC - test 2
01/16/99 23:27:12 - MESSAGE #317

so far so good
Can it be italic
Can it be bold
How a about a big head
How about different font

TOPIC - PLA crap
DATE - 06/30/98 06:02:27
FROM - yeAH RIGHT The Pearly Gates

I have nothing against the PLA merchandise but how many people actually use their own cc number? who would be that stupid? Duh.

TOPIC - Lineman Handset
DATE - 06/30/98 05:25:26
FROM - yeah right The Pearly Gates

You know what? someone should murder a bunch of Ma Hell lineman and sell the sets on some stupid internet store. We could call it in an atempt to draw customers away from Macy Department stores. All of those fucking preppies would love a Handset. :)

DATE - 06/29/98 22:35:21
FROM - Bombtrack AKA Carlos AKA Andy

Anybody in Northfield MN? Mail Me please.

TOPIC - IR Remote Programming
DATE - 06/29/98 22:17:53
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

There are some remote controls where you can program by aiming the remote you wish to clone at the receiving remote. I have one from a Sony Amplifier/Tuner. I don't believe that my small town uses this technology with traffic lights. The remote that you're talking about does not require the original. Those are cheaper and are useful if you lost the original remote. I guess you'll have to go to an electronics store (stereo department). Those guys will know what you mean if you say you're looking for a programmable remote where you have to aim remotes at each other to program one. If they don't sell them individually then you may have to find one that's laying near a Sony tuner and figure out a safe manner to aquire one.


TOPIC - 805 info
DATE - 06/29/98 19:36:04
FROM - ClassClown -

looking for info on the 805 prefix if your from around there e-mail me

The Backyard PLA

DATE - 06/29/98 16:19:13
FROM - Zeno

i just spell bad, im still young

TOPIC - im back from the dead
DATE - 06/28/98 21:32:20
FROM - T-Bone u know -

well im back from vacation and as of july 1 at 5:00pm my account will be gone so will my page
will also die, u can contue to email me at, mmm thats all.... for now.. later all oh yeah since when did mexico get digital phones, oh yeah and those out in long beach, u're beaches kick ass, and those who live in hollywood and downtown LA, it looks like shit there CLEAN IT UP ...... oh yeah in Thud it says u can take a univeral remote to record the infarid signal the ambulances and fire trucks use to change the lights to green, mmm how do u record with it, all i can do with it is program numbers in for tv vcr and laserdisk, i never knew anything about receiving signals with it

west side pa pla

TOPIC - im back from the dead
DATE - 06/28/98 21:32:04
FROM - T-Bone u know -

well im back from vacation and as of july 1 at 5:00pm my account will be gone so will my page
will also die, u can contue to email me at, mmm thats all.... for now.. later all oh yeah since when did mexico get digital phones, oh yeah and those out in long beach, u're beaches kick ass, and those who live in hollywood and downtown LA, it looks like shit there CLEAN IT UP ...... oh yeah in Thud it says u can take a univeral remote to record the infarid signal the ambulances and fire trucks use to change the lights to green, mmm how do u record with it, all i can do with it is program numbers in for tv vcr and laserdisk, i never knew anything about receiving signals with it

TOPIC - Maine Hacker/phreakers??
DATE - 06/28/98 20:15:59
FROM - FoneTone Maine

Is there ANYONE out there from Maine that is into hacking/phreaking...its seems like i am the only one

TOPIC - I'm Back...
DATE - 06/28/98 15:33:24
FROM - The Phreak Virus everywhere

but the 'zine is off, And no I don't want to talk about it. However, has anyone heared about #90?
Is it for real, or is it a phonecop trick?

TOPIC - my wwwboard
DATE - 06/27/98 11:35:45
FROM - the_ePHbi area360

would somebody like to start something on my wwwboard?

itz at


my wwwboard

TOPIC - boulder news frenzy page
DATE - 06/27/98 02:15:16
FROM - British

I'll be taking off the boulder news frenzy issues and according page sometime soon, to make room for more interesting web content. Then my result report at night wont be filled with people searching for child porn and strange sexual fetishes, so download them and put them on your webpage/site. Carry on the torch. um, I mean, carry on the torch YOU SICK MOTHERFUCKERS!!! BNFRENZY 4EVA!!@#!@#!@#!@ heh

DATE - 06/25/98 22:16:32
FROM - Try this

Interesting Error page you've got there...

TOPIC - Unic
DATE - 06/25/98 22:14:27
FROM - Ok The WwW


TOPIC - Local Hackers
DATE - 06/25/98 01:05:02
FROM - Cantherius Maco somewhere -

I was just wondering if there are any hachers/phreakers in the Asheville, NC area? I know there have to be some cause 2600 sells out like 2 days after the One store in the city that sells it gets it on the shelves. You exist, so mail me. My 1 local hacker friend and I need someone else to exchange info with and go on adventures with. If you go to Reynolds High School, all the better. Both of us do. So hey, how bout some mail?

Omega International Technologies

DATE - 06/24/98 19:58:06
FROM - test


TOPIC - millennium cocots
DATE - 06/24/98 16:08:30
FROM - ^CircuiT^ vancovuer

Millennium Cocots:

The Millennium Cocots, perhaps the most "feared" of all payphones by
phone phreaks. This payphone has it's ups and it's down's. Most phone
phreaks would surely think that this payphone has "High-Tech security
features", and maybe it does. In this file I will explain my
experiences with the NPA 909 members, exploring the millennium's.

The Ringer:

Unlike most cocots the millennium payphone well ring when you call it. However, the ringer
is not "electric", or connected to the payphones electricity. Instead it is connected to the
phone line it's self, so if the payphone were to have a power outage you could still call the

The Display:

The Display is powered by 220v electricity, this electricity also goes to the "computer" inside
the phone, so if there were a power outage the display would not light up. Also it is believed
that there is a code you can enter that well bring up a menu on the display, i have seen this
menu before when a lineman entered the code, however i was not interested in millennium payphones
at the time and forgot about it. It is reason to believe that there is a differen't code for
every payphone, because I tried a U.S. West code i got from a friend and it did nothing, he tried
it on another U.S. West phone and said it didn't work on the other phone but it always worked on
this one particular phone.


