02/16/99 13:39:01 - MESSAGE #1313


FROM - Black Axe732
TOPIC - trunking/cell shit....
02/16/99 09:00:58 - MESSAGE #1301

Changed my mind on the Yupi 7100...... was thinking about it, and if I am gonna bother to call up Javiation and ship something overseas, it might as well be a really fucking good deal. So now my sights are set on the AOR AR-8200..... it's about double the price of the 7100, but from what I understand, well worth it.... anyways, the 8200 can use plugin cards kinda like PCMCIA cards for laptops directly inside the scanner..... AOR offers plugin cards for a few different things, such as digital voice recording, CTCSS decoding. speech inversion, etc etc... Now i'm sure you know about/have used a motorola cell to follow cell conversations as they pass from cell to cell..... Works great, but it's a pain in the ass (not to mention that you have to manually scan for a convo in progress)... so I figure, why not get the 8200 and see if I could hack together some kinda plugin card or circuit that could decode the little data burst, translate that into a frequency, and then re-tune the receiver to the frequency where the convo hopped to? Also was considering something similar for POCSAG and MDT's.... except just having the receiver fixed on a frequency and displaying the decoded POCSAG/MDT data onto the 8200's more than ample screen.... I also considered trunking, but that would require the receiver to have 1 VFO tuned to the control channel (whose audio must be muted, yet passed to the trunking plugin card), and 1 VFO which would hop around as needed. Given that I'm far (financially) from getting the 8200 in the near future, I will only know if this is workable once I get the thing and screw with it for a while.. Hopefully with the new job (rat shack!! free shit!!) I'll pull in the bucks quick enough to pick up the 8200 soon enough...

FOR SALE: PRO-67 scanner..... gets cordless/cell/cops etc.. 200 channels, in nice shape - got it on sale for $150, willing to sell for around $100 (a steal).... email me an offer!!

TOPIC - Scanner I use
02/15/99 19:37:02 - MESSAGE #1277

Oh yeah mine's a PRO-66, nice little box, gets cells just fine! I guess if I programmed it with the local cell towers it *could* kind of trunk...... no mods needed to listen in on cells with it, lots of yuks I can tell you!

TOPIC - Axe you're a kindred soul....
02/15/99 19:32:36 - MESSAGE #1275

Yeah, bases are more expen$ive, but worth it I'm willing to bet. The place to research 'em is two magazines, Popular Communications and Scanning Times, they're at the geeklier bookstores. There's a Bearcat trunking scanner I know, plus a few others too, made by other makers. I'll have to get one of these mags and report on my findings soon, as I'm really kind of interested in one, and not all of us have $5 for a fucking single issue of a magazine, so I'll pop the bux and get one.

Um, BTW that book sold at Rat Shak w/all the freqs is a "Betty Bearcat" which always makes my think of some overweight old broad sitting in a trailer with boocoo antennas on the roof, but there you have it. It's the closest thing to having all the freqs in one place, whereas I think the best bet is your local scanning club. They probably give away freq lists or at least have 'em cheaper.

FROM - Black Axe732
TOPIC - scanners and shit
02/14/99 13:38:14 - MESSAGE #1222

hey infor.... i've had a coupla those myself :) one guy that i hang around with constantly uses his cell.. "the rapist" (we call him the rapist because he's 20 and hits on/scores with 13 year olds) always yaps to his 13 year old girlfriends on his cell, great fun listening to him.... he always gets pissed when I just sit there listening to him talking :) the first night i had my pro67 i caught some guy ordering a hooker somewhere...
"she better have big tits now"
"yes sir, lisa is very well endowed"
"and she better not be late!"
"sir, lisa is very busy; she will be at the train station in 45 minutes....."
"yeah, well she better have big goddamn tits....."

Base receivers get expensive, but I usually would prefer a base/mobile to a handheld.. I wish that there was some type of receiver that could actually follow cell calls..... it can be done with a motorola cellphone, but it's a pain in the ass just to casually listen to uninteruppted conversation (not to mention the fact that you have to manually enter channel numbers to find a convo)... what kinda radio you got? an older RS ht or something? i'm planning on selling my pro-67 to pick up a yupi 7100 pretty soon.... anyone interested in a nice 200-channel scanner can email me :)

TOPIC - Phun in Greater Foenix.....
02/13/99 19:49:58 - MESSAGE #1204

Wow, I lulled myself to sleep last night with the ol' Rat Shack Scannah, listening to cellfone activity in the East Phoenix area. Wow, talk about fucking FUNNY!!!

Sample Calls:

She1: What are you doing today?
She2: Watching TURTLES. *exasperated tone of voice* AGAIN.
She1: Oh, is he making you do THAT again??
She2: Yeah.......

Guy: Well, my number is blah blah, appointment's at blah blah *lots of information*
Answering Machine: (after guy's hung up) If you'd like to make a recording.....

Hehehe you get the idea!! What's so fun about cellfones is the clueless people using 'em don't realize they're RADIOS and they're ON THE AIR!!! This makes me want to get a decent base station scannah!! And, I really do need to put some time into putting all the scanner mods for Rat Shak rigs I know on my sorryass Radio Hack page......

At the Snottsdale Pubic Libray where this won't "find" 2600.......

FROM - manny
TOPIC - bc230xlt
02/12/99 13:24:48 - MESSAGE #1161

im planning to buy a bear cat 230xlt and i was wondering if you could hear cordless phones conversations without a modification and does anyone know a real simple modification for cell phone conversations

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - thats all?
02/10/99 14:36:27 - MESSAGE #1081

Shit, the one I want is on sale for $350

FROM - noam219
TOPIC - stupid commercials
02/09/99 21:38:57 - MESSAGE #1063

i was watching some really crappy late night tv programs (the ones that have a bunch of phone sex hotmine commercials and shit like that during breaks), and there was a commercial encouraging people to order a "special scanner" and "frequency code book" that would allow people "to eavesdrope on cordless phones, hear police and fire calls, and even fast food drive-throughs!!!" and it's all for the low low price of $170. someone would have to be pretty stupid to pay $170 for a handheld scanner and a police call book. heh, just thought you people might like to hear about it.

FROM - cbfog828
TOPIC - Smelly!
01/31/99 01:17:34 - MESSAGE #711

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FROM - GiBsOnCrAcKeRoh canada terre de nos al -
01/30/99 23:00:40 - MESSAGE #704

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FROM - khalilUAE.... -
01/29/99 09:25:48 - MESSAGE #664


FROM - VaLeNIllinois
TOPIC - scanners
01/27/99 01:36:52 - MESSAGE #607

I'm looking into buying a scanner... An uncle of mine has a portable one and we'd listen to neighbors conversations, cordless phones, cellular phones, or police dispatchings...

I can put $200 (US) into this... What do guys suggest?

FROM - GiBsOnCrAcKeRquebec -
TOPIC - scanner
01/26/99 18:53:56 - MESSAGE #591

Hi! people,

i need to buy a new scanner anything good to sugest?

by the way im in canada!(If that somehow change something!)

FROM - barry
TOPIC - POCSAG three two
01/24/99 23:39:26 - MESSAGE #532

where can i get POCSAG three two from???

TOPIC - Alinco
01/24/99 17:28:37 - MESSAGE #517

Hey, on that Alinco, these radios are made all the same, and then different jumpers, diodes, or even programming (sometimes EPROM) installed to make them proper for the country in which they're sold, which usually makes 'em easy to mod, once you know which parts to change.

FROM - sulcata99northcoast
TOPIC - mods
01/24/99 05:52:56 - MESSAGE #507

Thinking of picking up an Alinco DJ-XlOT anybody know if this scanner can be modded or if the Canadian one is unblocked?What would be the best way to get one back into the states?

FROM - CowBud
TOPIC - BCSevenSixZeroXLT Mods
01/24/99 03:49:49 - MESSAGE #506

Anyone here Modded a BCSeven Six ZeroXLT? if so what did you do and what did the mod do? I want to restore cellular freqs.

FROM - In Phase
01/22/99 22:46:22 - MESSAGE #480

If you're talking about the old twenty-three-channel crystal sets (before the forty-channel PLL units came along), then the crystals were a bank of four crystals each about thirty-sevenMhz, and a second bank of six crystals each about ten Mhz. The channel switch would connect each of the crystals in the "six bank" one at a time with one of the crystals in the "four bank". The circuit subtracted the ten-mhz crystal from the thirty-seven-mhz crystal producing a frequency about twenty-seven-mhz, which is where the CB band resides.

So.....if you can get some other crystal pairs that subtract to forty-nine mhz, you will have a small part of this problem solved. The other two parts of the problem is to convert the AM transmitter in the CB to Narrow FM. The other is to re-tune the circuit to operate on forty-nine-mhz instead of twenty-seven-mhz.

And of course, you will need to re-tune your antenna to operate at forty-nine-mhz.

FROM - Spumo
TOPIC - CB mods
01/22/99 17:04:51 - MESSAGE #477

Hello again.

I was wondering if anyone knows the math on what crystals to use in the old crystal CB rigs to transmit and recieve out of band lets say in the cordless/cellular bands? and also a mod to make the rig rx/tx in NFM insead of AM.

FROM - Spumo
TOPIC - DTMF decoding with OS-456 and Probe
01/22/99 16:30:26 - MESSAGE #475


I have a PRO two thousand six (geez) with OS board installed running on Probe. It decodes DTMF I got card #'s, mailbox passwords ( I never use any of this info ) and such...where else can DTMF decoding be of use? Any suggestions?

FROM - your father
01/21/99 16:13:06 - MESSAGE #455

you web page sucks penis

FROM - Black Axe732
TOPIC - scanners!!
01/17/99 11:11:56 - MESSAGE #323

Well..... tough decision. This mainly rests on what you plan to do more - talk or listen. The Bearcat is specifically made for listening, and will suit you much better for listening than any ham radio. The Yaesu ft-fifty, however, can key up out of band. The ft-fifty, however, cannot pick up lowband cordless (its coverage stops at seventy-sixmhz). Here are my recommendations:
I. If you plan to do a lot of listening, go for the Bearcat. Ham radios really suck monkey balls for scanning - no banks, slow scan speed, etc.... The Bearcat will also probably be much cheaper.
II. If you want to talk, pick up one of the new Yaesu VX-fiveR's. They will cover _everything_ and can be modded. Just be sure to pick up one from Canada or England or something because I'm not sure if a cell mod exists for that rig. Scanning will suck with this, but if modded correctly, you will be able to key up on cordless freqs!

FROM - TeufelHoundenTX
TOPIC - Scanner Suggestions
01/17/99 00:28:26 - MESSAGE #321

Im looking for a new scanner and I have been recommended a few of them but so far have not been able to decide, and I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help?
Sp far what I have been suggested are: the Uniden two-thirty-five, and the Yaetsu FT-fifty.
Basically what im looking for is a handheld capable of scanning all the frequencies (cellular, and police included), ot that can be easily modified to receive them all. Also I was hoping, i dont know if they exist (my knowledge is limited), to find one that can transmit as well as receive, is this possible? Any and all suggestions will be appreciated, thanks alot!

FROM - Mr. CaNpr0t0c01 g0dz
TOPIC - walkie-talkie
01/16/99 23:18:18 - MESSAGE #312

hey i am having some problems...i moded my walkie-talki so i can change the freq and pick up cordless fones, but it has a problem holding a freq and suggest

FROM - Mr. CaNpr0t0c01 g0dz
TOPIC - Trunked
01/16/99 22:52:58 - MESSAGE #311

hey i want one of those new trunked trackers but should i wait for the two-four-five-xlt to come out in july, or just screw it and go with the two-three-five-xlt now
and this whole censoring thing is a pain in the a$$

FROM - SupaManThe dead end of WI
TOPIC - Scanner Buying
01/16/99 19:28:39 - MESSAGE #307

Hey I'm looking to purchase a Scanner or a amature radio kit or somthing so I can talk back to the pigs. I only have to places to shop for them at Wal-Mart and Radio Shack In my shitty little town. I would preffer one that is easily Modded for Cordless Phone coverage just the basic range not that nine hundred stuff. I want a handheld or car mounted one so I can drive around and find people. I don't want spend tons of Cash on it but don't want some cheap ass plastic one. If any one has some reccenmondations(sp?) please tell me and a link to the mods for it. Thanxs for reading this long boring post.

