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The Phone Show

Below are The Phone Show archives for 2012. The best place to download all the old shows is from the latest PLA Media Pack.

01-03-2012 – Nothing Cool Happens. Seriously, Nothing:

Thanks for the above picture, Brian Donnnoooogianiate! If you like pranks, then this week’s show isn’t for you – no pranks really happened. Here are the show notes for the show that happened January 3rd, 2012….

  • Opening music is At Least It Was Here by The 88. (The Community song!)
  • Go to ShmooCon on January 27th to see Skunkworks
  • Fuck Skunkworks, though, go to HOPE and see RBCP instead
  • Ugh, sorry once again for all the background music, everyone. I didn’t know it was playing.
  • We fail at a few Car Ding calls.
  • Breaking News: Darkstranger likes turtles
  • The Tinychat mass suicide will be on the last weekend of January.
  • If you want to submit numbers for us to prank, email them to
  • Someone sets up a Craigslist ad, saying we have computer stuff for sale. Chaos ensues.
  • Ending song is Mother Mother by Tracy Bonham

Click here to listen to the aftershow!

01-10-2012 – Rappy McRapperson, Live in the Studio:

Rappy McRapperson and Evie and Dandolion live in the studio and Laugh Track Matt on the phone tonight.

  • Rapping on the Mic by Rappy McRapperson is the opening song.
  • PLA is harassing Red Robin on Twitter.
  • All listeners should be in our Tinychat.
  • Some crazy thing happens with incoming calls where I can’t pick up the calls.
  • San Francisco PLA meetup sometime soon.
  • Brad and Rappy have been filming a video this week. HERE IT IS!
  • Skullcrusher Mountain by Jonathan Coulton is the ending music

Click here to listen to the aftershow!

01-24-2012 – Megaupload:

01-31-2012 – Zyklon’s Great Ideas:

02-07-2012 – Emergency Pizza Party:

  • Join us in the #penispump chat room on efnet. Or on Tinychat.
  • Everyone email with sound clips of yourself (or other people) saying “telephone”
  • Thanks for the new background music, Legend!
  • Altalp replaces her Vonage router with a turkey sandwich.
  • Go watch Rappy’s show called Lateness
  • RBCP gives up and defaults back to just calling Dominos Pizza.
  • RBCP hereby accepts full responsibility for whatever happens between Tabachi and Chelsea, including stalking, pregnancies, deaths, etc.
  • RBCP suggests that Chelsea’s personal anthem be about a girl who’s a horrible homewrecker.
  • The Prank Show will be back this Saturday!

02-14-2012 – Happy Valentines Day!:

  • Join us in Tinychat 24/7!
  • Go be a winner in #phonelosers on the server.
  • Thanks for the Spessa soundboard, Legend!
  • Email your “telephone” clip to
  • Email your landlord’s phone number to Also include an apartment number that we can claim to be in when we call him.
  • Here’s a link to Sunday’s special birthday show.
  • Wacky Morning DJ, from the PLA book and that old episode of PLA Radio, is ending his wacky morning career this week.
  • The Bomb, from Rappy McRapperson’s music, went viral this week.
  • is Nick’s PLA stuff.
  • Legend is a hairy, sexy beast.

02-21-2012 – Happy Birthday Patch:


02-28-2012 – Hold Me Now:

03-06-2012 – All Hail Tabachi:

  • For reasons unknown to me, my software didn’t record this week’s show, so big hugz to Tabachi who recorded the show and sent it to me.
  • Laugh Track Matt was on a TV show in 1991 when he was 17-years-old. Skip to about the halfway mark, right after the singing butt, to hear his call.
  • Trenton the T Man makes us new audio stuff.
  • We’re broadcasting on Blue Planet Prank Radio tonight.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Blockbuster Video still exists! We call up a few customers of Blockbuster to yell at them about their late fees.
  • When is The Phone Show’s birthday?
  • Manic Radio hates us.
  • Stupid Morgan Freeman talks all over one of our Blockbuster pranks.
  • Markov’s new hit single – Make It Ring
  • Click here to relive the hilarity of Richard Cardo
  • R0xy is trolling us, saying that she’ll be doing a show again.
  • Click here to listen to the show
  • Click here to listen to the aftershow – either connectivity problems or intoxication caused this show to abruptly end, but I’m positive we continued the aftershow for at least another hour. Also, one of our prank calls caused the following email to be sent to us from a Blockbuster employee…

“Pranking is one thing, but once the prank is up, let it go. You called my establishment four times; the first time I knew who you were and hung up on you (we do have caller ID); the second time I told you that you were not who you said you were and hung up; and then you called back twice more. It stops being a prank at that point and starts being harassment. I can shrug off and even find humour in the first one or two times, but at the third, you\’re done. Please keep that in mind and be responsible in your pranking.” -email from a Blockbuster employee in Fairbanks, Alaska

03-12-2012 – Pi Day Eve and Kony 2012:

03-20-2012 – Good Choice:

The Phone Show is brought to you by Cacti Radio and Blue Planet Prank Radio! Here are the shownotes…

03-27-2012 – Star Blazers:

04-03-2012 – Welcome Back, Jenn!:

04-10-2012 – Killer Robots:

RBCP is not in a show mood, so the show only lasts for 5 minutes. Then we hang out and chat for 45 minutes after that, but luckily I edited most of that boring stuff out. Samantha made the only real announcement, which is to join her and Laugh Track Matt this coming weekend at NotACon.