In the above paragraph i mentioned about a certain "code" that can bring you to a menu if you are
wondering how to program the speed dial buttons you would, in therory, need the code and then you
would just go threw the menu till it ask you what button to program and then you'd hit the button
and key in a number and hit another button and it would store the number. Also if you take the
button case off there's a lil green button im not sure what it's for, i think it's a reset button
Loop Detection:

If you were to cut the electricity or there were a power outage, the screen would go blank,
however when you picked up the handset you would here a dial tone. This dial tone is the actual
dial tone from the phone line. The cocot has powerout and loop detection, if the payphones
power goes out and you dial 1+any other number you would here a click the second you hit the
next number on the keypad and then another dial tone(the payphone hung up when you tried to call long
distance. But if you dial 1+8(the payphone wont hang up yet)+0(still hasn't hung up)+0+xxx-xxxx
it wont hang up because as you can see you dialed a 1-800 number (same goes for 888 and 877
numbers on some of the newer millenniums, same goes for 911 calls). If you dial any other key
on the keypad first besides 1 such as 7 for example it well hang up. You can not use rotary
method to get around this. A tone dialer well work if the mic is not cut, but the payphone
has Loop detection so when the party answers, the payphone well check for any money in the
hopper, if there is no money in the hopper it well hang up as soon as the party answers.
Now of course you could dial a local number over and over till they *69, but trust me that takes
a while, and the NPA does not support toll fraud, and besides if they *69 you and don't have
*69 service it would cost the person 75 cents, might as well call collect.


Little is known about these new millennium phones, i have a websight that i update every
once in a while its at, if you have anything you
would like to contribute to millennium payphones please email me at and I
will add more information in a later file and give you thanks. Peace.

TOPIC - test
DATE - 06/22/98 18:37:39
FROM - test -

sorry about this test.

DATE - 06/22/98 15:11:09
FROM - MetGod

Well..the last post got screwed up...
so here are the urls (soon) Hacking Pages: Front*&key=hack&txt=

a.o.s. Hacking Archive

DATE - 06/22/98 15:06:25
FROM - MetGod

Legions of the Underground
Hackerz Hideout
Hackersclub (soon)
Hackers Dot Com
Phone Losers of America
The Legacy
Active Matrix's Hideaway - Hacking
Carolyn P. Meinel Hall of Shame
KwAnTAM_PoZeEtroN's Hacking Pages: Front Door
Annexx 1

a.o.s. Hacking Archive

TOPIC - Country Direct 1-800's
DATE - 06/22/98 07:16:18
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

I too would like to have some of those direct dial country numbers. I think the reason they are hard to come by is because you don't really know when you are dialing one. Maybe if there is a foreign product, that is imported to the US, and then has a support line in their country? Anyone getting any ideas?


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - lucky bastards
DATE - 06/22/98 07:11:01
FROM - BoddaH hicksville MI

hey... all you st. louis phreaks are lucky. I was recently downtown and saw a HUGE AT&T/SWBell switching station and security looked kinda lax. the guy i was with explained to me that it had an AT&T sign on it, but until recently had been owned by southwestern bell. oh well... looks like you guys got some good trashing...

DATE - 06/22/98 03:26:39
FROM - HeVnScenT 785 -

I was just wondering if any of you have any info on this::
Tonight we had some bad storms, and as usual, the screen went to snow, and an TCI (Cable guy) rep came on air (voice only) gave the warnings, and then tried, (did I mention TRIED?) to put the cable back on.. while he was doing this, I noticed that he was useing DTMF tones to put the cable back on.. =) So I got out the DTMF decoder and it showed that he was pushing "4" trying to get out.. hmmm... Does anyone know if there is some kind of dialin or something to take TOTAL control over the cable? Has anyone seen anything like this, or were there just some magic mushooms on my pizza?



TOPIC - test
DATE - 06/21/98 20:25:32
FROM - test test

this is a test delete at will

TOPIC - country direct
DATE - 06/21/98 16:25:05
FROM - 2600trans Bayville, NY

Does anyone have a listing of country direct c5 numbers?

TOPIC - fox / ZENO
DATE - 06/20/98 23:49:09
FROM - THAT SUCKS English Class

I can guess that fox aka ZENO could spell so much wrong by doing it on purpose. That has to be bad for my eyes or something. UHG!

TOPIC - Blue Boxing
DATE - 06/20/98 23:29:52
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Yes, Blue boxing is still possible, I've done it. Try a software package called Cool Edit 96 from Softseek. That proggy will allow you to make Blue box tones. If you want newer information on Blue Boxing, check out my site. The latest thing I have is a file called "Blue Boxing 94". If anybody has something more recent, I would sure like to see it.


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - are they that dumn?
DATE - 06/20/98 16:30:31
FROM - fox. aka ZENO NY baby!!! -

ok this is s phuny thing i found out about bell atlantic in N.Y. . As you may know all trucks over 10,000 pounds must report for inspection at the end of a day. In all of the bell 10,000 + cabs they have this inspection book.
Well i was trying to get this brand new handset in the cab ok?
i tryed to open all of the compartmints but they were all locked, But the windo was open!!!. being the idventeris type i unloched the door and hoped in. i tryed to open the metil grating dore but it was locked (i had just robed cars on the same street 2 days befor)I tryed stiking my hand throu to get the handsets but to now avale :( they wer fermly cliped to a shelf.
I hate leveng bell trucks whithout takeing something so i saw this book whith the bell logo on it. i toke it and whil i was leving the bell guy came out! i jeted all the way to me and my crews h/p hideout(a abandedn factory). i loocked at the book and it was the cab report sheets. it had a list of thing missing or damaged, it listed things like flat tires, odomiter, missing med supleys ext, buT!!! it did not menchin missing hand sets or techbooks or anything phreaks steal!!!!!!!! if you do not know why this is mad important its because that means bell has not realy took into acount are actions!!!!!!
P.s. yesterday are hideout burned down :(
P.P.s. i got thes other things from a truck i was wondering if anyone could identify them they are 1'1/2 foot long micro chip thingies. one says: PAD SLAVE, the other:pad master, and the last coin linecard. if you can tell me what they do i will be mad happy ...tanx

