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The Phone Show

Below are The Phone Show archives for 2011. The best place to download ALL the old shows is from the latest PLA Media Pack.

The Phone Show – 01-04-2011 – Red Carpet to Rape
We’re taking over Carlito’s show again, Legend survived, mental health hotline, poor Dino, Tombstone says hi to snowball,, we got Deter fired, Tombstone likes to chat with Legend while he’s having sex, Brent Deterding, Skunkworks tells us the latest mundane details of his life, notxmania has breaking news about the FCC, pray for Roxy to get her job, shoutout to Roxy’s mom, RBCP tries to get Playboys back on the shelf at 7-Eleven, a red carpet to rape, Callen has a dumb hat, Houston guy wants a PLA audio book, Callen won’t sign a release form.

The Phone Show – 01-11-2011 – Happy Birthday R0xy
Skunkworks is mean, someone hates Boots and Boys, RBCP doesn’t understand the weird noise coming from his MacBook, fake courthouse guy leaves a message for TPS, Tombstone wants me to call Dick Rawe, Tombstone smokes, Big Beef Bueno Podcast is coming back so RBCP can play a Rappy McRapperson interview, late breaking news from HR about tricking 7-Eleven into not selling beer, apparently penis inspection day is entirely normal in grade schools, The Benny Calls, The Corndog Man was on PLA Movie Night,, The Monster Squad should be next week’s movie, happy 41st birthday R0xy, Tombstone has FexEx employees listening to the show, RTF makes a birthday ode to R0xy’s birthday (, RBCP’s iPhone is suddenly seeing name Caller I.D.,, RBCP calls some Facebook people with new phone numbers, don’t piss off Tombstone or he’ll come there and suck your dick, did an interview with RBCP.

The Phone Show – 01-25-2011 – Drink Your Water
New intro to compete with R0xy’s show, Gordo haxs his way onto the show, Brad interviews a celebrity to compete with R0xy’s show, full penetration, Rappy McRapperson’s attorney calls in to talk about water dick, more book interviews, Hyena is sticking it to the man, ATandT YOU WILL ad predictions from 1993, Brad plans to pirate Get Lamp, death from a cell phone explosion, Verizon Wireless customers are getting texts that say ‘Please make a voice call to 911. There is no text service to 911 at this time.’ which is some kind of Facebook hack, gnnr is in Brad’s state and refuses to visit, Cactus Freestyling, more interview attempts, touch tone freestyling, FakeRichard Cardo has a Twitter now and a Facebook , Tombstone arranges an artificial insemenation with Rappy.

The Phone Show – 02-01-2011 – ThunderSnow
R0xy will be interviewing Cap’n Crunch, Brad wants to do just a 15 minute show, LTmatt got condoms taken off a shelf at a store, Tombstone and Brad talk about the Christian conf they participated in, the podcast feed is broken, Virginia’s husband won’t let us talk to Virginia, Brad is taking over Madhouse this week, apparently things are happening in Egypt, read Cyanide and Happiness (, Joel’s Grouchy Old Man song, LTmatt doesn’t approve of what OhEmGee named her show, we call Egypt, Cacti Radio headquarters calls in and tells us we’re supposed to be shut down, gnnr pranks a hospice, we get cactused, the podcasts get listened to a lot, Chicago had thunder snow, Tombstone hangs up so we talk smack about him.

The Phone Show – 02-08-2011 – xxxxx
Someone places about a billion Craigslist ads for us that we mostly ignore, gnnr loses his iPhone charger, OhEmGee has a page for The Fun Show (, Matt keeps talking about someone named roxy, Chris Ellerback still thinks soundboard pranks are funny, a power outage is killing some lady’s Farmville crops, we talk about the Cap’n Crunch interview, PrankNet’s James Tyler Markell goes to jail for his prank call on a restaurant, a guy from New Mexico complains that we never visit Roy, a weird giggling lady calls about a car, music is by MC Shammers – Man Meat, reddit is down!, but it’s not, Brad attempts to recreate his BBQ restaurant prank from r0xy’s show, movie night was Freejack this week, Ohio crash footage is PnO50qoyYaA on YouTube, Brad has to quit for a WoW raid, Matt promotes his website,

