The Phone Show – April 2009

The Phone Show

Last night was The Phone Show, which airs each week at 11pm – 12pm PST on Party 934 and on 102.5 FM in some unknown area of New York. linear is usually around to cohost, and other random people show up too, such as murd0c last night and altalp who cohosted last week. We play music and prank calls, do interviews, take live phone calls and I complain about Skype a lot.

In order to keep the main page of from turning into nothing but The Phone Show, I’m going to announce the show maybe just once a month or so. So this is the announcement for April. Listen to The Phone Show! Here are links to the last few shows:

04-20-2009: linear and murdoc cohost tonight as we take calls, attempt to interview a world-famous investigator and play music. There are between 15 and 19 online listeners throughout the show.

04-13-2009: linear is unable to host this week, so altalp joins RBCP in about 90 minutes of music, pranks and phone calls from listeners. We also do an impromptu interview with the Twitter worm creator that was in the news so much last week.

04-06-2009: Callers force linear to contemplate suicide in this episode and RBCP repeatedly has to cut to music while he talks linear away from the ledge. Nothing is prepared for this show, as usual, so we just take a lot of calls.

You can view the complete show notes from each episode at and you can now subscribe to the podcast version of The Phone Show at

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