Er, I mean, goodbye for a day or two maybe. I’m going to move to my other server and that’s probably going to make it disappear for a day. I’m updating my backups of it all right now, so it will probably be gone Thursday and/or Friday. If all goes well, everything should be back to normal before the weekend is over. Wish me luck!

Don’t cry too much, though, because all of the other sites will still work. You’ll still be able to visit PLA Forums. And Sign Hacker and Old People Are Funny, not that I ever update those sites anymore. And, most importantly, my homepage. Spend 100% of your time on those sites while we’re gone and it’ll be like we never left.


May 5th Edit: The move has happened. Some stuff will be broken for a few days, but should hopefully all be working again before the weekend is over. Keep us in your prayers as we work as quickly as possible to restore all the advertisements that are currently missing. Those are the most important part of the site!

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