This page is BOMB-A-Riffic
FROM - Black Axe732
TOPIC - cop 10-codes
01/13/99 13:22:48 - MESSAGE #214

ten-codes differ from department to department, depending on your locality. when my local pd says ten-twentyseven, that means "hey, lets drink our confiscated beer", but another pd may mean something like "he is DOA" or "get out your shotgun, this one is insane in the membrane"... you will need to look around on the web for a list for your locality, because every pd uses a different set ot X-codes, often they are standardized within a county.... the most experience will be gained by just listening and using the info you've got.

FROM - SC330
TOPIC - Police Codes
01/13/99 01:30:08 - MESSAGE #206

I just got my scanner a few weeks ago and found alot of police freqs are around the EightFiftyThree-EightFiftyFiveMhz range. Only problem is, I have no idea what the police are saying to each other because I don't know what all the codes are. Anyone know where I could get a list of all the police codes?

FROM - Black Axe732
TOPIC - POCSAG transmission
01/10/99 16:14:25 - MESSAGE #150

Absolutely. There are freeware programs that encode POCSAG and pipe it out of the serial port. Pretty much any ham radio that can be used for packet radio can send POCSAG. The problem here is that you would have to find a radio that can transmit (or be modded to transmit) in the pager bands.

01/10/99 15:00:53 - MESSAGE #149

IS it posable to send these signals out with a ham set?Might be fun to send messages to beepers especially if you could send the same message to multiple beepers!

FROM - Black Axe732
01/09/99 02:48:35 - MESSAGE #80

POCSAG stands for Post Office Common Signalling.... oh hell i forget, something with post office in it or something like that. Anyways, POCSAG is a digital messaging protocol/format that's used mainly with beepers. You know those crazy-sounding signals in the nine twenty nine to nine thirty two mHz range of your scanner? Those are POCSAG signals. Yes, they can be decoded. There are a number of ways to skin the cat with POCSAG decoding, but the easiest is to tune your scanner to a POCSAG frequency and hook your scanner's audio output up to your sound card. Now go grab a program called Poc(thirty-two). Poc(thirty-two) listens to the scanner audio input (the POCSAG signals) and decodes them and puts them in a nice little box. That's basically what POCSAG is/how it's decoded. There are better ways to decode though, which would take me forever to explain, so if anyone's interested, either ask on here or mail me and I'll give you the full deal.

FROM - sulcata99330
TOPIC - de-coders
01/08/99 09:30:27 - MESSAGE #33

I'm not sure what PROSAG stands for but maybe optoelectronics has one of these de-coders?

TOPIC - pager sized PROSAG decoder
01/08/99 01:11:26 - MESSAGE #7

Black axe-- there is a beeper sized one i saw it on a website and was gonna buy it. but i can't remember where i saw it.
if i find out i'll let you know.

TOPIC - POCSAG and shitty scanners
DATE - 01/04/99 00:55:32
FROM - Black Axe 732

well.. first of all, just because your receiver is tuned a little bit off, it'll still get the signal, especially if it is a strong one. Example - i have a shitload of flea market special scanners around here. my local mall security is on 464.9375. even though the older scanners will only take 464.935, i still receive the signal. with digital apps (like pocsag), however, you wanna be dead-on frequency for digital recognition of the signal.

as far as i know, there's no beeper-sized pocsag decoder. the only way to do it now is either to use poc32 through the sound card, or somethin like pd302 through the serial port, using a data slicer circuit.

TOPIC - trunked
DATE - 01/04/99 00:10:17
FROM - Mr. CaN pr0t0c01 g0dz -

has anyone heard anything on the new uniden trunktracker scanner

TOPIC - POCSAG* Decoder/ Scanner Q
DATE - 01/03/99 18:03:56
FROM - cowbud

Ok anyone got simple schematics to a pocsag decoder that just has a display or something of that sort? and on my scanner I can go XXX.XXX but I see numbers that are XXX.XXXX it lets me enter a number after I have XXX.XXX in but it doesnt show it so is the number going in or is there no way for me to get those freqs?

TOPIC - ham radio
DATE - 01/03/99 16:53:53
FROM - crazy-1/4

HEy every one?

MY buddie has this amature radio in his car and all we do is listen to cops sit and bitch so the other day i disided to say sompthing to the pigs and they said
"TEN-FOUR SEVENTEEN"(Previously i said "17 i need a 10-20 on 04 Davis") and then 04davis said: " 04 davis @ 31 hundred south and davis BLVD."

it was really cool so if anyone can and they know some COOL freq. to mess with please provide. THANX

TOPIC - What type of scanner?
DATE - 01/03/99 15:21:59
FROM - relapse

I'm a newbie, and want to get into "scanners". What type should i get? thanks.

TOPIC - bc60xlt-1
DATE - 01/02/99 12:57:35

Well, there are alot of gaps in the freq list, and i was wondering if there was a way if i could close those gaps, so to speak.
Again, any help will be apreciated, and thanks Black Axe for the reply.

TOPIC - BC-60 crap
DATE - 01/01/99 18:17:49
FROM - Black Axe 732 land

well... since the BC-60 doesn't cover 800mhz, there's no real way to get cell on it.... you could perform mods to tighten the squelch up a little bit, and maybe a NFM discriminator mod, but other than that, there's really not much to modify.

TOPIC - mod for bc60xlt-1
DATE - 12/31/98 12:28:44

Does ANYONE have a mod for a bc6xlt-1 ?? I have been looking forever and havent seen shit for them... maybe because they are cheap little pieces of shit, but i concider it a good deal for only $75 so im happy with it.

Anyways... if you find out a mod for the BC60XLT-1.... PLEASE e-mail me or post it on this board, thank you.

TOPIC - 900mhz cordless
DATE - 12/30/98 22:25:57
FROM - Black Axe 732

Since there apparently aren't clearly defined channels for 900mhz cordless, I find it's easiest just to punch 902 into the scanner and let it run up. Once it hits about 908 or so, I just set it back to 902. If you have limit searches in your scanner, this is much easier.Actually.... I think there are actual defined 900mhz cordless channels, but each manufacturer appears to make their own channels... when you factor in all of the different manuf's, and then figure these phones usually have 20 available channels and up, you're looking at a shitload of freqs. Unless you have a few hundred channels to spare, the band search option is generally the best.

TOPIC - reply/900mhz phones
DATE - 12/30/98 15:52:51
FROM - Cowbud -

Yes I know that there is a mod for my scanner on that page I should have clarified I am looking for new mods or ones that people have actually tried I dont really feel like screwing my scanner over.

900mhz Does anyone here have the 900mhz phone freqs for both headset/base it seems that each phone is different and some are the base and some are just the headset I searched 902-908 let me know.

DATE - 12/30/98 14:41:03

dude, you gave us the address of the radio mod page, and asked us for the bc760xlt mod, but there is a bc760xlt mod on that page...unless you didnt see it ?

anyways... here is the addy to the bc760xlt mod.......

TOPIC - Scanner mods
DATE - 12/30/98 03:51:36
FROM - Cowbud

a great place that I have stumbled upon for mods is they have a huge list of mods I dont know how reliable they are but they have them there most any mod you need they will have. Anyone here have a BC760XLT that they have modded?

TOPIC - People talking to their DOGS on cell......
DATE - 12/29/98 18:20:02

Yeah, cell's pretty asinine, it's fun once in a while, and it's fun to freak out people by showing 'em how easy it is to listen in.

Want to freak out a fellow Ham? ANI the local fone patch/repeater.

TOPIC - scanners!!!!
DATE - 12/27/98 14:32:40
FROM - Black Axe 732

well.... for one, let me tell you that listening to cell isn't great.... at times, it can be good, but it's not terribly different from standard cordless.... if you want a cell-capable scanner, go to durham radio. they usually have good shit, but you will be paying at least 450 for a scanner. or.. idea... you could get an ft-50 for like 250-300 bucks, and get the adms-1c cable for it.... which would make it fully cell-capable.. so not only would you have a cell-capable scanner, you would have a scanner that could yap back at people! but as far as scanning, the ft-50 sucks donkey dicks.. only 100 channels, no banks, and a shitty scan speed.. and it cuts off at 76mhz, so no 43mhz cordless phones for you then.....check out the pro-26 at durham radio. it should suit your needs.
as far as 900mhz cordless goes... yes, they can be heard in the 902-907 range..... but some 900mhz cordless phones are screwy.. some will change frequencies every 2 seconds, and some others will either be digital, or be spread spectrum..... and if they are using either of those, forget trying to listen in with any regular scanner.... 900 isn't really that active around me at all.

TOPIC - 900mhz
DATE - 12/27/98 03:58:02
FROM - jimmypop ohio -

anybody ever hear 900 cordless phones also whats the best modable scanner in the 400 dollar rangethanks

TOPIC - Shit
DATE - 12/23/98 20:52:37

Shit, I don't have that one either. Ever have that *useless* feeling?

TOPIC - Mod For Pro90
DATE - 12/23/98 17:15:49
FROM - Digiphreq

If anyone knows of a mod for the Radio Shack Pro90 please email me.. It would be a real big help.

Phone Losers of Kalamazoo, Mi.
DATE - 12/22/98 10:23:47

Thanx BLACK AXE,think your probably right about the cell phones being borring,but the military stuff could come in handy in this area though.Have to think about it and count my pennies.

TOPIC - scanners!
DATE - 12/21/98 19:59:56
FROM - Black Axe 732

dual- and triple- conversion refers to how the scanner converts the received signal and interprets it. with dual conversion, you will likely have better sensitivity (ability to pull in weak signals), but with triple, you will have less interference. image interference can come from any radio transmitter.... ex. police transmissions, cellular towers, beepers (a big offender), you get the idea. the most important gaps you'll probably notice is in the 800mhz range (specifically, the cellular phone freqs are blocked out). all of the gaps in the 200-400 and 500-800 range don't contain anything the casual scanner listener has too much interest in, such as military aircraft, the 1.25m amateur (ham) band, various radiolocation services, etc... not real voice transmissions or anything. crystal scanners are very hard to come by..... they can be useful if you just crystal them for your local cops (I've done this), but they are very limited otherwise.

if you are looking to buy a scanner, i'd go with dual-conversion unless you live in an urban area. dual-conversion lets you pull in those weak cordless conversations. modifying a modern scanner for cell reception is just about impossible. besides, cell calls are generally boring. if you _need_ a cell receiver though, check out durham electronics - they will sell you a full cell-capable scanner. expensive, though. if you are getting a handheld, be sure to pick up a telescoping antenna for it - this will perform much better on the lower bands, as well as on vhf-hi and uhf.

Durham Radio
TOPIC - conversoin system
DATE - 12/21/98 17:49:28
FROM - sulcata99 330

I'm in the market for a scanner and keep seeing stuff about dual+triple conversionto eliminate"image-type interferance"is this interferance cell or cordless phone frequencies?I also have noticed large gaps in the range of coverage,anybody know mods to close these gaps?looking at getting the pro-90 or 91.And does anyone still sell the old style ones that had crystals you had to replace?

TOPIC - i know
DATE - 12/20/98 12:34:01
FROM - fire man

It was two in the morning and I was half asleep.

TOPIC - you
DATE - 12/16/98 00:19:17
FROM - ...gasp....

Hay Fireman,

Are you out of breath? That sure was one long sentence without a period or a comma.

TOPIC - ohya
DATE - 12/15/98 20:02:54
FROM - _______ -

it always can transmit gps even without the batt.