The Phone Show – 02-15-2011 – Whos Going to Defcon
Frank is calling from Germany and it’s 6:00 there, Jammie and CK are listening tonight and MIGHT actually call into the show, Rob the Hyena made an iPhone/Android app for Cacti Radio (, Brad thinks Erin is calling, Jammie is getting wrong numbers on her phone, guy calls about our minivan, CK’s call into an AM station in Vancouver, who’s going to Defcon, r0xy hates TPS,

The Phone Show – 02-22-2011 – You’re Crappin’ on my Balls
On today’s show we’re giving away a Core 2 Duo computer! Rob the Hyena created a PLA themed icon for an Apple app called Phone Log, Jim Bayless is dead but nobody knows who he is, we call some Twitter complainers, deathsyph is the coolest dude ever, a guy deletes a tweet for us, R0xy is one of those dumb Foursquare check-in people, gnnr talks about politics, Samantha tries to cheer up Cody, Rob tries to reach out to a Geico customer, RBCP is adorable, Jessica puts a customer on the phone, OhEmGee puts the F.U. in FUN, Canadians are horrible people

The Phone Show – 03-01-2011 – The Rise of Zombie Monday
Jessica and Anne join RBCP in the studio, Tombstone calls in and we call up an ice cream parlor prank, based on some weird lie Tombstone told me about ValentiMe’s Day, a manager actually lists ice cream flavors in alphabetical order for us, Samantha is a horrible person, Anne does NOT like to eat maneggs, Da Da Da by Trio, we call a complainer that Rob the Hyena called earlier in the day about his bad experience at Home Decor, then the same for a lawyer who complained about his Xbox problems but he doesn’t answer, Mildred Monday is back from the dead thanks to Aikison, we call up New Mildred and try to reshingle her house with red shingles from New Zealand, I premiere my new hit single to Laugh Track Matt, Matt thinks it costs $40 to fly to Vegas, DA DA DA!

The Phone Show – 03-08-2011 – Jason H.
Heywood and Cyko join me for a show where we talk about nothing but our old nemesis Jason from back in the days of and Curtis Lee Jones (, Heywood gives us history about Jason and tells us how it all started, Micah (, HI RAPPY! (, Link and ANTSF and r0xy call in.

The Phone Show – 03-15-2011 – Tsunami
The length of our intro is out of control, r0xy thinks everything RBCP does is copying her, it’s the 2 year anniversary of TPS, Samantha thinks random items from her personal life are breaking news, hi Mr. Bishon, Rappy McRapperson’s Pearl Harbor video, Verizon Wireless users get free calling to Japan, fuck you news guy!, Pokemon battle, some selfish guy calls in about an ad, ROXY HAS SNOT COMING OUT OF HER NOSE, Thefinn93 made, The Fun Show is Wednesdays at 4am Eastern, FCC cracking down on cell phone jammers, someone is trying to make streaming videos illegal, go buy PLA stuff to help pay for the 50 dollar soundboard that RBCP bought for the show, is about to lose its domain name so send r0xy some money, flamoot breaks Skype, the government interferes with our show to silence flamoot, Rappy McRapperson calls.

The Phone Show – 03-22-2011 – Gnnr and Evie
Stillbirths, Vista, Seizures and Jason Heckathorn, Gregulate has a new show soley to compete with The Fun Show, Firefox 4 is good for crashing Flash, another Phone Show anniversary, an Evie anniversary, William Shatner’s birthday, afreak drinks milk in bags, Brandy is confused, Jamie is grouchy, wooden eagle, walkers, we test out Evie’s princess phone, update on Jason, everyone tells stories.

The Phone Show – 03-29-2011 – Girlfriend Wanted
Matt and Rob, RBCP attempts to curb all the people calling in for old shows that play on Cacti Radio, Rickrolled, as usual, Jammie rickrolls RBCP live at his house,,, guy calls in about the PALA site, JASON HECKATHORN is trying to shut down Cacti Radio, Badfish has been cleaning his garage forever, Thanksgiving Sucks by Rappy McRapperson, Samatha and Laugh Track Matt will be at Notacon giving out Cacti Radio buttons, hi afreak, Gregulate demands that we call Zombie Mildred, a lady calls in for Pokemon cards, Samantha Calls the girlfriend wanted guy, people in South Africa aren’t allowed to listen to our show anymore, Gregulate says this is our worst show ever, everyone makes fun of RBCP for caring about something to do with home phones, our favorite episodes of Lost, What City Please by Redbox and the Chilipeppers.