04-17-2012 – The Bombfather:

04-24-2012 – Hamburgers and Hedgehogs:

Tonight somebody places a Craigslist ad with TPS’ phone number, saying we have computers to give away, so you’ll hear a lot of those calls throughout the show.

05-01-2012 – Whistling 2600 Hz:

Evie, The Doubleclicks, and RBCP

05-09-2012 – Geek Squad:

This show is about 2.5 hours long because I never officially ended the show. It works out, though, since we did the same thing nonstop the entire time.

05-15-2012 – Cybershow:

Tonight is the first show with a new computer and new broadcasting software, so some small problems happened. You might notice the audio being a little too loud throughout the entire recording. Sorry about that! Quit complaining!

05-22-2012 – Genius:

05-29-2012 – Satanic Wargames:

I know the audio isn’t as good as it should be. I’m still learning this new software and computer and will hopefully have things ironed out by the next show. Sorry for the frequent bursts of loud and quiet.

06-05-2012 – Heavy Breathing:

You guys better appreciate the editing I did on this show! This was not a good show, so I listened to the entire thing and the entire aftershow and edited out most of the fail from it, turning 2 hours into 45 minutes. Then I took another hour from earlier in the day when me and Samantha were doing car ding calls and I tacked that onto the end of it, but I edited all the fail from THAT audio and it turned into 10 minutes. So enjoy these extremely edited pieces of audio in this audio file! There’s a few good things in there.

  • Blue Planet Prank Radio, Madhouse Live and Cacti Radio
  • Newspaper article talks about bomb threats and blames them on PrankNet
  • Convervative bloggers are targets of swatting
  • None of the Blockbuster customers answer, so I edit out a huge chunk of the show.
  • Matt sings an amazing freestyle about generic ringback tones
  • Since the show is so short, I’m just sticking the aftershow on here
  • The depressing call to Brobert has been edited out. I hate you THEXML!
  • Cacti Radio apologizes on behalf of Laugh Track Matt for his heavy breathing
  • We do some Dominos customer calls during the aftershow
  • Earlier in the day, before The Phone Show started, RBCP and Samantha made a few car ding calls together. I’ve added those onto the end of this show.
  • Duane, some kid who’s been leaving notes on cars in Georgia, calls in and talks to someone.

06-19-2012 – Kitchen AIDS:

06-26-2012 – Tabachi TIVOs The Phone Show:

Half of this show was missing, until Tabachi sent me recordings that he made. This is the second time he’s saved a show from being lost forever, so thanks Tabachi! I did some heavy editing during the 2nd half, removing about 30 minutes of failed pranks and stuff.

Originally this show was named “One Third of a Show” and was only 30 minutes long. If you’re listening via iTunes, you’ll probably never hear the 2nd half of this show. Haha, losers.

07-03-2012 – Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.:

07-10-2012 – Nuwave and Ahbra:

07-24-2012 – Flip All The Switches:

Since I edited so much from the show, I just kept all the aftershow stuff here on the same file. I chopped a lot out of the aftershow too. We mostly call up convenience stores for customer surveys and circuit breaker flipping fails.

07-31-2012 – We Love You:

This week’s show has video! If you prefer, you can watch a 3 hour uStream broadcast of the show and the aftershow. A bit of the aftershow is missing from it, though, because uStream apparently cuts off after 3 hours.

  • Things get off to a shaky start because of sound issues. RBCP’s Skype sound card stopped working, so things were configured differently and were confusing.
  • TheN from made a song from love and semen for us. He also used AutoRap.
  • We finally found the breaker calls! They are here and here. Thanks, Barry Peanuts and Updyke Underhill, for telling us where to find these clips!
  • Click here to listen to the entire Cap’n Crunch FourSquare check in calls. Welcome to FourSquare, Cap’n!
  • Click here to listen to the entire 7-26-2011 aftershow, which is where you’ll hear some of our Burns Clean Team calls and then later the circuit breaker calls.
  • Tombstone and RBCP call some Geek Squad employees.
  • We’re broadcasting on Blue Planet Prank Radio, Madhouse Live, Cacti Radio and uStream.
  • Music is from this video where Richard Cardo admits that he was the JonBenet Ramsey killer and that the PLA had nothing to do with it. The song is Point of No Return by Expose.
  • is the new youropenbook!
  • is a Twitter bot that retweets people who post pictures of their debit cards.
  • Here’s the aftershow, where we spend over 2.5 hours calling pizza customers. If you want to see the video version of this episode, plus the regular show, it’s embedded below.

Video streaming by Ustream

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