TOPIC - im a local hero
DATE - 12/15/98 02:03:28
FROM - ______________ 614 -

im a firefighter and our dept has some sweeet walkies there the newest motrolas there trunked also cell phones and easy to program also about 6 grand a pop you could program any freq in and they will work as long as you know the trunk stuff but you could do alot of damage but they are traceable i hit my emergency banner once and didnt notice and they called my eng company with my trunk id and lat and long so they have gps also anyone know what is supposed to be typed to see the key log in bo

DATE - 12/13/98 19:39:26
FROM - SC 330

Hehehehe! Anyone have the Radio Shack catalog? "Hear your Local Heros at Work".

TOPIC - tempest
DATE - 12/13/98 11:24:39
FROM - jimmypop 614 -

theres alot of tempest stuff at l0pht laws and stuff but not how to get the stuff i dont care about the laws damnit

TOPIC - bc230xlt
DATE - 12/12/98 02:53:45
FROM - potatomen -

If anyone knows how to mod the bearcat 230xlt, please e-mail me! I've been searching for months.

TOPIC - Cordless RX
DATE - 12/11/98 20:03:45
FROM - Black Axe 732

When I talked about cordless reception, I meant _other people's_ cordless phones, if you get my drift :) I think my neighbors would think it a bit odd to have me rooting through their house replacing cordless phones :) But anyways, it really _is_ illegal for us to have tempest-certified shit? Odd... Big Brother must like to keep tabs on his children.....

- Black Axe

DATE - 12/11/98 19:49:37

There are a few other tricks, like putting ferrite chokes on all cables, like the AC cord, the monitor and keyboard cables, etc. Or just get a less shitty cordless fone! ;-)

Having Tempest stuff is just plain the fuckin' bomb in my opinion!! I'm still kicking myself for missing out on a Tempest GRiD (actually Toshiba) lappy on Ebay. What's funny is, I read somwhere that it's ILLEGAL for private citizens to have Tempest stuff.

TOPIC - RFI (interference)
DATE - 12/11/98 13:05:32
FROM - Black Axe 732

RFI..... hrm, what a bitch... little tip: cordless reception is greatly improved if you shut off all electronic equipment in the room (such as computers, monitors, etc etc.....).... butttt I was thinking.... would having TEMPEST-compliant (i.e.-non-radiating) equipment/cases solve this?
Just a thought, as I think we all know what kind of a bitch it is to have to shut the machine off in order to get good reception.

-Black Axe

TOPIC - mods
DATE - 12/10/98 00:04:25
FROM - jimmypop columbus ohio

hey informagnet why dont you set up a free web page of everything you will be a hero
but if not i have a uniden

TOPIC - Shitty old stores full of shit....
DATE - 11/16/98 02:11:35

Yeah, those shitty old stores are GREAT! They just opened a Goodwill where I live and all the hicks are overjoyed - Pre-Stained Clothes!!! And I picked up a HP-41CV calculator with three app pacs for like $3! I sold it to some fellow geek for somewhere around $70, hehe nice for a day's work....

TOPIC - Cheap scanners
DATE - 11/15/98 18:14:46
FROM - Dogwelder 603 -

yeah, theres this crap store near where i live, its full of junk like old records no one wants and pretty much garbage. you can pickup some good stuff at stores like this, i got a scanner and 2 working cbs for 10 bucks total

TOPIC - scanners fo cheap
DATE - 11/15/98 16:16:12
FROM - bishop of hell hell

sorry dont think my last ones posted..
if u guyz want scanners for pretty god damn cheap [like i have gotten em' for 50 cents...] go to a rummage sale or flea market i dont like goin to these but u will b surprised at what u find for so cheap i have about 9 scanners now i think the most i paid for one was $1.10 :) so give it a shot

TOPIC - scanners fo cheap
DATE - 11/15/98 16:15:11
FROM - Bishop of hell hell

if u guyz want scanners for pretty god damn cheap [like i have gotten em' for 50 cents...] go to a rummage sale or flea market i dont like goin to these but u will b surprised at what u find for so cheap i have about 9 scanners now i think the most i paid for one was $1.10 :) so give it a shot

TOPIC - scanners fo cheap
DATE - 11/15/98 16:12:22
FROM - Bishop of hell hell

if u guyz want scanners for pretty god damn cheap [like i have gotten em' for 50 cents...] go to a rummage sale or flea market i dont like goin to these but u will b surprised at what u find for so cheap i have about 9 scanners now i think the most i paid for one was $1.10 :) so give it a shot

TOPIC - mod
DATE - 11/12/98 17:37:35

IT's OK ~INFORMAGNET~ , it was worth a try :)
i cant find ANY mods for the bc60xlt-1, it kinda pissed me off, then i remeber how cheap the bitch was and i dont care anymore (its a pretty damn good scanner for only 75$).

TOPIC - Dad Fuck it.....
DATE - 11/11/98 16:37:54

I only have the HR series Unidens, dammit - I I was sounding so smart there.....

TOPIC - scanner mod
DATE - 11/11/98 12:09:42

How bout the Uniden BC60XLT-1 ??

TOPIC - I am the ~INFOIRMAGNET~.....
DATE - 11/08/98 20:53:55

Yeah, and I popped about $40 for the set of two books from Ham Radio Outlet on how to mod just about every fuckin' scanner and ham radio for "wider frequency coverage" (read cellayer bandz and cop freqs...) so if anyone posts what radeedio they have here I might just post how to mod it........

TOPIC - scanners
DATE - 11/08/98 02:37:26
FROM - hmmm.....

Go to a pawn shop....hopefully they will have their scanners priced low.

You didn't say whether you wanted a hand-held or a desktop unit.....
For desktop units, you should get one of the Radio Shack PRO-2004,
PRO-2005, or PRO-2006 ones. They have 300-400 channels, and can be modified
to pick up the cellular band!

TOPIC - elf yourself
DATE - 11/05/98 22:52:03

How 'bout at "raido shack"???

and if you want it cheep STEAL IT!!

TOPIC - Raido Shack Scanners
DATE - 11/05/98 17:42:43
FROM - Elf- IL - No domain available

OK does anyone know if I could get a good Raido Shack 200 channel scanner for fairly cheap with memorty and can go up high in mhz?? Somone please get back to be asap thanks.I want to get a scanner to listen to all kinda shit in my area.Later Elf-


TOPIC - pager harassment
DATE - 10/28/98 22:52:21
FROM - In Phase

You really DON'T want to call his pager directly from YOUR house....
What you should do is program your dialer to dial OTHER pagers, and then send his pager number to them. So when all those pager owners return the pages they get from you, they will be calling his pager, thereby driving him crazy.

And the calls will be coming from all those other people...

DATE - 10/28/98 20:07:57
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

what does that have to do with scanners and frequencies?!

put that post in the prank calls or general discussion if you want people to FuX with him.

why don't you just have your task scheduler page him every 15-20 minutes while you are away. it'll really piss him off. or if you want to use less items download the program over on UPS's page [catcall pg 4] and just run that.

United Phreaks Syndicate

DATE - 10/04/98 03:48:17
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

i think i'll turn my ride into a mobile command unit.


TOPIC - cheap scanners
DATE - 10/01/98 03:21:51
FROM - jimmypop888 columbus oh - No domain available

the other day I was in a pawn shop and they had 3 trunk trackers for no more than $70 each so if your looking cheap thats a place to look

DATE - 09/30/98 15:38:42
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

i never seemed to pick up anything interesting around 37mhz. i have been able to pick up cars around 154.500mhz-154.999mhz. i'll check out that frequency tonight.

sometimes while scanner will go over some frequencies very slowly. my hypothesis is that there is a cop car close by, because if i pause on the frequency that is the slowest..sometimes i'll hear them talking into their cb. so the question is
am i right?

phase..did i send you 2 emails and you only replied to 1? i can't remember.

oh yea, i'll work on getting that annex id from radio hack. also i saw some other cool stuff. they have a whole list of #'s [some with passcodes] for activating cell phones, calling cards, and such. usually someone is with me when i work, but i don't think they will know what i am doing when i write them down...


TOPIC - scanners
DATE - 09/29/98 21:45:07
FROM - In Phase

Dark Cloud-
I have a scanner...I have an old (but GREAT) PRO-2004, with the cellular band UNblocked.
I've had this scanner for about 8 years.

And that frequency, 155.145 ("Green channel"), is the main dispatch channel for ALL of Boulder County, including the Sherrif's department (500 series units), Lafayette Police (the "Lincoln" units), Louisville Police (the 400 series), and even the City of Boulder when their channel ("Blue" 156.135) gets too busy.

Try listening to 37.100 Mhz for Lafaytte car-to-car communications.

Click the link below to go to a cool listing of frequencies.

PerconCorp Frequency List

DATE - 09/27/98 23:24:34

or go to and go to the online store thing, they got some good scanners on sale, that where i got mine.

DATE - 09/27/98 16:44:05
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

oh yea, i forgot.
The scanner i have is Radio Shack model 2044. It works fine and only was about 100 bucks.

Hey phase..if you get a scanner
the freq. for the Lafayette/Louisvelle police is 155.145 mhZ

DATE - 09/27/98 16:40:57
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

You don't need 300 bucks to get a good scanner. Those 900mhz cordless phones are expensive, and most people are just using the cheaper cordless phones to get by. You can pick those up around 44mhz. If you wanna play spy kid, you can get one of those ac to dc adapter things for your car, bring your scanner along to the persons house you know has a cordless, and plug it into your car and start scanning. You'd be able to pick up their conversations from a safe hiding place.

I don't know why you would really want to do that...but i would use it to find out what that girl talks about when she's on the phone with her chump-ass boyfriend whom which i fuX with his phones. I think i'll go full scale and either tap his line or just cut it up into itty-bitty pieces.


TOPIC - Blue Box Kid in trouble
DATE - 09/26/98 13:45:02
FROM - Simply Annoying LA/HP - No domain available

I got this letter from Blue Box Kid, seems like his ISP is blocking here's the letter

From: "Blue Box Kid"
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 23:26:59 PDT

P-Phreak, brother phreak, phriend, phellow American. I am writeing you
today in an urgent tone..... Tonight when i logged on, i found that
site, yes has been blocked by my ISP. This site doesnt
contain any pornogrophy of any sort. It is for the pure knowlege of
phun. I ask you to paste this message in every forum on the PLA site.
As President Kenedy said once, "Ask not what your country can do for
you, but what you can do for your country." I urge you, my phellow
bretheren, to dispose of any means of persuadement to change my ISP

Blue Box Kid
Idaho 208

TOPIC - phones
DATE - 09/20/98 21:22:31

Ya, mine changes freqs everytime it is used. In fact, it even(on the phone) has a channel button which will allow you to change the channel even while your talkin on the phone.

TOPIC - cordless fonez
DATE - 09/20/98 01:21:40
FROM - _

Somewhere here on the PLA board, is a list of cordless phone frequencies.
You can program them (around 20), into your scanner, go up to your neighbors house, and just scan until you hear him talking. If you listen to him on different days, you might find him on a different frequency, so be prepared for that.

TOPIC - ...booyah!
DATE - 09/19/98 18:46:55
FROM - fishfood ontario,canada,905 - No domain available more question....less say i go up to my neighbours house and want to listen to his conversations on his finding the right frequency guess and check or is there like a pattern?....thanks...again...all i got to do now is save up like $300 and get one.....hehehe...lates

TOPIC - 817
DATE - 09/19/98 15:30:54
FROM - Texan 817 - No domain available

if you are from 817 mail me

DATE - 09/12/98 19:22:04
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

1) Listen to the Secret Service making their plans to raid your house
2) Listen to the cops busting your friends for criminal mischief
3) If you know someone with a cordless phone, drive up close by their house with the scanner and listen to them talk shit. [great for finding out if chicks dig phreakers]
4) While phreaking from a telco box, you can hear if the cops are coming down the road.

Those are some reasons for getting a scanner.


