Installation of Sand in my Apartment

One of my favorite online comics, Toothpaste For Dinner, recently gave us a crazy idea for a prank phone call – calling up our landlords and demanding that they reimburse us for all the sand we had dumped into our apartments. For the most part, land lords were just confused, but a few of them got really frustrated and angry when they heard about our amazing sand renovations.

Language Barrier: Gregulate has a hard time communicating his need to be reimbursed for his sand installation.

Toilet Problems: This lady is horrified to find out that RBCP has been flushing sand down his toilet. Just to give OhEmGee her credit – she came up with the idea of flushing sand down the toilet and leaving the water running to “get revenge” on the landlord. She’s obviously a nightmare of a tenant in her apartment complex.

io Isn’t Believed: io’s landlord has a hard time believing her about the sand and finally decides that he just can’t do this anymore.

I Need Help: OhEmGee has some serious issues with all the sand she dumped in her apartment leaking into the unit below hers and the lady she speaks to is very worried about her mental health.

Old Folks Home: Rob The Hyena tries explaining to an old folks home that he filled his grandma’s room with sand.

Clearly our prank calls are making apartment managers and landlords really appreciate the mundane problems they have to deal with every day. Once the initial shock wears off and they finally check their tenants apartments and find no sand damage, they realize how good they’ve had it. Sure they have to deal with noise problems and tenants who can never pay their rent by the first, but at least nobody is filling up their apartments with sand!

If those calls above aren’t enough for you, then listen to a lady tell RBCP to get out of her life, another one get mad enough to do a “24 hour walkthrough,” one who laughs at RBCP’s problems and then he threatens revenge on another. Also listen to OhEmGee run into some confusion with commercial property, then get upset because a lady won’t believe her story, then she accidentally admits that she has a cat and demands use of the landlord’s shovel and a lady refuses to knock on OhEmGee’s window since her door is blocked with sand.

And most importantly, be sure to go take a look at for his extensive collection of prank call ideas!

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