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This page will tell you all about Richard Cardo from Colorado Springs, the man who has dedicated years of his life to solving the JonBenét Ramsey murder case. And as you’d expect, Richard’s amazing detective skills (Google) led him straight to the leader of the Phone Losers of America – RBCP. Richard cracked this case wide open and posted his findings in more than 30 videos of detailed evidence on YouTube.

It’s unknown exactly how many years Richard has dedicated to this case, but we’re fairly sure he’s been as it since at least 2002 because he’s shown website printouts from that year. At least 7 years, as of this writing. Imagine all the things you’ve done in the past 7 years. That’s how long Richard has been slaving away at this case. A pretty noble effort, even for someone who’s batshit insane.

More than 10 years have passed since the heyday of all our nonsense at the Boulder News Forums, which you can read all about on our Boulder News Frenzy page. We never thought it would lead to the PLA being involved in murder 10 years later, though. Richard Cardo appears to be completely serious about his investigation, as is evident in the videos were he wacks at the whiteboard with a yardstick as he’s talking.

This page is being created to chronicle the Richard Cardo saga, mostly because it’s one of the more hilarious events to happen in RBCP’s life. In all seriousness, we don’t have anything to do with the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. Because if RBCP did, he wouldn’t be bringing all this attention to it that would result in his arrest and imprisonment. You can view a rebuttal to Richard’s damning evidence against RBCP by clicking here. There are others that Richard believes are in involved in the murder, such as the guy who used to own and a girl named Patty, but this site focuses mainly on the RBCP side of the investigation since he’s narcissistic like that.


Richard Cardo at workRichard Cardo at workRichard Cardo at work

This is pure speculation, but it sure seems unlikely that Richard has such a nice whiteboard and slide projector in his own home (Not to mention the yard stick that he’s always thwacking at his presentations with.) when he can’t even afford a decent video camera or microphone. Is he stealing company time by making his videos when he should be hard at work? How would his superiors at Intel, where he works as a security guard, feel about this? He should be trying to ruin RBCP’s life on his own time, not his employer’s time.

Richard's Videos

Richard Cardo used the amazing Web 2.0 power of YouTube to bring his evidence to the world. Bad sound quality, low resolution video and unreadable pages of evidence didn’t stop Richard from making his groundbreaking points. Here we’ll give a quick rundown of each video and what you can expect from it. As of this writing, Richard has removed his videos from the public. We’re not sure if this is because he’s tired of them all being taken down by copyright holders or because his wife has grounded him from the internet. Nobody but Richard is sure if they’ll come back, so keep an eye on his YouTube page to find out. And while you’re there, leave a friendly and encouraging comment for him.

Note: We’ve put some of Richard’s videos back up! Click on the bold “Part X” portion in each paragraph to watch the musings of a madman!

Part 1 Richard introduces himself in a fashionable blue shirt and gold 70’s tie and tells us what this investigation is about and how those idiot Boulder police investigators could have solved it within the first year if they’d applied common sense like he did. “Let’s go catch a killer!” he proclaims in this brilliant start to his lunacy.

Part 2 Analyzing the ransom note. Richard reads the entire ransom note and then concludes that the “S” in the signature is really going to cook the killer’s goose later on. Really, who talks like that? Be warned – videos 2 through 9 are especially boring! He just drones on forever about the more inane things so prepared to die of boredom if you attempt to watch them.

Part 3 Analyzing the ransom note. Richard goes on and on about the S.B.T.C initials, saying they might stand for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Never mind that the proper acronym for that would be SWBT.

Part 4 Analyzing the ransom note. Making comparisons between listening and reading and the word monitor. Must be a phone guy writing this. It’s so obvious now!

Part 5 Analyzing the ransom note. The wording of the ransom note proves further that it’s a phone guy writing the note because whoever wrote the note is familiar with using phones. Because, you know, not that many people in America are familiar with using phones. Hey wait a minute! Richard knows about all this using phones business! I’m starting to get suspicious of you, Richard! He also has some theories about Santa Claus and phone phreaks who can make their calls appear to come from the Ramsey house.