DATE - 09/12/98 19:19:52
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

1) Listen to the Secret Service making their plans to raid your house
2) Listen to the cops busting your friends for criminal mischief
3) If you know someone with a cordless phone, drive up close by their house with the scanner and listen to them talk shit. [great for finding out if chicks dig phreakers]

Those are some reasons for getting a scanner.


TOPIC - scanners
DATE - 09/11/98 12:00:45
FROM - hmmm...

The purpose of scanners is to automatically scan several known frequencies, OR to scan a range of frequencies in search of interesting signals.

1. You can listen to your local BIG BROTHER, police & fire departments.
2. You can listen to neighborhood cordless phone conversation.
3. You can listen to local businesses, taxicabs, security guards, and paging systems.
4. You can listen to local ham radio operators.
5. You can listen to the national weather service (if you don't have a "WeatherRadio")
6. You can listen to the local TV station news crews out getting stories, so you'll know whats going to be on the evening news even before it's on.
7. You can SEARCH ranges of frequencies for new and interesting things.

You asked for "legal" purposes, right? So I'll leave off listening to cellular phones, and you might have to scratch off #2 above, in some states.

The reason for getting a scanner, and listening to it is simple,....because it is still legal!
Since I CAN listen to the local cops, I WILL!

TOPIC - huh?
DATE - 09/11/98 01:45:33
FROM - FiShFooD canada,ontario - No domain available

wassup?! confused....i dont have a problem with scanners and infact im planning on gettin one when i win the lottery.......but im confused......what IS the legal purpose of scanners?....ive been trying to figure that out for a while......thanks.

TOPIC - bc60xlt-1
DATE - 09/09/98 21:35:15

Anyone know any mods for the bc60xlt-1 ??
please e-mail me

TOPIC - antennas
DATE - 09/04/98 01:35:16
FROM - In Phase

I think Dark Cloud was just interested in receiving signals, not transmitting. So, finding or making an antenna of a certain length for optimum performance on any given frequency is not that important. You can use crude measurements when making a receiving-only antenna. The greater the surface area (size), the greater its signal gathering ability.

And the formula to determine the antenna length you need for transmitting is this:
468 divided by the frequency you are using = the antenna length in feet.

For example, to calculate the antenna size you need to transmit on 97.3 Mhz is:
468 / 97.3 = about 4.8 feet, for a "half-wave" antenna, which is a length that is half the
wavelength for that frequency. Half-wave antennas are common, and easy to tune up.

DATE - 09/03/98 17:23:04
FROM - Lord Nemesis New Orleans

Hey ray, i thought of something the other day and i need ur opinion on this. i saw at walmart the other day an indoor amplified antenna that works for fm and am and some other freq. ok i looked on the back and it said 20 db gain from 40mhzto like i forget the top end but it would cover cordless if it inclused freq as low as 40 so could i make a new connector on the end since it has the little two split connector which connects to the tv to a plug to fit my scanner. i was just thinkin that it might work and givin the price only about 30 bucks it would work great for pickin up cordless which is what i do most.( i live in a college apartment building) any suggestions or comments appreciated. thanks

TOPIC - No No No!
DATE - 09/03/98 16:41:30
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Synidcate

The idea is not to have a larger antenna. You have to keep in mind that the frequency you wish to transmit on is dependant on the length of your antenna. By increasing the size of your antenna, you may also need to change the frequency you travel on. There is a formula you must use to figure out how long your antenna should be. Check out THUD magazine, issue one. They have an article about "Pirate Radio for Newbies". It exaplins this in detail. Some saleswomen they made Dark Cloud! They were going to let you spend the money, and then refuse the return because you would have soldered all over them!


United Phreaks Syndicate

TOPIC - antennas
DATE - 09/03/98 11:23:05
FROM - In Phase

Hey Dark Cloud!

Do you mean connecting to antennas together, to make ONE longer antenna? I guess that would work, but soldering to that chrome plating on telescoping antennas isn't always easy.
You could make an antenna, out of a BNC connector, a few feet of coax cable, and some insulated 20 gauge wire.

Using a CB radio antenna to listen to scanner traffic also works. You just need to get an adapter to convert the PL-259 connector on the CB cable to a BNC to connect to your scanner.

DATE - 09/02/98 21:54:52
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

would soldering 2 small antennas into 1 long antenna work for a home scanner? how big of a difference would it make?
this was a pretty advanced question for the women up at Radio Hack.
13036650923 <--number to them.

TOPIC - cordless phones
DATE - 09/02/98 13:45:14
FROM - _

Dark Cloud-

You're right...cordless phones operate between 43Mhz-49Mhz.

The handsets are mostly on Mhz, so if you listen there, you will only hear one side of the conversation. But if you listen to and Mhz, you will hear the base unit, which carriers both sides of the conversation, and can be heard farther away besides.

DATE - 09/02/98 00:44:13
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

i have picked up my neighbors cordless phones on the frequencies between 29-54mhZ. Mostly at around 45mhz to 50mhz.

DATE - 09/01/98 21:39:48
FROM - _

DJ -

No, you can't modify that scanner to pick up cellular. The scanners that you CAN modify to receive cellular alreadly pick up the 800Mhz band, just not cellular. Doing the modification to them just re-allows cellular phones to be received.

So to put it this way, if it doesn't have 800 Mhz reception now, you can't modify the radio to receive it.

The other things you CAN receive are cordless phones. Somebody posted the freqs on here a while back.

To find other frequencies in your town, go to this web page:

Percon Corp - frequency listing--COOL!

TOPIC - bc55xlt
DATE - 09/01/98 16:37:33
FROM - dj_kulture south Carolina - No domain available

I bought a Uniden 55XLT from Wal*Mart in Hilton Head
SC for $25 dollars. This was a good deal, but it doesn't scan 800Mzh and you HAVE to have a Police Call
Book or know the freq. that you want to listen to (i.e. you can't just scan up or down) What I want to know is
that if I can use this POS (piece of Shit) for anything
other that just listening to my local pigs yack?

Can it be modified? for anything? cellular or just to
get the 800 Mhz? can you modify it to pick up the
FM and AM bands? why is it illegal to pick up FM on
a scanner?


P.S. I saw a car stereo shop selling the same one for
$179.00 !! i only paid $25.00 new!!

TOPIC - bc55xlt
DATE - 09/01/98 16:36:16
FROM - dj_kulture south Carolina - No domain available

I bought a Uniden 55XLT from Wal*Mart in Hilton Head
SC for $25 dollars. This was a good deal, but it doesn't scan 800Mzh and you HAVE to have a Police Call
Book or know the freq. that you want to listen to (i.e. you can't just scan up or down) What I want to know is
that if I can use this POS (piece of Shit) for anything
other that just listening to my local pigs yack?

Can it be modified? for anything? cellular or just to
get the 800 Mhz? can you modify it to pick up the
FM and AM bands? why is it illegal to pick up FM on
a scanner?


P.S. I saw a car stereo shop selling the same one for
$179.00 !! i only paid $25.00 new!!

TOPIC - stuff
DATE - 08/31/98 22:56:01
FROM - _

Ray -
I thought the maximum power allowed from cell phones was 3 watts, not 5.

Lord Nemesis-
Go to the newsgroups

and read the posts, or post your own asking about the Pro-2006...but I think that it
is modifiable. I know that the Pro-2004 only needs one diode cut to restore cellular.

TOPIC - Bag Phone?
DATE - 08/31/98 20:45:22
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

Dude, if it is a bag phone, those kind of rock. Although I wouldn't pay that much for it. Bag Phones are generally 5 watts (the max power allowed), so they really 'go the distance'. But I have been to thrift shops before and seen phones for 30 to 50 bucks. Check out thrift stores first. Although I can almost guarantee if you buy noe from there, the battery is probably dead.


DATE - 08/31/98 18:58:37
FROM - Lord Nemesis

At a pawn shop in town they have a realistic pro 2006 that has been there for i know at least a year.... the guy has a price of 170 wrote on it... is this a good price? how can i tell if this particular one is cellular modifiable? i have read that all it u have to do is clip one diode but does that pertain to all of these units or just a particular time manufactured... it looks old......

TOPIC - Bellatopic
DATE - 08/31/98 10:08:29
FROM - Demon Gaoagen

Dette er bare cape cod.|


DATE - 08/30/98 23:44:13
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

wow dude your knowldge of scanners just blew me away.


TOPIC - ...
DATE - 08/30/98 22:36:16
FROM - Digiphreq

dark cloud: since you dont seem all to bright, its rather simple to see if you do some research that more than one company makes scanners that will track trunks. mine cost 350, i dont care if you think there is only one scanner that will track trunks, cause there are several.

DATE - 08/30/98 03:05:46
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

no you have to give it to me. and plus they cost 300 not 350.

DATE - 08/29/98 21:33:55
FROM - Digiphreq

for $350 ill give you mine

DATE - 08/28/98 03:49:26
FROM - Dark_Cloud (The)

Anyone have a trunk tracker scanner? can i have it?


TOPIC - bc60xlt
DATE - 08/27/98 22:26:49

Has anyone found a mod for the bc60xlt ?? if so i would relly appreciate it if you let me know, thanks.

TOPIC - wtf
DATE - 08/21/98 00:32:56
FROM - Digiphreq

why would you waste the time to post a 'testing' msg, better yet why am i wasting my time complaining about pointless shit?

TOPIC - test
DATE - 08/19/98 13:18:30


TOPIC - language barriers
DATE - 08/19/98 00:34:57
FROM - b0b0

Do you know how many other countries teach their kids english? Remember, it's AMERICA with the lousy educational system. Just look at the other posts on here :)

TOPIC - b0b0
DATE - 08/18/98 23:24:39
FROM - -


hey b0b0, "scanner junki" is in Sweden, meaning English is a second language to him. Don't knock him unless YOU can speak Swedish, you dolt!

TOPIC - b0b0
DATE - 08/18/98 23:22:26
FROM - ?2

b0b0 = BONEHEAD!

hey b0b0, "scanner junki" is in Sweden, meaning English is a second language to him. So don't knock him unless you can speak Swedish, you dolt!

TOPIC - to scanner junkie
DATE - 08/18/98 19:38:47
FROM - b0b0

Please learn how to spell. You almost scared us getting a few of those words right.

DATE - 08/18/98 14:52:12
FROM - scaner junki

you are not lyssening, what is the EXAKT law and what doz it mean idi. read below if you dont understand.

TOPIC - like i care about a topic
DATE - 08/18/98 00:17:46
FROM - Digiphrq over there

well everyone knows cellular is illegal by federal law...

DATE - 08/17/98 10:25:46
FROM - scanner junki

well.. ok. well but celluler. you did not anser that.

TOPIC - ...?
DATE - 08/16/98 23:13:58
FROM - Digiphreq

scanner junki: for starters if you are in sweden you would know the laws better than me. but this being an american msg bored id i have to disagree with you saying that listening to the police and .gov is illegal..cause its not. so which ever the senario is i feel better sharing that.
dark spirit: as for being cheap i can see where your coming from but i hadnt really used a scanner before i got mine, though i had read every book i could find before i ever got the thing, so i new what i wanted and what i could use it for. with out a job id agree youd be best off to just get something small and affordable and then later upgrade when the thing has taken over your life much like mine has. i take the thing every where.

TOPIC - freq
DATE - 08/16/98 12:34:24
FROM - scanner junki

allso, if any swedish guys want all swedish police freqs, thay can be found in vsp#3

TOPIC - law
DATE - 08/16/98 12:32:14
FROM - scanner junki

What is realy the teknical laws of scanning.. its ovysly iligal to lyssen to celluler, police and gov transmitiones.. but.. if thay do a seartch in my house and find the scanner... what will happen, am i freed if i say i never use it, i use it but not to lyssen to them, "i have that bank off all the time" and so forth.

Allso, if anyone in Gotherburg sweden is wanting to sell you scanner, i want it.

