Design A PLA Button Contest (2012 Edition!)

If you’ve visited the PLA Store in the past 4 decades, you’ve probably noticed the buttons for sale. Many of these buttons were designed by PLA forum members in a 2006 contest that lasted for 23 years. I’m starting up the contest again, only with bigger and better prizes!

This time, not only will I send your button to you, plus a few extra buttons of your choice, but I’ll also pick a winner at the end of each month to receive any item they want from the PLA Store. A shirt, a book, a CD, or whatever other crappy thing we’re currently hawking in an attempt to get rich. I even have some items that aren’t in the store anymore, such as coffee mugs, that you can choose from.

  • You can send me as many entries as you want. You’ll either send them directly to, or just post them in this thread.
  • Entries should have something to do with the PLA, no matter how obscure.
  • I will send most people the buttons that they design. I will choose which ones not to send out, such as the ones that are just random images poorly slapped together or text that could never possibly be read on a 1″ button. I will publicly ridicule the really bad entries this time instead of being nice and mailing them out.
  • If multiple entries in a certain month are especially awesome, I just might pick two people to receive PLA crap.
  • Many entries will become a part of the PLA Store. Others won’t go in the store, but will be regularly given out along with other merchandise that’s ordered. You won’t be compensated, other than to receive a few free buttons and possibly the monthly prize. You can rest easy, knowing that my buttons profits are always negative because I give tons of them away with orders.
  • Yes, I’m posting this contest on April 1st, no this contest isn’t an April Fools Day joke.
  • No, a part of the April Fools joke is not to say that it isn’t a joke even though it really is.

I’ve made some templates to get you started on designing PLA buttons. If you’d like to make a small button, then use this template. If you’d like to make a large button, then use this template.

Ready, set, GO!

Brad Carter

I run this town.

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