TOPIC - are they that dumn?
DATE - 06/20/98 16:30:09
FROM - fox. aka ZENO NY baby!!! -

ok this is s phuny thing i found out about bell atlantic in N.Y. . As you may know all trucks over 10,000 pounds must report for inspection at the end of a day. In all of the bell 10,000 + cabs they have this inspection book.
Well i was trying to get this brand new handset in the cab ok?
i tryed to open all of the compartmints but they were all locked, But the windo was open!!!. being the idventeris type i unloched the door and hoped in. i tryed to open the metil grating dore but it was locked (i had just robed cars on the same street 2 days befor)I tryed stiking my hand throu to get the handsets but to now avale :( they wer fermly cliped to a shelf.
I hate leveng bell trucks whithout takeing something so i saw this book whith the bell logo on it. i toke it and whil i was leving the bell guy came out! i jeted all the way to me and my crews h/p hideout(a abandedn factory). i loocked at the book and it was the cab report sheets. it had a list of thing missing or damaged, it listed things like flat tires, odomiter, missing med supleys ext, buT!!! it did not menchin missing hand sets or techbooks or anything phreaks steal!!!!!!!! if you do not know why this is mad important its because that means bell has not realy took into acount are actions!!!!!!
P.s. yesterday are hideout burned down :(
P.P.s. i got thes other things from a truck i was wondering if anyone could identify them they are 1'1/2 foot long micro chip thingies. one says: PAD SLAVE, the other:pad master, and the last coin linecard. if you can tell me what they do i will be mad happy ...tanx

TOPIC - Blue Boxing in the 90'S
DATE - 06/20/98 04:40:11
FROM - Dysfunction FROM YOU ARE where

Yes drunk again and more of it

Ah the beloved blue box rears its sleepy head

It can still be done in some areas,and I have done it

but you have to watch your ass if you play those tones

thought I had more to say

TOPIC - blue box
DATE - 06/20/98 00:33:57
FROM - 2600trans Bayville, N.Y.

I have heard that blue boxing is still possible on analog lines. Is this true? How can you blue box in the 90's?

TOPIC - An interview with kathwilts/starchat
DATE - 06/19/98 21:31:42
FROM - drkskyz Florida -

Well Ive been harrassing starchat for a while now ever since I found out PLA had ran them off
dalnet to starchat. I was bored one day so I started reading the irc logs and decided to see if the channel was as lame as it looked when I joined I found out someone had taken it over somehow (I hang at efnet so i'm not familar with chanserv) they directed me to starchat.

Some Facts About StarChat
- They dont have TimeStamp so you can take channels with ops on a split.

- They do have chan/nick serv but its buggy and ops/deops people who run the channel every once in a while.

-They are slow and you could probably take out a server with a smurf (unfortunatly I dont have
root on any machines right now and the version of ping is secure on all my shells.) If you do
decide to take one out (not that I'm saying you should) aim for or

-They are a very politically correct chatnet if they see pla, phreak, or anything they consider offensive or that hints that your into h/p/w/v/a stuff in your nick/mask they will k-line you so if you wanna kill users or take channels dont go in with pla written all over you or you will be k-lined fast.

- kathquilts is an ircop on starchat (thats why she ran) and now also goes by the names of kickbutt, qc, and quiltchat.

Fun Things To Do On Starchat
- Mass /msg people insulting them, the chatnet, kathquilts, or #quiltchat its try to get a group of people to do it all at once the more the better.

- Type the string //nick $rand(a,z) $+ $rand(a,z) $+ $rand(a,z) $+ $rand(a,z) then hit up and enter
this will make a random three letter /nick nonstop making it hard for them to k-line you flooding servaces and making splits at the same time (yes starchat is so lame if you change your nick over and over you'll make a split). Once again the more people the better.

- Use a MCB to kill kathquilts and other ircop/#quiltchat ops I havnt tryed using one yet but they dont have TS so it probably will work.

- Smurf the main server and watch all the other servers delink or hit and crash nickserv/chanserv

- Go into #quiltchat and say pla to see how fast you can get a ban/k-line

- Teardrop/nuke/whatever people in #quiltchat most of them are so clueless they dont know whats going on.

- Think of more stuff to add to this list

** ChanServ sets mode: +o InnerFIRE
Hello IF
Heya IF
hmm a peganet user ?
*** Brandy-away is now known as Brandywine^^^^^
drkskyz: unfortunatly you need a new internet provider
peganet has hundreds of people
paganet has been very unhelpfull

********** Note from DrkSkyz GO PEGANET!!!!#$%^@@^%)!%~)%$ ********

you shouldnt ban all of us just for one
they have refused to deal with problem users
are you a quilter?
my mom is
I'm trying to learn

***Note that is 100% bullshit I'm not trying to learn how to quilt and my moms not a quilter****

and have been very rude to any of their cusomers who have complained
InnerFIRE are you a former peganet user?
tell your mom to get a new provider and SHE can join us
frankly non-quilters aren't welcome ya see :)
we don't need any more pla dorks making a pain of themselves
it's a quilter's channel, not a playground
drkskyz no
that's a fact LOL
I am an ircop who has had a ton of problems with them
what a pla?
I am supprised there is anyone at all on the quilting channel from peganed
with who?
pla=prepubesant lamer's associaltion
what's a pla
*** NightHawk9 ( has left #StarKnights
or as they like to call themselves\
It is not fun by any means, domain bans/AKICK/AKILL are not commonly used, but are certainly necessary at times
phreaker's league of america

