Brand new PLA CD of old crap released!

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There’s a new technology that some of you may have heard of by now, called “compact discs,” which you can now purchase to listen to a tiny portion of our prank phone calls. We’re pretty sure these are the next big thing, so get ready to start re-purchasing all that music you’ve been buying as mp3 files these past few years. Anyway, a brand new PLA CD, titled “Can I Help You?” is now available for you to buy. This CD features calls by murd0c, Carlito from Madhouse, RBCP and The Spessas. You’ll get to hear about 73 minutes of our customer service calls from the past 10 years.

Yes, these calls are all available already on our website and from the PLA Media Pack torrent. You won’t be getting anything new or unavailable by buying this CD, aside from a cool CD with original artwork on it. If you want to download the full album for free, click here. If people like the CD and buy enough of them, that will motivate me to put together a few more of them soon. I’m mainly making these for the same reason I made the newer PLA ‘zine archive book – because some people will think this sort of thing is neat to have.

Click on the PayPal button above to buy this CD directly from me for $5.00, or click here to buy it from our supplier with PayPal or click here to buy it from our supplier with a credit card. The supplier charges too much for shipping, but at least I don’t get your address and your CD isn’t all sticky with my DNA.

Thanks, whoever made that Futurama photo. I think it was Trevor, but I’m probably wrong. Speaking of Trevor, though, he uploaded Tabachi’s billions of edited prank calls from our 24-hour prank call marathon to YouTube a few days ago, denying my request to leave out the one where I made a girl cry. Click here to join the 2012 Marathon Facebook page, which I assume will eventually contain information about next year’s 24-hour prank call marathon. (Click here to watch my video of Trevor’s videos.)

Are you a Pinterest user? Wow, so am I! Here’s my board for the Phone Losers of America. I doubt you’ll see any updates on there that you haven’t seen on PLA’s Facebook first, but you never know.

One last thing – because I’m incapable of making a post without mentioning Rappy McRapperson these days, I should mention that he visited my house last week and he accidentally left a bunch of his stuff behind so I created a blog called Comics From Space where I will display scans of the pile of drawings I have here, before throwing them in the trash. Starting next week, I will begin selling articles of his clothing on eBay. Also, me and him put together a pretty good music video for a song from his new album, called Punch The Wall. I’ve embedded it below.

ONE MORE LAST THING: The Phone Show is tonight! 9pm Pacific.

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2 thoughts on “Brand new PLA CD of old crap released!

  • February 1, 2012 at 2:37 am

    Hey guys i’m a big fan i’m definitely thinking of buying the CD, im sorta new to PLA but making me laugh is worth money, so u shouldnt put up download for free:) i’ll hopefully buy CD soon

  • February 1, 2012 at 4:27 am

    yes! i’ve payed for the CD!!! hopefully i get it soon, (i probably wont because i live in Australia) BTW i have a funny feeling that it costs you much more than $1 to send a CD to Australia, but hey, i’m still happy!

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