DATE - 08/16/98 01:53:40

Ya but this will be my first time with a scanner, what if i decide i dont like using scannerst, or if i decide i am getting bored with them ?? Thats $300 down the drain. And thats alot of money for a person without a job, even for a person with a job, but more for a jobless person. I dont know, maybe im just too cheap.

TOPIC - cheap begginer scanners
DATE - 08/15/98 23:29:59
FROM - Digiphreq

dark as for $60 being a good price to pay i figure you should go all out when purchasing a scanner. this way you dont have to later update in the future. i mean my first and only scanner was the pro90 which is still retail $299.00. so cheaper isnt always better

TOPIC - Pro 91
DATE - 08/15/98 15:14:09
FROM - Col.Phreak ?

I need some info on the rat shack Pro 91 scanner.

TOPIC - radios
DATE - 08/15/98 10:12:32
FROM - ?2


short-wave radios receive signals from about 150khz to 30Mhz
in AM, SSB or CW modes.

scanners receive signals from 30Mhz to 1.3Ghz (or maybe higher),
in AM, narrow FM, and sometimes wide FM modes.

DATE - 08/14/98 18:36:13

What is the difference between a shortwave recievr and a scanner ??
About that military thing, i never wanted to record anyhting anyway, i just wanted to hear what was going on in the Air Force base that is a couple miles away. And i will finally be able to do so, because i just ordered the bc60xlt uniden, it will be my first scanner so i figure a scanner for 60$ is great for a beginner.

TOPIC - Mil Monitoring
DATE - 08/14/98 10:44:25
FROM - Sharpshooter, KNY2VS Niagara Falls, NY -

Regarding monitoring military communications with a scanner (or for that matter with a shortwave radio), this is NOT (I say again NOT) illegal to do. In fact, if you check the web sites of the various military services, some of them even have frequency lists available for radio hobbyists.

It *is* however illegal to divulge the specific contents of what you hear or use it for personal gain (i.e. to make money or whatever). It is also illegal to eavesdrop on scrambled communications. But other than that it is perfectly legal!


TOPIC - trunk scaning
DATE - 08/14/98 02:56:55
FROM - jimmypop columbus oh

If you want to listen to cops a trunk tracking scanner is worth it they are fun sometimes or if you want to know where they are also if you want peoples info listen to them they give every thing like jail time warrents ssn licn # adress if you really want try to get them to pull someone you you want to screw with pulled over and listen.

DATE - 08/11/98 23:36:05

ohh, so what should i do then ?
i didnt know it was illegal to listen to military freqs, woops !

TOPIC - radiohack spying
DATE - 08/11/98 22:57:43
FROM - Digiphreq over yonder

dark: they really take your name and all that fun stuff so they can find you out and watch you and yer girlfriend have sex. they record it and then sell it to employees at the store. really you dont have to give it to them and im always adding new ppl to there data base. shit they dont know your lieing. well in my case they do cause im some one else everytime. you can tell them whatever you want, but when byeing questionable merchandise they may be taking you name to report to the feds. just my thoughts though do what ever you want.

DATE - 08/11/98 21:07:43

I am looking to spen around 50$. so please concider that too.

DATE - 08/11/98 21:06:26

If anyone is interested in selling a scanner that can pick up govt freqs and maybe is modifyable(not required) please send me an e-mail and let me know.

TOPIC - record
DATE - 08/10/98 23:24:27
FROM - losernutz

to record from your scanner...goto ratshack and get a
male to male headphone jack thing....get a recorder that has a mic jack on it.....plug the cord in the earphone jack on yer scanner and the other side into your mic jack on your's best if yer recorder is voice activated

TOPIC - record
DATE - 08/10/98 03:25:51

how do i record from a scanner , just put it next to a mic or is there a special device that allows you to record from a scanner ?

TOPIC - catalog
DATE - 08/09/98 23:14:04

Ohhh, i must have misunderstood that then, becuase i fugured that was why they asked for your name and address and all that sort of shit, i figured they aksed you that so they could send you a catalog. If that is not why, then why??

TOPIC - ratslut catalogue
DATE - 08/09/98 20:04:40
FROM - Digiphreq over there>

um.. as for that catalogue id just goto radiosmack and get one. there less than 5$ at mine and you will know your actually getting it. i also noticed you said you bought a tone dialer from them. if you bought it at the store you wont get a catalogue. you have to guy buy them. cause after all i buy from them ive never gotten one and it doesnt take years to send a catalogue. anyways id just save yourself the trouble and go in and buy one from them, it will save you alot of trouble. better yet when you are there tell them you want to know about the scanners. normally they wont lie just to sell them, but i will stress the normally part.

DATE - 08/09/98 04:42:09

i am just psting an address that was posted a LONG time ago and it has lots of mod text files on it, i dont know how helpfull it will be but, i hope it helps anyone who needs help.

DATE - 08/09/98 02:58:09

Thanx eveyone who answered my question.

Speaking of the catalog, i bought a tone dialer like a month ago and my catalog still hasnt come , how long does it take to send a fucking catalog ?!?!

DATE - 08/08/98 01:17:51
FROM - ?2


The "Pro" everybody talks about is a "model name" for Radio Shack scanners.
Look in your Radio Shack catalog, if you have one, or go to a RS store and
check them out, and you'll see what I mean.

DATE - 08/07/98 22:48:08

hehe, that "suck" was supposed to be "such"

TOPIC - pro
DATE - 08/07/98 22:46:46

I dont know anyhting about scanners so dont bother making fun of me for this question.......
OK, is pro a company or something and if so why does everyone like it? i just noticed quite a few people talking about the radio shack pro scanners. so can someone give me some info plz? thank you and sorry for suck a stupid question.

TOPIC - Pro-66 Mods
DATE - 08/07/98 19:30:16
FROM - Alpha202 DC -

Was wondering if anyone has come across plans to modify the Rat Shack Pro-66 to pick up the blocked cell frequencies. If you've heard anything, I'd really apreciate an e-mail...
Also, if there's anoyone out there in the DC/MD metro area, please e-mail me... ;)

TOPIC - scanners
DATE - 08/06/98 16:26:15
FROM - Digiphreq

Joe - better yet just save that money till you can afford something good.


TOPIC - scanners
DATE - 08/06/98 10:25:23

Joe - Are you kidding!?!? Is that a joke?

Radio scanners cost about $100 on up, depending on how many features you want.
You might find a used one for less, look in your newspaper classified ads.

Go to RADIO SHACK, and look at the "Poh-leece scanners".

TOPIC - scanners
DATE - 08/04/98 02:48:09
FROM - joe md -

how do i build or where do i get a scanner, how much do they cost? i only have ten or fifteen dollars, is that enough?

TOPIC - Strange Happenings
DATE - 08/04/98 00:56:40
FROM - Digiphreq

well to start off after searching for hours ive found that the mysterious cell phone type calls losernutz gets are around on that freq in my area. i recieve the same type of thing on '851.7125'. anyways ive also noticed that when i scan portable phone channels i usually dont get much, then tonight i had the thing plugged into the wall and the batteries charging. i turned it on to see what i could come up with and was all the sudden finding all sorts of portable fone calls. correct me if im wrong but it the electrical system in my house acting as one big antenna. whenever i unplugged it during this one call i wasnt getting the other call and it would go back to scanning the channels. im wondering if anyone knows how much further this is allowing me to pick up things. so if anyone has ever come across this before please share your knowledge with me.


DATE - 08/03/98 22:39:38
FROM - Digiphreq nevereverwasland

cryovile: um was your last post directed at me you never said. i assume so, but figured i might ask. and as for me getting show by the feds it aint likely. im just not in to really persuing what there doing and like following them around. i just sit at home and listen.


TOPIC - Art Bell
DATE - 08/03/98 21:36:58
FROM - Op8 828 -

Glad to see that I'm not the only one who listens to art bell.

P.S. 2 more days until I regain my life! No more work. woo-hoo!

TOPIC - dreamland
DATE - 08/03/98 00:34:24
FROM - cryovile md

Well, i don't know any of the freqs, bt, they will either be very hard to find (i.e., some speacial freq gov't reserved) or will be very ordinary, so much that you might over look it. thats how our gov't works. byt the way, don't get to close and get caught with that scanner, thewy are authorised to shoot you out there, no questions asked (well, at least not till after your dead)

DATE - 08/01/98 20:17:09
FROM - Digiphreq

is there a page with txts and the like that tell you what some of the questionable freqs are. like a list of cell phone freqs.

TOPIC - Mods Pro90
DATE - 08/01/98 20:14:48
FROM - Digiphreq be specific i was looking for ways to listen to cellular on it. while im posting this ill ask my other question. for cord. phones am i not false in saying that every channel 2 on one fone is the same as channel too on another? what im trying to get at is there a specific set of freqs the portable phones are on and does it change? i proggrammed in the list of them i found at the main pla scanner page and never pick up anything with any of them. so if anyone can help, i would be greatful.

TOPIC - area 51
DATE - 08/01/98 15:59:42
FROM - Aftermath Canada

HAY! last night i was listening to a guy named Art Bell on my raido and he said that area 51 had people on a CB, or cordless phone or something you can pick up on a scanner....but...he wouldnt give out the frequincies for it....i might be going down to navada in a few months and i might go to Dreamland so i might wana listion to can some one git me the frequincies for it....i would be so happy....

TOPIC - pro 90
DATE - 08/01/98 00:14:37
FROM - losernutz case you didn't read what the Lineman posted, he explains ways that scanners can be modified....if your looking for an easy way to mod it like clipping a diode, i haven't found anything on it....anywayz what kind of mods are you lookin for?....if you want to listen to cell fones there are some frequencies that the pro-90 can pick up. 852.2375....this is one that the cops use for some kind of radio phone....there are also airphone freqs you can pick up, which are.......

channel ground plane

1 454.950 459.950
2 454.900 459.900
3 454.850 459.850
4 454.800 459.800
5 454.750 459.750
6 454.700 459.700
7 454.725 459.725
8 454.775 459.775
9 454.825 459.825
10 454.875 459.875
11 454.925 459.925
12 454.975 459.975
call 454.675 459.675

the ground stations broadcast an annoying tone when not in use. the planes broadcast in simplex only, while the ground station broadcast duplex similar to cordless fone base/handset operation. the easiest way to monitor this service it to load first a plane frequency then a ground frequency for each channel. after loading all the channels go back and lock out all of the ground frequencies. scan the plane grequencies for simplex transmissions and when you get a hit, press your manual key t jump to the next greq....the locked out ground greq broadcasting in duplex!

TOPIC - pro-90 mod
DATE - 07/31/98 22:58:15
FROM - Digiphreq hell if i know

does anyone know if there is a mod for the pro-90, ive looked around and cant find anything. so im just wandering if anyone knows of any before i break out the ol brain and do it manually.

DATE - 07/31/98 19:29:02

h0h0.. greets.. well.. i saw one BIG fucking IDE card that was a scanner.. and you got software with it.. well the pricetag was so big.. like 3-5times a normal scanner.... s you have to card it..

Well, i allsao wonder.. do anyof you ppl have a txt that explains how the GSM and MNT servers work? like.. i found that on freq-lists there are like 400 cell freqs on one and so.. and i programed like 30-40 into my scanner, randomly and i have found it to be more trafic on those who were at the top of the list.. and allmos none on them down on the list.. so i need this explaind.

TOPIC - Police Scanners
DATE - 07/31/98 15:00:48
FROM - Ray Dios Haque United Phreaks Syndicate

If you would like to monitor Police on your PC, you may want to go to They have a few major cities that you can listen to live with Real Audio. If you would like to do something in your home? Forget it. Go out and buy a scanner. If there is such a thing as an internal scanner for the home PC, I would hate to think of what kinf of pricetag there would be!


Police Scanner Dot Com

TOPIC - i fucked up
DATE - 07/31/98 12:10:47
FROM - Digiphreq 616

sorry i made a typo, that 25khz should be mhz, most of you new that but i didnt fell like looking like a dumb ass.

