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The Phone Losers of America have been assaulting the public with prank calls and posting them on our website since 1997. You can scroll through the Youtube playlist above to find some of the best material, or for more current pranks, listen to a few of our shows like The Snow Plow Show and World of Prank Calls.

On this page you will find your favorite pranks by the Phone Losers of America. Each section here contains just 3 prank calls, but includes links to many more prank calls with the same theme as that section, such as our Wal-Mart pranks, our complainer pranks and our Foursquare stalking pranks. Enjoy!

Car Dealership Pranks

Truck Incident – A lady calls to check on the status of her truck, only to find out that it’s been blown up by a new employee who didn’t know about the “no smoking under the hood” policy.
How Do I Open The Hood? – Simple things like opening the hood of a car are too complex for this lady, but RBCP is patient enough to explain things to her.
Guy Can’t Comprehend – This guy has already read the ad, but calls in and keeps asking the same questions over and over.
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Car Ding Prank Calls

$100,000 Mercedes – This guy is very proud of his expensive car and loves telling me the exact cost of it. He’s not happy when I tell him that he has to pay for the damages to my car since he has more money than me.
Nancy Boy – This guy is nice until Roy starts being a jerk to him, then Roy’s wife calls to tell him that Roy beat her because of the call, then Roy’s lawyer calls to file a lawsuit about the whole thing.
Zig Zag Lines – After telling Jessica that I keyed her car in a violent mood swing, I come clean and tell her I’m just kidding and it’s just a prank call. She’s more pissed about the prank than the keying.
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Hotel Prank Calls

Carrot Top – This lady isn’t very happy that Carrot Top wants her to leave her room at 3:30am so that he can have his favorite room, even when the front desk clerk offers to send Carrot Top up to help her pack.
Jumping on the Beds – We tell this old lady to stop jumping on her bed but she insists that she wasn’t.
Entitled To Trash Bags – This guy calls the front desk and asks for some trash bags to be delivered to his room. We are using a police scanner to listen to the hotels frequencies and hear his request, so we call his room back. This guy thinks he’s important enough to get us fired.
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Wal-Mart Prank Calls

Christmas Bows – “Excuse me, I’m a customer!” “You haven’t bought anything yet, you’re not a customer!” (as heard on CNBC!)
Meds Girl – It doesn’t take much to set this girl off when she tries to call the pharmacy and reaches toys instead.
Is The Baby Ugly? – Usually when I tell a customer that they have an ugly baby, they flip out on me. Not this lady, though. She either has an awesome sense of humor or is deathly afraid of confrontation.
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Pizza Prank Calls

Kind of a Waste – This guy really puts Spessa in her place when she expresses a simple opinion. This guy probably thinks women shouldn’t vote either.
You’re Too Old – An old lady calls in trying to order a pizza, not realizing that pizza is not an old person’s food. She tries to trick us by telling us she’s just 22. Then she tries to trick us by saying it’s for her teenage son.
We’re Closed – This guy calls after we’re closed, thinking he can still get a pizza.
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Prank Calls to Old People

Drugs, Hookers and Booze RBCP tells grandma all the news going on in his life which includes drugs, pregnant hookers, booze, drugs and child abuse. Grandma is really surprised by all of this.
I Am Mildred Monday Mildred can’t understand why she’s getting charges on her bill from herself.
Ride Home? El_jefe tells a deaf old man that he needs a ride home and complete confusion ensues.
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Prank Calls to 1-900 Numbers

Hurry Up Anita the phone sex operator is told to hurry up with the phone sex, because RBCP is on a budget.
Bridging A Psychic And A Phone Sex Operator Together We bridge a psychic on the line with Dakota the phone sex operator. Things get out of control when we get them to reverse roles and the psychic starts roaring like a lion.
Jenn Jenn asks a psychic advice on her career, her husband and her pimp. (Taken from The Phone Show on 7-06-2009)
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Prayer Line Prank Calls

Kick Him In The Balls Mr. Spessa gives fighting tips to a nose picking guy.
Crazy Cat Lady Mr. Spessa does the best prayer for cats ever.
Smite Mr. Spessa, being awesome.
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Auto Parts Prank Calls

Radiator Hose A man calls the auto parts store, apparently just to announce that he’s coming in to buy something.
Get Back in the Kitchen Okay I don’t have anything against females. But do they really need to be calling up a business and pretending they know shit about cars? This lady calls about an alternator and I politely tell her to have her husband call in. She gets all pissy sounding and says it’s for her car. How cute is that.
Shut Your Kids Up If you’re going to call up a business to get information, at least have the common sense to lock your damn kids in the closet for the duration of the phone call. I can’t even hear this moron because his kids are yelling in the background.
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Movie Theater Prank Calls

Employee Discipline This lady tries to trick us into getting a responsible person by asking for the marketing department. It doesn’t work but she seems to think it does and tells us about the horrible hooligans answering the phones today.
Unamerican Woman This lady gets all pissed off at us just because murd0c calls her a patriot.
Not A Recording RBCP confirms this lady’s suspicions that she’s not hearing a recording.
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Tech Support Prank Calls

S-H-I-T-H-E-A-D This lady needs to know what her User ID is and she’s a little surprised when see realizes what the tech had her write on a piece of paper.
What kind of questions are these?? A technical support worker is baffled by the stupidity of an internet user’s questions and curses her ignorance.
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Complainers Prank Calls
People love to complain, especially when it’s to a giant audience on Twitter. They especially love to complain at company public relations Twitter accounts in hopes of having their issues resolved. We’ve started contacting these chronic complainers before the real companies can, posing as the company. Here are a few calls.

