Snow Plow Morning Show – December 20th, 2013 – Jingle Cats

Ophiax made the best Christmas ornament ever.

This show is sponsored by Perth. Thanks for the support, Perth!

  • That opening cat music was called Jingle Cats. To experience the full disturbing thing, watch it on YouTube.
  • Jiad is doing a Madhouse fundraiser to help some Alaskan kids have a good Christmas. You can donate to it if you’re reading this in December of 2013. If it’s later than that, don’t donate! PayPal all your money to
  • Holy crap, as of this writing, Jiad’s fund raiser has made around $400. That’s nuts! You people all rule. Those kids are having a better Christmas than my own kids.
  • Hey, want some girly pencils? There sure are a lot of them at
  • In the show I mention a new “openbook” for searching Facebook posts. Since the show aired, I’ve been given permission to give out the URL to it. It’s Thanks for setting this up, CoolRob & TheN!
  • Jiad’s show is The Art of Phone Larking
  • Leave a voicemail for PLA at (814) 422-5309
  • NotBrad submits a new song called It’s A Family Joke
  • Dr. Demento plays some Redbox & The Chilipeppers on his show.  Everyone should go to and submit a request for Free Water by Redbox and the Chilipeppers.  Keep doing this every week, forever.
  • The weird message is from
  • Here Is The News by ELO, requested by TheN from
  • I know I said the show was over, but I stayed on the air playing music and pranks and even making a couple more live pranks for an hour or two after.
  • I forget what the PLA song is.  Tristan made it.  Thanks, Tristan!
  • The Samantha is fully responsible for us prank calling Steve Wozniak a few years ago.  Since then he’s unfriended me on Facebook and blocked Samantha.
  • Cookin’ By The Book is a mashup with Crazytown and Lil Wayne.

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