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If you’re a regular listener of The Phone Show, then you’ve probably heard Rob The Hyena calling being a regular caller/host these past few months. Rob is the guy who made Cacti Radio’s iPhone app, using his AppCitement website. He’s also done a bit of PLA/Cacti art on his DeviantART page and sells weird tshirts on

But why I’m really writing this post about Rob is because he’s been editing a ton of audio lately, mostly related to prank calls done outside of the regular Phone Show and Fun Show hours. He’s got directories full of calls to a phone mob we did yesterday and a Subway we’ve been bothering and, of course, the infamous Weather Girl pranks. There’s a lot more than that too, so go visit his page and browse the directories full of fun audio.

While you’re listening, be sure to add Rob as a friend on Facebook so you can get to know him before you meet him at Defcon this summer. You’re going to Defcon, right? RIGHT??? Cause all of us sure are.

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