Part 6 Analyzing the ransom note.

Part 7 Analyzing the ransom note.

Part 8 Analyzing the ransom note.

Part 9 Analyzing the ransom note.

Part 10 and Part 11 These are the videos where it starts really gets exciting! Richard’s first search leads him to an 1997-era e-zine called Telephone Free Planet. He quickly discovers that the author of this e-zine, KungFuFox, is actually RedBoxChiliPepper! RBCP has been writing Telephone Free Planet simply to promote the PLA e-zine. RBCP will stop at nothing to promote the PLA. Not even…murder… (Imagine that last line stated in a deep, dramatic, movie guy-type voice.)

And the similarities between the JBR case and the writings in Telephone Free Planet are uncanny! Such as KungFuFox (aka RedBoxChiliPepper) suggesting that beige boxers bring crayons with them to color Bell cans red, because linemen use special infrared glasses to find telco cans and they only show up if they’re colored green or gray. You can really fuck the linemen up if you color them red! And Jonbenet’s dead body was found red writing on her hand! KungFuFox also suggests smashing telco cans with baseball bats…just as JBR was bludgeoned in the head with what was probably a baseball bat!

Jonbenet Ramsey

Tannest and RBCP had something going on and he mentions LogicBox’s article in PLA Issue 45 which encourages readers to harass the Boulder News Forums.

He also notices that PLA Issue 45 shows people how to break into a house! RBCP, writing about ways to create more cordless phone users in his neighborhood, suggests the following: “Break into their house and take note of where all of their phones are located. Rearrange the location of all the phones so that their cordless phone will be in the spot where it will get the most use. Or just steal all of their other non-cordless phones so that they would have no choice but to use the cordless one. If you feel bad about stealing their phones, bring a supply of cordless phones with you and replace all of their old phones with cordless phones. Yes, it’s quite obvious that RBCP is the mastermind behind the Christmas break in at the Ramsey home.

Part 13 It’s time to put Brad Carter under a microscope. Richard finds some PLA fan art of Chris Tomkinson getting shot with a cactus gun on and decides that RBCP’s son (who was an infant at the time those drawings were mailed to RBCP, by the way) is responsible for the drawings but RBCP must have written the captions under them. He shows the drawings and compares the lettering to that found in the ransom note. Richard also shows a picture of RBCP in front of a Southwestern Bell telephone building, flipping off the Bell symbol! The ransom note writer signed S.B.T.C! OMG, another connection! Richard surely came in his pants when he first spotted this picture.

Part 14 is a quick analysis of Colleen Card’s homepage in the 90’s and the menacing poetry on it. And then a look at RBCP’s homepage, his travels (which has him passing through Denver on the way to Ohio, just a year before the murder, probably to “case the joint”), and some information on the hacker party called CuervoCon. CuervoCon never happened, you know. Instead, RBCP and the rest of PLA’s active members met in Denver and had a party there. Things got a little out of control and the next thing you know…MURDER IN BOULDER! The PLA really knows how to throw a party. The next thing you know, the PLA e-zine has ended and the core members of the group are suddenly not on speaking terms.

Part 15 shows more in-depth analysis of the comparison between the JBR ransom note and the Chris Tomkinson cactus art. You know, little things like comparing characters, stylistic decisions on character formation, whole words and punctuation. Richard also finds pictures of RBCP’s postcards from his Ebay page which prove, without a doubt, that RBCP is the one who wrote the ransom note. “He gives himself away by trying to disguise the way he writes his A’s.”

Part 16 shows that Steve Eller is Brad Carter. Obviously, since they both live in Ohio. Anyone who lives in Ohio is Brad Carter. This one is boring.

