Pink Fluffy Phreaking Bunnies (Peachey Inc.)

Pink Fluffy Phreaking Bunnies

There are currently ten issues of Pink Fluffy Phreaking Bunnies (formerly known as Peachey Incorporated) which outline more or less what happened with a girl named peachey who happened into #rock one day. These are previously un-released files that only a few select people had been before. Enjoy!

Since I’ve put these logs up, many people have asked me where is peachey today. Well, she’s still on IRC. Shortly before we started leaving her alone, she began hanging out in #new2mirc2, #new2mirc and #mirc4fun. Her nick is currently peachangl but I’ve noticed since I’ve put these up that she’s not online that often anymore. This leads me to believe that she’s changed her nick because of people reading the logs, then finding her. I can’t remember her ISP’s name, but her identd says “peach” so if you /who *peach* then you may find her. Her name description was always “.” (a period)

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10/03/05 – Telecom Revolution from Antarctica: BWAHAHAHAHAAAH HILARIOUS! I laughed so fucking hard i think i hurt something

08/05/05 – John from Mexico: Peachy wants to sex up RBCP!

06/16/05 – Fox from Silent Hill: What you did to that girl was cruel, sadistic, and wrong. Props to ya!

04/28/05 – mic from utah: you guys are huge losers…i have much to learn…

3 thoughts on “Pink Fluffy Phreaking Bunnies (Peachey Inc.)

  • April 21, 2010 at 7:50 am

    hahaha wow.. I wonder where she is now! Surely on myspace or facebook somewhere?

  • September 29, 2020 at 7:27 pm

    She is a cutie. Probably married with a couple of kids by now

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