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The Phone Show
Below are The Phone Show archives for 2009. If you’d like to download all the shows at once, you should download the latest PLA Media Pack, which is a torrent containing everything the PLA has ever released. If you’d like to put all of the 2009 episodes on your iPhone or other mp3 player, the 2009 RSS feed can do that.

03-16-2009: This is the first show which is nothing but music and Brad begging people to call in. Nobody calls in until the very end, which is obviously a setup. Online listeners varied between 0 and 2 that night and the show lasted 60 minutes.

03-23-2009: This is the first official show and it had around 13 online listeners until almost the end. Listen to Jenn call in, which is when we discover that I’m having Skype issues. A few other people call in throughout the show, including 2 deaf relay operators. Altalp calls in and calls some motels where we wake up one guest. This show lasted about 90 minutes.

03-30-2009: linear co-hosts this hour-long show and we average about 15 online listeners throughout the hour. Someone suggested I write out show notes and list the songs that I play, so here it goes…

00:00 Fading in with Ants by Dr. Octagon
00:10 Introducing your wacky morning DJs, one which is distorted because he’s yelling too loud.
02:30 Music: linear by rbcp
09:00 Tombstone calls in to plug the forums at
10:58 Brad gets a call from a Sheriff
12:35 Twitter is popular with old people now
13:19 Music: Blackalicious – Deception
14:22 Are we really on FM radio?
16:00 Godot calls in and we find out the T is silent and that he really was at Shmoocon
20:10 Brad promotes The Phone Show to Hudson Valley listeners
24:00 Music for Rushpwnsx: The Trees by Rush
24:15 Music: The Vandals – My Girlfriend’s Dead
26:48 yeti7 calls in fucked up on vicodin
29:00 Live calls to potential Hudson Valley listeners
31:50 Brad epically fails at Skype
32:00 Music: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton (robot version)
32:56 Music: Tunak Tunak by Daler Mehndi
37:08 Tanner calls in to suggestion PLA Radio ideas
39:12 linear manages to get a plug in for
40:21 Music dedicated to Mildred Monday: It Is Pitch Dark by MC Frontalot
44:35 Mildred Mondady calls in
47:28 Angelina, a hooker from Florida calls us
51:00 Big Love by Fleetwood Mac

04-06-2009: Callers force linear to contemplate suicide in this episode and RBCP repeatedly has to cut to music while he talks linear away from the ledge. Nothing is prepared for this show, as usual, so we just take a lot of calls.

00:00 Fade in to Big Love by Fleetwood Mac
00:07 The Phone Show Intro – the drums and phone sounds are from a song called The Telephone Call by Joshua Dranoel. The voices are all text-to-speech voices from
01:16 linear was published in 2600
01:50 Jacob calls in to tell linear how much he sucks. Skype problems immediately begin.
02:54 MUSIC: Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head by Gorillaz
05:25 MUSIC: Welcome to the Internet by Futuristic Sex Robotz
07:48 Rogueclown and Tombstone call in
12:55 More calls to New York residents, begging them to listen to the show
17:16 Chris yells at linear
20:13 MUSIC: Midnight Star by Weird Al Yankovic
20:30 Legend calls in from a carrot field
22:18 PRANK CALL: Pay Yo Damn Bill by Touchtone Terrorists
25:15 Legend tells us about his 80’s NASA prank
29:25 MUSIC: Obscene Phone Caller by Rockwell
30:53 MUSIC: Creepy Doll by Jonathan Coulton
34:42 Sabrebutt calls in and connects us to a billion Waffle Houses
43:25 MUSIC: Crazy by Seal
45:40 You should listen to Party 934.
46:40 MUSIC: Hey, Ladies by Futuristic Sex Robotz

04-13-2009: linear is unable to host this week, so altalp joins RBCP in about 90 minutes of music, pranks and phone calls from listeners. We also do an impromptu interview with the Twitter worm creator that’s been in the news so much lately.