Part 17 wraps up everything we’ve learned about Brad Carter’s involvement in the Jonbenet Ramsey kidnapping and murder, and gives us a few more surprises such as the “bueno” connection between the murder and RBCP’s frequent use of it. But the real bombshell drops when Richard shows us a picture of a PLA contest entry of a girl holding a sign about the PLA. The sign has a smiley face on it…just like the one written in red ink on Jonbenet’s hand! And the smiley face’s eyes are drawn as vertical lines. NOBODY draws smiley faces with vertical lines. Nobody, that is, except for Brad Carter.

Part 18: The first one is just a 7 minute introduction, welcoming himself back to making videos, welcoming Brad Carter as a viewer and saying that the world would be better off without him, slamming someone whose name I couldn’t understand because of the unbelievably bad sound quality, and calling everyone but himself idiots and morons. It’s clear that he’s surrounded by idiots and morons and he’s the only smart person in the world. It must suck to have to deal with that.

Part 19: Richard looks at the other people involved. Tannest (she’s a moron), Colleen (she’s the one who suggested we move Cuervocon to JonBenet’s neighborhood), Netmask ( is a real piece of garbage. He keeps displaying giant pages of text in the video that are impossible to read.

Part 20: The Defcon Taser Challege at Defcon which Netmask is involved in, his LiveJournal has a naked barbie doll on it, something about dictionaries, OMG SOCKS!

Part 21: Discussion on the Barbie Dolls – a sleuthing exercise on peripheral activities surrounding a crime.

Part 27:

Epilogue: This video is quite possibly the most lulzy of them all. It wraps up everything we’ve learned in the previous 30+ videos and has some great, hilarious quotes by Richard.

Richard's Emails

This first email was sent to RBCP when he made a comment on Richard’s newest video, complimenting him on the nice threads that Richard is so well known for wearing. Richard immediately took the video down, realizing that he accidentally enabled commenting on them. He never lets people comment on his videos, because that would lead to discussion and discussion would lead to a lot of, “Wait a minute, none of this adds up. Richard is insane!” He can’t have that now, can he?

From: RichardCardo
Date: Dec 16, 2008

Thanks for the “nice threads” comment. You’re obviously a man of taste.

It’s the end of a long line. Have you finally figured out what happened? Did you finally see what a mistake you made. I’m also curious, what do you think your children with think of you when this is over?

You’ve said that you love your kids.

I’m calling you out. You don’t know what love is. A person who loves his children would have only pity for the Ramseys and for the loss of their daughter. You don’t. You don’t love children, ergo, you don’t really love your kids.

Did you really think they killed her? Or did you just wish it was the case?

I think you’ve suspected for some time now the truth. You’re just a coward, afraid to do what’s right, and that’s why they should take those kids away from you. They shouldn’t have a chicken for a dad.

One more thiing…you can still be charged with accessory to murder. If only you seek to try to help, instead of trying to have fun with JonBenet’s death. Laughing about little children being murdered after a sexual assault will not make you popular to a jury or your cell”mates”.

Laugh that off.

Richard R. Cardo

P.S. Don’t brought this on yourself, every little bit. “Look at me! Look at me! I’m JonBenet’s killer!” Sheesh, you’re worse than John Mark Karr!

Why don’t we talk about the case and maybe salvage your soul, your humanity, and the future relationship with your children? I know that Boulder had more responsibilty than all three of you in screwing this up.

Richard Cardo isn’t very good at securing an interview. I think it’d be better for him to wait until after he’s interviewed RBCP and extracted as much information as possible and then sling nonstop insults at him. It doesn’t work too good the other way around. Keep this in mind when you begin investigating your next case, Richard.

From: RBCP
To: RichardCardo
Date: Dec 16, 2008

Why’d you remove your latest video? I can’t make fun of you if you don’t post new videos. Come on, man! Put it back up.

From: RichardCardo
Date: Dec 16, 2008

It wasn’t ready yet, my apologies. It will be up and you can get the attention that you crave, you know, the attention you get for actually being a less than nothing…



You were actually right in a way. Because if you did not participate, she may be alive today!

You are responsible and I know, you are waiting for the shoe to drop, but sometimes, the consequences are not just felt by you, but what do you care, you don’t love your kids , or ex-wife anyway. That’s why you are a loser. Laugh that one off too.