*** Phreaker's League Of America? Where the hell did he come up with that? ***

You got it, Meta
phreaker ?
and one shouldn't demand to be unbanned
peganet is klined most of the time
I'm supprised it's not
I still dont understand
me too
preakers are people who breakinto phone systems
PLA is a group of wannabies
how can you break into a phone system I mean its a phone not a computer
really lame
how can you break into a phone?
and I can tell you this.... paganet is banned from #QuiltChat forever
whos technical prowress brings them to great feats such as harassing the quilting channels and mass evertising stupid insults
not the phone the computers at the tellephone complany
Lets not get into a discussion of lameness, drk
sounds sorta interesting
not that I would do it though
heh not like PLA could either
what do they do then?
Now using tone generators is something else entirely :)
they harass quilting channels and try to make them afraid of them
InnerFIRE> try being the key word
they harras quilters?
and using lame scanners to listen to private phone convos
ya, in a word, they are Lamers
My motto is: Lamers will be Shot
you tell us, drk
* Garradh waves to Velvet
hiya Velvet
drkskyz this isn't a discussion about what they would or wouldn't do.
This is telling you why you don't have access to #quiltchat
whats a scanner?
Good evening Lady Velvet!
my guess is they think the older computer newbies will make easy targests
well I'm just interested
I still think peganet shouldnt be banned
[17:44] cute game here, drk, but boring
I didnt do anything!!!
Hey QC, I haven't /killed anyone today
really, raven?
gotta go, hubby is home
geeee, I have
see ya brandy
DarkRaven> My finger is getting itchy
wtf your being an asshole to me just beause of the isp I use
*** Brandywine^^^^^ has quit IRC (Client exited)
* QuiltChat giggles
hiya everyone
Watch the language.
Oh dear :(
* Garradh 'll be right back.. gotta take a movie back.
well, not now that's not the only reason, ya see hehe
drkskyz the ban won't be removed from quiltchat
Hiya, LadyV
and in the futre it may end up baing a kline again
so it's best you just forget the channel exists
or get a new isp
and a new hobby
and a life
actually the pla people can't even avoid a ban :P
*** EnvyE ( has joined #StarKnights

-------------------------------- I left and got k-lined shortly ---------------------------------------------------------------------

TOPIC - ANI list
DATE - 06/19/98 14:32:34
FROM - WisGuy Wis -

I'm compiling a list of working ANI's. So far I only have 4. If you have sonme that aren't on my list, please post them. Thanks.
1800-337-4191 This ID's the carrier of an 800 number

TOPIC - MetGod
DATE - 06/18/98 23:12:01
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

This is great! Email me and see if any of my ideas are cool enough for you.

TOPIC - New group
DATE - 06/18/98 20:11:53
FROM - Bombtrack

Hello. I've started a new hacker/phreak/dumpster diver/anyone group. Nobody will be left out. Please mail me if you wanna join.

TOPIC - None
DATE - 06/18/98 17:28:30
FROM - Hacker CT

Jason Gamarsh

TOPIC - PLA Directory
DATE - 06/18/98 17:18:33
FROM - WisGuy Wisconsin -

When is the new PLA Directory coming out? I submitted about 50 payfone numbers and and a couple of losers. RBCP please let us know when it will be done.

TOPIC - PLA of CT...the real deal
DATE - 06/18/98 15:15:34
FROM - Suspicion CT

Everyone check out the PLA of CT...and not the wussy motherfuckers at the Pla CT 203. Check us out at We just got a new sponser to host us, so come and check out the real deal


TOPIC - Two Websites
DATE - 06/18/98 12:58:51
FROM - MetGod

Thanks for the two websites....
that would be
Within a second of going to each one I stole the passwd file and it is the same for each one...

Cool Phreak Page

TOPIC - Breaking glass trailers wit SPAM
DATE - 06/18/98 01:51:43
FROM - DYSFUNCTION last asshole left standin

Ah fuck french maid!!

drunk again!!(I love colt 45 malt slicker)

god damn it lets get a decent war going with somebody!!!

I long to sent some insane keystrokes upside some poor
bitches head

mY Lawyer Gang is ready to lay motherfuckin waste!!!

TOPIC - Spam tastes like chicken
DATE - 06/18/98 00:06:29
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

Don't ever ever spam these websites. It would just be a mean act.

But if you did it would be cool to copy and paste what you typed into this forum.

TOPIC - Is this a legit deal or what?
DATE - 06/17/98 16:37:18

Has anyone bought a discrambler from
Or does anyone know of anyone that has bought a discrambler, and does it really work. Are these companies legit, or are they ripping you off. I was wondering becuase I was considering buying one. If anyone has any information about this topic. or knows where you can get one for cheaper than $250.00, please post me a reply.

TOPIC - Yeppers!
DATE - 06/17/98 07:55:32
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Yeah, I got my copy of THUD at B&N. It was right between 2600 and Blacklisted 411. They always seem to have a good stock of them. I have noticed however, that the B&N on the east side of town (where I used to live) is really shitty, and they don't carry any of the hacker mags. Although, their adult selection is quite large. Its worth getting, just because its cool to see another hacker mag. And if you are a newbie, its really great. The best article in that first issue is how to turn the cheap-o Ramsey FM broadcaster kit into a real pirate radio device. They basically tell you how to build on your own linnear amp and create an antenna the right length. The formula I think is the same one In Phase talks about below from an earlier post. Definitely worth reading....


United Phreaks Syndicate

DATE - 06/17/98 07:26:49
FROM - sam


TOPIC - cordless phones
DATE - 06/17/98 01:50:53
FROM - In Phase

2600trans - Well, the short answer is, yes. You can just attach a wire to the antenna to make it longer, therefore, increasing the level or amount of signal you send out, and also grab out of the air.

The long answer is, maybe. Lengthening the antenna changes the optimal frequency it will work on. What you should do is measure the existing antenna, and add enough wire to equal an even multiple of the original antenna lenght... such as 2 times, 3 times, etc.

Or, use this formula:
468 divided by the freqency in Mhz = antenna length in feet.

so...468/46.7 = 10.02 feet....Assuming you use the cordless frequency of 46.7 Mhz, your antenna should be a total of 10 feet..(ignore the .02 feet which is a quarter inch).

TOPIC - cordless fone
DATE - 06/17/98 00:44:34
FROM - 2600trans Bayville, L.I. N.Y.

i want to use a cordless fone unit to beige box, so i can make calls and run tests from a remote location. is there any way that i could make the base unit's antenna longer so i could use the cordless fone from farther away? Would i just attatch a wire to act as a longer antenna?