00:00 MUSIC: Untouchable by YTCracker
04:00 The Phone Show Intro
04:40 MUSIC: Drunken Lament by Ludo
05:06 MUSIC: B-Sides 3 by Hot Karl (begins with a prank call to his mom)
06:34 Taking a call from a listener who doesn’t say anything
08:20 Altalp screens a call for the show, LIVE ON THE AIR!
09:29 MUSIC: Breathe by Fabolous
09:48 Max calls in and demands to know how to foil #67 (
16:42 Don’t call suicide hotlines
17:33 PRANK CALL: Drunk Phone Company Rep by Touch Tone Terrorists
21:12 MUSIC: Da Ha, Da Ha by Rappin’ Duke
26:04 Stan calls in with a request for Kit Watkins
28:26 Warren (Project Blender)
32:08 “Flip A Bitch” definition
35:57 MUSIC: Your Woman by White Town
36:28 More Warren
47:30 MUSIC: Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell
48:38 PRANK CALL: The 254-4999 people.
50:30 Altalp’s Twitter adventure (Articles about Mickeyy here, here and here.)
53:35 Tombstone calls in to find out if Rogueclown likes pizza
54:48 MUSIC: We Walk by The Ting Tings
55:13 MUSIC: Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco
55:26 Impromptu interview with Mikey Mooney, author of the Twitter worm
1:00:00 Goodbye from RBCP, Altalp and Mikey
1:01:08 MUSIC: Vivian by Nerf Herder
1:01:30 PRANK CALL: Kay by RBCP

04-20-2009: linear and murdoc cohost tonight as we take calls, attempt to interview a world-famous investigator and play music. There are between 15 and 19 online listeners throughout the show. At the end my internet goes out and I lose murd0c and linear, which is why linear isn’t talking anymore. Here are show notes:

00:00 MUSIC: Crazy by Seal
00:08 The Phone Show Intro
01:30 MUSIC: My Telephone by Kit Watkins
01:42 MUSIC: Why Does This Always Happen To Me by Weird Al Yankovic
02:06 Some guy doesn’t believe he’s really on the show
02:18 murd0c calls in and talks about retarded comments on
02:50 McDonald’s Sign Prank
05:04 Credit card PLA issue
06:05 Interpretive LiveJournal Group
07:48 Funny Answering Machine Messages
09:09 Paul calls in to tell us how much he hates The Phone Show
10:49 MUSIC: The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati by Rose & The Arrangement
11:29 Call The Phone Show
12:04 Max The Drunk calls in
14:00 MUSIC: Bad Influence by Throwing Toasters
16:20 MUSIC: Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist by those Avenue Q people
16:51 Attempted interview with Richard Cardo
22:15 Naked Kitchen Podcast
27:48 Guity Deter by Rob T. Firefly
30:30 Sam from West Coast Phreakers calls in
36:30 MUSIC: I Love My Phone by The Streets
37:25 Goodbye everyone
38:15 PRANK CALL: Firewalking Seminar by Neil Hamburger
40:09 Bye again.

04-27-2009: There is no cohost tonight, just RBCP with between 11 and 13 online listeners and lots of relay operators calling in. Here are show notes:

