Back in early 2009, Party 934 gave me a slot on their radio station, which became The Phone Show. Almost immediately, a group of guys known as “pbx411” started calling into the show only to scream their URL at us and hang up. It turned out that they completely hated me and linear, for reasons unknown, and made it their life’s mission to ruin The Phone Show. They set up a bunch of fake Craigslist ads with the show’s phone number, which gave us fun content for the show and has become a tradition for us since then, and they constantly called in to tell us their URL. They claimed complete victory in their war against the PLA when they found RogueClown’s phone number and sent a pizza to her house. Just slightly over a month later, their campaign of terror was over, and linear and I were able to sleep peacefully again.

Of course, I can’t complain too much about a group of guys who call up a show and yell a single phrase at the host. Our phone mobs against AM radio stations were mostly people calling in and working the word “cactus” into some form of weird joke that only PLA people would understand. If anything, I deserve to be harassed on my own show, but they should at least have put a little more effort into it than simply yelling their URL and hanging up. People wouldn’t still be listening to our old What’s Your Bid prank every day if all we did was call them up and yell, “PHONELOSERS DOT ORG!#!@##!@” at them.

So pbx411 disappeared for a couple of years as their domain name expired and disappeared as well. But then, just a month ago, they came back! This time they had a new domain name, called (get it? because they’re not losers like us!), and a renewed irrational hatred for all things PLA. The campaign of phone calls started up once again, only this time they were yelling “PHONEWINNERS DOT COM!!!” at us instead of “PBX411 DOT INFO!!!”. They did the same to OhEmGee’s Fun Show and they began spamming the Fruit Wall on with their URL nonstop. They seemed completely desperate to make their URL known, something that most people accomplish by simply asking me to post their link on the page for them.

So why do the Phone Winners hate me so much? This is best part – apparently it’s because I deleted a post of Harry’s (he’s the head Phone Winner) on the PLA forums years ago. That’s it. I deleted a post. I haven’t been told which post I deleted and I don’t even know if it was me that deleted it or one of the other mods there. The only thing I’m certain of is that a deleted post from more than 2 years ago isn’t worth this much time and energy. If you’re still seething with hatred after 2 years just because some post was deleted, then you have some issues. But if you’re dedicating a large portion of your day to harassing the guy who runs these forums, then…I dunno. That’s just weird. Pretty much every time we’ve called into their voice bridge, they 2 guys on it are ranting about what a horrible person I am. For deleting a post.

Stuff like this happens to me all the time, of course. Harry and the Phone Winners are just the latest in the harassment that’s taken place against me during the past 15 years of doing PLA. There’s always some guy that makes it his life’s mission to bring me down forever, usually for no reason at all and usually someone who thinks he’s completely anonymous and that I can never do anything about it. This thing with Harry mostly reminds me of the StLSD2000 incident from about 10 years ago, where a guy named StLSD2000 decided that I was the most evil person in the world because I banned the use of numbers on the PLA Forums in an attempt to stomp out the problem with people posting credit card and calling card numbers there. StLSD2000 began calling me at home and charging items to my phone bill, certain that he would bankrupt me and that my life would be over. When I promised him that I would post the calling cards he sent me on, he was really surprised to find out that not only did I figure out who he was, but that I posted all of his personal information on along with the calling cards. I don’t think I ever heard from him after that.

The best course of action for people like this has always been to just completely ignore them. They quickly get bored and go away, usually forever, but some of them keep at it until I figure out who they are. Like z09, a person that a lot of you probably remember from the PLA Forums, who began stealing my account info from local businesses like Blockbuster and sending me pizzas and mailing spoiled food to my PO box. He disappeared forever after I tracked him down and changed his forum avatar into his boy scout photo. Or Compudroid, who hacked my site and was tricking everyone into dialing his ANI trap until I gave all of those people his home phone number, or Brice Carlson who dared the PLA to harass him and then began calling the police on me when I complied, or Jason H after he tried to get my sites taken down. And, of course, there’s that little incident where Richard Cardo tried to frame me for a high-profile murder case.

Lately the Phone Winners have graduated from harassing me online to posting the personal information of PLA people on their site, threatening to assault me at Defcon this summer, calling my hosting company to social engineer MySQL info from them, and attempting to run up the bandwidth limit on my Cacti Radio host so that I’m charged an extra $10 per month, an expense that I just don’t see how I’m going to be able to ever afford. Don’t worry, they haven’t even come close to reaching my limit yet, but they are still trying their best and I’m extremely worried about this. The funny thing is, Harry doesn’t seem to know much about proxies, because while the logs on my website showed that he was using a free proxy service called to access my web site, they still displayed his real Comcast IP address in New Jersey.