TOPIC - oh yeah.
DATE - 06/16/98 18:10:03
FROM - hobKnob 414

oh yeah.. i forgot about this board..;>

guess i'll have to hang here again..

DATE - 06/15/98 13:57:15
FROM - In Phase

Hey Ray!

Where did you get your copy of THUD Magazine? I couldn't find one at my local B&N, so I sent 5 bucks to the mailing address, so I'll get mine in a week or so.

Did you really "Blue Box" from your house?!!! You daring guy!

And I thought those old-style telephone mouthpieces were carbon, not magnetic...?

TOPIC - The Blues
DATE - 06/15/98 07:47:08
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Hey, I tried that Cool Edit 96 out. I made a wav file that dialed sears 1800819900, and then droppped the 2600mhz, and then blasted a KP1, and then dialed a long distance number using the Blue box translations of 0-9. It dialed, but I got some lame operator message and realized that I put the number in wrong. I will try again today. I was able to play the tones off of my sound blaster right into my rotary phone. Those magnetic mouthpeices rawk, baby.

United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - investigating AOL stuff
DATE - 06/15/98 00:35:02
FROM - British

Well if the usual telnetting to the mail server and reading/logging/censoring the messages does not work with AOL, I'm willing to bring myself down to install the AOL software and get in with her account, provided that I can set it to leave the messages on the server(wish I could do surgical deletes). You're probably asking me the level of investigating I'm doing on her. Well she happened to move to an apartment a couple months ago which is less than 2 blocks form a coffee shop I've been going to for a year now(what a coincidence). A friend of mine and i went to the 'ol coffee shop this time with a portable police scanner set to the cordless frequencies and a earpiece just HOPING she has a cordless. Too bad we aren't on speaking terms anymore. I could of given her a nice VHF cordless phone for a present and saved myself the mystery. I'm WELL within cordless range of her. :)

TOPIC - Coin-Op Games N Aol
DATE - 06/14/98 21:09:57
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Anyone read the new hacker mag called "THUD"? Its another mag much like Blacklisted and 2600. It follows the same half page size, and topics of hacker/phreak stuff. The info inside was rather old or covered material, and seemed to be aimed torward the new phreaker or hacker, where as 2600 is aimed more for the dummy to experienced hack-meister.
Anyhow, in the first issue of THUD (I think it was that mag) a guy talked about zapping a game. He said that older games could be zapped by building up electricity in the carpet, or rubbing a baloon on your head, and then zap the coin box. The result would sometimes ground the coin mechanism, and "insert a quarter". He said that it had ill effects sometimes and would cause games to act strangely. You can imagine what kind of excitement this must have brought in 1982. It would have been like having a game genie in your fingertip. Funny article to read.
About AOL, I doubt their SMTP server will answer the door (so to speak). I am guessing it doesnt fall on port 25, and I can safely say that a port scan will probably not bring you much luck. What the hell though, worth a try. Do tell us what you get. I am curious!
Oh, and another thing that I got from that THUD magazine was a review on software called "Cool Edit 96". Anyone ever used it? It lets you make your own DTMF tones! You can generate all those wierd tones, like coin collect or callback (which doesnt work much anymore). Its available at for free (trial version). But if you want to do DTMF tones, you have to register it. Or you can try these Reg combos....

George Jetson TLHNLGEW, DiGe Serial HZVDWZGP, NosyFred FRJRMJRD

Happpy Phreaking!


Softseek (Free DL of Cool Edit 96)

TOPIC - deneme
DATE - 06/14/98 19:02:33
FROM - General Discussions bursssa


TOPIC - deneme
DATE - 06/14/98 19:01:20
FROM - General Discussions bursssa


DATE - 06/14/98 14:44:35
FROM - CBFOG NC - Infoave.Net

I was in town yesterday and decided to try the COCOT trick (call 800 # and get them to hang up and dial out) and guess worked! So I was happy. I tried it on several other phones but it only worked on one.

DATE - 06/14/98 13:40:42
FROM - inetd Houston -


You could try the SMTP command "VRFY", the usage is: VRFY usernamehere

VRFY commonly gives out information like name, phone number, sometimes address. Most commonly it will only be a name, but a name is something.

This probably won't work on AOL servers, but hey, you never know. If it doesn't work, e-mail me or post saying it doesn't, I'll try and get some more ideas for you.


TOPIC - AOL mail
DATE - 06/14/98 01:32:39
FROM - British

I'm investigating somebody, and was wondering is there a way to get an AOL user's email through SMTP? Anyone?

TOPIC - arcades
DATE - 06/13/98 23:39:02
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, Ohio

I have obtained free credits on games by banging my knee REALLY hard against the coin mechanism. On a few games the screen actually blinked the word "tilt".

Until then I thought that you could only tilt a pinball machine while in play.

Oh yeah, BTW the procedure listed above can draw alot of attention. I was kicked out a few times over this.

Also, I mentioned that big handheld 2 way radios can obtain free credits in some forum on this site.


TOPIC - coins
DATE - 06/13/98 20:23:35
FROM - dysfunction why you want to know

No totally different system

Most of the arcade games use what is called rejecters
which will refuse a coin/slug if it can not pass tests
as it drops down the the chute

On some of the older machines you can drill a hole in
the quarter and tie dental floss to it,then drop it
down slowly till it hits the switch,then you pull it up
and start over -till you have a bunch of free games

end of transmission

TOPIC - Coins
DATE - 06/13/98 19:10:38
FROM - MetGod

I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of system coin operated arcade machines use?? I doubt any box in existence would work..but I was just thinking...
If someone knows...Post it and/or email it to me...
It would be interesting to know if there is a way to fake coins in arcades....

Mail if you know
keep up the site


TOPIC - found a cool cloax stuff divin
DATE - 06/12/98 13:25:46
FROM - EyEs&fR0oTLo0ps canada -

i found A DIRECTIONAL cloax spliter and a line extender in a dumster near my house and i don't know what to do withe it??

any suggestions

TOPIC - Hrmm
DATE - 06/10/98 11:47:18
FROM - The Silencer somewhere

I was just wondering where I can find the history of the guy who made PLA. I remember reading it awhile ago on this site, but where the hell is it now? I can only find the PLA history, not the PLA founder's history. Why do I want to read it? Cuz its interesting and i'm bored. Let me know,

The Silencer

TOPIC - Teleconference
DATE - 06/10/98 09:13:01
FROM - CiPeRgIrL texas...

