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Looks like you’re a new visitor to phonelosers.org! Or maybe you just haven’t been here in a really long time. In any case, welcome to the site! There’s lots of things to read, watch and listen to here. Below is a list of things that you’ll probably enjoy here.

McDonald's Sign Prank
  • Hotel Pranks: Whenever we call up a hotel and connect ourselves to a random room and then claim to be the front desk guy, a peculiar thing happens – the guest who answers the phone almost always believes us. We can say just about anything we want and they’ll still think we’re the front desk workers. Especially when we’re calling late at night and waking them from their sleep. Don’t believe me? Just take a listen to these calls…

  • The Adventures of Dino Allsman and his Cordless Phone: A man named Dino was innocently threatening his wife on his cordless phone one night, completely unaware that some weirdo a block away was listening to his phone calls on a police scanner. This is the story of what happened to Dino throughout the rest of that night.

  • Remotely Hijacking a Store’s Overhead Paging System: In 1995 we discovered a small security hole in the phone system of our local Fred Meyer store. It allowed us to call into the store and broadcast whatever we wanted to on the overhead paging system for hours at a time. And there seemed to be nothing they could do about it.

  • Drive-thru Shenanigans: We trick dozens of fast food customers into singing songs and telling jokes by taping a sign onto drive-thru speakers, promising them a free meal for their efforts. Here’s a collection of some of the better jokes and songs.

  • Pizza Pranks: Our job at a pizza delivery shop didn’t last very long since we call customers nazis, refuse to put meat products on their pizza because we’re vegetarians, and come clean about our roach problems. Here’s a recording of those calls.

  • Wal-Mart Pranks: Not only does our Wal-Mart page show you how to have fun in a Wal-Mart at the expense of other customers an employees, but it also features some recordings of call from customers from when we picked up the outside lines in the stores.

  • : There are a lot of different reasons you might want to record your phone calls. Whether you want to record your hilarious prank phone calls or you just want to keep a record of your calls, this is the page that will teach you how to do it. We’ll cover the laws on recording calls, the equipment you need, and even how to tell if your own phone is tapped. We’ll even give you some ideas on recording your calls from pay phones or your cell phone.

  • : Every so often you have a phone number and you want to know who it belongs to. Maybe it keeps showing up on your caller ID and you want to know why. Maybe it’s showing up on your spouses phone bill. You run it through a bunch of free internet reverse-search directories and search engines but nothing will pull up any current information on them. Most people just give up, but you don’t have to. This article will give you a few more ideas on getting information from an unlisted phone number. It will also give you ideas on keeping your own number a little more anonymous.

  • : All the stuff from the PLA that you know and love is now in podcast form. Listen to songs, skits, commercials, parodies, prank calls, stories and more.

  • PLA Forums: Once you’re done reading about all these insane pranks, you’ll probably want to drop by the forums to pay your respects to the people that have made it all possible.

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