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Phoneloser Monthly is a newsletter that is printed every few months/years/days by your friends at PLA. It’s the most useless thing you could possibly hope to read. There is no official format for Phoneloser Monthly and there is no strict schedule for releasing each issue. Originally the issues contained multiple pages filled with games and crossword puzzles, but lately it’s turned into a bunch of updates about Patreon. That sounds fun, right?? Below are the issues, beginning with the most recent.

  • Issue 16, Winter 2019 – Extremely confusing phonetic alphabet, a re-print of the anti-digit dialing league, Fear of Cactus, Important phone numbers, and the new Nik Caesar poster.
  • Issue 15, Summer 2015 – A schedule of the live shows on PCN, an update on things happening around the prank call community, Telephone Falls is announced even though it came out years earlier and I claim it’s created by KDK, Is Prank Calling Dead is not actually written by Laugh Track Zax, The Rules of Prank Calling. Yes, this is a re-branded version of that old fake PCN zine I did.
  • June 2015 – listeners create a bunch of new sticker designs for PLA, Important phone number list, website list, prank call show schedule.
  • February 2015 – Happy VD, New PLA Media pack released, a bunch of PLA cake photos submitted by listeners.
  • November 2014 – The first PLA coins are made, Pranksgiving is this month, the back page is filled with Uncle Runkles amazing crayon art.
  • October 2014 – Pranksgiving is coming, A secret show happens, big honking word search by PittsburghJon.
  • September 2014 – 8 shows, The Mohave Desert Phone Booth, The Snow Plow Show gets its own domain, a Jolanta drawing, new t-shirt designs.
  • August 2014 12 Shows, support PCN’s Patreon, Elite Cactus Squad, ID Cards.
  • July 2014 Telephone Falls returns, Call The Phunhouse.
  • June 2014 RBCP can’t think for himself, new PLA bracelets, The Anti-Digit Dialing League.
  • May 2014 I Phreak Alone, PLA Brick, Carlito retires, Laugh Track Matt starts his own clothing line, What happened to sign hacker?
  • April 2014 Patreon announcement, PLA is nearly 20 years old, PLA joins Prank Call Nation.
  • September 2013 An update on the past 3 years of PLA, a rant against Skype, and a full page of Space Cacti because it’s easier to post that than to actually write stuff.
  • Issue #4, Winter 2010 – 8 pages. After 7 years we’re back with BRAND NEW advertisements for PLA stuff you should buy! This issue includes a lengthy article about us being back which is really really interesting. Important phone numbers, blank space, a crossword puzzle for The Phone Show, a cryptography puzzle, stuff about the PLA book and a goodbye to Mildred Monday.
  • Issue #3, Winter 2003 – 8 pages. the 2.600 KHz issue! Contains an article on recording your telephone calls, a phone number list, dot-to-dot game, some PLA news, a matching game and pay phones in Alton, IL! Sorry, there are not really fold-out l0pht pictures.
  • Issue #2, April 2003 – 8 pages. Contains an article about Vonage, famous hackers crossword puzzle, a list of phone numbers to call, a word search and more.
  • Issue #1, January 2003 – 8 pages. Contains an article about hacking programs for your Palm organizer, telephone company word search, 61’s plan, a complicated maze and more.

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