People a teleconference is being held on June 12(friday) 1998..7:00..if you know your sh*t then get back to for at laest 12 people...


TOPIC - Teleconference
DATE - 06/10/98 09:10:55
FROM - CiPeRgIrL texas... -

People a teleconference is being held on June 12(friday) 1998..7:00..if you know your sh*t then get back to for at laest 12 people...


TOPIC - conspiracy
DATE - 06/10/98 01:15:38
FROM - In Phase

Hey T-Bone, check out this web page for all sorts of conspiracy stuff..

Conspiracy Page

TOPIC - I need more Fat Chicks to LOve Me
DATE - 06/09/98 22:16:15
FROM - DYSFUNCTION The same murky bong water

Ah fuck drunk again!!!

Hey T-bone and all other phreaks
check this disinfo site!!
it rocks/with a subculture search engine!

spark the owl-lick a pussy-save a tree-here on out all
calls have been set PHREE

bring mousy here!!!

TOPIC - Testing
DATE - 06/09/98 20:52:31
FROM - Alex Nowhere -

Just testing

DATE - 06/09/98 20:24:44
FROM - T-Bone No More Secrets -

ok i need more shit on area 51, photos, maps, research, ect
also i need shit one the kennedy assasination not the gay ass shit i mean the good shit like about the warren commision n all....... hundreds of people have been killed after and before the assaination, but why ive heard that it was from the inside and its solid shit, its no theory shit eather.... anyways post your findings

im needing a list of rats from the mob too.... i have some but want more......... guess thats about it

TOPIC - Home Depot phones
DATE - 06/09/98 19:10:30
FROM - -Logic Bomb- ---CT---860

OK here is how you find out what the code is for Home depot phones to page someone or whatever. First of all the phones the cashiers have at thier desk and the ones you see mounted on poles around the store are the same.

Biege boxing these phones would not work because you still need to enter a code. The code is usually 3 digits and all the options of what you can do with the code are usually mounted on the side of the fone.

Anyway to find out the code bring a friend (you dont need one, it just looks more real if you have one) and have them paged by a cashier. Again if you don't have a friend with you than you can just act like they left the store.

When the cashier goes to the little home depot fone next to the cash register she will type in a code before she speaks. You can usually see what she types because they are not too woried about people finding out the code.(untill now!! >:-)

So..after you get rid of the cashier(say you are going into the store to look for you friend if you didn't bring one) then find one of the phones hanging up around the store that is out of view so everyone doesn't see you messing with it. If you want to talk on the intercom just type what you saw the cashier type, otherwise you will have to figure out which part of what she typed is the code and what part is the command that tells it to use the intercoms.

Get on the intercom and say something like "Attention customers, the first 30 people to pull your car up to the front of the store will recieve $500 dollars absolutly free!" Then watch everyone rush out to the parkinglot and swamp the entrance to the store with cars! LOL Just let your imagination think of what would be funny.

Also I'm not sure but I think you can reach an outside line on this which would be fun for free fone calls and pissing off the operator!

Logic Bomb

TOPIC - Free Voice Mail
DATE - 06/09/98 13:21:26
FROM - WisGuy Wisconsin -

I heard about this site that offers free e-mail and voice mail. Anyone that can use a fone, should be able to get free voice mail, but this will also read you your e-mail through the voice mail. The person that told me about it said it's been around for awhile, but I had never heard about it. The address is, and the phone number is 1800-emailme. You can set up an account by phone or computer. All they ask is what college you attend and the year you graduate, and other basic info.

TOPIC - department store phreaks - Home Depot
DATE - 06/08/98 18:15:23
FROM - Phrosted Phreak Florida -

i was phooling around at a home depot store playing with the phones , kan someone tell me how to dail out on the employee phones . i havent tried beige boxing it . but there komputers are phun 2 play around with
i figured the udername but not the password

TOPIC - 800 numbers
DATE - 06/08/98 12:34:03
FROM - In Phase

WisGuy - In the old days (5+ years ago, heh heh), the PREFIX behind a 1-800- number would always be through the same long distance provider. But these days, it doesn't matter...any prefix behind a 1-800 number could be going through any long distance company.

I do have a list of those, from a "CRB Research" book (from 1992), but it's outdated now, since 1-800 prefixes no longer are tied to a particular long distance company.

If what you want to know is what "business" a 1-800 number connects to when you call it, then I'm sure you can find a web site (Yahoo) that has a 1-800 directory. Or you can buy a CD-ROM that has the information.

TOPIC - WisGuy
DATE - 06/08/98 12:22:16
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

Wisguy.... Circuit made this list in another forum.
Here it is:
I think we all know these but ill post them all anyways
*0 Operator Recall
*2-7 MVP Intercom Dialing
*8 Call Pick-Up
*9 Call Hold/Waiting
*10 Do Not Disturb PIN Change
*20-49 MVP Intercom Dialing
*50 Stop Hunt Activate
*51 Stop Hunt Deactivate
*57 COT Access
*58 Make Busy Activate
*59 Make Busy Deactivate
*60 Selective Call Rejection Access
*61 Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting Access
*63 Selective Call Forward Access
*64 Selective Call Acceptance Access
*66 Automatic Callback Activation
*67 Calling Number Delivery Blocking Access
*68 Remote Activation CF Security Access Code
*69 Automatic Recall Activation
*70 Cancel Call Waiting Activation
*71 Usage sensitive three-way calling activation
*72 CF/ usage sensitive CF/ all activation
*73 CF/ usage sensitive CF/ all deactivation
*74 Speed calling short list activation
*75 Speed calling long list activation
*78 Do not disturb activation
*79 Do not disturb deactivation
*80 Selective call rejection access (Dea)
*81 Distinctive ringing/call waiting access
*82 Voice data protection (flip/flop)
*83 Selective call forwarding access (Dea)
*84 Selective call acceptance access (Dea)
*86 Automatic callback deactivation
*87 Do not disturb PIN change
*89 Automatic recall deactivation
*90 Call forwarding busy activate
*91 Call forwarding busy deactivate
*92 Call forward don't answer activate
*93 Call forward don't answer deactivate
*94 Voice/Data protection usage sensitive
*97 Voice/Data protection activate
*98 Voice/Data protection deactivate
*99 Call FWD deactivation - Master

