Angry & Confused Old People Prank Calls

Angry & Confused Old People Prank Calls

Drugs, Hookers and Booze RBCP tells grandma all the news going on in his life which includes drugs, pregnant hookers, booze, drugs and child abuse. Grandma is really surprised by all of this.

Grandma, I’m Pregnant! Spessa’s grandma is very accepting of her mixed race baby.

Have That Baby! Grandma won’t help Mr. Spessa with his abortion funds. She won’t even give him any grandmotherly advice on DIY abortions.

Grandma Has Dementia This grandma insists that she’s okay and doesn’t have dementia.

Nightmare Mr. Spessa tells grandpa about his bad dream, tells him he’s bought them a new dog, then gets to talk to grandma while she’s using the toilet.

Grandma Forgot My Birthday Spessa tries to extort money from her grandma for completely forgetting her birthday.

Grandma Gets Upset This grandma gets upset and curses at Mr. Spessa because she refuses to believe that he’s her grandson.

Good News, Grandma! RBCP tells grandma about getting a girl at work pregnant, then they talk about money for awhile.

I’m Gay Grandma isn’t very accepting of RBCP’s new homosexual lifestyle.

Jesus Was Gay This grandma tries to be supportive of RBCP’s gayness, but clearly doesn’t approve of it and does a lot of preaching

I Need Drug Money Grandma is completely unwilling to accommodate RBCP’s quest for heroin funds.

Premonition Mr. Spessa tells grandma about his dad’s drinking problem, convinces her to put him on the will and then arranges for her to be sent to an Arizona retirement home in the morning.

Aw, Go To Hell! We accidentally dial one digit off from our friend Joe’s number so we figure he must live next door to this guy. This guy doesn’t agree. Listen for his nifty reference to rotary dialing!

Oh No I’m Not! We tell an elderly woman that she’d better pay for the pizza she just ordered or else and she has the nerve to get all huffy with us.

Mildred Monday’s Roof Mildred is fed up with RBCP’s calls and threatens to shoot him in the hiney with a shotgun.

Ride Home? El_jefe tells a deaf old man that he needs a ride home and complete confusion ensues.

I Am Mildred Monday Mildred can’t understand why she’s getting charges on her bill from herself.

Alex Carbon’s Calling Card Alex is really pissed about the calling card that someone ordered under his name.

Alex Carbon Still Doesn’t Want A Calling Card El_jefe attempts to sell Alex a new calling card, but he’s a hard sell.

Linus Pole We call up an old man and ask him a lot of silly questions. He has a hard time hearing us.

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