Prayer Line Calls

Prayer Line Prank Calls

Here are some pranks from the days when we all worked at the prayer line call center. Not only were we fired, but God threw lightning bolts at us as we were walking across the parking lot to leave.

Big Diamond Ring An old lady wants Doug to propose to her, but Spessa knows what she really wants.

Drive To Kansas Mr. Spessa gives out lottery numbers during his prayer and encourages this lady to move to Kansas with the winnings.

Check This guy is really into being in alignment with things.

Congressional Hearing This guy needs the government to stop dicking him around.

I Work Prayer for foodstamps.

Crazy Cat Lady Mr. Spessa does the best prayer for cats ever.

Smite Mr. Spessa, being awesome again.

Disagreeable Lady This lady can’t make up her mind about what she wants in a prayer. Always second guessing Mr. Spessa’s hard work.

Kick Him In The Balls Mr. Spessa gives fighting tips to a nose picking guy.

Tarot Cards RBCP is asked for a prayer, but gives a tarot card reading instead.

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