#60 Call pick-up directed
#72 CF incoming Activate
#73 CF incoming deactivate
#76 Wake up service activation
#77 Wake up service deactivation
#81 Dial call waiting

#87 Do not disturb PIN change
#90 CF busy incoming activate
#91 CF busy incoming deactivate
#92 CF don't answer incoming activate
#93 CF don't answer incoming deactivate

From *50 thru *99 the 11xx code can be used in areas using 5ESS
xx = 50 thru 99.

Also I have never heard of an 800# for what you're looking for but this should do what you want.
You will hear a short message that will indicate the long distance carrier of the line your're dialing from.


TOPIC - 1800 help
DATE - 06/08/98 11:59:14
FROM - WisGuy -

Is there a number you can call and punch in a 1800 number to find out which company it's through? I've heard rumors of this, but never a phone number. Also, could someone post a list of all the *xx features?

TOPIC - Line Blocking
DATE - 06/07/98 23:42:42
FROM - In Phase

Ra|th -- That service you're talking about is called "Line Blocking". It prevents your info from going out to caller-id boxes on ALL calls, so you don't have to dial *67 every time. This service is FREE!. All you have to do is dial the customer service number in the front of your phone book, and ask for it. I have it, so I know it's free.

Yes, it stops *69 (last call redial), but it does NOT stop people from doing a *57 (call trace) on you.

TOPIC - Blocking ANI
DATE - 06/07/98 22:45:47
FROM - Ra|th 516

I saw in the front of the phone book that there is a service that i'm sure you pay for but I doubt its allot, it's a block you get so even if you dial any number that has ANI it can't trace the number i gota find out how much this is. Anyone think that its worth it?

TOPIC - 813 & 941 AC
DATE - 06/07/98 21:27:37
FROM - PainGod Ft.Myers

If their are any phreaks living in Ft.Myers or in Moore Haven e-mail me

PLA of 813/941

DATE - 06/07/98 20:14:02
FROM - -Logic Bomb- --860--CT-- -

Listen up I need to find some other phreaks in the 860 area code of CT or I will die of boredonm.
If you want to call me e-mail me.

Also call 1-800-732-9976

this is the edge company. they SUCK! I really want peopleto call and get back to me with stories.
I am planning to release a giant e-mail and web-page about pranking the edge company. But I cant do it if you dont call. This is not like when people ask you to call long distance(it is also pathetic that long distance stops anyone here.)

If you want to go to the edge company website to get a fell for how crappy they are it is below.


DATE - 06/07/98 17:06:50
FROM - CrUnCh INDIA !!! -

Im Looking For Any Kind Of Info About Phones In India And Phreaking Here...Any One With Any Little Ino Or Similar Tastes...Please Mail Me At fast !

DATE - 06/05/98 22:40:35
FROM - Err418 Quebec, canada -

Hey, is you speak french... follow this link !

TOTAL CONTROL (French e-zine)

TOPIC - Manga
DATE - 06/05/98 20:33:37
FROM - Manga MN

Manga Page

TOPIC - Manga
DATE - 06/05/98 20:33:33
FROM - Manga MN

Manga Page

TOPIC - #Teens4Jesus
DATE - 06/05/98 17:16:04
FROM - Red Star bumfuck NC -

Just thought I'd stop in and say that it's really, really, REALLY funny to go into channel #teens4jesus on Dalnet and try to convert them (if you call them a sinner, they go ballistic!)

TOPIC - copying fruitware???
DATE - 06/05/98 10:10:42
FROM - Chuck aloha

Hey Advisor, what the hell are you talking about? The people at aren't copying anything, they just downloaded the Fruitware script from this site and installed it on their own site. It's a freeware script created by RBCP and I use it on my site too. PLA advertises it in their banner ads along with their chat room script and logging script. Wake up!!

DATE - 06/05/98 03:14:41

oK fuck

check this zine peeps

sneak in and breed

DATE - 06/05/98 03:09:36




DATE - 06/05/98 03:09:18




DATE - 06/05/98 03:05:37


how the fuck is it all going??

This summer is sure starting out with drugs and phone fraud out the wa-zoo


TOPIC - Roswell
DATE - 06/04/98 23:57:05
FROM - < have a few facts mixed up....

Roswell is in New Mexico, not Arizona.
It happened in 1947...almost 51 years ago.

If those aliens were advanced enough to make the trip to Earth, why were they using transistors, and not something ICs (Integrated Circuits) or something even more advanced than those?

Go read the newsgroup: alt.alien.visitors for some interesting discussion.

Or go to the following web page (if you can get in) put up in honor of a former UFO researcher.