The Fun Phone Phone Fun Show – 04-03-2011 – Convenience Store Confessions
OhEmGee hates everyone and everything, especially that lied to her and she can’t actually buy weed in her apartment complex, ohemgee’s beer bottle is smarter than her, Samantha and Laugh Track Matt join us, a guy calls in to ask questions about modding his CB radio with a toaster crystal, we call new cell phone owners, Samantha tries to pick up a new man, then tons of gas stations and confess lots of crimes.

The Phone Show – 04-05-2011 – Snake Snake Snake
We call Vi Hart’s number, hoping to talk to her, but only get her voicemail, Jason H. updates,,, Rob The Hyena commands you all to jailbreak your iPhones, NightAsylum posts a Craigslist ad for wood, Slap Your Mom, wood care prank call, Skype is holding a design contest for the Mac version,,, Sony is taken down by anonymous, new prank call ideas, Apple bitchslaps Toyota, Tombstone and LT Matt have a conversation, markov stumps Geek Squad, OhEmGee reluctantly agrees to host an aftershow.

The Phone Show – 04-12-2011 – Vasectomies with Aikison and OhEmGee
Aikison takes over the Cacti Radio studio and gets OhEmGee to cohost, OhEmGee offers a PLA shirt to anyone who beige boxes into the show, Aikison tells his beige boxing story, Aikison is a Jr. Meter Reader, and then a bunch of other shit for an hour.

The Phone Show – 04-19-2011 – Notacon Wrapup
Just listen to the hate in my voice, Brad is too stupid to fix a subdomain, Samantha and Laugh Track Matt talk about their adventures at Notacon, lava rocks, HBB, rapping robots from outer space.

The Phone Show – 04-26-2011 – Walgreens Photos
Laugh Track Matt and Rob The Hyena host the intro, Rob called up Walgreens photo department and got them to give us customer names and phones, Brad is the winner in The Great Jason Heckathorn Battle of 2011, Carlito has been in the hospital, Tombstone and friends did a phone mob to a Christian Watchtower show, Aikison plays the violin, call TheN’s voice bridge at 253-397-1819,, Dexter has ugly kids, naked pics, murder scenes, gnnr shows us his tasteful nude art by Rappy McRapperson, we talk to some guy named Joe, Rappy forces us to call one last Walgreens.

The Phone Show – 05-03-2011 – Complete Suckage
Rob has been getting advice from lawyers about our show, get on and IRC, cactiradio.ORG, HDD draws Cacti Radio art, Rappy claims full responsibility for pranking the minister, we talk about a certain lady at a Portland Subway, r0xy calls RBCP and Evie at a restaurant, angry gas station guy isn’t THAT angry,, Jenn kills the aftershow, tabachi requests Kraftwork’s song Telephone Call.

05-10-2011 – MC Router: RBCP hates afreak, Skype has been sold to Microsoft for billions, dead air until Jenn calls in, Samantha will be participating in the social engineering contest at Defcon, PLA and BinRev forums, HBB is terrorizing her school in the name of PLA, Jenn calls in, Brad downloaded tons of Madhouse Live for Cacti Radio.

05-17-2011 – Rubios: Sudo has found Curtis Lee Jones and he’s macking on teenage girls, the malware on Cacti Radio is gone, threatening my life becaue of Aimee, there are 250 new Madhouse Live shows up in the Cacti Radio rotation now, Skunkworks bores the hell out of everyone, Night Asylum tells us about his radio hax0ring.

05-24-2011 – PhonewinnerZ DOT COM: RBCP has a new game planned for the night that will just be so amazingly cool and awesome and you won’t believe it, everybody should go to!, WITH A Z!, The Fun Show and GregCast are now both on the Cacti Radio schedule, Jenn is in our Tinychat, s1acker is naked as usual, Skype has an amazing new feature of making you click an extra button now to add people to your conference, Madhouse will be back this week (but he wasn’t), the price is wrong, bitch, Aime calls about Mildred Monday’s grandkids, Samantha is currently on a world tour of PLA people, Matt proposes to OhEmGee.

An after show where nothing really spectacular happens is here.