00:00 MUSIC: The Queen and I by Gym Class Heroes
00:10 The Phone Show Intro
00:45 MUSIC: It Is Pitch Dark by M.C. Frontalot
01:18 Tooee calls in to ask about some PLA YouTube videos
06:55 Voicemail from linear
07:52 Guy from NY calls in
09:37 MUSIC: Sell Out by Reel Big Fish
10:18 PRANK CALL: Special Order by Neil Hamburger
10:38 Relay operator calls in to tell me the caller has hung up
13:12 Another relay operator
15:04 Evilgold calls in and convinces RBCP to make a prank call to Evie
16:05 MUSIC: Sometimes I wonder by Throwing Toasters
18:15 Calling Evie at Motel 6
25:23 Dex convinces people to break their hotel room windows
29:00 MUSIC: In The Garage by Weezer
29:12 MUSIC: Phoney Calls by Weird Al Yankovic (reqest and dedication by Stan)
30:18 MUSIC: We Made You by Eminem
30:41 MUSIC: Bras on 45 by Ivor Biggun and the D Kups
31:20 Yet another relay operator
36:15 Even more relay operators
39:40 Jude calls in to show off his Skype on his iPod Touch
41:55 Where can we find Dex’s Waffle House prank? (a href=””> doesn’t have this call anymore, but has others by Dex)
44:09 Listen to Dex’s Pranks Inc. show at
46:19 Subscribe to The Phone Show feed at

05-04-2009: RBCP, linear, altalp and relay ops. We attempt a curse-free show. Here are show notes:

00:00 MUSIC: I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred
06:16 Intro
01:37 Did linear mention Richard Cardo?
02:19 MUSIC: Happy Boy by The Beat Farmers
02:44 MUSIC: I’ve Got Some Falling To Do by Lemon Demon
04:57 Someone calls and says nothing
05:45 linear’s biggest fan ever calls
08:10 MUSIC: Mr. Roboto by Styx
08:51 Phone sex operator calls in
11:01 Voicemail (leave your own at 505-796-4020)
11:31 PLA Radio Wacky Morning DJ Episode
17:14 Remember OCI?
18:47 RBCP calls Qwest to try and op divert
22:21 Lazy Sunday by those SNL guys
23:30 Any cactus for sale?
25:42 Girls wants to bid on the cactus
27:44 MUSIC: Big in Japan by Alphaville
29:01 Yet another relay operator
30:05 The stream dies
31:17 Altalp calls in
36:23 Caller wants a full list of banned radio words
41:02 Words we’re not allowed to say
46:20 bitchlover101 calls in
41:04 MUSIC: Everything You Know Is Wrong by Weird Al Yankovic

05-18-2009: RBCP hosts alone, plays some unheard Dino stuff (which is still unheard since you couldn’t even hear him) and waits for Angelina to call. Here are show notes:

00:00 Intro
00:57 Calling Angelina
03:00 MUSIC: Silly Really by Per Gessle
03:28 Some horny girl calls in
04:57 Angelina’s Backpage ad
05:28 MUSIC: I Don’t Like Mondays by The Boomtown Rats
06:21 l33337n0tsomething3173331 calls in
07:22 Voicemail from Dick Harder (or is it Dih Carter?)
07:49 Eminem Censored
09:07 MUSIC: Dani California by RedHotChiliPeppers
11:21 A guy calls in and asks for the Phone Show email address approximately 27 times
12:44 Email music you want played on the show to radio at phonelosers something org
13:21 Pointless Dino Allsman clips that you can’t hear
16:35 Jenn from calls in
20:54 Fred enjoys the show
22:22 pbx411 guy desperately needs the PLA to promote his bridge
24:13 More Dino stuff
26:07 MUSIC: L-Train by Shootyz Groove
26:44 MUSIC: The Pink Elephant by Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
26:51 Sabrebutt calls in
28:09 Toaster Modifications
38:48 MUSIC: Everything You Know Is Wrong by Weird Al Yankovic
39:08 RBCP needs a nickname
44:14 MUSIC: Entering Marion by John Forster
44:30 Ron Stewart insists that I’m entitled to get high
44:59 MUSIC: Where Is She by Blue Future
45:45 Where is Angelina?
47:17 Fizz(?) calls to make fun of soundboards
48:59 MUSIC: Drunken Lament by Ludo (I didn’t know the music was playing while I was talking to Fizz)
53:35 Angelina finally calls
55:57 Calling back Angelina
1:01:01 MUSIC: What Ya Gonna Do by Hearts Minus Sorrow
1:03:10 MUSIC: Mildred Monday by Brad
1:06:01 MUSIC: The Deli Song by Dean Friedman

05-25-2009: Here is the latest episode of Party 934’s The Phone Show. This week features Spessa, the very first in-studio guest. Listen as we take calls from Rob T. Firefly, Flamoot, Joe, Kikeburner and more!