Bob Lazar's Web Page

TOPIC - No More Secrets
DATE - 06/04/98 17:21:17
FROM - T-Bone Area 51 -

sorry about the past lame messages from me but this is somthing i would like to bring up to attention though......
out in AZ there was said to be a ufo crash.... yeah i know u all heard about it and are probbly sick of it..... out there there is a base, NON MILITARY CONTROLED, meaning people like u or me, most government officals, miltary(outsiders), ect is restricted from the area. closest u can get is within 20 miles..... well there was also a book written by a general er what ever, i havent read it yet but im gonna start within the next couple of days, its called The Day After Roswald er Roswell im not for certain, anyways the book is about his experiences from the inside, it talks about how he was in charge of research of the artifacts found from on board the ufo, now it is said that transisters were found and lasers, and some other stuff like kevlar and other items, well anyways at the time of the crash no one knew what lasers were and transistors, transisters were supposedly invented a year or so after the crash, and lasers were supposedly invented a few years after that, now it may seem far fetched but there is the question that stands though, yes it could be possable maybe he does speak the truth, and reasons why the government didnt stop the book who knows maybe they thought no one would believe him. as for the ufo he never saw it cuz it was given to the air force. also there is the guy from way back back in edisons time, i think his name is Robeert Testi, i forget, but he believed in direct energy, that u can get energy anywhere and everything around us is full of energy cuz the earth being a great big magnet, he was edisons arch rival, he also made the suposed death ray, which is now in national security with the rest of his work.
ok well there are lots of coverups out there, and there is people who know some info that can led to more, wouldnt it be cool to break into the base and hack the system to find things that wouldnt be given out till 10 years from now, yeah the place is more secure than fort knox and it makes breaking into a nukular base penny candy, but just imagine what u could learn and be known for, government is taking things from us, eventualy we will be using credit cards to buy things and no more cash, governments way of taxing u and knowing what u buy and things about yourself, stuff is messed up but if ya got some info post it

TOPIC - Manual scanning?
DATE - 06/04/98 14:23:33
FROM - Riath

When scanning phone company prefixes looking for test lines I use *67, Most of the time I get
phone company office numbers since there not 800 do they have ANI on regular lines? And would they bother calling back if you just hung up?

TOPIC - Somebody is copying FruitWare BBS!!!
DATE - 06/04/98 03:09:37
FROM - Advisor Spyland

The person making is a copycat!!! Beware!!!!

He is very stupid so he want to copy fruit ware. The only crap he knows how to make is his stupid BBS at

COPYCAT Version of fruit ware

TOPIC - cyberthrill nonsense
DATE - 06/04/98 01:33:26
FROM - same as before rain forest

All it does is go to some lame ass porn site
and the bitch gets paid a nickel for every peep
that clicks on the link

keep the faith losers

DATE - 06/04/98 00:56:32
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

rask killa!
I tried the link before you posted, but my browser could not follow the link. I did not want to tinker with it and NOW I really won't... what the hell is it?
What does it do?

DATE - 06/04/98 00:19:29
FROM - rask killa phone loser lane

To the bitch that posted that cyberthrill link
Fuck You spam monkey


TOPIC - click it
DATE - 06/03/98 23:16:51
FROM - rask nc

click the link below!


TOPIC - Nothing
DATE - 06/03/98 21:48:51
FROM - Case Somwhere

This is a test

TOPIC - Thanks ICQ
DATE - 06/03/98 19:12:53
FROM - Stihl

Thanks to the ICQ search engine this was a breeze.

ICQ# 2849181

ICQ# 2151183
NAME: Bryan Baker NICKNAME: Comquat

ICQ# 8917101
NAME: Bryan B NICKNAME: Terminal X
AGE: 21 GENDER: Male

TOPIC - SysFail
DATE - 06/03/98 08:39:08
FROM - Heh Heh

Have you guys noticed that System Failure has had a system failure?

Also some poor sucker left his ICQ# in a message below.... heh heh
Maybe we should contact him via ICQ and... you know.

DATE - 06/03/98 05:30:51
FROM - DY Earth

H ?

TOPIC - caller id
DATE - 06/03/98 01:11:28
FROM - In Phase

dark~spirit ... The way to block your info from appearing on somebody's Caller ID box is to dial *67 before you make a call. This will NOT STOP them from using *57 on you after you call them.

Here in US West territory, you can get free "line blocking", which will automatically block your info from going out on all calls you make without you having to dial *67 every time.

If you want to harass somebody... call through a pre-paid calling card, or from a pay phone, or through a pre-paid calling card AT a pay phone.

TOPIC - leave the phone company and fags alone
DATE - 06/03/98 00:06:36
FROM - OTTER POP muttsnuts nevada


Looks like SOMEone got in a fight with their
gay lover and did not get dicked!!!

NOBODY on here breaks the law in any way or shape
we also do not ever misuse the fucking phone

NOw go fight with your momma -or some other mad dog

DATE - 06/02/98 23:53:26
FROM - ^NoLaN^ Federal Way, Wa







go here

TOPIC - caller id
DATE - 06/02/98 20:06:32
FROM - dark~spirit ne

Isnt there one of those type of #'s where u can block caller id ??

TOPIC - thx
DATE - 06/02/98 20:03:22
FROM - dark~spirit ne

Thanx Sithl.

TOPIC - *57
DATE - 06/02/98 18:20:05
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

*57 activates Call Trace.
When you get an obscene call you are to push *57 immediately or at least before anyone else calls you.
Bell's Annoyance Call Bureau will trace the calling number and it will be recorded. This is only recommended for obscene, threatening, or sexually harassig calls. Not for the telemarketing calls or occasional hang-up calls during the day.

You WILL NEVER know the number. It will be given to local law enforcement. You are to be ready to contact the police and have the caller charged.

You will be charged for each call traced (if successful), wheather or not the law investigates.
You will be informed by a voice recording at the time you use Call Trace to tell you wheather or not the trace was successful, and what you will be charged.

This is important information for real victims AND callers.

TOPIC - caller id
DATE - 06/02/98 17:05:40
FROM - dark~spirit ne

Stihl -- what is that? some sort of caller id , like *69 ?

DATE - 06/02/98 16:51:52
FROM - Interrupt

WTF T-bone. If I wanted to know about your shitty week-end with some crack whores i would have asked. Damn. If your stories even remotely had any information I missed it. Why in the hell did you type all that? What a waste!!!!

TOPIC - homer
DATE - 06/02/98 00:32:37
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, Oh

Homer.... Dial *57 immediately after one of the calls.

TOPIC - T-Bone
DATE - 06/02/98 00:28:35
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, Oh

I cna't believe I tried read that story from you, T-Bone. I gotta get an ice pack for my eyes.

TOPIC - advertising
DATE - 06/02/98 00:14:00
FROM - british

It's amazing(or not so amazing) how much USENET can help you spread the word on a web page. I called into an pop, hopped on their news server, and advertised my sucks web page on one of the local ameritech-only newsgrousps. A day later I got 38 hits, but no feedback. Oh well. ha ha ha. burn in hell

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