Dear Arby…Volume 1

This isn’t something I’m going to do often, but today I was attempting to clean out my email’s In box and I’ve decided to share a few emails with the visitors of, without the consent of the people who send them. Fuck you, people who send them! I might turn this into a semi-regular thing, where I just dump some of the better emails I get into a post. I promise it won’t be more than a few times a year, though. Luckily, “a few” can mean anything I want it to mean, so get ready to see 18 of these posts per day!

Dear Arby,
So I think it was a little less than 2 years ago I bought a sticker for $1.00 from you and you didn’t get around to sending it for about a month. So you included a CD, 2 extra stickers, and a button. Not to mention you paid $1.25 for shipping which I thought was hilarious.

Over the next year I spent a lot of time listening to the entire CD before I had to leave for basic training..
oh yeah I forgot to mention I joined the US army. Not that you’re probably that interested but, I left last July for basic and AIT, just finished my AIT (Advanced Individual Training) a few months ago.

My army job is as a 25B (Information Technology Specialist). I basically set up switches, routers and run CAT5 lines everywhere.

Anyway. I randomly came across that CD that you sent me today and I thought I would check out the site. I like the new page with the pay phone layout. Then saw your book and instantly decided to buy 1 and some more stickers.

If I still have it when I deploy I’ll bring it with me.

Thanks again.

Of course, I’m putting this letter first because, unlike everyone else in the world, WiFiPunk actually likes the layout of this page and he points out how awesome I am at including extra shit when people order things from me. Thanks for that, sir! And have fun doing all your phone work in the Army! Be sure to set some phone lines on fire as a homage to PLA.

Dear Arby,
For the past two years the conversations that I have with specific people have an unusual characteristic – periodic beeping (very low). This happens as well to those people who call my cell from their landlines. I follow politics and the agendas of various politicians/branches very closely. I simply wonder if this is part of total information awareness. I would think that the technology would have reached the point of no detection by the typical individual. Thank you for your time.


I should probably point out that people don’t really address me as Dear Arby when they write me emails. I’m simply stealing that idea from Lord Nod because he called me that once. Another thing I should point out is that I get a lot of emails like this one. At least 1 per week and sometimes more, all because of my page on recording phone calls which also gives advice on finding a physical tap on their phone line. The only thing people love to ask me more than if their phone is being tapped by the government is how they can tap the phones of their spouse or kids to find out who they’re having sex with. The letters are nuts and you can read a bunch of them on this thread at the PLA Forums. Here’s what I wrote back to her.

Dear J,
That beep you hear? That’s your call waiting. Hit the flash button and you’ll be connected to the other party. Quit thinking that you’re such an important person that the government would bother to listen to your calls and that the government is so inept that they don’t know how to tap a phone without you hearing a beeping sound. Your life is not a spy movie. In fact, I bet you’re actually a pretty boring person.

Have fun following your politics,

Dear Arby,
I built a forum for my little website, so now I’m inviting people to join. It’s mainly video game related. There aren’t very many members as of now. If you want to come register, that’d be great, if not then that’s ok too, but at least you got invited ^.^



Hey Scott. I’m not really into video games so I wouldn’t get much use out of those forums. Thanks for the invitation, though! I’m posting this on, though, so maybe people who are into video games will get some use out of it. Because I’m doing this, I’ll probably get a dozen emails a day from people asking me to do the same thing. Ugh, what have I done. Thanks a lot, jerk.

Dear Arby,
Why don’t we get a Ventrillo server for the PLA? There ultra cheap and it runs on freeware! All we need to do is rent a server and there like $9 a month! Screw Mindcraft! Let’s have a Ventrillo Bridge!


I do like this idea, but I just don’t have the time to start messing with something like that. The problem is that I would enjoy it too much and I would become obsessed with it, just like I did a few years ago when I set up an Asterisk box. My other reason for pooing all over your idea is that while phone bridges are cool and they let you chat with people, our Tinychat room does the same thing, but also has streaming video and text chat and it’s free. Plus we’ve already got TheN’s voice bridge at 253-397-1819. He’s really into telephony and could put a lot more love into something like this than I could. You should track down TheN at and force him to do cool new things with the stuff he’s got set up.

And that’s it for this edition of Dear Arby. Do you want to send an email to be included in the next exciting edition? Send your questions about how to spy on your wife’s phone calls to … ugh, no. Fuck that. Find my address yourself. I’m not making it that easy.

Brad Carter

I run this town.

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  • September 27, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    This was so uninviggerating that I didnt even read it because why shud i waist my timr? seriously, i have whay better things to do that read this crup!!!! You have lost me as a reader 4 ever.

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