Pla Kalamazoo, Mi

TOPIC - new scanner
DATE - 07/31/98 12:08:24
FROM - Digiphreq 616

i saw this scanner the other day. it had 300 channels, went from like 25khz throught the 800s, it also has the trunking crap. it was like 200 dollars is it really worth it?

Pla Kalamazoo, Mi

TOPIC - mod'd scanners
DATE - 07/30/98 21:06:31
FROM - 006 RI

I am thinking about getting a scanner to mod. I have some questions though. are ham radios and scanners hard to mod. If so i dont want to go tearing apart a nice radio. thats all i need to know. Post because this minute i am not online

fone phreaking 4 everyone

TOPIC - Generally Scanners
DATE - 07/29/98 18:52:12
FROM - The Lineman SBC 805

For all you newbie scannists out there who ask newbie questions, allow me to help. First, listening to cellular is ILLEAGAL. It can be fun as hell, but that's not the point. Due to federal regulation, SCANNERS MADE OR SOLD IN THE US OF A CANNOT RECEIVE CELLULAR. No exceptions. However, there are ways around this. First of which being modification. Whole books have been written on this subject. Read them. It's usually only a matter of snipping a wire that was put there to short the cell band. Second method is to buy a converter. Ramsey Electronics (yes, they do sell through Radio Crap) makes a converter that "chops" all signals in the 800 to 900 MHz range in half. All you need to do is hook it up to a scanner capable of receiving 400 to 500 MHz and your in business. Cost is about 90 bucks put together or $50 for a kit. Your last course of action is to buy your scanner in a country (i.e., Canada) that does not require cell blocking. As far as cordeless phones are concerned, probably every scanner made will pick them up in the 40 MHz region. The new 900 MHz band cordless is fun to listen to also, however, some of these phones utilize "spread spectrum" technology, which spreads their signal over a wide area. To recieve this, you need to be in Wide FM mode. and tune around a bit until you zeroe in on it. As far as "scrambled" phones, they use a speech inversion technique that can be unscrambled using an unscrambler (duh). I think Ramsey sells this also, and I know for sure that there are other electronics companies that do. No more Donald-Duck-sounding cordless motherfuckers!

One more thing; Please don't expect to buy a quality scanner with mega memory and lots of coverage for anything less than about $130. It sounds like everyone that posts here wants a great radio for a great (read, under $100) price, and it has been my experience that you won't find your dream. Of courese, sales do happen...

Hope this little piece helped. God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be putting out a whole guide for new scannists. Hey, we were all there at one time, right?

TOPIC - mdt police monitoring??
DATE - 07/28/98 16:27:42
FROM - jeff ala

yes do any body know how to monitor
police transmission in real time on

TOPIC - Free Frequency Poster!
DATE - 07/25/98 12:08:55
FROM - Wolf303 Tejas

Hey, I found a place that gives away a free frequency poster! It's pretty interesting, and useful. The URL is
It's absolutely free. I've already got two!

PLA of 972/214

TOPIC - anrchyrules
DATE - 07/24/98 23:08:50
FROM - aj3

You are serious, right ?????????

TOPIC - me
DATE - 07/24/98 20:44:17
FROM - mekkkkkjkj the state of me, THE Site for You H/P/A/V/C/+ Needs

TOPIC - links
DATE - 07/24/98 15:19:47
FROM - In Phase

Or, go to the web page below for LOTS of links on all sorts of subjects.....
including CB/Ham Radio/Scanners, and "computer related" (heh) as well....

Mike Walden's Link Page

TOPIC - stuff and stuph
DATE - 07/24/98 15:16:56
FROM - In Phase

CyberSin - Go to, or, as a starting place to find info on scanner mods...

Or click the link below.

Bill Cheek's Scanner Page

TOPIC - Pro-90
DATE - 07/24/98 01:09:56
FROM - CyberSin

I was wondering if there were any mods for the pro-90. I would look at k5tc0 (something like that) radio page, but it's down :(. If you could be of some help please put a post up. Thanx!

TOPIC - dumb cops
DATE - 07/23/98 18:47:10
FROM - losernutz 313

no it's not a cordless phone because i've heard them say before that they were on their cell fone. and no they do use it for buisiness calls also. in my opinion
the cops are not to bright, i hear them call their vmb's
talk to their mistresses, call sex lines (losers) and all types of shit. but the only thing that mystifies me is the dial tone i hear before they make the call, and the beeping sound during the call. what i'm thinking is maybe they have a cellular frequency built right into their radios....shit i don't know...again if anyone has any info on this please let me know.

TOPIC - thx
DATE - 07/23/98 13:54:08
FROM - Dark~spirit

thanx losernut

TOPIC - police freq
DATE - 07/22/98 23:14:19
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH


I would guess that they are actually using a 900Mhz cordless phone. I don't really know much about radio freqs, but that freq you mentioned is under 900Mhz. Do they use that for all calls or is it more of personal calls. I would have thought the cops would know better than to use a commercial cordless phone for police matters.


TOPIC - confused
DATE - 07/22/98 19:23:22
FROM - losernutz

I recently bought a pro-90 handheld sanner from rat-shack. It doesn't pick up cell fones, but there is one frequency that i have found 852.2375, that the cops use for telephone communications. I don't know if it's a cell fone or not because i hear a dial tone before they make a call, and about every minute there is a beeping sound during the conversation. I am guessing it's a reserved frequency for them. Could anyone explain to me what this is?

TOPIC - trunked
DATE - 07/22/98 19:07:31
FROM - losernutz 313-murder city

In the past, groups that broadcast frequently, such as police departments, were restricted to transmitting on just a few frequencies. This resulted in heavy traffic and often required 2-way radio user to wait for a specific frequency to clear before transmitting.

Trunked systems allow more groups of 2-way radio users to use fewer frequencies. Instead of selecting a specific frequency to transmit on, a trunked system chooses one of several frequencies when the 2-way radio user presses PTT (push to talk). The system automatically transmits the call on that frequency, and also sends a code that identifies that 2-way radio user's transmission on a data channel

A trunked scanner lets you select the data channel frequency that you want it to monitor, so you can hear both the call and response transmissions for that 2-way radio user and therefore follow the conversation.

TOPIC - trunk
DATE - 07/21/98 20:31:13
FROM - Dark~Spirit ne

Can someone please explain what a trunk is to me ???

DATE - 07/21/98 00:06:14
FROM - aaaaa

DATE - 07/20/98 16:28:51
FROM - RedOctober Nada

Its called a SINCGARS (SINgle Channel Ground-Air Radio System). If you don't even know the name of this ultra bitchin, freq hopping, secure-channel little monster then I advise you to take it back to whatever Army installation you got it from ASAP. Some poor ass Sgt. who you never met is having about 14 grand slowly deducted from his pay until the end of his life. Otherwise RTFM, find a Field Manual (FM) online or steal one of those from the same place you got the radio. If you ever do figure it out (HA HA and they DON'T catch you using it (and BTW its got GPS built in and it DOES transmit on the military algorithm so they can pin point your young dumb ass down to about <10 feet. And don't think that just because you didn't key the mike its not transmitting (i'd advise taking out the battery just to be sure))) it'll be hours of fun in and around military installations but only there cause they don't use 'em any where else and it too line-of-sight to be any good on a long distance hop. How's that for good use of multiple parenthesis'?

TOPIC - Military Radio
DATE - 07/09/98 16:57:34
FROM - Rizla
I ripped off a phat little army radio. Its called a SINCARS, I think. What kind of phun stuff can do with it? What freqs should I listen in on?

TOPIC - scanners
DATE - 07/14/98 18:04:52

I am desperately looking for information and instructions on how to modify a Radio Shack Pro-90 scanner to recieve cell phones. If you could e-mail me with any info I would greatly, greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!!!!!!

TOPIC - Good/cheap scanners.
DATE - 07/11/98 01:26:47
FROM - console Earth

sup, im looking for some good/cheap scanners.
ie: ranges *KHz - +800Mhz
over 200 channels
anyone know where i could get a good
one that picks up cellular pls email me

exploiting your mind

TOPIC - Laughing my ass off
DATE - 07/10/98 05:43:54
FROM - Konquest The Pearly Gates

My father is projects manager at a big time cabinet making place that grossed 9 million last year, and yet they are to cheap to get a walkie talkie system that has more than 3 frequencies. One day my dad was sitting at his desk and talking to someone in in a production area, and he started picking up the conversation of a construction crew that was bulding some dairy expo building, and it kept interfering with his hand held, so he started telling the boom operators all kinds of different crane commands to screw them up, like "boom left!" or "boom right" and lots of other stuff, to totally piss them off. Just thought I would say this, even though it has no real phreaking value.

TOPIC - Military Radio
DATE - 07/09/98 16:57:34
FROM - Rizla

I ripped off a phat little army radio. Its called a SINCARS, I think. What kind of phun stuff can do with it? What freqs should I listen in on?

TOPIC - Pro-70
DATE - 07/05/98 23:11:40
FROM - Ash RI -

Hi, I'm looking for any modifications on on Radio Shack PRO-70. It's a handheld with UHF-VHF Hi-Lo. If you have any information that can help me out just e-mail me. Thanks

TOPIC - scanner
DATE - 07/05/98 22:00:33
FROM - ^bum^ va

need schematics, diagrams, specs, how-to instrusctions for modifying and any other info on a "Realistic" TRC-207 "Walkie Talkie" its a 40 channel 5 watt portable unit.

DATE - 07/04/98 19:31:06


DATE - 07/03/98 21:31:21
FROM - JohnyQtipz New York City

I read a few posts asking about how you could break into cordless phone conversations instead of just listening in on a regular scanner, and in fact there ARE ways to do this.

I've been listening to regular 25channel phone frequencies (46-49MhZ) as well as a little bit of 900MhZ analog frequencies for some time now (Digital 900MhZ scanning is not possible yet, not with an inexpensive home scanner anyway)and recently I doscovered the ultimate thrill hehehe, listening AND talking with the people who are having the "private conversation". There are HAM radios out there, a lot of them with receiving frequencies that are the same as the cordless phone frequencies, so whatever ham radio out there with the frequencies u wanna hear, you can actually bring to someone, or modify it yourself so that u can also transmit on those frequencies too. Most ham radios are locked out so that u cant transmit on those frequencies, but with a little hacking in by a smart electrician, or "mdifying guy", wherever u hearpeople talking on a cordless phone with your radio, u can just press transmit on your radio and talk to them, like ur sending them a message over a radio. It's pretty cool, once me and my friends went driving around with his ICOM something radio that was modified, and with his antenna on the roof of the car we went hunting for conversations all over the neigborhood and we had a blast hehehehe. not like I'm telling anyone to do it, and not like we actually listenined in on connversations.... that would be illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe, if anyone finds out any more info on how to perform these modifications themselves, id be willing to invest in a nice little ham radio for myself =)PEACE OUT HEADZZZZZZZZZZ!~!~!

TOPIC - Frequencies
DATE - 06/30/98 12:42:37
FROM - Morningstar The Internet

Hey, I saw that thing that dude posted about frequencies, and well, he didn't post very many of them
If you want Secret Service Freqs, you can get em here:

Secret Service Freqs

TOPIC - Frequencies
DATE - 06/29/98 23:25:56
FROM - Dark~Spirit

Ok dudes, i just copied this off of a book from the 80's so dont get ur hopes up cause they might not work anymore ok! I got some frequencies but i dont know shit about scanners, it says u need a short-wave reciever(whatever that is)... so here they are....

****AIR FORCE ONE****(in kilohertz)
6,756 13,201
8,967 13,215
9,018 13,247
11,180 18,027

163.81 165.385
165.01 408.60

163.185 165.285
163.535 172.00
165.235 172.05

****FBI***(MHz) (there were 2 pages full
120.425 164.46 of these but im too lazy)
149.375 167.15


...AND THATS IT... if none of these work, ohh well, it was worth a try.

PS >> What is the span of frequencies most scanner can pick up ??

