Car Ding Calls

OMG Car Ding Calls

In 2011, we got the brilliant idea of putting notes on cars that read, “Sorry I dinged your car! Please call me at 425-xxx-xxxx.” The phone number goes to our Google Voice and we return the calls to people who leave angry messages about the non-existent damage to their car. The brilliant part of this prank is that the people returning the calls aren’t even the ones leaving the notes. PLA asked listeners of their live prank show and YouTube videos to leave the notes for them, so it’s a joint effort between the PLA and people all over the world.

In this first installment of car ding calls, I blow a guys mind by doing the car repairs for him, a man doesn’t approve of my marketing techniques, and Carlito is having marital problems and takes it out on a guy’s car. Click below to listen.

Episode 2 is called the Giggly Teenage Girl Edition and is a segment from our live prank call show where we called a couple of fans from YouTube and let them do a couple of car ding calls.

In Episode 3, a lady thinks it’s really amusing that I want to set her car on fire, a man is totally in love with his $100,000 Mercedes, Samantha learns that it’s not a good idea to drive while she’s high, and a lady does not approve of RBCP’s Fight Club references or his jokes.

Episode 4 features Richard being angry at me for taking his car for a joyride, but then I feel really dumb when he finds out that Richard is A FAKE COP! Then I talk to a real cop and get some good legal advice from him.

Sorry I Dinged Your Car Episode #5 – Spousal Abuse Edition – I take another guy’s car for a joy ride, then there’s an orgy between Laugh Track Matt, Samantha and me. The guy is nice until Roy starts being a jerk to him, then Roy’s wife calls to tell him that Roy beat her because of the call, then Roy’s lawyer calls to file a lawsuit about the whole thing. The last call has a lady who has figured out that it’s a prank.

In Episode 6, whoever left the note is lucky that he didn’t get in trouble for leaving the note since the store’s crack security team followed the note leaver with their network of cameras. RBCP uses witchcraft on a man’s car, then Tristan thwart’s an insurance scammer by telling her about his pet wallaby Bruce.

This is a really long collection of car dings, because it’s taken from the June 26th 2012 episode of The Phone Show. Samantha mistakes a guy’s truck for her ex-boyfriend’s car and does some damage to it, Patch breaks into a lady’s car and then has a change of heart, someone syphons some gas from a guy’s car, and RBCP uses some more witchcraft.

The video below is the very first episode of the Snow Plow Show, where RBCP does nothing but call car ding victims. RBCP tries to get a date with a girl, tells a family about a series of unfortunate events, another man Googles our phone number and knows it’s a prank, another redneck pretends to be a cop, and RBCP cancels a man’s insurance for attempted insurance fraud.

The video below is by a friend of the PLA known as Petty Pranks. Listen to him and his deaf brother Roy infuriate a guy by admitting that the entire thing is a prank.

Below are a few more calls. Some you’ve already heard in the videos above and others you haven’t.

Pylons This is an awesome call by Samantha. She actually left the note for this guy, then she surrounded his car with traffic cones and took a picture of it. I’ll have the picture up here soon. The guy gets really frustrated with Samantha.

Audi Did you know that an Audi is better than a Mercedes and a BMW put together? That’s what you’ll learn in his call made by Carltio at the Madhouse Live show.

$100,000 Mercedes This guy is hilarious and he’s very proud of his expensive car and loves telling me the exact cost of it. He’s not happy when I tell him that he has to pay for the damages to my car since he has more money than me.

Nancy Boy This call is an orgy between Laugh Track Matt, Samantha and RBCP. The guy is nice until Roy starts being a jerk to him, then Roy’s wife calls to tell him that Roy beat her because of the call, then Roy’s lawyer calls to file a lawsuit about the whole thing.

Fishy Who talks like this? I repeat, WHO TALKS LIKE THIS???

Gerald I blow Gerald’s mind with my tales of how much trouble I went through to fix the damage I caused to his car.

Oil Change Promotion John is A LAWYER and he doesn’t approve of our advertising techniques.

Zig Zag Lines After telling Jessica that I keyed her car in a violent mood swing, I come clean and tell her I’m just kidding and it’s just a prank call. She’s more pissed about the prank than the keying.

Mike Mike tries to scare me by telling me that his work is recording our call after I tell him I was on drugs and driving a stolen car.

Nikki This call is by Staci, who is a lawyer that gets paid very well.

Joyride Tim is surprised to hear that I had hotwired his car and was taking it for a joyride when the damage occurred.

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