This next email was sent to RBCP after he made a parody video featuring Richard Cardo, which you can view here. The video was dubbed over to make it sound as if Richard was confessing to the murder. But Richard didn’t think this was hilarious at all. He immediately fired off the following email to RBCP and then complained to YouTube about the video to have it taken down.

From: RichardCardo
Date: Jan 13, 2009

Thank you for trying to derail my efforts. It only made you and your pals more guilty, and that’s not my just saying so, but the feedback I’m getting.

Now that you have officially slandered me, I will sue you. Repair the damage done to my video immediately and you will only be sued for the damages up to the corrected video is posted and protected. The courts will decide how much based on the income that my information would bring (Penguin Classics will estimate what they think they may have lost as well so you may be hearing from their lawyers). My lawyer (his firm is Anderson and associates, you might have heard of them) assures me of a small six figure amount.

You just keep screwing up don’t you.

By the way, I may pay you a visit very soon and will give you an opportunity to make fun of me face to face. This may be a life changing experience for you, but I can guarantee it will be something that you’ve needed for a long time. It’s that no one has shown you the error of your ways but I will educate you so that you will never treat people like garbage ever, ever, ever again.

I will also feel the need to warn your children of what a crappy father they have by showing them how you made fun of a little girl that you helped murder (not directly, but after it is said and done, you will be charged with accessory to murder, no matter what they told you). Anyway, this will give Colleen ammunition to make sure you never see them again. When they grow up, they’ll probably not want to ever acknowledge your existence either.

When I’m done, you’re going to find out that you were the one most responsible for Jonbenet’s murder. You were the one who knew more about what he was doing. You should not have used their pad to write the note. It places you in the Ramsey home.

Finally meeting you WILL be a pleasure.

Have a nice day.

Richard R. Cardo

Just look at all that seething hatred! Richard is desperate to ruin RBCP’s life, based on his flaky evidence that he’s been working years on. He wants his children taken away forever and then he acts like a middle school bully, threatening to come to his house to meet him face to face. This 44-year-old man wants to drive 1,300 miles so that he can use his amazing powers of logic and reason to convince a 9 and 12-year-old that their dad sucks. And look at those delusional tendencies, expecting us to believe that Penguin Classics is going to pay him big money for a book deal based on his findings. Mr. Cardo is clearly living in a fantasy world.

From: RBCP
To: RichardCardo
Date: Jan 13, 2009

Bring pie!

Fun Links

Richard’s YouTube page As of this writing, Richard has taken down his video series on the JBR murder, but it’s still fun to read the hilarious comments that everyone leaves for him.

Richard’s posts his theory on Webbsleuths In 2005, Richard posts his ideas about the PLA and the 303 crowd being responsible. He proclaims that the police will look at his evidence and that “It’ll be over within the year.” (That was 2005 and it’s not over yet.) When nobody takes him seriously, he resorts to insults and gets very defensive.

Another Webbsleuths thread Richard isn’t present in this one, but there’s a small discussion about him and the PLA there.

Boulder D.A. Not Interested! In this 2005 webbsleuth’s thread, RIchard (Posting as The Lighthouse) rants about how he gave the authorities information on the killer three years ago. He’s been on the case a long time! For some reason, nobody on the forums will take him seriously either.

Richard’s Detective Story Richard (The Lighthouse) posts that he originally got into the JBR case to write a movie script, but then realized what an amazing real detective he was. He claims that this is the 2nd case he’s ever worked on and that police once recovered a kidnapped individual thanks to his help. He’s also got 26 new cases lines up to work on.

Netmask On the Webbsleuths forum, Netmask (a long-time friend of the PLA) talks about some of Richard’s theories.

Symphony Brass Quintet Richard Cardo is a trombone player in the Symphony Brass Quintet. The website has a mid 90’s feel to it (Geocities, HAH!) and features pictures, bios, audio clips and music to buy! Only $18 for a CD full of MIDI files!

