RBCP & Rappy Help Wing Record Solid Gold Hits

I don’t know if this belongs on the feed or not, but I’m putting it there anyway. Last night, as a favor for Rappy McRapperson, I helped award-winning superstar Wing record a few musical masterpieces via the telephone. Yeah, over the telephone. I guess some radio DJ in the UK is retiring and he loves Wing, so his coworkers requested some songs for him.

I pretended to be Bruce Boner from Rock Hard Studios and we did our best to give Wing the illusion that we were sitting in a professional recording studio, even though Rappy was sitting under a palm tree somewhere and I’m in my mother’s basement. When I agreed to do this, I had no idea she was going to sing each song three times. The touch tones you hear being pressed during the recording are done by Wing. The inappropriate commentary is by me and Rappy – Wing should have been able to hear us but she didn’t seem to notice anything we said as she sang.

I know it’s not exactly a phone prank, but it is a pretty bizarre thing that happened over the phone. If you love the angelic sounds of Wing, click here to listen to her sing about not smoking crack.

Prank Calls Being Investigated

Have you received a strange call in the middle of the night lately? If you have, you are not alone. Essex County OPP is investigating a number of calls originating from the number 239-205-4843. In two incidents, the man on the other end made bizarre statements like “I’m standing here freezing”, “Need a tire changed” and the disturbing “I’m going to kill a baby.”

Isn’t that weird that a news site would publish the full phone number of a prank phone caller? That’s the only reason I’m mentioning this otherwise boring article. I tried to call the guy to tell him he made the news, but there’s no voicemail set up on the number. I also looked at the number on one of those phone number ID websites and that number has 180 complaints against it. Some of the comments are pretty funny. Click here to read the full article.

I recently created a page on Facebook to troll Linux users. It’s called Linux is Garbage and is full of Linux users defending their precious OS and then the equally funny comments from other people who are messing with them. Linux users take life way too seriously, so join us in making fun of them at facebook.com/LinuxIsGarbage! Even if you’re a Linux user, it’s still lots of fun to upset your peers.

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One thought on “RBCP & Rappy Help Wing Record Solid Gold Hits

  • April 7, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    Wing is a true show person: 2 encores without being asked AND without a requisite standing ovation. Established live performers take note!…you self absorbed bastards!

    OK…I’m at 26:58 mins and my cat is freaking out, I don’t think we need another encore…Thanks for posting this acoustical gem!

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