The Phone Show with RBCP and Spessa – 05/25/2009

Here is the latest episode of Party 934‘s The Phone Show. This week features Spessa, the very first in-studio guest. Listen as we take calls from Rob T. Firefly, Flamoot, Joe, Kikeburner and more!

Since I’ve never had a need for TWO microphones in the studio, I was a little unprepared for the issues that would cause so you’ll notice some issues with the sound quality at times. Sorry about that. Below is a buttload of shownotes:

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:16 MUSIC: Pennsylvania by The Bloodhound Gang
0:01:30 Kikeburner calls in with a loving message for all. (Sorry, about our microphones here.)
0:02:19 MUSIC: Sometimes I Wonder by Throwing Toasters
0:05:05 Brad’s microphone sucks for some reason
0:05:57 MUSIC: Rap To World by Ill Mitch
0:08:44 RBCP attempts to discover Spessa’s PLA origins
0:09:40 Spessa unwraps a piece of gum right in front of the goddamn condenser microphone
0:10:34 Spessa, Mr. Spessa and RBCP answer the phone at a hotel (click here for more of these calls)
0:16:06 Mister Magoo/Anderson/Dave calls in to tell us the stream sucks
0:19:10 MUSIC: Holland, 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel
0:19:22 MUSIC: Drunken Lament by Ludo
0:19:41 Flamoot assaults us with crazy PBX stuff (visit his Google group!)
0:22:38 Eljefe calls about a motorcycle
0:23:18 Joe calls to request nerdcore
0:26:54 MUSIC: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo by The Bloodhound Gang
0:28:58 Chatting with Spessa
0:30:50 for the Tannest page
0:30:58 Boulder News Frenzy
0:31:25 Richard Cardo’s murder accusations
0:31:52 Prank call to directory assistance
0:33:03 Alex Carbon didn’t order a calling card
0:34:32 MUSIC: In The Garage by Weezer
0:35:44 Some pizza prank calls by Spessa (click here for lots more of these calls)
0:38:20 MUSIC: Hurt Feelings by The Flight of the Conchords
0:40:00 Rob T. Firefly
0:41:33 Listen to Deter at
0:41:48 View RTF’s contest entry
0:45:54 MUSIC: Get Back by Zebrahead
0:46:48 Go to Defcon!
0:47:19 Eljefe tries to sell Alex Carbon a calling card
0:47:31 MUSIC: Mah Na Mah Na by The Muppet Show
0:48:11 Visit Sign Hacker to see some of Spessa’s craaaazy antics.

I’m considering putting all episodes of The Phone Show on the PLA Radio feed and just combining it into one single feed. How do you feel about this? Click here to voice your opinion on it. If you want to listen to older Phone Show episodes, view the archive.

MyPhoneRobot: prank call website

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