So yesterday I called Comcast and asked, “Hey, Comcast, who does this IP address belong to?” and they’re like, “LOL, it belongs to some girl named Deborah G——– in Jersey City.” And I said, “Oh? Well what’s Deborah’s phone number?” and Comcast says, “It looks like the same Google Voice number that Harry used when he registered” This was exactly the moment that I began spending a large chunk of my work day researching Harry’s home. I was able to find out that Harry’s real name is Joseph W Princiotta Jr and that although Harry loves bragging about making $3,000 IN CASH for making a single service call, he still can’t seem to scrounge up enough money to move out of his mother’s house. Yep, Harry is 44-years-old and still lives with his mom, Loretta. Hasn’t moved out yet. That’s gotta be hell on his dating life.

And it turns out that Harry is a huge internet celebrity too, featured on for nearly blowing his hand off and sending some other guy to the hospital. So Harry is 44, still lives with his mom, enjoys civil war reenactment shows, and is dumb enough to set fire to tubes of gun powder in his hand. And, oh yeah, he doesn’t know how to use a proxy.

So now I just feel kind of bad for Joe and that’s why I’m giving him the attention that he’s been so desperate for all these years. Visit his website at, where he’s put a ton of effort into bashing the PLA because he hates us, yet he’s been stealing all of our pranks and reposting them on his site. Don’t write anything hateful in the comments section, though, because even though Harry will flip out and harass you for 2 years when you delete a forum post of his, he will still delete your comments if they hurt his feelings.

Call up Harry’s voice bridge at 212-389-1318 and talk to him and his life partner, Joseph Moskalshi in Easton, Pennsylvania, who pays for the web site and helps Harry call into the show and scream their URL at us every Tuesday and Wednesday night. Once you tire of listening to The Joes complain about me all day, you should hang up and join the 21st century by hanging out with PLA on Tinychat or Skype.

Harry, please accept my apologies for deleting whatever forum post of yours that I deleted 2 years ago and please don’t throw a bag of piss on me at Defcon for that heinous crime. If you want to join the forums and post it again, I’ll let you. I sincerely hope that you appreciate that I’ve finally posted your URL on and that you’ll stop trying to run up my bandwidth bill at PRQ, because if you manage to succeed, they’re going to charge me an extra $10 and that will totally ruin my life forever. I make very little profit from selling PLA dog tags and I honestly don’t think I can sell enough dog tags to cover the expense that your hacking may end up costing me. Please stop refreshing my page. Please! Oh, and test out free proxy services before you use them.

NEXT MORNING UPDATE: Last night we had fun talking about all of this on the air as Rob listened on their bridge. As expected, Harry completely denies that he is Joseph Princiotta, playing it cool like I’m a huge retard and found the wrong person. We called his bridge and tried to talk to him on the air, but he was strangely quiet during that. (Maybe he had to go tend to a $3,000 service call.) Pretend that you’re not Joseph W Princiotta Jr. all you want, Harry, but we know you are. Your years of hiding your identity are officially over now. Think of this as a favor from us. You’ve always had to work so hard at being paranoid and keeping yourself hidden. Now you’re free to just be yourself and not have to worry about ridiculous stuff like that. Welcome to 2011, where we all have Facebooks and know each others real names! I will definitely be your friend when you get yours set up, Joe. :)

SLIGHTLY LATER IN THE MORNING UPDATE: Oh, this is weird…the whois info suddenly changed since last night’s Phone Show where we exposed Harry as Joseph Princiotta. Used to the whois info clearly stated that the domain was owned by Harry Mann with a fake PO box in Texas and a Google Voice number, which is the same Google Voice number on Harry’s cable TV account. But now all of the whois info is suddenly blocked. (Click on those underlined words to see.) He must have dropped a little of that $3,000 in cash of his to privatize his domain info.

Oh, and look at this. Something similar also happened to, another domain name of Harry’s that currently forwards to A month ago, the domain belonged to Harry Mann in Texas City and used the same Google Voice number as the other, but today that domain suddenly belongs to the fake name of D. Sanchen in Hoboken, New Jersey with a new phone number. Isn’t that odd? He must have changed that days ago and we didn’t notice. Oh wait, no, he changed it immediately after we dropped his docs on The Phone Show.