PLA Forums Here’s a thread on the PLA Forums, all about Richard Cardo.

Richard announces his videos Richard brings his video investigation to the world and decides to announce it on the Webbsleuths forums and begs everyone to spread the word as quickly as they can. Then he gets into an argument with someone there and accuses them of being directly involved in the murder. Apparently Richard thinks that everyone has killed JonBenet.

Last week I threw together a video and put it on YouTube. It was my attempt at some lame humor, using Richard’s last video and dubbing over his voice to make it seem as if he’s confessing to the murder and clearing my name. Here’s that video:

The day Richard finished his video series, he noticed my parody and threw a fit, sending me this angry email

Like I’m worried about a silly little lawsuit when his investigation is going to put me in prison for murder. After writing this, Richard contacted YouTube and demanded that my parody be taken down. YouTube complied and the video was taken down later that day. People trying to view it were shown this message instead:

Seeing how easy it is to convince YouTube to take down videos, I decided to make a claim against part 13 in his series since it used a photograph of me and PLA artwork. It worked and that video was taken down within 24 hours. But Patty, my co-conspirator in Richard’s investigation, outdid me that day by demanding the takedown of 13 of Richard’s videos. Only a day after Richard had concluded his investigation on us, after years of hard work, and suddenly nearly half of them are missing. Richard Cardo is probably not a happy man about this, especially after he thought he was so clever by figuring out a way to take down my videos.

By the way, if Richard has used any of your copyrighted material in his videos, this easy form on YouTube will allow you to make a copyright claim against him. Don’t abuse it!

This morning, Richard renamed his last video from “Epilogue” to “Who murdered JonBenet? pt. 36” so it appears that maybe recent events have made Richard decide not to conclude his investigation after all. Keep an eye on his YouTube account for the next exciting installment of Who Murdered JonBenet! And be on the lookout for Richard’s book too! Because we all know that is a reality.

Click here to discuss Richard Cardo in the PLA Forums

January 24th Edit: I’ve made a new YouTube video for Richard to complain about and have taken down which debunks a few of his theories about me and asks Richard to make amends for his mistakes. Here it is:

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  • January 24, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    I can’t lie… I did it. I was eight years old at the time, but that’s just the kind of kid that I was.

    RBCP: I am so sorry you’ve become embroiled in this. Once I knew that was happening, I just had to come forward and clear your name. It was either that or do nothing at all, but I’m hoping that they’ll let me share a cell with tr0n. He’s dreamy!

    Richard Cardo: ha-ha, sucker! I’ve been leading you on for years, and you fell for it. I don’t feel bad for you because of what I saw you do with that life-size Jon Benet doll and a tub of Crisco. What a poopyhead.

    Cops: please arrest me. I can be found living under the four-level interchange in downtown Los Angeles. Just look for the guy in a tutu who reeks of his own urine and knows where the CIA’s mind-control satellites are stored at night.

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  • July 22, 2010 at 6:41 am

    Other YouTubeniks blow bandwith ranting about losers like VenomfangX or that sh*%heel Peter Popoff, but only Richard Cardo could waste years trying to implicate sombody in the Ramsey murder BY GOOGLE IMAGES ALONE. No physical contact, no interviews, just sorting through the intertubes….Robert Graysmith, the guy who wrote a book implicating Arthur Leigh Allen as the Zodiac Killer, at least talked to people, went through police files, tried to prove his theory with solid evidence. Richard Cardo is FAIL from beginning to end.

  • March 11, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    The specified media does not exist

    looks like photobucket deleted the videos :(

  • August 16, 2012 at 6:53 am

    Well, I’m convinced by that evidence! But Richard actually overlooked another hint: The names JonBenet and Brad both contain a B… A CAPITAL B! Coincidence? I don’t think so!
    And why do you try to fool us with your car trip calculations, Brad? Everyone knows that you have a Batmobile in your underground garage (again: a capital B)!

    So, nothing more to add! Thank you, your honor and jury! I’m confident that you’ll reach the correct decision! ;-)

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