Button Contest Winner for April 2012

Remember back on April 1st, when I post about an amazing new button designing contest where you could win your choice of prizes from the PLA store? The first batch of entries are in and I’m here to judge them. We’ll start with Rappy McRapperson‘s…

Rappy was the only person to draw his buttons with ink pen and submit them via U.S. mail and that is why HE LOSES! The rules clearly stated to email them to me! You get NOTHING, Rappy!

I may have awarded So0ty/Tristan with this month’s prize, but his McDonald’s logo spoof is clearly an attempt to get McDonald’s to sue me. Not cool, especially after the incident with H4rl3y Dav1ds0n earlier this year. Stick to making awesome YouTube videos for us, So0ty!

It looks like Patch used his 486 Pentium desktop machine with Windows 3.11 to design this one. What, you couldn’t find a good AT&T logo to use, Patch?? And did Windows Paint not have a center feature for text? Go to the public library next time and use a real computer!

Forest claims that it only took him 5 minutes to throw the above button together, but I’m thinking he’s full of crap and he spent days in Photoshop, designing it. Nice try, Forest!

Rhys seems to think that grouchy old man looks like a 1950’s housewife. And did Mildred Monday ever use “I’m” to refer to herself? I don’t think so. Mildred is just like Lieutenant Commander Data – she never uses contractions. Way to prove that you know absolutely nothing about PLA! But I guess those, combined with the GO AWAY PLA button, make me like your set of buttons the best and I’m forced to award you the prize of anything you want from the PLA store.


Send me your address and let me know what you’d like! As for you other people – out of pity, I guess I’ll keep my word and send you the button that you designed, along with a couple other random buttons and maybe even an OBEY sticker if I’m feeling particularly nice. So give me your addresses, everyone! I want to add them to my giant notebook full of personal information on PLA people!

Thanks for the entries, everyone. Keep them coming because I’m going to extend the contest through at least the next month. I will announce a new winner on June 1st. It’s an easy way to win a t-shirt if you’re too cheap to buy one, so open up your pirated copy of Photoshop and get started!

(Linked to this post is the latest episode of The Phone Show for you podcast subscribers since I never make PLA Radios anymore. Enjoy it!)

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