900 Sex Lines and Psychics

PLA's 900 Line Pranks
This is a page of prank calls to 900 sex lines and psychic lines. These types of phone lines were very prominent in the 80’s and 90’s, but aren’t too popular these days since they can’t be dialed from cell phones. The video below has a collection of our favorite psychic calls, then there are even more calls below it.

Hurry Up Anita the phone sex operator is told to hurry up with the phone sex, because RBCP is on a budget. 
Bridging Phone Sex Operators Together Two phone sex operators, Alisa and Dakota, are bridged together for hot nasty time with Bibles. Things get really hot when RBCP is proposed to, because nothing turns a man on like the prospect of marriage. 
Bridging A Psychic And A Phone Sex Operator Together We bridge a psychic on the line with Dakota the phone sex operator. Things get out of control when we get them to reverse roles and the psychic starts roaring like a lion. 
Very Slow Psychic Spessa asks if she should shoot herself in the foot, then we ask for lotto numbers. The psychic talks extremely slow, either because she’s retarded or because she wants to make as much money as possible. 
Doubtful of Age This phone sex operator questions Mr. Spessa’s age, then ends up getting killed. 
Sexy Jobs Spessa prays with Brenda the psychic, then the psychic goes nuts promoting sexyjobs.com 
Karma RBCP asks if he’s going to get arrested for 900 number abuse and fraud and theresa preaches forever about karma and finally convinces RBCP to abduct his neighbor’s children. 
Jenn Jenn asks a psychic advice on her career, her husband and her pimp. 
Richard Cardo’s Psychic Reading Star the Psychic gives Richard some eye-opening advice regarding his obsession with Jonbenet Ramsey. You might not understand the references in this call unless you read the Richard Cardo story first. 
Richard Cardo’s Jonbenet Ramsey Fantasy Richard Cardo calls a phone sex operator and attempts to live out a fantasy of his, but the phone sex operator isn’t really into it. You might not understand the references in this call unless you read the Richard Cardo story first. 


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