Hang Up The Phone 38 – Dick Shaped Mailboxes

I don’t know why I’m immediately posting last night’s Hang Up The Phone show when I’ve got a bunch of old episodes from 2019 and 2020 that I still haven’t edited or posted. I don’t even know if this is really HUTP Episode 38. I’m just guessing based on the number of unedited files. Maybe this will motivate me to get those old ones edited though.

On this show me and Carl take calls for an hour, Next Door Nick calls in to make fun of my keyboard, the reason there’s a time jump in the middle of Nick’s call is because I accidentally bumped my keyboard and that stopped the recording of the show, Devon had a pretty great Bev Bot call on her show tonight, FANITO calls in and just spells his name a lot like a weirdo, congratulations Doran, Carl ruins a bread tie live on the air, Xenorax only liked Devon’s show when it ended, Gretta is using Devon and Peebola’s voices without their permission for weird stuff, Greenimp drinks Aldi’s wine and hasn’t killed his kid, the guy who said his name way too fast is trying to lure me onto his property, and me and Carl have our first public fight. The background music in this episode is She’s Not There by The Zombies.

For those who’ve been waiting a few weeks for another HUTP show, I’m sorry about the delays.  We meant to do them the previous 2 weeks, but life keeps getting in the way. We’re still not sure if we’re going a weekly thing or every other week or once a month.  We’ll figure it out some day.  When we actually do a show, you can find us on Prankcast on Wednesday evenings, usually around 10pm Pacific but the time is never guaranteed.  Just clear your entire evening for us, just in case.

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