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This is an archived page which was last updated in 1997, back in the good ole days of OCI operators. If you weren’t around during the era of OCI operators, you really missed out. Some day I’ll have to add some sound clips to this page.

When I first created this page, there were no other OCI pages to be found on the net so I figured that to pay my homage to them, I’d set up a page. I later found out that there were a few OCI pages which are listed further down in the “links” section. This page will attempt to document our personal experiences with OCI operators. This page was last updated on November 2nd, 1997.

What the Hell is OCI??

OCI stands for Oncore Communications Incorporated and is probably the country’s most abused long distance service. Not abused as in stolen from, of course, but abused meaning people call up their operators for the sole purpose of annoying them. For as long as I can remember, whenever there’s a conference bridge set up for hackers, people always 3-way in OCI so they can torment the poor operators.

OCI seemingly doesn’t know how to use their ANI features or maybe the technician lost all the operating manuals because they seem to have no clue what number you’re calling from and have to ask you every time. You do have the option of entering a phone number when you first call (the number you’re calling from) but that seems to be a poor security feature since dishonest people can just make one up. OCI has learned that many people in our world are dishonest from time to time.

OCI is owned by a company called Wiltel which some people may be familiar with. They usually handle long distance calls from pay phones and cheap motel rooms and charge outrageous prices for phone calls which they split with the pay phone vendors and motel managers.

Then again, “owned” may not be an appropriate word. Maybe OCI just uses Wiltel Long Distance or something, this is something that is still argued by many people and attempted social engineering of their operators usually gets the response, “I do not have access to that information, sir. *click*” This recently earned them the nickname “Wont-Tell” by my friend, iamone.

OCI is strange. Around February of 1997, OCI’s automated voice stopped saying, “OCI” and started saying “Wiltel” instead. Then it went back to OCI for a few weeks. THEN it would change itself every few calls from OCI to Wiltel and now it seems that it depends what part of the United States you call from determines which long distance company you’ll get, even though you’re always getting the same office with the same operators. For example, in Ohio we always hear “Wiltel” but residents of California will hear, “OCI.”

Just a few weeks after this page went up, OCI went through a major upgrade and some of the old OCI “tricks” stopped working as good as they used to. This doesn’t change the fact that the operators are still extremely stupid, of course, but there are some changes that will make bugging OCI a little harder now.

Who Are the OCI Operators?

Even though OCI apparently has a high turnover rate, everyone has their favorite OCI operators. Since this is a relatively small company, you end up getting the same operators after calling five or six times. Here is a list of our favorites and why:

Constance – This lady is my favorite supervisor. Whenever I get her I flirt with her alot and ask her out on dates. She says I need to grow up and get a life and quit “hacking” OCI but I just can’t help but like her.

Willie – Willie is actually a lady supervisor and I’m not sure if she’s still with the company or not. Whenever I used to get Willie, I’d usually just make fun of her name alot which seemed to piss her off.

Kevin – One of the other OCI pages has a WAV of this guy. You’d probably guess from his voice that he likes small furry animals. When you hear him ask if he can help you, you’ll probably piss yourself laughing.

How Do I Contact An OCI Operator

It’s easy, you just dial OCI’s phone number which is 1-800-288-2880. If you look at the letters on your phone, you’ll notice that they’re number is 1-800-ATT-ATT0 but this is just OCI’s way of fooling you into thinking you’re going to get low AT&T rates.

After you dial their number, you’ll hear a dial tone. At this point you can either dial “0” to get an operator, or dial the “number you’re calling from.”

Rumor has it that if you don’t press anything they will get your real phone number but this doesn’t seem to be true in all the areas I’ve tried it in. But just to be safe, at least type in “0.” Used to, you could make up any number you wanted to and you’d get an automated system. Now their system knows you’re lying and you end up getting a live operator no matter what.

Famous Operator Quotes

“I do not have access to that information, sir. Now do you need to make a call?” -anytime you ask specific questions about their company, they will repeatedly say this to you.

“Yo mama” -operators use this witty comeback so much, we think it might be a suggested remark in their handbook.

Tricks & Tips

After OCI’s recent upgrade, you can no longer trick them into making a collect call to a number which has a collect block on it. Used to, you could make a collect call to a number that was busy, then ask the operator to try a second number for you. The collect call would work on the second number even if the person you’re calling had a collect block on their phone. We never figured out who would get charged for this. This might still work in some areas, but it’s doubtful.