Since I’ve never had a need for TWO microphones in the studio, I was a little unprepared for the issues that would cause so you’ll notice some issues with the sound quality at times. Sorry about that. Below is a buttload of shownotes:

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:16 MUSIC: Pennsylvania by The Bloodhound Gang
0:01:30 Kikeburner calls in with a loving message for all. (Sorry, about our microphones here.)
0:02:19 MUSIC: Sometimes I Wonder by Throwing Toasters
0:05:05 Brad’s microphone sucks for some reason
0:05:57 MUSIC: Rap To World by Ill Mitch
0:08:44 RBCP attempts to discover Spessa’s PLA origins
0:09:40 Spessa unwraps a piece of gum right in front of the goddamn condenser microphone
0:10:34 Spessa, Mr. Spessa and RBCP answer the phone at a hotel (click here for more of these calls)
0:16:06 Mister Magoo/Anderson/Dave calls in to tell us the stream sucks
0:19:10 MUSIC: Holland, 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel
0:19:22 MUSIC: Drunken Lament by Ludo
0:19:41 Flamoot assaults us with crazy PBX stuff (visit his Google group!)
0:22:38 Eljefe calls about a motorcycle
0:23:18 Joe calls to request nerdcore
0:26:54 MUSIC: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo by The Bloodhound Gang
0:28:58 Chatting with Spessa
0:30:50 for the Tannest page
0:30:58 Boulder News Frenzy
0:31:25 Richard Cardo’s murder accusations
0:31:52 Prank call to directory assistance
0:33:03 Alex Carbon didn’t order a calling card
0:34:32 MUSIC: In The Garage by Weezer
0:35:44 Some pizza prank calls by Spessa (click here for lots more of these calls)
0:38:20 MUSIC: Hurt Feelings by The Flight of the Conchords
0:40:00 Rob T. Firefly
0:41:33 Listen to Deter at
0:41:48 View RTF’s contest entry
0:45:54 MUSIC: Get Back by Zebrahead
0:46:48 Go to Defcon!
0:47:19 Eljefe tries to sell Alex Carbon a calling card
0:47:31 MUSIC: Mah Na Mah Na by The Muppet Show
0:48:11 Visit Sign Hacker to see some of Spessa’s craaaazy antics.

06-01-2009: Here is the latest episode of Party 934’s The Phone Show. I’m too lazy to make show notes.

06-08-2009: Here is the latest episode of Party 934’s The Phone Show. I’m too lazy to make show notes.

06-15-2009: Here is the latest episode of Party 934’s The Phone Show. I’m too lazy to make show notes.

06-29-2009: Here is the latest episode of Party 934’s The Phone Show. I’m too lazy to make show notes.

The Phone Show – 07-06-2009
Tonight we call psychic hotlines and give callers psychic readings. You’ll hear readings for RTF, Rogue Clown, Jenn from and Scott The Robot. You’ll also hear Mr. Spessa pretend to be a crazy man obsessed with Jonbenet Ramsey and Spessa will request winning lotto numbers. This show lasted a record 2 hours long, but it’s about 90 minutes on the feed since we cut out most of the music.

The Phone Show – 07-13-2009
linear cohosts!

The Phone Show – 07-20-2009
Spessa cohosts. The question of the night is: Whats the most illegal thing you’ve done this week?

The Phone Show – 07-27-2009
RTF calls in and ends up being the cohost for the night.

The Phone Show – 08-03-2009
The Defcon 17 Wrapup Show. linear and Rogueclown cohost tonight and we talk about our adventures at Defcon 17. Spessa also calls in for most of the show to yell at callers. Whitesword calls in and we make fun of tr0n for a bit.

