Car Dings and Torrents

As promised, I am making all of the stuff I’ve put on YouTube available on the RSS feed from now on. Today you get every single car ding call we’ve ever done, all in a single mp3 file. The audio is ripped directly from the YouTube videos, but I’ve chopped off a few of the intros and outros, just because they all say basically the same thing. This should be fun to listen to, because there have been a lot of amazing car ding calls over the past year. It’s an hour and 37 minutes long and worth every second of it.

Did you know you can get everything the PLA has ever done on a torrent? Below you’ll find links for the PLA 2012 torrent, some prank call torrents and a Rappy McRapperson torrent. If you think you’ve heard everything by the PLA, then download the torrent below to see exactly how wrong you were. A 2013 Media Pack should be happening at some point during the summer. To get even more torrents, visit our page of torrents. TORRENT!

2012 PLA Media Pack: This is the most recent version of the PLA Media Pack. It contains around 26 gigabytes of PLA material, including prank calls, Phone Shows, PLA Radio and other podcasts, videos, texts, pictures and more. If you want a giant collection of everything the PLA has ever done, then this is the place to get it.

Prank Phone Call Albums Torrent: This is RBCP’s personal collection of prank call albums. There’s lots of stuff in here, spanning about 20 years.

PLA’s 2012 24-Hour Marathon: In Early 2012, various Cacti Radio DJs broadcast nonstop LIVE prank calls for a full 24 hours. Tabachi split up all the best calls and put them in this torrent for us to enjoy.

Rappy McRapperson 2013 Media Pack: RBCP has put together this torrent of material by our Lord and Savior, Rappy McRapperson. It includes all of his albums, singles, collaborations and his public access television show from the early 2000’s. This isn’t prank call related material, but I’ve used his music in so much of my own material that I’m betting you’ll enjoy this torrent.

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  • February 28, 2013 at 5:50 am

    Ugh, no seeds on the Rappy pack… how can I fight da man now?

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