Hostile takeover of Cacti Radio! The Phone Show canceled forever! Cats and dogs living together!

The Phone Show

Cacti Radio was once the home of the unbelievably cool live show known as The Phone Show, which ran from early 2009 until July 2012. You can click on that link to view the complete archives of The Phone Show and listen to its awesomeness – for the first time ever, the TPS archive is COMPLETE and all 3.5 years of episodes are available to listen to. There will never be another episode of The Phone Show, so quit holding on to hope, you dumb n00bs. TPS had an great run and we did some fucking amazing things and now it’s time to move on.

Hold on to those TPS iTunes and RSS subscriptions, though, because bigger and better things will be happening soon and you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to hear what I consider to be bigger and better before unsubscribing in complete disgust of whatever I come up with. You’ll also want to keep an eye on PLA’s YouTube, because whatever new stuff happens is sure to end up there. I promise to miss the hell out of doing the show, though, and I’ll miss the whole community thing even more. You guys were all awesome!

So what about the shoutcast stream, you ask? I’ve downgraded the stream to a 50 person capacity and it is now broadcasting PLA and TPS stuff on it 24/7. There won’t be live shows on the stream anymore – not even by cool people like Carlito and R0xy, so please don’t ask me for stream access. The stream is now located in the sidebar of and it’ll be updated often with new and old PLA material. I’ll be throwing the old Prank Show and Fun Show episodes on there too since they were so closely intertwined with the PLA.

I’m trying to convince Carlito from Madhouse Radio to take the Cacti Radio domain from me so he can do cool, live prank call stuff with it. Until this happens, I’ve forwarded to his site, to further pester him into taking it from me. If you miss listening to live prank call shows, Madhouse Live is still on every Thursday night, KDK Pranks is on Saturday nights and Friday Night Cranks is on every week, but I forget which day, and then there’s the awesomeness of Zolar’s pranks. There’s a ton of great prank shows out there, and I will see you in their chat rooms.


NEXT DAY EDIT: Thanks to NotBrad’s suggestion that I set up a feed solely for episodes of PLA Radio (which I did and it’s here), today I spent HOURS creating RSS archive feeds for all 4 years of The Phone Show so you can easily put them all on your iPod or other RSS reader/device. There are 4 feeds, one for each year. Here are the links: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. Paste those into your iTunes and all the TPS episodes will magically appear on your iPhone. Very few of the after shows are in there, so you’ll still have to listen to those manually for now. I’ll get those put in there someday, though.

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8 thoughts on “Hostile takeover of Cacti Radio! The Phone Show canceled forever! Cats and dogs living together!

  • August 17, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Just send drugs with brads addressas the return, thatll bring tpsback!

  • August 17, 2012 at 6:26 pm


    The Phone Show was the best podcast/internet radio/source for pirate radio EVER….I know that Brad got tired of running it, but Curtis L. Superhaxxoring Christ it was fantastic hearing from Legend, Laugh Track Matt, the Spessas, Rappy, and everybody else. It takes a certain kind of genius to do a four hour show – I should know because years ago, I used to do internet radio and my shows were mammoth productions, BUT THEY SUCKED because I didn’t have the sort of people RBCP had to work with, that and I wasn’t doing pranks live to the air, just ranting and playing music. Brad, you’re going to regret giving up the show because DIY media is like an addiction – I wish I still had my crappy show.


  • August 18, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    I’ll definitely regret quitting this and I’m going to miss the people who were involved, but I’m going to really enjoy the break from it. Linear left for the same reason – he just got burnt out on it. I’m still going to be creating plenty of media though. Just nothing live anymore.

  • August 23, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    i think one thing that is very important is the sheer mass of media that there is now, with tons of laughs and great times there. and with that an enormous burden has sometimes thanklessly been carried though all these years by rbcp to make it happen. sometimes when you are able to stay on top of and keep organized with things like that, you gotta do what you feel is right. all the setting up and technical parts that entail a live show takes a lot to get together and i wanna commend him for sticking with it for all this time, and not only that, shifting the focus to better other facets of what the pla has offered over the years.

    its important to the history of all of it to broaden it if its possible, especially when you consider the joy its given people. and when you have one person handling a lot of the dirty work and making it available like he has, its a matter of having a positive essence and following the gut feelings you have. so i think its great to see all the new stuff coming about even if the live shows end. i hope that people will still continue to use the forums and keep in touch with one another, and not only that, TELL YOUR FRIENDS about the youtube channel. long live pla!

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