It’s strange that Harry would suddenly be scrambling to change all of his whois info so early this morning when he vehemently denies that he is Joseph Princiotta from Jersey City, New Jersey. If I’m wrong about his information as he claims I am, then why all the sudden changes in whois info? It’s funny, last night during the aftershow I was commenting about how it’s too bad that I don’t have any actual proof that Harry is Joseph Princiotta. All people have to go on is trusting me in my confidence that I have the right person. It’s pretty much my word against Harry’s. I say he’s 44-years-old and still lives with his mother and likes to set himself on fire, while he says he’s a cool guy, living the high life and doing PBX consulting jobs that net him $3,000 in cash per night. But this is almost as good as actual proof, having Harry freak out and change all of his whois info. Thanks, Harry!

Oh, I should also mention that strangely enough, my domain is suddenly not being refreshed nonstop today by Harry. Funny that should stop all of a sudden. Guess he’s got his hands full with changing whois info everywhere so he doesn’t have time to refresh my page all day.

THE NEXT EVENING UPDATE: It’s been more than 24 hours now since last night’s Phone Show where I dropped Harry’s info and even though Harry swears that I’m wrong about his real identity, he hasn’t made a post on to laugh at me for finding the wrong guy. You’d think he would want to point out how dumb I am for finding the wrong person, since he’s clearly not this Joseph Princiotta character. But nope, not a word on their site about how wrong I am.

Today we happened across Joe Moskalshi’s Myspace page and found some interesting photos on there. There’s a civil war group photo and there’s a civil war blow job picture and a picture of Joe Moskalshi wearing a Victorian suit for Christmas caroling. It sure is crazy that even though I got the wrong person and Harry isn’t Joseph Princiotta, his web site just happens to be hosted by a guy who really seems to be into Civil War reenactments. What are the odds of that?

THE NEXT WEEK (6/6/2011) UPDATE: Man, Joseph Princiotta and Joseph Moskalshi are really on the run now! They are deleting their accounts everywhere since PLA exposed their real identities, yet we’re still to believe that Harry isn’t really Joseph Princiotta. Down in the comments here, you’ll see that Dely notified us that Harry deleted his YouTube account last week, which is kind of weird. Why would he delete the YouTube he used to spew racism at everyone while promoting his phone bridge? (Click here for a screen cap of his YouTube.) Is there something we don’t know? Cause I sure can’t figure out a reason for him to delete his YouTube, other than him not wanting his real name associated with that YouTube. But why? If anyone knows the answers, post them in the comments here, or contact me directly.

We’ll never again get to see Harry’s gripping videos, like the one titled, “Pedophile Michael Jackson Left a Witness – Breaking Story!” where the description says, “Join the Michael Jackson Partyline! (212) 389-1318 It’s free, just a standard long-distance call.” (Haha, “long-distance” like this is still the early 2000’s.) A Google search for their phone number finds all kinds of fun stuff like this. (And so does a search for GibbedHGR.) Harry used to troll Yahoo Answers to promote his bridge number too. Check out this one where he tried to get 15-year-old girls to call their bridge. Wonder how that worked out for him. Sad that his hard work went to waste, now that he’s locking the bridge. MrX tells us that their bridge is often locked now. Why would they lock their bridge? Wouldn’t that defeat the whole purpose of a bridge? They may as well just be calling each other on the phone to chat all night, like teenage girls do.

Joe Moskalshi’s Myspace page has been deleted. Surely he deleted that because nobody uses Myspace anymore and it was pointless to even have it. It wasn’t because he didn’t like people seeing the awesome pictures of him. At least we helped Moskalshi earn a Myspace badge before he killed his account. His pictures received so much attention because of PLA that Myspace awarded him the “In The Spotlight” badge. Check it out.

Other than all the account deletions and the whois domain info changing, things have been really quiet on the Phone Winners front. There haven’t been any new posts on their website, when before they were making new posts every few days. In fact, a few posts have even been deleted. Their forums haven’t had a single post on them in over a week now and their Facebook page is dead. Come on, Phone Winners, I finally give you all this attention that you’ve been begging me for for years now and then you just clam up and ignore me.

Brad Carter

I run this town.

