Hang Up The Phone 32 – They Canned Me For Saying Booger

This show was originally broadcast on July 24th, 2019, on Mixlr and Facebook, where we will surely broadcast forever. The opening music is Krystaline by Rappy McRapperson. Brad freaks out over rim shots, Legend calls in to let us know that he got canned for saying the word booger, we are not welcome back at the meetup bar in Chicago, Carl keeps manufacturing elevator malfunctions so he can meet ladies, Devon and Brad are going to be fitbit friends, the background music on today’s show is from a phone game called Rail Maze, Eminent Domain comes in all hot being mean to Fresno Carl, but is happy about the advice he got from Mr. Biggs, Mixlr is a piece of garbage, Brad is really starting to like Daisy’s shows so hopefully she’s around for a really long time, Ron Mexico wings his very first prank call, Carl proposes a permanent name change for the show, Brad was in a bicycle accident recently and posted the footage on YouTube, Erin from the morgue calls in, thanks for the show art Dave Montgomery, Nik Caesar from scary-art.com calls to make sure I got his package if you know what I mean, the ending song is Welcome To The Schrubs by Rappy McRapperson.

By the way, there will be a new Hang Up The Phone episode TONIGHT, May 12th, 2022. You can listen to it on PLA’s Prankcast, immediately after the Take Your Pants Off show tonight. The new call-in number is 575-425-1069.

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