05-31-2001 – Civil War Reenactment: RBCP accidentally drops Sudo’s docs, shoutouts to Hector the Hax0r, Samantha is drunk at us, hi MFR, we try to call a drug sting, listeners should always be in the click here to read the article on, Rappy McRapperson raps for us, Joe M. turns into a Mexican, there’s a new video on PLA’s YouTube of Foursquare Harassment, FIVE BIG BONERS!

Click here to listen!

The aftershow is awesome if you can sit through all 3 hours of it. Rob convinces a 7-Eleven employee to do crazy things with Gatorade and Twinkees (1:06), gets a customer to report on the state of the store (2:09), gives an English lesson to another employee (2:16) and Samantha convinces a truck driver to come back for sex (2:31). Other things surely happened, but I can’t remember much of it. Click here to listen to the aftershow!

06-07-2011 – New Twitter Complainers: Sudo says this is what we should all look like when listening to The Phone Show. If you don’t, then you’re doing it wrong.

Last week’s aftershow was craaaazeeee, a good alternate term for vagina is “dirty mop bucket,” Skype’s rates are starting to suck, Rob The Hyena is starting his own show on Cacti Radio called The Prank Show on Saturday evenings, update about the PHONE WINNERS, read Rob’s awesome song and email on, linear comes out of hiding and hosts a show with us, gnnr’s had a rough week with Samantha, Tombstone calls in to tell linear to fuck off, next week we’ll hopefully be showing Nick Walter’s movie, twitter complaints, Rob pranks a guy that was pranking HP. After the prank, this guy tweeted:

  • Wtf?! Someone from HP called my house phone complainin about my twitter post. I did not know they monitored that shit
  • How the fuck did this nigga get my house phone #
  • The name that showed up on the caller id was
  • Fucking wierdo, no life prank caller?

Boost Mobile calls to help Jenna with her problems, OhEmStaci is nervous, RBCP isn’t in Tinychat, Samantha has not slept with any PLA people this week, Samantha does another trademark horrible prank call by calling a lady whose husband died earlier in the day, we call a lady in a hotel who refuses to get angry and then go back to the Boost Mobile lady. Here’s her tweets from after the show:

  • Uhhh @BoostMobile just called me at almost midnight and BURPED in my ear and then told me to lay off the attitude.
  • @BoostMobile Now you cuss at your customers and continue calling over and over again?
  • @BoostCare I’d really like to know the customer service that supposedly just called me burping in my ear, swearing, calling me names.
  • @BoostCustomers Yes and the police are now on their way to trace the call.
  • @BoostCustomers Claiming they have other people to call, will be doing this all night?
  • @BoostCustomers I heard the name Nick. But calling me at almost midnight!? And then calling over and over again
  • @BoostCustomers Well if someone would like to call me now and be respectful, feel free.
  • You know it’s funny that these punkasses call my home phone and not my cell phone they are supposedly taking care of.
  • @BoostCare You have a Twitter account posing as your company and somehow getting my phone number. Police were contacted.
  • @BoostCare The person that responded to the e-mail has no clue what I am talking about. We’re going to switch service at this point. (This tweet is from 2 days later.)
  • @BoostCare Yup. Atleast I’m going to school for computer forensics so I know how to trace a thing or two ;)

Linear gets to hear our new and improved sad Lost music that isn’t sad, Matt sure hates The Fun Show, Nick is going to move his Craigslist Show to Cacti Radio soon, everyone listening is likely to be eaten by a grue. Click here to listen to the show.

06-14-2011 – Scamming Free Food: Jenn and LTmatt did NOT hook up, Rob The Hyena calls to work out his technical issues on the show, Samantha declares that the show will be about scamming free food, RBCP plays a prank call made to a Waffle House the day before that STACY was hanging out in, RBCP has been using taking donations to donate PLA books to needy Christian schools, Badfish sets up some incoming snow plow calls, we call our old Dominos for a mic check, RBCP shows off his cactus on cam.

Click here to listen to the aftershow

06-21-2011 – Short Show: This is a very short show with no pranks. Don’t listen to it! Weird Al releases a new album, IO scams a pizza, RTH scams a headset, LTmatt is racist, RBCP is quitting for a month, LTmatt has his ticket to Defcon, Minecraft server for PLA people – the address to go to is, THE END!

