Time travel? No big whoop.

I love how accepting this old man is of my time travel excuse for his car ding.

If you like the car ding concept, the end of the video has links to our other 738 car ding calls. Other car dings are located at phonelosers.org/ding/ but that page is already a little out-of-date.

I happened to find another time travel prank call a few days ago, by a guy called The Amazing Prankster. Click here to listen to the call.

Have you been to CactiRadio.com lately? Instead of being forwarded to Madhouse Live, I’ve turned it into a small list of mostly live prank call shows. It will stay this way probably until Carlito decides to do something interesting with the domain. Also, I repaired the links I broke for The Fun Show and The Prank Show so you can now go there and listen to all of their shows and use their RSS feeds again.

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