You can use any LD service to trick people into accepting collect calls, but due to the low IQ’s of OCI operators, they are the easiest to accomplish this feat with. It’s easy…

Using OCI, have the operator call somebody collect. When the person answers their phone, OCI will begin to tell them that they’re getting a collect call. Inturrupt her by imitating the voice of the person who answered the phone and say, “Yes, I’ll accept.” In most cases, the operator will say thank you and leave. It usually happens so fast that the person you called will have no idea that they’re paying for the call.

Letters about OCI

Something weird happened today, i called OCI’s access code (106580) and
was “sassin” the op as usual, when she mentioned Green Bay. i was like
‘oh shit, is this OCI? (It actually said Wiltel, but same thing,
right?) I played dumb and got her to tell me my number. She did. I
got a weird feeling in my stomach, and hung up. i think if you call
18002882880, they don’t know your #, but they won’t let you call collect
or anything. But if you call using 106580, you can call collect and
everything, but they know you’re number. Its kinda like a drama movie.

I called oci, got Ralph. I asked him about the ‘access method’ deal,
and he told me to dial 106580 for an access code. I asked him to repeat
it, and he wouldn’t, like he gave it out by mistake. i called him a
pile of bitch shit and hung up. i dialled ‘106580’ and got Wiltel’s
automated menu to make collect and cc calls, and to get an operator. i
read somewhere that Wiltel and OCI were the same, or related somehow.
Anyways, i hung up and called 18005551212, and asked for OCI’s 800 #.
They gave me 1-888-624-8946, which is some vmb that hasn’t been set up
yet. Then I took a dump. then i called back, and asked for Wiltel’s
800 #, and they gave me 1-800-730-3999. i called it and the op said it
was a dif co called WorldVoice or something like that, I don’t really
remember. But he said they were formally known as Wiltel. Its all Fucked Up.

Oh yeah, i got Kevin. What a queef. Then i got some other op (this is
on OCI, by the way) and he admitted he thought Kevin was gay, and said
something like he didn’t associate with the man. It was really funny
listening to someone diss Kevin. Anyhoo, if i figure some of that stuff out, i’ll let ya know.

-Mr. Sniffy-Cha

i dialed 1800-288-2880 and got the ‘OCI’ automated voice when connecting (i live in central florida) but while talking to the op’s they identified themselves as wiltel operators. I got one to tell me something like she will say she’s an OCI operator if i am connecting through some other carrier besides ‘0’, but she seemed pretty fucked up anyways, i’m just wondering do the ppl in cali. and places like that who get the ‘OCI’ automated voice have the operators themselves claim to be OCI or Wiltel?

Also something i found rather amusing while chatting with Monique the new OCI operator who does this to pay her bills and w/o any previous experience

Monique: Your stupid
Me: Really? Why’s that?
Monique: Cause you keep calling here

Does this mean the operators also realize what a shitty service it is
which reminds me, while i was inquiring there about a job, i was finally
told by some redneck lady operator i dont need ANY experience to be an
operator and just have to live in Texas, quite suprising even stupid
companies as Cointel requires some kind of education/training

Hey, i was having some fun with OCI when at a Uni-mart payphone. What works really well is the Beavis and Butt-head remote contol from the book “this sucks change it” it has 12 different sounds on it.

I played “This sucks”
she asks if i would like to make a call
I played the “I am cornholeio!”
she goes “Are you making a prank call cause i’ll get the police over there”
I then did the “Shut Up, Asswipe” sound
She goes “yo mamma’s an asswwipe”
I played the “Don’t make me kick you ass” sound
i then procedeed to tell her off by myself

I spent almost 45 minutes at that payphone getting things like I said Did you hangup on me?: “no but your about to be hungup on you hacker!” hmmmm… I kept trying to get them to collect call the President They eventually would just hang up once they heard my voice. but i’ll be back tommarrow.
Is there a way to record off the payphone? (other then that suction cup)

using a suction cup is the best way to record off of a pay phone unless you want to get into the wiring. if you’re that type, then buy radio shack’s conversation recorder for $15.99 and have at it. You might try repositioning the suction cup over to the side of the handset instead of on the back. that works sometimes to improve sound quality

hello, for the past few weeks i’ve been calling up the fine
people at oci, i’ve been insulting them left and right, i’ve been using
every one liner in the book, but not one damn operator has said anything
back to me, i need input, what sets the typical oci operator off?

what makes an oci operator tick? should i look for annother long distance company without ani to prank? is it time to pack it in? why am i asking you so many questions? and why are the oci folk ignoring me?