Connie’s Lost Package Connie is upset that the post office lost her package, so the post office calls to tell her that if she doesn’t take down her slanderous tweet. She actually takes down the tweet while I’m on the phone with her. About 40 minutes later, we call her back as a different person and tell her we found her missing package. The day after this call was made, Connie made her Twitter account private.
Mallory Misses Her Flight Mallory thinks it’s American Airlines’ fault that she can’t be on time, so we tell her husband that she’s blacklisted from all future flights for being such a complainer. Her tweet read, “en route to san fran thanks to United & NO thanks to @AAirwaves DON’T FLY AMERICAN! stupid policies & terrible customer service.” Legend later follows up with a call of his own to the husband.
Phone Number Porting This guy tweets, “Sorry AT&T, your customer service sucks. I now have T-Mobile.” so OhEmGee pretends to be AT&T and tries to work things out with him. Rob the Hyena calls back as her supervisor after he hangs up. And then RBCP calls back again as Rob’s supervisor.
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Apartment Manager Prank Calls

Toilet Problems – This lady is horrified to find out that RBCP has been flushing sand down his toilet. Just to give OhEmGee her credit – she came up with the idea of flushing sand down the toilet and leaving the water running to “get revenge” on the landlord. She’s obviously a nightmare of a tenant in her apartment complex.
Meth Lab Mold – RBCP suspects that his meth lab is causing the walls and ceiling to get mold.
Stealing Copper For Rent – Staci tells the apartment manager that she’s sold all the copper pipes in the apartment so she’d have money to pay her rent.
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Foursquare stalker Prank Calls

Red Cross Telemarketing – Shaggy gets a telemarketing call from the Red Cross while eating at Royal Thai Cuisine.
Roy The Internet Stalker – Carlie is surprised to get a call from an internet stalker and decides on the phone not to use Foursquare anymore.
Blockbuster Video – Blockbuster tells Sabrina that she’s no longer welcome in their stores. She posted a series of tweets after this calls which went like this: “Just had the dumbest prank played on me thx to foursquare! Guy called Blockbuster, asked for me, told me he was from Corp. & that I wasn’t…..welcome there, and how to leave the store!”
Click here to listen to more Foursquare stalker prank calls

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If you like our prank calls, please share them as much as possible. Feel free to use our calls in any of your own projects, podcasts, music, radio shows, etc. If you prefer prank calls without cursing, you can find calls like that on our page of radio safe prank calls.

Prank Phone Call Shows

  • The Snow Plow Show – The Phone Show features RBCP and other Phone Losers every Tuesday night at 9pm Pacific. If you can’t catch the live show, then there’s a podcast too.
  • Madhouse Live – Carlito hosts one of the longest running prank call shows on the internet each Thursday night at 7pm Pacific. If you can’t catch the live show, then there’s a podcast too.
  • PrankCallNation – This is an internet radio station that features several live prank call shows each week and plays other random prank calls and songs throughout the day.
  • Prank Call Radio – PrankCallRadio.com is the home of Zolar, Dr. Lego, High Pitch Erik, Billy Mira and many more! Live shows every evening.

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    Kevin – I don’t think we’ve ever done a Chinese or Japanese impersonation prank call on this site.

    Joji – You can download everything the PLA has ever done from bittorrent. The current torrent is located at https://phonelosers.com/torrent/

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    How come the guy in your walmart prank sounds the exact same as the one in the pizza place prank, the one where you say it’s closed. In the walmart prank it was one of the last guys and he said he was going to talk to the electronics manager, David. In the pizza place closed prank he sounds the exact same and even says “dude” like the other guy and in the same voice/context. Seems like it’s set up or faked, but I hope not because then it wouldn’t be funny at all. Also, how could you someone get people to call your number instead of the pizza hut number? Are you calling them? Doesn’t make sense

  • June 22, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    Hi Rick. I love pranking people and faking it would suck all the fun out of it for me – that’s something I would never do. The pizza calls were done by the phone company “making a mistake” (wink wink) and forwarding a pizza company’s phone calls to our cell phone. That’s how a lot of our older calls were done, where we answer business phone lines.

    Most of the Wal-Mart calls were done by walking around a Wal-Mart store on Black Friday and simply picking up one of the phones in the store whenever I heard a department paged to pick up a phone line. I had a portable recording device with me to record all of the calls. The Wal-Marts were located in Oregon and the pizza place was in another state, so that’s definitely not the same guy. I mean, I guess it COULD be, but it’d be a pretty amazing coincidence.

    You should listen to our live show on Tuesday nights to hear some of the fun pranks happen. It’s on http://www.cactiradio.com/phoneshow.

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    Wicc – I’ve had to take down most of the 2010 Phone Show episodes because I ran out of space on my server. There is the Grouchy Old Man episode of PLA Radio, though, which takes all the best clips from both of the episodes with him in it. It’s here:


    If you still want the Phone Show versions of it, you can get them by downloading the latest PLA Media Pack: https://phonelosers.com/torrent/

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