TOPIC - Frequencies
DATE - 06/29/98 23:22:33
FROM - Dark~Spirit

Ok dudes, i just copied this off of a book from the 80's so dont get ur hopes up cause they might not work anymore ok! I got some frequencies but i dont know shit about scanners, it says u need a short-wave reciever(whatever that is)... so here they are....

****AIR FORCE ONE****(in kilohertz)
6,756 13,201
8,967 13,215
9,018 13,247
11,180 18,027

163.81 165.385
165.01 408.60

163.185 165.285
163.535 172.00
165.235 172.05

****FBI***(MHz) (there were 2 pages full
120.425 164.46 of these but im too lazy)
149.375 167.15


...AND THATS IT... if none of these work, ohh well, it was worth a try.

PS >> What is the span of frequencies most scanner can pick up ??

DATE - 06/28/98 22:23:37
FROM - Andy AKA bombtrack AKA Carlos

VMS_WIZ - do you even know what VMS is?

TOPIC - ham radio
DATE - 06/27/98 02:13:07
FROM - British

I was originally interrested in getting an ametur license, and was willing to do the morse code test, but I said to hell with it. I realized that about 99% of the conversations on HAM radio are just about their own ham radio equipment.

TOPIC - dual band
DATE - 06/27/98 00:31:43
FROM - tom edison mi

hay get a real scaner or get your ham radio licence
than you can buy the good shit i gust got a yaesu dual band transervier i carded of corse it was 300$
best thing i have ever saw am,fm,2 meter,440,cell,air,
2 way, vhf, uhf i love it to death go get one it you whant to get the best.

TOPIC - scaner stuff
DATE - 06/25/98 16:14:28
FROM - British

I remember back when I first got a police scanner and i listened to this one paticular HAM radio repeater. There was some renegade with his own HAM transciever who would always hit the mic when other people are talking, cutting them off. Then someone did an autopatch(phone call over the airwaves) of a guy telling the state troopers theres a dead dog on the road. Then the guy butted in with a sarcasticly sad voice saying "oh noooo theres a dead dog on the freeway!". He rarely ever spoke. he usualy just hit the mic cuting people off on all times of the day. Sometimes he talked, usually in a whisper.

Another incident was this guy talking to this woman about coming home on autopatch. She did not sound like she was in a good mood, and as soon as she said "What took you so damn long?" someone at the repeater ended the call right there with a computer voice saying "call complete". ha. those were the days

DATE - 06/25/98 12:12:07
FROM - Anonymous Down Town -

Is there any modification that may be done
to a scanner so that a interaction with
the recieving signal may be done.
In other words, when an individual gets a (example)
40-50mhz cordless phone conversation on the scanner, that particular person could communicate back.
|recieve and send|
I'd appreciate an e-mail rather than a post.

DATE - 06/18/98 16:07:33
FROM - MeglaW

anyone know a good playz to card som scanners (one or 2)

TOPIC - Gettin da most out of my radio hack pro 2024
DATE - 06/16/98 20:26:40
FROM - Lord Nikon

how can i get the best reception with this small base unit? i am basically just listenin to cordless conversations. like a way to hook up a small external antenna or something like that.any suggestions appreciated.

TOPIC - cordless beige boxing
DATE - 06/16/98 18:51:09
FROM - Stihl Bucyrus, OH

I had a cordless phone when I lived in a large apartment complex and I could hear all sorts of conversations. It was cool. I would scream into the phone, but they could not hear me. I didn't know much about the frequencies then, but it took time to sit down and scan channels 1-10 once in a while to find someone on the phone.

Also it may be unlikely to find a 120v outlet near the telco box. If you lived in apartments then you may just need a LONG extenion cord. The base unit will need the 120v outlet for power. What would be cool is if you could hook one up and make it discrete. My cousin had a cordless phone with a base. He purchased a separate charging station whick you would keep in the bedroom. Anyway, you could leave your beige box there a little longer and still charge your handset.

TOPIC - cordless fones
DATE - 06/16/98 16:52:03
FROM - 2600trans Bayville, L.I. N.Y. -

is it possible to usea cordless phone in place of a scanner? is it possible to hook up the cordless phones base unit to someone's line and beige box from a remote location?

TOPIC - Good Scanner
DATE - 06/16/98 07:52:29
FROM - CyberDemon CT -

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is a good scanner. Something under 100 dollars please.

TOPIC - phone calls
DATE - 06/15/98 14:05:29
FROM - In Phase

Yeah, but don't forget what happened to those two people who recorded Newt Gringrich's cell phone conversations... I think they got charged with some minor "wire-tapping" or whatever because cell phones are protected under the 1986 communications privacy act.

I'm not saying don't do it...I'm saying don't get caught.

TOPIC - cordless phones
DATE - 06/15/98 00:30:49
FROM - lemmy 925 -

i was watching Entertainment Tonight a week ago and they were talking about someone who scanned tom cruises conversations with his wife and then sold the tapes for a shitload of moolah. pretty cool idea to use on people if you lived in LA or some place with a bunch of celebs.

-=sam .44=-

DATE - 06/10/98 16:39:16
FROM - lineman_k

has anyone tested Rat Shack's big, extended coverage base unit scanner? Is it worth the 300 bucks it goes for?

TOPIC - scanners
DATE - 06/04/98 01:52:15
FROM - In Phase

If you want to buy a scanner that will receive the cellular band, I'd suggest going to either of the following newsgroups and asking advice there:

TOPIC - please click me
DATE - 06/03/98 23:22:35
FROM - rask nc

click the link below

click me now damnit!

TOPIC - new scanner!
DATE - 06/03/98 17:33:16
FROM - Op8 704/828 -

Anyone have a recommendation for a 150-200 dollar handheld scanner? I'd like to pickup cordless's and preferably something that can be easily moded to pick up cell phones, although that's not really a priority. It's summer, and my money is burning holes in my pockets :)

TOPIC - phone scanners
DATE - 06/03/98 13:29:58

WHat I need is a scanner to pick up portable phones.

about a year ago I bought one for $200 bucks from Radio Hack. Someone in a ng told me that the model I had probably couldn't pick up port. phones so I took back and never bought another one. could someone tell me where I could get a farely reasonable priced scanner to do such a deed?


DATE - 05/28/98 17:38:05


DATE - 05/26/98 16:24:53
FROM - MeglaW

Frequency coverage 500KHz - 1900mhz
All mode reception AM, NFM, WFM, USB, LSB & CW
True carrier re-insertion and specific SSB filter with non offset readout
1000 memory channels
20 search banks

Datty, may i play?

TOPIC - Pager Frequency
DATE - 05/25/98 19:08:55

454.350 MHz (UHF) is a voice pager that will have an occasional data burst once in awhile. You will hear someone give out a number either by verbal or touch-tone.
I once listened to a railroad frequency @ 0230 hrs (EST) and was able to copy down the touch tones and called the number which rang a phone or PBX. I hung up before they picked up the phone.

DATE - 05/23/98 14:38:31
FROM - MeglaW

Hay, i dont get this... some ppl say that GSM are at 1.9GhZ and some say thay are 800MHz... gimmi som fucking crrect info!

TOPIC - listening
DATE - 05/22/98 19:23:27
FROM - phsyco Atlanta

You be amazed what info you can get off a scanner. I manged to aquire address mother madiens names ss# cc# and other info and password when people use the airwaves. Cordless. cell, those airplane fones and even some police activites.

TOPIC - scanners
DATE - 05/22/98 18:13:21
FROM - skrike

Although I am fairly new to air waves, I honestly doubt a commercial scanner could be purchased that would enable you to scan military frequencies. As for cellular frequencies a standard television will do, get up into the channel 80's and you can hear the conversations, it's an old trick so If I am being redundant I apologize but I'm learning as well. Listening in on cellular conversations with a scanner is also illegal.

TOPIC - C Crane?
DATE - 05/21/98 16:33:31
FROM - Raith Ny -

I whent to and looked around and saw their BC9000XLT with the modifying kit to get the rest of 800mhz, is there any other place I could get a scanner that scans civillian and miliitary frequences and cordless/cellular ???

TOPIC - skrike
DATE - 05/21/98 15:34:30
FROM - skrike

werd, I think I need to get more money so I can buy a scanner. Thanks for the help though.

TOPIC - radio
DATE - 05/20/98 01:50:34
FROM - In Phase

Skrike - I still think you should put your scanner (if you have one) in search mode, and scan some frequencies you think that "walkie-talkie" is on so you can find out which frequencies it uses, and therefore, which agencies you can communicate with. (screw with)

TOPIC - 2-way radio
DATE - 05/19/98 12:09:41
FROM - skrike

Yes, I forgot to mention the switch up top, it is your standard 3 position toggle switch. On the far right there is a picture of what looks like a letter z with arrows at each end. In the middle is a picture of a speaker and on the left is a picture of that same speaker with an X through it. I assumed the z with aroows denoted 2 way communication. On the left side of the radio are two buttons you can hold down. The top button seems to be a squelch type control, where when you hold it down you hear the actual white noise all the time rather than just when somebody speaks. And the bottom button does nothing that I can tell, sometimes when Im scanning channels I play with It because I assumed it was the morse code button. The other night while sitting in front of the local movie theatre and I was scanning chanells and hitting the "morse code" button, Some came on and was saying "Hello? Hello? .... " So I'm pretty sure they can hear something strange. Any suggestions on 2 way communication?

DATE - 05/18/98 10:26:47
FROM - MeglaW

a uniden beatcat 200channel is a good one, but card one or steal or buy a stolen one, im not going to buy a leagl one.

allso, is thate a good and cheep way to boost the signal of one of the partys in a cellular conversation?

TOPIC - Whats a good scanner?
DATE - 05/18/98 07:10:44
FROM - Ra|th NY. -

I am saving up to get my first scanner could anyone suggest one that is powerfull ?

TOPIC - gsam
DATE - 05/17/98 17:30:36
FROM - MeglaW

No, hh..thay cant.. not as hige as that, it woed be harfull to be near the antenna if thay work on 1.9GHZ

DATE - 05/17/98 12:00:58
FROM - In Phase

Another problem with trying to receive the GSM frequencies on your scanner is that GSM operates at about 1.9Ghz, and most scanners won't receive that frequency.

TOPIC - gsm
DATE - 05/17/98 08:47:45
FROM - MeglaW

hello, i got a text were sayd from witch freqs go were and so forth.. well, i got my calculater and figerd out that if channels are 0.03 apart (as in the text) thare are over 700 gsm freqs. and a scanner that is realy exensive takes at the most 4-500 channels, and then you fill the scanner with gssm freqs but then you cant lyssen to all and NO cordless and so forth, you understad, anyone with a solotion?

TOPIC - tones
DATE - 05/16/98 01:34:30
FROM - cryosis MN

PL tones are a bitch on my piech of shit scanner. I have to know the tone to talk. no little switch for me. dosn't help that it's really a 2-way radio, huh? oh well


TOPIC - Motorola
DATE - 05/15/98 21:37:59
FROM - In Phase

Ok, Skrike.....try here:


TOPIC - Motorola radio
DATE - 05/15/98 21:22:52
FROM - In Phase

Skrike - You could go to Motorola's web page and see if you can find any info there.

Possibly the reason the other people you hear, but they can't hear you is because of "PL tones". PL tones allow more than one business in the same town, to "share" the same frequency. Different companies use different PL tones, so a company using a different PL tone than the radio you have won't hear you when you transmit. There is probably a switch on the radio to enable or disable the PL tone option, so you will either hear or NOT hear the other transmissions, depending on whether they use the same PL tone as your radio.

(Disabling PL tones allows you to hear ALL transmissions on a certain frequency, regardless of whether they use the same PL tone as you.)

If you have a scanner, you could key-up the radio on the different channels, put the scanner in search mode, and listen for yourself. This way, you can find out what frequencies the radio uses.