Today we talked to OCI
And got the following Snail mail adress
If it would be of any use to you
OCI P.O.box 50507, Dallas, Tx 75250

here is a funny quote from an oci operator wich proves your theroy ” canada ? now… is that overseas or is that in texas ”

Have you used OCI lately? I used it today, and when I supplied a number for a Payfone in CA, they said they weren’t registered to place a call from that area. so i tried different numbers. they wouldn’t place my call. i found out from some dumb op. that i had reached the Dallas, Texas office.


apparently they’ve upgraded their system a little. they still can’t seem to tell where i’m calling from, but they won’t accept any numbers i give them, even if it’s the number to an actual oci pay phone.

Ok i live in Montréal, Canada and after reading your OCI long distance page i needed to test it out for my self, and well… your were definitely right they are morons.

First of all they have no idea were anyone is calling from. For example i called them form a payphone in Montréal and claimed i was calling from Philadelphia and asked them to place a call to the payphone i was on and well they did.. Also is it just me or will they place collect calls to a payphones (that exepts calls) for you (i think so). And have you noticed when they dont place the call for you the always say the same thing like “sorry sir but you need to hang up wait for the tone and follow the intructions on your phone” its fun to tell them that you have no instructions on your phone that usually confuses the fuck out of them.


At first I thought I should put a disclaimer on this page in case an OCI employee should happen to find it. Then I realized how stupid that was – an OCI employee doesn’t know how to use a computer. How silly of me. But in any case, our web space provider, PLA and all who are affiliated with PLA do not encourage anybody to actually call OCI and annoy their operators. This is a bad, bad thing to do and only ends up costing OCI money and makes their employees very unhappy. Furthermore, if you prank OCI, then God will be mad with you and you won’t get into heaven because God is actually stupid enough to use OCI for his long distance needs. So watch it. PLA doesn’t actually ever prank call OCI. Oh no, I just made all this up, I would never enjoy a good laugh or two at the expense of an OCI/Wiltel employee. That would be just plain wrong. So don’t bother OCI, they have enough problems to contend with.

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  • February 3, 2011 at 6:33 am

    When I was 20 years old I worked at Oncor Communications (the Dallas location) and I really did not know what the heck I was doing. What I got from the week of training was we were offering business owners an opportunity to make some extra money from the pay phones that were on their property. We charged like .25 a minute and the company would get .05-.10 everytime someone used the long distance service. It was a pretty stressfull job and I ended up getting fired because I did not close my quota of contacts. Now that I look back, it was a fars of a job. What a rip off.

  • November 10, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    “Now that I look back, it was a fars of a job.”
    You mean farce….you still don’t know much, eh?

  • November 23, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    I called 1800-288-2880 just to see if it was still anything. Turns out, you still have to press zero, and the automated voice says it’s Intelecall Operator Services (IOC? Is that even a thing?) I’ve called a couple of times, and I believe I got the same operator the first and last time. Maybe it’s Constance, RBCP’s long lost love? Who knows

  • November 23, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    Intelicall Operator Services, (IOS not IOC, have no clue where i got the c from) http://www.intellicalloperatorservices.com
    Besides their website, there’s a bunch of threads complaining about their high collect rate and how much of a rip off it is. (One guy says $30 for 5 mins.)

  • December 25, 2020 at 1:08 am

    Will Brad ever visit this old ass webpage again? Tune in next week to find out. Also, OCI stands for Occult Coronavirus Insiders. That’s right. OCI are the shadowy figures behind this pandemic. It’s all because of you, Brad. What the fuck man? You pissed off the wrong people, clearly. They’re really doing the long play with this revenge thing. We’re clearly dealing with professionals. Anyways thanks for listening to my idea, it’s a new conspiracy I’m starting please spread the word. Cactus cactus.

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