PLA TV – Drive-thru Shenanigans

Drive-Thru Shenanigans

Once again, the PLA manages to annoy both employees and customers of fast food joints by adding new signs to the drive-thru menu boards. The results are a little like our Happy Birthday video except this time we allow the customers to have the freedom of choosing their own song for a free meal. And if they can’t sing, they can always tell a dumb joke instead! This time the video runs a little over 10 minutes and includes such hits as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday and Let It Snow.


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Also, PLA’er ByteBark decided to make a page of drive-thru signs that you can print and stick on your own local fast-food joints. Visit his site here!

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11/26/05 – Sora from El Paso: I luved the Part where u got that fat chick/employee to believe that she was going to be on tv why do ppl always freak out when theyre gonna be on TV

11/25/05 – Eric from Guam-look it up…: funny as HELL!!!!!

11/25/05 – Alex from London: they probably wornt police scanners, you can do that with any radio type thing, get one from Argos and you can listen and talk to truckers…

08/26/05 – tHM from UK: Haha! This is great! I love the bit where you convince the employee you’re from CBS.

07/22/05 – Sirius from México: Great joke folks… now I just know what to do in vacation with my freinds…

07/22/05 – Jagger from Levant ,Maine: Nice work guys! Me and my friends will have to try these!

06/23/05 – MadAnth0ny from CowTownUSA: That was hallarious!!! Havent laughed like that forever man!

03/22/05 – Light Tones from @$$Hole: I like food

02/16/05 – Tat2Lew from SoCal: hey, r those police scanners you guys are using in the vids to pry on the orders? i dont wanna sound lame, but i wanna get one, so i can listen too….

12/22/04 – Tami from Cowtown: This was fun to make! Let’s do it again!! hehe

12/17/04 – rt2party from k-town: i cant wait to go try this in my hometown

12/16/04 – jerry from sacramento: wow that is mad goofy

12/03/04 – Mark N from Michigan: Next time you are at McDonalds, order a 1/2 pound burger, after they say they don’t sell that, say “oh in that case I’ll have the double quarter pounder.”

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