25 thoughts on “PHONE WINNERZ DOT COM!!@#$@#!#

  • June 1, 2011 at 5:45 am

    hahah… thanks for the write up. I’ve been wondering what the hell is with these dudes for a while now. I never knew the Craigslist ads were the work of these guys. The proxy shit is hilarious

  • June 1, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Hey, look at that, Harry just changed the registration information for last night and took away the phone number that was linked to his cable account. Too bad I’ve got a screen capture of his old information. Wonder why he’s changing stuff. Since he’s not Joseph Princiotta, he shouldn’t be worried about that link, right?

  • June 1, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    Hi! My name is Joe Moskalski. I work at T—– Communications/wireless in Bethleham as a lower level technician. Please friend me on Linkedin. Just don’t bug my manager, supervisor or the ceo of the company who also have linked in accounts or who’s email addresses are on my company’s webpage. I don’t want them knowing about my phonewinners page or my mad hacking/phreaking/or pranking skillz

  • June 1, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    Also, please don’t mock me for going to Lincoln Tech ( so I could get the ISCET’s MST certification. This is a certification to help me learn “practical technology and customer service area” skills ( which helped me get my tech support bitch… Er… I mean “technician” job ( We at want you if you’re like us and “have a career or at least a skill-set”

  • June 1, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Haha, yeah. And it’s only because Harry goes through my friends list and adds people that he recognizes from PLA. Even doing that he only managed to acquire 8 friends. Maybe more people will join now that I posted on their wall.

  • June 1, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Heyyyy It’s Joe M. again! I just wanted you guys to check out my Myspace –

    There’s lots of AWESOME pictures of me doing civil war reenactments (My friend Harry/Joe and I both love our civil war reenactments).

    Also, here’s my personal Youtube:

    and here’s Harry/Joe’s personal Youtube (Fuck Obama/OJ Simpson/Michael Jackson/black people/global warming!!!!):

  • June 1, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Isn’t it weird how Joe P’s mom’s number rings forever even though she used to pick up the other day any time we called? Weird…

  • June 2, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    I do not know why “Harry” deleted his youtube account. He has used the ID GibbedHGR all over the web.

  • June 2, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    Why does harry always lock the Conference now? It was never like that before!

  • June 3, 2011 at 8:15 am

    That is weird that he’d remove his YouTube so suddenly. It was full of racist and political comments, all ending with “by the way, call me if you want to talk about this!” with his bridge phone number. He does the same thing with Yahoo Answers. He’s a marketing genius!

  • June 6, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    So I left him a comment. No response (yet?).

    >$3K to restore a customer’s PBX from a backup? That’s highway robbery. Unless of course you weren’t just restoring it, and had to rebuild the entire config by hand – then you’re just stupid, and I feel bad for your client.

    >Is it possible that your PBX shat itself when the “other consultant” tried working on it because it was half-assed in the first place, and just plain ready to break? I know there’s lots of idiots out there, but it seems to me the “other consultant” isn’t the only one here.

    >BTW: Grandstreams suck. Since you’ve got $3K in your pocket, it shouldn’t be any trouble for you to pick up a few Polycoms, Ciscos, or other real phones and see what you’ve been missing.

    >Keep playin’ those cussomers… maybe if you keep charming them, it’ll take them a little longer to figure you out.

    >That is all.

  • June 6, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    Did he actually approve that post? Some other guy posted a similar comment on that thread and Harry replied to it, but then deleted the guy’s comment a day later. He doesn’t like being called on his bullshit.

    BTW, hi nwbell! Haven’t seen you around in awhile. I just posted a picture of yours in but I’m too lazy to tell you which one.

  • June 6, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    I know he deleted some of my posts. He even edited some to say they were from RBCP and changed what I said completely.

  • June 6, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    Say, Arbie, was that supposed to be a clever way of tricking me into looking at every image in /pictures to figure out which one was mine? Because if it was, it worked :-)

    I assume you’re thinking of

    Funny, I still have that lunchbox. Just used it last week to ID all the pairs at my new house’s demarc, and again yesterday to test the oxygen sensor on my truck. It sure is one handy little deal-e-o.

  • June 11, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    No One is ever on the PW bridge now. You’re the only one in the conference is all i get these days. Why harry, I wanted to hang out with you i love hearing you talk about RBCP trying to sell dog tags and how Roxy would suck your dick on command.

  • February 22, 2013 at 11:04 am

    I’m listening to all the Phone Shows and I just got to this one! Justice was served. Karma Police! “This is what you’ll get when you mess with us”

  • January 14, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    Hey Arbie why cant i download this show?? It leads me to a Error page

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