TOPIC - skrike
DATE - 05/15/98 17:44:43
FROM - skrike

I kinda sorta came across a Motoorola 2way radio, the model number is mt1000. Ive been able to pick up various frequencies, it has 8 different channels on it. Ive heard Live Flight Rescues, Ambulance Stuff, what sounds like a private air traffic control place, school buses and all sorts of crazy stuff. Periodically there is morse code bursts and what sounds like Private Citizens talking. I have never been able to get anyone to respond to me, I try to talk to them so either they can't hear me or they are ignoring me. Does anyone know about this model type? What frequencies it uses and what it is used for? If tried calling and asking how much that particular model costs but they always act like it's a crime to have this model and want proof of who I am. Kinda weird.

TOPIC - scanners
DATE - 05/13/98 01:01:55
FROM - In Phase

Uniden sells factory refurbished scanners...go to their web page and have a look:

DATE - 05/12/98 17:42:00
FROM - PHREAKER29 Oklahoma -

Does anyone know how to get a good scanner for a decent price? Also, if there are any phreaks in 918 Oklahoma, then please E-mail me.

TOPIC - For Sale
DATE - 05/10/98 15:15:09
FROM - Danny Boy Eugene, Oregon

Hello. My name is Bob McDaniel. I am new to the internet, and am on my friends machine. he is showing me how to do this. I have some kind of walkie talkie / scanner radio, and I was told it is a good one. I am not into this kind of thing, and want to sell it. It say "AOR 8000" on it, and has an wall plug in for it too. I will sell it for $100 dollars if anyone thinks that it is worth that. Call me at my home number, which is 541-607-1036. You pay for shipping.
Bob McDaniel

TOPIC - scanners
DATE - 05/10/98 14:20:38
FROM - fyber219 219 NPA -

okay, as usual, if anyone is in the 219 NPA, please e-mail me!! You people who are asking all the questions about scanners, should go get a copy of "Popular Communications" it has the answers to all of your questions.

TOPIC - Rewriting Pager Capcodes
DATE - 05/09/98 13:29:06
FROM - Methusalah Circleville, Ohio -

How much is it to get a writer for a pager? Can you use a certain number to get free pages?

TOPIC - none
DATE - 05/06/98 03:29:35
FROM - ??? morf



DATE - 02/08/98 13:34:21


TOPIC - what kind of test
DATE - 02/08/98 13:31:12
FROM - bitch

what the fuck kind of test could you be

TOPIC - General
DATE - 02/05/98 18:50:54
FROM - Nikhil NY - yousuckbadly

This is a test

TOPIC - The Good Old Dayz
DATE - 02/03/98 07:32:03
FROM - Cathode Ray - nlnsf

Back in the good old days, I used to work at a Radio Smack. Those old handheld scanners were the shiznit. There was one winter where only two people came into the store all day, so we listened to cell phone calls. One such call we listened to (and recorded) was a drug deal gone bad. One guy was saying "Im gonna come over there and fucking kill you", and the other guy was whimpering like a wussie boy. It was great. It went on for well over 15 minutes. I only wish I had the tape. My co-worker split with it when he quit.

TOPIC - racial shit on my scanner
DATE - 02/02/98 19:07:06
FROM - The Toymaker Chicago

i find the most redneck things on my scanner.
people yelling niggers suck or so other
racial shit. luckily the guy was moving and
i got his # hahaha

TOPIC - my scanner licks crap.
DATE - 01/27/98 03:23:16
FROM - Sarcasm Vancouver, esse! -

My daddy bought me a shitty radio-smack scanner that can't even pick up radio stations efficently. What a bug-fuck.

TOPIC - cordless phones - 01/16/98 14:30:00 EST
FROM - <sCannERguY> -

OK, First of all when you buy a cordless phone and it says 900Mhz, sometimes it's not, and anotherthing, price doesn't matter, somewhere someone said that all of the more expensive phones work on 900Mhz, that's not true, I bought a cordless phone with caller id on handset for $130 and i can pick it up on my scanner somewhere around 47Mhz and down to about 41Mhz, in conclusion phone manufactures lie sometimes. and if you pick up a conversation around 47 mhz keep searchin lower and you should here both sides of the conversation,

TOPIC - cabs - 01/14/98 20:19:33 EST
FROM - <The MF> -

Cool. Now I gotta find an open channel(I only have 20) and start listening to the cabz. Of cousre the last time I heard cab talk it was all just, well, numbers being rattled off.

TOPIC - scanning credit cards - 01/13/98 22:26:54 EST -
FROM - <Static> - Metairie, La

ok, I dont know how many of you know this, but this is for the people who dont,...I was scanning out of boredom today, and I came across a cab company, and since no one was using cordless phones just then, I listened,...anyway, about 45 seconds later, a guy came over the radio and said he needed to validate a credit card, my interest level peaked and I thought, "it cant be this easy", so anyway, he proceeded to rattle off the number of a gold mastercard, followed by expiration date, name on card AND name of bank issued from, then the dispatcher came back with the authorization codez....from this we learn 2 things, #1, cab companies are not boring to listen to, they can prove profitable, #2, never use a credit card to pay for a cab ride. Static

TOPIC - freqs - 01/12/98 23:29:26 EST
FROM - <In Phase> -

why don't you go to and use their FREE database to search for some....

TOPIC - freq - 01/12/98 20:03:07 EST
FROM - <14got> - uranus

does anyone have any GOOD frequncies in the west texas preferably midland/odessa or lubbock area

TOPIC - no where else - 01/06/98 18:24:38 EST -
FROM - <Njh1> - rossford(hole-in-the-wall), ohio

I have looked everywhere, all the NG's, all the sites, and NO ONE has any mods for a Uniden BC 148xlt. Could someone please help me

TOPIC - 900mhz - 01/04/98 02:07:35 EST
FROM - <^bum^> - va

nevermind.,...i got off my slacker ass and searched for it...thanx for the info....i need more info about this CAPS stuff ...but if anyone else needs the link here's a site with hardware/software and all..... -bum


TOPIC - - 01/04/98 02:01:03 EST
FROM - <-> - MST

Dang... can't find that www address... but there is a web page where you can download a schematic to build your own pager decoder that goes between your police scanner, and your computer.__Then there is a program you run that reads the input from the decoder circuit, and displays it on your screen.__ If you want to interecept your friends pages, you need to know the CAP code of his pager__ then you can have the software only show you pages sent to that particular pager.________ Shit... wish I could find the name of that web page to get that... I guess you can always try to start. Or here:

TOPIC - 900mhz - 01/04/98 01:39:28 EST
FROM - <^bum^> - va

whoa...thas cool...does anyone have an alpha-numeric pager msg decoder? or even a software one maybe? there any way to immitate a pager..such know of someone that has a there some way to make a device to immitate his pager so that you can intercept pages? thanx -bum

TOPIC - - 01/04/98 01:19:20 EST
FROM - <-> -

A lot of the Alpha-numeric pagers are on the 900Mhz band. So... if you build a decoder, you can receive all those cool text messages, not just boring numeric pages.

TOPIC - 900mhz bepper shit - 01/03/98 02:33:08 EST
FROM - <tom joad> - usa

sorry....i havnt really ever looked into this scanner stuff alot..i jusr always read about it i'm going start having fun with this tho i just have one question, there are 900mhz beeper frequences, ect, ect, ect that sounds really awsome...but what can you do with them? can you ONLY listen, or if so...what can you do with this stuff? help.... -tom joad

TOPIC - Scanner Mods - 12/27/97 23:51:41 EST
FROM - <-> - MST

For scanner mods, you can start by going to the newsgroups: and Or go to Bill Cheek's web page, .

TOPIC - BC230XLT - 12/27/97 02:06:38 EST
FROM - <Bearcrap> - Hell

If anyone knows where I could find MODs for a BC230XLT, could you please post something here? Thanx

TOPIC - trunking - 12/23/97 23:45:16 EST
FROM - <curious> -

if someone could explain "trunking" and how it applies to scannign freqs and the best way to handle it i would appreciate it my public safety recently went to trunking and i find it confusing thanks in advance for the help .i can be reached here or via email have a good day

TOPIC - 800MHz - 12/18/97 02:10:09 EST
FROM - <bobsradio> - Ohio!

Most scanners can be modified for 800 as easy as snipping a wire or a diode but if your scanners upper limit is 510MHz or so, you're not gonna get it. Or if you have an older scanner that wasn't made for such high of a frequency, of course that won't "cut it" haha sorry I had to do that. Anyway, you're not out of luck. You can easily with minimal tecnical knowledge build a downconverter. These will take a frequency range (in this case, 800-900) and bring it down to a different, usually lower, frequency (again, in this case will be 400-500). Now about all scanners can cover 400-500MHz without being modified. You hook the downconverter to the antenna input on the scanner and your antenna to the downconverter and tada! 400=800, 400.025=800.025, ... , 500=900. Now you can get cell on your scanner. Just simply remove the downconverter to recieve normally again. These downconverters can be purchased as kits from Ramsey Electronics, based in N.Y., and just call 800 info for their number. They'll send you a free catalogue with a bunch of cool stuff in it. Some good stuff for pirate radio and tv stations in there, too! Anyway, hope this helps at least 1 person. l8r all, Bob's Radio Show 9955khz saturdayz..

TOPIC - Soldering Irons - 12/17/97 10:00:18 EST
FROM - <Interrupt> -

Go to Mouser they are only 4.50

TOPIC - soldering irons? - 12/17/97 01:05:41 EST
FROM - <bishop> - 303

have you been to rat shack lately?...last time I checked they sold dem soldering iron things you are referring to..usually around $10...but who knows?...maybe I'm wrong though...try da supermarket in the frozen foods section also they're great for heatin' dem frozen hot dogs right up ... and bein that Oscar Meyer knows this they include it with their hot dogs sometimes...jus ask wanna dem sekurity guard guys (or fem-nazis...gotta make sure I'm pelitikaly k'erect) standin at the front door --- karefel not to burn dem figers now

TOPIC - Some shit... - 12/16/97 19:27:57 EST
FROM - <Handset> - Buffalo

Hey, does anyone know where i could get a good soldering iron, for a cheap price?

TOPIC - scanner mod - 12/15/97 19:40:23 EST
FROM - <cheezboy> - here, dammit!

I thought everyone already knew this, but it looks like some of you don't. Almost all scanners can be modified to pick up in the 800Mhz cell phone range by simply cutting one or two wires on the inside; it differs from model to model of course, but it's pretty easy to find out exactly what to do. By the way, any people involved in H/P in the 218 area code?

TOPIC - POCSAG - 12/13/97 21:57:01 EST
FROM - <BiShOp> - 303

hehheh...POCSAG is more than jus some code that magically scans #'s and then decodes it for ya ;p...ya need the hardware as well...I'd tell you in detail about it but I have'nt got much time right now...go to the L0PHT ( with a zero not page and check out the projects section for info...I think they're all sold out of the hardware needed though..its not too hard to build if you have a lil electronics background however...if not, learn its a good first project to start with...oh what hookups? what do you think? heh ;)'ll need a free serial port -- what else were ya gonna use the bottom I'll leave you another good link for more info...also I don't know what version you got but ver. 2.04 is out now also

POCSAG stuff

TOPIC - duh - 12/13/97 04:37:29 EST
FROM - <bLiSs> - Edmonton, AB, Canada

I screwed up the URL for my page. I'll try again. Bear with me.

bLiSs'Z sAnCtUaRy

TOPIC - POCSAG decoders......huh? - 12/13/97 04:33:42 EST
FROM - <bLiSs> - Edmonton, AB, Canada

I was just inquiring, I recently downloaded a POCSAG converter/decoder for pager signals but I'm somewhat confused on how it suppost to work. The documentation that came with it was very inadequate. I read a post on here that stated that the scanner is wired through the puter (running POCSAG decoder)to decode properly. What exactly are the hookups? What kind of hardware/equipment is needed for this. Please respond

bLiSs'Z sAnCtUaRy
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