07-12-2011 – Welcome Back Carter: LIVE sound check at our favorite Dominos Pizza, which is from Nick Badfish’s TPS from a couple weeks earlier. Tabachi is too poor for Defcon, RTH will be doing a live Prank Show from Defcon, Gregulate isn’t going either, Cacti Radio was down for a couple of weeks because of a power failure, Zyklon is NOT going to Defcon, we call Dominos and the girl who answers refuses to be angry, Google+ is breaking news, please stop creating online dating profiles for RTH, Sudo has set up a donation email to preemptively save Laugh Track Matt’s liver, rat fur burgers, Staci Stack wants to do some in-person pranks, hang in there – after way too long of figuring things out there’s a bit of hilarity in a gas station and at a Jack In The Box, Sudo is way too cool to hang out with DBK, here’s the new PLA art page, listen to, here is a dedication to Dino Allsman on the N.E.R.D. show.

Click here to listen to the AFTER show

07-26-2011 – Defcon is Next Week!: MC Lars daughters like to drink, Staci shouts at phractal, anyone listening live is supposed to be watching Tinychat, RBCP is afraid of porn, Staci complains forever about trying to get to Defcon (you can donate money to her going to Defcon fund by PayPaling any amount to, no Phone Show next week because of Defcon, RBCP plays a dumb voicemail, Rob The Hyena might be doing a live Prank Show from Defcon, 2 roxys call in, we prank call Wendy who complains about Comcast. She tweets the next day, “Pranked by an internet radio station last night impersonating @comcast cust. service…Called at 1am and insulted me for slagging @comcast.” Legend’s message to Kelly resulted in a tweet reading “@unitedairlines Your rude “customer service” msg from “Bob” at 10:45pm is not helping to change my opinion of you. Plus I need a # to call.” Everyone bring your PLA book to Defcon with you!

Seriously, Staci would like to go to Defcon and wants to shamelessly beg you for donations to help her get there. That way the entire Cacti Radio staff (okay, fine, minus Carlito) will be at Defcon! PayPal anything you want to As of this writing, donations are up to $45 and she still needs another $200. If she doesn’t make it to Defcon, RBCP will refund all donations.

Click here to listen to the aftershow!

08-09-2011 – Defcon 19 Wrapup:
LTmatt, Rob The Hyena, RBCP, Staci, Jenn

Soundcheck with Domino’s Pizza, sound problems make the background intro music echo, we say crude things about Chris Ellerbeck’s mom, Scanner Mel tries to run the show, prank calls to hotel guests are played throughout the show, we don’t talk about the bag of piss, we badmouth Rob The Hyena a lot, people in the Defcon Forums hate us now, Rappy McRapperson calls in, LTmatt groped Staci a lot at Defcon, Staci makes crazy accusations at RBCP,

Here’s a video of the PLA Wave:

Here’s a video of RBCP creeping out Jenn:

This update on has a bunch of Defcon stuff on it, including pictures and links to things.

08-16-2011 – Prank Calls Are Getting Violent: Evie’s friend Johnny is at a Plaid Pantry to buy cigarettes so we try to sabotage that. The intro background music is doubled, thanks to RBCP being too lazy to fix his sound settings, PLA is taking a new direction into being serial killer pranksters, Mermaid Girl freaks out over some Foursquare prank calls, here is a capture of her post about her Foursquare stalker, donated books to Christian schools, email your ideas for letters to, Dan buys billions of PLA books and leaves them lying around flea markets, RBCP and a JonBenet newspaper at Defcon, Skunkworks did a Bitcoin talk at Defcon, a 7-Eleven gets flash mobbed, Gregulate blows our minds with a trick to find out who views our Facebook – here is the link to view them, The Game causes a phone mob against a Compton police department, tons of SWATs and violent flash mobs are happening lately, Carlito from Madhouse Live update.

08-24-2011 -The Fun Phone Prank Show: RBCP, STACIWILLIAM and Rob do a crossover show tonight, bringing the worst of all of our shows together. Rob plays some insane Twitter complainer calls, nearly giving a man a heart attack, GO FORNICATE YOURSELF! This episode is 2 hours long in order to completely encompass all of the horrible from each of our shows. I can’t remember exactly what happened during the 2 hours, but I do remember a few of the pranks centering around technical writing for some reason.

