The Phone Show

The Phone Show


The Phone Show was a live, weekly call-in show that ran from early 2009 to mid 2012. It was hosted primary by RedBoxChiliPepper, with various cohosts, such as linear, Spessa, Laugh Track Matt and a buttload of regular callers. Each show centered around phone-obsessed topics, like phones in the news, updates in the world of PLA, making prank calls and causing general mayhem all over North America. It was broadcast on Blue Planet Prank Radio, Madhouse Live and Cacti Radio.

While the shows no longer exist, you can still read the show notes and listen to audio files of old shows in these archives, which include everything except for the commercial music, which was faded out after a couple of seconds. Official shows lasted just 60 minutes, but occasionally continued for a couple more hours, which we called the aftershow. Many of the mp3 files for the older shows are no longer available because we’ve run out of space. If you really want to hear old shows, though, go download the latest PLA Media Pack torrent and you’ll find all of the shows there. If you want to browse the complete archives, which include show notes, click on the links below to view the full show notes and maybe even be taken to an mp3 of the show. You can also use the RSS links to put all of the shows on your iPhone or other RSS device.

2009: View the archive | View the RSS feed
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2012: View the archive | View the RSS feed

Or here’s a single RSS feed of all 4 years!

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