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PLA 'Zine CollectionIf you’ve been thinking, “Man, I just don’t have enough PLA books on my shelf!” this past year, then are you in for surprise! A brand new PLA book has been released this week! And by brand new, I mean it’s a collection of all our old e-zine issues from the 1990’s.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been formatting all the old ‘zine issues of PLA into Kindle format, for no reason at all really. I finished that up and you can download all 47 issues of PLA for free right now. Formats available are Kindle, PDF, DOC and HTML. I plan to add versions for the Sony reader and the Nook very soon to that list.

As I finished up the ebook, though, I decided to go ahead and release an actual book of the ‘zine too, mostly just because I thought it’d be cool to have one for myself. Here’s a video of the finished book.

I’m not making this book available on Amazon, just so it will be a few dollars cheaper for you to buy it. Instead you have to go to CreateSpace and buy it directly from them for $13.93. I know that sounds like a lot for a book of old, outdated information, but it’s 800 pages of old, outdated information so it’s totally worth it. You may want to buy this as soon as you can because I can’t make any guarantees on how long this book will remain available. It’s filled with things that could probably get it removed from the market.

This book is completely non-profit for me. The high price is just 40 cents higher than the minimum CreateSpace will allow me to sell it for. I spent $40.00 to make the book $10 cheaper to sell, so I’m kind of hoping that 100 people will buy it over the next year so that I’ll get my $40 back. After that, the price will be lowered to about $13.50. I’m only mentioning this so that you don’t think I’m desperately trying to make a quick buck off of the writings of a bunch of wannabe hackers from the 90’s.

For the most part, this book is completely unedited. All of the original phone numbers and other personal information of people we harassed back then is still included. A few small items were rearranged or taken out to fit in the book better, but it’s pretty much all there. The biggest items I removed were 3 giant articles from Dr. Hate’s Issue #099, which included a beastiality FAQ and a video game instruction manual. Hopefully you can live without those things. I didn’t correct any spelling or grammatical errors, except in a few titles, so it’s super authentic.

So go buy this! Or go download it for free!

And while you’re downloading the ebook, you’ll probably notice that I’ve made the first PLA book available for free too. Enjoy it! Give it to as many people as you can! Distribute it on torrents! Print it out and sell it to people! And then, to thank me for your free ebook, go to the PLA book page on Amazon and leave a review.


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