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Somehow you’ve managed to stumble into our Wal-Mart page. In these pages you’re going to make those rare experiences inside Wal-Mart a real experience. You’re going to learn all kinds of neat tricks, you’re going to get ideas and by the time you leave this page all you’re going to be able to think about is how much fun you’re going to have during your next visit at Wal-Mart. This page was mentioned in The Boston Herald in 2005. Read about it on our press page!

Telephone Conversations
Most of the following telephone conversations are intercepted calls from people trying to reach Wal-Mart. How can you intercept phone calls at Wal-Mart? Next time you’re there, look for one of those phones on a post. If you see a line flashing, pick it up and ask, “Can I help you?” For more information on this, listen to our Black Friday episode of PLA Radio and visit our Department Store Phones page. Click on the videos below to listen to our “best of” Wal-Mart prank compilations.

In December of 2005, a few of these phone calls were featured on CNBC’s show called On The Money, along with a live interview with this website’s administrator. You can read more about this on our press page. Below are even more calls to Wal-Mart customers. Some you heard in the YouTube videos above, and others you didn’t

Christmas Bows “Excuse me, I’m a customer!” “You haven’t bought anything yet, you’re not a customer!” (as heard on CNBC!)

Meds Girl #1 It doesn’t take much to set this girl off when she tries to call the pharmacy and reaches toys instead.

Meds Girl #2 The incompetence of Wal-Mart employees annoys Meds Girl enough to make her want to blow up the store this time.

Meds Girl #3 She has a guy call in this time so he can witness the stupidity of the employees, but this time RBCP pretends to be the pharmacist. Only with the wrong prescription.

Mork and Mindy This man loves a 30-year-old TV show enough to want to own it on DVD, but RBCP tries to talk him into some E.R. or Scrubs instead.

Message For Robyn A lady calls to leave a message for an employee and murd0c takes the message for her.

Modem Scam The service desk lady runs to the back room to see if we’re lying to her when we tell her we purchased a computer modem, took it home, removed the circuit board, replaced it with crushed Pepsi cans and got a refund for it. Her co-worker tells us that “It’s not a funny joke.” Geez, lighten up, Wal-Mart!

Drug Dealer #1 A lady needs some drugs for her kids so murd0c tries to cut a good deal for her.

Drug Dealer #2 The lady’s mom calls back to complain about murd0c.

Drug Dealer #2 The lady’s mom calls back to complain about murd0c.

Store Directions #1 A lady needs directions to the store. RBCP tries his best to help but she just gets pissed off and hangs up. (as heard on CNBC!)

Store Directions #2 She calls back for another try at directions. Carl can’t help her so he transfers her to Dave in electronics.

Shoplifting Employee This guy works at a grocery store and we call him up, pretending to be with store security and convince him to turn out his pockets because we think he was stealing. After he does it, we let him know that it was just a joke. Then we get him to tell us what kind of phone system the store uses and we attempt to have him transfer us to the overhead paging. But that doesn’t work. THEN we get him to hand the phone to a customer and we accuse the customer of stealing too. The real punchline is when he calls his manager over and the manager chews him out for being stupid while we listen. Unfortunately we accidentally encoded this call at a low bitrate so the quality is horrible. The people in this clip are RBCP, DEC0DER and Luvox Phreak.

RBCP Gets Busted While taking a call for a customer, an employee walks up and asks if he can help with something.

Call From Another Store RBCP tries to be a smartass, only to be told that he’s talking to another employee.

Candle Inserts No matter how hard he tries, RBCP cannot piss off this lady who thinks she’s been transferred to the wrong department.

Carrie Underwood CD This lady can appreciate that RBCP doesn’t like Carrie Underwood, but still really wants to know if any are in stock.

Do You Sell Tires? This lady doesn’t take kindly to the answer, “What the fuck do you think?”

Fat Lady This woman needs a Wii Fit and thinks it’s hilarious that the employee keeps calling her fat.

Gay Movie Guy This man does not appreciate RBCP’s opinion of his taste in movies.

Ugly Baby Suggesting that a woman has an ugly baby is apparently hilarious! I should do that more often. She took it much better than the woman with the ugly kids in PLA Radio Epside #19.

Read A Book RBCP attempts to promote literacy by refusing to sell this woman a giant television. She claims to be a teacher, just to trick him into selling it anyway.

Sims is Rated M Everyone knows that The Sims is an adult game, but this boy thinks he can get away with purchasing a copy just to look at the nakedness.

Smart Lady In between gaffaws of hillbilly laugher, this woman insists that she’s the smartest person alive.

Smart Lady’s Husband This man sounds as if he’s about to cry as he threaten’s RBCP’s life for insulting his highly intelligent wife.

Sock Fag Who wears their socks up to their ankles?? I mean really!

Turn Down Your Radio Part 1 This lady has her TV blaring next to the phone as she tries to ask a question, then has the nerve to get upset when RBCP asks her to turn it down so he can hear her better.

Turn Down Your Radio Part 2 Blaring TV Lady calls back to complain about Roy, only to find out that the manager seems to be named Roy too.

Wal-Mart Bag GuyIf you liked these calls, you’ll probably like our similarly themed prank calls. Listen to us answer calls at a movie theater, an auto parts store, a pizza place, tech support and a hotel. Also, take a listen to our prank call sound clip archive and read about our McDonald’s sign prank.

Articles of Destruction
>Paging Systems How you can take over the paging system of your neighborhood Wal-Mart and other large stores.

>Security Tags Don’t you hate those gates at the Wal-Mart exit that always beep when you walk out even though you haven’t stolen anything? We’re going to show you how to fight back and have loads of fun with the security tags. And you’ll even learn a little about how those tags work.

>Wal-Mart’s Phone System Let’s learn as much as we can about Wal-Mart’s phone system and share it with everyone else! Have a great time whenever you see a vacant Wal-Mart phone on a post.

>Having Fun Inside Wal-Mart Ready to have some fun at Wal-Mart? This page is a giant list of crazy things you can do while you’re at a Wal-Mart.

Important Links
>Behind The Counter A hilarious look at Wal-Mart customers, employees and policies, all written by a guy that works behind the return desk.

>ReclaimDemocracy.org’s Wal-Mart page Articles, Studies and Resources on Wal-Mart. Seems to be updated frequently, plus you can buy some anti Wal-Mart merchandise.

>Wal-mart Associates A site dedicated to the betterment of the Wal-mart work environment and the employees who endure it day after day, created by a poor guy who works there.

>Unionize Wal-Mart’s Should Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club associates form a labor union?

>Wal-Mart’s HomepageEvil! Eeeeeevil! But hey you can shop online!

>Why I Hate Wal-Mart An article from notla.com on a customer’s view of his local Wal-Mart.

>Joe Peacock’s Wal-Mart Revenge Story Having been framed by his fellow Wal-Mart employees for a crime he did not commit, and then fired by the store manager, Joe set upon planning the ultimate revenge. The day after Thanksgiving is notorious for being the busiest shopping day of the entire year, and Joe determined his vengeance should take place on that fateful day.

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