The Phone Show – 08-31-2009
Spessa is live in the Phone Show studio for an on-the-air abortion! Linear cohosts too and we take a lot of calls and hold a contest at the end, which Phish Phreak wins.

The Phone Show – 09-07-2009
Spessa is live in the Phone Show studio once again, but there is no on-air abortion false promises this week. We take a few calls and nothing spectacular happens.

The Phone Show – 09-21-2009
Spessa cohosts by phone. A former T-Mobile rep calls in and we force her to talk about work. Jessica calls and gets us to prank call a lady which turns out to be funny. And we premiere the hit single Play The Game by Redbox and the Chilipeppers.

The Phone Show – 10-05-2009
Mr. and Mrs. Spessa cohost live in our makeshift studio (the floor) as we call 1-900 number psychics and sex lines. No calls are taken, but we take feedback from listeners via the chatbox on

The Phone Show – 10-19-2009
RBCP, linear and Spessa host this episode. We get calls from RogueClown, RTF, Skunkworks, Phiz and some people on 4chan. We discuss the new policy regarding no live prank calls on our show anymore.

The Phone Show – 10-26-2009
RBCP, linear and Spessa host this episode. We get calls from RogueClown, RTF, Tombstone and others. Technical difficulties abound in this one as the stream dies several times, Skype crashes a lot and the sound levels are all over the place.

The Phone Show – 11-02-2009
RBCP and Spessa host this episode where we attemp to determine the winners of PLA’s pumpkin carving contest. We get calls from Handler, Skunkworks, not kevin, legend and a bunch of other people who I’m too tired to remember.

The Phone Show – 11-10-2009
Spessa is live in the studio and linear is cohosting too. This is our first and last show on Manic Radio since they hated our carefree attitudes. Unfortunately the end of this show is a little messed up. Thanks, Skunkworks, for recording this for us since our recording didn’t happen for some reason.

The Phone Show – 11-17-2009
Broadcasting from our own network that actually has a name this week. This episode was sponsored by! Well not really, but Spessa loves them a lot. About 10 or 15 minutes of this show was lost because of issues with our broadcasting software, so there’s no Google segment by Skunkworks this week. Sad.

The Phone Show – 11-24-2009
Our first show on our very own network. We actually have no technical issues during the show, 26 listeners and a chat room chock full of people who are not getting booted for being hilarious. linear, Spessa and RBCP prank call some people on Facebook.

The Phone Show – 12-01-2009
This week we get racist on Motel 6 workers by request, linear’s team loses at hockey and our stream keeps breaking near the end so we continue the show for an extra half hour so.

The Phone Show – 12-08-2009
linear and RBCP host. They call up phone numbers that they find on Twitter, hoping to anger people and failing miserably at it.

The Phone Show – 12-15-2009
linear, RBCP, Spessa and Jessica. Not enough people call so we resort to prank calling numbers that people post in the chat room. Spessa makes an announcement via Jessica The Translator. linear hates on RBCPs cell phone, but hes using linux so RBCP just doesnt care.

The Phone Show – 12-22-2009
RBCP, Jessica and Anne host tonight. And they were worth every penny. Skunkworks constructs a bucket of water, we try to get Arox kicked out of a bar but he hooks up with the bartender instead, we trick a Hollywood Video employee out of a phone number.

The Phone Show – 12-29-2009 – No Small Talk
RBCP, linear and Spessa host. Trevelyn calls in for the FIRST TIME EVER, we take a good hard look at the motherfuckin phone, Tombstone loves Schaffer the Darklord, Retardo The Lardo doesnt answer the phone, VOICEMAILS!, a no smalltalk policy is put into place, someone places a Craigslist ad for the show, RBCP demands some conviction from a battered wife, Crazynesphreak helps answer some calls, Alan Rickman yells at us for the noise, some guys thinks we should give blind people cars.

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