Vonage Sammich mmmm!

Years ago, Altalp from the PLA Forums made a bizarre post about buying a Vonage router from her local Wal-Mart, replacing the circuit board inside with a turkey sandwich and then returning it to Wal-Mart for a full refund. She posted a bunch of pictures with her story, demonstrating all the steps she took to ensure that nothing would seem amiss when she returned a turkey sandwich for a refund.

“I needed something lightweight and wouldnt rattle around inside if inspected. I couldnt find anything that would work. Either things were too heavy, not large enough, or too tall. I then noticed my turkey sammich sitting next to me. I picked it up and weighed it in my hand. It was just right. I placed the case over my sammich and cut out the outline in it. Then took a couple bites to make room for the jacks.”

Altalp had no problems returning the device and even made $20 extra by filling out the rebate card. I’m not trying to encourage people to do this sort of thing, of course, because it’s a pretty horrible thing to do. But the idea of replacing a Vonage router with a turkey sandwich sounded exactly like the sort of random comment Zak would make, like the time he claimed to an operator that a vandal had replaced his telephone handset with a bologna sandwich, only Altalp actually did it!

Thanks for the story and the pictures, Altalp! Click here if you’d like to see Altalp’s full post from 2008, complete with details and pictures.

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