By the time you’re finished listening to this episode, you will want to be a technical writer. The background music was provided by The Doubleclicks and is called Technical Writer. You can listen to them on their YouTube and add them to Facebook.

08-30-2011 – Rail Maze: LTmatt and RBCP debate about whether or not Legend is dead, RBCP loves Rail Maze, Night Asylum causes problems at PAX Prime, Dan tells us about some hacker guy we’ve never heard of, PLA book, The Prank Show prank called RBCP at a Carl’s Jr. last week, Carlito from Madhouse Live is back!, Jenn has been doing broadcasts on Cacti, Staci has the most amazing idea for a prank ever which RBCP won’t tell anyone about, Guy hacks his neighbors and gets sentenced to 18 years.

09-20-2011 – 411 Operators and Steam Sharks:

Jenn badmouths Rob The Hyena’s show intro, LTmatt badmouths r0xy’s intro, Movie Night we’re watching Q/Patrick gives us a 411 operator backdoor number to call, Legend introduces us to the TAS 1000, The Rules of Prank Calling, PLA 2011 Media Pack, Carlio updates.


09-27-2011 – Who Is This?:

Click here to listen to the aftershow

10-11-2011 – One Single Prank:

This show was just nonstop phone ringing and nobody answering, so I edited most of it out. Enjoy the one single phone call in here. And don’t you cry tonight, big girl. Click here to download this show.

10-18-2011 – Blog Talk Radio…Again:

  • RBCP files a restraining order on Patch
  • RBCP accidentally calls James’ wife, then calls to Jessica go nowhere
  • We mob a religious show, then call Legend back
  • Steam Mop company has blocked all calls from Skype
  • Darkstranger’s call gets interrupted by a Ford commercial

Click here to listen to the aftershow

11-01-2011 – The Menstruation Station:

  • Welcome back to society, Nooganoo!
  • visit our Tinychat so you can see Legend half naked!
  • Shouts to rebel0!
  • There’s a new PLA book and you can download free ebooks (both PLA books) at i-hacked forced us into doing ascii art on the cover.
  • RBCP has been trolling the used PLA book prices on Amazon.
  • Blow The Whistle by r0t0rr00t3r
  • Liz Darwin has sent us a ton of phone numbers to call – we will call them in the following weeks.
  • Gregulate attempts to cheat at the TPS Word Game.
  • “Sorry I dinged your car. Call me at 425-TWO FOUR THREE-7565. -Roy” In the show I gave an 814 phone number, but I noticed that I’ve used that on several times so it’s already on Google. So instead, use this 425 number. Either number works, though. I get messages on both numbers. I just don’t want to be as Googlable.
  • Two Dominos Pizza employees burn down a Papa Johns.
  • Carlito isn’t dead yet and he’s been doing awesome shows every week. Listen on Thursday nights at
  • We exploit our new method of talking to 7-Eleven customers.
  • is a good prank call station and they’re airing live Madhouse shows now.
  • Rob The Hyena’s Prank Show is on Wednesday, hopefully.

11-08-2011 – The Irony of it All:

11-22-2011 – Urine Soaked Pants:

Click here to listen to the aftershow!

11-29-2011 – The Episode Where Matt Is Just Too Drunk:

12-06-2011 – Everyone Attend HOPE:

click here for the 4 hour aftershow.

12-13-2011 – Just For Trevor:


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12-20-2011 – Walmart Photo Centers:

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12-27-2011 – Happy Birthday Kuraz:

  • Tabachi will be live in the studio on Madhouse Live this Thursday.
  • Happy Birthday, Kuraz!
  • I’m giving away buttons as Christmas presents, ONLY IN THE MONTH OF DECEMBER!
  • PLA gets told by Arley-Hay Avidson-Day. No more shirts!
  • Someone sets up a Craigslist ad, saying Brad & Matt have 33 computers for sale.
  • PLA cheers up a lady on Christmas Eve
  • There will be a PLA Radio released soon, probably in early January
  • Tiny bluetooth cameras are here and here.
  • Wood River, IL has bad neighborhoods. Not Brad is the stoned delivery driver.
  • Everyone go donate monies to, just like Kuraz. WWKD?
  • In early January, we’ll be doing a 24 hour prank call marathon on Cacti Radio.
  • In late January, PLA will be doing a mass-suicide event on our tinychat.

Click here to listen to the aftershow!

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